Liberal lies exposed

He looked at the data and discovered the BLM narrative about cops was a lie. Then he was fired.

The Daily Wire shows how a reporter found lies in the BLM narrative and was fired for exposing those lies.

Zac Kriegman had worked at Thomson Reuters for more than six years, most recently as a director of data scientists. Concerned with data and statistics, Kriegman and his team advised numerous other divisions within company.

But in 2020, Kriegman noticed changes within the company, with coworkers publishing numerous articles about “White Privilege” on the company’s internal collaboration platform. When the Black Lives Matter (BLM) riots broke out that summer, the platform was filled with support for the organization without any question as to the narrative being told about race in America.

“This concerned me. I had been following the academic research on BLM for years (for example, hereherehere and here), and I had come to the conclusion that the claim upon which the whole movement rested—that police more readily shoot black people—was false,” Kriegman wrote in an article published on Bari Weiss’ substack. “ The data was unequivocal. It showed that, if anything, police were slightly less likely to use lethal force against black suspects than white ones.”

Kriegman discovered that, based on a database of police shootings compiled by The Washington Post, police have fatally shot 39% more unarmed white people than black people in the past five years. BLM activists have insisted, however, that since there are six times as many white people in America as black people, police should be shooting 600% more. Anything less, Kriegman wrote, is evidence to the activists of police bias.

Kriegman suggested that such a comparison isn’t as accurate as comparing “Black suspects who pose a grave danger and white suspects who do the same,” but wrote that there isn’t reliable data for such a comparison. Instead, he used Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles County Patrick Frey’s calculations based on FBI data that found “black Americans account for 37 percent of those who murder police officers, and 34 percent of the unarmed suspects killed by police. Meanwhile, whites make up 42.7 percent of cop killers and 42 percent of the unarmed suspects shot by police—meaning whites are killed by police at a 7 percent higher rate than blacks.”

Kriegman broadened the analysis to include armed suspects, finding that with those numbers included, whites are shot at a 70% higher rate than blacks. He then mentions the only study that looks at the rate at which police use lethal force across racial groups, conducted by Harvard economist Roland Fryer. Fryer, who is black, tried to prove BLM’s narrative in 2016, but ended up disproving it by finding that, while black Americans and Latinos may experience some amount of police force, they are slightly less likely to be shot by police than whites.

(Read at the Daily Wire of the reaction to Kriegman’s findings on BLM)

Never mind that statistics also do not work toward the BLM narrative

Never mind that Black males only made up 6.5% of the population, but accounted for 33.5% of the murder victims. Never mind that about 13% of the population commits 63% of the murders.

Never mind that liberal judges have released felons within the minority communities. No. Never mind that.

Biden’s supply problem isn’t just “treadmills” anymore

The Washington Examiner explores the reasons that Biden cannot blame a slow supply chain for the current baby formula crisis.

It wasn’t that long ago that former White House press secretary Jen Psaki was downplaying the nation’s supply chain problems as “the tragedy of the treadmill.”

Just as she dismissed the topic of inflation as something that only affects rich people, Psaki spoke of the broken supply chain as if only leisure purchases for the wealthy were at risk. But even as they put on a brave face, officials in the Biden administration were aware that the problem went much, much deeper. And they did nothing.

The administration’s handling of completely predictable supply chain problems stemming from COVID-19 has been just as appalling as Psaki’s earlier insouciance suggests. And this is how the current baby formula shortage was made possible.

Biden and Democrats don’t have any answers to the current inflation crisis, nor the supply-chain crisis that is contributing to it. They spent this week fiddling about with legislation that would kill babies rather than feed them, which had no chance of passing anyway because a bipartisan majority of senators opposed it. For fear of seeming out-of-touch on the economic troubles that will decide the midterm elections, some Democrats have ridiculously attempted to connect to the problem of inflation — as if the nation could simply abort its way back to the rapid pre-Biden pace of recovery from COVID-19.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg remains as much of a nonentity on issues of transportation as he ever has been. The sum of his entire activity in office has been a sorry attempt to atone for his record on race relations in South Bend, Indiana, so that he has a prayer of winning a few black votes ahead of the 2028 presidential election.

So what’s a hungry baby to do? At this moment, America’s babies, at least, are out of luck — especially babies from low-income families, who are disproportionately likely to be formula-fed. The only babies Biden is helping to get formula right now are the ones brought into the United States illegally. The Biden administration has managed to find pallets of formula for immigration detainees in South Texas Border Patrol facilities at a time when nobody else can find the stuff in stores.

The immediate cause of the shortage appears to be a recall by one of the few companies that make formula, whose basis (an infection that four babies contracted around the time they drank the product) appears to have been unfounded in the first place. That the entire system could be brought to its knees by four coincidental infections is a testimony to just how fragile the supply chain has become. It only makes matters worse that the company in question, Abbott, will not be able to reopen its Michigan plant for two weeks nor to replenish diminished supplies for as long as two months.

The U.S. is the world’s economic powerhouse. So why is it that shoppers in the Biden era keep running into barren shelves, such that they feel like they live in the old Soviet Union? This is not a failure of the free market — it is a failure of leadership in a White House so fixated on abortion, forcing men into women’s private spaces, and investigating parents as terrorists for participating in local school board politics that it neglects the basics.

(Read how Joe might stop his slide as told at the Washington Examiner)

Americans should explore various aspects of this baby formula shortage

Americans should be asking why destitute families made poorer by Biden’s ant-oil agenda now have to scramble to feed their infants.

Women and those concerned about righteousness might think about how our society’s tendency to hyper-sexualize breasts may have contributed to the reluctance to breastfeed (and thus part of this problem).

Patriots might consider the extent to which Joe’s partisan politics (and the Democrat party’s lean away from family and toward transgender, anti-religion, and related issues) may have played a part.

Industry disputes Interior Department’s rationale for canceling Alaska offshore lease sale

The Washington Examiner quotes oil industry leaders who disputed Biden’s excuse for canceling the offshore lease sale.

Industry groups and some Republicans are disputing the Biden administration‘s justification for pulling the plug on the offshore lease sale in Alaska‘s Cook Inlet, which it said was canceled “due to lack of industry interest.”

Both have argued energy companies and other parties did want the sale to move forward and that the only way to gauge interest in the sale properly would have been to hold it and allow energy companies to offer bids.

The Interior Department confirmed late Wednesday it would not move forward with work on three offshore lease sales, one for acreage in Cook Inlet and two off the Gulf Coast, the last outstanding sales outlined in the current five-year offshore leasing program.

Kara Moriarty, president and CEO of the Alaska Oil and Gas Association, said the administration’s reasoning on Cook Inlet was “disingenuous” and pointed to comments she filed with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in December in which she expressed her organization’s support for the sale.

“We certainly said, ‘Hey, we support having a lease sale move forward,’ and as a trade association, we don’t put out any comments unless, obviously, the majority of our members support that,” she told the Washington Examiner.

Moriarty also echoed the response of Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK), who criticized the cancellation and said “only holding a lease sale” would ultimately illustrate companies’ level of interest.

“If you really want to know if a company is interested in picking up leases, hold the lease sale. There’s nothing that says you can’t hold it and then nobody show,” she said.

Moriarty also likened competition over acreage to a game of poker in which energy companies are often not prepared to “show their hand” and reveal publicly whether they intend to bid or not beforehand.

The Interior Department did not disclose how it determined the level of industry interest to be lacking, but it isn’t a novel justification, something the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management noted in an update to the lease sale’s webpage published Friday.

The Interior Department canceled a lease sale for Cook Inlet in 2011 for the same reason. Then, in 2017, the department went on to award 14 tracts covering 76,615 acres in the inlet.

As for the two Gulf lease sales canceled Wednesday, the administration said it will not move forward because of “delays due to factors including conflicting court rulings that impacted work on these proposed lease sales.”

(Read more at the Washington Examiner)

While I initially thought the potential drillers might have grown tired of being beaten down by Biden, they wanted to compete

True to the American spirit, companies wanted to continue to fight for existence.

However, not so true to the American spirit, Biden lied about why the leases in the Gulf and Alaska remained without bids.

No, Jen Psaki, Trump didn’t start the DHS “Truth Ministry.” That’s literal disinformation

The Daily Caller exposes some disinformation coming out of Jen Psaki and the Biden regime.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki has spread disinformation repeatedly from the podium while speaking about the Disinformation Governance Board, claiming its “work” was present under the Trump administration.

Psaki’s go-to defense of the establishment of the board under the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a continuation “of disinformation-related work that began under the prior administration.” One of the key bodies countering disinformation founded under former President Donald Trump, the Countering Foreign Influence Task Force (CFITF), was renamed by the Biden administration when he came into office the Mis-, Dis-, and Malinformation (MDM) and was modified to focus on domestic rather than foreign threats, two Trump DHS officials told the Daily Caller.

“The CFITF was focused on foreign influence – particularly as it related to elections. The current MDM description from DHS takes the word ‘foreign’ out of the title. It’s clear that MDM, as it’s currently defined, is also looking at domestic communication,” Chad Wolf, former acting secretary of the DHS, told the Daily Caller.

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), was created in 2018 under Trump to counter cybersecurity threats. In May of 2018, “a Countering Foreign Influence Task Force (CFITF) was established within CISA’s predecessor agency,” according to CISA’s website, and was tasked with “helping the American people understand the risks from” MDM.

CFITF was modified by the Biden administration in 2021 to officially change its name to MDM, and its “mission evolved to reflect the changing information environment,” according to its website.

The Biden-era DHS, its assistant press secretary and the CFITF did not respond to several requests from the Daily Caller to say why the name change was necessary, and what the new “mission” of the MDM is.

The MDM is now “charged with building national resilience to MDM and foreign influence activities,” the website reads. It also mentions that MDM campaigns are waged by both “foreign and domestic threat actors.”

A “Disinformation Stops With You” resource listed on the website statesdisinformation can be spread by “foreign states, scammers and extremist groups.” An election MDM resourcestates “Russian, Chinese, and Iranian state-sponsored elements, as well as domestic extremist groups,” are the primary culprits of spreading MDM.

President Joe Biden stated May 4 the “MAGA crowd is really the most extreme political organization that’s existed in American history, in recent American history.”





5 thoughts on “Liberal lies exposed

  1. Hi,…intended to comment on the top article but there are other non-connected articles below it….so I’m not sure I’m in the right place! 🙂 GOOD articles, all! I’ll say that that guy getting fired for telling the truth is scarier …and, by the way..he’s not alone! What HOLD has BLM on our gov’t? Just fear of being considered racist if they don’t buy the whole silly ideology? Or something else? Are Black babies getting formula easier than White babies or Asian babies? WHY NOT? Seems normal to me from this WH. And if we protest, we’re racist, right? Why aren’t Black moms calling the WH racist if they’re not getting it either?! Border minorities who are illegal are getting it!!

    EVERYONE from this administration and all those supporting him are LYING TO US…about EVERYTHING…and I hope someone would step up and pop and big, ugly bubble. I’d hope it might be Trump but he’s still patting himself on the back too hard to pay attention to US. 😦

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