Both a matter of cleaning up elections and playing the game


Republicans on course to get blown out by phantoms in the 2024 elections

Houston’s News Radio KTRH quotes Jay Valentine of Omega 4 America as he prognosticates over the voting scene.

There are 8% -15% fake voters, or fake addresses in every one of the states that we looked at. The phantoms are the voters on every voter roll, and they don’t vote for MAGA candidates or conservative Republicans. This is something used by the Democrat party to keep conservatives out of office.

Houston is one of the worst, Harris County is unbelievably corrupt. The stuff that are teams have found in Harris County would make your hair stand up, if you have any. There are probably more phantoms per square foot in Harris County, than in any other county in the country.

(Hear the interview at KTRH)

By the fact that more than a dozen Republicans of Harris County have sued for election irregularities, some will fight

As reported by The Texan.News, Alex Mealer and over a dozen other Republicans have sued to contest the election results due to the numerous irregularities previously mentioned at this blog.


A follow-up to God’s final Word



The following comes through the notes of Mark Ramsey and the responses of the class.

  1. Questions.
    1. What is the spiritual status of a mentally retarded child who dies? What is the basis for your answer?

      One class member responded by noting the story of the death of King David’s baby by Bathsheba (2 Samuel 12:13-23). In that event, David noted that the baby would not come to him, but he would go to the baby (in Heaven). That class member maintained that the innocent child (whether by age or by mental ability) would enter Heaven by God’s grace.

    2. What is the spiritual status of those who have never heard the name of Jesus and die? What is the basis for your answer?

      Since Romans 1:18-32 reminds us that the law of God is written on the hearts of men — the problem comes with the darkening of our hearts. Therefore, the problem comes when those of us over the age of accountability start twisting our conscience to fit our sinful selves.

    3. What is the spiritual status of the infant who dies? What is the basis of your answer?

      Again, that one class member pointed to the story of the death of King David’s baby by Bathsheba (2 Samuel 12:13-23).

    4. If the Bible declares that all people are born into sin, how do those who fall under a-c get to Heaven?

      Just about the whole class responded with “the only way any of us get to the portals of Heaven is by the sacrifice of Christ.”

      But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8 NIV)

  2. What about those who cannot believe?

    By “those who cannot believe” I am not referring to those who choose not to believe. I am referring to those who lack the capacity to believe or those who do not have information available to them.

  3. All people are born into sin

    All of us also lived among them at one time, gratifying the cravings of our flesh and following its desires and thoughts. Like the rest, we were by nature deserving of wrath. (Ephesians 2:3 NIV)

    Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me. (Psalms 51:5 NIV)

  4. The problem
    1. A God of love

      For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. (John 3:16‭-‬18 NIV)

      While God by nature is love, God is also holy and cannot tolerate sin. Therefore, God the Father provided a way for people through God the Son.

    2. Baptism

      For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast. (Ephesians 2:8‭-‬9 NIV)

      Salvation is a gift that we can willingly accept by faith, but cannot work to earn.

    3. Salvation by faith

      For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son. (John 3:16‭, ‬18 NIV)

    4. Belief versus rejection

      Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6 NIV)

      Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” (Acts 4:12 NIV)

  5. The premise
    1. Our premise “To have faith in Jesus Christ or reject Jesus Christ, we must first have the ability to do one or the other. God receives those who do believe because they can believe.”
    2. The command to believe

      The one who cannot believe is also the one who cannot reject. Those who do not have the capacity to believe also do not have the capacity to reject. If you cannot say “yes” to Christ, then you also cannot say “no.”

      That is why John 3:18 is so important. He said that we must believe and that the ones who do not believe are the ones who reject.

      Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life, but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for God’s wrath remains on them. (John 3:36 NIV)

      You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me, yet you refuse to come to me to have life. (John 5:39‭-‬40 NIV)

      If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them. (James 4:17 NIV)


Two takes on the Ukrainian war that focus on possible results


Will Biden bleed us dry or bleed the Russians dry?

West doesn’t want peace in Ukraine — rather to bleed Russia white

SpuknikNews suggests that the West does not want peace, but to drain Russia of its fighting forces.

Speaking to journalists at his January 18 presser, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noted that even though Moscow is ready for serious talks on a peaceful settlement in Ukraine, the West has prohibited Kiev from negotiating with Russia. US lawyer and author Dan Kovalik explained to Sputnik why the West is against the talks.

“The West does not want peace, does not want to negotiate a settlement to this conflict. And why is that? It’s because they want to bleed Russia. They want to weaken Russia through this conflict,” US author and lawyer Dan Kovalik told Sputnik. “People like Lloyd Austin, the secretary of defense of the United States, have openly said that. Many others have said that.”

Last year, a series of Russo-Ukraine peace talks led to preliminary agreements on March 29 in Istanbul and Moscow’s voluntary withdrawal of troops from Kiev. Nonetheless, the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky government made a U-turn after that and backpedaled on peace negotiations. According to Lavrov, at that time, Zelensky and his cabinet officials “got slapped on their hands” by the West.

In early April, 2022, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell likewise claimed that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict should be “won on the battlefield.”

“Touched by the resilience, determination and hospitality of Zelensky,” the EU official tweeted on April 9, 2022. “I return with a clear to do list: 1. This war will be won on the battlefield. Additional €500 million from the #EPF are underway. Weapon deliveries will be tailored to Ukrainian needs.”

Washington also vowed to step up weapon supplies for Kiev. Lloyd Austin made it clear on April, 25 that the US goal was to “weaken” Russia so that it no longer had the capacity to carry out large-scale military actions. In May, Biden signed a lend-lease bill to expedite more lethal weapons to Kiev, as well as the $40 billion package of US military funding.

(Read more at SpuknikNews)

Considering the regard that Russian leaders historically hold for their citizens, it seems Putin may be able to drain a large nation for a long time

Before we start thinking ourselves to be invulnerable, we should consider the length of this overall campaign. It may take longer than a Biden term or lifetime to achieve the things that Biden and his Democrats want to commit.

Navy secretary says US can’t maintain support for Ukraine if weapons makers don’t ramp up production

Fox News quotes Biden’s Secretary of the Navy as he maintains that the US cannot maintain the current level of support without compromising the ability of the military to provide national defense.

Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro warned Wednesday that continued support for Ukraine will be difficult if weapons makers don’t ramp up production in the next six to 12 months. 

The comments came on the sidelines of the Surface Navy Association conference in Arlington, Va. Del Toro was asked to respond to remarks by Adm. Daryl Caudle, commander of U.S. Fleet Forces Command, that the U.S. Navy may ultimately have to decide between arming itself or the Ukrainians.

Del Toro said the Navy wasn’t “quite there yet,” but argued that the supply chain would be stressed if the conflict goes on for another six months. 

“It’s obvious that … these companies have a substantial pipeline for the future,” Del Toro said. “They now need to invest in their workforce, as well as the capital investments that they had to make within their own companies to get their production up.” 

During his talk, Caudle chastised defense companies for blaming the COVID-19 pandemic on missing weapons delivery deadlines, Defense One reported

“I’m not as forgiving of the defense industrial base. I’m just not,” he said. “I am not forgiving of the fact that you’re not delivering the ordnance we need. All this stuff about COVID, this … supply chain, I just don’t really care. We’ve all got tough jobs.”

(Read more at Fox News)

We have more enemies than just the Russians

Don’t forget the need to protect our shores from just being overrun by thugs (as much as Biden wants to open everyone but his own compound to them).

Also don’t forget the Iranians, Syrians, Chinese, North Koreans, and others. We do still have some conventional enemies.


A step-by-step view of the recent border debacle


  1. Weeks ago: the Los Angeles Times reported “As Biden prepares to visit El Paso border, northern Mexico fills with stranded migrants”

The Los Angeles Times started this trek with a tale of how Biden shuffled illegals across the border for optics.

Sitting on train tracks a few hundred feet south of the U.S. border, Nathalie Gonzalez, 23, pulled her 4-year-old daughter a little closer. Night was coming. She had no idea where they would sleep.

They had journeyed 3,000 miles from Venezuela to seek asylum, slogging through jungles, hiding in cargo trains and begging on streets for food. At last they had arrived in this chilly industrial city in northern Mexico, where the only thing that now separated them from the United States was a trickle of river, a line of National Guard troops and the new patchwork of U.S. immigration policies that had stranded them here.

“It’s so close,” Gonzalez said, staring at the El Paso skyline. “But so far.”

As President Biden visits El Paso on Sunday, his first trip to the border since taking office two years ago, this is what he faces: Thousands of people from some of the world’s most oppressive countries marooned in Mexico because of the expansion of a Trump administration policy that allows border agents to immediately expel migrants without considering their asylum claims.


“Do not just show up at the border,” Biden said in a speech announcing the new approach. “Stay where you are and apply legally from there.”

Biden also announced a new pathway to legal entry for people from the four countries, saying that as many as 30,000 of them per month would be allowed into the U.S. if they applied via an online application from their home country, found a U.S.-based sponsor, passed a rigorous background check and purchased a plane ticket.

(Read more at the Los Angeles Times)

The one thing the Times did not want to mention was the busing

Just as busing children in the 1960’s was a sign of the racial inequities, Biden’s busing of illegal aliens shows his political usage of this group.

Mind you, this is a very sanitized version of the events.

  1. Weeks ago: Fox News reported “Biden sees ‘sanitized’ border crisis as migrant encounters plummet at El Paso and encampments cleared”

Fox News opened the door just a little more by letting us see the shuffling of illegals from El Paso shelters to the cold streets of Juarez.

President Biden got a watered-down version of the border crisis in El Paso, Texas on Sunday, as the number of illegal immigrants coming across the U.S.-Mexico line appears to have plummeted since December, according to reports.

Not only that, but the Central Processing Center, which was previously overwhelmed with immigrants, is no longer at its capacity of about 1,000 migrants, and the camps of migrants have suddenly vanished, at least according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection sources.

Leading up to Biden’s visit, the Border Patrol union slammed the president because of reports that state and local authorities were ramping up detentions and cleaning up the migrant encampments ahead of the commander in chief’s arrival.

“El Paso is being cleared up as if nothing unusual ever happened there,” the National Border Patrol Council tweeted on Friday. “Just in time for Biden’s ‘visit to the border.’”

The tweet was posted after a report by El Paso Matters that said “large crowds” of migrants had been detained in El Paso by Border Patrol agents overnight on Wednesday.

Later reports suggested the Border Patrol and local police ramped up patrols and detentions in El Paso ahead of the president’s visit on Sunday.

“El Paso clears downtown of expansive migrant camps ahead of Biden visit,” tweeted Mayra Flores, R-Texas. “Why not show him what our border community and law enforcement officials are dealing with on a daily basis.”

(Read more at Fox News)

If this is what came through the sanitized channels of reporting and politics, how much worse is it at the border?

Because reporters need to access their sources time and time again, they often tone down their story to avoid creating problems with their sources. Likewise, in the pursuit of politics, diplomacy rules and the sharp edges of truth get rounded.

With these issues in mind, how much worse was the Biden border issue than reported by the press or politicians?

  1. Weeks ago: New York Times piled on “Biden visits Southern Border amid fresh crackdown on migrants”

Although the New York Times could not resist blurring the lines by calling those entering illegally with the label “migrants,” even their article pointed to the push to justify Biden’s inaction.

President Biden on Sunday made his first visit to the border since taking office, arriving at a city swamped by migrants amid a historic surge in illegal immigration and anger from both parties about how he is handling it.

In a brief visit to El Paso’s busiest crossing and a migrant services support center, Mr. Biden acceded to demands by Republicans that he make the trip he had not taken for two years.

(Read scant more, since it primarily acts as click-bait, at the New York Times)

When the New York Times wakes to the truth, the woke world has already woken to it

When the Timesspells out an issue for Biden, that signals the fact that the woke world has figured it out.

  1. DHS wants to pay an outside group millions to write rules for tracking illegal immigrants in the US

The Daily Caller outlines how DHS has proposed that an outside agency would get millions for writing the rules for tracking illegal immigrants in America.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is seeking to contract with a nongovernmental group for millions of dollars to outsource the policy behind a program it runs to monitor illegal immigrants released from custody, according to an agency post about the expected contract.

DHS is seeking help in running Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Alternatives to Detention (ATD) program, which the agency established in 2004 to track illegal immigrants released into the country with ankle bracelets and cellphones, according to the Jan. 5 contract advertisement worth $1 million to $2 million. ICE previously outsourced a similar program to a nongovernmental group that has advocated to abolish the agency and end detention altogether.

“This is just another attempt by this administration to let immigration advocates decide what a federal law enforcement agency can and can’t do and how they’re going to do business, which is unconscionable,” former acting ICE Director Tom Homan told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The agency has previously tasked the Church World Service, a faith-based group that has openly advocated to “abolish” the agency, with managing its Case Management Pilot Program.

“ICE officers and policy staff could easily develop ATD policies without the involvement of some NGO that opposes ICE’s mission. The experienced officers who have seen their fair share of ATD violations should be driving this — but this administration’s goal is to take officers out of the equation, it seems,” former ICE Chief of Staff Jon Feere, who is currently the director of investigations at the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), told the DCNF.

The ATD program has not been without problems itself. In fact, between fiscal years 2015 and 2020, 84% of illegal immigrants enrolled in the program absconded, according to an internal report to Congress that was previously obtained by Fox News.

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

From ignoring the parts that they don’t like to getting rid of the agencies they don’t like, Biden remains consistent

Biden remains a far-left, socialist ideologue dedicated to the establishment of a one-party system.


COVID damage to our Armed Forces


“Toxic by design:” Researcher explains why US Department of Defense COVID vax operation shows intent to harm

LifeSiteNews points to evidence from the beginning showing that the COVID shots implemented by the Department of Defense amounted to toxic injections rather than the promised “vaccines.”

Former pharmaceutical executive and researcher Alexandra “Sasha” Latypova has laid out compelling arguments for why the “cartel” that orchestrated the dissemination and uptake of “biowarfare agents” — marketed as “COVID-19 vaccines” — operated with “very clear intent to harm” and to execute a “mass genocide of Americans.”

Latypova worked more than 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in research and development, including data analysis, clinical trials, and technologies, while also co-founding multiple research organizations before retiring at a relatively young age.

Having been alarmed by government policy during the COVID crisis, she began conducting several levels of investigation that most recently revealed how the COVID-19 “vaccines” were fully produced, controlled and distributed by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) with pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen only serving as “figureheads” in a broader public relations campaign to provide the product with an appearance of medical legitimacy.

As Latypova has explained, the DoD managed to classify these “vaccines,” not as medicines or pharmaceuticals but as “COVID countermeasures” under the authority of the military, which means they are not required to comply with U.S. law governing the manufacturing quality, testing, effectiveness, safety, and labeling of medical products.

Yet while such laws did not apply to these “COVID-19 vaccines,” the government advanced an orchestrated public relations façade that standard testing, monitoring and approval processes were being strictly observed by the CDC and FDA, even as many thousands of injuries and deaths had been steadily documented and independent medical experts and media sounded alarms only to be canceled my legacy and social media corporations.

In an early December video lecture, the former pharma executive laid out evidence for how the DoD, HHS, and other U.S. government agencies, along with other governments and pharmaceutical companies, were involved in “a conspiracy to commit mass murder through bioterrorism and informational warfare operations worldwide.”

“The evidence is overwhelming that there is an intent to harm people by the COVID 19 injections, so-called ‘vaccines,’ and other nonsensical COVID response measures implemented in lockstep by governments all over the world,” she explained.

Refusal to intervene despite high injury rates ‘points to an intentional act’ to inflict harm

First, such intent is indicated by the fact that “these injections are toxic by design,” Latypova said. “We know this. There has been an extensive body of literature, studies, scientific discussions, [and] evidence published on this matter.”

Therefore, “there is definitely no safety in these shots,” the analyst said, referring to the well-known death and injury reports from VAERS and other data sources that show “millions of reports of injury, deaths, [and] permanent disabilities,” including these harms being inflicted on many children and young people.

In an earlier presentation to the Corona Investigative Committee (CIC), Latypova called these reports “absolutely alarming,” emphasizing that the safety signals were “obvious from the start.” And the fact that “no health authority ever noticed it” or intervened “points to an intentional act” to inflict harm.

She also highlighted one incident on January 18, 2021 when California health officials “paused” the use of one large lot of the injections from Moderna due to its “higher-than-usual number of possible allergic reactions.” However, just three days later, health authorities said it was “safe to resume” the use of the lot and these products continued to be injected in thousands of people across the U.S.

This batch of biological agents went on to generate “about 1,000 serious adverse events and close to 60 deaths,” Latypova explained. And thus, “all of those [deaths and injuries] should be deemed intentional because the authorities did flag it. They did find that it was generating abnormal adverse events, yet nobody did anything to stop it and they continued pushing it into people.”

The broad, systematic omission of safety standards in production indicates an intent to harm

In addition, “there is no efficacy in these shots,” Latypova explained in December. “In fact, we know there is negative efficacy, meaning that these shots make you more likely to get sick and die.”

Also last month, highly acclaimed insurance analyst Josh Stirling reported that those who accepted the experimental gene-base COVID vaccine “have a 26% higher mortality rate,” including 49% for those under 50, and 145% for those who accepted just one dose of a two-dose regimen.”

And just before Christmas, Alex Berenson reported on two studies that showed those who received the shots “are at least twice as likely to be infected with the coronavirus as unvaccinated people,” and “the risk actually rises with the number of shots. People who had received three or more shots were more than three times as likely to be infected.”

Latypova continued focusing primally on her earlier work, asserting the “extensive evidence of bad manufacturing of these products,” including their “highly variable production.” Such manufacturers “are not compliant with good manufacturing practices and, importantly, there is no enforcement of good manufacturing practices worldwide for these products [by the regulators].”

Such a broad, systematic omission of safety standards in production indicates an intent to harm by the perpetrators as well, the former executive told CIC. If these individuals, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies had a legitimate medicinal intention to assist in the prevention of disease, then “the safety guidelines should [have been] followed, and they don’t follow a single one of them.”

(Read of the lying, cover-up, and gaslighting pointing toward the intent to do harm as shown at LifeSiteNews)

Forcing the healthy and young to take an engineered mRNA shot built to mimic the symptoms of a possibly engineered disease — just doesn’t seem right

When the young already showed a resistance to the disease, it seemed like the best thing to do was to focus on protecting the vulnernable populations (the old, the obese, those who smoked, and others).

However, Biden chose not to do that with our military.


Joy Pullmann has 7 reasons high inflation won’t go away soon. I have 4 more.


Seven reasons high inflation won’t go away soon

Joy Pullmann of The Federalist lays out the driving forces in our current bout of high inflation and the reasons that this high inflation will likely not leave any time soon.

A recession is coming in 2023, concluded more than two-thirds of the economists at big financial institutions recently surveyed by The Wall Street Journal. Inflation is also likely to remain high. Measuring year-over-year inflation by the U.S. government’s 1980s methodology put it at 15.23 percent in November 2022 instead of the government’s claimed 7.11 percent, according to economist John Williams.

Many commentators, including me, were wrong when we previously claimed our grandkids will be paying off America’s massively unaffordable welfare state. We are all paying for it right now and are likely to be for much of our lives in inflation and other economic devastation.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman’s maxim that “inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon” — meaning, inflation is always caused by government overspending — predicts continued inflation for at least the next five years, if not longer.

That’s because government entities are continuing to engage in seriously inflationary actions. They’re doing this partly because of ideology, partly to buy votes, and partly because they prefer eating away Americans’ savings to paying off the unprecedented government debt that politicians have accumulated in the last 70 years enriching their friends and buying off voters.

Inflation Means Politicians Stealing from You

A 2021 Politico profile of a former U.S. Federal Reserve member noted, “Between 2008 and 2014, the Federal Reserve printed more than $3.5 trillion in new bills. To put that in perspective, it’s roughly triple the amount of money that the Fed created in its first 95 years of existence. Three centuries’ worth of growth in the money supply was crammed into a few short years.”

That dissenting former Federal Reserve committee member, Thomas Hoenig, “was worried primarily that the Fed was taking a risky path that would deepen income inequality, stoke dangerous asset bubbles and enrich the biggest banks over everyone else,” the profile says. “He also warned that it would suck the Fed into a money-printing quagmire that the central bank would not be able to escape without destabilizing the entire financial system.”

Essentially, the Federal Reserve has been helping Congress manufacture money to buy up the public debt they contracted by promising Americans more stuff than we can pay for. That’s been ongoing since the 1960s Great Society, which basically paid Americans with unaffordable entitlements to shut up about the steady loss of their constitutional freedoms, according to scholar Christopher Caldwell.

The Borrowing Will Go On Until It Can’t

In 2021, 41 percent of federal spending depended on borrowing. In 2022, 22 percent did. This means raising the cost of debt by hiking interest rates, as the Fed is now doing, could provoke a crisis because it would make Congress’s unsustainable behavior even more painful.

As a Manhattan Institute analysis by economist Brian Riedl notes, “rising interest rates risk pushing government interest costs, annual budget deficits, and total government debt to unsustainable levels … once the debt surges, even modest interest-rate movements can impose stratospheric costs.”

This would call years of government bluffing about the state of federal finances and institutions. It would require Congress not only to stop spending but to cut programs, which means angering voters. It would usher in the unavoidable and painful new era of managing America’s decline.

“Once a debt-and-interest-rate spiral begins, it is nearly impossible to escape without drastic inflation or fiscal consolidation,” Riedl notes.

However this ends, it is likely to include a lot of economic pain, one way or another. Here are just a few of the many indicators that inflationary times are not going away fast.

1. ‘Covid’ Overspending Continues Until at Least 2024

The funds for the sixth waste-packed “Covid relief bill” will be distributed to big-government donors, states, and local governments through the end of presidential election year 2024. Yes, the American Rescue Plan Act from Covid-tide sends states and local governments $350 billion that is still being rolled out — by design.


2. Democrats and Republicans Recently Went on Even More Inflationary Spending Binges

In conjunction with Democrats’ mega-spending “infrastructure” and “green energy” bills soon after Covid that also helped them win Congress and the presidency in 2020, all this extra spending is projected to increase the federal debt by an unprecedented $6.5 trillion, costing more than the 20 years of U.S. occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, according to Riedl.


3. Build Back Bankrupt Shoveled Yet More Out the Door for Years to Come

In 2022, the Biden administration managed to get its top-priority grab-bag of increased government spending signed into law. By spending more money the government does not have and imposing more taxes, the ridiculously named Inflation Reduction Act is likely to increase inflation, said a Tax Foundation analysis.


4. Federal Officials Are Destroying the People’s Trust

Inflation happens “When money is no longer a trustworthy measure of value,” note Steve Forbes, Nathan Lewis, and Elizabeth Ames in their 2022 book, “Inflation.” Inflation is at least partly about a crisis of confidence in government — a warranted one, usually, because major inflation occurs as a result of politician malfeasance. Unfortunately, U.S. government officials are doing nothing to restore the people’s lost confidence in them — in fact, just the opposite.


5. The U.S. Federal Government Is Effectively Bankrupt and Inflation Helps It Hide That

The on-books U.S. national debt of $31.5 trillion is just the tip of the iceberg. Our entitlement systems are about to start going bankrupt, adding trillions in additional financial burdens on taxpayers. Riedl notes, “The U.S. government is projected to run a staggering $112 trillion in budget deficits over the next three decades, driven mostly by Social Security and Medicare commitments that are already set in law.” 


6. Child Scarcity Will Drive Higher Prices

In March 2022, The Wall Street Journal reported the opinion of retired British central banker Charles Goodhart that global structural factors will drive higher inflation for years to come. Goodhart helped Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher break inflation in the 1980s. He told the Journal that the rising global crisis of child scarcity will also push inflation up for decades.


7. The People Who Did All This Are Still in Charge

This reality applies to nearly every major political problem: The same people who have created these messes are the same people who largely retain the power to respond to them. The same people writing massive spending bills that divert our economy away from productive labor and into rent-seekers’ pockets are still largely in charge of government spending.

(Read the interspersed paragraphs and the conclusion at The Federalist)

Additionally, I will provide four more reasons for continued high inflation

I would suggest that there are also four additional reasons for high inflation:

  • Too many Americans take the word of the traditional media (aka, main stream media) as gospel and the traditional media supports those in charge
  • The press/politicians still use COVID to scare a significant portion of the population into compliance (this hints at control past 2024)
  • As long as you have the money to take advantage of it, inflation can be a tool for gaining wealth. Therefore, inflation only hurts the middle and lower classes. Therefore, the powerbrokers have no reason to reign in inflation.
  • The Ukraine mess and its subsequent money pit remain a favorite of the ruling class. While I support any people who want to fight to rule themselves, we have to acknowledge that such support has a cost.

    Additionally, let’s not kid ourselves. Not all of the money sent to support the Ukrainian cause goes to weapons, blankets, or food for the Ukrainian people. (Does it, Big Guy?)


Losing our Free Speech to a Democrat COVID, part 2


How the FBI hacked Twitter

Tablet Magazine outlines the methods used by the FBI as they got Twitter to do Biden’s bidding.

The FBI prepared America’s new public-private censorship regime for the 2020 election by falsely telling Twitter, as well as other social media platforms, press outlets, lawmakers, and staff members of the White House, that Russians were readying a hack and leak operation to dirty the Democratic candidate. Accordingly, when reports of a laptop owned by Hunter Biden and giving evidence of his family’s financial ties with foreign officials were published in October 2020, Twitter blocked them.

In the week before the election, the FBI field office in charge of investigating Hunter Biden sent multiple censorship requests to Twitter. The FBI has “some folks in the Baltimore field office and at [FBI headquarters] that are just doing keyword searches for violations,” a company lawyer wrote in a Nov. 3, 2020, email.

The documents also show that Twitter banished Trump after misrepresenting his posts as incitement to violence. With U.S. intelligence services reportedly using informants to provoke violence during the January 6th protest at the Capitol, the trap closed on Trump. Twitter and Facebook then moved to silence the outgoing president by denying him access to the global communications infrastructure.

The FBI unit designated to coordinate with social media companies during the 2020 election cycle was the Foreign Influence Task Force. It was set up in the fall of 2017 “to identify and counteract malign foreign influence operations” through, “strategic engagement with U.S. technology companies.” During the election cycle, according to the Twitter files, the unit “swelled to 80 agents and corresponded with Twitter to identify alleged foreign influence and election tampering of all kinds.”

The FBI’s chief liaison with Twitter was Elvis Chan, an agent from its Cyber Branch. Based in the San Francisco field office, Chan was also in communication with Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Reddit and LinkedIn. Chan demanded user information that Twitter said it could not release outside of a “legal process.” In exchange, Chan promised to secure temporary security clearances for 30 Twitter employees a month before the election, presumably to give staff the same briefings on alleged Russian information operations provided to U.S. officials in classified settings.

But Twitter executives claimed they found little evidence of Russian activity on the site. So Chan badgered former head of site security Yoel Roth to produce evidence the FBI was serving its advertised mission of combating foreign influence operations when in fact it was focused on violating the First Amendment rights of Americans.

Chan briefed Twitter extensively on an alleged Russian hacking unit, APT28, or Fancy Bear, which was the same outfit that was claimed by Hillary Clinton campaign contractors to have hacked and leaked Democratic National Committee emails in 2016. According to Roth, the FBI had “rimed” him to attribute reports about Hunter Biden’s laptop to an APT28 hack-and-leak operation. Needless to say, the FBI’s reports—and subsequent “disinformation” claims—were themselves blatant disinformation, invented by the FBI, which had been in possession of the laptop for nearly a year.

Twitter was more than a one-way mirror: The FBI also seems to have embedded its own spy structure within the social media company to siphon off the personal data and behavior of users. Dozens of former intelligence officials were installed within Twitter after the election of Donald Trump. Some had active top secret security clearances. Twitter’s director of strategy was Dawn Burton, former FBI Director James Comey’s deputy chief of staff. Perhaps most significant was Baker himself, who appears to have led the FBI’s internal organization at the platform. Efforts to reach Baker for comment on this story were unsuccessful.

Baker left the FBI in 2018 under a cloud of suspicion. In 2017, the Justice Department investigated him for leaking to the press, and the Republican-led House of Representatives later investigated him for his role in Russiagate. Former congressional officials say that as part of the bureau’s 2016 investigation of the Trump campaign, Baker authored the warrant to spy on Trump’s inner circle.

After he departed the law enforcement agency, CNN rewarded him for his “resistance” activities—which boosted the network’s ratings to record levels—by hiring him as a legal analyst. The Washington, D.C.-based Brookings Institution brought Baker on board to contribute to its collusion-conspiracy website “Lawfare.” DOJ again investigated him in 2019 for leaking to the media while at the FBI. In June 2020, Baker joined Twitter as deputy general counsel. With his security clearances still active, he was Twitter’s liaison with U.S. intelligence agencies, where he reinforced the FBI’s external pressure from inside Twitter to censor the Biden laptop story.

Under Baker, Twitter became more than just an instrument to censor the opposition; it also spied on them. Newly released court documents show that Twitter coordinated with the DOJ to intercept the communications of users potentially dangerous to the Biden campaign, like Tara Reade, ​the former Biden Senate staffer who alleged that Biden had sexually assaulted her decades earlier. The DOJ subpoenaed her Twitter account, likely with the purpose of giving the company cover for finding out which journalists had contacted her about her allegations.

(Read Tablet Magazine to see the introductory material and the evidence presented after this section)

As maintained by many, to know what Democrats are doing, observe their accusations

As many have said, Democrats seem to accuse others of doing what they do.

So, when Hillary colluded to rig an election, she accused Trump of Russian collusion and it snowballed from there.

The Biden administration pressured Facebook to censor Fox News host Tucker Carlson

The Conservative Review discovered through emails how the Biden regime hounded Facebook to silence Tucker Carlson.

President Joe Biden’s administration actively pressured Facebook to censor Fox News host Tucker Carlson for criticizing the Covid shots, according to internal White House communication records obtained by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana.

In an email dated April 14, 2021, then-senior adviser to the president’s Covid response team, Andrew Slavitt, voiced dissatisfaction to a Facebook official that a video of Carlson questioning the left’s universal demand that people get the Covid jab was “Number one” on the platform, to which said official responded that they’d look into the matter. Later that same day, the Facebook representative informed the White House that while the “Tucker Carlson video does not qualify for removal under [Facebook’s] policies,” the company would label the clip with “a pointer to more authoritative COVID information” and work to limit its reach on the platform.

Facebook’s efforts did not meet the administration’s demands for greater censorship, however. In response to the representative, White House Director of Digital Strategy Robert Flaherty questioned how Carlson’s video didn’t violate Facebook’s existing policies and pressured the company to turn over information on the efficacy of its censorship practices.

“How was this not violative? The second half of the segment is raising conspiracy theories about the government hiding that all vaccines aren’t effective,” Flaherty claimed. “Moreover, you say reduced and demoted. What does that mean? There’s 40,000 shares on the video. Who is seeing it now? How many? How effective is that?”

“Not for nothing but last time we did this dance, it ended in an insurrection,” Flaherty added in an apparent reference to the platform’s handling of claims pertaining to the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and subsequent riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

But the Biden White House’s habit of using Big Tech to silence dissenting voices on Covid-related information didn’t just stop at Carlson. A separate batch of emails released by the Missouri and Louisiana attorneys general reveals a concentrated endeavor between the administration and Facebook to reduce the “virality of vaccine hesitancy content,” even if such posts contained factually accurate information.

“As you know, in addition to removing vaccine misinformation, we have been focused on reducing the virality of content discouraging vaccines that does not contain actionable misinformation,” a Facebook representative told Slavitt in a March 21, 2021, email. “This is often-true content, which we allow at the post level … but it can be framed as sensation, alarmist, or shocking. We’ll remove these Groups, Pages, and Accounts when they are disproportionately promoting this sensationalized content.”

In addition to Facebook, Twitter was also a major player in the collusion efforts between the federal government and Big Tech to further squash free speech online. In an email dated August 11, 2022, Flaherty admonished Twitter for allowing posts contradicting White House claims to circulate on the platform, writing that “if your product is appending misinformation to our tweets[,] that seems like a pretty fundamental issue.”

Flaherty separately accused Twitter in a December 2021 email of “Total Calvinball” and “bending over backwards” to tolerate disfavored speech after the company refused to comply with demands from the administration to censor a video.

“This case is about the Biden Administration’s blatant disregard for the First Amendment and its collusion with social media companies [to] suppress speech it disagrees with,” said Missouri AG Andrew Bailey in a statement. “I will always fight back against unelected bureaucrats who seek to indoctrinate the people of this state by violating our constitutional right to free and open debate.”

(Read more at the Conservative Review)

Flaherty needs to be the center of every Republican advertisement for a while

Just because Flaherty so epitomizes the current Big Brother sentiment in government, we need to make it a distasteful central focus until it disappears.

We have done too much coddling of the woke.

Ted Cruz accuses the White House of “brazen censorship”

BizPacReview details the case where Senator Ted Cruz accused the White House of censorship in trying to silence Tucker Carlson over his vaccine stance.

Sen. Ted Cruz is helping to bring attention to the latest bombshell about Twitter.

The bombshell comes courtesy newly appointed Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey.

His predecessor, Eric Schmitt, had filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration, and that suit has finally borne some fruit: White House emails showing the Biden administration trying to pressure Twitter into silencing conservatives.

Case in point:

In the email seen above, White House digital director Rob Flaherty pressures Twitter into reducing the reach of posts published by Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Tomi Lahren.

“Since we’ve been on the phone — the top post about vaccines today is tucker Carlson saying they don’t work. Yesterday was Tomi Lehren saying she won’t take one. This is exactly why I want to know what ‘reduction’ actually looks like — if ‘reduction’ means ‘pumping our most vaccine hesitant audience with tucker Carlson saying it doesn’t work’ then … I’m not sure it’s reduction!” the email reads.

(Read more at BizPacReview)

This blatant government censorship must stop

My only question now is: “Why hasn’t Mr. Flaherty been fired?”


Losing our Free Speech to a Democrat COVID, part 1


The White House COVID censorship machine

The Wall Street Journal details some of the censorship of Americans through Facebook and similar social media.

Newly released documents show that the White House has played a major role in censoring Americans on social media. Email exchanges between Rob Flaherty, the White House’s director of digital media, and social-media executives prove the companies put Covid censorship policies in place in response to relentless, coercive pressure from the White House—not voluntarily. The emails emerged Jan. 6 in the discovery phase of Missouri v. Biden, a free-speech case brought by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana and four private plaintiffs represented by the New Civil Liberties Alliance.

On March 14, 2021, Mr. Flaherty emailed a Facebook executive (whose name we’ve redacted as a courtesy) with the subject line “You are hiding the ball” and a link to a Washington Post article about Facebook’s own research into “the spread of ideas that contribute to vaccine hesitancy,” as the paper put it. “I think there is a misunderstanding,” the executive wrote back. “I don’t think this is a misunderstanding,” Mr. Flaherty replied. “We are gravely concerned that your service is one of the top drivers of vaccine hesitancy—period. . . . We want to know that you’re trying, we want to know how we can help, and we want to know that you’re not playing a shell game. . . . This would all be a lot easier if you would just be straight with us.”

(Read more at the Wall Street Journal)

Why not state it explicitly, Mr. Flaherty?

Come out like a mob boss and say, “You’ve got a nice horse there. It would be terrible if someone killed it, so why don’t you pay us protection monies?”

Obviously, there is no free speech in the open market regarding health matters. Although the Democrats like to call reference to science, they don’t want to allow the discussion that science requires. They just want their side heard.

Democrats were warned Russian bot theory was false

The Washington Times tells us how the Democrats were warned that the theory of Russian bots was a red herring.

Democratic lawmakers insisted Russian bots had overtaken Twitter and were being used to boost Republican talking points, despite warnings by platform executives that the claim was untrue, according to the latest installment of the “Twitter Files.”

Twitter employees warned several top Democrats that their theory of a Russian troll takeover on the platform lacked evidence. The lawmakers peddled the assertion in an attempt to swat down the Republican-led House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s memo in 2018 that detailed FBI surveillance abuses against Trump insiders.

Those warnings were outright ignored, Elon Musk’s latest batch of files revealed Thursday.

Rep. Adam B. Schiff and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, both California Democrats, seized on the idea that the Kremlin’s troll farm was behind a trending hashtag on the platform calling for the release of a classified memo submitted by Rep. Devin Nunes, California Republican and House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence chairman, detailing the FBI abuses and the role of the debunked “Steele dossier.”

In an open letter days after the memo was drafted, the Democratic lawmakers said the hashtag had “gained the immediate attention and assistance of social media accounts linked to Russian influence operations,” and accused Mr. Nunes of distorting classified information in the memo.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Democrat, wrote a separate open letter denouncing the Nunes memo adding that he found it “reprehensible that Russian agents have so eagerly manipulated innocent Americans.”

Those open letters were coupled with hit pieces by media outlets widely dismissing the Republican-led memo as a joke.

(Read more at the Washington Times)

This cannot be put to anything but willful blindness

Since the bought-and-paid-for Democrats (at least those on the payroll of Hillary and Bill) had created the Steele dossier, it seems reasonable that they would try to sell the Russian bot theory. However, thankfully, many Americans think independently.

Problem is, if the media repeats a lie long enough with enough fervor, many will come to adopt it.

Thus, we are being lead into blindness.


The truth is that Biden’s IRS has and will target the poor


When House Republicans try to cut the number of IRS agents, Biden acts like the Republicans have attacked the poor

Politico explores the notion that Biden can just attack those who would question his shortcomings in top secret documents, border policy, supply chain, energy policy, inflation, attacking political opposition, and other issues.

TREND WATCH — Per FiveThirtyEight, President JOE BIDEN’s average approval rating is now 44.1%, the highest it’s been since October 2021.

IS BEST DEFENSE A GOOD OFFENSE? — January is a time of new beginnings in Washington. A new Congress. A new Republican-led House. A new speaker, KEVIN McCARTHY. New investigations into Biden by GOP-helmed committees.

And now, in light of all of the above, there’s a new effort from the White House to go on offense against Republicans like never before.

Like so many Washington trends these days, it started with a tweet.

“It’s a giant tax cut for rich tax cheats. Bill #1 from the new House GOP,” RON KLAIN, the very online White House chief of staff, wrote in a Monday afternoon tweet about an effort to roll back Biden’s IRS funding boost. Later that evening, VP KAMALA HARRISechoed the sentiment, accusing House Republicans of “rushing to … allow too many millionaires, billionaires and corporations to cheat the system.”

On its face, those messages can seem fairly run-of-the-mill. But a closer look reveals the change at hand — one informed by a few key calculations:

1. The era of big bipartisan successes on the Hill is likely over (for now).

In the run-up to the midterms, Biden and his allies consistently called out Republicans on a wide array of issues. But given a 50-50 Senate and the reality of needing some GOP support to advance a legislative agenda, there was reluctance to go all-out in framing Republicans as the enemy.

Those days are gone — though the White House promises Biden is ready to cut bipartisan deals with the GOP.

A Republican House is unlikely to advance any of Biden’s legislative priorities heading into a presidential election, and a Democratic Senate is equally unlikely to rubber-stamp any of McCarthy’s. The reality is that there are a small number of issues with room for bipartisan legislative success ahead of 2024; when it comes to going after Republicans, there’s not much benefit to keeping the powder dry.

2. Most legislative efforts will aim to frame the debate, not enact laws.

This is a reality that both Republicans and Democrats understand, given the split control of the Hill. To cite just one example, House Republicans know that the abortion-related bills they passed without any Democratic votes on Wednesday stand no shot of becoming law; it was a messaging exercise and an effort to show that they were living up to their campaign-season promises.

And as Republicans eagerly move to show they’re fighting Biden and advancing a conservative agenda, Biden and his team are eager to use those efforts to draw a contrast.

“[President Biden] believes that an important part of that process is being honest with his colleagues and the American people about disagreements, like his opposition to preventing wealthy tax cheats from foisting the tax burden onto middle-class families or subjecting our military to budget cuts,” White House deputy press secretary ANDREW BATES said in a statement when asked about the “tax cheat” messaging on display this week.

(Read the last point at Politico)

However, if you ignore the political debate and look at the facts, the Democrats have depleted more of what the poor rely on and audit more of the poor through the IRS

Obviously the lies of the Democrat press and the lies of Democrat politicians work for 44.1% of those polled by FiveThirtyEight.

It looks like some may not believe their lying eyes when Biden tells them prices are falling and Democrats are protecting their rights.

However, if you look at the next few articles, you will see that the progressives have depleted Social Security and Medicare. Additionally, you will find that the IRS focuses more of their efforts on middle class and poor Americans.

Touching on a topic the Democrats have been gaslighting for years: the solvency of Social Security

Social Security and Medicare are approaching insolvency

The Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget exposes a bit of Democrat gaslighting: Social Security and Medicare can no longer be piggy banks to progressive Democrats and Republicans.

The Social Security and Medicare Trustees released their annual reports on the state of the trust funds today. The Trustees find that Medicare’s Hospital Insurance trust fund will be insolvent by 2028, Social Security’s Old-Age and Survivors Insurance trust fund will run out of reserves by 2034, and the theoretically combined Social Security trust funds will be insolvent by 2035. Upon insolvency, Social Security benefits will be reduced across-the-board by 20 percent under current law while Medicare Hospital Insurance payments will be reduced by 10 percent.

The following is a statement from Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget:

Social Security is only 13 years from insolvency and Medicare is only 6 years. Policymakers need to get their heads out of the sand and stop pretending these vital programs’ funding issues will fix themselves.

Today’s youngest retirees will be 68 years old when Medicare runs out of reserves and 75 years old when Social Security becomes insolvent. Workers under the age of 55 will retire into an insolvent system. At the time of Social Security insolvency, all beneficiaries will face a 20 percent cut in their benefits if we do nothing.

Social Security’s 3.4 percent of payroll shortfall is a slight improvement from last year but would still require the equivalent of a 20 percent benefit reduction or a 26 percent tax increase to close. If we wait until 2035, benefits would need to be cut by a quarter or taxes raised by a third, and we wouldn’t be able to give workers and retirees time to adjust to this new reality.

Combined with last week’s projections from CBO, we have a bleak fiscal future ahead of us. It doesn’t have to be this way – we can start enacting thoughtful reforms that increase revenue, reduce spending, lower health care costs, stamp out today’s rampant inflation, help grow the economy, and secure our trust funds. But first policymakers need to open their eyes to the challenges we face.


Read our preliminary analysis here: Trustees: Social Security and Medicare Headed for Insolvency in 13 and 6 Years

(Read the whole letter from this government agency at the CRFB)

Truth of this matter is that, by shorting Social Security, progressives have abandoned the poor

By taking funds out of the Social Security net and using it for other progressive causes, both Republican and Democrat progressives have lead the poor out onto the branch of Social Security just as it gets sawed off or breaks of its own weight.

You may remember a lie of Joe’s where he said that he wouldn’t raise taxes on the poor. Well, maybe that’s quibbling over the semantics between raising taxes and auditing

In 2022, the IRS went after the very poorest taxpayers

Reason exposes the fact that Joe’s IRS went heavily after poor and middle class citizens in 2022.

On Wednesday, Syracuse University’s Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) released data provided to it by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on audits performed by the agency in fiscal year 2022. Despite the infusion of new funding earmarked for the IRS via last year’s Inflation Reduction Act, the agency continued historic trends of hassling primarily low-income taxpayers, with relatively few millionaires and billionaires getting caught up in the audit sweep.

“The taxpayer class with unbelievably high audit rates—five and a half times virtually everyone else—were low-income wage-earners taking the earned income tax credit,” reported TRAC, noting that the poorest taxpayers are “easy marks in an era when IRS increasingly relies upon correspondence audits yet doesn’t have the resources to assist taxpayers or answer their questions.”

In fact, “if one ignores the fiction of auditing a millionaire through simply sending a letter through the mail, the odds that millionaires received a regular audit by a revenue agent (1.1%) was actually less than the audit rate of the targeted lowest income wage-earners whose audit rate was 1.27 percent!”

The Inflation Reduction Act, passed in August 2022, directed $80 billion worth of new funding over the next decade to the IRS so it could hire 87,000 new workers, purportedly to better target millionaire and billionaire scofflaws. The Biden administration and credulous journalists claimed that this would in no way increase audits for those making under $400,000 annually—suspect assurances not provided within the text of the actual bill. This increased capacity meant only those at the top would be targeted, supporters insisted. But this ignores how the IRS’s incentives work and how agency-wide reform might be too heavy of a lift.

Correspondence audits—which are conducted via mail, and are the type frequently used when interacting with the poorest of taxpayers—are much easier and cheaper to conduct than other types of audits. Plus, the earned income tax credit is easy to get wrong. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that new hires with experience in the field will take almost three years of ramp-up time, with more junior new hires taking longer. The lag time between 2022’s infusion of funding, and legitimately increased capacity, will be enormous—if the agency can even snag the best in the industry when TurboTax and H&R Block will surely be swelling their own ranks. It makes sense that, given a dearth of experienced auditors not likely to be fixed soon, the agency would rely on the easiest and least time-consuming types of audits.

(Read five reasons Biden’s suggestion [that audits will fall on the rich] will not work at Reason)

Maybe we are quibbling semantics, but when the major target of audits is the poor, then saying you don’t raise their taxes doesn’t matter

Additionally, if you vote on social justice, how much justice is there in Biden’s promise to soak the rich, but his practice of auditing the poor?


A tale of two justice systems — Updated


A tale of two justice systems

The documents stored in Biden’s garage could have been accessed by Hunter, because Hunter was the previous owner of the property.

The garage used by Biden to store secret documents could have been accessed by drug-addicted Hunter, because Hunter was the previous owner of the property.

Biden’s situation Trump’s situation
Biden (as Vice President with no authority to classify or declassify documents) took Obama regime top secret documents. Trump (as President with authority to classify and declassify documents) took Trump administration documents.
Biden left these documents at a think tank at the University of Pennsylvania where Chinese donors contributed a total of $54.6 million in donations between 2014 and 2019. Additionally, Joe Biden received nearly $1 million from the University of Pennsylvania as an honorary professor between 2017 to 2019. Despite the years of Democrat accusations, the Mueller Report stated that there was no proof of collusion between President Trump and Russia (or other nations). In contrast to Biden, Trump gave up his income from his private sources during his time in office.
Biden left the University of Pennsylvania documents at an unsecured location. Chances are high that the lawyer who discovered those documents did not have top-secret clearance. Mar-a-Lago was a secure location. It has a Secret Service detail. It has staffers with proper security clearances..
Biden held classified documents including US intelligence memos and briefing materials that covered topics including Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom. Trump took documents covering the reach of the deep state into the lives of everyday Americans.
Biden may have only taken 10 files with the first discovery. However, this is hidden due to the secret nature of the documents. Trump may have taken hundreds of documents. However, this is hidden due to the secret nature of the documents.
Both Garland and the DOJ knew of Biden’s top secret documents on 2 November 2022, but did not announce their existence until January. Garland had the FBI raid Mar-a-Lago for maximum political effect.
Attorney General Merrick Garland has assigned John Lausch to do nothing but review classified material that was discovered at a Biden think tank. Garland decided to throw the heavy hand of the law against political enemies by appointing a special prosecutor on 18 November 2022.
Biden’s second set of “discovered” documents were in his “locked” garage with his sportscar. Don’t even talk about how the safe in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago office was supposedly “insecure” after this.
The garage used to store secret documents by Biden could have been accessed by drug-addicted Hunter Biden, because Hunter Biden previously owned it. Lawyers received instructions to secure Trump’s document room months before the FBI search at Mar-a-Lago.
Additional Update
With the naming of a special counsel to review both the Biden and the Trump secret documents, a pretense of equal treatment began to be spread in the media. However, not all of Biden’s properties and not all of the relatives (like Melania’s clothes or Barron’s) have been searched. Additionally, while Biden’s lawyers have either conducted the searches or been present during the searches, Trump’s lawyers were kept away from Mar-a-Lago during the raid
Further Update
The additional files found fall under both Joe’s time as Vice President and as Senator (neither of which positions give him the right to hold secret documents). The DOJ withholding this information constitutes election interference for both the midterms and the Georgia senatorial elections. The DOJ actions toward Biden makes the raids on Mar-a-Lago even more suspicious in their implications for election interference.