Biden’s “America Last” policy hits several new lows

Democrats show their distain for Americans by starving American babies while feeding illegals

A baby formula shortage leaves parents desperate for food

The New York Times even reports on the lackluster performance of Biden as he creates shortage after shortage for Americans.

Maricella Marquez looked at the last can of baby formula in her kitchen Tuesday and handed her 3-year-old daughter, who suffers from a rare allergic esophageal disorder, a smaller-than-usual portion of the special nutrition she needs to stay healthy.

Marquez has been calling suppliers all over Texas, asking about any new shipments. “Right now they are out of it, completely,” she said. “I’m desperate.”

Marquez lives outside San Antonio, a city that has seen the nation’s highest rate of formula shortages — 56% of normal supplies were out of stock as of Tuesday, according to retail software company Datasembly — amid a nationwide supply crunch that has left parents scrambling to feed their children.

The shortage has been a challenge for families across the country, but it is especially palpable at grocery stores and food banks in San Antonio, a Latino-majority city in South Texas where many mothers lack health insurance and work at low-wage jobs that give them little opportunity to breastfeed. Across the city, baby food aisles are nearly empty, and nonprofit agencies are working overtime to get their hands on new supplies.

The shortage became acute with a recall of a defective brand this year after at least four babies were hospitalized with bacterial infection and at least two babies died. But the recall has been exacerbated by relentless supply-chain woes and labor shortages. The Datasembly research found that the national out-of-stock rate for baby formula reached 43% for the week ending Sunday, up 10% from last month’s average.

(Read more at the New York Times — although it is all bilge)

The regime that couldn’t handle retreat from Afghanistan can’t walk (aid Abbott Nutrition) and chew gum (build a supply chain)

As pointed out by the Washington Examiner, it seems that Biden cannot devote time to help the most vulnerable among us. However, the issue is more under Biden’s sway than even the Examiner suggests.

First, the shutdown of the Abbott Nutrition plant was made on an FDA call under Biden due to mislabeling of contents that lead to the hospitalization of four babies and deaths of two. That plant could be brought back on line within two weeks. What is Biden doing? We cannot know: his meetings have been closed door meetings (probably to hide the multiple gaffes and embarrassing foibles).

Second, if the market was unprepared for issues created by the pandemic, that is one thing. However, for Joe, who ran his presidential campaign on how he would outshine Donald Trump in the handling of the pandemic, to be unprepared on this is inexcusable.

Third, to blame supply chain issues at the same time that the same Biden office shuts down American sources of supply is beyond disingenuous.

Therefore, I feel that Biden and his lackeys do nothing but spit in our face when they let this go. They could work on it, but they cannot be bothered. Joe needs to take a nap.

Biden regime provides pallets of baby formula to illegal aliens amid a national shortage

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas notes how Biden has provided pallets of baby formula to illegals as Americans go without.

Governor Greg Abbott and National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) President Brandon Judd today issued a joint statement on the Biden Administration providing baby formula to illegal immigrant holding facilities as American parents scramble amid a nationwide shortage of the product.  

“Children are our most vulnerable, precious Texans and deserve to be put first. Yet, President Biden has turned a blind eye to parents across America who are facing the nightmare of a nationwide baby formula shortage. While mothers and fathers stare at empty grocery store shelves in a panic, the Biden Administration is happy to provide baby formula to illegal immigrants coming across our southern border. This is yet another one in a long line of reckless, out-of-touch priorities from the Biden Administration when it comes to securing our border and protecting Americans. Our children deserve a president who puts their needs and survival first – not one who gives critical supplies to illegal immigrants before the very people he took an oath to serve.”

(Read the original at the Texas site)

Not only food, but free food

Biden provides a real slap in the face to American parents by giving this formula to illegals by the pallet-full (while Americans have to drive miles and then be told that they can only buy a limited amount).

Do you also get the feeling of having the Biden regime’s spit sliding down your face?

The Biden regime shows its distain for Americans by laughing at their calamity

Karine Jean-Pierre giggles when asked about White House point person on formula crisis

Hot Air addresses the obvious B-team mentality of the Biden regime as they should be working on the matters that affect Americans (not working to help illegals).

Incoming White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked who is running lead on the baby formula crisis for the White House? Her reaction was disturbing. During a press gaggle on Air Force One, she giggled and said she doesn’t know who that person is but she’d find out. The reporters took the answer in stride.

Imagine if the previous president’s press secretary delivered that answer (and giggle) to such an important question for so many families right now. The baby formula crisis is real and it has a lot of moms in a panic due to the shortage of products on store shelves. Imagine being one of those moms going from store to store searching for a canister of baby formula. This woman can’t even name someone working on the problem in the White House.

During a press gaggle on board Air Force One, a reporter asked, “Who’s running point on the formula issue at the White House?”

“At the White House, I don’t know,” Jean-Pierre said before laughing.

She added, “But I can find out for you and get you a person who’s running point.”

(Read more at Hot Air)

Jean-Pierre’s silent message: “Not only do I not care, but I don’t care so much that it’s funny”

It seems that, with this giggle, Jean-Pierre says:

The Biden regime does not care about your puny peasant problems. We are concerned with manufacturing our own problems like Critical Race Theory, transgender theory, and other progressive concerns. Take your smelly babies and be gone.”

Democrat Representative suggests we sacrifice children to survive Bidenflation

Democrat Representative Porter: Abortion and inflation “Reinforce Each Other” — “People need to be in charge of how many mouths they’re going to have to feed”

Breitbart reports on the illuminating words of a liberal Democrat spoken from the main stream media.

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The Last Word,” Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) claimed that abortion and inflation “reinforce each other.”

According to Porter, abortion was important because with the high prices of groceries, housing and gas, “people need to be in charge of how many mouths they’re going to have to feed.”

“How does inflation compare to this newly important — in the sense of a Supreme Court decision pending — abortion issue? How do those two issues compare?” host Lawrence O’Donnell asked.

“Well, I don’t think they compare. I think they actually reinforce each other,” Porter replied. “So, the fact that things like inflation can happen and it can become more expensive to feed your kids and fuel your car is exactly why people need to be in charge of how many mouths they’re going to have to feed.”

(Read more at Breitbart)

Many American have sadly followed this model by limiting the size of our families

We may not have gone to abortuaries, but we allowed tax policy to guide our contraceptive use and, possibly, intimacy. 

One other sad note comes singing through the sad song of American adoptive policy. Adoption has become such an expensive option that many who might provide sanctuary to children have been priced out of the market.

Nonetheless, if you conservatives with your 1.5 children cannot feel the spit dripping off your face after this Democrat onslaught, you have no feeling left in your face.


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