Five times America received and reacted to electronic discrimination from the Cyber-Left

In an effort to further snuff out the conservative message on online, Facebook takes action

  1. Facebook announces hate speech advertisement ban

One America News Network reports that Facebook has decided to ban advertisements it deems as hate speech.

Mark_ZuckerbergMark Zuckerberg recently announced Facebook will prohibit hate speech from now on. On Friday, the CEO announced the platform will prohibit any advertisements that claim society is threatened by members of a particular race, ethnicity, gender or other protected category.

This came after several major companies threatened to pull Facebook advertisements for the month of July. Zuckerberg specifically noted posts from politicians will be removed if they “incite violence or suppress voting.”

According to the CEO, other posts may be flagged if they do not adhere to the company’s rules.

“We’re going to start labeling content that we find newsworthy that might otherwise violate our policies,” he said. “…If we determine the content may lead to violence or deprive people of their right to vote, we’re going to take that content down, no matter who says it.”

Facebook will also notify users if they try to share a post that has been flagged.

This comes as many social media users on both sides of the aisle have pointed out censorship abuses by big tech.

Attorney General William Barr has addressed how the Department of Justice might handle big tech censorship. In an interview with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Barr claimed the department is investigating several tech companies on the grounds of antitrust laws.

According to reports, he will be announcing specific measures in the next few weeks.

The attorney general is reportedly considering revisions to Section 230, which protects companies from content on their sites and ensures equal speech representation.

“They built up this powerful network, very strong market power, based on the representation that they were sort of open to all as sort of a bulletin board,” explained Barr. “When they got that market power, now they’re censoring views.”

(Read more at One America News Network)

Considering the American government developed the resource they now use to deliver their product, these Internet companies might deliver a balanced product

Considering that the Internet came from ARPANET (a network between universities and the military) and that the overall network within the borders of the U.S. cannot be disputed to as a U.S. asset, the American government might exercise the same rights as it does over the airwaves. That is, just as it requires television stations and radio stations to prove that they are broadcasting in the public interest.

Moreover, considering that all of these social networking companies say that they are platform where ideas are shared freely; however, in practice, they act as publishers (by editing the messages that are allowed out and choosing winners and losers among the field of message bearers). Therefore, if they are going to act like publishers, they should be open to lawsuits like publishers.

Another instance that reminds us that the speech everybody likes does not need protecting

  1. Reddit bans r/The_Donald and r/ChapoTrapHouse as part of a major expansion of its rules

As seen on The Verge, Reddit has banned subreddits “The_Donald” and “ChapoTrapHouse” as part of an expansion of its rules.

redditReddit will ban r/The_Donald, r/ChapoTrapHouse, and about 2,000 other communities today after updating its content policy to more explicitly ban hate speech. The policy update comes three weeks after Black Lives Matter protests led several popular Reddit forums to go dark temporarily in protest of what they called the company’s lax policies around hosting and promoting racist content. It marks a major reversal for a company whose commitment to free expression has historically been so strong that it once allowed users to distribute stolen nude photos freely on the site.

“I have to admit that I’ve struggled with balancing my values as an American, and around free speech and free expression, with my values and the company’s values around common human decency,” Reddit CEO Steve Huffman said in a call with reporters.

In a blog post that cites the company’s new rules, Huffman said users of the r/The_Donald subreddit had violated the site’s policies for years. (The site has no official connection to President Donald Trump, although he did do an Ask Me Anything there as a candidate in 2016.) “The community has consistently hosted and upvoted more rule-breaking content than average (Rule 1), antagonized us and other communities (Rules 2 and 8), and its mods have refused to meet our most basic expectations,” Huffman said.

Similarly, r/ChapoTrapHouse had also hosted content that violates the site’s rules, Huffman said. The subreddit is a spinoff of the popular left-wing podcast.

Reddit’s new policy begins with a first rule that requires users to “consider the human.” It reads:

Remember the human. Reddit is a place for creating community and belonging, not for attacking marginalized or vulnerable groups of people. Everyone has a right to use Reddit free of harassment, bullying, and threats of violence. Communities and people that incite violence or that promote hate based on identity or vulnerability will be banned.

That formed the basis of a policy framework that bans hate speech.

“Reddit’s mission is to bring community and belonging to everybody in the world, and there is speech in the world and on Reddit that prevents other people from doing so,” Huffman told reporters. “Harassing speech or hateful speech prevents people from coming to Reddit and feeling safe and sharing their vulnerabilities … So if we have speech on Reddit that’s preventing people from using Reddit the way that we intend it to be used, or that prevents us from achieving our mission, then it’s actually a very easy decision.”

The introduction of the new policies has resulted in the removal of about 2,000 subreddits so far, and the company says “the vast majority” were inactive. Only about 200 of them had more than 10 daily users, the company said. They include:

  • r/DarkHumorAndMemes
  • r/ConsumeProduct
  • r/DarkJokeCentral
  • r/GenderCritical
  • r/Cumtown
  • r/imgoingtohellforthis2
  • r/Wojak
  • r/soyboys

Last year, Reddit “quarantined” r/The_Donald, placing it behind a warning screen after it was found to host content that incited violence. The company had previously prevented posts on the forum from reaching Reddit’s front page. Former users of the forum began moving to a new site off Reddit last year.

While Monday’s removals hit some high-profile political communities, Huffman said the company would continue to support a broad range of political speech.

(Read more at The Verge)

It sounds like these restrictions would have stopped A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift

Although I do not support the transfer of nude pictures, this clampdown on the conservative segment of the Reddit audience does not match up to the standards that they claim to hold. As with the previous article, this seems like a case of a company that claims to be an online billboard acting more like an online publisher that edits the works on it.

Censorship of Conservatives by Liberal Twitter creates a response

  1. Parler hits 500K as an alternative to liberal Twitter

One America News Network reported in a 27 June 2020 article that Parler has gained 500K users due (in most part) to the censorship from liberals at Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

ParlerAmid rising censorship of conservative voices on Twitter and other social media platforms, the new app Parler has seen a large influx of users. According to reports, more than 500,000 new people created accounts on the site after Twitter recently banned two conservative accounts.

Parler’s user base skyrocketed by 50% this week alone, bringing the total number of users to 1.5 million.

Conservatives like Rep. Matt Gaetz and Sen. Ted Cruz announced they joined site after experiencing what they called “unfair banning of right-wing accounts.”

“They use that power to silence conservatives and to promote their radical left-wing agenda,” stated Cruz. “Big tech has shown the ability to shadow ban what you say or post without anyone ever knowing about it.”

(Read more at One America News Network)

I have been on Parler as @Mark1one since 4 June 2019

Feel free to follow me at @Mark1one, since I have been there for some time.

Of course, since I am not a heavy hitter (and even if I were), all I can say is: the more the merrier.

Potential Democrat leaders encourage discrimination by the Left on social media

  1. Democrat Congressional candidate urges Twitter followers to ‘report’ Trump supporters

Breitbart shares the rantings of McMurray, the ]Democrat candidate for New York’s 27th Congressional District.

Nate McMurrayNate McMurray, the Democrat candidate for New York’s 27th Congressional District, urged Twitter followers Wednesday to “report” Trump supporters.

“When you see fake videos, when you see racism, when you hear support for Trump, do not roll your eyes, do not play nice, do not worry about hurting someone’s feelings, CALL IT OUT — REPORT IT — FIGHT IT,” he wrote:

Thursday, immigration lawyer Matthew Kolken shared a screenshot of McMurray’s tweet and said, “This is a dangerous chill of 1st Amendment freedoms”:

However, McMurray appeared to have amended the “REPORT IT – FIGHT IT” command with “TALK TO THEM – DO NOT GO WITH THE FLOW” in another tweet on Friday:

(Read more at Breitbart)

This “Fight it” stance seems to go with someone who thinks their supporters have made their mind(s) up and cannot be confused with the facts

Much like the times I have noted the Cancel culture, this “Cancel campaigning” seems to ignore the opposition and encourages the followers of the campaign to do the same. It looks like this guy has thoroughly gotten lost in his own confirmation bias.

Facebook doubles down on eliminating the First Amendment

  1. Facebook blacklists Laura Loomer’s campaign ads

Breitbart reports on what might seem to be violation of Laura Loomer’s First Amendment rights.

Laura LoomerFacebook has reportedly banned all ads on behalf of Laura Loomer, the frontrunner in the GOP primary race for House candidate in Florida’s 21st district.

Loomer’s personal account is banned on Facebook, as well as on Facebook-owned Instagram, and her campaign was prevented from creating a page to reach voters on Facebook last November. Now the campaign is being banned from running ads on the platform as well.

Loomer’s most recent ad can be viewed on YouTube:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has previously said it’s not right for “private companies to censor politicians.”

“The Laura Loomer for Congress Inc. Campaign represents more than just Laura Loomer, the candidate,” said Karen Giorno, chief strategist for the Loomer campaign and formerly the campaign manager for Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign in Florida.

The Loomer campaign, said Giorno,  “embodies a national movement, that radiates from within President Donald J. Trump’s home district, FL-21 and is made up of millions of voices from across the country. Many have become volunteers, donors and have pledged to vote for Laura Loomer in the August 18th primary and again in November to retire the radical, elitist, entrenched Democrat incumbent, Lois Frankel. ”

“This community of citizens that are Republican, Democrat and Independent are choosing to support Laura Loomer for Congress to represent them in Washington, because she embodies their values, their mores, their beliefs and their norms.  By Facebook banning Laura Loomer for Congress Campaign ads from running, they are essentially going against their own policy, and canceling millions of voices as well.”

“This is a perfect example of how Big Tech is committing blatant election interference in the form of illegal in-kind contributions to the Democrat party and their candidates in a race that is taking place in the President’s backyard.”

(Read more at Breitbart)

The Left is out to destroy America. Sadly, Loomer is getting in the way of that.

While Zuckerberg claims he wants free speech, his actions show that he only wants free liberal speech or free Marxist speech. If you step over the boundaries and start to become in the least conservative (as with the first article in this post), he will shut you down.

Victor Davis Hanson suggests this is a campaign to end all campaigns

Victor Davis Hanson calls election ‘a Manichean choice’ about ‘whether you want civilization’

With a hat tip to Real Clear Politics and Bryan Fischer of Focal Point on AFR, we find that Victor Davis Hanson told Tucker Carlson on Fox News that this election is one to end all campaigns.

Author and Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Monday that the continuation of civilization is at stake in the November election.

“I don’t want to get political, but this election no longer is about Donald Trump’s tweeting,” Hanson told host Tucker Carlson. “It’s not about Joe Biden’s cognitive impairment. It has nothing to do anymore with a lockdown, the virus, the economy.

“It’s an existential question, a Manichean choice between whether you want civilization and you believe that America doesn’t have to be perfect to be good and we are not … going to destroy all that people died for, or [whether] you feel it was inherently flawed with a cancer and we have to use radiation and chemotherapy and kill the host to kill the cancer.”

“That’s the choice we are looking at,” Hanson continued, “and I’m going to vote for civilization.”

Hanson spoke soon after protesters in Washington D.C. attempted to tear down a statue of Andrew Jackson in Lafayette Park while attempting to seal off a nearby area they dubbed the “Black House Autonomous Zone” in imitation of Seattle’s “Capitol Hill Organized Protest.”

(Read more at Fox News)

Unless Black Lives Matter fades into the background before the election, I cannot disagree with Mr. Hanson

Unless Black Lives Matter stops burning and destroying businesses and statues, I agree that this is an election over law and order. The Democrats have aligned themselves on the side of Marxists, anarchists, and criminals. Except for a few half-hearted words of Joe Biden’s (followed shortly by promises to make a “woman of color” his running mate), the whole Democrat machine has been on the side of destruction of America.

It seems that Starbucks has seen the light

Antifa carries AK-47’s and takes over 6 square blocks of Seattle (Starbuck’s home)

Starbucks bans employees from wearing anything in support of Black Lives Matter

The Hill reports that Starbucks now has decided to pull back from supporting Black Lives Matter.

Antifa member carrying an AR-15

An internal memo sent to Starbucks employees last week specifically warned staffers against wearing accessories or clothes bearing messages in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The memo, obtained by BuzzFeed News, reminds staffers that such messages are prohibited under the company’s policy against accessories that “advocated a political, religious or personal issue.”

Numerous employees told the news outlet, however, that the company regularly allows or even encourages employees to wear pins in support of LGBTQ equality, especially during Pride Month every June.

“Starbucks LGBTQ+ partners wear LGBTQ+ pins and shirts, that also could incite and create violent experiences amongst partners and customers,” one black transgender employee of the coffee chain told BuzzFeed. “We have partners who experienced harassment and transphobia/homophobia for wearing their pins and shirts, and Starbucks still stands behind them.”

A video from a top company executive reportedly sent with the memo warned employees that “agitators who misconstrue the fundamental principles” of the movement could seek to “amplify divisiveness” if the messages are displayed in stores.

“We know your intent is genuine and understand how personal this is for so many of us. This is important and we hear you,” the memo read.

(Read more at The Hill)

Do you think that the light-handed reports from main stream media influenced Starbucks?

Since CNN took the word of Mayor Jenny Durkan at face value (as evidenced by the tweet below) and did not investigate the violence within the barricades, maybe they (and the other Democrat-supporting press) has made themselves a non-factor as far as Starbucks is concerned.

You see, Starbucks would know that the tripe that this Democrat mayor spews (refer below) does not match with reality. With people in Seattle, they would know that backing the Antifa side and the Black Lives Matter side would mean the economic death of a company that asked for more than a pittance for their services. So they produced this memo from reality.

Reality like that experienced by freelance reporters and the Seattle Police Chief.

Reality like that experienced by those accused of crime or those who have an unpopular opinion.

A reality that we all will contend with should another Democrat administration come to power along with a Democrat House and Senate.

A hat tip to The Last Refuge.

Six liberal lies about the riots


  1. Riots not organized – Pallets of bricks have been showing up at protest cities

Townhall reports that bricks have been delivered to protest cities.

bricksInDallasIn cities across the U.S. where demonstrations over the death of George Floyd in police custody are taking place, mysterious pallets of bricks are reportedly showing up in parking lots and on street corners, even in areas where there is no constructions take place.

Social media users are asking where they came from and who paid for them.

(Read more on the search for the origins at Townhall)

This shows the “organic” riots were anything but organic

With bricks situated at strategic spots throughout these cities (and not necessarily near construction), these pallets of bricks show coordination and planning on the part of those who would bring down a duly-elected President.

  1. Riots peaceful – More than 60 reporters attacked, arrested or harassed since George Floyd protests began

The Hill points toward the findings of the Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA).

George-Floyd-Unacceptable-attacks-on-reporters-at-protestsThe Radio Television Digital News Association (RTDNA) said it has tallied more than 60 incidents in which journalists covering demonstrations over death of George Floyd during the course of his arrest by Minneapolis police were attacked, arrested or harassed by protesters or police in the past 48 hours alone.

RTDNA Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer Dan Shelley called the situation “calamitous” and “harming the public at large.”

“Journalists shouldn’t be the story,” Shelley said. “It is calamitous to see all of these journalists who are merely serving the public by covering these incidents of civil unrest being wantonly attacked. … Journalists are representatives of the public and are there to serve the public and to tell the stories of the protesters and of the elected and other public officials trying to deal with the situation.”

“It is really harming the public at large, not just the journalist. It’s interfering with their ability to be eyewitnesses and chroniclers of what’s occurring in this country right now,” he added.

Several of the incidents have played out on live television or on social media, including the arrest of a CNN reporter and crew in Minneapolis and a Fox News reporter and crew being chased out of Lafayette Park near the White House in Washington, D.C., on Friday night.

The CNN reporter, Omar Jimenez, who is black and Hispanic, and his crew were quickly released, and Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D-Minn.) apologized to CNN President Jeff Zucker and promised to allow the press to do their jobs without interference or arrest by police.

(Read more at The Hill)

Again, these attacks on the reporting of the riots shows an attempt to hide the truth

Just as bricks have been placed within reach of those who would be rioting, the organization of violence against reporters works to keep the rest of us in the dark concerning the underhanded workings of Antifa and leftist groups using these riots to change public opinion.

  1. Riots peaceful and not organized – Why have celebrities organized to bail out Antifa?

Townhall points out which celebrities have organized to bail out Antifa.

CelebsBailingOutAntifaCelebrities are donating to a far-left organization that bails out rioters arrested during George Floyd protests. Police have arrested hundreds as rioters set fires, loot businesses, vandalize buildings and attack police officers.

Variety reports that several celebrities have made donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a group that bails out rioters arrested during protests in Minnesota. Many of the celebrities are the usual suspects.

(Warning: Graphic Language)

Staff members for the Biden campaign have also posted on Twitter about their donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

It has become clear that Antifa members are using the George Floyd protests as an opportunity to engage in further violence. On Sunday, President Trump announced his intent to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization. In the meantime, celebrities and Biden campaign staff will keep bailing them out.

(Read more at Townhall)

Third verse, same as the first. These workings come together to hide the acts of Antifa and the Far Left

You don’t pay to have bricks shipped to a city where you have planned for protests, unless you also want riots, lawlessness, and injustice.

Likewise, you don’t fund raise money in preparation for bailing people out of jail unless you support lawlessness and injustice. Don’t tell me (like the starry-eyed reportettes on the nightly news) that these are peaceful protests when people have shipped in bricks and coordinated acts of violence.

  1. This is about police brutality – Biden campaign donates to bail out Antifa

Townhall shows us how the Biden campaign has donated funds to bail out Antifa members from jail.

Campaign staff for Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden are bragging about their recent donations to a far-left organization that bails out rioters arrested in Minneapolis.

Reuters reported that 13 members of the Biden campaign recently posted on Twitter about their donations to the Minnesota Freedom Fund, a group that uses such donations to pay bail fees of rioters arrested in violent protests.

A Biden campaign spokesman declined to answer whether the donations to the Antifa-aligned group were officially coordinated with the Biden campaign.

Instead of donating to the family of George Floyd, Biden campaign staff is helping to bail out individuals arrested during riots where widespread looting, arson, and vandalism took place.

Here are a few tweets from members of the Biden team:

(Read more at Townhall)

Do you want to go with verse four? This act by Biden staffers supports lawlessness.

Actually, just like the last three months of COVID-19 scare, this is nothing but an attempt to justify liberal policies and oust a duly-elected President.

  1. This is about righting race – Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo makes a mixture of racist statements and supportive statements prior to the Sunday George Floyd march

As posted to Facebook by San Antonio CBS affiliate Kens5 (refer below the block quote for the Facebook post), Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo vacillated between a series of racist statements and a series of statements in support of the marchers (which have not been placed on the local Houston news outlets).

Art Acevedo speaks to protesters on Sunday.

What I love about this man (pointing at the Black men around him), and this man, and this man, and what I love about this city is they want people of color being talked about as being thugs and we’re bums1.

And, my people2, as an immigrant, we’re rapists.3 You know what? We built this country.4 And we’ve got news for them: We ain’t going nowhere!5 Okay? We are not going nowhere. That ship has sailed. So, if you’ve got hate in your heart for people of color, get over it.a Okay? Because this city is a minority majority city and this city is a city where Blacks and Whites and Browns and legal and illegal all get together because we judge each other by the contentb of our hearts.6

Okay? So, I am angry. I’m angry, because people don’t understand, “Well, why are Black people so mad?” We had a little old lady stabbed by a crazy man7 in that officer-involved shooting. Yeah. That stabbed that little old lady and I had a press conference. I was angry. You might have seen it.

But, what people don’t understand is I was angry because I looked at that video8 and I saw my mama’s face. And I may not be Black, but I am God’s child.9 And when I saw that man [George Floyd] calling out for his mama, I thought about my mama.10 And what I kept thinking is, “He must be seeing her already and they’re still not letting her, they’re not letting his neck up.” So I’m here to tell you; We will march as a department with everybody in this community. I will march until I can’t stand no more.

But I will not allow anyone to tear down this city, because this is our city.c And play close attention! These little white guys with their skateboards11 are the one starting all the **** everywhere. Knowing full well that Black people and Brown people are angry and knowing that they will start — if they start it, we will follow.12

Don’t follow that bull****! That’s the devil’s work.13 They want to tear our communities down because they know communities of color need the police more than anybody.14 And my one truth is, when I go to rich neighborhoods, you know what I am to them? A necessary evil.15 When I go to Black and Brown neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods, you know what we are? A necessity.d

But the necessity is about good policing with respect.e With respect. So, I’m here to tell you, if we don’t do it right, let us know. Let us know.f

And if we do it right, lift them up. Good cops. Lift up them good cops. Don’t let them buy into the narrative, please. Because I will tell you what makes our city special is its diversity. And you see, when that Hurricane Harvey hit, people thought, “Oh, Houston, Texas, man. That’s a minority majority city,17 it’s going to be ****.” I’ve got news for you: We showed the world then and we’re going to show them now. So, all those nut jobs that are out there, when George Floyd comes in here, you ain’t going to face the police when you start trying to tear down our city. You’re going to have to face the people of the third ward, the fifth ward, everybody in this city, because we stand as one.h In his name, God bless him.

Examining the racist statements

First, I will take the racist statements from the text above and explain why I think they are racist. Then, to be fair to Mr. Acevedo, I will praise his laudable statements.

Art’s racist comment: An explanation of why it is racist
they want people of color being talked about as being thugs and we’re bums1 By dividing the world into “they” and “we” and then without proof asserting that “they” criticize “us,” Art is painting the scene of a race war.
my people2 Again, he sets up a race war by defining himself part of a separate people.
as an immigrant, we’re rapists.3 Since this is a common twisting of a Trump statement, this is a dog whistle to racists on the liberal side.
We built this country.4 This, again, is a dog whistle. White supremacists have claimed to have built the nation without outside input. Likewise, the Nation of Islam has claimed Blacks built the nation without significant White input. Neither is based in fact.
We ain’t going nowhere!5 Nobody is asking the citizens of the US to leave (only illegal aliens are asked to leave). Hence, this is another dog whistle.
this city is a city where Blacks and Whites and Browns and legal and illegal all get together because we judge each other by the contentb of our hearts.6 Here, he equates law-abiding White, Black, and other citizens to illegal aliens who break (at a minimum) our immigration law without batting an eye.
We had a little old lady stabbed by a crazy man7 Here, he lies by omission. The woman was White. The stabbing was done by a Black.

Additionally, this Black man who angered him so much was let out by Democrat Kim Ogg.

I looked at that video8 We are all aware of the George Floyd video. We have no need for Art to continue to stir the pot.
And I may not be Black, but I am God’s child.9 We are all God’s creation. Nonetheless, by pointing out race, he promotes racial division.
And when I saw that man [George Floyd] calling out for his mama, I thought about my mama.10 If the people had not seen the video he was referring to, they had heard the narrative — otherwise, they would not be planning to march in protest of the death of George Floyd.
These little white guys with their skateboards11 If this is Acevedo’s way of referring to Antifa, it seems like a racist way of doing it.
Knowing full well that Black people and Brown people are angry and knowing that they will start — if they start it, we will follow.12 This statement makes it seem as if the minority communities are emotional and will be easily drug into things they would not otherwise do. This is more baiting and division like the statement he used to start this speech.
That’s the devil’s work.13 This could be a thinly-veiled reference to “the White devil” that appears in many of Louis Farrakhan’s sermons; therefore, Mr. Acevedo should avoid it.
They want to tear our communities down because they know communities of color need the police more than anybody.14 Again, this reference to “they” is an attempt to divide. Furthermore, the desire of this “they” is to destroy the communities.
when I go to rich neighborhoods, you know what I am to them? A necessary evil.15 This is another attempt to divide, now on the basis of class. Furthermore, it sets up a straw man by claiming that police are considered an enemy to the rich (therefore, the rich must be evil and hiding bad behavior).
what makes our city special is its diversity.16 What makes any group good is the good behavior of its members. As Christians, we should love people despite their sins (since we all sin). However, diversity does not necessarily help anything.
when that Hurricane Harvey hitg, people thought, “Oh, Houston, Texas, man. That’s a minority majority city17 This, along with the expletive that follows in the quote, is little more than another attempt to divide.
You’re going to have to face the people of the third ward, the fifth ward, everybody in this city,18 Except for throwing in “everybody in the city” at the end, all of the areas named are minority areas. If his intent was to show unity, why not name some other-than-minority neighborhoods like the Heights?

Examining the commendable statements

As promised, I will praise his laudable statements.

Art’s good comment: An explanation of why it is good
if you’ve got hate in your heart for people of color, get over it.a We should all agree that hatred based on skin color is wrong.
this city is a city where Blacks and Whites and Browns … all get together because we judge each other by the contentb If you take this portion of the reference to Martin Luther King’s speech, this is good. We all should be judged on the content of our hearts (as evidenced by our actions) rather than our skin tone.
But I will not allow anyone to tear down this city, because this is our city.c I expect every citizen (and especially every policeman and woman) to defend this city.
When I go to Black and Brown neighborhoods and poor neighborhoods, you know what we are? A necessity.d All citizens deserve the protection offered by the police. And, though it is an extension of his statement here, all citizens should be encouraged to learn to defend themselves and use their Second Amendment rights.
But the necessity is about good policing with respect.e This axiom of good policing matches another axiom of life: treat others the way you want to be treated. It works.
if we don’t do it right, let us know.f Accountability is always good.
when that Hurricane Harvey hitg One thing documented on this blog was the way people came together to save the unfortunate during Harvey.
we stand as one.h Encouraging unity works well in this situation.

  1. Lives matter  – Rioters target police across US; 4 shot in St. Louis, 1 in Vegas, Bronx hit-and-run caught on video

Fox News reports that the George Floyd riots have turned to target at least 7 police.

Police officers across the U.S. were targeted in shootings and vehicular attacks Monday night as protests continued in major cities for the seventh night despite President Trump’s vow to clamp down on violence.

The demonstrations on Monday marked a week of unrest since unarmed black man George Floyd died when a white Minneapolis officer jammed his knee into the back his neck in a shocking incident caught on video. Despite tens of thousands marching peacefully in demonstrations against police brutality and systemic racism, protests over Floyd’s death have been nonetheless overshadowed by violence, looting and vandalism that has engulfed U.S. cities.

In St. Louis, Mo., Monday night, four police officers were shot during protests in the city’s downtown area, two in the leg, one in the foot and one in the arm.

Police Chief John Hayden said they were hit by gunfire by “some coward” while standing on the side of a police line.

“As we speak we’re trying to get control out of this city, still hearing gunfire and everything,” he said. I don’t know what else to say. This is horrible. Thank God, they’re alive.”

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that all of the officers were conscious and breathing after being rushed to the hospital.

(Read more at Fox News)

Two instances of police violence that did not cause riots


  1. Tony Timpa died pinned to the ground by Dallas police

With a hat tip to the NWO Report, we find that the Dallas Morning News reported in 2016 that an unarmed White man was killed by Dallas police in a method similar to that employed against George Floyd.

Tony TimpaTony Timpa wailed and pleaded for help more than 30 times as Dallas police officers pinned his shoulders, knees and neck to the ground.

“You’re gonna kill me! You’re gonna kill me! You’re gonna kill me!”

After Timpa fell unconscious, the officers who had him in handcuffs assumed he was asleep and didn’t confirm that he was breathing or feel for a pulse.

As precious minutes passed, the officers laughed and joked about waking Timpa up for school and making him waffles for breakfast.

Body camera footage obtained Tuesday by The Dallas Morning News shows first responders waited at least four minutes after Timpa became unresponsive to begin CPR. His nose was buried in the grass while officers claimed to hear him snoring — apparently unaware that the unarmed man was drawing his last breaths.

The officers pinned his handcuffed arms behind his back for nearly 14 minutes and zip-tied his legs together. By the time he was loaded onto a gurney and put into an ambulance, the 32-year-old was dead.

The News obtained Dallas Police Department body camera footage after a three-year fight for records related to Timpa’s death. A federal judge ruled Monday in favor of a motion by The News and NBC5 to release records from his death, saying “the public has a compelling interest in understanding what truly took place during a fatal exchange between a citizen and law enforcement.”

Timpa called 911 on Aug. 10, 2016, from the parking lot of a Dallas porn store, saying he was afraid and needed help. He told a dispatcher he suffered from schizophrenia and depression and was off his prescription medication. The News first reported Timpa’s death in a 2017 investigation that showed Dallas police refused to say how a man who had called 911 for help ended up dead.

The newly obtained video and records, part of a lawsuit filed by Timpa’s family in federal court alleging excessive force, contradict key claims Dallas police have made in defending the officers’ actions.

Police incident reports recounting the officers’ version of events claim Timpa’s behavior that night was aggressive and combative. The video shows Timpa writhing at times and clearly struggling to breathe, asking the officers to stop pinning him down.

(Read more at the Dallas Morning News)

Similarly, the neck of Timpa was pressed into the ground

Unlike George Floyd, Tony Timpa was not listed as a criminal. George Floyd had the police called on him because a cashier suspected that he had passed a counterfeit $20 bill.

Tony Timpa felt that his schizophrenia might be resurfacing and he had not taken his medications; therefore, he called police for help.

Why weren’t there riots in response to this death? Certainly Mr. Timpa’s life was precious. Furthermore, his life was important to someone with some degree of power, since the police took some sport at pointing out the high-class neighborhood indicated by his drivers license.

The first reason that nobody rioted or protested in response to Tony Timpa’s death centers on how well it aligns with the current goals of the Democrat party (or whatever the liberal cause du jour has surfaced within the press). We did not get outraged over this death because we never heard about it. Additionally, there is the possibility that we only hear about it now because it helps advance the narrative that police are acting altogether too violently and causing the deaths of too many.

A second reason, however, that the conservative (as opposed to the liberal) might have a large Christian component. Due to this leaning, Christians within the conservative movement might consider that the government as ministers of general justice (as outlined in Romans 13:1-5 below).

Every person is to be in subjection to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God. Therefore whoever resists authority has opposed the ordinance of God; and they who have opposed will receive condemnation upon themselves. For rulers are not a cause of fear for good behavior, but for evil. Do you want to have no fear of authority? Do what is good and you will have praise from the same; for it is a minister of God to you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil. Therefore it is necessary to be in subjection, not only because of wrath, but also for conscience’ sake. (Romans 13:1‭-‬5 NASB)

Additionally, Christians would (hopefully) follow the command of God to not exact our own revenge (as given in Romans 12:19-21 below).

Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine , I will repay ,” says the Lord. “But if your enemy is hungry , feed him , and if he is thirsty , give him a drink ; for in so doing you will heap burning coals on his head .” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. (Romans 12:19‭-‬21 NASB)

Finally, (although Christians are not sinless, only forgiven) I would hope that Christians might work to avoid the fleshly tendencies listed in Galatians 5:19-21.

Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are: immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions, envying, drunkenness, carousing, and things like these, of which I forewarn you, just as I have forewarned you, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. (Galatians 5:19‭-‬21 NASB)

Of course, the commands often fall into the realm of ideals (because, yes, Christians fail). And the deeds of the flesh sometimes turn into a litany of events from the previous night. Still, for the most part, I believe that many Christians do hold to these actions.

That is why conservatives don’t riot.

  1. Justine Damond was shot by Mohamed Noor

As posted on this blog last year, OneNewsNow originally reported on the murder of Justine Damond.

Justine DamondJustine Damond was shot by Mohamed Noor through the driver’s side window of the police car while he was seated in the passenger side.

Damond had called 911 about what she thought sounded like a sexual assault.

Noor, who has refused to explain why he shot Damond when she approached the squad car, is charged with third-degree murder and second degree manslaughter.

(Read more at OneNewsNow)

Marches for Justine Damond may have occurred, but not riots

Maybe because she was Australian-American. Maybe because she was a pretty, blonde 40-something woman who was about to get married, she did not fit with the press narrative or the Democrat talking points.

Since her death occurred as the Kavanaugh hearings were in the beginning of their death throws and the public was getting tired of hearing claims from women (even though Damond’s case was a straight-forward victimization by a Muslim cop and Blasey-Ford’s case was a unsubstantial case that even her closest friends would not back up).

Otherwise, I am not sure why #MeToo did not pick up the case of Justine Damond (other than maybe they felt they could not juggle the ball of Blasey-Ford and Damond at the same time).

Then again, maybe the press did not want to take a stand against a Muslim even when he shot a defenseless woman.

Three more proofs Democrat judges and Kim Ogg need to go


  1. Suspect on the run after 4 people were shot in Midtown

The Houston Chronicle reported through a 23 May 2020 article on the continued crime spree in the age of Kim Ogg’s released felons.

4shotFour people were injured in a Midtown shooting early Saturday morning, according to the Houston Police Department.

The incident occurred at around 2 a.m. near Anita Street and Travis Street in the proximity of Midtown Park.

HPD officers responded to reports of several gunshots in the area.

“Just after 2.am., one of our patrol officers out here heard some gunfire,” HPD Lieutenant R. Wilkins said. “When he got in the area, he saw a vehicle leave. They got behind it and stopped it real fast. Right after, we started having shooting calls he had dispatched over here.”

When officers arrived upon the scene, they found four men with gunshot wounds. Two victims are in critical condition at an area hospital.

HPD officials say that the suspect is now on the run, and the motive for the shooting is unknown. During the investigation, police discovered that the driver who was pulled over initially was unrelated to the shooting.

“The one we had stopped we don’t believe will be a part of the shooting investigation,” Wilkins said.

(Read more at the Houston Chronicle)

While this particular crime cannot now be tied to a released felon, it joins a trend

Houston murders and other violent crime have seen a dramatic increase due to Democrat Kim Ogg and the social justice judges (as demonstrated by the following tweets from law enforcement leaders).

We can thank George Soros for the election of Kim Ogg (along with a set of barely-better-than-Democrat Republicans like pro-abortion Devon Anderson and tax-and-spend Judge Ed Emmett).

  1. Brian Bullock, suspect in double murder, gets bail

Michael Berry of KTRH bemoans the release of double-murder suspect Brian Bullock by outlining the facts and linking to a report of the murders.

Investigators say Brian Bullock was free on-bond when they say he murdered his estranged wife and another man who was conducting renovations on her home.

The pair were brutally stabbed to death.

Despite the double capital murder charges, a Harris County judge granted Bullock bond last week and he’s now free.

(Read more at KTRH)

Additionally, Republican District Attorney candidate Mary Nan Huffman comments on Facebook:

Oddly, searches at the local ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliates yield null results (like the screen capture below). It is almost as if the main stream media is trying to cover for the incompetent Democrat judges and Democrat Kim Ogg.

  1. Alexis Saborit, already wanted for parole violations, now is wanted for intoxication manslaughter

The Houston Chronicle reports on the hit-and-run tactics of this felon.

The driver accused of killing two people during a short-lived police chase in northwest Harris County Monday night had a warrant out for his arrest for evading deputies outside the jail months ago, records show.

Now, 31-year-old Alexis Saborit is facing two felony murder charges. He’s accused of killing 63-year-old Jarvis Taylor and 57-year-old Roosevelt McClendon at the end of the pursuit.

A Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputy spotted the driver of a Mercedes Benz car, later identified as Saborit, in the 10000 block of Veterans Memorial Drive driving 61 mph in a 45 mph zone around 9 p.m., authorities said. The deputy tried to pull Saborit over, but he allegedly sped off south along Veterans Memorial.

After crossing West Mount Houston Road, Saborit allegedly pulled into the northbound lanes and drove the wrong way. The deputy followed the driver southbound in the northbound lanes, according to HCSO spokesperson Jason Spencer.

Seconds later, the Mercedes driver slammed into Taylor, who was on a bicycle in the outside lane. The driver continued and crashed head-on into a Buick LaCrosse, driven by McClendon.

The deputy, helped by a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper, took Saborit into custody after the crash, Sgt. Simon Cheng said. He was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Firefighters had to cut McClendon out of his car as paramedics rushed Taylor to a nearby hospital. McClendon was taken to the hospital in an air ambulance.

Both were pronounced dead shortly after arriving at the hospitals, Cheng said.

Saborit showed signs of intoxication, Cheng said, although it is unclear if that was factored into the felony murder charges. In Texas, anyone who is committing certain felonies while doing something “clearly dangerous to human life” can be charged with felony murder if someone dies during the commission of the underlying crime, according to state law.

(Read more at the Houston Chronicle)

As soon as this felon violated his terms of probation, he should have been in jail

The first time this man broke the terms of his probation, he should have been put in jail. That would have saved the lives of two people — innocent people — not that Kim Ogg or the social justice judges care.

Three stories that look good for America and bad for Democrats

  1. Michigan Governor caves to pressure and protest, says she’ll reopen state May 1st

According to Wayne Dupree, Governor Whitmer has caved to pressure from the protests and will open Michigan on 1 May.

The good people of Michigan took to the streets en masse on Wednesday to protest their Democrat governor’s tyrannical rules and restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

They flooded the streets of the State Capitol in Lansing, Michigan, demanding that the state be opened back up before it slipped into even more economic despair.

Michigan Democrats Hold News Conference After Post-Primary Unity Rally
Gretchen Whitmer

The turnout was huge. The message was clear. And today, even after Governor Whitmer tried to double and triple down on her Hitler-like rules over the past few days, she has caved and said that she will work to reopen Michigan’s economy on May 1st.

That’s a huge win for the people of Michigan and the rest of America.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer said on Friday she is hopeful the state can begin to reengage parts of its economy beginning on May 1, days after facing a barrage of criticism for her strict measures to combat the new coronavirus.

Later on Friday, President Donald Trump, who has traded jabs with Whitmer over the state’s handling of the outbreak, tweeted: “Liberate Michigan,” along with similar tweets naming other states with Democratic governors.

Trump did not mention Ohio, whose Republican governor has set a similar target for economic reopening. The chair of the Republican National Committee, Ronna McDaniel, has criticized Whitmer, saying she was turning Michigan into a “police state”.

As of Thursday, Michigan had more than 29,000 COVID-19 cases and almost 2,100 deaths, though Whitmer said the number of new cases was showing signs of leveling off.

“I am hopeful that come May 1 we will make some steps forward, and as we proceed, if that goes well and we continue to see progress, that we then go into a second phase,” Whitmer said, referring to continued decrease in hospitalizations from the virus.

Whitmer told a webcast town hall with a Detroit business chamber that she recognized people were “desperate to get back to work,” and that no solution would be zero risk.

Michigan would have to be strategic and “methodically” reengage sectors of the economy, she said. [Reuters]

(Read more at Wayne Dupree)

Thank heaven that Whitmer has decided to listen to the public

However, even with the good turn of luck with Governor Whitmer coming to listen to the voters, don’t expect Democrats from secure districts (like Pelosi, Waters, Jackson-Lee, and too many others) to bend to logic.

As discussed in a previous post, Democrats seem to work against the scientific, even when there is overwhelming evidence on the other side.

Even when they have to deny deny the central make-up of past core constituencies, they do not deviate from their anti-science stance.

  1. Scalise shreds Pelosi’s attempt to introduce proxy voting

Townhall shares how Representative Steve Scalise deconstructed Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to bury mail-in ballots in the next iteration of the Payment Protection Program.

Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) ripped House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to change the voting rules at the eleventh hour. Or, rather, at the 2 o’clock in the morning hour. The Democrat wanted to introduce proxy voting for their upcoming vote on the Payment Protection Program to protect the health of lawmakers during the coronavirus, she claimed. But Republicans weren’t having it.

“You saw an effort yesterday, by Nancy Pelosi—in secret at 2:30 in the morning—to drop a document to literally change the way Congress has voted for over 200 years. To go to some proxy system that had never been vetted,” Scalise said. “Was not a bipartisan effort.”

“Any changes of this magnitude must be done in a thoughtful, bipartisan manner through regular order and with input from all members of the House,” Scalise’s office said. “Instead, the Speaker is choosing to capitalize on the crisis and jam through a rules change that could have serious constitutional and institutional repercussions.”

GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy added the idea was not well thought out and could result in some funny business.

After some debate, Pelosi finally gave up the stunt.

“We strongly urged against it,” Scalise added. “We whipped against it yesterday. And I’m glad that Speaker Pelosi pulled that bad idea today.”

The House plans to move forward with a previously scheduled vote on Thursday on additional funding for the Payment Protection Program, but they’ll proceed with caution. It will be staggered voting, with lawmakers entering the House chamber in nine different groups based on their time slots. The measure, which passed the Senate on Tuesday, will provide an additional $310 billion for small businesses impacted by the coronavirus.

(Read more at Townhall)

Somehow, I think that the press that does everything to forget about the shooting of Scalise would, in a second, forget about the monies thrown to Pelosi’s projects

The tax dollars devoted again to the Post Office, the Kennedy Center, Center for Public Broadcasting, and other liberal projects will be long forgotten (or at least the press hopes so) when Pelosi tries this again. However, as a number of conservative bloggers will attest (especially when it comes to infractions against the conservative side), we have a longer memory than that.

  1. The Democrat media refuses to publish that the Wuhan Coronavirus came from a Chinese lab, despite evidence

Townhall listed the points of propaganda that the media has repeated as a proof of their blindness.

Almost everyone here has either covered it or mentioned it, but the liberal media’s affinity for peddling Chinese propaganda. Why? Well, it makes Trump look bad. It’s all about attacking this White House, no matter how absurd. It’s truly remarkable how fast the entire mainstream press corps became de facto spokespersons for the Chinese Communist Party. But ‘orange man…bad,’ right? It’s this knee-jerk reaction to attack anything Trump says that has led to the media becoming riddled with buckshot concerning its errors. They don’t care about being wrong all the time either. And for Republican senators, like Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), who mentioned that the Wuhan coronavirus could have escaped from a lab, he was crucified. Well, it looks like that might be the case, as Fox News’ Bret Baier reported that this was a lab experiment gone awry. China was doing its own research on viruses, like we do here, except China obviously sucks at it. The wet market nearby was blamed to distract us from China’s rather embarrassing laboratory screw-up. And yet, maybe the media could have been ahead of the curve on this, but decided to look down the barrel of a shotgun again and stain the walls with their mess again (via Fourth Watch):

There’s a reason why some in the media are apt to cover for China even more than usual right now. And to get to that reason, let’s look at the story of how the coronavirus originated. Reporting this week from the Washington Post and Fox News both point to the Wuhan lab as being the most likely scenario – an accidental leak due to subpar safety conditions.

This will come as a major surprise to you if you’ve been following the story in any of the major newspapers or television networks. Two months ago today, Sen. Tom Cotton questioned on Fox News whether coronavirus may have come from the Wuhan lab. “Because of China’s duplicity and dishonesty from the beginning, we need to at least ask the question,” he said.

New York Times columnist and CBS News analyst Jamelle Bouie deemed Cotton “one of the most irresponsible and dangerous people in federal office.”

(By the way, if people actually watch the interview, you can see Cotton raise some questions that would have been a lot more beneficial if the media had focused on that – like asking “the extent to which it’s contagious before one is symptomatic.”)

You can see in Bouie’s tweet what’s really behind this. “Trump aside,” it begins.

The idea that the virus leaked from a China lab somehow makes it seem like Trump is less culpable in the result. It’s also not particularly “woke” to identify subpar superlab conditions in China as the cause of our current lockdown.

Yeah, that’s a pretty spot-on observation from Steve Krakauer, a former CNN producer, and he also mentioned Bloomberg News’ kowtowing to the Chinese government when one of their reporters got a scoop on some shady dealings with top government officials. Bloomberg threw their own reporter under the bus and threatened his family. So, the media being soft on China really isn’t new, though its impact has not been good. Even in sports, before the season was suspended, the NBA’s appeared to be run by Beijing over the Hong Kong protests.

Another area of propaganda that’s peddled by the media is the number of Wuhan virus cases and deaths. There’s no way the US leads the world, even as liberals jump for glee because they think this will make Trump look bad. Liberals are idiots, but they have an appalling conception that everyone is just as dumb or dumber than they are—so they think that the American voter will blame Trump for a virus that came from a Chinese lab, whose leaders sat on their hands for nearly a week when presented with evidence that this could become a pandemic, and who had ordered its scientists to destroy samples of the pneumonia-like coronavirus back in December. China has disappeared vloggers and doctors who tried to raise the red flag. They kept their medical crews in the dark and prevented hospitals from reporting new cases. But it’s Trump’s fault, or something.

(Read more at Townhall)

When I blogged about Rucker and his anti-science rant, I didn’t know it woud be relevant here

When I blogged about Philip Rucker’s attempt to subordinate a DHS study on coronavirus to his own anecdotal stories, I didn’t know that the blog would become relevant so quickly.

I suppose I should get used to it, considering the persistence of Democrats in driving their agenda, despite the ways it runs against science, common knowledge, and other inconvenient things.

Questions about Democrats


  1. Are Democrats really the party of tolerance?

Black Georgia Democrat retracts resignation: ‘I will not allow the Democrats to bully me into submission’

The Hill conveys the words of Vernon Jones, a Black politician from Georgia, who was almost driven from office by the harassment of other Democrats for his endorsement of Trump.

The Georgia Democrat who said he would step down after endorsing President Trump for reelection retracted his resignation Thursday.

Vernon Jones

“I will not allow the Democrats to bully me into submission,” state Rep. Vernon Jones said.

Jones announced on Twitter that he would remain in office for the remainder of his term after receiving support for his endorsement, which he said was “emotional” and “motivational.”

“I thought about it, and I talked to my family, and I talked to my supporters. Because of what you did for me, I am going to remain on the battlefield,” he said in a video posted with the tweet.

“I am going to complete my term. I am going to continue to put my country before my party, and I’m going to do everything I can to get Donald J. Trump reelected,” he added.

Jones had told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in a statement Wednesday that he was retiring from the state House, a week after telling the newspaper that he was endorsing the president for reelection.

“Turn the lights off, I have left the plantation,” Jones said. “Someone else can occupy that suite. Therefore, I intend not to complete my term effective April 22, 2020.”

The Georgia Democrat said in the video that he received a “barrage of attacks and name-calling by the far left.”

(Read more at The Hill)

Why punish Vernon Jones for his words and ignore Sheila Jackson-Lee’s idiocy?

Truthfully, the words of Vernon Jones seem to me little more than political survival. If the Democrats had not put a spotlight on it, many would have never known of it and most would have forgotten of it within several years. So why force a member of your own party out?

Is it because they have to keep the rest of their party goosestepping to the party line?

Black Female Michigan Democrat faces censure vote over support for Trump, hydroxychloroquine

The Washington Times shares the tale of Michigan State Representative Karen Whitsett, a Democrat who faces censure for publicly acknowledging her use of hydroxychloroquine in her overcoming coronavirus and for thanking Trump for making her mindful of the drug.

Michigan Democrats reportedly plan to censure a state lawmaker who met with President Trump and expressed support and thanks to him and his administration for their endorsement of hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus treatment.

“They do not belong to themselves. They belong to the members and precinct delegates of the Democratic Party,” Mr. Kinloch said.

Such proprietary claims on an elected politician drew the scorn of Donald Trump Jr.

State Rep. Karen Whitsett
State Rep. Karen Whitsett

State Rep. Karen Whitsett faces a censure vote Saturday from party leaders who insist that she reports to them, according to a report Thursday in The Detroit News.

“At the end of the day, we have political systems, we have political parties and political parties exist for a reason,” Jonathan Kinloch, the chairman of the Democratic Party Organization in Michigan’s 13th U.S. Congressional District told the newspaper.

“They do not belong to themselves. They belong to the members and precinct delegates of the Democratic Party,” Mr. Kinloch said.

Such proprietary claims on an elected politician drew the scorn of Donald Trump Jr.

Ms. Whitsett met with the president and Vice President Mike Pence on April 14, after she had credited hydroxychloroquine with saving her life following her infection with the coronavirus.

“Thank you for everything that you have done,” Ms. Whitsett said at her Washington meeting. “I did not know that saying ‘thank you’ had a political line. I’m telling my story and my truth, and this is how I feel and these are my words.”

Mr. Trump has voiced support for the drug, though less so in recent days, noting anecdotal reports from physicians and others having success treating COVID-19 patients with it.

(Read more at Washington Times)

Since the press has been so good at ignoring the accomplishments of the Trump administration, this could have been ignored

The press has gone out of its way to ignore the fact that the CDC issued a directive under President Trump’s guidance to restrict travel from China on 28 January 2020. They want to forget the National Public Radio article pointing out Trump’s restrictions on travel from China. Likewise, they don’t want to remember the NBC video and article on Pelosi encouraging people to come to Chinatown in San Francisco.

Therefore, the press (the media arm of the Democrats) could have ignored Representative Whitsett’s statements and recovery. Likewise, the Democrats in office could have ignored the statements and recovery. Most Democrats would never have known about what happened or what she said and most Republicans would not have changed their vote.

However, again, Democrats felt a need to enforce lockstep uniformity among their members. Remember who the party of Big Brother is, disallowing all aberrant thinking.

  1. How can the Democrats claim the title of the party of science when they ignore it so often

William Bryan brings findings of DHS Study that finds sunlight and humidity reduce the life of coronavirus

Red State points out the straightforward manner in which William Bryan, the acting undersecretary for Science and Technology at DHS, brought new scientific findings to the press.

At Thursday’s White House briefing, William N. Bryan, the acting undersecretary for Science and Technology at DHS, told reporters:

We’ve identified that heat and humidity is a weakness in that chain. We’ve identified that sunlight, solar light, UV rays, is a weakness in that chain. That doesn’t take away the other activities, the White House guidelines, the guidance from the CDC and others on the actions and the steps that people need to take to protect themselves. This is just another tool in our toolbox, another weapon in the fight that we can add to it. And we know that summer-like conditions are going to create an environment where the transmission can be decreased, and that’s an opportunity for us to get ahead.

William Bryan

Bryan said his team has seen the “powerful effect” that solar light has on the virus “both on surfaces and in the air.” They’ve seen a similar effect with both heat and humidity.

Bryan presented a chart which shows the dramatic effect that these three variables have on the virus which can be viewed here.

He explained that, under normal circumstances, COVID-19 has a half life of 18 hours (on surfaces). “Normal circumstances” is defined as temperatures between 70 and 75′ and humidity of 20%.

If humidity is increased from 20% to 80%, the half life decreases to six hours (on surfaces).

If humidity remains at 80% and the temperature is increased to 95′, the half-life drops to one hour (on surfaces).

Next, Bryan adds the effect of solar light. A scenario is a summer day, the temperature is between 70 and 75′, humidity is at 80%. The addition of solar light will reduce the half-life of the virus (on surfaces) to two minutes which is pretty stunning.

The situation is different for aerosols (saliva droplets in the air). Under normal circumstances, indoors (no solar light), temperature is between 70 and 75′ and humidity is at 20%, the half life is approximately one hour. If you step outside on a summer day, with temperature and humidity remaining the same, the half life plunges to one and a half minutes.

So, the virus, Bryan concludes, survives best indoors and in dry conditions and it dies the quickest under the presence of direct sunlight. He noted that “extra care may be warranted or dry environments that do not have exposure to solar light. Increasing the temperature and humidity of potentially-contaminated indoor spaces appears to reduce the stability of the virus.”

The DHS has also tested the effects of of various disinfectants on the virus and Bryan said, “I can tell you that bleach will kill the virus in five minutes, isopropyl alcohol will kill the virus in 30 seconds, and that’s with no manipulation, no rubbing.”

He stressed the following point: “It would be irresponsible for us to say that we feel that the summer is just going to totally kill the virus and that it’s a free-for-all and that people can ignore those guidelines [social distancing and other health guidelines], that is not the case. We have an opportunity though, to get ahead with what we know now, and factor that into the decision-making for what opens and what doesn’t.”

(Read more at Red State)

What’s remarkable about this is that the press does not pay attention

Rather than acting as mediums of information, these propagandists for the Democrat party ask questions that find their only basis in his own anecdotal evidence. Rather than act as parts of a party of science (where competing studies might be considered), Democrats seem to be the party of nothing but opposition.

Quote from coronavirus press briefing proves the lack of a scientific bent in the Democrat party

One NewsBusters article points out how the Washington Post‘s Philip Rucker wanted to ignore the DHS study and ask questions based on his own anecdotal experience.

… Rucker fired off this obnoxious question in reaction to a DHS presentation on how the virus could struggle when exposed to the sun with high humidity and temperatures:

Mr. President, after the presentation we just saw about the heat and humidity, is it dangerous for you to make people think they would be safe by going outside in the heat considering some of the people are dying in Florida and considering that this virus has had an outbreak in Singapore, places that all hot and are humid.

Trump didn’t miss a beat, groaning: “Yeah, here — here we go. Here we go. The new headline is Trump asked people to go outside. That’s dangerous. Here we go. Same old group.”

He added that he “hope[s] people enjoy the sun and if it has an impact, that’s great.”

After asking Dr. Deborah Birx to chime in, Rucker again blabbered and Trump offered quite the comeback, leaving Rucker with a look of dread and sadness (click “expand”):

Speaker: Quote
Rucker: But respectfully, sir, you’re the President and people tune into these briefings. They want to get information and guidance and want to know what to do. They’re not —
Trump: Hey, Phil!
Rucker: — looking for rumors.
Trump: Hey, Phil! I’m the President and you’re fake news. And you know what I’ll say to you? I’ll say it very nicely. I know you well. I know you well, because I know the guy. I see what he writes. He’s a total faker. So, are you ready? Are you ready? Are you ready? It’s just a suggestion from a brilliant lab by a very, very smart, perhaps brilliant man. He’s talking about sun, he’s talking about heat and you see the numbers. So that’s it. That’s all I have. I’m just here to present talent. I’m here to present ideas because we want ideas to get rid of this thing and if the heat is good and sunlight as good, that’s a great thing as far as I’m concerned.

(Read more at NewsBusters)

These quotes and the resulting focus of the press prove the Democrat press does not focus on science, but on the politics of opposition

First, consider the background of the writer that the Washington Post sent to this science-oriented daily briefing. Philip Rucker has a background in political writing that can be easily googled. Google him, and you will find that he co-wrote A Very Stable Genius (not a complementary book, in the view of President Trump). Just this alone does much to prove a case of liberal bias (also known as Trump Derangement Syndrome).

Second, consider the way Philip Rucker addressed President Trump. While the divide between the political left and right has only grown since Obama was inaugurated in 2008, can you name a journalist who addressed President Obama in this manner and kept his or her job? Since Rucker addressed the President in this manner and got away with it, it only proves the bent of the press.

Third, after the press briefing, no main stream media articles or videos focused initially on the DHS study, the rudeness of the reporter, the fact that the reporter wanted to prioritize anecdotal evidence over scientific study, or other similar topics that may have appeared during the Obama administration. Rather, the leading videos and articles were on Trump suggesting that disinfectants be injected (something that seems like a verbal slip or just thinking out loud and using the wrong words).

Eleven coronavirus stories that will not see the front pages of liberal rags


  1. Bill Maher vs. Dan Crenshaw: “Is The Goal To Make Trump Look Bad Or Is The Goal To Get To The Truth?”

In a 19 April 2020 Real Clear Politics article, we find how Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw corrected the record during an interview with Bill Maher.

crenshaw-maher-clash-over-trump-is-goal-to-make-president-look-bad-or-get-to-the-truth-fox-newsRep. Dan Crenshaw debated HBO’s “Real Time” host Bill Maher on Friday over President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak and whether his optimistic style is hopeful or delusional.

“Exuding positivity in a crisis is exactly how we ask our SEALs to lead,” Crenshaw said about Trump’s style.

“When people make these accusations,” Crenshaw said, “I have to ask them: Is the goal to make Trump look bad or is the goal to get to the truth? Because there are two separate sets of answers for that.”

(Read more at Real Clear Politics)

As Republicans almost always have, we need to show respect

With a hat tip to Jimmy Barrett of Talk KTRH in Houston, I have to also stand with Representative Crenshaw. When I agree with my leaders, I will say so. When I don’t, I will also speak out.

However, politically, I will stand behind any politician that votes for 51% of my positions. Spiritually, I will stand behind and pray for the person God has used circumstances to put in power (no matter how little I stand with them).

  1. This daily-updated map shows how many have died from COVID-19 in each state

A Daily Caller map that has been updated daily shows how many people have died as tracked by the CDC. Additionally, an associated table shows how many have been recorded as infected.

There have been 728,094 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 34,726 deaths in the United States as of Sunday, April 19, at 8:17 a.m., according to The New York Times’s roundup of state and local health agencies, hospitals and CDC data. Wyoming experienced its first death from coronavirus Monday.

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

Including a screen capture of the death map would be pointless

However, since this map is updated daily, I would encourage you to visit it daily using the mobile app for the Daily Caller. Still, since we know that Mayor Bill DeBlasio (and likely others) have added non-coronavirus deaths to the coronavirus death totals, we must take these numbers with a grain of salt.

  1. Thousands line up for donated food in Texas’ largest city

Breitbart writes in a 19 April 2020 article how the city held down by Lina Hidalgo’s “Work Safe/Stay Home” order had bread lines three hours longer than planned.

Thousands of people lined up for hours to receive donated food collected by the Houston Independent School District and the Houston Food Bank. Lines grew so far in advance that organizers opened the event three hours early.

HISD and Houston Food Bank team in food drive

Houston ISD and the Houston Food Bank teamed up to provide enough food to last a family for two weeks and organized the delivery of the food at Harris County’s NRG Stadium complex, KTRK ABC 13 reported. More than 4,000 cars lined up in a mile-long caravan to receive the gifts that are meant to curb “food insecurity.”

Drivers lined up for hours in advance and the vehicles stretched along the roadway for more than a mile. Officials decided to open the even three hours earlier to relieve traffic and help volunteers avoid approaching thunderstorms.

One recipient of the food donations said the event was extremely well organized.

Workers distributed more than 90,000 pounds of food in what organizers called the first “mass food distribution site” in the city’s history, the Houston Chronicle reported. As each car approached in the multiple lanes of distribution, volunteers put bags of potatoes, meat, and milk in each vehicle.

(Read more at Breitbart)

To this, add the drop to negative for the oil prices

Lina Hidalgo

Considering that 6.33 million people in one city have been sheltered in place, it is little wonder that bread lines are up and gas usage has dropped. Also consider that a third of that population probably would normally drive their cars some 13 average miles per day and now drive (what? – 2 miles to the grocery store, if you don’t walk for exercise) and you have an idea of what little Lina has done to the Houston economy.

If not for the bumbling of little Lina in the Houston economy (where she shut down businesses and schools — unlike those in Sweden, who never shut down, but has experienced similar infection rates to those who did), Houston might have an economy that would function on the level that Sweden’s does now. Remember, if you just add the populations of Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth (never mind Austin, San Antonio, Lubbock, or the other cities of Texas), you have well exceeded the population of Sweden.

  1. Democrats resisting reopening for this reason

Fox News discusses the reason Democrats resist the reopening of America in a 19 April 2020 article.

Nancy Pelosi does not want Americans to go back to work. She and other Democrats will loft every possible excuse to prevent the nation from reopening, claiming that Trump’s intention of doing so is “deeply frivolous and wrong,” as Pelosi claimed is a recent tweet.

She mocks the president’s supposedly cavalier attitude that “People will die, so be it” instead of a science & testing-based path to reopening the economy…”

The Left downplays the effectiveness of therapies like hydroxychloroquine and remdesivir and derides doctors like Dr. Oz or Dr. Phil who don’t share the punditry’s alarmism. They are especially scornful of any hint of optimism.

They will insist that every single human being must be tested before a bricklayer, a piano tuner or professional golfer can safely earn a living, knowing that we are far from achieving that goal.

Who would have thought that rescuing the country from massive unemployment and collapsing incomes would become a political hot potato? Who would have thought that Democrats would be willing to sacrifice the well-being of the nation in order to win an election?

Only someone who has watched Democrats try to topple President Trump for three years with no success but ever-increasing desperation. Having failed to oust him by alleging conspiracy with Russia and then through a partisan and unfair impeachment, now they pray that a devastated economy will demolish his best argument for reelection.

That could happen, especially if blue and purple state governors around the country keep the lid on activity, demand that small businesses remain shuttered, and enforce the general misery, all in the name of keeping us “safe.” Mayor Bill de Blasio is threatening to keep New York City’s municipal swimming pools closed this coming summer, for budget and health reasons. Can you imagine what impact that might have city kids who have been cooped up for months, and who are desperate to play outside?

(Read more at Fox News)

In response to the scheming Democrats, let me provide someone’s op-ed that will never appear in a left-wing rag like the Houston Comical

At the Chris Salcedo Show Facebook page, there was a post by a reader that should be read. Why? Let me quote the first three lines:

When the State tells you it’s safe to go to Home Depot to buy a sponge but dangerous to go and buy a flower, it’s not about your health.

When the State shuts down millions of private businesses but doesn’t lay off a single government employee, it’s not about your health.

When the State bans dentists because its unsafe, but deems abortion visits are safe, it’s not about your health.

When the State prevents you from buying cucumber seeds because it’s dangerous, but allows in person lottery ticket sales, it’s not about your health.

The rest of post follows:

  1. New projection of U.S. coronavirus deaths much lower than initial estimate

In an 18 April 2020 article, the One America News Network showed that the current estimates of coronavirus deaths had fallen significantly from the original estimates.

A coronavirus model, which has been used to predict the number of U.S. deaths, is showing a significantly lower projection than before. The University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) published its new estimate of around 60,000 deaths on Friday.

The new information showed the expected COVID-19 deaths reduced by more than 20,000, down from an estimate of 84,000 virus fatalities last month.

A statement from the institute estimated there will now be longer peaks and slower declines in death rates in many places in the nation.

“We are seeing the numbers decline because some state and local governments, and, equally important, individuals around the country have stepped up to protect their families, neighbors, friends and coworkers by reducing physical contact,” stated IHME Director Christopher Murray. “Now the challenge, as well as opportunity, is for states to figure out how to reopen the U.S. economy and allow people to get back to work without sacrificing that progress.”

(Read more at One America News Network)

This matches so many other articles that I don’t have time to retrieve

For example, there is the Breitbart article on the lower number of hospitalizations (as compared to initial projections) across America due to coronavirus.

  1. The New York Times knew about the origins of the coronavirus, but has yet to report it

The Daily Caller reported in an 18 April 2020 article how the New York Times knew about the origins of the coronavirus, but has yet failed to report it.

The New York Times knew about the origins of the novel coronavirus from various analysts at the CIA and NSA but has still not reported the findings, according to a report Friday from Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

A Fox News report from Wednesday, citing sources, said that the coronavirus originated in a lab in Wuhan, China as part of the country’s efforts to compete medically with America.

Carlson reported Friday that “someone in a position to know” said there is “almost unanimous agreement in the American intelligence gathering agencies that the virus currently destroying much of the world emerged from a lab in Wuhan.” He added that “analysts from the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency], the NSA [National Security Agency] and others have briefed staff” at the NYT, but that the publication has yet to report on it.

“Almost unanimous,” Carlson said Friday. “That’s a phrase almost never used to describe any conclusion coming out of the Intel community. Government officials in this country have believed that for some time now.”

“They’ve been unable to interest our media or our epidemiologists in writing about it. In recent weeks analysts from the CIA, the NSA and others have briefed staff at The New York Times about the origins of this virus, but the newspaper has still not reported their findings.”

Carlson added that not only has the NYT reportedly ignored these analysts, but that “China has been waging an unremitting propaganda war on the subject.”

“Chinese officials have tried to squelch all conversations about who might be responsible for this pandemic by inflaming the political sensitivities and race guilds of American elites,” Carlson said on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

There are no voices of reason on broadcast news and few on cable

Of the remaining voices of reason on cable, there is Tucker Carlson on Fox, Laura Ingraham on Fox, Chris Salcedo on Newsmax, and other great offerings.

  1. Chinese stock worth six figures donated to left-wing group founded by David Brock

The Daily Caller points out how American Bridge received over $100,000 in stock from a Chinese company associated with the Chinese Communist Party. American Bridge, founded by David Brock (who also founded Media Matters for America) received this gift from an anonymous donor in Baidu.

A Democratic group expected to spend millions of dollars targeting President Donald Trump received over $100,000 in stock shares from an anonymous donor in a giant Chinese tech company, according to tax filings.

American Bridge 21st Century accepted a gift in 2018 of 450 shares into Baidu, a Google-like tech company closely affiliated with China’s ruling Communist Party, according to the group’s 2018 IRS filings. The Washington Free Beacon first reported on the donation Wednesday.

David Brock

It is unclear if American Bridge sold the stocks during the past two years, according to the Free Beacon’s report. Democratic operative David Brock founded the group in 2010 and has raked in $23 million in 2020, with a reported $2 million of that money coming from mega-financier George Soros.

American Bridge announced plans to spend $50 million on ads and messages targeting the president. The group is cutting ads thrashing Trump’s handling of coronavirus, or COVID-19, which originated in China before hitting the U.S. shores, where it’s killed more than 25,000 people.

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

When David Brock says anyone is un-American for not having an ultra-liberal viewpoint, remember this

Remember that the Communist Chinese want to fund David Brock and his groups  when they spew out accusations against the American Family Association, the National Rifle Association, and other conservative groups.

  1. ‘Let them eat ice cream’: Multi-millionaire Pelosi shows off freezer full of gourmet ice cream as thousands line up at food banks

The Daily Wire used a 16 April 2020 article to comment on Nancy Pelosi’s “let them eat ice cream” attitude while many were struggling to make ends meet due to Democrat leaders issuing “shelter at home” orders.

Talk about tone deaf.

As thousands of people across the country stand in line for hours at food banks just to survive — and as 22 million Americans have lost their jobs in the last month — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) showed off her very expensive refrigerator stuffed full of some very expensive gourmet ice cream.

Pelosi appeared Monday on an episode of “The Late Late Show” with James Corden from her Napa Valley mansion. Asked by the host to “share something from her home,” Pelosi walked over to two massive built-in refrigerators and slid open a freezer drawer.

She later took to Twitter to post the clip, writing: “We all have found our ways to keep our spirits up during these trying times. Mine just happens to fill up my freezer.”

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden loved the post.

“You have great taste,” the former vice president wrote on Twitter.

But a whole lotta other people didn’t like Pelosi’s post.

One Twitterer wrote that Pelosi’s “mail order gourmet ice cream is $14 a pint for those of you asking,” and included a link to Jeni’s, the ice cream Pelosi had tons of in her freezer.

Actor James Woods jumped in, too.

“Her two refrigerators together cost $24,000 for her specialty chocolate ice creams, but she hates the small business owners of America. ‘Let them eat cake.’”

(Read more at the Daily Wire)

This “Let them eat ice cream” meme must be carried through the election

  1. Sheriff Marian Brown releases 1,000 inmates to ease crowding, slow spread of COVID-19 at Dallas County jail

Dallas Fox affiliate KDFW reported in a 16 April 2020 article that Sheriff Marian Brown released 1,000 prisonsers due to her fears of a coronavirus outbreak.

Jails across the country are seeing more and more inmates and workers infected. In Dallas County, there is an effort to control the spread by releasing some inmates.

The Dallas County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed 42 positive cases of COVID-19 in inmates. That’s 30 more than were reported this past week. Another 16 detention officers and deputies have contracted the virus, although two of those officers have returned to work.

About a thousand inmates have been released from the Dallas County jail to help reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 inside the facility. Inmate advocacy groups applaud the move, but still have concerns.

Tiara Cooper, formerly incarcerated at Lew Sterrett, now advocates for inmates with live free faith in Texas. She says they would still like to see more inmates released to allow for more distancing inside the jail.

She also said there’s concern for newly released inmates and the communities they return to. She worries some inmates may have been exposed to the virus and of those released, she says many will end up homeless or return to communities with an already high number of COVID-19 cases.

“My hope for the people that are being released is that they be tested as soon as possible and that they have those direct services that are needed and necessary in this hour,” Cooper said.

A spokesman for the sheriff’s office says inmates are screened before being released and if there’s a possibility that person has been exposed to COVID-19, he or she is provided instructions by Parkland Hospital medical staff about what they need to do when they get out.

(Read more at KDFW)

If two inmates from Harris County were released and both committed new felonies, what will happen with these 1,000?

Recently, I documented two cases where social-justice Judge Jennifer Gaut and County Judge Lina Hidalgo each released a felon and both of those felons committed new offenses. With this in mind, what will likely happen in Dallas?

  1. Army field hospital for Covid-19 surge leaves Seattle after 9 days. It never saw a patient

Seattle NPR affiliate KUOW let us know through a 8 April 2020 article that an Army field hospital was shut down in Seattle after 9 days and without seeing a single patient.

Gov. Jay Inslee’s office on Wednesday announced that the state will be returning a field hospital deployed to CenturyLink Field Event Center to the U.S. Department of Defense.

The 250-bed facility, for which setup began on March 30, was intended to help Washington state’s health care system tend to non Covid-19 patients in the event of a hospital surge.

But just three days after announcing the facility was ready to receive patients, officials say they’re returning the hospital to the federal government.

The action is aimed at helping another state with a more significant need for hospital capacity at this time, according to the Governor’s Office. The facility did not see any patients during the time it was slated to operate in Seattle.

“We requested this resource before our physical distancing strategies were fully implemented and we had considerable concerns that our hospitals would be overloaded with Covid-19 cases,” Inslee said in a press release.

“But we haven’t beat this virus yet, and until we do, it has the potential to spread rapidly if we don’t continue the measures we’ve put in place.”

(Read more at NPR)

Likewise, the Houston field hospital at NRG Stadium was shut down without seeing a single patient

Considering the fanfare that the left-leaning Houston Chronicle showed in publicizing the opening of the field hospital at NRG Park, one would think that someone would report on the first patient. However, it seems that nobody has checked in.

  1. American companies should stop serving as willing pawns for Chinese propagandists

Lifezette outlines in a 3 April 2020 article why American companies should stop serving as pawns for Chinese propagandists.

China is using every weapon in its propaganda arsenal to deflect responsibility for unleashing a deadly pandemic upon the world. Fortunately, its inexorable ability to manipulate global opinion is coming to an end.

It was infuriating when the communist Chinese government lied to the world about the deadly new strain of coronavirus that emerged in Wuhan, causing immeasurable suffering by denying public health authorities the opportunity to take timely action. It was similarly infuriating when Chinese officials and state media shamelessly sought to blame Americans for the outbreak.

It’s even more infuriating, however, that the anti-Trump media and political establishment in this country consistently refuse to challenge Beijing’s perfidy. Instead, parroting their propaganda is the norm. 

It’s incredibly difficult and dangerous to criticize the Chinese government while living under its oppressive yoke—especially for a native-born Chinese citizen. The state laws are incredibly strict about media content, big tech is heavily censored and state-infiltrated, and journalists are harshly penalized for criticizing the government. The Chinese government is willing to threaten, silence, and detain whistleblowers —and allow hundreds of thousands of people around the world to become infected with the deadly coronavirus— simply to avoid accountability. 

I have sympathy for the Chinese citizens who have no choice but to abide by the communist regime’s dictates, but I have no such sympathy for American “journalists” operating for left-leaning news outlets peddling Chinese propaganda by insisting that it’s racist for President Trump and others to speak of the “Chinese” or “Wuhan” coronavirus, despite the long-standing practice of naming new diseases after their places of origin.

When Americans side with hostile totalitarian regimes against their own president, it raises serious questions about where their loyalties lie. Either China is able to effectively manipulate American reporters by appealing to their sense of “social justice,” or else there are a large number of so-called journalists more concerned with toeing the Chinese government’s line than with reporting the unvarnished truth.

It’s during moments like this when we become aware of just how financially dependent large corporations in the United States are on the Chinese market. Bloomberg News —the global media conglomerate owned by former Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg— is notoriously craven when it comes to China, suppressing negative coverage of the regime in order to preserve its lucrative business dealings in that country. Unsurprisingly, Bloomberg News has been at the forefront of the movement to challenge President Trump’s use of the term “Chinese coronavirus.”

But Bloomberg is far from the only major U.S. corporation that does extensive business in China. That’s unavoidable to a certain extent, considering that China still accounts for roughly 25 percent of global manufacturing output. Though, many firms have been shifting their operations to other low-cost countries in response to the President Trump’s strategic counter-tariffs on China.

(Read more at Lifezette)

This seems to show that TDS overrules Americanism or Democrats are socialists

You will have to decide.

Three stories that happened while we were distracted with coronavirus

  1. ISIS rocket strikes U.S. base in Afghanistan

Lifezette points out that ISIS decided to mount a rocket attack on our troops in Afghanistan.

ISIS rocket strikes U.S. base in AfghanistanOn Thursday ISIS claimed responsibility for a minor rocket attack on U.S. forces at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan. There was no damage to the base and there were no U.S. service members hurt or killed.

Bagram is the largest U.S. base in the nation.

The rocket attack comes less than a day after the Afghan government released 100 Taliban prisoners as part of a U.S.-brokered peace deal. This attack will put the credibility of that agreement into question and may provoke a diplomatic and/or military response from the Trump administration.

It seems the peace deal has only tempted ISIS into new aggression, now with 100 more fighters at their disposal. The full agreement calls for the release of 900 more prisoners. That part of the plan may now be in jeopardy.

However, if the 900 are still released by the Afghan government after this attack it may show that the government is siding with the Taliban, as opposed to keeping their commitments to the U.S. on the peace deal.

(Read this at Lifezette)

From the small sampling of people I know who joined the U.S. military, most have strong Christian ties

Although my experience might not reach far enough to provide a significant sample size, it seems that this attack by ISIS was another attack on Christianity. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in arms that call on Christ (and, of course, the other brothers and sisters in arms around them).

  1. Three workers fatally stabbed by Islamist at Tennessee truck stop, Islamist killed

Knoxville ABC affiliate WATE describes the attack of an Islamist on three workers and the end of that rampage.

Authorities say a North Carolina truck driver was shot and killed by a Knox County deputy after fatally stabbing three women and hospitalizing a fourth at a Pilot Travel Center near an Interstate-40 exit on Tuesday.

The truck drivers (sic) was identified by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation as Idris Abdus-Salaam, 33, of Durham, North Carolina.

VictimsOfIslamThe three woman fatally stabbed were all employees at the Pilot Travel Center on Strawberry Plains Pike at Interstate 40 in East Knox County. They have been identified as:

  • Joyce Whaley, 57
  • Patricia Denise Nibbe, 51
  • Nettie R. Spencer, 41

(Read more at WATE)

Remember and never forget where this type of murder originated

Just as Texans have rallied around calls to “Remember the Alamo,” we must remember the origins of this type of murder. No matter how many times Mr. Obama and those of his ilk may get on their soapboxes and deride us for getting on our “high horses” (when, actually, we were responding to an outside attack by Islamists), we must remember that America (and, likewise, Christianity) has only responded to protect its own.

  1. Trump hits record approval in Fox News poll

The Hill reports that a Fox News poll finds Trump at record approval levels.

Trump'sRatingUpPresident Trump has the highest approval rating of his time in office, according to a Fox News poll released Thursday.

The Fox News poll found 49 percent of registered voters approve of Trump, his highest point since becoming president. The approval rating is a slight increase from 48 percent in March and 47 percent in February.

The president’s disapproval rating dipped to 49 percent.

Eighty-nine percent of Republicans approve of Trump, 2 percentage points lower than his highest point, 91 percent, in January. He scored at or almost at his records among women, Democrats, whites and white evangelical Christians.

When specifically looking at the pandemic, 51 percent of voters backed Trump.

Infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci ranked at 80 percent approval, followed by Deborah Birx at 62 percent and Vice President Pence at 52.

(Read more at The Hill)

Even in the Trump-hating portions of the press, they sometimes admit he’s winning

Much to the consternation of the Trump haters and those suffering with Trump Derangement Syndrome, even portions of the press have admitted that President Trump keeps winning. This must be hard for them.