COVID damage to our Armed Forces

“Toxic by design:” Researcher explains why US Department of Defense COVID vax operation shows intent to harm

LifeSiteNews points to evidence from the beginning showing that the COVID shots implemented by the Department of Defense amounted to toxic injections rather than the promised “vaccines.”

Former pharmaceutical executive and researcher Alexandra “Sasha” Latypova has laid out compelling arguments for why the “cartel” that orchestrated the dissemination and uptake of “biowarfare agents” — marketed as “COVID-19 vaccines” — operated with “very clear intent to harm” and to execute a “mass genocide of Americans.”

Latypova worked more than 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry specializing in research and development, including data analysis, clinical trials, and technologies, while also co-founding multiple research organizations before retiring at a relatively young age.

Having been alarmed by government policy during the COVID crisis, she began conducting several levels of investigation that most recently revealed how the COVID-19 “vaccines” were fully produced, controlled and distributed by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) with pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen only serving as “figureheads” in a broader public relations campaign to provide the product with an appearance of medical legitimacy.

As Latypova has explained, the DoD managed to classify these “vaccines,” not as medicines or pharmaceuticals but as “COVID countermeasures” under the authority of the military, which means they are not required to comply with U.S. law governing the manufacturing quality, testing, effectiveness, safety, and labeling of medical products.

Yet while such laws did not apply to these “COVID-19 vaccines,” the government advanced an orchestrated public relations façade that standard testing, monitoring and approval processes were being strictly observed by the CDC and FDA, even as many thousands of injuries and deaths had been steadily documented and independent medical experts and media sounded alarms only to be canceled my legacy and social media corporations.

In an early December video lecture, the former pharma executive laid out evidence for how the DoD, HHS, and other U.S. government agencies, along with other governments and pharmaceutical companies, were involved in “a conspiracy to commit mass murder through bioterrorism and informational warfare operations worldwide.”

“The evidence is overwhelming that there is an intent to harm people by the COVID 19 injections, so-called ‘vaccines,’ and other nonsensical COVID response measures implemented in lockstep by governments all over the world,” she explained.

Refusal to intervene despite high injury rates ‘points to an intentional act’ to inflict harm

First, such intent is indicated by the fact that “these injections are toxic by design,” Latypova said. “We know this. There has been an extensive body of literature, studies, scientific discussions, [and] evidence published on this matter.”

Therefore, “there is definitely no safety in these shots,” the analyst said, referring to the well-known death and injury reports from VAERS and other data sources that show “millions of reports of injury, deaths, [and] permanent disabilities,” including these harms being inflicted on many children and young people.

In an earlier presentation to the Corona Investigative Committee (CIC), Latypova called these reports “absolutely alarming,” emphasizing that the safety signals were “obvious from the start.” And the fact that “no health authority ever noticed it” or intervened “points to an intentional act” to inflict harm.

She also highlighted one incident on January 18, 2021 when California health officials “paused” the use of one large lot of the injections from Moderna due to its “higher-than-usual number of possible allergic reactions.” However, just three days later, health authorities said it was “safe to resume” the use of the lot and these products continued to be injected in thousands of people across the U.S.

This batch of biological agents went on to generate “about 1,000 serious adverse events and close to 60 deaths,” Latypova explained. And thus, “all of those [deaths and injuries] should be deemed intentional because the authorities did flag it. They did find that it was generating abnormal adverse events, yet nobody did anything to stop it and they continued pushing it into people.”

The broad, systematic omission of safety standards in production indicates an intent to harm

In addition, “there is no efficacy in these shots,” Latypova explained in December. “In fact, we know there is negative efficacy, meaning that these shots make you more likely to get sick and die.”

Also last month, highly acclaimed insurance analyst Josh Stirling reported that those who accepted the experimental gene-base COVID vaccine “have a 26% higher mortality rate,” including 49% for those under 50, and 145% for those who accepted just one dose of a two-dose regimen.”

And just before Christmas, Alex Berenson reported on two studies that showed those who received the shots “are at least twice as likely to be infected with the coronavirus as unvaccinated people,” and “the risk actually rises with the number of shots. People who had received three or more shots were more than three times as likely to be infected.”

Latypova continued focusing primally on her earlier work, asserting the “extensive evidence of bad manufacturing of these products,” including their “highly variable production.” Such manufacturers “are not compliant with good manufacturing practices and, importantly, there is no enforcement of good manufacturing practices worldwide for these products [by the regulators].”

Such a broad, systematic omission of safety standards in production indicates an intent to harm by the perpetrators as well, the former executive told CIC. If these individuals, government agencies and pharmaceutical companies had a legitimate medicinal intention to assist in the prevention of disease, then “the safety guidelines should [have been] followed, and they don’t follow a single one of them.”

(Read of the lying, cover-up, and gaslighting pointing toward the intent to do harm as shown at LifeSiteNews)

Forcing the healthy and young to take an engineered mRNA shot built to mimic the symptoms of a possibly engineered disease — just doesn’t seem right

When the young already showed a resistance to the disease, it seemed like the best thing to do was to focus on protecting the vulnernable populations (the old, the obese, those who smoked, and others).

However, Biden chose not to do that with our military.


Joy Pullmann has 7 reasons high inflation won’t go away soon. I have 4 more.

Seven reasons high inflation won’t go away soon

Joy Pullmann of The Federalist lays out the driving forces in our current bout of high inflation and the reasons that this high inflation will likely not leave any time soon.

A recession is coming in 2023, concluded more than two-thirds of the economists at big financial institutions recently surveyed by The Wall Street Journal. Inflation is also likely to remain high. Measuring year-over-year inflation by the U.S. government’s 1980s methodology put it at 15.23 percent in November 2022 instead of the government’s claimed 7.11 percent, according to economist John Williams.

Many commentators, including me, were wrong when we previously claimed our grandkids will be paying off America’s massively unaffordable welfare state. We are all paying for it right now and are likely to be for much of our lives in inflation and other economic devastation.

Nobel Prize-winning economist Milton Friedman’s maxim that “inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon” — meaning, inflation is always caused by government overspending — predicts continued inflation for at least the next five years, if not longer.

That’s because government entities are continuing to engage in seriously inflationary actions. They’re doing this partly because of ideology, partly to buy votes, and partly because they prefer eating away Americans’ savings to paying off the unprecedented government debt that politicians have accumulated in the last 70 years enriching their friends and buying off voters.

Inflation Means Politicians Stealing from You

A 2021 Politico profile of a former U.S. Federal Reserve member noted, “Between 2008 and 2014, the Federal Reserve printed more than $3.5 trillion in new bills. To put that in perspective, it’s roughly triple the amount of money that the Fed created in its first 95 years of existence. Three centuries’ worth of growth in the money supply was crammed into a few short years.”

That dissenting former Federal Reserve committee member, Thomas Hoenig, “was worried primarily that the Fed was taking a risky path that would deepen income inequality, stoke dangerous asset bubbles and enrich the biggest banks over everyone else,” the profile says. “He also warned that it would suck the Fed into a money-printing quagmire that the central bank would not be able to escape without destabilizing the entire financial system.”

Essentially, the Federal Reserve has been helping Congress manufacture money to buy up the public debt they contracted by promising Americans more stuff than we can pay for. That’s been ongoing since the 1960s Great Society, which basically paid Americans with unaffordable entitlements to shut up about the steady loss of their constitutional freedoms, according to scholar Christopher Caldwell.

The Borrowing Will Go On Until It Can’t

In 2021, 41 percent of federal spending depended on borrowing. In 2022, 22 percent did. This means raising the cost of debt by hiking interest rates, as the Fed is now doing, could provoke a crisis because it would make Congress’s unsustainable behavior even more painful.

As a Manhattan Institute analysis by economist Brian Riedl notes, “rising interest rates risk pushing government interest costs, annual budget deficits, and total government debt to unsustainable levels … once the debt surges, even modest interest-rate movements can impose stratospheric costs.”

This would call years of government bluffing about the state of federal finances and institutions. It would require Congress not only to stop spending but to cut programs, which means angering voters. It would usher in the unavoidable and painful new era of managing America’s decline.

“Once a debt-and-interest-rate spiral begins, it is nearly impossible to escape without drastic inflation or fiscal consolidation,” Riedl notes.

However this ends, it is likely to include a lot of economic pain, one way or another. Here are just a few of the many indicators that inflationary times are not going away fast.

1. ‘Covid’ Overspending Continues Until at Least 2024

The funds for the sixth waste-packed “Covid relief bill” will be distributed to big-government donors, states, and local governments through the end of presidential election year 2024. Yes, the American Rescue Plan Act from Covid-tide sends states and local governments $350 billion that is still being rolled out — by design.


2. Democrats and Republicans Recently Went on Even More Inflationary Spending Binges

In conjunction with Democrats’ mega-spending “infrastructure” and “green energy” bills soon after Covid that also helped them win Congress and the presidency in 2020, all this extra spending is projected to increase the federal debt by an unprecedented $6.5 trillion, costing more than the 20 years of U.S. occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, according to Riedl.


3. Build Back Bankrupt Shoveled Yet More Out the Door for Years to Come

In 2022, the Biden administration managed to get its top-priority grab-bag of increased government spending signed into law. By spending more money the government does not have and imposing more taxes, the ridiculously named Inflation Reduction Act is likely to increase inflation, said a Tax Foundation analysis.


4. Federal Officials Are Destroying the People’s Trust

Inflation happens “When money is no longer a trustworthy measure of value,” note Steve Forbes, Nathan Lewis, and Elizabeth Ames in their 2022 book, “Inflation.” Inflation is at least partly about a crisis of confidence in government — a warranted one, usually, because major inflation occurs as a result of politician malfeasance. Unfortunately, U.S. government officials are doing nothing to restore the people’s lost confidence in them — in fact, just the opposite.


5. The U.S. Federal Government Is Effectively Bankrupt and Inflation Helps It Hide That

The on-books U.S. national debt of $31.5 trillion is just the tip of the iceberg. Our entitlement systems are about to start going bankrupt, adding trillions in additional financial burdens on taxpayers. Riedl notes, “The U.S. government is projected to run a staggering $112 trillion in budget deficits over the next three decades, driven mostly by Social Security and Medicare commitments that are already set in law.” 


6. Child Scarcity Will Drive Higher Prices

In March 2022, The Wall Street Journal reported the opinion of retired British central banker Charles Goodhart that global structural factors will drive higher inflation for years to come. Goodhart helped Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher break inflation in the 1980s. He told the Journal that the rising global crisis of child scarcity will also push inflation up for decades.


7. The People Who Did All This Are Still in Charge

This reality applies to nearly every major political problem: The same people who have created these messes are the same people who largely retain the power to respond to them. The same people writing massive spending bills that divert our economy away from productive labor and into rent-seekers’ pockets are still largely in charge of government spending.

(Read the interspersed paragraphs and the conclusion at The Federalist)

Additionally, I will provide four more reasons for continued high inflation

I would suggest that there are also four additional reasons for high inflation:

  • Too many Americans take the word of the traditional media (aka, main stream media) as gospel and the traditional media supports those in charge
  • The press/politicians still use COVID to scare a significant portion of the population into compliance (this hints at control past 2024)
  • As long as you have the money to take advantage of it, inflation can be a tool for gaining wealth. Therefore, inflation only hurts the middle and lower classes. Therefore, the powerbrokers have no reason to reign in inflation.
  • The Ukraine mess and its subsequent money pit remain a favorite of the ruling class. While I support any people who want to fight to rule themselves, we have to acknowledge that such support has a cost.

    Additionally, let’s not kid ourselves. Not all of the money sent to support the Ukrainian cause goes to weapons, blankets, or food for the Ukrainian people. (Does it, Big Guy?)


Losing our Free Speech to a Democrat COVID, part 2

How the FBI hacked Twitter

Tablet Magazine outlines the methods used by the FBI as they got Twitter to do Biden’s bidding.

The FBI prepared America’s new public-private censorship regime for the 2020 election by falsely telling Twitter, as well as other social media platforms, press outlets, lawmakers, and staff members of the White House, that Russians were readying a hack and leak operation to dirty the Democratic candidate. Accordingly, when reports of a laptop owned by Hunter Biden and giving evidence of his family’s financial ties with foreign officials were published in October 2020, Twitter blocked them.

In the week before the election, the FBI field office in charge of investigating Hunter Biden sent multiple censorship requests to Twitter. The FBI has “some folks in the Baltimore field office and at [FBI headquarters] that are just doing keyword searches for violations,” a company lawyer wrote in a Nov. 3, 2020, email.

The documents also show that Twitter banished Trump after misrepresenting his posts as incitement to violence. With U.S. intelligence services reportedly using informants to provoke violence during the January 6th protest at the Capitol, the trap closed on Trump. Twitter and Facebook then moved to silence the outgoing president by denying him access to the global communications infrastructure.

The FBI unit designated to coordinate with social media companies during the 2020 election cycle was the Foreign Influence Task Force. It was set up in the fall of 2017 “to identify and counteract malign foreign influence operations” through, “strategic engagement with U.S. technology companies.” During the election cycle, according to the Twitter files, the unit “swelled to 80 agents and corresponded with Twitter to identify alleged foreign influence and election tampering of all kinds.”

The FBI’s chief liaison with Twitter was Elvis Chan, an agent from its Cyber Branch. Based in the San Francisco field office, Chan was also in communication with Facebook, Google, Yahoo!, Reddit and LinkedIn. Chan demanded user information that Twitter said it could not release outside of a “legal process.” In exchange, Chan promised to secure temporary security clearances for 30 Twitter employees a month before the election, presumably to give staff the same briefings on alleged Russian information operations provided to U.S. officials in classified settings.

But Twitter executives claimed they found little evidence of Russian activity on the site. So Chan badgered former head of site security Yoel Roth to produce evidence the FBI was serving its advertised mission of combating foreign influence operations when in fact it was focused on violating the First Amendment rights of Americans.

Chan briefed Twitter extensively on an alleged Russian hacking unit, APT28, or Fancy Bear, which was the same outfit that was claimed by Hillary Clinton campaign contractors to have hacked and leaked Democratic National Committee emails in 2016. According to Roth, the FBI had “rimed” him to attribute reports about Hunter Biden’s laptop to an APT28 hack-and-leak operation. Needless to say, the FBI’s reports—and subsequent “disinformation” claims—were themselves blatant disinformation, invented by the FBI, which had been in possession of the laptop for nearly a year.

Twitter was more than a one-way mirror: The FBI also seems to have embedded its own spy structure within the social media company to siphon off the personal data and behavior of users. Dozens of former intelligence officials were installed within Twitter after the election of Donald Trump. Some had active top secret security clearances. Twitter’s director of strategy was Dawn Burton, former FBI Director James Comey’s deputy chief of staff. Perhaps most significant was Baker himself, who appears to have led the FBI’s internal organization at the platform. Efforts to reach Baker for comment on this story were unsuccessful.

Baker left the FBI in 2018 under a cloud of suspicion. In 2017, the Justice Department investigated him for leaking to the press, and the Republican-led House of Representatives later investigated him for his role in Russiagate. Former congressional officials say that as part of the bureau’s 2016 investigation of the Trump campaign, Baker authored the warrant to spy on Trump’s inner circle.

After he departed the law enforcement agency, CNN rewarded him for his “resistance” activities—which boosted the network’s ratings to record levels—by hiring him as a legal analyst. The Washington, D.C.-based Brookings Institution brought Baker on board to contribute to its collusion-conspiracy website “Lawfare.” DOJ again investigated him in 2019 for leaking to the media while at the FBI. In June 2020, Baker joined Twitter as deputy general counsel. With his security clearances still active, he was Twitter’s liaison with U.S. intelligence agencies, where he reinforced the FBI’s external pressure from inside Twitter to censor the Biden laptop story.

Under Baker, Twitter became more than just an instrument to censor the opposition; it also spied on them. Newly released court documents show that Twitter coordinated with the DOJ to intercept the communications of users potentially dangerous to the Biden campaign, like Tara Reade, ​the former Biden Senate staffer who alleged that Biden had sexually assaulted her decades earlier. The DOJ subpoenaed her Twitter account, likely with the purpose of giving the company cover for finding out which journalists had contacted her about her allegations.

(Read Tablet Magazine to see the introductory material and the evidence presented after this section)

As maintained by many, to know what Democrats are doing, observe their accusations

As many have said, Democrats seem to accuse others of doing what they do.

So, when Hillary colluded to rig an election, she accused Trump of Russian collusion and it snowballed from there.

The Biden administration pressured Facebook to censor Fox News host Tucker Carlson

The Conservative Review discovered through emails how the Biden regime hounded Facebook to silence Tucker Carlson.

President Joe Biden’s administration actively pressured Facebook to censor Fox News host Tucker Carlson for criticizing the Covid shots, according to internal White House communication records obtained by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana.

In an email dated April 14, 2021, then-senior adviser to the president’s Covid response team, Andrew Slavitt, voiced dissatisfaction to a Facebook official that a video of Carlson questioning the left’s universal demand that people get the Covid jab was “Number one” on the platform, to which said official responded that they’d look into the matter. Later that same day, the Facebook representative informed the White House that while the “Tucker Carlson video does not qualify for removal under [Facebook’s] policies,” the company would label the clip with “a pointer to more authoritative COVID information” and work to limit its reach on the platform.

Facebook’s efforts did not meet the administration’s demands for greater censorship, however. In response to the representative, White House Director of Digital Strategy Robert Flaherty questioned how Carlson’s video didn’t violate Facebook’s existing policies and pressured the company to turn over information on the efficacy of its censorship practices.

“How was this not violative? The second half of the segment is raising conspiracy theories about the government hiding that all vaccines aren’t effective,” Flaherty claimed. “Moreover, you say reduced and demoted. What does that mean? There’s 40,000 shares on the video. Who is seeing it now? How many? How effective is that?”

“Not for nothing but last time we did this dance, it ended in an insurrection,” Flaherty added in an apparent reference to the platform’s handling of claims pertaining to the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and subsequent riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

But the Biden White House’s habit of using Big Tech to silence dissenting voices on Covid-related information didn’t just stop at Carlson. A separate batch of emails released by the Missouri and Louisiana attorneys general reveals a concentrated endeavor between the administration and Facebook to reduce the “virality of vaccine hesitancy content,” even if such posts contained factually accurate information.

“As you know, in addition to removing vaccine misinformation, we have been focused on reducing the virality of content discouraging vaccines that does not contain actionable misinformation,” a Facebook representative told Slavitt in a March 21, 2021, email. “This is often-true content, which we allow at the post level … but it can be framed as sensation, alarmist, or shocking. We’ll remove these Groups, Pages, and Accounts when they are disproportionately promoting this sensationalized content.”

In addition to Facebook, Twitter was also a major player in the collusion efforts between the federal government and Big Tech to further squash free speech online. In an email dated August 11, 2022, Flaherty admonished Twitter for allowing posts contradicting White House claims to circulate on the platform, writing that “if your product is appending misinformation to our tweets[,] that seems like a pretty fundamental issue.”

Flaherty separately accused Twitter in a December 2021 email of “Total Calvinball” and “bending over backwards” to tolerate disfavored speech after the company refused to comply with demands from the administration to censor a video.

“This case is about the Biden Administration’s blatant disregard for the First Amendment and its collusion with social media companies [to] suppress speech it disagrees with,” said Missouri AG Andrew Bailey in a statement. “I will always fight back against unelected bureaucrats who seek to indoctrinate the people of this state by violating our constitutional right to free and open debate.”

(Read more at the Conservative Review)

Flaherty needs to be the center of every Republican advertisement for a while

Just because Flaherty so epitomizes the current Big Brother sentiment in government, we need to make it a distasteful central focus until it disappears.

We have done too much coddling of the woke.

Ted Cruz accuses the White House of “brazen censorship”

BizPacReview details the case where Senator Ted Cruz accused the White House of censorship in trying to silence Tucker Carlson over his vaccine stance.

Sen. Ted Cruz is helping to bring attention to the latest bombshell about Twitter.

The bombshell comes courtesy newly appointed Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey.

His predecessor, Eric Schmitt, had filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration, and that suit has finally borne some fruit: White House emails showing the Biden administration trying to pressure Twitter into silencing conservatives.

Case in point:

In the email seen above, White House digital director Rob Flaherty pressures Twitter into reducing the reach of posts published by Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Tomi Lahren.

“Since we’ve been on the phone — the top post about vaccines today is tucker Carlson saying they don’t work. Yesterday was Tomi Lehren saying she won’t take one. This is exactly why I want to know what ‘reduction’ actually looks like — if ‘reduction’ means ‘pumping our most vaccine hesitant audience with tucker Carlson saying it doesn’t work’ then … I’m not sure it’s reduction!” the email reads.

(Read more at BizPacReview)

This blatant government censorship must stop

My only question now is: “Why hasn’t Mr. Flaherty been fired?”


Losing our Free Speech to a Democrat COVID, part 1

The White House COVID censorship machine

The Wall Street Journal details some of the censorship of Americans through Facebook and similar social media.

Newly released documents show that the White House has played a major role in censoring Americans on social media. Email exchanges between Rob Flaherty, the White House’s director of digital media, and social-media executives prove the companies put Covid censorship policies in place in response to relentless, coercive pressure from the White House—not voluntarily. The emails emerged Jan. 6 in the discovery phase of Missouri v. Biden, a free-speech case brought by the attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana and four private plaintiffs represented by the New Civil Liberties Alliance.

On March 14, 2021, Mr. Flaherty emailed a Facebook executive (whose name we’ve redacted as a courtesy) with the subject line “You are hiding the ball” and a link to a Washington Post article about Facebook’s own research into “the spread of ideas that contribute to vaccine hesitancy,” as the paper put it. “I think there is a misunderstanding,” the executive wrote back. “I don’t think this is a misunderstanding,” Mr. Flaherty replied. “We are gravely concerned that your service is one of the top drivers of vaccine hesitancy—period. . . . We want to know that you’re trying, we want to know how we can help, and we want to know that you’re not playing a shell game. . . . This would all be a lot easier if you would just be straight with us.”

(Read more at the Wall Street Journal)

Why not state it explicitly, Mr. Flaherty?

Come out like a mob boss and say, “You’ve got a nice horse there. It would be terrible if someone killed it, so why don’t you pay us protection monies?”

Obviously, there is no free speech in the open market regarding health matters. Although the Democrats like to call reference to science, they don’t want to allow the discussion that science requires. They just want their side heard.

Democrats were warned Russian bot theory was false

The Washington Times tells us how the Democrats were warned that the theory of Russian bots was a red herring.

Democratic lawmakers insisted Russian bots had overtaken Twitter and were being used to boost Republican talking points, despite warnings by platform executives that the claim was untrue, according to the latest installment of the “Twitter Files.”

Twitter employees warned several top Democrats that their theory of a Russian troll takeover on the platform lacked evidence. The lawmakers peddled the assertion in an attempt to swat down the Republican-led House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence’s memo in 2018 that detailed FBI surveillance abuses against Trump insiders.

Those warnings were outright ignored, Elon Musk’s latest batch of files revealed Thursday.

Rep. Adam B. Schiff and Sen. Dianne Feinstein, both California Democrats, seized on the idea that the Kremlin’s troll farm was behind a trending hashtag on the platform calling for the release of a classified memo submitted by Rep. Devin Nunes, California Republican and House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence chairman, detailing the FBI abuses and the role of the debunked “Steele dossier.”

In an open letter days after the memo was drafted, the Democratic lawmakers said the hashtag had “gained the immediate attention and assistance of social media accounts linked to Russian influence operations,” and accused Mr. Nunes of distorting classified information in the memo.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut Democrat, wrote a separate open letter denouncing the Nunes memo adding that he found it “reprehensible that Russian agents have so eagerly manipulated innocent Americans.”

Those open letters were coupled with hit pieces by media outlets widely dismissing the Republican-led memo as a joke.

(Read more at the Washington Times)

This cannot be put to anything but willful blindness

Since the bought-and-paid-for Democrats (at least those on the payroll of Hillary and Bill) had created the Steele dossier, it seems reasonable that they would try to sell the Russian bot theory. However, thankfully, many Americans think independently.

Problem is, if the media repeats a lie long enough with enough fervor, many will come to adopt it.

Thus, we are being lead into blindness.


Had it not just represented the Left, maybe there would be use behind the Twitter Trust and Safety Council

Elon Musk’s Twitter dissolves the Trust and Safety Council

Breitbart delves a little into the dissolution of the Trust and Safety Council by Twitter.

Elon Musk’s Twitter dissolved its Trust and Safety Council on Monday night. This comes days after three members of the council announced their resignation saying that contrary to Elon Musk’s claims, “the safety and wellbeing of Twitter’s users are on the decline.”

The Washington Post reports that Twitter dissolved its Trust and Safety Council on Monday. In an email to board members, the company wrote: “As Twitter moves into a new phase, we are reevaluating how best to bring external insights into our product and policy development work. As part of this process, we have decided that the Trust and Safety Council is not the best structure to do this.”

The email adds: “We are grateful for your engagement, advice and collaboration in recent years and wish you every success in the future.” This move comes just days after three members of the board announced their resignation from the council, stating that they were doing so as “it is clear from research evidence that, contrary to claims by Elon Musk, the safety and wellbeing of Twitter’s users are on the decline.”

One council member told the Washington Post that Twitter is throwing away “years of institutional memory that we on the council have brought” to the company. “Getting external experts and advocates looking at your services makes you smarter,” they added.

Larry Magid, chief executive of ConnectSafely, a Silicon Valley nonprofit that advises consumers about children’s internet use, commented: “By disbanding it, we got fired instead of quit. Elon doesn’t want criticism, and he really doesn’t want the kind of advice he would very likely get from a safety advisory council, which would likely tell him to rehire some of the staff he got rid of, and reinstate some of the rules he got rid of, and turn the company in another direction from where he is turning it.”

Despite the lofty pronouncements of the former Trust and Safety Council, the company has done a terrible job at stopping child pornography from appearing on the platform. In fact, their inability to stop illegal material caused the company to change its business plans.

(Read more — including a quote of a Council member from the Washington Post — at Breitbart)

If these people had actually considered the science, maybe they’d still be around

If they had not gone the Democrat Socialist way of stifling debate and had gone the way of investigation, then maybe we might know about:

  • Hydroxychloroquine and other prescription drugs proven effective against coronavirus
  • The doctors’ opinions on various medical issues that Democrats don’t want discussed
  • Hunter’s laptop and all of its intricracies
  • Issues that happened during the elections that disfavored Democrats
  • The anti-free speech portions of the Respect for Marriage law
  • The shadow banning that has been occurring on Google, Facebook, and elsewhere
  • The collusion between Big Tech and Big Government
  • The true nature of the crisis at our Southern Border

These “experts” claim that, without them, Twitter will be awash in porn and other unwanted trash.

I have news for them. Even with their services, I have received unwanted porn (which I blocked on multiple occasions, since they were not effective to protect me from this on the first few instances).

So, considering the disservice I know these “experts” have provided against me along with the Democrats, I say a joyous “good riddance.” Likewise, considering the service that I can’t really tell they have done (of providing a blocking service to porn and true disinformation), I say “had you done a really good and balanced job of it, I might say something other than ‘Good riddance,’ but you didn’t.”


More on Twitter/Democrat collusion

Musk fires James Baker, the former FBI right-hand to Comey who pushed “Russia collusion,” over suppressing the Hunter Biden story in Twitter

The New York Post exposes the next chapter in the Twitter collusion saga by reporting on the firing of James Baker.

Elon Musk has fired Twitter’s deputy general counsel, James Baker, over his alleged suppression of internal documents about blocking The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop exposé.

“In light of concerns about Baker’s possible role in suppression of information important to the public dialogue, he was exited from Twitter today,” Musk tweeted Tuesday.

Musk added that he questioned Baker before his firing about the events surrounding the laptop suppression scandal and that the lawyer’s explanation was “unconvincing.” 

Baker, a former top FBI lawyer, was discovered to be secretly vetting the internal Twitter documents before they could be reviewed by journalists, leading to a delay in the release of more material related to the company’s censorship scandal. 

“On Friday, the first installment of the Twitter files was published here. We expected to publish more over the weekend. Many wondered why there was a delay,” independent journalist Matt Taibbi tweeted on Tuesday.

“We can now tell you part of the reason why. On Tuesday, Twitter Deputy General Counsel (and former FBI General Counsel) Jim Baker was fired. Among the reasons? Vetting the first batch of ‘Twitter Files’ – without knowledge of new management,” Taibbi added.

Taibbi further revealed that former Wall Street Journal and New York Times writer Bari Weiss is also involved in reviewing the social media giant’s internal documents related to The Post’s Hunter Biden story and that it is was her who discovered Baker’s involvement, which Musk was unaware of, according to Taibbi.

(Read more at the New York Post)

Someone get the New York Times a Life Alert pendant

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

All the New York Times can occupy itself with is a review of the “media conversation” surrounding the release of information by Musk. And most of this is a condemnation of Matt Taibbi (the only liberal who seems to be intent on actually also being a real journalist).

Musk says Twitter suppressed free speech under orders from government

The Epoch Times outlines Elon Musk’s argument that Twitter conspired to violate the First Amendment.

Elon Musk suggested that Twitter was acting under government orders to suppress free speech, with his remarks coming hot on the heels of the release of a trove of documents that lift the lid on some of the social media platform’s censorship machinations around the 2020 presidential election. “Twitter acting by itself to suppress free speech is not a 1st amendment violation, but acting under orders from the government to suppress free speech, with no judicial review, is,” Musk said in a tweet late Friday. Musk’s remarks came in the context of Friday’s unveiling of a series of internal Twitter communications that give insight into steps taken by staff at the social media platform around suppressing the New York Post’s explosive Hunter Biden laptop story.

(Read more at The Epoch Times)

It was not just Biden’s FBI that recently worked to suppress the free flow of information at Twitter. Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs got tweets removed from Twitter

BizPacReview lays out the scene where Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (aka corrupt governor-elect Katie Hobbs) got tweets removed from Twitter.

As Americans are wrapping their heads around the implications of Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files,” a leaked internal email reveals that Arizona Governor-elect and current Secretary of State Katie Hobbs allegedly colluded with Twitter’s old guard by flagging accounts she determined were spreading election “misinformation.”

In an email dated January 7, 2021, the communications director for the Office of the Arizona Secretary of State reportedly emailed the Center for Internet Security (CIS), a 501 nonprofit that claims to be “leading the global community to secure our ever-changing connected world,” to say, “I am flagging this twitter account for your review.”

The subject line read, “Election Related Misinformation” and two people at the Secretary of State’s office were copied on the request.

Additionally, the Daily Wire reports, the email went to “an unknown employee at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, a branch under the federal government’s Department of Homeland Security.”

The email was forwarded to an employee at Twitter along with a note saying, “Please see this report below from the Arizona SOS office. Please let me know if you have any questions.”

The dutiful Twitter employee reportedly emailed back, thanking the sender and saying, “We will escalate.”

A follow-up email reads, “Both Tweets have been removed from the service.”

(Read more at BizPacReview and see dueling tweets from BPR, Kari Lake, and Katie Hobbs)

Oddly, the apologists on the left say the government was not involved

As demonstrated by the 27 January 2021 article in The Atlantic, the left has no problem with trying to dissuade us of government’s involvement in this censorship. Rather, they would have us believe it all stems from company fiat.

There is a rich historical irony to the fact that today, conservatives are the ones who argue most forcefully that the decisions by private companies to “deplatform” certain speakers threaten what President Donald Trump described in 2020 as the “bedrock” American right to freedom of speech. Until very recently, this was an argument made almost exclusively by those on the left.

The decision by Twitter, Facebook, and a host of other social-media outlets to ban Trump from their platforms after the January 6 attack on the Capitol intensified conservatives’ long-standing concerns that the powerful tech industry is violating their free-speech rights. Trump encouraged and amplified these arguments when he issued a (largely symbolic) executive order in May 2020 declaring that “free speech is the bedrock of American democracy,” and insisted that “in a country that has long cherished the freedom of expression, we cannot allow a limited number of online platforms to hand pick the speech that Americans may access and convey.”*

The deplatforming of the president appeared to many conservatives to offer vivid proof that these companies are just as dangerous to freedom of speech as Trump had claimed. Steve Daines, a Republican senator from Montana, took to Twitter to attack “Big Tech” for “censoring [Trump] and the free speech of American citizens.” Trump’s trade adviser, Peter Navarro, claimed that the platforms’ decision to restrict speech “threatened our democracy.” And on the floor of the Capitol building, newly sworn-in Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia wore a mask bearing a single word—censored—in stark white letters. Many liberals, meanwhile, insisted that the decision to deplatform the president had nothing to do with freedom of speech, at least not as protected by the First Amendment.

This is something of a reversal. Indeed, the idea that private actors, not just government officials, might threaten the freedom of speech guaranteed by the First Amendment, as well as the other rights protected by the Constitution, was first suggested by big-government liberals, whom contemporary conservatives love to hate. In the early 20th century, progressive legal scholars such as Felix Cohen and Robert Hale argued against the notion that the Constitution protects rights including freedom of speech from only government action. Private corporations wield tremendous power over individuals’ lives and fortunes, and to overlook that power when interpreting the meaning of constitutionally protected rights, Cohen and Hale believed, would make no sense.

(Read more at The Atlantic, but their verbosity primarily covers for their bias)

Their problem remains with the fact of things like FEC records

The apologists on the left for the Biden regime say the government was not involved in this suppression. Or rather, they gaslight us again, since their claims are directly contradicted by the declaration to the FEC by Yoel Roth, Twitter’s legal counsel. Who said (on page 25 of the document at paragraph 10):

Since 2018, I have had regular meetings with the Office of the Director of
National Intelligence, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and industry peers
regarding election security.

Those (National Intelligence, Department of Homeland Security, and the FBI), to me, seem like divisions of government. It seems that other thinking individuals, like Elon Musk, might think the same.

Still, to further prove the point, paragraph 11 says:

During these weekly meetings, the federal law enforcement agencies communicated that they expected “hack-and-leak operations” by state actors might occur in the period shortly before the 2020 presidential election, likely in October. I was told in these meetings that the intelligence community expected that individuals associated with political campaigns would be subject to hacking attacks and that material obtained through those hacking attacks would likely be disseminated over social media platforms, including Twitter. These expectations of hack-and-leak operations were discussed throughout 2020. I also learned in these meetings that there were rumors that a hack-and-leak operation would involve Hunter Biden.

If (like the Democrat apologists) you seek to disprove government involvement in the suppression of free speech, “these weekly meeting” by “federal law enforcement agencies” communicating with groups under them who must do their bidding or face consequences, then you have to prove a negative. That is a near impossibility.


Two foreign articles on a very domestic topic: Biden election corruption 2020

It seems we have to hop the pond to hear reports on Biden corruption

Article 1: FBI met weekly with social media giants

The Daily Mail digs into the papers released by Elon Musk revealing that the FBI met weekly with social media giants.

The FBI met with representatives from the top social media companies on a weekly basis in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election, it was reported on Saturday.

Agent Elvis Chan reportedly made the revelation during a sworn deposition for a Republican-led case against the Biden administration charging alleged social media ‘censorship,’ according to Fox News.

The GOP Attorneys General of Missouri and Louisiana are accusing White House officials of colluding with Big Tech on removing unfavorable coverage ‘under the guise of combating misinformation.’

It comes amid fallout from the Elon Musk-promoted Twitter ‘exposé’ that was apparently meant to show proof that the platform – which he recently acquired for $44 billion – worked in tandem with Democrats to tip the scales in the 2020 election.

It was centered around correspondences mainly between top employees at Twitter about the site’s suppression of the infamous New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop that was published in October 2020.

But while Donald Trump and many of his allies cried foul in response to the so-called ‘Twitter files,’ others in his camp surprisingly shrugged it off.

‘So far I’m deeply underwhelmed. We know the Dems in DC collude with the Dems in Palo Alto,’ former Trump administration official Sebastian Gorka wrote on Twitter after journalist Matt Taibbi published the findings.

‘Big Whop. Need a paper trail of felonies. Elon better have that.’

(Read more at the Daily Mail – including some raised First Amendment issues)

Considering how the press has treated this, one could surmise several things

What really surprises me is the way the main stream media seems to have totally ignored this release of documents. One would think that they might be complicit in the whole matter. One also might think that those entities might have an ongoing interest in perpetuating this failed regime.

In the event that Google and other powers start restricting Twitter, here is a screen grab of the Gorka tweet:

Below, I have inserted the original tweet:

Because satire really has a hard time not matching reality in these days, I included the following:

It seems we have to leave America to get a news source that will objectively interview a Republican on current news

Article 2: Top Republican senator says there’s a “much larger story” behind Elon Musk’s “Twitter Files” on suppression of Hunter Biden’s laptop

The Daily Mail interviews Senator Ron Johnson on the release of documents indicating collusion between the FBI, the Biden regime, and social media.

Wisconsin GOP Senator Ron Johnson claimed on Sunday that Elon Musk‘s Twitter exposé of the platform’s handling of Hunter Biden‘s laptop is ‘part of a much larger story’ on censorship.

Johnson along with Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley had been investigating foreign business deals made by President Joe Biden‘s son that had been brought to light by a New York Post story published in October 2020. 

The story’s reach was quickly limited on Twitter and Facebook over fears that it could have been the product of hacking or a Russian disinformation attempt.

But Republicans have accused Twitter of being motivated by political bias by suppressing a story that was harmful to the Biden campaign just weeks before his White House victory.

‘Listen, I appreciate what Mr. Musk is doing here. It’s certainly revealing an awful lot about that particular censorship. But you know… Senator Grassley and my investigation, Hunter Biden was hampered really, as soon as it started,’ Johnson told Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures.

On the House side, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy called for investigations into Google and Facebook as well.

‘These now have become arms of the Democratic Party, arms of the Biden administration,’ McCarthy told Sunday Morning Futures before Johnson’s appearance.

‘But they also used the intel community as well to lie to the American public. Should those people keep their clearances? Should those people still be allowed to have information? If they’re going to be political individuals then no, they should not. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what we need to investigate going forward.’ 

Musk’s promoted exposé, published by journalist Matt Taibbi, centered around correspondences mainly between top employees at Twitter about the site’s suppression of the infamous New York Post story. 

The published correspondences show Twitter employees going back and forth trying to justify their censorship of the story under the site’s hacked materials rules. It appears that many top officials at the platform were hesitant about whether Hunter Biden’s laptop was accessed through unscrupulous means.

Taibbi also provides screenshots showing Twitter employees complying with requests from the Biden campaign to take down certain links – a practice followed by both campaigns at the time. 

Links sent by the Biden team allegedly included naked photos of Hunter Biden that would have been posted without his consent. At no point does it show Biden officials asking for the Post story’s removal.

But on Sunday, Johnson alleged a wider effort to ‘downplay derogatory information’ against Biden in 2020 that he claims continued through the Democrat’s presidency.

He accused Democrats of creating ‘smears’ and ‘false intelligence products’ that were later allegedly pushed by media outlets to discredit Johnson’s Hunter Biden probe.

‘I’ve lived this. I’ve been on the receiving end of the corruption, of the smears,’ Johnson said.

‘So there is a much much larger story here than just what’s being revealed right now with the Elon Musk revelations.’

He promised to keep investigating ‘each new piece of the puzzle’ and even suggested a forthcoming report of sorts. Johnson and Grassley issued a report on their findings in 2020 as the Senate GOP was readying to cede their majority.

(Read more at the Daily Mail)

America’s problem may just be its education and television fixation

If a simple solution to a seemingly simple problem gets laid out to most of us Americans, we accept that simple solution and move on. However, if the actuality proves that the situation to be more complex, we often seem to not want to invest the mental capital to get the train on the right tracks.

In this case, many on the left (like the New York Times or the Washington Post) might just assign Johnson’s complaints of attacks to partisan rivalry. Of course, had the same happened to Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, then they would devote considerable column space to the issue.


All you need to know about big tech, politics, and health

A lawsuit reveals that the White House and big tech colluded to censor “misinformation” on COVID

The New York Post revealed in a 1 September 2022 article how a lawsuit filed by two state Attorneys General has exposed the collusion between the White House and big tech.

The Biden administration worked in tandem with social media giants like Facebook and Twitter to censor statements they deemed “misinformation” about topics including the COVID-19 pandemic, two Republican state attorneys general said Thursday as they pushed for the release of emails between top executive branch officials and Big Tech titans.

In a petition filed Wednesday in Louisiana federal court, state Attorney General Jeff Landry and his Missouri counterpart Eric Schmitt charged that “dozens of federal officials across at least eleven federal agencies” engaged in a “massive, sprawling federal ‘Censorship Enterprise,’” with the “intent and effect of pressuring social-media platforms to censor and suppress private speech that federal officials disfavor.”

The Biden administration has not been shy about leaning on social media companies to police their content. On July 15, 2021, then-White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted her colleagues were “flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.”

“It’s important to take faster action against harmful posts … and Facebook needs to move more quickly to remove harmful violative posts,” Psaki added at the time.

The following day, Biden accused platforms like Facebook of “killing people” by allowing so-called “misinformation” to propagate unchecked.

(Read more at the New York Post)

We were sure of the collusion between Biden and Big Tech. Now we have proof.

While Biden has accused Facebook of killing people by allowing what he calls misinformation to remain (which really is not, as proven by the studies cited in the last article), I would say the induced heart attacks and brain issues might be substantially more significant.

Gavin Newsom signs a bill to punish doctors for providing COVID-19 “misinformation”

The Tennessee Star reported in a 4 October 2022 article that California Governor Newsom signed a law that would punish doctors for providing “misinformation” on COVID-19.

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law Friday a bill that allows the medical boards of California to be used as government overseers as they discipline doctors who provide their patients with informed consent about the risks of the COVID-19 mRNA shots and the benefits of early treatment for COVID disease with off-label drugs.

Newsom signed AB 2098, which labels as “unprofessional conduct” a doctor’s discussion about the benefits of early treatment of COVID with effective, readily available, and inexpensive medications already in use for years.

Physicians who share information about the risks associated with the mRNA shots, which the government calls “vaccines,” or the benefits of early treatment with drugs such as hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, could be brought before the Medical Board of California or the Osteopathic Medical Board of California and threatened with the loss of their license and livelihood.

The Medical Board of California states the minimum punishment for “unprofessional conduct” is five years’ probation, with the maximum penalty as the revocation of the physician’s medical license.

“In cases charging repeated negligent acts with one patient, a public reprimand may, in appropriate circumstances, be ordered,” the board says.

The legislation’s text states:

It shall constitute unprofessional conduct for a physician and surgeon to disseminate misinformation or disinformation related to COVID-19, including false or misleading information regarding the nature and risks of the virus, its prevention and treatment; and the development, safety, and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines.

In the text, “misinformation” refers to “false information that is contradicted by contemporary scientific consensus contrary to the standard of care.”

It is unclear, however, who decides what the “consensus” is.

“Why should doctors who discuss these facts with patients be threatened with the loss of their livelihoods?” asked Dr. Harvey Risch, professor emeritus and senior research scientist in epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, in a column at RealClearHealth.

“Don’t patients have the right to receive informed consent?” he added. “Isn’t that obligatory for doctors to provide?”

The text of AB 2098 also states the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has claimed “unvaccinated individuals are at a risk of dying from COVID-19 that is 11 times greater than those who are fully vaccinated.”

(Read more at the Tennessee Star)

Doctors of California now are not doctors

Now the governor acts as the supreme doctor. Maybe now all malpractice cases and malpractice insurance should be forwarded to the governor.

That is, they should do that just before they leave.

The American Medical Association calls on the DOJ to crack down on reporters who expose doctors performing sex change surgeries on children

The Gateway Pundit quotes an AMA letter where the group calls on the DOJ to investigate reporters exposing doctors performing child gender surgeries and administering puberty blockers to young children.

Well, it worked for the National School Board Association. Leading medical organizations the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association released a letter Monday addressed to Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding action to investigate and crack down on reporters who have exposed hospitals across the country for performing gender surgery on children as young as 14 and 15 while also giving puberty blocking chemicals to children.

The letter also demands tech platforms Twitter, TikTok and Meta (owner of Facebook and Instagram) crack down on the reporters’ accounts.

LibsofTikTok, who has reported extensively on doctors and hospitals promoting (and recruiting children for) gender surgery and chemical puberty blockers, was recently suspended by Twitter for a week for “hateful conduct”–one of several suspensions this year of that account by Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Reporter Christopher Rufo posted a copy of the letter (text posted further below), saying, ” The American Medical Association is asking Big Tech and the Department of Justice to censor, deplatform, investigate, and prosecute journalists who question the orthodoxy of radical gender surgeries for minors, arguing that public criticism is “disinformation.”…This is now the Left’s playbook: last year, the National School Board Association, Department of Justice, and F.B.I. worked together to label parents who opposed critical race theory “domestic terrorists.” They want to stifle dissent, suppress speech, and criminalize opposition.”

“The morality of this situation is blindingly clear: “Threatening hospitals is wrong. Censoring journalists is wrong. Criminalizing political opposition is wrong. Surgically removing a child’s genitalia is wrong.”…If “gender-affirming care” is so good, the activists and doctors who promote it—and profit from it—should defend their practices in the realm public opinion. In a democracy, everyone gets to weigh in on important issues, not just regime-approved apparatchiks.”

(Read at the Gateway Pundit of more deplatforming and other tricks)

When the AMA accepted transgenderism as a treatable condition and not gender dysphoria, it became another branch of the Democrat party

Maybe the move in the AMA to being part of the Democrat party started even before the move from gender dysphoria. Maybe it started with their acceptance of abortionists and the associated money.

Therefore, why should we be surprised that one branch of the Democrat party (the AMA branch that disfigures children for money or terminates them for money) would reach our to the political branch (the White House) to push the legal branch (the DOJ) into suppressing unaffiliated journalists.

Five studies on the COVID jab that people should really see

The Conservative Review makes note of five studies that go counter to the prevailing message on the COVID jab.

“In summary, we have highlighted the pitfalls of having considered until now COVID-19 mRNA vaccines as just conventional vaccines, and we have indicated the preclinical, clinical and post-marketing safety assessments that are most urgently needed. COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are actually pharmaceutical drugs, and consequently their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, and possibly also their pharmacogenetics, must be properly characterized to provide a solid background of knowledge for their rational and targeted use, thus stopping ‘playing dice’ with these products due to the misbelief that the same vaccine at the same dose is good for everyone, and that adverse effects occur just by chance.”

Those were the words of Italian researchers in a recent pharmacological analysis of the COVID shots published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences nearly two years after these products were foisted upon 5.35 billion human beings – often multiple times – under the false pretense of the jabs acting like vaccines. Who will be held accountable?

Every day, news pours out about the lack of safety and ineffectiveness of the shots, but they fail to move the needle on policy. It is unclear what it will take to get these biological agents pulled from the market, but here are some of the most recent bombshells proving the shots are extremely unsafe and ineffective:

Autopsy shows extensive brain and heart damage: Nearly two years into this mass genocide, global governments have refused to conduct widespread autopsies on those who died suddenly shortly after getting the shots. They have also rebuffed calls to release the data and analysis on those autopsies they did conduct. One can only imagine what we would learn about the extent of the danger, but now we have a glimpse from an autopsy of a 76-year-old man with Parkinson’s disease who died three weeks after receiving a third dose. The case study published by German pathologists in the prestigious journal “Vaccines” found severe inflammation in the brain tissue and heart attributable to the shots.

The pathologists used immunohistochemistry, which utilizes staining techniques to light up only specific antigens, in this case only the spike protein native to the shots, not the nucleocapsid protein from the virus. What did they find?

“However, histopathological analyses of the brain uncovered previously unsuspected findings, including acute vasculitis (predominantly lymphocytic) as well as multifocal necrotizing encephalitis of unknown etiology with pronounced inflammation including glial and lymphocytic reaction. In the heart, signs of chronic cardiomyopathy as well as mild acute lympho-histiocytic myocarditis and vasculitis were present” (emphasis added).

Importantly, they only found spike antibodies without any nucleocapsid antibodies, meaning that this individual was only exposed to the shots, not to the actual virus. Until now, many pharma apologists blamed the rash of sudden encephalitis and myocarditis cases on the virus, but as the authors note, “The findings corroborate previous reports of encephalitis and myocarditis caused by gene-based COVID-19 vaccines.”


With findings like this, how can every case of a sudden death post-vaccination not be immediately investigated with pathology to determine if this phenomenon is occurring in a significant portion of the population? Where is the emergency to get ahead of this and detect, diagnose, and treat people before it’s too late? After all, only 5.3 billion people are potentially affected.

Negative efficacy galore: Imagine engaging in societal apartheid and persecuting those who didn’t get the jabs on the assumption that they are spreaders of disease but then discovering that, in fact, the opposite is true? I’ve been reporting on negative efficacy for over a year already, but now we have a Kaiser Permanganate study that shows negative efficacy of the shots against all variants within 150 days. And this study shows the more you inject, the more you infect; specifically, over time, those with three doses fare worse than those with two.

The American Association of Physicians and Surgeons posted a Twitter thread with numerous studies published throughout the past year showing a similar trend of negative efficacy resulting from the shots.

One of the likely culprits for negative efficacy is that the shots prime the body to respond to a version of the virus that has long since changed, thereby making the natural immune response misfire. Supporters of endless jabs will suggest that this is why they created the new bivalent shot for BA.5 (the one that was studied in eight mice and no humans). However, an entirely new variant is already surging, rendering this shot just as irrelevant and likely counterproductive. According to the CDC, BA.4.6 now represents 13% of all COVID-19 cases and is rising sharply, with some other variants breaking out as well.

Negative efficacy even against death: Well, at least the shots still work against critical illness, right? Wrong! Deaths have largely plummeted across all groups given that Omicron is not nearly as pathogenic as the previous versions of the virus, but data continues to show the overwhelming number of deaths to be among the vaccinated. It turns out that in the month of June, 92% of all COVID deaths in Canada were among the vaccinated, even though they composed a slightly smaller share of the population (85%). Even more telling is the fact that 81% of the deaths were among those who had three or more doses, even though those individuals only account for 34% of the population.

Neonatal deaths: Remember when Scotland suffered a sudden rash of neonatal deaths last September? At the time, 21 newborns had died in a month, triggering an investigation because the numbers rose above an upper control limit for the first time in four years. Neonatal deaths hit 4.9 per 1,000 live births, on a par with levels that were last seen in the late 1980s. This was an astounding phenomenon, yet the investigation yielded no cause other than disproving COVID as a culprit. But notice that the COVID shots were never investigated. Well, now the data is triggering another investigation, as at least 18 newborns died within four weeks of birth during the month of March 2022, the equivalent of 4.6 per 1,000 births. Here is the trend line from Public Health Scotland:

Notice the spikes above baseline beginning right around the beginning of 2021 and accelerating in two peaks later on. What major biological product was mass-distributed around that time? Obviously this alone doesn’t prove any causation, but the fact that we know the spike protein goes into the reproductive system and breast milk, menstrual irregularities are ubiquitous, so many countries are experiencing record low birth rates around the same time, and these shots are otherwise extremely inflammatory in the adult population, wouldn’t you think there would be some interest in investigating the shots as a potential suspect?


Other countries experienced this problem as well. In Iceland, deaths among infants doubled in 2021 from the baseline level of the preceding nine years. Several Israeli hospitals saw similar trends in stillbirths and miscarriages.

Adverse events in nursing babies: We already know that the therapeutic can pass through the mother’s milk from lactating women who get the shots. Now, a new study published in JAMA, which was bizarrely designed to make the shots look safe, actually reveals that 3.5% of the women reported a decrease in breast milk supply and 1.2% reported “issues with their breastmilk-fed infant after vaccination.” They decline to describe the nature of those issues, but the fact that they can so casually report this as if these numbers are good news is shocking.

(Read the whole article at Conservative Review)

So, in summary, these are five reasons not to get the jab

Don’t get the jab because:

  • It damages your heart and brain
  • The more jabs you get, the more likely you are to get COVID
  • Being fully vaccinated seems to make it more likely to die of COVID
  • Newborn children of vaccinated parents are more likely to die
  • Nursing babies are negatively affected


Big Tech censorship again

What are they scared of?: Google News excludes coverage of My Son Hunter by Breitbart News

Breitbart asked the obvious in a 12 September 2022 article: why has a giant with government protection (and FBI connection) censored the coverage of a film by Breitbart?

Despite a major wave of interest in the hit film My Son Hunter resulting in coverage from publications including NewsweekRolling Stone, and the Washington Posttrending hashtags on social media, and a feature on Tucker Carlson, Google has deliberately excluded Breitbart articles about the new film from the Google News tab even though as the film’s distributor, Breitbart News is the best source of information on the movie about Joe and Hunter Biden. After Breitbart News requested comment on the matter from the Masters of the Universe, a week-old Breitbart article on the movie appeared on page two of the News tab.

The recent film My Son Hunter from Breitbart News chronicles the story of Hunter Biden, including his corrupt business dealings, his relationship with his father, and a rockstar lifestyle funded by China. The film received widespread acclaim and trended across Twitter on the day of its release. The film was praised by the leftists at the Daily Beast and has even been credited by one left-wing critic for helping him learn the truth about the Biden family. The film’s launch was so popular that a surge of user traffic halted access to on release day.

Yet despite this widespread popularity, Google has excluded articles from Breitbart News about its own film from the Google News tab, a popular feature where users can receive a curated list of daily headlines and stories. A week-old story from Breitbart News now appears on page two of the News tab, a change that occurred a day after our team sent a request for comment to the internet giant.

While articles from other publications do appear when searching for the film, with many left-wing outlets attacking or criticizing the movie, none of Breitbart News’ articles covering My Son Hunter have been included before today. Despite 78 articles published by Breitbart News about the movie receiving thousands of comments, huge numbers of views, and widespread virality across social media platforms, Google deliberately includes only a single article from Breitbart on Google News searches about the hit film, and an older article at that.

In fact, searching for Breitbart News on Google News returns articles about Breitbart News, but no articles actually published by Breitbart. This is not the first time that Breitbart News has been the target of Google’s censorship and suppression.

(Read more at Breitbart)

Does it seem that Google has become obsessive in its application of its own regressive “progressive” views?

Does it seem that Google might aught to limit itself to the Cyrillic alphabet and to the doublespeak of the Soviets?

Owner of SnapChat lets Democratic campaign groups scoop up GOP Voter data and censor conservatives

The Daily Caller reported in a 8 September 2022 article on how the owner of SnapChat let Democrat-affiliated groups scoop up Republican voter data and censor conservatives.

Several prominent Democratic campaign groups accessed Republican voter data as a result of what Snap, the owner of Snapchat, called an unintentional data leak, allowing those groups to optimize midterm ads, Axios reported.

While there was no evidence the data leak was intentional, GOP voter data from Republican-affiliated consulting firm i360 was accessed by the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, the Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Stacey Abrams’ gubernatorial campaign and used to optimize ads in advance of the midterm elections, Axios reported. By contrast, Democratic voter data from the research firm TargetSmart was only accessed and leveraged by the conservative news outlet the Daily Wire.

The leak did not give the groups access to data on individual users, a Snap spokesperson told the Daily Caller News Foundation. Snap also stressed that the data leak only affected a small number of ads, despite the two groups being the primary political data groups on the app.

Snap takes full responsibility for the mistake, stressing that the two vendors were equally impacted, and that steps were taken to resolve the issue and notify both companies immediately upon its discovery, a Snap spokesperson told the DCNF. The leak was the result of a failure to follow typical data safety processes, and Snap is taking steps to prevent the situation from happening again, a Snap spokesperson told the DCNF.

Ultimately, while the data is a tiny fraction of the overall political advertising data used in the 2022 midterm elections, voters will likely be concerned by it nonetheless, Republican strategist Eric Wilson told Axios.

“i360’s Republican clients and their donors will be surprised to learn that their data is being used to help Democrats, Planned Parenthood and other opponents,” Wilson said to Axios. “They should ask if and how their campaign activities were used to enhance the data provided via Snapchat.”

(Read more at the Daily Caller on how they claim Democrats did not take advantage of the data)

Sure. And the simultaneous occurrence of Biden’s vote surges at 4 a.m. is a fluke

Fool me once.

Klobuchar abandons her own Journalism Competition and Preservation Act after Cruz amendment prohibiting censorship collusion

Breitbart showed in a 8 September 2022 article how Senator Klobucher abandoned her own media cartel bill once Senator Cruz added an amendment that prevented collusion ending in censorship.

After nearly two years of lobbying by representatives of the nation’s largest, wealthiest, and most pro-censorship media companies, after being killed in the House and then revived in the Senate, the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (JCPA) is (temporarily) dead again — killed by its champion, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), because Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) successfully added an amendment that would prevent media companies and tech companies from colluding on content moderation.

The core concept of the JCPA is allowing media companies to form a legal cartel in the U.S., for the sole purpose of negotiating with tech giants for special favors.

Sen. Cruz’s amendment, which passed by a narrow 11-10 vote of the Senate Judiciary Committee, limits the scope of those negotiations: the media cartel would be allowed to negotiate with Big Tech on fair payments for their content, but on nothing else — including content moderation.

In his remarks, Sen. Cruz made it clear that the purpose of his amendment was to prevent big media companies from negotiating the suppression of their competitors with tech giants like Facebook and Google.

“What this amendment would do, is it would say [that] when the cartel sits down to negotiation, it would say ‘we’re not going to discuss censorship, we’re going to discuss price,’” said Cruz.

Sen. Klobuchar’s response was to pull the bill from proceedings rather than pass it out of committee with the Cruz amendment. In doing so, she effectively revealed that enabling collusion between Big Media and Big Tech on censorship has always been a core Democrat aim behind the JCPA.

Sen. Cruz successfully won over his colleagues on his amendment. In tense exchanges at this morning’s markup hearing on the bill, a somewhat panicked-sounding Sen. Klobuchar attempted to persuade the lead Republican co-sponsor of the bill, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA), that the amendment preventing censorship collusion between Big Media and Big Tech could not be allowed.

“Senator Kennedy… we’ve worked on this months. We won’t be able to support the Cruz amendment here… If this is in it, we can’t support the bill.”

“I don’t understand why,” responded Kennedy. “To me, the issue is supposed to be about money, and not about moderating content, and this [the amendment] just makes explicit what I thought was implicit in the bill.”

Klobuchar’s last-ditch efforts to persuade Republicans were unsuccessful, and the Cruz amendment passed by a narrow 11-10 vote of the committee.

(Read at Breitbart how Klobuchar tried to trick Republicans)

This requires a hat tip to YourNews.

The Democrats have this cheating at the state level in most East Coast states. Now they want it nationwide.

Fool me twice.


Items in the news (or not) that will get you banned for discussing the conservative side

Dominion at the center of “secret report” on alleged voting system vulnerabilities roils Georgia ahead of midterm elections

The Washington Examiner reports that a Georgia judge may release a “secret report” on voting irregularities concerning voting equipment.

DominionA “secret report” on alleged vulnerabilities in Georgia’s voting equipment is sowing distrust ahead of the 2022 midterm elections, a top state official warned Thursday.

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican official who has vehemently defended the integrity of the 2020 election in the face of fraud claims by former President Donald Trump and his allies, noted a connection between a high-profile Democrat and fresh doubts being cast on the security of Dominion Voting Systems machines by Alex Halderman, a computer science professor at the University of Michigan.

“The ‘secret report’ referenced by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution today is not an objective, academic study by a non-biased actor. It is assertions by an individual who is paid to espouse opinions supporting the elimination of electronic voting systems to help a lawsuit brought by liberal activists, including one funded by Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight Action,” Raffensperger’s office said in a statement.

The Washington Examiner reached out to Fair Fight Action, a group that says it is focused on fighting voter suppression, for comment. Abrams, a Democrat who is waging another campaign for governor of Georgia in 2022, is well known for her refusal to concede the 2018 Georgia governor’s election.

The media report in question talks about Halderman, who is described as an expert for plaintiffs in a long-running lawsuit seeking to get Georgia to ditch electronic voting machines in favor of hand-marked paper ballots, being granted access to Dominion voting equipment in Fulton County for 12 weeks and producing a 25,000-word “secret report” that has been filed under seal. Halderman found that malicious software could be installed in voting touchscreens to alter QR codes printed on ballots that are then scanned to record votes, or a hacker could wreak havoc by gaining access to election management system computers, according to court records.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that the Georgia secretary of state’s office, a defendant in the court case, had not asked to see Halderman’s findings, which U.S. District Judge Amy Totenberg so far had only allowed attorneys and expert witnesses to access, and security experts raised concerns about the risk for the elections this year.

(Read more at the Washington Examiner)

Do not refer to this “secret report,” to Dominion Voting Systems, or to the specious 4 a.m. surges in vote counts in Georgia and elsewhere

Don’t mention the “secret report” or anything that might make things look bad for Dementia Joe. That will get you cancelled on Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Man threatened to “f*** up” police funerals in disturbing video – just days before a second officer’s ceremony at St. Patrick’s

Britian’s Daily Mail points our attention to a video created by Black Lives Matter leader Terrell Harper as he laughs at a policeman’s funeral and promises to “f*** up” the next police funeral.

A New York City activist who was previously filmed making racist comments about an Asian NYPD officer said he ‘can’t wait’ for another cop to die so he can ‘f*** up’ their funeral, days before the shaken city will pay tribute to the second of two officers killed during a domestic violence call last week.

Terrell Harper, 39, uploaded video of his tirade to a private Instagram account, @Relly_Rebel, on Saturday, a day after of sea of police officials flooded the streets around St. Patrick’s Cathedral in Midtown for the funeral of Jason Rivera, 22. The rookie officer was shot and killed on January 21. 

‘That’d have been a wet dream to f*** that funeral up, bro,’ Harper said in the video, which has been circulated on social media.

Rivera’s partner Wilbert Mora, 27, was in critical condition after the shooting and died on Tuesday.

‘I can’t wait. I’m looking for the next cop funeral. I’m gonna f*** it up, bro. I’m gonna f*** that s**t up. That’ll make news ASAP,’ Harper said in the since-deleted video.

The New York Police Department told it was ‘looking into’ the videos.

Harper was sued by Det. Vincent Cheung last year after he called the 16-year NYPD veteran a ‘godd*** cat eater’ and asked if ‘he can see right’ during a demonstration last year. 

On Saturday’s video, Harper laughed as he laid out tentative plans to disrupt a future NYPD funeral.

‘I’m f****** their next funeral up,’ Harper said. ‘You n***** better not die no time soon because I’m gonna f*** your funeral up. Son, that’s going to be my new threat to them.

‘I can’t wait for one of y’all to die so I can f*** your funeral up, n****,’ he added.

Harper has three prior arrests, according to the New York Post.

On December 8, 2020, he was charged with making terroristic threats and menacing in the third degree. 

(Read more at the Daily Mail)

If the New York District Attorney has vowed to not prosecute crimes short of murder, what will “looking into” this produce?

We all know how Democrats have let the fire-setters, window-breakers, and looters of Black Lives Matter riots have been let go without as much as a fine or a few nights in jail. Don’t expect this guy to be an exception.

Additionally, just think what might happen if this script were switched.

Michigan high school student sues school for suspending him for privately talking about his Christian beliefs

The Epoch Times reports that a Michigan high school student has sued his high school for suspending him for talking about his Christian beliefs.

A Plainwell, Michigan, high school junior has gone to federal court to fight for his right to talk about his religion.

The case arose when Plainwell High School student David Stout was suspended for three days for expressing his Christian beliefs and opinions in a private conversation with a like-minded student on school property and in private text messages outside of school with friends.

In his conversations and text messages, Stout put forth the biblical teaching of the love of God through Christ for sinners and expressed his own love for his peers. He shared the Judeo-Christian doctrine that homosexual conduct was a sin and that God created only two biological genders—man and woman.

Before being suspended, Stout alleges he was asked by a faculty member why he had not “self-reported” his sharing of his religious and political beliefs with fellow students to school officials.

Stout also alleges he was told that talking about religious or political beliefs was not allowed anywhere on campus for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. He alleges the faculty member told him that he must stop all religious conversations with other students because, if overheard, they might feel offended and unsafe.

Stout said the whole thing seemed to him to be a one-sided method to shame, intimidate, and silence conservatives and Christians.

The superintendent of Plainwell Public Schools did not respond to a request for comment.

The complaint, which was filed Jan. 27 in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan, states that the school’s principal and assistant principal allegedly explained to Stout that it was a student’s responsibility, not only to stop hurtful comments and behaviors, but to preempt such conduct.

Stout said that the administrators warned him that anything he did or said in school, outside of school, or on social media could negatively affect his future employment prospects—a statement that Stout alleges was a threat.

On Oct. 25, 2021, Stout’s parents received notice that their son had been suspended.

David’s father, David Stout, Sr., stated, “We have always taught our son to be respectful of everyone’s opinion and to be polite to others…(He) is entitled to properly express his faith and beliefs without being disciplined and suspended by Plainwell schools. We trust the court will uphold David’s constitutional rights and his school record will be cleared.”

The Stouts’ attorney, David Kallman of the Great Lakes Justice Center, said, “David was suspended for three days last fall for stating his Christian beliefs in a private text conversation and in a hallway at school. He is also being punished for not policing and reporting the inappropriate jokes of fellow students. He was instructed to stop posting his religious comments on all his social media platforms, and was disciplined for the offensive behavior of some other students; something he was unaware of and did not participate in.

(Read more at The Epoch Times)

As with the previous article, what would happen if this story were switched to another group?

What if a right-wing school threw a BLM-supporting kid out for talking about Marxism? Would the journalistic world come unglued? Would Dementia Joe and his teleprompter get set up in front of that school?

Senate Democrats eye stricter rules for objecting to certifying presidential election results

The Washington Times tells us that the Senate Democrats want to tighten the rules for certifying presidential election results.

Legislation unveiled Tuesday by three Senate Democrats would overhaul a 135-year-old law that many believe inadvertently spurred the Jan. 6, 2021, attack of the U.S. Capitol.

The lawmakers say that changing the Electoral Count Act of 1887 (ECA) is needed to prevent a constitutional crisis the next time Congress meets to certify a presidential election. The proposal would make it harder for lawmakers to object to certifying a state election and would clarify the role of the vice president in the counting of Electoral College votes.

“Experts across the political spectrum agree that the Electoral Count Act of 1887 needs to be updated to reflect the current realities and threats facing the United States and our election process,” said the senators.

Authoring the proposal are Sen. Angus King, an independent from Maine, and two Democratic committee chairs: Judiciary Chairman Richard J. Durbin of Illinois and Rules Chairwoman Amy Klobuchar.

For months, the senators have been discussing how to rewrite the ECA’s guidelines for counting and certifying Electoral College votes after a presidential election. Democrats and Republicans say the law has to be updated to remove ambiguity regarding the role of the vice president.

Under the law, the vice president presides over the Electoral College certification process. Exactly what that means was widely debated in the aftermath of the hotly contested 2020 election.

Former President Donald Trump and his allies argued that the vice president could reject electors from states with “irregularities” about how the election was run.

Then-Vice President Mike Pence and others took a different view. They said the ECA allowed the vice president only to preside over the count, not adjudicate its legitimacy. In making the argument, many noted that the ECA stipulates that only Electoral College tallies affirmed by governors can be accepted for certification.

The proposal authored by Senate Democrats would clarify the ambiguity by expressly stating the vice president’s role is only to “open electoral vote ballots as required by the Constitution.”

Senate Democrats also propose to increase the number of lawmakers required to object to a state’s presidential electors.

(Read more at the Washington Times)

Just as Dementia Joe’s actions scream “weakness,” these Democrats’ actions scream “we need to cheat to retain power”

Both this and the provisions of the “For the People” Act scream “Democrats cannot be elected without cheating or gaming the system.”

Pelosi Congress claims sovereign immunity in federal court to keep secret 6 January videos and emails

Judicial Watch outlines in a 1 February 2022 press release how San Fran Nan has claimed sovereign immunity to keep the federal videos and emails on the 6 January 2021 riot secret even while Americans are imprisoned for their accused participation in the riot and the January 6 Commission jails those who do not cooperate with its probes.

Judicial Watch announced that it filed an opposition to the U.S. Capitol Police’s (USCP) effort to shut down Judicial Watch’s federal lawsuit for January 6 videos and emails. Through its police department, Congress argues that the videos and emails are not public records, there is no public interest in their release, and that “sovereign immunity” prevents citizens from suing for their release.

Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit under the common law right of access after the Capitol Police refused to provide any records in response to a January 21, 2021, request (Judicial Watch v. United States Capitol Police (No. 1:21-cv-00401)). Judicial Watch asks for:

  • Email communications between the U.S. Capitol Police Executive Team and the Capitol Police Board concerning the security of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The timeframe of this request is from January 1, 2021 through January 10, 2021.
  • Email communications of the Capitol Police Board with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security concerning the security of the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The timeframe of this request is from January 1, 2021through January 10, 2021.
  • All video footage from within the Capitol between 12 pm and 9 pm on January 6, 2021

Congress exempts itself from the Freedom of Information Act. Judicial Watch, therefore, brought its lawsuit under the common law right of access to public records. In opposing the broad assertion of secrecy, Judicial Watch details Supreme Court and other precedent that upholds the public’s right to know what “their government is up to:”

“In ‘the courts of this country’— including the federal courts—the common law bestows upon the public a right of access to public records and documents” … “the Supreme Court was unequivocal in stating that there is a federal common law right of access ‘to inspect and copy public records and documents.’” … “[T]he general rule is that all three branches of government, legislative, executive, and judicial, are subject to the common law right.” The right of access is “a precious common law right . . . that predates the Constitution itself.”

The Court of Appeals for this circuit has recognized that “openness in government has always been thought crucial to ensuring that the people remain in control of their government….” “Neither our elected nor our appointed representatives may abridge the free flow of information simply to protect their own activities from public scrutiny. An official policy of secrecy must be supported by some legitimate justification that serves the interest of the public office.”

“The Pelosi Congress (and its police department) is telling a federal court it is immune from all transparency under law and is trying to hide every second of its January 6 videos and countless emails,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “The hypocrisy is rich, as this is the same Congress that is trying to jail witnesses who, citing privileges, object to providing documents to the Pelosi rump January 6 committee.”

In November 2021, Judicial Watch revealed multiple audiovisual and photo records from the DC Metropolitan Police Department about the shooting death of Ashli Babbitt on January 6, 2021, in the U.S. Capitol Building.  The records include a cell phone video of the shooting and an audio of a brief police interview of the shooter, Lt. Michael Byrd. In October, Judicial Watch released records, showing that multiple officers claimed they didn’t see a weapon in Babbitt’s hand before Byrd shot her, and that Byrd was visibly distraught afterward. One officer attested that he didn’t hear any verbal commands before Byrd shot Babbitt.

(Read the balance at Judicial Watch)

Pelosi obviously must be hiding evidence that would exonerate those accused on 6 January 2021

This seems to push the idea that there is evidence that would exonerate the accused (and those likely wrongly convicted) for acts during the 6 January 2021 riot.

The same measures used to judge the BLM rioters should be applied to the 6 January rioters.

Though a few have been convicted of crimes during the BLM riots over the past 3 years — the greater number [including murderers] have been released. Not one murderer is counted among the 6 January rioters. Not one arcanist is counted among them.