Regular people get it, but Democrat politicians miss the point on pedophiles

Regular people get the problem of pedphilia

Balenciaga apologizes amid outcry over ad campaign featuring sexualized children

The National Catholic Register points out how the people rose up against an ad campaign centering on the sexualizing of young children.

The images went viral on social media, provoking public outrage over other disturbing elements in the photographic ad series. The Spanish-based fashion brand has since removed all traces of the ad campaign and deleted or hidden all of its Instagram posts.

Top luxury fashion brand Balenciaga has issued an apology after outcry over the company’s recent ad campaign featuring young children surrounded by sexualized symbols.

In the ad, young children — appearing to be no older than 6 years old — hold stuffed teddy bears that are dressed in leather bondage gear, including fishnet tights and chains used in BDSM (bondage, discipline/dominance, submission, and sadomasochism).

The images went viral on social media, provoking public outrage over other disturbing elements in the photographic ad series, including court documents in one photo that reference child abuse and pornography. 

“The ads blatantly exploit the innocence of children to glamorize perversity and sell merchandise,” Mary Rice Hasson, director of the Person and Identity Project for the Ethics and Public Policy Center, told CNA. 

Balenciaga has since removed all traces of the ad campaign and deleted or hidden all of its Instagram posts.

Kim Kardashian, a frequent partner with the Spanish-based designer and wearer of its products, said Sunday she was “reevaluating” her relationship with the brand.

“As a mother of four, I have been shaken by the disturbing images,” Kardashian tweeted. “The safety of children must be held with the highest regard and any attempts to normalize child abuse of any kind should have no place in our society — period.”

Kardashian said she would base her assessment on the company’s “willingness to accept accountability for something that should have never happened to begin with” and “the actions I am expecting to see them take to protect children.”

The company issued an apology on Instagram shortly after Kardashian’s reproof, stating it “strongly condemn[ed] child abuse” and that the “BDSM-inspired outfits” “should not have been featured in a photoshoot with children.”

“It was never our intent to include it in our narrative,” the post read. “We could have done things differently.”

The post blamed third-party entities for providing court documents of a real Supreme Court ruling on child pornography for the photoshoot.

(Read the company’s full post at the National Catholic Register)

Standing up for the helpless, feeding the destitute, and protecting the powerless remain in our callings as Christians

This absurd display of debauchery has no place in our society. Objectifying those who have no control, no standard for building a self-defense, and no strength in comparison to adults stands as a monstrous evil.

However, it seems that Democrat politicians cannot get it

Thousands of pedophiles in California getting less than a year in jail

The United Kingdom’s Daily Mail reports that the land of Gavin Newsom will release thousands of convicted pedophiles (a condition that purportedly cannot be rehabilitated) onto the streets.

Pedophiles are getting less than a year prison time after a range of horrific acts, including raping kids under 14, a investigation reveals.

Analysis of a California database of sex offenders shows thousands of child molesters are being let out after just a few months, despite sentencing guidelines.

Current and former sex crime prosecutors said the figures are ‘terrifying’ and ‘shameful’.

More than 7,000 sex offenders were convicted of ‘lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age’ but were let out of prison the same year they were incarcerated, data from the California Megan’s Law database says.

Others who committed some of the worst child sex crimes on the statute books served similarly short sentences, including 365 pedophiles convicted of continuous sexual abuse of a child who spent less than 12 months in prison, 39 cases of sodomy with a child under 16, and three cases of kidnapping a child under 14 ‘with intent to commit lewd or lascivious acts’, according to the data.

Former Los Angeles sex crimes prosecutor Samuel Dordulian told he was ‘shocked’ by the statistics and described them as ‘frightening for society’.

‘Statistics clearly show that pedophiles don’t get reformed. They’re going to come out and they’re going to commit again,’ Dordulian said.

‘Letting these people out early, we’re allowing for a lot more victimization. And that’s terrifying.’

It is unclear whether the Megan’s Law database prison time statistics are similar for other states, as was only able to obtain detailed sex offender data for California.

(Read more at the Daily Mail)

When will people stop voting Democrat? They will stop when it begins to hurt them.

When the murder rate, the sexualization of children, and other factors rise to a level intolerable, then people will vote at a level that even ballot harvesters will not be able to overcome.

However, it seems that Democrats will push their most extreme agendas until them.


How many ways can Biden screw up the border?

Biden can enact so much anti-police, pro-illegal immigration, pro-socialist, anti-family agendas that formerly loyal districts flip in South Texas

“Defund the Cartels” — Representative Mayra Flores talks about the border crisis

Breitbart reports on how Representative Myra Flores lays out the poor track record of the Biden regime in regard to the border.

A newly-elected Texas Congresswoman is calling for the defunding of the Mexican cartels effectively in control of the U.S. southwestern border.

“We need to defund the cartels,” U.S. Congresswoman Mayra Flores said during an exclusive interview in Spanish with Breitbart News, where she talked about how criminal organizations from Mexico are the only ones benefiting from the current border crisis.

Flores made history in June when she became the first Mexican-born female to be elected to the House of Representatives. She flipped Texas Congressional District 34, which was historically a Democrat stronghold.

“Unfortunately, we have a border that is in control of criminal organizations,” Flores said, referring to the operational control along the border by the Gulf Cartel and the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas. Currently, the Gulf Cartel operates one of the most active human and drug trafficking corridors in Flores’s district. “It is a sad reality, but no one can cross the border into this country without having to pay thousands of dollars to criminal organizations.”

The issue which has been largely ignored by most politicians in Washington and helped create a cycle of violence and abuse where women and children suffer unspeakable horrors at the hands of cartel-connected smugglers, she said.

In many cases, victims suffer sexual and physical abuse. In other instances, victims are kidnapped and held for ransom. “It is something that is happening that in reality, it embarrasses me that it is happening in this country because we are better than that,” Flores added.

(Read about the Flores solution to defunding the cartels at Breitbart)

Biden’s turning of the border over to the cartels must be reversed

Biden has enabled the cartels by opening up the southern border to unbridled illegal immigration and a mostly-unchecked flow of drugs across that same border. When Texas attempted to either ship illegals to the District of Columbia or jail those illegal aliens on crimes committed (destruction of property, theft, assault, and other charges), Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice sued Texas with charges that the civil rights of the illegal aliens have been violated by Texas through some form of discrimination.

Biden can put dentures in his “America last” policy

Biden touts allowing a record number of foreign workers from Mexico

The Epoch Times outlines Biden’s bragging on how he allowed record numbers of foreign workers from Mexico.

President Joe Biden on Tuesday touted the “record” number of foreign workers his administration has allowed into the United States from Mexico, stating that the move has boosted job opportunities.

Biden made the comments during a press conference with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the White House at a time when an unprecedented number of illegal aliens continue to try to make their way into the country.

Meanwhile, inflation stands at a 40-year-high in the United States and the number of employed Americans has declined.

The current unemployment rate stands at 3.6 percent, according to the Labor Department, marking the lowest since February 2020.

“My administration is leading the way to creating work opportunities through legal pathways,” Biden said on Tuesday. “And last year, my administration set a record. We issued more than 300,000 H-2 visas for Mexican workers.”

“We also reached a five-year high in the visas we issued to Central Americans, and we’re on pace to double this in fiscal year for—this fiscal year for Central America.”

According to an analysis by the Center for Immigration Studies of Bureau of Labor Statistics data for January 2021, unemployment among native-born Americans remained much higher than before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The number of unemployed American natives in January 2021 stood at 8.6 million, according to the analysis, while the number of unemployed immigrants was 2.2 million.

Separate data from the nonpartisan independent think tank, The Migration Policy Institute, finds that the unemployment rate was equal at 3.3 percent for both U.S.-born workers and immigrant workers as of April 2022.

More Jobs, Wages Rising

Another study by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) which looked at job figures from September 2020 to March 2022 noted that there are currently approximately 11.5 million job openings in the United States and 14.73 million employable Americans.

“This means that there are 3.23 million more workers in the country than open jobs,” according to FAIR.

Despite the latest data regarding unemployment, Biden on Tuesday stated that since he stepped into office, his administration has “created more jobs than any president ever has in the beginning of his administration—almost 8.5 million new jobs.”

(Read more at The Epoch Times)

So Biden wants to make it so that we not only pay inflated prices, but we cannot get a job?

It looks like Biden is trying to squeeze the normal American from the pricing end and the jobs end.

If this is Build Back Better, give me Ultra MAGA.

Biden can abuse those already mistreated

Joe Biden’s Deputies to Enable Abortions for Migrants Raped on Way to Texas

Breitbart tells us how the Biden regime has been enabling abortions of those who have been raped or sexually trafficked during their trip to America.

Present Joe Biden’s border officials have decided they will transport detained migrants who want abortions to U.S. states that allow abortions, according to the Wall Street Journal.

“Why are these [detained] women pregnant in the first place?” asked Rosemary Jenks, the policy director for NumbersUSA. “If they want abortions,] they could have been impregnated on their way here, probably by [members of the] cartels … that is probably a significant portion of the cases,” she told Breitbart News.

The Wall Street Journal reported on July 12 on the policy adopted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency:

The memo is from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Acting Director Tae Johnson and is addressed to Corey Price, head of the agency’s enforcement division.

“This memorandum serves as a reminder of existing ICE policies and standards requiring that pregnant individuals detained in ICE immigration custody have access to full reproductive health care,” the memo states. “This is also a reminder that, pursuant to existing ICE policy, it may be necessary to transfer a detained pregnant individual within an area of responsibility (AOR) or to another AOR, when appropriate and practicable, in order to ensure such access.”

Biden’s agency has opened the nation’s doors — and the U.S. job market — to more than one million economic migrants since January 2021. Many of the migrants are killed or raped while trying to reach Biden’s welcome.

(Read at Breitbart how Biden is skirting the issue of child rape among illegals)

Biden has opened the borders in hopes of flooding America with new Democrats. But if this is how he treats those he “welcomes,” then he might be losing them, too.

Speaking for the Hispanics within my circle of influence, all of them hold some Christian beliefs. A few hold to a evangelical tradition and the greater number hold to the Catholic tradition. None of them would appreciate their girls being treated like this. Therefore, this is a guaranteed way for Biden to kill more votes within the Latino realm.

Biden can open our streets to harm

Fighting Fentanyl: The Biden Administration’s Failure of Leadership

The U.S. House’s Roll Call explains how Biden’s border policy has lead to a failure of leadership in the attempt to stem the flow of fentanyl across the border.

The latest data on the opioid crisis shows how the COVID-19 pandemic reversed the progress America was making in decreasing drug overdose deaths.

More than 90,000 Americans died of overdoses between September 2019 and September 2020. Last year, drug overdose deaths rose by more than 27 percent in New York and more than 24 percent in Ohio. Based on current trends, we expect 2021 to be as bad, if not worse.

This heartbreaking surge comes after nationwide drug overdose deaths declined in 2018, for the first time since 1990, and we continued to make progress in 2019. Now, at local events like a Drug Take Back Day in Xenia, Ohio, and at a new addiction treatment service location in Syracuse, N.Y., our constituents tell us drug overdoses are getting worse every day.

The main driver of this surge in overdose deaths are synthetic opioids, and in particular, fentanyl. Fentanyl is cheap to manufacture and 50 times deadlier than heroin — only 2 mg is enough to kill someone. In 2019, there were 70,630 overdose deaths and more than half of those, 36,359, involved fentanyl, sometimes mixed with other drugs, like cocaine, crystal meth or heroin. That’s why keeping fentanyl out of our communities is a matter of life or death.

In years past, most of the fentanyl flooding our streets was coming into our country, shockingly, from China through the mail. A bipartisan report from the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations found that while federal law required private mail carriers to screen packages entering the U.S. to allow law enforcement to identify and stop suspicious packages and prosecute the traffickers, the U.S. Postal Service was exempt. Thus, smugglers were able to mail fentanyl right to people’s doorsteps.

In response, we passed the bipartisan Synthetics Trafficking and Overdose Prevention, or STOP, Act to close this loophole. It worked, but now we are learning that drug traffickers are shipping fentanyl through our southern border with Mexico. According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, “Mexican cartels are increasingly responsible for producing and supplying fentanyl to the U.S. market.” These cartels get chemical ingredients, primarily from China, to produce deadly fentanyl in Mexico to then ship it into our communities.  

Recent data by U.S. Customs and Border Protection shows a massive increase in seizures of fentanyl at the border. CBP has seized more than 600 pounds of deadly fentanyl every month for the last 12 months — a record. In the last six months alone, it has seized 5,400 pounds of fentanyl, enough to kill 1.2 billion people or the entire population of the United States more than three times over. This six-month total is more than all of last year, and CBP believes the vast majority of drugs are getting in without being stopped.

The reason for this is clear — the Biden administration’s radical policy changes have encouraged the drug cartels to smuggle more unlawful migrants and lethal, illicit substances across our southern border. The Biden administration systematically dismantled the existing border security framework put in place by the Trump administration, including revoking the COVID-19 emergency declaration for the border, stopping construction of the border fence, suspending the Remain in Mexico policy, canceling Asylum Cooperative Agreements and severely reducing immigration enforcement within the United States. Last month, Immigration and Customs Enforcement had the fewest deportations in its nearly two decades of existence.

Without deterrence policies, traffickers see a green light to send more drugs and people to the southern border. They use vulnerable individuals, particularly families and unaccompanied children who require significant processing time, as a way to distract Border Patrol agents to allow them to then move large quantities of fentanyl into the United States. This all leads to increased supply of deadly fentanyl, which means more drugs in our communities at lower prices.

(Read at Roll Call about a 4-step plan to stop fentanyl)

As America locked down, the fentanyl problem blossomed. Now it needs to be stemmed.

We need to shut the borders while the COVID issues do not have us bottled in our homes.

Furthermore, the COVID issue seems much too convenient for politicians who need mail-in ballots and too easily exaggerated by those who would profit (by power, by financial reward, or other motive) from large numbers of COVID cases. Therefore, I am really reticent to lend my trust to anyone who uses COVID as an excuse for anything (from not locking down the border to not securing the election).

The 10-year-old girl who Biden mentioned having traveled for an abortion was raped by a alleged illegal alien

As proof that Biden cannot get out of the way of screwing up his own story, Breitbart points out that the girl mentioned in Biden’s pro-abortion speech was raped by one of Biden’s illegal aliens.

An illegal alien is accused of raping a 10-year-old girl whose story was cited by President Joe Biden after she traveled from Ohio to Indiana to seek an abortion.

Gershon Fuentes, a 27-year-old illegal alien, was arraigned in court on Wednesday after he was arrested and charged. He allegedly admitted to raping the 10-year-old girl on two occasions in Columbus, Ohio.

The girl traveled to Indianapolis, Indiana, to get an abortion. A saliva sample was collected from Fuentes at the time of his arrest and detectives said DNA samples from him and from the girl’s siblings are being tested to verify the felony charges.

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) official confirmed to Breitbart News that Fuentes is an illegal alien living in the United States. The official also said the agency has placed a detainer on Fuentes to take him into their custody if he is released from local police custody.

Assistant Franklin County Prosecutor Dan Meyer told the media that Fuentes is believed to be an illegal alien living in the Columbus area. The Columbus Dispatch and the IndyStar both reported that Fuentes is suspected to be an illegal alien.

The Dispatch reports:

During Wednesday’s hearing, Assistant Franklin County Prosecutor Dan Meyer requested Fuentes be held without bondHe said Fuentes is not believed to be in the country legally and there are questions about his identity. [Emphasis added]

The rape swept international headlines after Biden repeated the story twice during speeches at the White House. Biden cited the case as evidence that girls and women would have to travel out of red states to seek abortions following the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade last month.

“Ten years old. Raped. Six weeks pregnant. Already traumatized. Was forced to travel to another state,” Biden said. “Imagine being that little girl. Just — I’m serious — just imagine being that little girl.”

Despite Biden’s claims, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost noted that although Ohio has hugely limited abortion across the state, its law allows for medical emergencies which include cases like the 10-year-old girl who was raped.

“She did not have to leave Ohio to find treatment,” Yost said.

(Read more at Breitbart)

So Biden essentially arranges for the rape and then demands an abortion

What could be a better set of slogans for Dementia Joe among the pro-illegal-alien/pro-abortion crowd?

Liberal group lands $171 million gov’t contract that could reach $1 billion to help illegal immigrants avoid deportation

Fox News exposes a contract with a liberal group that would help illegal aliens avoid deportation.

A left-wing nonprofit working to end mass incarceration landed a $171.7 million taxpayer-funded government contract that could potentially hit $1 billion to help unaccompanied minors avoid deportation, Fox News Digital has discovered.

The Vera Institute of Justice, a New York-based group that supports defunding police and views immigration enforcement agencies as a “threat” to civil liberties, was awarded a Health and Human Services-funded contract in March to provide legal assistance to unaccompanied minors, according to a federal database.

The arrangement lasts until March 2023 but can reach as high as $983 million if renewed until March 2027, the agreement shows. This appears to be the largest federal contract Vera has secured for immigration-related services for any single year dating back to the mid-2000s.

The lofty nine-figure contract came amid an escalating border crisis that saw more than 239,000 migrant encounters in May alone — a historic high. There were 14,699 encounters of unaccompanied minors in May, an increase from the 12,180 encountered in April and slightly higher than the 14,052 encountered in May 2021.

(Read more at Fox News)


From the border, Biden mocks the Supreme Court, illegals pile up, a Democrat Mayor calls for help, and Haitians are released

Supreme Court mandates return to Remain in Mexico policy. Biden regime ignores the court

The Washington Examiner reports on the Supreme Court’s decision to return to the Remain in Mexico policy; however, Biden has ignored the court again (after his mocking them by ignoring their ruling on his rent moratorium).

Former President Donald Trump’s “remain in Mexico” immigration policy will be reinstated after the Supreme Court refused a Biden administration request Tuesday night to block a lower court ruling requiring the restrictions be put back in place.

The Justice Department sought to have the court stay a recent decision by a federal judge in Texas that ordered the Biden administration to “enforce and implement” the policy, known as the Migrant Protection Protocols, until it could be lawfully suspended.

U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, a Trump appointee, ruled on Aug. 13 the administration violated federal procedural law when it first suspended the border policy in January and when it fully rescinded the policy on June 1. The rescission, Kacsmaryk determined, was arbitrary and capricious in violation of the Administrative Procedures Act, which governs the administration of federal regulations.

The Justice Department asked the high court to block Kacsmaryk’s order, saying it would “severely disrupt” the administration’s operations at the border and that it threatened “to create a diplomatic and humanitarian crisis.”

The Supreme Court determined the government would not likely succeed on appeal on the merits of its claim that the administration’s rescission of the policy complied with the law.

“The applicants have failed to show a likelihood of success on the claim that the memorandum rescinding the Migrant Protection Protocols was not arbitrary and capricious,” the court said in its order.

Justices Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan granted the Justice Department’s stay application.

The Homeland Security Department said it plans to continue with its appeal of Kacsmaryk’s reinstatement order — the Supreme Court ruled narrowly on whether to pause the order as the government seeks a victory on the merits of its rescission of MPP — but will “comply with the order in good faith.”

“Alongside interagency partners, DHS has begun to engage with the Government of Mexico in diplomatic discussions surrounding the Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP),” the agency said in a statement.

The original complaint was filed on April 13 by Texas and Missouri, which claimed financial injury due to the rescission of the policy. The policy was first implemented in January 2019 and directed immigration authorities to return certain migrants to Mexico as they awaited their removal proceedings.

Missouri claimed the end of the policy forced it to direct more state resources to initiatives, including its Human Trafficking Task Force, stressed by the influx of migrants from the southern border.

Kacsmaryk said the Biden administration “failed to consider the main benefits of [the Migrant Protection Protocols]” and to adequately consider how states would be affected by the release of thousands of migrants into their jurisdictions.

(Read of the record number of crossings and response by Mayorkas at the Washington Examiner)

I don’t know whether Joe has decided to further ignore the border in order to distract us from his Afghanistan disaster or whether this is just full-scale invasion

In the end, nothing about the Biden border policy helps America for these reasons:

  • It opens us up to more fentanyl when we are already experiencing an opioid epidemic.
  • It allows more diseases (many of which we once had eliminated within our borders) back into our states (not to mention new variants of the ever-hyped COVID-19).
  • It provides a pipeline for illegal guns to run both north and south of the border
  • It strengthens the hand of human traffickers (especially those who sex traffic children and women).
  • It opens our population to terrorists 

Texas Rep. Pfluger visits Del Rio migrant camp as numbers spike, warns ‘worst is yet to come’

Fox News points out the conditions observed by Representative Pfluger at Del Rio as the Haitian invasion began.

Rep. August Pfluger, R-Texas, on Saturday spoke to Fox News as he visited the site of the migrant surge in Del Rio, Texas, saying that the number of predominantly Haitian migrants camping there in squalid conditions is approaching 15,000 — and warning the situation could get much worse.

“Speaking to Border Patrol agents, the worst is yet to come, they’re worried about what is behind here, they’re worried about co-ordination with Mexico,” he told Fox News from Del Rio.

Officials have described an “out of control” situation as they scramble to cope with a flood of migrants that has spiked from 4,000 on Wednesday to now what Pfluger said was 14,878 as of Saturday afternoon. Fox News images have shown migrants streaming across the border by their hundreds for days.

“It’s worse than you could imagine,” Pfluger said, whose office also provided images of the chaos to Fox News.

The migrants have set up a de facto camp under the bridge to shelter from the 100 degree heat as their numbers swell and they wait to be processed by Border Patrol. Officials have rushed toilets, water, medical supplies and other humanitarian aid to try and help.

(Read accounts of attempted border shutdowns and staffing arrangements at Fox News

The more I think of this situation, all of this seems to be going as planned by the White House

The more I think about this invasion, this seems to fit into the plans of the socialists who run things in the White House. They want to “fundamentally change America” by importing as many socialists as possible. It does not matter that they will bankrupt the nation. They will get these little socialists on handout programs as soon as possible and, thereby, have a new class of devoted Democrat voters.

Democrat Del Rio Mayor calls for help from Biden and Harris

The Epoch Times reports the words of Democrat Mayor Mayor Bruno Lozano as he called on members of his own party for help.

Democratic Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano has called out President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris for failing to make an appearance at his town as it battles with an overwhelming illegal immigrant crisis that has left Border Patrol agents struggling to process thousands of people.

More than 15,000 illegal immigrants, including Haitian, Cuban, and Venezuelan nationals, have illegally entered the United States in recent days and taken shelter underneath the border bridge connecting Del Rio, a Texas town of about 35,000 people, to Ciudad Acuña, Mexico.

While numerous official figures and congressmen, including Rep. August Pfluger (R-Texas) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), have visited the town, shared images, and urged the Biden administration to take action, both Biden and Harris have been noticeably absent.

On Sept.18, as Pfluger warned that the situation has “reached boiling point,” Harris made an appearance at Howard University where she led a coin toss at the university’s football event.

(Read more at the Epoch Times about the Democrat non-response)

This should be the message to working-class Democrats in America: “You have been abandoned for the illegal alien socialists.”

As has become evident by the acts of the Democrats at the border, working class Democrats have now been abandoned by the party in favor of illegal alien socialists.  Although an imperceptibly small minority of illegal aliens are being sent back, the majority that the Biden CBP encounter are being spread across America.

The Biden regime continues with unequal application of the law

As illustrated by the tweet below, Biden has chosen to continue with an unequal application of the law even when dealing with illegal aliens.

Texas law enforcement takes action over migrant crisis in Del Rio

The Blaze reports that Texas Rangers have started picking up the slack where the federal agents under Joe Biden have slacked off.

Texas law enforcement took action late Saturday over the growing migrant crisis unfolding in Del Rio, Texas, a small town situated on the southern United States border with Mexico.

What are the details?

Gov. Greg Abbott said Saturday the Texas Department of Public Safety and Texas National Guard were working together to secure the area of the border where thousands of Haitian migrants have poured into the U.S. in recent days.

“The Texas Department of Public Safety is in full force along the border around the Del Rio area. They have built a barricade with their squad cars and State Troopers,” Abbott said. “The National Guard is working with them to secure the border.”

The Texas DPS shared images on social media showing a massive fleet of vehicles parked on the banks of the Rio Grande river.

(Read how Texas forces plan to act at The Blaze)

At least Abbott is trying to do what Biden will not do.

Because Biden has abandoned the border, Governor Abbott has been forced to use Texas resources to stem the flow of illegal aliens into Texas.

In contradiction to Biden claims, the majority of Haitians are released into America

The Associated Press report that (of the 16,000 Haitians amassed at Del Rio) many are being released into America.

Many Haitian migrants camped in a small Texas border town are being released in the United States, two U.S. officials said, undercutting the Biden administration’s public statements that the thousands in the camp faced immediate expulsion.

Haitians have been freed on a “very, very large scale” in recent days, according to one U.S. official who put the figure in the thousands. The official, who has direct knowledge of operations, was not authorized to discuss the matter Tuesday and spoke on condition of anonymity.

Many have been released with notices to appear at an immigration office within 60 days, an outcome that requires less processing time from Border Patrol agents than ordering an appearance in immigration court and points to the speed at which authorities are moving, the official said.

The Homeland Security Department has been busing Haitians from Del Rio to El Paso, Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley along the Texas border, and this week added flights to Tucson, Arizona, the official said. They are processed by the Border Patrol at those locations.

A second U.S. official, also with direct knowledge and speaking on the condition of anonymity, said large numbers of Haitians were being processed under immigration laws and not being placed on expulsion flights to Haiti that started Sunday. The official couldn’t be more specific about how many.

U.S. authorities scrambled in recent days for buses to Tucson but resorted to flights when they couldn’t find enough transportation contractors, both officials said. Coast Guard planes took Haitians from Del Rio to El Paso.

The releases in the U.S. were occurring despite the signaling of a massive effort to expel Haitians on flights to Haiti under pandemic-related authority that denies migrants an opportunity to seek asylum. A third U.S. official not authorized to discuss operations said there were seven daily flights to Haiti planned starting Wednesday.

Accounts of wide-scale releases — some observed at the Del Rio bus station by Associated Press journalists — are at odds with statements a day earlier by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, who traveled to Del Rio to promise swift action.

“If you come to the United States illegally, you will be returned, your journey will not succeed, and you will be endangering your life and your family’s life,” he said at a Monday news conference.

The releases come amid a quick effort to empty the camp under a bridge that, according to some estimates, held more than 14,000 people over the weekend in a town of 35,000 people. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, during a visit Tuesday to Del Rio, said the county’s top official told him the most recent tally at the camp was about 8,600 migrants.

The criteria for deciding who is flown to Haiti and who is released in the U.S. was unclear, but two U.S. officials said single adults were the priority for expulsion flights.

The Homeland Security Department did not immediately respond to a request for comment late Tuesday night.

(Read more at the Associated Press)

For those Haitians who got into America, some revolted

As reported by Kingsville CBS affiliate KIII, Haitians in CBP custody attempted escape and take-over of a CPB bus.

New images have come to light of Monday’s incident just south of Kingsville, Texas, involving some Haitian migrants and the Department of Homeland Security.

The group of migrants were being transported by bus to Brownsville when there was a revolt. The Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office said the migrants fought with agents, forced the bus to stop, and then escaped. Footage of the incident was brought to Governor Greg Abbott’s attention during a news conference Tuesday.

“We saw something yesterday that we knew was going to happen,” said Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council.

Judd was in Del Rio at the news conference with Governor Abbott spotlighting the Haitian migrant crisis there.

“If you are targeting Texas to come to, we are going to show up in force and shut down the border,” Abbott said.

“When those people who were in buses south of Kingsville, Texas, when they found out they were going to be sent back to Haiti, they took the bus over and they fled,” Judd said.

Kleberg County Sheriff Richard Kirkpatrick was one of a number of lawmen who showed up to the scene to help out the ICE agents.

“These illegal migrants assaulted the federal agents on the bus and somehow they managed to escape custody for a brief moment in time, and agents then had to chase them down again and get into another scuffle on the side of the road with these individuals to try and detain them,” Kirkpatrick said.

The desperation seen in the Haitian migrants trying to cross the border is partly due to a recent earthquake that destroyed or damaged nearly 130,000 homes. Haiti’s president was also assassinated earlier this year. The U.S. State Department issued a travel advisory telling Americans not to visit Haiti because of the civil unrest, crime and COVID-19.

Eddie Canales, a South Texas immigrant rights activist, said those Haitians acted in desperation because they are fearful of returning to their country. He believes the Haitian migrants at our state’s border should be welcomed into the country and not deported back to Haiti.

“There needs to be immediate humanitarian parole given to the Haitians in this country or you know, temporary protected status, or as refugees,” Canales said. “Figure out what’s going on. Did any actions take place in Haiti to keep people from leaving in terms of relief after the earthquake? I doubt it very much.”

(Read more at KIII)

The statement “There needs to be immediate humanitarian parole given” provides all the proof we need that this situation is insane. The inmates have taken over the asylum.


Free speech, online forums (especially Twitter), and Biden’s America

California man sues Twitter, AOC over ‘pain and suffering’ caused by Trump ban

The New York Post provides a 15 January 2021 article that cites a suit brought by a California man against Twitter.

TwitsThe notoriously litigious, self-described California sex addict best known for suing Twitch over masturbation injuries allegedly caused by the video streaming platform’s “scantily clad gamers” has a new target — this time filing a lawsuit against Twitter, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rep. Ilhan Omar over the “overbearing pain and suffering” caused by the social media giant’s ban of President Trump.

In an 11-page legal document filed Tuesday in the Northern District of California, Erik Estavillo argues that he is entitled to $88.7 million in compensation, the reinstatement of Trump’s account and a retaliatory ban of both AOC and Omar, who he says use the platform to “promote eastern communist philosophies.”

Estavillo, who is representing himself in the case, claims in the filing to have run for Congress himself last year and says that due to a variety of ailments — which include depression, agoraphobia, Crohn’s disease and OCD — he has “no friends” and relies on social media as his only way of participating in political discourse.

“The Americans with Disabilities Act should protect him from such egregious behavior on the part of Twitter,” according to the lawsuit. “He has nowhere else to voice his first amendment rights to free speech.”

The crux of his legal claim appears to center around the idea that being on Twitter is comparable to living in a “company town,” such as Pullman, Illinois, or Hershey, Pennsylvania, that he physically cannot leave. The suit cites case law from the 1946 ruling in Marsh v. Alabama.

In an exclusive statement to The Post, Estavillo said he is a Democrat and supported Bernie Sanders in last year’s primary election, but sees this lawsuit as a way to protect the American people’s First Amendment rights online.

“We are not China and we shouldn’t aspire to be,” he said. “Let’s do what’s right so we can all sleep well at the end of the day.”

Estavillo also says he’s planning to file more lawsuits against other social media companies that have since given Trump the boot.

On the flipside, the lawsuit also argues that AOC and Omar’s incendiary posting style and public personas have damaged his “psyche” — and that they should be banned from the platform as a result.

Among the many claims meant to demonstrate why the pair of “Squad” members should have their accounts purged, Estavillo appears to contend that one reason is AOC’s reluctance to date him.

“AOC even has a white boyfriend but would never think of dating a Mexican like the plaintiff,” the suit reads. “They’re hypocrites.”

Estavillo says that line was simply meant to “highlight that I believe not everyone is who they say they are.”

He also notes that in a recent Twitch appearance, Omar’s computer system appeared “highly expensive,” something that “most poor and disenfranchised people can’t afford, even before the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Representatives for Ocasio-Cortez and Omar did not immediately respond to a request for comment — though Omar tweeted Tuesday, “Bless their heart” in response to news of the suit. A spokesperson for Twitter told The Post the company had “no comment at this time.”

(Read more at the New York Post)

Lawsuits like these would only be entered in California

Surely no self-respecting Texan would bother to enter such a lawsuit. This only makes light of the situations faced by other (more challenged) Twitter users.

Child sex abuse survivor sues Twitter for refusing to remove child porn images of him

Life Site News reports on a lawsuit brought by a child sex abuse survivor (now 16) against Twitter for publishing porn images of him on its platform.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center (NCOSE), The Haba Law Firm, and The Matiasic Firm jointly filed a federal lawsuit against Twitter on behalf of a minor who was trafficked on the social media platform that boasts more than 330 million users.

The plaintiff, John Doe, a minor, was harmed by Twitter’s distribution of material depicting his sexual abuse and by Twitter’s knowing refusal to remove the images of his sexual abuse (child pornography) when notified by the plaintiff and the plaintiff’s parents. The case, John Doe v. Twitter, was filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

At age 16, Plaintiff John Doe was horrified to find out sexually graphic videos of himself — made at age 13 under duress by sex traffickers — had been posted to Twitter. Both John Doe and his mother, Jane Doe, contacted the authorities and Twitter. Using Twitter’s reporting system, which according to its policies is designed to catch and stop illegal material like child sexual abuse material (CSAM) from being distributed, the Doe family verified that John Doe was a minor and the videos needed to be taken down immediately.

“As John Doe’s situation makes clear, Twitter is not committed to removing child sex abuse material from its platform. Even worse, Twitter contributes to and profits from the sexual exploitation of countless individuals because of its harmful practices and platform design,” said Peter Gentala, senior legal counsel for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center. “Despite its public expressions to the contrary, Twitter is swarming with uploaded child pornography and Twitter management does little or nothing to prevent it.”

Instead of the videos being removed, Twitter did nothing, even reporting back to John Doe that the video in question did not in fact violate any of their policies. This lack of care and proper attention resulted in the CSAM of John Doe accumulating more than 167,000 views before direct involvement from a law enforcement officer caused Twitter to remove the child pornography material. John Doe is now suing Twitter for its involvement in and profiting from his sexual exploitation, which violates the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act and various other protections afforded by law.

“All of these views could have been prevented by Twitter, but it inexplicably refused to remove Doe’s videos despite clear proof that he is a minor. No child or parent should have to endure this egregious violation of their rights by a technology company,” said Lisa Haba, partner at The Haba Law Firm.

“Twitter clearly needs to properly address the egregious issues of exploitation and abuse happening throughout its platform. We hope that John Doe receives some measure of justice and that this lawsuit will pave the way for other survivors to seek justice,” Gentala said.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center offers survivors of pornography-related abuse a way to seek justice.

(Read more at Life Site News)

I do not care what community Twitter considers itself a member of, circulating child porn is not acceptable

The top brass at Twitter need to be held accountable for this. They need to see the inside of a prison cell with a “child molester” sign around their neck.

British Columbia billionaire is given the green light to sue Twitter over ‘Pizzagate’ tweets

The CBC tells us how Canadian courts have opened the floodgates for British Columbian citizens to sue Twitter.

FrankGiustraWest Vancouver billionaire Frank Giustra has been given the go-ahead to sue Twitter in a B.C. courtroom over the social media giant’s publication of a series of tweets tying him to baseless conspiracy theories involving pedophile rings and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

In a ruling released Thursday, Justice Elliott Myers found that Giustra’s history and presence in British Columbia, combined with the possibility the tweets may have been seen by as many as 500,000 B.C. Twitter users, meant a B.C. court should have jurisdiction over the case.

It’s a victory not only for Giustra — whose philanthropic activities have earned him membership in both the Orders of Canada and B.C. — but for Canadian plaintiffs trying to hold U.S.-based internet platforms responsible for border-crossing content.

‘I believe that words do matter’

In a statement, Giustra said he was looking forward to pursuing the case in the province where he built his reputation as the founder of Lionsgate Entertainment.

“I hope this lawsuit will help raise public awareness of the real harm to society if social media platforms are not held responsible for the content posted and published on their sites,” Giustra said.

“I believe that words do matter, and recent events have demonstrated that hate speech can incite violence with deadly consequences.”

Giustra filed the defamation lawsuit in April 2019, seeking an order to force Twitter to remove tweets he claimed painted him as “corrupt” and “criminal.”

He claimed he was targeted by a group who vilified him “for political purposes” in relation to the 2016 U.S. election and his work in support of the Clinton Foundation.

The online attacks allegedly included death threats and links to “pizzagate” — a “false, discredited and malicious conspiracy theory in which [Giustra] was labelled as a ‘pedophile,'” the claim stated.

Thorny questions

Twitter has not filed a response to Giustra’s claim itself — applying instead to have the case tossed because of jurisdiction.

The California-based company said it does not do business in B.C. and that Giustra was only relying on his B.C. roots to file the case in Canada because it would be a non-starter in the U.S., where the First Amendment protects free speech.

The company claimed he would have been mostly affected in the U.S. where he spends much of his time, owns extensive property and has substantial interests in the entertainment industry — meaning B.C. is only tangentially connected to the matter.

In essence, Myers said, Twitter claimed it was only a platform for others to post comment, and couldn’t be expected to face defamation cases every place people felt aggrieved.

The judge said the case presented some difficult — if timely — questions.

“This case illustrates the jurisdictional difficulties with internet defamation where the publication of the defamatory comments takes place in multiple countries where the plaintiff has a reputation to protect,” Myers wrote.

“The presumption is that a defendant should be sued in only one jurisdiction for an alleged wrong, but that is not a simple goal to achieve fairly for internet defamation.”

‘Strong ties to the province’

Myers found Giustra’s connection to B.C. undeniable.

“There can be no dispute that Mr. Giustra has a significant reputation in British Columbia. He also has strong ties to the province,” he wrote.

“The fact that he has a reputation in or connections to other jurisdictions does not detract from that.”

The judge said Giustra had also done what he needed to do to show his reputation in B.C. might have been affected.

(Read more at the CBC)

In the U.S., the courts have had a habit of protecting Twitter

Earlier, courts tossed out suits (one by Mac Isaac, the computer shop owner associated with the Hunter Biden laptop and another by Representative Nunes) against Twitter.

Hopefully, this will start a reversal of fortunes for the woke corporation.

Parler sues Amazon for kicking it off the Internet

The Verge reports on a lawsuit brought by a Parler against Amazon for kicking it off of the Internet.

ParlerThe creators of social network Parler have sued Amazon for ending a web hosting agreement after last week’s riot at the US Capitol. Parler claims Amazon Web Services severed ties to stop Parler from competing with the larger social platform Twitter, and it’s asking a court to stop Amazon from shutting down its account — arguing that an extended shutdown would be like “pulling the plug on a hospital patient on life support.”

Parler bills itself as a more permissive alternative to Facebook and Twitter, particularly as those sites have cracked down on President Donald Trump and his supporters for seeking to violently overturn the US election results. That stance has earned backlash from digital infrastructure companies. Apple and Google removed the Parler app from their stores, limiting its reach. Amazon dealt an even more fatal blow when it kicked Parler off AWS, taking the site down altogether.

The lawsuit sheds some light on Amazon’s rationale for banning Parler. In an email, Amazon’s moderation team says it is “troubled” by repeated policy violations. The email cites 98 posts that incite violence. It includes screenshots of a call to hang “traitors,” as well as an exhortation to “start systematicly assasinating [sic]” liberal leaders, supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement, and others in January — with a note that “I already have a news worthy event planned.” Amazon said publicly that it “cannot provide services to a customer that is unable to effectively identify and remove content that encourages or incites violence against others.”

AWS is the world’s largest cloud service provider, controlling approximately one-third of the market, followed by competitors like Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Parler argues that getting kicked off AWS was a “death knell” for the site, since it’s been unable to find another host. And it claims Amazon made the call to protect Twitter, since the two companies signed a multiyear deal for web services last year. It also says it was banned because of “political animus.”

Groups like the American Civil Liberties Union have questioned the power of infrastructure providers to suppress speech online. “It’s understandable that no company would want to be associated with the repellant speech that is now rampant,” ACLU attorney Ben Wizner told New York Times reporter Davey Alba. Nonetheless, “there will be times when large majorities of people want to repel speech that is genuinely important. So I think we should encourage, in a broad sense, companies like Amazon to embrace neutrality principles.”

As a private company, however, Amazon has broad legal latitude to cut off customers. It’s also not necessarily responsible for Parler’s difficulty in finding a new host. While the suit says AWS’s public statements about moderation have “made Parler a pariah,” activists were already pressuring companies to cut ties with the site.

An Amazon spokesperson told The Verge that there was “no merit” to the suit’s claims. “AWS provides technology and services to customers across the political spectrum, and we respect Parler’s right to determine for itself what content it will allow. However, it is clear that there is significant content on Parler that encourages and incites violence against others, and that Parler is unable or unwilling to promptly identify and remove this content, which is a violation of our terms of service,” said the spokesperson. “We made our concerns known to Parler over a number of weeks and during that time we saw a significant increase in this type of dangerous content, not a decrease, which led to our suspension of their services Sunday evening.”

Parler’s lawsuit echoes a similar complaint by Gab, another social network favored by far-right figures. Gab sued Google in 2017 for kicking it off the Play Store, claiming it amounted to anti-competitive behavior. However, it dropped the suit after Google allowed it to resubmit the app for review.

(Go to The Verge for the papers detailing the suit against Amazon)

Since Parler should have been protected by Section 230, the deplatforming of Parler should be reason enough for Republicans to fix the Twitter/Google/Facebook/Instagram situation once they regain power

If Google Play Store and Apple Play Store can insist that Parler impose leftist censoring or lose their spot in their stores, that sounds like the collusion of a cartel. If Google and Apple can get with Amazon and remove Parler from the Internet, it seems they used their government-like power (derived by being given access directly from the U.S. government then in charge of the Internet) to deny a free-speech forum access to the Internet.

Poland: The center of online free speech

Breitbart points out how Poland might become the center of online free speech.

Poland'sFreedomActAgainstBigTechCensorshipPoland’s new Freedom Act against Big Tech censorship will see members of the public automatically notified of “shadowbans” and empowered to overturn restrictions if their speech online is lawful.

Speaking exclusively to Breitbart News, Deputy Minister of Justice Sebastian Kaleta, who is spearheading the new legislation, confirmed that “every time an algorithm is used to limit reach, the user will be informed if and why his reach is being limited.”

The Polish government has previously confirmed that its new laws against tech censorship will give Polish citizens a statutory right to appeal against bans and content removal if their speech was lawful under the Polish constitution, with a new Free Speech Board able to order tech firms to restore removed accounts and content on pain of huge fines.

Some tech censorship is more insidious, however, with Silicon Valley drastically curtailing some users’ reach and ability to build a following — sometimes openly, sometimes not — through so-called “shadowbans”, without ever outright banning them or deleting content.

Kaleta told Breitbart London that “the process of using algorithms to suppress particular views, as long as they do not break Polish law, [will] be regulated” and that “if social media platforms break this law, they will be fined.”

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s government in Hungary has also confirmed that it will be taking action to prevent the shadowbanning of “Christian, conservative, [and] right-wing” voices online.

While some right-wingers have been reluctant to call on elected officials to secure their right to speak freely on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube because they are “private companies”, Kaleta was clear that, for the Law and Justice Party (PiS) government in Poland, the provision of state protection of people’s right to freedom of expression online was merely part of the “civilisational process”.

“Since we have laws regarding banking, telecommunications, the armaments industry, and many other fields, we should also regulate Big Tech,” he insisted, pointing out that social media platforms “provide a concrete service, that is the ability to communicate on a large scale” and compared them to public utilities like telephone companies.

“The owners of social media companies are not running just any business. The Big Tech companies are now monopolies,” he said.

“I mean, imagine if Alexander Graham Bell were to decide who can speak through the telephone and Thomas Edison decided where lightbulbs were to be used?” he asked.

(Read this at Breitbart)

Odd that a government that has been under the jackbooted heel of communists now stands up against Fascist Twitter

The Polish, who have lived under the boot of the real “Russians, Russians, Russians” now is a better source of free speech than Jack Dorsey will ever dream of being. Fascist thug that he is.

Eleven stories on the negative sides of Black Lives Matter

  1. Kamala Harris praises BLM and says ongoing protests are ‘essential’ for change in US

Fox News points out in a 26 September 2020 article how Kamala Harris has recently praised Black Lives Matter and said that the ongoing protests are “essential” for change in the U.S.

KamalaHarrisEssentialPeaceful protests against racial injustice are critical for the nation’s progress and help to keep law enforcement in check, Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., said Friday.

“Nothing that we have achieved that has been about progress, in particular around civil rights, has come without a fight, and so I always am going to interpret these protests as an essential component of evolution in our country — as an essential component or mark of a real democracy,” the vice presidential nominee said during the NAACP’s national convention.

She added that protests were “necessary” as “the people’s voices must be heard, and it is often the people who must speak to get their government to do what it is supposed to do, but may not do naturally unless the people speak loudly — and obviously peacefully.”

Harris also praised the “brilliance” and “impact” of “Black Lives Matter,” which has received media praise but also come under fire for promoting left-wing stances like opposing the nuclear family. “I actually believe that ‘Black Lives Matter’ has been the most significant agent for change within the criminal justice system,” she said.

Her comments came during mass protests surrounding the deaths of Black Americans like Breonna Taylor, whose case prompted a series of demonstrations earlier this week. While the vast majority of demonstrations — which began in late May — have been peaceful, some have resulted in property destruction.

Footage quickly emerged purportedly showing buildings vandalized and burned in Louisville, Ky., after a grand jury decided to indict just one of the officers involved in Taylor’s death.

Across the country, violent confrontations during these demonstrations have led to deaths and injuries, including for demonstrators, journalists and police officers. In Louisville, Kentucky, two officers were shot, and subsequently hospitalized, during protests surrounding Taylor’s case.

Former Vice President Joe Biden and other Democrats have been criticized for allegedly not doing enough to denounce violent demonstrations, while President’s Trump campaign has attempted to tie their statements to on-going riots.

(Read more at Fox News)

The essential actions are not rioting — they are removal of politicians who support violence and lawlessness

It seems more essential that representatives like Maxine Waters (who have called for actions against Republicans) should be removed from office. Likewise, officials like Kamala (who have bailed out rioters) should be removed.

  1. Poll: More disapprove of Black Lives Matter protests than approve

Breitbart reports in a 25 September 2020 article that approval for Black Lives Matter has dropped from 54 to 39%.

Support for Black Lives Matter protests has plunged from 54 percent to 39 percent in the past three months, and those who disapprove of the movement now outnumber those who approve it, according to a poll released by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research at the University of Chicago on Wednesday.

The poll results confirmed a stunning drop in public support for the Black Lives Matter protests, which have increasingly turned into violent riots that have swept urban areas of the country since the death of George Floyd subsequent to his arrest by police in Minneapolis in May.

The poll of 1,108 adults in the United States was conducted between September 11 and September 14 and has a margin of error of four percent.

When asked, “In general, do you approve, disapprove, or neither approve nor disapprove of the recent protests against police violence?” a five percent plurality of poll respondents said they disapprove rather than approve of the protests. This significant change in public attitudes measured in the poll comes despite the suggestive framing of the question that characterizes the protests as “against police violence,” when they could arguably more accurately be described as “violent protests against police.”

Forty-four percent of poll respondents said they disapprove of the protests, and only 39 percent approve of them. This marks a dramatic decline of support for the Black Lives Matter protests over the past three months. When the same question was asked by the same polling organization in June, 54 percent of poll respondents said they approved of the protests, while only 32 percent said they disapproved.

This represents a huge swing of 27 points against the Black Lives Matter protests, from a +22 point approval rating in June to a -5 point approval rating in September.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s lead over President Trump among the adults who responded to the poll has dropped significantly over the past three months as well. In June, Biden had an 11 point lead over Trump, 41 percent to 30 percent. In September, his lead dropped to four points, 40 percent to 36 percent.

(Read more at Breitbart)

Even the main stream press cannot suppress the truth of these riots

Even the main stream press cannot hide the naked liberal violence in liberal Democrat cities. They cannot hide the fact that Republican-led cities are not seeing similar riots. So, the truth starts to come out.

  1. Public schools across America promote Black Lives Matter and organize protests

The Daily Caller reports in a 21 September 2020 article that public schools across America have been promoting Black Lives Matter and organizing protests.

Public schools across the country have endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement and encouraged teachers, students and parents to do the same, with some schools organizing their own BLM protests, a Daily Caller News Foundation review found.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been linked to 91% of riots across the United States between May 24 and Sept. 12, according to the US Crisis Monitor, a joint project of the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project and the Bridging Divides Initiative at Princeton University.

Despite the close links between the Black Lives Matter movement and riots across the country, public schools have been a consistent source of support for the movement.

Buffalo Public Schools integrated Black Lives Matter’s “guiding principles,” which include disrupting the nuclear family, into its curriculum for elementary school students, according to lesson plans obtained and published by Fox News on Friday.

One such principle included in the lesson, “Black Villages,” calls for “the disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics and a return to the ‘collective village’ that takes care of each other.”


Milwaukee Public Schools held a Black Lives Matter Week of Action in February. The listed demands for the week’s events included: “Fund counselors not cops.”

“Please join Ms. Seidel and other Buckman families for a Kid’s March to show support for the memory of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. Families are encouraged to make signs and meet in front of Buckman at 3pm on Sunday, June 7th,” the principal of Buckman Elementary, a Portland public school, told students in a newsletter.

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

Adults need to make better decisions concerning our schools

Obviously, children need to be taken out of certain schools and put in private or home schooling. In other cases, adults need to pay close attention to who runs for school administrator. This cannot continue as it is.

Since my son is in college and we have some time to work to prepare for the next generation, I fully support the dollars following the student. Hence, I support school choice.

  1. Study finds that Black Lives Matter is linked to 91% of riots over 3 months

The Daily Caller points out through a 17 September 2020 article that a study has found that Black Lives Matter is linked to 91% of riots over 3 months.

kenosha-riotThe Black Lives Matter movement is linked to more than nine-in-ten riots across the country, according to a recent study.

The U.S. experienced 637 riots between May 26 and Sept. 12, and 91% of those riots were linked to the Black Lives Matter movement, according to the US Crisis Monitor, a joint project of the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project and the Bridging Divides Initiative at Princeton University.

Forty-nine states, not counting Washington, D.C., experienced riots during that time period, the study found. California led the nation with 86 riots during that time, closely followed by Oregon with 79 riots during that time period, the data show.

Seven percent of Black Lives Matter-linked events have turned violent, according to the data.

The project defined “riots” as “demonstrations in which any demonstrators engage in violently disruptive or destructive acts (e.g. violence, looting, vandalism, etc.), as well as mob violence in which violent mobs target other individuals, property, businesses, or other groups.”

Black Lives Matter-linked events were defined as: “demonstrations that have a local BLM group involved; when the main issue of the demonstration concerns the police killing of a specific Black person (e.g. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor;) when the main issue of the demonstration concerns police brutality against Black people in general; or when the demonstration is in solidarity with the movement in the USA against police brutality against Black people.”

Black Lives Matter Global Network, the national arm of Black Lives Matter, has seen an explosion in financial support from celebrities and large corporations since George Floyd died after a Minneapolis police officer knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes, according to video of the May 25 incident.

Some Black Lives Matter leaders have declined to condemn rioting and looting.

Black Lives Matter Chicago organizer Ariel Atkins last month equated looting with “reparations.”

“I don’t care if someone decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike store, because that makes sure that person eats,” Atkins said. “That makes sure that person has clothes. That is reparations.”

Black Lives Matter New York leader Hawk Newsome downplayed rioting in an April interview with Fox News. “I think that it is a tool of white supremacy to say if you want freedom, then you get it by protesting peacefully,” he said.

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

The concept supported by BLM seems to be “burn it down until it becomes Marxist”

Despite their current denials, their strategy of violence has been a central part of their plan and it will not work with me.

  1. BLM founders support Marxism and a convicted cop-killer. Funding comes via group with a convicted terrorist

The Christian Broadcasting Network writes in a 10 September 2020 article about the Marxist/terrorist/murderous beginnings and existence of Black Lives Matter.

Protests continued in Rochester, New York, last night over the death of Daniel Prude, despite the police chief’s announcement Wednesday that he and other leaders from his team are resigning.

Backed by Black Lives Matter, the demonstrators are now calling for the mayor’s resignation and defunding the police.

Given the tactics and growing destruction of ongoing protests, critics are raising questions about the goals of the organization behind the movement.

As CBN News and other outlets have reported, the three founders of Black Lives Matter identify themselves as Marxists.

BLMAlicia GarzaAnd one of them, Alicia Garza, says her inspiration comes from a domestic terrorist named Joanne Chesimard, also known as Assata Shakur, who was convicted of murdering a New Jersey state trooper, “execution-style”.

The FBI Most Wanted list says, “Chesimard and her accomplices opened fire on the troopers. One trooper was wounded and the other was shot and killed execution-style at point-blank range.”

Meanwhile, the Washington Examiner reports that BLM funding is funneled through the left-wing group called Thousand Currents, which includes a convicted terrorist named Susan Rosenberg on its board of directors. Rosenberg was pardoned by President Bill Clinton.

CBN News spoke with Quin Hillyer, a commentary writer for the Examiner, to learn more about these connections.

“Their ultimate goal is cultural revolution and it’s left-wing Marxist revolution at that. It is to completely upend the society, upend the capitalist system entirely, to institute a radical redistribution not just of wealth, but of all sorts of things, of power, etc., etc., and to create their openly Marxist or communist society, that’s what they say they want to do,” Hillyer explained.

The BLM organization also opposes the biblical definition of family and celebrates homosexuality and transgenderism. Its website lists among its goals: “We disrupt the western proscribed nuclear family structure.”

(Read more at the Christian Broadcasting Network)

It stands to reason that a group of rioters would be lead by a murderer

It is even more logical to see that these anarchists would be lead by a cop killer.

Hopefully, America will wake up.

  1. Data: 48 of America’s 50 largest cities hit by Black Lives Matter riots

Breitbart reported in a 6 September 2020 article on how 48 of the 50 largest cities of America have been hit by Black Lives Matter riots.

New data from Princeton University show that riots associated with the Black Lives Matter movement took place in 48 out of the 50 largest cities in the United States.

The study found:

In more than 93% of all demonstrations connected to the movement, demonstrators have not engaged in violence or destructive activity. Peaceful protests are reported in over 2,400 distinct locations around the country. Violent demonstrations, meanwhile, have been limited to fewer than 220 locations ​— under 10% of the areas that experienced peaceful protests.

Mainstream media seized on the data last week to argue that the “Trump narrative” of violent demonstrations was false. The study itself speculated that public perceptions of riots were skewed by “political orientation and biased media framing” and “disproportionate coverage of violent demonstrations.”

(Read more at Breitbart)

If this does not constitute a war on America, there are few things that could

Still, with the times that Black Lives Matter tried invading a small town only to be rebuffed by armed and practiced gun owners, this “revolution” will probably not spread to the small towns.

  1. A hacked Soros memo says $650,000 to Black Lives Matter

Breitbart reported in a 16 August 2020 article how a leaked Soros memo says he paid $650,000 to Black Lives Matter.

SorosMemoGeorge Soros’s Open Society Institute viewed the 2015 Baltimore unrest following the death of Freddie Gray as opening a “unique opportunity” to create “accountability” for the Baltimore police while aiding activists in reforming the city, according to hacked documents reviewed by Breitbart Jerusalem.

The documents further confirm that the Open Society last year approved $650,000 to “invest in technical assistance and support for the groups at the core of the burgeoning #BlackLivesMatter movement.”

The information was contained in a detailed 69-page Open Society report on the agenda of an Open Society U.S. Programs board meeting held in New York October 1 to October 2, 2015.

The report directly states the Open Society views the Baltimore unrest last year as a crisis that can be utilized to carry out the organization’s agenda.

The document states:

The killing of Freddie Gray in April helped spawn weeks of peaceful protests by Baltimore residents and allies from the #BlackLivesMatter movement that were temporarily interrupted by a period of unrest that lasted less than 48 hours and resulted in some injuries and millions of dollars in property damage to neighborhood businesses. While many lamented the damage done, the overwhelming sentiment is that the uprising has catalyzed a paradigm shift in Baltimore that offers opportunities for major justice reforms.

In particular, recent events offer a unique opportunity to accelerate the dismantling of structural inequality generated and maintained by local law enforcement and to engage residents who have historically been disenfranchised in Baltimore City in shaping and monitoring reform. Building on our existing networks and programs, OSI-Baltimore will focus investments on: 1) creating a culture of accountability for policing in Baltimore, recognizing the pervasive racism, disrespect and lawlessness that gave rise to recent events; and 2) building the capacity of activists in Baltimore to demand and achieve immediate and long-term reforms.

Later on, the document reveals the extent of Soros funding to the Black Lives Matter coalition:

Recognizing the need for strategic assistance, the U.S. Programs Board approved $650,000 in Opportunities Fund support to invest in technical assistance and support for the groups at the core of the burgeoning #BlackLivesMatter movement.

Another section of the document, titled, “Report On U.S. Regional Reserves” outlines the stated agenda for the $650,000 in funds approved for Black Lives Matter.

#BlackLivesMatter ($650,000) – Per Board consensus at our May board meeting, U.S. Programs supported a series of convenings across the country over the summer organized in response to the immediate outrage and the escalating community mobilization to save black lives following the numerous killings of black men, women, and children by police. The largest of these events took place in July, when activists participated in the Movement for Black Lives convening in Cleveland, Ohio. In November, the Funders Collaborative on Youth Organizing will engage younger activists in Durham, North Carolina. In addition to supporting these convenings, US Programs has provided the groups and attendees of the convenings described here with technical assistance.

The investment was well worth it, it seems. A second document on the Open Society U.S. Programs board meeting February 11-12 of this year relates Black Lives Matter worked to influence the 2016 presidential campaign.

(Read more at Breitbart)

We need to arrest Soros

As of the the Holly Zoller admission, we know that George Soros paid for bats (or the transport of bats) that were used to break windows. As far as I know, that payment was transmitted across state lines. Why not charge him for interstate organized crime?

  1. How’s this for judicial restraint and impartiality: federal judge declares “Black Lives Matter” from the bench

The Daily Caller reports in a 16 August 2020 article on U.S. District Judge James Robart who seems to be lacking in judicial restraint and impartiality.

A federal judge in Washington state declared “black lives matter” during a hearing Monday.

U.S. District Judge James Robart, a former President George W. Bush appointee, is presiding over the implementation of a 2012 consent decree requiring Seattle to adopt various police reforms. The city’s police department was accused by the federal government of engaging in various practices, such as excessive force, that fell disproportionately on non-white residents and therefore violated their civil rights. The consent decree was reached so the city could avoid fighting a costly lawsuit against the feds.

This is the first time the contentious political movement has had its anthem officially supported by a judge in a federal courtroom.

Implementing that consent decree is requiring extensive negotiations with Seattle’s police union, because some of the reforms it prescribes would modify their current contract. For instance, putting internal investigations in the hands of civilians, rather than police officers. Most recently, the union voted to reject a contract that would have implemented certain reforms while giving officers a small pay boost.

In a Monday hearing, Robart lashed out at the union for holding up the reform process.

“The court and the citizens of Seattle will not be held hostage for increased payments and benefits,” he said from the bench. “I’m sure the entire city of Seattle would march behind me.”

Then, Robart stunned the courtroom by explicitly tying the proceedings to the Black Lives Matter movement. According to The Seattle Times, he cited statistics that blacks represent 41 percent of all people shot by police, when they are just 20 percent of the population. This is a mistake on Robart’s part; blacks are actually just 13 percent of the population.

“Black lives matter,” Robart said to end his remarks, in a moment that apparently produced audible shock from the courtroom. Black Lives Matter has been active for three years as a movement, but this appears to be the first time it has garnered such explicit support in court from a federal judge.

Enrique Gonzalez, a member of Seattle’s police reform commission, hailed Robart’s statement as an important sign the movement has moved beyond street protests and penetrated the federal government.

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

We need more qualified appointments to the federal bench

One needs to be made in this guy’s spot.

  1. Black Lives Matter founder: DNC platform must call for defunding police and abolishing ICE

A 31 July 2020 article in Breitbart shows how the leadership of Black Lives Matter have become demanding of the Democrat party.

Patrisse-Cullors-BLMSelf-proclaimed Marxist and Black Lives Matter (BLM) co-founder Patrisse Cullors called on Democrats to make “sea changes” to their party platform and adopt radical legislation that calls to defund the police force, eliminate both the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), and close all federal prisons and immigration detention centers, alongside various other radical demands — otherwise, “any claims of allyship and solidarity with our work to fight for black liberation are for naught.” 

Cullors stated there is “an opportunity right now to right the course of history” and warned that if not careful, the Democratic Party “will miss its greatest opportunity” to lead our country to the “true American revolution.”

The radical BLM co-founder was addressing the Democratic National Convention’s (DNC) virtual party platform meeting on Monday, only weeks before the start of the summer convention. Cullors told the panel “without making the necessary recommitments and revisions, can any of you here truly stand up and say, ‘my party is the party of principles?’”

Cullors also expressed a non-compromising attitude toward adopting some of the most radical policies:

Until and unless our leaders become signatory to the BREATHE Act — to legislation that eliminates the federal government’s ability to give multi-million dollar grants to militarize police forces; dismantles punitive like ICE, Border Patrol, and the DEA; ends the use of surveillance systems being used to target protesters; and bans the use of police agencies to suppress political dissent — the Democratic Party of today will be remembered as the party of complicity. The party that refuses to sacrifice its own creature comforts and material securities to ensure it walked the walk. So before you leave today, I want you to answer this question for yourselves: Which side of history is my party actually on?

In a call following her remarks, Cullors told Axios that she and other activists are “playing the long game” and that “even if we get Trump out in November we will still be having this same conversation about police violence with Biden in office.”

(Read more at Breitbart)

So, if you are in support of defunding the police and abandoning our borders during this pandemic, vote Democrat

If you want to eliminate the police departments and open our borders, vote Democrat.

If you like supporting the health care of anyone who wants to break into the country while you pay continually more every year for health insurance, vote Democrat.

  1. Black Lives Matter founder an open supporter of socialist Venezuelan dictator Maduro

Breitbart informs us through a 13 June 2020 article how Black Lives Matter founder Opal Tometi supports Maduro.

One of the most high-profile founders of the Black Lives Matter organization – now one of the most influential and powerful political movements on the planet – has a long history of supporting Venezuelan socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro.

Maduro has presided over one of the world’s most repressive regimes since 2013 when his predecessor Hugo Chávez died. Under Maduro, Venezuelan police forces have committed a long list of human rights atrocities including the torture, kidnapping, rape, and killing of unarmed protesters. Under Maduro, Venezuela has become an especially dangerous place for minors.

In light of the prominence of Black Lives Matter – a global non-profit currently receiving millions in donations – photos have begun to circulate of Opal Tometi, a founder of the organization, hugging Maduro at the 2015 People of African Descent Leadership Summit in Harlem, New York, where several high-rank officials of the Venezuelan regime also participated. Maduro, currently banned from the United States, was in town for the annual United Nations General Assembly.

Tometi appears alongside Maduro on a Venezuelan government propaganda site’s news report from the event, raising a fist and embracing him. The photo appears to be taken in front of a giant photo of Maduro’s face.

(Read more at Breitbart)

Black Lives Matters likes the Venezuelan model

Black Lives Matter wants you on the starvation diet where you must hunt dogs, eat cats, and search trash bins of government officials to scrape enough food to survive. That is the reality of socialist Venezuela.

  1. Black Lives Matter leader charged with pimping a 17-year-old girl

The Daily Caller writes in a 19 May 2020 article that a Black Lives Matter leader has been charged with forcing a 17-year-old girl into prostitution.

A Black Lives Matter activist who operates a social justice charity was arrested last month on charges of sex trafficking a 17-year-old girl.

Charles Wade co-founded Operation Help or Hush in the aftermath of the August 2014 police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. The group claims it helps raise funds for the needy and provide food and shelter for activists.

But according to a police report obtained by TheDC, the 33-year-old Wade was raising money in more explicit ways.

He was arrested on April 25 at a motel where he resided in College Park, Md. Police say he was using the motel room to pimp a 17-year-old girl.

He’s charged with seven counts, including felonies for human trafficking. The charges carry sentences of up to 25 years in prison and a $15,000 fine. Wade posted $25,000 bond and left jail on April 27.

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

If Black Lives Matter, then all Black lives would matter — even that of a 17-year-old

Human trafficking and murder pretty much disqualify this group from using its current name. Add to that, they support the loss of Black jobs because they support an open border.

Here and abroad, people call bad things good and good things bad

California Legislature passes bill reducing penalties for oral and anal sex with willing children

Breitbart informs us through a 3 September 2020 article of the law awaiting Governor Newsom’s signature that will raise the age of consent in California, allowing predators to victimize children.

California lawmakers passed a bill Monday that would reduce penalties for adults who have oral or anal sex with a willing minor child if the sex offender is within ten years of the age of the victim.

The bill now heads to the desk of Gov. Gavin Newsom (D).

According to SB 145, the legislation “would exempt from mandatory registration” as a sex offender “a person convicted of certain offenses involving minors if the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor and if that offense is the only one requiring the person to register.”

The measure would allow a judge to decide if an adult who engages in oral or anal sex with a child must register as a sex offender if that person is within ten years of the age of the victim.

In January 2019, the San Francisco Examiner reported on the introduction of the bill by State Sen. Scott Wiener (D), who claimed the current law, which states oral and anal sex between an adult within ten years of the age of a willing minor requires the adult to be registered as a sex offender, discriminates against LGBT individuals.

The bill would put an end to “blatant discrimination against young LGBT people engaged in consensual activity,” Wiener said:

This bill is about treating everyone equally under the law. Discrimination against LGBT people is simply not the California way. These laws were put in place during a more conservative and anti-LGBT time in California’s history. They have ruined people’s lives and made it harder for them to get jobs, secure housing, and live productive lives. It is time we update these laws and treat everyone equally.

Currently in California, judges may decide whether adults who have “penile-vaginal intercourse” with minors close to their age must register as a sex offender.

(Read more at Breitbart)

Californian politicians call this equality. I call it the potential for abuse and the abuser’s potential for unimaginable punishment

Those who promote this law call it equality for LGBTQ kids. However, I see it as a chance for easily-malleable children to be exploited.

According to RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), children can be pushed into keeping silent through a number of methods.

Abusers can manipulate victims to stay quiet about the sexual abuse using a number of different tactics. Often an abuser will use their position of power over the victim to coerce or intimidate the child. They might tell the child that the activity is normal or that they enjoyed it. An abuser may make threats if the child refuses to participate or plans to tell another adult. Child sexual abuse is not only a physical violation; it is a violation of trust and/or authority.

Therefore, we know the physical potential for abusing children.

Now let’s look at the spiritual component of child sexual abuse.

Jesus says this about the innocence of children and those who would take advantage of them:

Whoever then humbles himself as this child, he is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me; but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea. (Matthew 18:4‭-‬6 NASB)

Additionally, the Apostle James admonished the early Church:

Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress, and to keep oneself unstained by the world. (James 1:27 NASB)

In the Old Testament, commands to God’s people came in two forms — commands of what not to do:

You shall not afflict any widow or orphan. (Exodus 22:22 NASB)

The second of the commands in the Old Testament was the commands of what to do:

Learn to do good; Seek justice, Reprove the ruthless, Defend the orphan, Plead for the widow. (Isaiah 1:17 NASB)

Based on the potential for a lustful adult to use this new law to abuse children and based also on what the above verses say, I would not want to be the lawmaker who stands before God to give an account. I would also not want to be the adult who misused a child because of the permissions this law provides.

With that said, I must admit that many in the church have fallen on these stumbling stones. There are many who, before this law was passed, were guilty of damaging children.

Mom fights for law to protect children after pre-teen daughter’s likeness appears on sex toy

Breitbart reports that a Florida mother finds herself lobbying lawmakers because of a life-like doll made as a sex toy.

A mother in Florida is fighting back after she discovered that a likeness of her daughter had been used as a model for a sex toy advertised for sale online.

A woman only identified as “Terri” said she saw the sex toy, described as “a high quality sexy dolly live dolls for men” for sale for $559 on Amazon and other websites.

A local NBC affiliate reported on Terri’s partnering with a Boca Raton organization, Child Rescue Coalition, a “nonprofit organization that rescues children from sexual abuse by building technology for law enforcement, free of charge, to track, arrest and prosecute child predators.”

NBC 6 reported:

NBC 6 talked exclusively with the girl’s mother to talk about her quest with a Boca Raton organization to fight for a federal mandate banning child sex dolls. Currently, child sex dolls are only banned in Florida and two other states, but advocates and victims say much more needs to be done to expose this secret.

The same doll appears naked on another website, which NBC 6 has verified but we are not identifying.

Terri says she freaked. She reached out to Amazon – and four days later the ad was removed. In a statement, an Amazon spokesperson said, “All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action including potential removal of their account. This product has been removed.”

“When I saw the one that looks just like my daughter, I clicked on it, and when I saw the face, the poses — I was just, I couldn’t stop,” Terri said. “I started crying. I was just completely in shock and angry.”

“This is a real child who’s been affected, this isn’t a hypothetical doll that was created,” said Carly Yoost, the CEO of C.R.C., in the report. “This is something made out of someone’s own likeness and took images from this mother.”

“The C.R.C. wants Congress to pass a federal law banning the sale and purchasing of child sex dolls,” NBC 6 reported.

(Read more, including a link to a petition to ban these dolls in the U.S., at Breitbart)

Again, we must protect children

For Christians, we must remember the commands of God to protect children (which include):

You shall not afflict any widow or orphan. (Exodus 22:22 NASB)

You have seen it, for You have beheld mischief and vexation to take it into Your hand. The unfortunate commits himself to You; You have been the helper of the orphan. (Psalm 10:14 NASB)

A father of the fatherless and a judge for the widows, Is God in His holy habitation. (Psalm 68:5 NASB)

Vindicate the weak and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and destitute. (Psalm 82:3 NASB)

The Lord protects the strangers; He supports the fatherless and the widow, But He thwarts the way of the wicked. (Psalm 146:9 NASB)

Learn to do good; Seek justice, Reprove the ruthless, Defend the orphan, Plead for the widow. (Isaiah 1:17 NASB)

In everything I showed you that by working hard in this manner you must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ (Acts 20:35 NASB)

Grace Community Church continues to stand against Los Angeles County

OneNewsNow points out through a 4 September 2020 article how Grace Community Church has contended with the Los Angeles County authorities who have taken legal steps to deny the church use of parking lots.

john-macarthurPastor John MacArthur is going to court today to argue for his church’s right to continue having church services.

Pastor John MacArthur was holding online-only services for Los Angeles County-based Grace Community Church until July, when people began showing up on campus unannounced and voluntarily. During appearances on various television and radio programs, Pastor MacArthur has stated that congregants “didn’t buy the narrative” about COVID-19.

Local and state officials do not want churches having indoor services, citing concerns about the spread of the virus.

“Our members know the statistical reality that you have a 99.99 percent chance of not being affected by this, and certainly not in a deadly way,” Pastor MacArthur told Todd Starnes in August.

Meanwhile, Pastor MacArthur has consistently pointed out that Jesus, not Governor Gavin Newsom (D) or any other elected official, is the head of the Church.

“The county did not try to enforce the very same measures against entities and gatherings that do not even have the heightened protections that churches do — for example, the George Floyd protests, all of the riots, and Planned Parenthood clinics,” said attorney Jenna Ellis of Thomas More Society, the law firm representing Pastor MacArthur, in an interview with OneNewsNow.

(Read more at OneNewsNow)

Los Angeles seems to see this as a challenge to their COVID-19 authority. I know this to be a violation of the First Amendment

When you think of the rights that are enumerated in the first 10 Amendments to our Constitution, there are reasons why our Founding Fathers arranged those inalienable rights in the order that they did. The First Amendment was given the Freedom of Religion in order that people could follow (or refuse) God in their own way, the Freedom of Speech so that we might share on all subjects without fear of retribution, the Freedom of the Press in order that all other portions of life might be well-informed, the Freedom of Peaceable Assembly for instances when the community needs to be informed of our support of a topic, and the Freedom to Petition the Government when grievances must be pushed further.

So, our Founding Fathers understood that the right to Freedom of Religion was just as important as the right to the Freedom of the Press and other key rights. If California is going to allow Black Lives Matter and Antifa to march without fining them, they need to allow Grace Community Church and John MacArthur to meet without fines. And now that it seems like the dictatorial elements in California have decided to deny only one part of this, there needs to be a challenge.

Just as the Apostle Paul petitioned Caesar for redress of grievances (Acts 25:1-12), I believe that Pastor John MacArthur and the Grace Community Church should present their case to the courts to get the treatment deserved. And they should get their fair hearing before the court.

Within the laws and traditions of America, their should be equality for the law abiding. Unlike the Islamic states, there is no slave class of unbelievers — there are no kafir, there is no jizya (tax paid by non-Muslims), and there is no nervous waiting for the sword of jihad. Unlike any Hindu state, there are no castes and no untouchables.

In America, in place of these ideologies that favor one group over another, we have the concept of “equality before the law.” In other words, we believe that all law must be applied equally to all people and that, when someone is accused of violating the law, all of us should get due process within our courts. Hence, there should be no discrimination against a Christian church for just performing the rites expected at a church.

Smithsonian Institution still honors Eugenicist Margaret Sanger despite her words on eliminating the Black race

OneNewsNow reports that eugenicist Margaret Sanger still holds a place of honor in the Smithsonian Institution despite her statements about eliminating undesirable races.

margaret_sanger_bustThe Smithsonian is encountering another wave of pressure to remove Planned Parenthood’s founder from its tax-supported gallery.

A bust honoring Margaret Sanger, the founder of what is now Planned Parenthood, is housed in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in DC, despite of the fact that Sanger was an avowed racist and eugenicist.

“We launched a national campaign in June calling upon the National Portrait Gallery, particularly in light of the national conversation on race and racial justice that we are seeing take place in America, to remove the Sanger display,” relays Pat Mahoney, chief strategist for the Stanton Public Policy Center.

The bust, however, remains in place, so Congressman Russ Fulcher (R-ID) has written a second hard-hitting letter making the same request to the tax-supported museum.

Planned Parenthood recently took action because of its racist image, including its past and present internal accusations of racism.

“Think about this for a moment: The organization that Margaret Sanger founded, Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the world, has demanded that Sanger’s name be removed from their flagship center, which they did, in New York,” Mahoney notes.

So he finds it difficult to understand why the Smithsonian continues to honor a woman who considered Blacks and the poor to be “weeds” that needed to be removed from society.

(Read more at OneNewsNow)

Why does “Cancel Culture” only focus on flawed past figures like Washington who built great things? Why notfocus on a woman who destroyed multiple millions?

If the cancel culture were really focusing on injustices, they would see the millions of minority babies eliminated by Margaret Sanger.

If cancel culture were really focused on injustices, the removal of a name from one abortuary would not be enough.

At the least, they would demand the removal of this taxpayer funded display of honor for this murderous woman at the Smithsonian. At best, they would demand the removal of abortuaries from all minority communities.

Thirty-three Nigerians slaughtered in mass killing during 24-hour curfew

The Christian Post wrote in a 9 August 2020 article that 33 Nigerians died in a mass killing during a 24-hour-curfew.

NigerianChristianHouseArmed Fulani herders launched a series of attacks during a 24-hour curfew in a predominantly Christian area in Nigeria’s Kaduna state, killing about 33 people and burning down dozens of homes, according to reports.

While police said Fulani gunmen killed 21 villagers, local community leaders put the death toll at 33 in the attacks on five villages, according to AFP.

The attacks took place in the Atyap Chiefdom in Zangon Kataf Local Government Area on Wednesday and Thursday, according to the U.K.-based Christian Solidarity Worldwide, which said armed men traveling in trucks killed six people and burned 20 homes in Apiashyim village, and killed seven people in Kibori village.

Locals reported the attack while it was still going on in Apiashyim, but personnel arrived only after the attack was over, a survivor told local media.

The Fulani men then attacked the Atakmawei community, killing 12 people and burning down 10 homes. Later, they killed three people in Apyiako village and five in Magamiya village, burning down several houses in both locations, CSW said.

A truck resembling an armored military vehicle and military motorcycles drove into the Apyiako village square while the attack was underway, but no attempt was made to stop the destruction, according to survivors, CSW reported.

Fulani herders routinely attack predominantly Christian farming communities in Nigeria’s Middle Belt. While some believe the nomadic herders launch attacks as they look for grazing pastures, the radicals are known for targeting Christian villages in a similar manner as the Boko Haram terror group that terrorizes the northern regions of the country.

(Read more at the Christian Post)

One thing not brought out in this article is that the Fulani herders have historically been Muslim

Unlike Christians, Muslims believe in conversion through force and in murdering those who will not convert to their death cult. While it seems that the liberals in the world seem to be fixed on ignoring the violent nature of Muslims, maybe this should be kept in mind (just as we also should pray and send physical support for the livelihood of the Christians).

Pro-life artist paints ‘Baby Lives Matter’ in front of Planned Parenthood

Breitbart reports on the pro-life art of Tyler Hansen in a 19 July 2020 article.

A pro-life artist painted the words, “Baby Lives Matter,” in front of a Planned Parenthood facility in Salt Lake City, Utah.

In a video message Friday, Tayler Hansen said, given the millions of babies who are aborted each year, he “felt inclined to demonstrate a true peaceful protest dedicated to those abandoned without a voice.”

According to KUTV News, Hansen said he painted the “Baby Lives Matter” mural at 1:00 a.m. Saturday morning, using paint that would endure on the pavement for ten days, at the most, and easily wash away.

“With recent events unfolding, everybody knows about the Black Lives Matter murals unfolding around the nation,” he said, according to the news report. “I thought I would bring awareness to one of the biggest human rights crises that nobody wants to talk about.”

Hansen reported on Saturday that his mural had already been removed as of that morning.

“THIS IS NOT OVER!” he tweeted, however.

In June, a black street preacher confronted Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters inside what was formerly called the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle, shouting that it is not the police, but Planned Parenthood, that is the number one killer of the black community.

“Why don’t I see my brothers and my sisters outside Planned Parenthood?” Chavannes asked of the BLM protesters. “The number one killer of the black population is Planned Parenthood!”

“Where you all at?” she shouted. “We need you there!”

The BLM protesters attempted to drown her out with megaphones as they shouted, “Police brutality!”

One of the protesters called Chavannes a “coon,” which was once a racial slur but is now used by some blacks to label other blacks they perceive as defending white racism.

(Read the best line at Breitbart)

If “Black Lives Matter” can be painted in front of Trump Tower by Bill de Blasio without a permit, why can’t this be painted in front of multiple Planned Parenthood locations?

Thankfully, this trend seems to be catching on. Not only has it appeared in Utah.

It also has shown up in Charlotte.

“Baby Lives Matter” in another North Carolina location.

Encouragement for good guys: bad guys get caught

Thirty-nine children rescued from a sex trafficking ring in Georgia

WBS in Atlanta reports that 26 endangered children and 13 missing children have been recovered in a sting operation located in the 20 counties around Atlanta.

More than three dozen children are now safe after being rescued during a sex trafficking bust involving state and federal agents.

Channel 2′s Gwinnett County Bureau Chief Tony Thomas learned that the bust, dubbed “Operation Not Forgotten” spanned 20 counties around metro Atlanta.

For two weeks, U.S.Marshals Fugitive Hunters and other agencies scoured north and middle Georgia looking for missing and exploited children. In all, 26 endangered children were recovered and another 13 missing children were found.

U.S. Marshals Service Director Donald Washington said that authorities fear the children were all already or potential victims of sex trafficking.

“These missing children were considered to be some of the most at-risk and challenging recovery cases in the area, based on indications of high-risk factors such as victimization of child sex trafficking, child exploitation, sexual abuse, physical abuse, and medical or mental health conditions,” authorities said. “Other children were located at the request of law enforcement to ensure their wellbeing.”

The operation spanned across 20 Georgia counties. Sources said children were found in Gwinnett, Fulton, Clayton, and Forsyth counties among other places. Nine suspects were arrested.

KirkWatersThe suspects are now behind bars as state prosecutors step in to handle the cases and medical and social workers focus on helping traumatized kids.

“One missing child is worth thousands, in my mind, of fugitives that we go out and get,” Washington said.

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr said authorities will measure their success on “how many lives that we have saved and that will have a new and fresh start.”

Other major cities across the country have similar operations underway. Most of them have yet to be completed.

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp issued a statement about the bust via Twitter Thursday night.

(Read more at WBS)

As opposed to the stories of murder and loss, this story of recovery encourages us

While we cannot pull victims back from death, stories like this remind us that we can protect the children among us. And, for the Christians reading this post, we can rest assured that God commands us to protect children no less than 9 times.

Although I do not hold to Hillary Clinton’s theory that “it takes a village” to raise a child (because a child greatly benefits from a loving mother and father), I do hold to the commands of God to love. I further hold to the commands of God to look over those who cannot care for themselves (which, in this case, are the children within our circle).

Man arrested after shooting and killing two in a fender-bender dispute

The One America News Network reports on a possible result of the BLM hyperventilating over perceived injustices where none exist. After a minor fender-bender, Tysheem Hasheem Walters killed two people.

TysheemHasheemWaltersA South Carolina man has been denied bond after he was charged with two counts of murder, one count of attempted murder and three counts of possession of a weapon during a violent crime.

Tysheem Hasheem Walters appeared in court on Wednesday. This came after he allegedly shot and killed Charles Wall, along with his stepdaughter Laura Anderson, following a motor vehicle accident in Georgetown County on Monday.

According to warrants, Walters shot Wall at least twice and Anderson once. A third victim, whose identity has not yet been released, was shot at least once and is in critical condition in the hospital.

The victims’ families have since called for justice against Walters.

“Laura was my daughter, who I love very much, my rock,” stated Adam Anderson. “This man has destroyed my family.”

(Read more at the One America News Network)

In the past, law-abiding citizens would have relied on the justice system

Before the age of Soros-funded District Attorneys who consistently release felons, law-abiding citizens could trust in the police, judges, and the rest of the justice system to provide justice. However, in many instances (for example, in Democrat cities where police have been told to step back — such as in Minneapolis, Portland, Denver, Raleigh, and Columbus) — there seems to be no refuge for people.

To this, my Black friends remind me of the Democrat reality of the 1960’s: prejudiced judges and police sometimes preyed on the people, juries weren’t necessarily of your peers — the only way they made it through was to band together and protect one another. Black communities were just that — communities of closely-knit people who protected one another as much as humanly possible. Many took advantage of their Second Amendment rights despite the efforts of politicians (as evidenced by the Gun Control Act of 1968 and similar laws).

Beyond that, a large number within my friend’s family circles leaned on the Lord. Most specifically, they followed the command in Romans 12:19

Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,” says the Lord (NASB)

The problem with the current American population is that, unlike earlier generations, the Christian faith does not have as much influence. Additionally, while most of us feel some type of community with those around us, a growing number within America have stopped reaching beyond their comfort zone and have stopped reaching out to new groups.

Additionally, the recent growth in riots has spurred a new spate of gun purchases.

Therefore, with this shrinking of Christian influence and a possible growth of a new tribalism, will these liberals who are defunding police departments (as happened in New York, Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, and other cities) find themselves in a fix when an increasingly more armed society feels threatened by their policies? Will they find that they have eliminated the one effective protection between an armed populace and themselves? Will they mourn the deaths of the Antifa that America has seen behind the riots?

Issues for Christians

Christians hunted, marked for death, meet secretly

OneNewsNow reports in a 6 December 2019 article how Christians suffer in Muslim-dominated lands.

syriachild.jpgFor those living in a Muslim island nation and various parts of West Africa, being a Christian means one is marked for death – and those who translate the Bible will likely never return to their homes again … alive.

Wycliffe Associates, one of the world’s leading Bible translation organizations, says workshops and strategies for Bible translation often spring forth from clandestine meetings between its team members and mother-tongue Bible translators.

Undercover Christians

Such workshops, reports Wycliffe Associates, “are springing out of the seeds sown in these secret meetings” – meetings that may take place on an isolated mountain top, or among church leaders disguised as tourists, or during a walk through a crowded market where translators’ prayers and conversations are drowned out by the noise and bartering.

Persecution for following Christ and translating Scripture into native languages in these volatile regions include being hunted, receiving death threats and working in secret to avoid imminent death.

Wycliffe Associates president and CEO Bruce Smith commends native Bible translators for secretly meeting with his ministry team, as the risk of being caught with foreigners could mean death.

“Despite the persecution and risks they face, Christians are reaching out to us, asking for the tools, technology, and training they need to launch Bible translation projects,” Smith states. “I am humbled and overwhelmed to see the tenacity of Christians in the most extreme anti-Christian environments on earth.

“In spite of the hostility of religious and governmental authorities, in spite of the risk of violence, of arrest, of torture, even death, Christians ardently press on,” he adds.

MAST (Mobilized Assistance Supporting Translation) – a collaborative translation method employed by the international nonprofit organization – equips native Christians to share the written Word where it is strictly forbidden. MAST projects currently under way across the globe number more than 1,200. The ministry also equips mother-tongue translators with technology that complements MAST, including computer tablets, Print-On-Demand equipment, and Bible translation recording kits.

In fact, in a number of areas that crack down on Christianity, believers must abandon their home country if they want to translate the Bible and stay alive.

“In some countries, we’ve helped move national Bible translators out of their own countries because their lives are literally at risk if they attempt to translate the Scriptures in their homeland,” Smith shares. “Some translators are at such risk that they will never be able to go home again. The translated Scriptures will have to be smuggled back across the border.”

Tragic stories of Christians giving up their lives and safety are not uncommon in this part of the world.

According to Wycliffe Associates, a translator in West Africa recently was murdered and his wife was mutilated; and one pastor – a hunted man – was forced to flee his country and now lives under a “virtual death sentence.” Regardless, says the ministry, that pastor remains firmly committed to the work of Bible translation for his language group.

(Read more at OneNewsNow)

Pray for an Islamic reformation where it moves from a cult of death

Pray for a change in the heart of Islam so that the focus moves from killing the enemies of Islam, from killing those who leave Islam, from visiting some form of “revenge” on those who have been deemed to insult Islam, from executing the deviants within the community, from falling on members of certain other named religious communities, and from otherwise focusing on death.

But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven; for He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. (Matthew 5:44‭-‬45 NASB)

Speaking Truth not Tolerated at the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

It seems that a pro-LGBTQ agenda has crept into the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, as reported by the American Family Association.

SWBTS_Lopez.pngRobert Oscar Lopez is an outspoken witness to the power of God to transform a life.  He was raised by “two moms” and identified as bisexual for years before surrendering his life to Christ.

He has spent his life fighting. First, it was for his own life – for freedom from the clutches of homosexuality. Then it was (and is) against the attacks from the homosexual activist community. Read AFA Journal story “Breaking Free from a Culture of Shame” here.

This man’s resiliency is astounding.

And now he’s fighting one of the most powerful religious organizations in existence – the Southern Baptist Convention.

Prior to being hired in 2016 by Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS), Lopez was a tenured professor at California State University. In today’s culture, it is no surprise that a former homosexual now speaking from a biblical perspective would be persecuted.

After repeated subjection to senselessly demeaning investigations at the public university, the sense of relief Lopez experienced when “rescued” into a Christian seminary must have been palpable. The pressure to shut up about his testimony and matters of biblical sexual morality was a thing of the past. Or so he thought.

Last week, the morning after Thanksgiving Day, Lopez received an email notifying him that his position at SWBTS had been eliminated. He told AFA this wasn’t really a surprise to him. He had been asked to resign two months earlier by the provost, Randy Stinson.

“I was called into seven secret meetings,” he explained. “They would never put anything in writing. I was called in alone all the time. I didn’t know who was going to be in the meetings. And I had no forewarning about what was going to be brought up. It was very much like mental intimidation. … They told me people were watching me.”

As part of the series of meetings, Lopez was told he was held in low esteem by the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. Initially, he was subjected to an onerous process, requiring him to submit requests before writing or speaking on sexual matters. But eventually, Dean Michael Wilkinson made clear that Lopez was to stop talking about all matters of sexuality, including his testimony, homosexuality, and sex abuse.

Lopez had been active in writing and speaking about the dangers of the Equality Act and abuse in the gay community. And he had drafted and submitted a resolution to the SBC supporting counseling to help lead people out of homosexuality.  These were all apparently giant no-nos for the SBC, which according to Lopez has embraced the “Revoice” ideology.  Revoice is a radical movement to promote normalization and acceptance of LGBTQ terms within the church – creating a slippery slope which many believe will lead to full-blown acceptance of homosexuality.

(Read more at the American Family Association)

Nothing good comes from capitulation

As we know by the capitulation of Chick-Fil-A to the LGBTQ crowd or by any of any number of reports by Janet Mefferd on “Revoice,” giving in to the demands of the the LGBTQ crowd will only result in a new set of demands to be met. Therefore, the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary must not bend as it seems to be doing.

Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, (1 Corinthians 6:9 NASB)

Stand firm therefore, having girded your loins with truth , and having put on the breastplate of righteousness, (Ephesians 6:14 NASB)

Hundreds of Pakistani Christians Sold as Brides to China

Breitbart reports in a 7 December 2019 article on the selling of

pakistan-christiansPage after page, the names stack up: 629 girls and women from across Pakistan who were sold as brides to Chinese men and taken to China. The list, obtained by The Associated Press, was compiled by Pakistani investigators determined to break up trafficking networks exploiting the country´s poor and vulnerable.

The list gives the most concrete figure yet for the number of women caught up in the trafficking schemes since 2018.

But since the time it was put together in June, investigators´ aggressive drive against the networks has largely ground to a halt. Officials with knowledge of the investigations say that is because of pressure from government officials fearful of hurting Pakistan´s lucrative ties to Beijing.

The biggest case against traffickers has fallen apart. In October, a court in Faisalabad acquitted 31 Chinese nationals charged in connection with trafficking. Several of the women who had initially been interviewed by police refused to testify because they were either threatened or bribed into silence, according to a court official and a police investigator familiar with the case. The two spoke on condition of anonymity because they feared retribution for speaking out.

At the same time, the government has sought to curtail investigations, putting “immense pressure” on officials from the Federal Investigation Agency pursuing trafficking networks, said Saleem Iqbal, a Christian activist who has helped parents rescue several young girls from China and prevented others from being sent there.

“Some (FIA officials) were even transferred,” Iqbal said in an interview. “When we talk to Pakistani rulers, they don´t pay any attention. ”

(Read more at Breitbart)

Why does this happen?

It happens because the Christian community of Pakistan has been isolated economically. It happens because China has limited its families to having one child per family. It happens because, with a preference for boys in Eastern cultures, generations of female babies have been aborted due to the one-child mandate.

It happens when a cowardly political class cannot find itself within its black heart to do the right thing. It also happens when a complacent media will not speak up for the underdog (especially when that media stands arrayed against a group like Christians).

Finally, it happens for reasons, both holy and evil, that fly out of our control. Nonetheless, we must prefer our brothers and sisters in Christ when moved by the Spirit.

Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor; (Romans 12:10 NASB)

Seek the Lord while He may be found; Call upon Him while He is near. (Isaiah 55:6 NASB)

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. (Matthew 7:7 NASB)

Five stories that happened while Democrats pushed the impeachment scam

  1. New round of murderers, sex offenders, gangsters nabbed at border

OneNewsNow reports on a round of murderers, sex offenders, and cartel members caught at the border.

Border Patrol Chief Carla ProvostBorder Patrol Chief Carla Provost announced that over the past two months, scores of felons have been nabbed before breaking into the United States at the southern border.

“Since the beginning of the new fiscal year, which started in October, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents have arrested dozens of sex offenders, convicted murderers and violent gang members attempting to enter the United States illegally,” Townhall reported.

Nabbing the importing of crime

Last month, a medley of dangerous gang members was apprehended before they had the opportunity to victimize American citizens – again.

“In October – just starting the new fiscal year – Border Patrol agents have already arrested 55 gang members,” Provost tweeted Thursday. “They are affiliated with, among others: Paisas, Surenos, MS-13, Latin Kings [and] 18th Street.

Preventative measures along the southern border of the Lone Star State have effectively curbed crime before it happens.

“Agents apprehended a convicted murderer as he attempted to illegally reenter the United States near Carrizo Springs TX,” the USBP Chief posted on Twitter Thursday. “Strong border security is necessary to identify & prevent dangerous people like this from entering the country.”

Last month alone, hundreds of illegals with criminal track records were nabbed before they could commit more crimes in America.

“Already this fiscal year – in the month of October – Border Patrol agents arrested 292 aliens with prior criminal convictions,” Provost announced in her recent series of tweets. “307 criminal aliens encountered by agents in October were found to be wanted by law enforcement or had outstanding warrants.”

It is reported that U.S. citizens living in border states are enjoying higher levels of security as Border Patrol ramps up its effort to keep neighborhoods in the states safe.

“Border Patrol agents in @CBPRGV, TX, arrested 2 convicted murderers in separate events in recent days – one w/ a conviction out of San Diego County, CA, & the other out of McAllen, TX,” Provost tweeted Tuesday. “We’re here to keep dangerous people from entering the community.”

Many attempted repeat sexual offenders are being nabbed before they can find new victims in America.

“Border Patrol agents arrested a previously deported sex offender as he attempted to illegally reenter the United States near Calexico, CA,” another Twitter post from Provost read on Monday. “The man has a prior conviction for assault with sexual motivation out of Clark County, WA.”

Children are also reaping the benefits of heightened security.

“Border Patrol arrested a sex offender near Dulzura, CA, for illegal reentry,” Border Patrol tweeted on November 15. “He has a prior conviction, w/an 8-year sentence, for continuous sexual abuse of a child out of CA. Strong border security helps keep criminals off the street.”

(Read more at OneNewsNow)

Any news of success at the border seems to have recently been lost

Just as the media has forgotten this story, they have glossed over the 78 miles of replacement wall and 450 miles of wall planned finished by 2020. Likewise, they have ignored the efforts of private group We Build the Wall as they continue to build in South Texas.

  1. Twitter Allows Pedophiles to Discuss Attraction to Minors

Breitbart notes in a 26 November 2019 article that Twitter now allows pedophiles to discuss attraction to minors.

TwitterLogoIn the past week alone, it was reported that Twitter has suspended journalist Andy Ngo for tweeting inconvenient facts about the purported “epidemic” of transgender deaths, and undercover journalism organization Project Veritas from running recruitment ads. But if you’re a pedophile who wants to discuss your attraction to minors — Twitter’s just fine with that.

Big League Politics discovered a little-noticed, quietly enacted Twitter rule change from March, which says “Discussions related to child sexual exploitation as a phenomenon or attraction towards minors are permitted, provided they don’t promote or glorify child sexual exploitation in any way.”

So, if you post politically inconvenient yet accurate statistical facts, as Ngo did, you get suspended. But if you discuss “attraction towards minors,” Twitter explicitly allows it.

It goes without saying that Twitter’s policy did not arise out of some blanket commitment to free speech. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has specifically rejected such commitments, rubbishing the idea that Twitter is the “free speech wing of the free speech party,” as one VP at the company described it in 2012.

In an interview with Wired last year, Dorsey said that the “free speech wing” comment was a “joke” that was taken too seriously.

“This quote around ‘free speech wing of the free speech party’ was never, was never a mission of the company. It was never a descriptor of the company that we gave ourselves,” said Dorsey.

The Twitter CEO continued, saying that a commitment to free speech “comes with the realization that freedom of expression may adversely impact other people’s fundamental human rights, such as privacy, such as physical security.”

(Read more at Breitbart)

Over recent years, the trends in deviant sexuality seem to center on the children

Whether we are talking about the recent instances of Drag Queen story hour at local libraries or the court cases of pastors who stood against having molesters read to young children, all of it has to do with the children.

Therefore, it is most important that Christians focus on our mandate from God to protect children in Psalm 82:3; Proverbs 31:8-9; Isaiah 1:17; James 1:27, and a number of other verses. Additionally, in Luke 17:2 and Matthew 18:6, we are warned “whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.” So, care must be taken to protect children from stumbling.

  1. Five-Time Freed Illegal Alien Accused of Killing 70-Year-Old Father of Two

Breitbart reports in a 26 November 2019 article that a 70-year-old American has been killed by an illegal alien who was freed five times.

Ulises Mondragon UmanzorAn illegal alien who was repeatedly freed from Florida law enforcement custody is now accused of killing a 70-year-old husband and father of two in a hit-and-run crash.

Ulises Mondragon Umanzor, a 30-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador, allegedly illegally drove a forklift while illegally working for a construction company and hit 70-year-old James “Jim” Zakos, according to the Broward County Sheriff’s Office.

While Zakos was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead, Umanzor allegedly fled the crash and eventually got off the forklift and walked away even as an eyewitness told him to return to the traffic accident scene.

Zakos, his obituary notes, leaves behind his two children, Alexandra and TJ, his wife Celine, his two sisters Maria and Margaret, and his parents Thomas and Catherine.

“Many will smile when they hear his name,” his obituary states.

According to records, Umanzor was arrested in September 2011 in Palm Beach County for driving without a license and driving with an open container of alcohol. Despite being an illegal alien, he was released and re-arrested in February 2012 for again driving without a license.

After again being released from custody, Umanzor was arrested in November 2012 for possession of cocaine. The illegal alien was released again from custody and arrested in September 2016 and May 2018 for driving without a license.

(Read more at Breitbart)

Much like the illegal alien who murdered Kate Steinle, this illegal alien might provoke Americans to awareness

Hopefully, this will cause an up-welling in the hearts of Americans.

However, the truth of the matter is that this burdens me too much to see straight. While we cannot victimize the innocent (and especially my neighbors who have lived in Texas, New Mexico, and other border states for generations), we also cannot allow our governments to release offenders multiple times just because the bureaucrats feel like acting out social justice warrior tendencies.

  1. Florida court says Ilhan Omar is a Qatari asset who passed secrets to Iran

The Washington Examiner reports from a Florida court that an accused jihadi has implicated Ilhan Omar in a purported international scheme.

IlhanOmarIlhan Omar, the Minnesota congresswoman, has said she is the victim of Saudi propaganda after she was accused of being a “Qatari asset” and conduit to Iran during a Florida court case.

Kuwaiti-born Canadian businessman Alan Bender testified in the recent trial of Sheikh Khalid bin Hamad al Thani, a member of the Qatari royal family who is accused of ordering his American bodyguard to murder two people and of holding an American citizen hostage. His deposition was obtained by Saudi-funded outlet Al Arabiya English, which reported the allegations Monday.

A representative for Omar responded: “Since the day she was elected, Saudi Arabian trolls and mouthpieces have targeted Omar with misinformation and conspiracy theories. The latest, outlandishly absurd story from a Saudi-funded media outlet is, of course, false and only the latest in that trend.”

According to Bender, three Qatari officials asked him to recruit American politicians to be Qatari assets. He added he was told when he objected that several people were already on the payroll, including Omar, whom they called the “jewel in the crown.”

Bender said Qatar’s Secretary to the Emir for Security Affairs Mohammad bin Ahmed bin Abdullah al Masnad told him that the country “recruited Ilhan Omar from even way before she thought about becoming a government official … They groomed her and arranged the foundation, the grounds, for her to get into politics way before she even showed interest. They convinced her.”

He alleged that Omar cooperated with Qatar’s request and received cash payments. He also claimed that she used her position in the House of Representatives to access sensitive information, which she relayed to Qatar and through them Iran. According to the deposition, Bender further told the court that Omar actively recruited other politicians on behalf of the nation.

“If it wasn’t for our cash, Ilhan Omar would be just another black Somali refugee in America collecting welfare and serving tables on weekends,” he claimed the officials told him.

Several journalists have pointed out that they have seen no evidence to back up Bender’s claims and warned that the allegations against Omar could be part of a Saudi disinformation campaign, considering Qatar’s shaky historical relationship with the country and the fact that a Saudi-backed publication first picked up the deposition. In 2017, Saudi Arabia cut its diplomatic ties with Qatar.

(Read more at the Washington Examiner)

On the day of the first accusations against Kavanaugh, Omar called for him to step down

On the first day of accusations against now-Justice Kavanaugh, Representative Omar called for him to leave the public eye and step down. After his confirmation, she called for the impeachment of Kavanaugh and Trump.

And, in the mean time, when Representative Omar made multiple anti-Semitic statements that she would not retract, she sent out her surrogates to make excuses for her.

Why, now, does Omar expect that an immediate price might not be asked of her?

  1. Chick-fil-A donates thousands of dollars to Southern Poverty Law Center during 2017

OneNewsNow reports that the Family Research Center was angered by the donation of $2,500 to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Considering that the attempted assassin of the FRC personnel got his information from the SPLC, this seems more than understandable.

A mega-popular fast-food chain that has been the target of left-wing hate for years has been tied to a far-left organization that targets conservatives.

Southern Poverty Law Center

A blistering story published Nov. 26 reports the Chick-fil-A Foundation donated $2,500 in 2017 to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a donation that angered the D.C.-based Family Research Council and its president, Tony Perkins.

“It’s time for Christians,” Perkins concludes, “to find a fast food alternative to Chick-fil-A.”

One obvious reason for such a statement is Chick-fil-A’s history: The company has stood out from liberal-supporting corporations for its Christian-based roots, and for its generous donations to faith-based causes. Yet those donations have now ceased after Chick-fil-A endured years of left-wing outrage over its CEO’s personal stance on biblical marriage and because the company is expanding into liberal enclaves, such as Toronto, where the Chick-fil-A brand is unwelcome.

A second reason for Perkins’ frustration is more personal: A far-left gunman used the SPLC “hate map” in 2012 to choose FRC as a target. Only a scuffle in the FRC lobby with building manager Leo Johnson, who was wounded, prevented a mass attack on the FRC staff.

The gunman told the FBI he chose FRC due to the SPLC website. He entered the building with a bag of Chick-fil-A sandwiches, planning to place them on the bodies of his dead victims.

FRC and Perkins fired off an email to supporters Wednesday morning, linking to the Townhall story and blasting Chick-fil-A for not only turning its back on groups such as The Salvation Army but for donating to “one of the most extreme anti-Christian groups in America.”

The Townhall story, written by pro-life activist Ryan Bomberger, digs into years of Chick-fil-A donations that are listed in required IRS forms known as 990s. The story lists numerous other donations to left-wing causes, too, at the same time the corporation is under fire for breaking ties with groups such as The Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

(Read more at OneNewsNow)

The regularity of revelations regarding Chick-Fil-A almost points toward a campaign

Considering that, until the week of 22 November 2019, few knew of the charitable giving habits of corporate Chick-Fil-A and that the details of Chick-Fil-A’s giving seem to have switched from supporting Christian charities who guide and aid the poor to supporting social justice causes aligned with the left and LGBT agenda.

However, in truth, it seems that Chick-Fil-A capitulated in 2017 and has been attempting to walk the rail of the fence for several years. By the fact that the LGBTQ crowd has not backed off in the least in making additional demands, this jumping of paths seems counter-intuitive. That is, rather than following the commands of the Bible where we are told to prefer one another in brotherly love (Romans 12:10) — Chick-Fil-A decides to fake it and try to appease the world.

At that point three points from Christian thinking present themselves:

  • First, nothing remains a secret. As the Bible says,

    Accordingly, whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered in the inner rooms will be proclaimed upon the housetops. (Luke 12:3 NASB)


  • Second, you cannot have two masters. You cannot align yourself with those who would support ongoing sexual deviancy and those who walk with God. Mind you, all of us fall, but Christians get up from the sin and try to re-align themselves with God.

    No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth. (Matthew 6:24 NASB)

  • Finally, although I cannot tell you the spiritual condition of those who made decisions for Chick-Fil-A, it would seem that those decisions are bearing fruit.

    So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. (Matthew 7:17 NASB)

Houston-area shake-ups

FBI Questions Mayor Turner’s corrupt Hurricane Harvey debris cleanup schemes

Some truly in-depth investigative reporting at Dolcefino Consulting has unearthed the FBI’s review of shady practices during Hurricane Harvey clean-up and some resulting probe of the mayor’s office.

The Office of Inspector General of the Department of Homeland Security is investigating Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and the campaign contributions that he has received from disaster contractors.

sylvesterturner-hurricaneTurner has received more than a $350,000 from companies benefiting from the damage done by Hurricane Harvey.

The Code of Federal Regulations says that “The officers, employees and agents of the non-Federal entity may neither solicit or accept gratuities, favors or anything of monetary value from contractors or parties to subcontracts.” The question for the feds is this: Do campaign contributions violate this statue?

Turner’s relationship with three specific hurricane subcontractors may raise the most questions.  Just look at the political contributions to Mayor Turner that came from three of the companies, their leadership, and the leadership’s families:

Ardurra Group: $40,000

IMS Engineers, Inc.: $69,250

Isani Consultants, LP: $59,537

In June of 2019, the company Tetra Tech was awarded a new $4.9 million debris monitoring contract with the Solid Waste Department. Subcontractors on the contract have given Mayor Turner nearly $100,000 in campaign contributions since his first run for office.

The contract was given despite Tetra Tech’s growing scandal in California. In August of 2018, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi complained that Tetra Tech had manipulated and falsified records in the cleanup of a radioactive shipyard in San Francisco. The company was sued this month for exposing hundreds of people to hazardous materials as a result.

Tetra Tech was paid $300 million for the California job they’re accused of botching. $23 million has been paid out on Tetra Tech’s City of Houston disaster contracts.

While the Office of the Inspector General investigation deals with disaster debris removal, it is important to note that hurricane housing contracts also brought campaign contributions to the Mayor too.  Subcontractors on the contract with the company APTIM have donated nearly $200,000 to Sylvester Turner. The APTIM contract is worth up to $14 million. As has been previously reported, the Mayor’s former law partner, Barry Barnes, is also on that contract and has been awarded $7 million.

(Read the final details at Dolcefino Consulting)

Houstonians cannot blame Turner for flat land & poor drainage, but can blame him for telling us to “ignore ‘rumors'” and for the profiteering

We cannot blame the mayor for our topography or the slow-moving bayous. However, telling the people to ““ignore ‘rumors‘” and (after the flood) limiting the number of contractors allowed to clean up the streets while you rake in the contributions from the “winning” contractors — that will not be forgotten.

Five rescued from sex trafficking & 75 arrested in Woodlands sting

The left-leaning Houston Chronicle finds time to report on a prostitution sting that resulted in the release of 5 sex trafficking victims and the arrest of 75.

FiveVictims&75arrestedA human trafficking and prostitution sting in The Woodlands area last month netted 75 arrests and the recovery of five trafficked individuals, one of which was a juvenile.

During a press conference Monday, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office released the details of Operation Cross County where officials work with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to address the growing problem of human trafficking in Montgomery County. Several non-governmental organizations were also involved in the operation.

Agencies working with sheriff’s office were the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office, Houston Police Department, Conroe Police Department, Montgomery County Precinct 3 Constable’s Office, the Department of Public Safety, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Attorney General’s Office, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, Homeland Security Investigations and the U.S. State Department.

According to sheriff’s Lt. Tim Cannon, the sting ran from Oct. 15-30. Undercover agents, Cannon added, posed as sex workers and Johns, using the Internet to find individuals who were seeking sexual favors for money.

“It was created to actively oppress sexual exploitation and human trafficking in and around Montgomery County,” Cannon said. “We also focused on possible victims and underage person who might have been involved as well. These concerns have been brought to light through law enforcement investigations and citizens’ complaints.

“Many persons in this illicit industry are forced into trafficking themselves by other through force, fraud or coercion.”

Of the 75 arrests, Cannon said 32 were men, 11 of which were pimps. He added 28 were woman, with some of the women in possession of controlled substances and/or handguns.

Sheriff Rand Henderson said he was “so proud” of the work that was done. He said when he took office in 2017, his department recognized different growing crime trends including human trafficking with a goal to address them aggressively.

“This was a great opportunity,” Henderson said of working with other agencies.

(Read more and see more photos at the Houston Chronicle)

I commend the law enforcement for taking on this project

In other forums, I have seen law enforcement actions like this criticized. They say “It’s a victim-less crime.”  I say that, for the pre-teen girl who ran away from an abusive home to what she thought was a supportive boyfriend (now pimp), there are definite victims. I say that, for the illegal alien who her handlers keep locked in a room for fear she will run, this is modern slavery.

God calls on us to defend the weak (Psalm 82:3). If someone who has been forced into prostitution or kept in it against their will does not qualify as weak, I don’t know what does.