Sister Dr. Deirdre Byrne on the marginalized among us (full text)


Sister Dr. Deirdre Byrne, a surgeon and member of Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, advocated for the marginalized among us. As a veteran and a member of the faith community, she had much to say on 26 August 2020.

Good evening. I’m Sister Dede Byrne and I belong to the community of the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Last Fourth of July, I was honored to be one of the president’s guest at his Salute to America celebration. I must confess that I recently prayed while in Chapel, begging God to allow me to be a voice and instrument for human life and now here I am speaking at the Republican National Convention. I guess you better be careful for what you pray for.

My journey to religious life is not a traditional route, if there is such a thing. In 1978 as a medical school student at Georgetown University, I joined the Army to help pay for my tuition and ended up devoting 29 years to the military, serving as a doctor and a surgeon in places like Afghanistan and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. After much prayer and contemplation. I entered my religious order in 2002, working to serve the poor and the sick in Haiti, Sudan, Kenya, Iraq, and in Washington, DC.

Humility is at the foundation of our order which makes it very difficult to talk about myself, but I can speak about my experience working for those fleeing war-torn and impoverished countries all around the world.

Those refugees all share a common experience. They have been all marginalized: viewed as insignificant, powerless, and voiceless. And while we tend to think of the marginalized as living beyond our borders, the truth is the largest marginalized group in the world can be found here in the United States. They are the unborn.

As Christians, we first met Jesus as a stirring embryo in the womb of an unwed mother and saw him born nine months later in the poverty of the cave. It’s no coincidence that Jesus stood up for what was just and was under ultimately crucified because what he said wasn’t politically correct or fashionable. As followers of Christ, we are called to stand up for life against the politically correct or fashionable of today. We must fight against a legislative agenda that supports and even celebrates destroying life in the womb. Keep in mind, the laws we create define how we see our humanity and we must ask ourselves, “What are we saying when we go into a womb and snuff out an innocent, powerless voices life?”

As a physician I can say without hesitation life begins at conception. While what I have to say may be difficult for some to hear, I am saying it because I’m not just pro-life. I’m pro-eternal-life and I want all of us to end up in heaven together someday. Which brings me to why I’m here today.

Donald Trump is the most pro-life president that this nation has ever had — defending life at all stages. His belief in the sanctity of life transcends politics. President Trump will stand up against Biden Harris, who are the most anti-life presidential ticket ever — even supporting the horrors of late-term abortion and infanticide.

Because of his courage and conviction, President Trump has earned the support of America’s pro-life community.

Moreover he has a nationwide of religious standing behind him. You’ll find us here with our weapon of choice the rosary. So thank you. Mr. President. We are all praying for you.

Jack Brewer speaks to issues concerning President Trump, former Senator Biden, and former prosecutor Harris (full text)


Jack Brewer, a former Vikings superstar and a current minister to inner-city youth and prisoners, had these things to say about President Donald Trump, former Senator Joe Biden, and former prosecutor Kamala Harris at the Republican National Convention on 26 August 2020.

I’m Jack Brewer, a former three-time NFL team captain, college professor, coach, husband, son, and father. I’m also a lifelong Democrat, but I support Donald Trump.

Let me be clear. I didn’t come here for the popularity or the praise, the likes or the retweets. I’m here as a servant to God, a servant to the people of our nation, and a servant to our President.

I grew up in Grapevine, Texas. A town that my great-grandfather was the first black man to settle as the sharecropper in 1896. My early high school experience included fighting with skinheads and being in witness in an attempted murder trial after my friend shot a skinhead in self-defense. I remember my dad’s bravery when he personally stood up against a KKK rally in my town. In my house, my father taught me to back down from no one.

I know what racism looks like. I’ve seen it firsthand in America. It has no resemblance to President Trump and I’m fed up with the way he’s portrayed in the media who refuse to acknowledge what he’s actually done for the Black community. It’s confusing the minds of our innocent children.

Before I left to come deliver this message, my energetic eight-year-old son, Jackson, stopped me and said, “Dad. Can you please just tell everyone that all lives need to matter and that God loves everyone.”

In that moment, I realized that my eight-year-old had figured out with so many adults have seemed to forget: We are not as divided as our politics suggest.

At some point for the sake of our children, the policies must take priority over the personalities.

So because you have an issue with President Trump’s tone, you’re going to allow Biden and Harris to deny our underserved Black and Brown children school choice?

Are we so offended by the President’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” that we’re going to ignore that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have collectively been responsible for locking up countless Black men for nonviolent crimes?

Are you going to allow the media to lie to you by falsely claiming that he said, “There are very fine white supremacist in Charlottesville?” He didn’t say that. It’s a lie. And ignore the so called Black Lives Matter organization that openly — on their website — called for the destruction of the nuclear family?

My fellow Americans, our families need each other. We need Black fathers in the homes with their wives and children. The future of our communities depend on it. I’m blessed to be able to run inner-city youth programs and to also teach and prisons across America. The inmates in my federal prison program literally receive days off their sentence just for attending my class. That’s thanks to President Donald Trump in his First Step Act.

President Trump cared about these Americans and their families, even when so many others have left them behind and have written them off. I’m forever grateful for President Trump for that. He endures relentless attacks and so do many of us, like myself, who support him.

But my mama always told me, “When the Lord starts blessing, the Devil starts messing.”

This convention marks a time to celebrate our history.

Republicans are the party that freed the slaves and the party that put the first Black men and women in Congress

It’s the party of Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln, and now, of Tim Scott and Donald Trump.

Our president has made incredible strides to end mass incarceration and give unprecedented opportunities for Black in America to rise.

America, let this election be a call for all God’s people who are called by His name to humble ourselves and pray together and to seek his face and to turn from our wicked ways. Then He will hear us from heaven and He will forgive our sins and He will heal our land. Amen and God bless America.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron addresses Joe Biden at the RNC (full text)


As the first African-American Attorney General in Kentucky, Daniel Cameron had a few things to say (especially to Joe Biden):

Good evening. My name is Daniel Cameron. I’m 34 years old and the first African-American attorney general in Kentucky history.

It is an honor to be with you as a proud Republican and supporter of Donald J. Trump.

I was raised in Kentucky just a few miles from Abraham Lincoln’s Birthplace. Our first Republican President believed in compassion, self-reliance, freedom, equality, and justice. Sadly, there are some who don’t believe in this wisdom or in the better angels of our shared American history as they tear down the statues of people like Ulysses S. Grant, Frederick Douglass, and even Mr. Lincoln himself.

Lincoln said, “Any nation that does not honor its heroes will not long endure.” And for Republicans, our heroes are those who propelled an imperfect nation ever forward, always striving to make life better for everyone.

Even as anarchists mindlessly tear up American cities while attacking police and innocent bystanders, we Republicans do recognize those who work in good faith towards peace, justice, and equality. In fact, it was General Dwight Eisenhower (a future Republican president) who said, “Democracy is a system that recognizes the equality of humans before the law.”

Whether you are the family of Brianna Taylor or David Dorn, these are the ideals that will heal our nation’s wounds. Republicans will never turn a blind eye to unjust acts, but neither will we accept an all-out assault on Western Civilization.

My values were shaped by my faith and by my parents. I worked at their small coffee shop, meeting people from all walks of life. And I realized something. No matter who we are, everyone needs a cup of coffee. That lesson stuck with me because, despite our differences, we all want the same things. For our children to have more opportunities than we did. To feel the dignity of work and to believe that, if you play by the rules, you can make a good life for yourself and your family.

So the question is, will we choose the path that gives us the best chance to meet those universal desires or will we go backward to a time when people were treated like political commodities who can’t be trusted to think for themselves?

I think often about my ancestors who struggled for freedom. And as I think of those giants and their broad shoulders, I also think about Joe Biden, who says, “If you aren’t voting for me, you ain’t black.” Who argues that Republicans would “put us back in chains.” Who says, “there is no diversity of thought in the black community.”

Mister Vice President look at me. I am black.

We are not all the same, sir.

I am not in chains. My mind is my own and you can’t tell me how to vote because of the color of my skin.

Joe Biden is a backwards thinker in a world that is craving forward-looking leadership.

There’s no wisdom in his record of plan — just a trail of discredited ideas and offensive statements.

Joe Biden would destroy jobs, raise our taxes, and throw away the lives of countless unborn children.

And he is captive to the radical left, a movement committed to cancel culture and the destruction of public discourse. They believe your skin color must dictate your politics and if you fail to conform while exercising your God-given right to speak and think freely, they will cut you down. The politics of identity, cancellation, and mob-rule are not acceptable to me.

Republicans trust you to think for yourself and it pursue your American dream however you see fit.

Mr. Lincoln said, “The dogmas of the quiet past are inadequate to the stormy present. The occasion is piled high with difficulty and we must rise to the occasion.” I believe Donald Trump can meet Lincoln’s mandate even as Joe Biden remains trapped by his own failed record and by the radicals who dominate his party.

Let’s be honest. No one is excited about Joe Biden.

And so I ask you to judge the record.

On Criminal Justice Reform, Joe Biden couldn’t do it. But President Trump did.

On the economy, Joe Biden couldn’t do it. But President Trump did build an economy that works for everyone, especially minorities, and he will do it again.

And on immigration, Joe Biden promises more to illegal immigrants than he does to you.

President Trump believes his highest duty is to the American worker.

The choice is clear.

Let me close with something my mom told me. This country’s many faces comprise a family — not separate parts to be divided against each other. And like any family, we care for one another. We grieve together. We share our burdens and our struggles. And we celebrate our successes. And though we fuss and fight, we are not enemies.

We are Americans, united by a collective faith in our Constitution and laws and the fundamental fairness they represent. We are defenders of life and of individual liberty, and we carry the mantle of Eisenhower and of Reagan to be a force for good in this world and one that must always be reckoned with.

That’s my Republican Party: The Party of Lincoln that believes America is an indispensable nation, an evergreen tree standing tall in a turbulent world. And that’s why I am voting for Donald Trump for President. Thank you and God bless.

Maximo Alvarez hears echoes of Fidel Castro in Joe Biden


In a heartfelt presentation that only someone who has experienced true oppression can deliver, Maximo Alverez explains how he sees the shadows of oppression in the Democrats

Hello, my name is Maximo Alvarez. I live in Miami, Florida. Not far from the Straits of Florida, which is in just a 90 mile wide blue strip on a map. For me, it divides freedom from fear. it divides the past from the future.

I know all about the past. I’ll never forget my own. My family has fled totalitarianism —communism — more than once. First my dad from Spain then from Cuba. But my family is done running away. By the grace of God, I live the American dream the greatest blessing I ever had. My dad (only had a sixth grade education) told me, “Don’t lose this place. You’ll never be as blessed again.” I’m speaking to you today because my family’s done abandoning what we rightfully earned. There’s no place to hide. I’m speaking to you today because President Trump may not always be politically correct (is in fact a successful businessman), but he’s not your average career politician.

Our President is just another family man, a friend, and (a most important) our elected commander-in-chief who puts America first. Keep in mind the other guy running for president is mostly concerned about power. Yes. Yes: power for them, but not for the benefit of all Americans.

I’m speaking to you today because I have seen people like this before. I’ve seen movements like this before. I’ve seen ideas like this before.

And I am here to tell you we cannot let them take over our country. I heard the promises of Fidel Castro. And I can never forget all those who grew up around me, who look like me. Who suffered and starved and died because they believed those empty promises. They swallowed the Communist poison pill.

If you have a chance, go to the Freedom Tower in Miami.

Stop and listen. You can still hear the sounds of those broken promises. It is the sound of waves in the ocean carrying families clinging to pieces of wood. Families with children who can’t swim, but they’re willing to risk everything to reach this blessed land. It is the sound of tears hitting the paper of an application to become an American citizen.

Most heard and liked the promises. Pretty soon after, they experienced the reality. Look at them. Listen to them. Learn the truth.

Those false promises: spread the wealth, free education, free health care, defund the police, trust the socialist state more than your family and your community. They don’t sound radical to my ears. They sound familiar.

Fidel Castro was asked if he was a communist. He said he was a Roman Catholic. He knew he had to hide the truth.

But the country I was born in is gone — totally destroyed. When I watch the news on Seattle, Chicago, Portland, and other cities. When I see the history being rewritten. When I hear the promises, I hear echoes of the former life I never wanted to hear again.

I see shadows I thought I had out-run.

My parents only wanted one person to decide my fate: me. Not some party member, not some government official. Not some bureaucrat. In America, I would decide my own future. I am so grateful to America, the place where I was able to build my American dream through hard work determination. President Trump knows that the American story was written by people just like you and I who love our country and take risks to build a future for our families and neighbors.

I may be Cuban-born, but I am 100% American.

This is the greatest country in the world.

And I said this before if I gave away everything that I have today, it would not equal one percent with what I was given when I came to this great country of ours, the gift of freedom.

Right now, it is up to us to decide our fate and to choose freedom over oppression.

President Trump, he’s fighting the forces of anarchy and communism. And I know he will continue to do just that.

And what about his opponent and the rest of the DC swamp? I have no doubt, they will hand the country over to those dangerous forces.

You and I will decide.

And here’s what I’ve decided. My decision is very easy. I choose President Trump because I choose America. I choose freedom.

I still hear my dad. There is no other place to go.

Thank you. May the good Lord bless America.

Sean Parnell, an American hero and candidate for Representative in Pennsylvania, speaks at the RNC (full text)


Sean Parnell recounts a uniquely American experience

On the first day of the Republican National Convention, Sean Parnell shared part of what he learned in combat and from his grandfather:

I’m Sean Parnell and it is an honor to be here.

In 2006, the Army sent me to Afghanistan as a young platoon leader placed in command of Americans from every corner of our planet. Our platoon reflected the diversity of our nation: every race, creed, and religion. Despite those differences, we were bound together as brothers from the same American family. On June 10, 2006 our platoon was attacked just after dawn. Outnumbered 10 to 1, we endured mortar and machine gun fire as hundreds of Taliban charged us from three sides.

We had 24 men that day.

Wave after wave of Taliban advanced up the hill. I was wounded three times in the fighting. Nearly all of my platoon was wounded within the first minute, but the enemy kept coming. We fought to our last rounds of ammunition and when it was over, we held the hill.

In the face of death, I saw ordinary Americans become heroes. In our darkest hour, when our survival depended on each other, my men and I learned an important lesson: we all bleed red.

Our differences did not define us. United, we were unbeatable. After 485 days of combat, I came home eager to enjoy the freedoms I risked my life to defend, but I watched with alarm as the party of my grandfather (a life-long, union Democrat) turned against the very people it professed to represent.

I watched as Joe Biden spit venom at an auto worker who dared to question Joe’s intent to dismantle the Second Amendment and take your guns. Where Democrats once stood for hard-working, law-abiding Americans who displayed our flag with pride, this new Democrat party considers these people uneducated racists “clinging to guns and Bibles.”

The party of Harry Truman became the party of hedge fund managers, Hollywood celebrities, tech moguls, and university professors — all bloated with contempt for middle America. I look across the aisle and I do not see a party that wants you to pursue your dreams. I see a Democrat party that wants to dictate what those dreams are. I don’t see a party that wants you to be free. I see a party that wants to chain you into conformity and will destroy anyone they deem heretic.

I swore an oath to defend my country and its Constitution. President Trump has sworn to do the same. That’s why he’s advanced freedom despite savage political attacks to overcome the agenda of the radical Left.

President Trump has unleashed the economic might of this nation like no other president in our history. He triggered the rising tide of working families, brought us energy independence, reclaimed jobs from overseas (that, you know, Democrats said would never return).

He has fiercely defended the besieged First and Second Amendments. That is just a start.

With four more years, imagine what we can achieve by simply working with our President. I believe in our President’s vision for the future. I stand here tonight calling on all Americans to join us. It doesn’t matter what you look like, who you love, how you worship, your gender, or your job. If you’re a traditional Democrat who’s become disillusioned with how radical your party has become, then stand with us. You are most welcome.

America needs all her patriots to rush to her defense.

My fellow Americans, I promise you this: in our tent, you are free. Free to speak the truth, choose your journey, define your life. You have the power to go as far as you aim. Then aim higher and and keep going, because that is what Americans do. We are idealists and dreamers, lovers of adventure. We’re rugged and independent. We don’t make excuses, we make the impossible a reality.

Think about it. In a century, we went from ground-bound dreamers gazing to the stars to doers who created the means to reach them.

This is not the time to stand on the sidelines. If you love our country (as we do)(as our President does) join the chorus of patriot voices that will preserve this exceptional union.

Mister President lead the way. Millions in our American family believe in this path to destiny. Guide us to that horizon. Thank you and may God bless the United States of America.

By the way, if you like this message from Sean Parnell and would like to see more like him in Congress, you might want to visit his campaign web site at Any gift would probably help immensely.

If there is a endorsement I could get behind, this is it (Full text of the Herschel Walker speech)

Usually, I do not trust celebrities. However, this endorsement seems more to the heart than most of what I have seen in the small screen and the silver screen.

These are his words:

I’m not an actor, a singer, or a politician. I’m Herschel Walker. Most of you know me as a football player, but I’m also a father, a man of faith, and a very good judge of character.

I’ve known Donald Trump for 37 years and I don’t mean just casual (ran into him from time to time). I’m talking about a deep personal friendship.

I watched him as an owner of a professional football team. Right after he bought the team, he set out to learn. He learned about the history of the team, the players, the coaches, every detail. Then he used what he learned to make the team better.

I watched him in the board room. He can be in the middle of a big meeting, but if one of the kids is on the phone, he dropped everything to take the call. He taught me that the family should be your top priority.

I watched him treat janitors, security guards, and waiters the same way he treated a VIP. He made them feel special, because he knew they were.

He understands that they are the people that make this country run. They clean. They cook. They build. They drive. They deliver.

He told me, “Herschel, make an effort to get to know people. Remember their names.” That stuck with me.

One time, I planned to take his kids to Disney World with my family. At the last minute, Donald said that he’d like to join us. So there he was, in a business suit on It’s a Small World ride. That was something to see. It just shows you what a caring, loving father he is.

It hurt my soul to hear the terrible names that people call Donald. The worst one is racist.

I take it as a personal insult that people would think that I’ve had a 37-year friendship with a racist. People who think that don’t know what they are talking about.

Growing up in the Deep South, I’ve seen racism up close. I know what it is and it isn’t Donald Trump. Just because someone loves and respects the flag, our national anthem, and our country doesn’t mean they don’t care about social justice.

I care about all those things. So does Donald Trump.

He shows how much he cares about social justice in the Black community through his actions. And his actions speak louder than stickers or slogans on a jersey.

He keeps right on fighting to improve the lives of Black Americans (and all Americans).

He works night and day. He never stops. He leaves nothing on the field. Some people don’t like his style: the way he knocks down obstacles that get in the way of his goals.

People on the opposing team didn’t like it when I ran over them, either. But that’s how you get the job done.

I pray every night that God gives him more time. Give him four more years. He as accomplished so much almost all by himself on a constant attack, but there’s still more work to be done.

If you love America and want to make it better, Donald Trump is your President.

He’s my President and I’m blessed to call him friend.

In response to Mr. Walker’s observation that President Trump treated everyone he saw (including janitors and waitresses) with respect, all I can think of are the instances where past presidents treated their staff with disdain, either ignoring them as they saluted in the rain or giving them “coffee cup salutes.”

Five stories that touch coronavirus


  1. Back to school in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania: students and teachers in one room – can that work?

Der Spiegel (The Mirror) investigates the return to a regular school year in a 3 August 2020 article.

Schulbeginn in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Since Monday, pupils in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania have been going to class again, further federal states will follow soon. The role of children in the pandemic is still unclear. The overview.

The new school year began on Monday in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, on the Halligen and several other islands in Schleswig-Holstein. School starts again on Thursday in Hamburg, followed the following week by Berlin, Brandenburg, Schleswig-Holstein and North Rhine-Westphalia.

It is the first time since coronavirus closed schools that students and teachers are again regularly in the same room – depending on the state within fixed groups, sometimes without a minimum distance and protective masks. The schools in the first wave of coronavirus were not closed without reason.

What have researchers learned since then about the transmission routes of the virus? What role do schoolchildren play in the corona pandemic? The most important questions and answers at a glance.

Are children less likely to contract the new coronavirus?

The question has not yet been finally resolved. Most studies, however, indicate that children are less at risk of becoming infected. One reason for this could be that the receptor through which the new coronavirus penetrates the body occurs in smaller quantities.

For example, according to a study of 2500 parent-child pairs in Baden-Württemberg, children had antibodies to the virus in the blood significantly less often than their parents. However, the youngsters had less opportunity to get infected recently.

“Since the studies were mostly carried out during or after contact restrictions or lockdown situations, the transferability to everyday life is limited,” writes the RKI.

First results of a study with 2436 children and adolescents from Hamburg suggest that the risk of infection increases with the social reach of the children. The average age of children and adolescents for whom no antibodies to the new virus were found was 7.9 years. The group of subjects who had antibodies in their blood was 9.7 years old on average.

Do children pass on the virus particularly often?

In connection with many respiratory diseases, children are the drivers of spread. This has not been the case with the coronavirus. However, this connection is not yet fully understood – the reason here is that children have so far had little opportunity to become infected and to infect others.

Studies on the subject come to very different results. Virologists have found that infected children have as many viruses in their throat as adults. This could indicate that they are similarly contagious. Examinations of infection chains in households show, however, only in individual cases that children and adolescents infect others similarly or even more often than adults.

(Read more — in German — at Der Spiegel)

Why don’t we see answers like this in U.S. media?

Since just about all of the links in this story eventually track back to English-language sources, why don’t American journalists do this type of journalism? Why aren’t there articles in U.S. papers showing that children do not normally spread or catch the coronavirus? Why don’t journalists stop the continual hype and show that children do not figure into most infection chains?

  1. The Associated Press tries to shame America into providing healthcare for Mexico

A 5 August 2020 article published by the Associated Press focuses on the exploding coronavirus rates just South of the U.S. border and tries to shame Americans into allowing Mexicans into American healthcare.

When labor pains signaled that Clarissa Muñoz was at last going to be a mom, she jumped in a car and headed two hours down the Texas border into one of the nation’s most dire coronavirus hot spots.

She went first to a hospital so desperate for help that nurses recently made 49 phone calls to find a bed 700 miles away to airlift a dying man with the virus. From there, she was taken to a bigger hospital by ambulance. Along the way, she passed a funeral home that typically handles 10 services a month but is up to nine a week. And when she finally arrived to give birth, she was blindsided by another complication: A test revealed that she too was infected.

Hours later, Muñoz was granted just a few seconds to lay eyes, but no hands, on her first born, who was quickly whisked away.

On America’s southern doorstep, the Rio Grande Valley, the U.S. failure to contain the pandemic has been laid bare. For nearly a month, this borderland of 2 million people in South Texas pleaded for a field hospital, but not until Tuesday was one ready and accepting patients. In July alone, Hidalgo County reported more than 600 deaths — more than the Houston area, which is five times larger.

At DHR Health, one of the largest hospitals on the border, nearly 200 of the 500 beds belong to coronavirus patients isolated in two units. A third unit is in the works. That doesn’t even include the COVID-19 maternity ward, where mothers and newborns are separated immediately.

Doctors and nurses rushed Muñoz’s baby out of the delivery room and down a hallway sealed by a zippered tarp to restrict contaminated air. Seven hours later, she still did not know his weight. Across the street, alarms blared constantly in a coronavirus intensive-care unit, summoning nurses to roll patients onto their stomachs to force more air into their lungs.

“It’s a really, really ugly feeling,” Muñoz said of watching her son being taken away.

Texas reopened quicker than most of the U.S., only to backtrack in the face of massive outbreaks. Health officials say the worst of a summer resurgence appears to be behind the state as a whole, but the border is a bleak exception. Doctors fear another punishing wave is around the corner.

This predominantly Hispanic region is cruelly vulnerable to COVID-19. The prevalence of diabetes here is roughly three times the national average, and households have among the lowest incomes in America, adding to the difficulty of thwarting the virus.

Even the weather has added to the burden. The first hurricane of the season barreled over the border two weeks ago. At first, local officials hoped that the storm named Hanna would wash out family gatherings and bar crawls, slowing the spread. In reality, the system knocked out power to thousands of homes for days, driving families into closer contact with relatives whose lights remained on.

Now, said Maritza Padilla, DHR Health’s assistant chief nursing officer, there’s “no chance” of flattening the region’s infection curve.

(Read more lies and left-wing tripe at the Associated Press)

Despite the above article, Coronavirus infection and death rates in Texas have dropped

As reported by a 3 August 2020 article in Community Impact, Harris County and Houston have seen a drop in infection rates and testing.

  1. Ohio Board of Pharmacy reverses rule and okays hydroxychloroquine after Governor’s request

Breitbart reports in a 30 July 2020 article on the Ohio governmental allowance for its citizens to use hydroxychloroquine — a drug that works against the coronavirus.

The Ohio Board of Pharmacy has reversed a rule that prohibited the sale and dispensing of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine in the state after Gov. Mike DeWine (R) asked for the reversal.

“I agree with the statement from Dr. Steven Hahn, Commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, that the decision about prescribing hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19 should be between a doctor and a patient,” DeWine said in a statement. “Therefore, I am asking the Ohio Board of Pharmacy to halt their new rule prohibiting the selling or dispensing of hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine for the treatment or prevention of COVID-19.”

“The Board of Pharmacy and the State Medical Board of Ohio should revisit the issue, listen to the best medical science, and open the process up for comment and testimony from experts,” DeWine said.

“As a result of the feedback received by the medical and patient community and at the request of Governor DeWine, the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy has withdrawn proposed rule 4729:5-5-21 of the Administrative Code,” a release said. “Therefore, prohibitions on the prescribing of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine in Ohio for the treatment of COVID-19 will not take effect at this time.”

A local CBS affiliate reported on how the drug has been at the center of controversy since President Donald Trump said hydroxychloroquine could be promising in treating the virus:

[Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine] have been prescribed to treat malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, the Food and Drug Administration said.

The FDA revoked its emergency use authorization for the drugs to treat COVID-19 in June and in July posted a review of safety issues related to that use.

The FDA said there are reports of serious heart rhythm problems, blood and lymph system disorders, kidney injuries, and liver problems and failure.

But as Breitbart News reported, some physicians claim the public is being denied accurate information about treatment for the coronavirus, including those who held a summit and press conference in Washington, DC, earlier this week.

(Read more at Breitbart)

Now that Ohio has removed politics from the patient-doctor relationship, other states should follow

Now that a drug that a Yale epidemiologist has proven that HCQ works to help the body fight coronavirus, the political class needs to step out of the way. Actually, the political class needed to when the Lancet retracted studies due to irregularities.

  1. Trump: ‘Fake News’ not reporting ‘big China Virus breakouts all over the World’

The Hill tries to make President Trump the bad guy as he accuses the press for not reporting the outbreaks across the world.

President Trump in an early morning tweet on Sunday accused the press of failing to report coronavirus outbreaks in other nations as cases surge in the U.S.

“Big China Virus breakouts all over the World, including nations which were thought to have done a great job,” the president tweeted.

“The Fake News doesn’t report this,” he added. “USA will be stronger than ever before, and soon!”

Trump linked to coverage of a state of disaster being declared in Victoria, Australia, due to a resurgence of the virus. Victoria reported 671 new cases of the virus and seven deaths on Sunday. Australia overall has seen more than 18,000 cases and more than 200 deaths, compared with the U.S.’s 4.71 million cases and 157,000 deaths, the most of any country.

The Associated Press also reported on Sunday that 54,735 new cases were reported in India, 5,032 in the Philippines and 1,540 in Japan.

Trump’s tweet comes the day after he publicly contradicted Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious diseases expert, on the reason for the increased number of cases in the U.S.

“Wrong!” Trump tweeted Saturday in response to Fauci’s testimony on Friday that the U.S. had greater case numbers because of lighter lockdowns.

“We have more cases because we have tested far more than any other country, 60,000,000,” Trump added. “If we tested less, there would be less cases.”

(Read more at The Hill)

The press has been ignoring coronavirus in other nations

With a noted exception of the New York Times reporting on the high infection rates in Mexico, there has been scant published on the rates of infection (or the success in handling the virus and keeping economies open) in other nations.

  1. Herman Cain, conservative icon, dead at 74

One America News Network reported in a 30 July 2020 article on the death of Herman Cain.

Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain has died after being hospitalized with COVID-19. Cain’s website editor announced the news on Thursday.

Cain had reportedly fallen severely ill with the virus earlier this month and was admitted to an Atlanta hospital just two days after his diagnosis. He had also previously been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in 2006.

In 2019, President Trump nominated Cain to join the Federal Reserve Board. The president and members of his administration took to Twitter following his death to express their condolences.

“Herman Cain led a remarkable life and will be missed. He loved his family, the country and the Lord. He triumphed in business, beat cancer and was a voice for freedom. God bless you and yours, Herman.” – Kellyanne Conway, Counselor to the President

(Read this at One America News Network)

From a hard worker who came to save companies to a presidential candidate and beyond

In light of his recently produced Uncle Tom, I had looked forward to seeing the spread of his message. In actuality, Herman Cain’s message was a continuation of Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream of having his children judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin.

To illustrate this, there is the content of both the shortened version of Uncle Tom (immediately below) or the full movie at

While the press (and, therefore, this post) primarily focuses on Herman Cain’s death by coronavirus, I would rather celebrate both his faith in Christ and his ability to work beyond race (at a time when the focus was often on race).

Texas State Senator Paul Bettencourt refutes Democrat Judge Lina Hidalgo’s claims we must shut down

Bettencourt disproves claims by Hidalgo

At his campaign Facebook page, Texas State Senator Paul Bettencourt has proven the fearmongering rants of Lina Hidalgo to be false.

I am fighting back with the facts and charts against Socialist Judge Hidalgo’s constant demands to shut down Harris County’s economy! We have a socialization problem, not a social distancing in the workplace problem.

Watch the video below where I share the untold data that you never hear on the Covid-19 pandemic and discuss keeping the Texas economy open while fighting the virus at the same time!



Surprisingly, the local main stream media stations are not covering this

Probably because this contradicts the narrative that they have been spouting since the start of the BLM riots, these charts and the narrative have not seem the air waves. Who knows, maybe the way it contradicts the ramblings of Lina Hidalgo and Sylvester Turner might also have a hand in it.

Proof that even “mistakes” seem to just support Democrats

Republican primary ballots mailed out listing only Democrat candidates

According to NJ Advance Media, ballots were mailed out in Bernardsville, New Jersey that listed all Democrat candidates on the Republican primary ballot.

DemocratsOnRepublicanBallotKaren Gardner was perplexed when she received her mail-in primary ballot. As a life-long Republican voter and chairwoman of the Bernardsville Republican Municipal Committee, Gardner wasn’t expecting to find a list of Democrats inside the envelope.

“The slate of candidates was all Democrat from Joe Biden down to dogcatcher, but on the upper right it clearly stated it was a Republican ballot and it had my name and correct information on the return envelope,” Gardner said.

Of the 2,400 registered Republicans in Bernardsville, 500 to 700 of them received erroneous mail-in ballots, listing the Democratic candidates instead of the Republicans.

Gardner brought the issue to the Somerset County Republican Organization on June 13. The organization’s chairman Al Gaburo notified the county clerk who promised to remedy the mistake.

The error originated with Reliance Graphics, Inc., the printing company which sent out Somerset County’s ballots. Normally, the county clerk’s office prepares the ballots themselves, but shopped the task to Reliance this year because of Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order that every voter receive a vote-by-mail ballot for the delayed July 7 primary election.

(Read more at NJ Advance Media)

If there were close races where one of the competitors was more well-financed, but less popular than the other, this might make a difference

Depending on the situation, this little mistake might be a game changer for a primary race or two. Whether it benefits the more liberal or the more conservative, I cannot tell for certain. However, with the influence of Google to the Left along with the influence of the media to the Left, I would suppose that any delay would be an advantage for the Left (even in Republican primaries).

Four stories ignored due to my COVID-19 obsession

  1. Nineteen-year-old illegal alien was firing shots at HPD helicopters over crash scene

With a hat tip to the Chris Salcedo Show, we find that Houston CBS affiliate KHOU cryptically informs us that the man who shot at the police helicopter was an illegal alien. Although the link’s headline said “Source: Teen was firing shots at HPD helicopters …” and the article’s headline says “19-year-old accused of firing gun at choppers …”, the article said:

A 19-year-old man has been arrested and charged with firing a gun at helicopters responding to a deadly HPD chopper crash on May 2.

Josue Daniel Claros-TrajedoJosue Daniel Claros-Trajedo shot five rounds into the air shortly before the crash but it’s not clear if he was aiming at the HPD helicopter.

When Claros-Trajedo heard police approaching, he hid both guns in an air vent in his apartment, according to witnesses.

Claros-Trajedo, an undocumented immigrant, is charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a public servant. He also faces charges of discharging a firearm in a metro area, tampering with evidence, reckless driving and unlawfully carrying a weapon.

HPD Tactical Flight Officer Jason Knox was killed in the crash and pilot Chase Cormier was critically injured with a broken back. Officer Knox was laid to rest after an emotional funeral on Saturday.

There were reports of shots fired before and after the crash and Police Chief Art Acevedo said six people were arrested.

It’s not clear if Claros-Trajedo was one of those six. He is currently held on $100,000 bond and an immigration hold.

(Read more at KHOU)

Will Lina Hidalgo make a point of extending help to Claros-Trajedo

Since Lina Hidalgo created a tax-payer funded cache for “immigrants,” the possibility that she might extend this assistance to Mr. Claros-Trajedo (never mind that he was probably shooting at a police helicopter and a policeman was killed).

  1. Officer Anderson speaks to other officers about not violating Americans’ rights (and gets fired)

Officer Anderson says in this video:

You know, as a police officer, I’m compelled to make this video.

I’ve been in law enforcement for 10 years and (I’m speaking to my peers, my other fellow officers, people in any kind of law enforcement position) I’ve seen officers nationwide enforcing tyrannical orders against the people.

I’m hoping it’s the minority of officers, but I’m not sure anymore.

Because every time I turn on the television, every time I look to the Internet, I’m seeing people arrested or cited for going to church, for traveling on the roadways, for going surfing, opening their businesses, going to the park with their families, or for doing their nails out of their own house — using their own house as a place of business. Having undercover agents go there and arrest them, and charge them with — with what? With a crime? I don’t know what crime people are committing by doing nails in their own house. But we’re seeing them do this more and more and more, and uh we need to start looking at ourselves as officers, and thinking, “Is what I’m doing right?”

Now I want I want to remind you that regardless where you stand on the coronavirus, we don’t have the authority to do those things to people just because a mayor or a governor tells you otherwise. I don’t care if it’s your Sergeant or Chief of Police, we don’t get to violate people’s Constitutional rights because somebody in our chain of command tells us otherwise. It’s not how this country works.

For the above video, Officer Anderson was fired

According to a 12 May 2020 Daily Caller article, Officer Anderson was fired from the Seattle Police Force.

Officer Greg AndersonPort of Seattle Police Officer and Special Forces veteran Greg Anderson was reportedly removed from his position after his video about police officers allegedly abusing their power went viral.

In an update video posted Monday to his Instagram, Anderson says he has been terminated from the Port of Seattle Police Department and is on administrative leave pending an investigation.

The Port of Seattle Police Department confirmed Anderson’s suspension in a statement posted on their website that reads in part, “Officer Greg Anderson is on paid administrative leave while we look into allegations that he violated our policy on the use of social media.”

Anderson posted the video May 5, addressing his concerns with police officers across the country enforcing quarantine orders administered by state and local governments.

“I’ve seen officers nationwide enforcing tyrannical orders against the people and I’m hoping it’s the minority of officers, but I’m not sure anymore,” said Anderson in the video that now has over 600,000 views on his Instagram account.

“We don’t get to violate someone’s constitutional rights because somebody in our chain of command tells us otherwise,” he added.

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

  1. Republican Mike Garcia wins in a 24 point upset in a special election

One America News Network reports on 14 May 2020 that Republican Mike Garcia has won the election in California District 25.

Republican Mike GarciaRepublican Mike Garcia has claimed victory in California, flipping the state’s 25th District seat from blue to red. On Wednesday, his Democrat opponent Christy Smith conceded the special election race and congratulated her rival. She is now setting her sights on the general election in the fall.

The swing district’s seat used to belong to former congresswoman Katie Hill before she resigned from Congress in October over a sex scandal.

Earlier this week, President Trump endorsed Garcia by highlighting the Republicans previous military service, his stance on crime as well as border security and gun rights.

(Read more at the One America News Network)

Look for the California victory not to be covered in the Nightly News

Had the Democrat upset the Republican, then this would be evidence of a blue wave coming in November 2020 and would be on every main stream media news outlet. However, since it portends well for Trump, then it will likely be ignored.

  1. In Wisconsin’s 7th, a Republican knocks out a Democrat

The Wausau Daily Herald reports in a 12 May 2020 article that Republican Tom Tiffany upset the Democrat from the seat formerly held by Sean Duffy.

Republican Tom TiffanyTom Tiffany will serve as the next representative of Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District.

Tiffany, a Republican, was elected Tuesday, beating out Democrat Tricia Zunker for the seat during a special election.

Tiffany received 57% of the vote compared with Zunker’s 43%.

  • Tiffany: 109,592 votes
  • Zunker: 81,928 votes

The results in Marathon County closely mirrored the district, with Tiffany winning almost 59% of the vote there to Zunker’s 41% in the county. Just over 50% of registered Marathon County voters turned out to cast a ballot.

In all, more than 91,000 absentee ballots were returned in the district, according to the Wisconsin Elections Commission. More than 114,000 people requested one. In Marathon County, around 20,800 absentee ballots were reported returned of the more than 25,000 requested by voters.

Tiffany is facing a quick turnaround after the election. He will be expected in Washington, D.C., starting next week to begin serving in Congress. Tiffany also faces another campaign season, too. Like every other seat in Congress, the 7th Congressional District is on the ballot in November.

Tiffany addressed supporters over a Facebook Live video Tuesday night, with his family beside him. He said Zunker called him Tuesday night, and he congratulated her on running “a good race” in difficult circumstances over the past couple months during the state’s Safer at Home order.

Tiffany said his goal in Congress is “to get America back on its feet” after the economic blow brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. He thanked his family for their support as well as voters in the district.

(Read more at the Wausau Daily Herald)