The Left keeps digging to new lows

On Mothers’ Day, painting slogans on buildings housing women in crisis: is that pro-abortion or anti-life?

Protestia lays out the actions of the liberals as they revolt against the leaked Supreme Court opinion.

In light of the Supreme Court looking to abolish Roe v. Wade, pro-abortion fascists have taken to vandalizing churches and crisis pregnancy centers, tearing down any symbol that stands up for the life of the unborn.

One incident occurred in Boulder, Colorado, where vandals smashed windows and spray painted the Sacred Heart of Mary Church, writing: ‘My body, my choice,’ and ‘F*** the church,’ and “keep your religion off our bodies’ on the walls, along with the Antifa symbol.

Another victim of the attacks was the Pregnancy Center of Portland, with vandals smashing windows and writing ‘F*** CPCS (Crisis Pregnancy Centers) . Some of the services this particular one offered include:

  • Pregnancy Confirmation 
  • Pre-Abortion Consult
  • Clinical Pregnancy Testing and Confirmation
  • Ultrasound Exam
  • Gestational Age Determination
  • Complete Pregnancy and Abortion Options Consultation
  • Medical, Insurance, and Community Support Referrals

There have been nearly non-stop protests in the street against the supreme court and for pro-abortion, even though their state, being as liberal as it is, would have baby murder continue unabated. Yet Antifa accounts have been tweeting out addresses and leaving the bad part unsaid, likely resulting in this building being targeted.

(Read of their call to action at Protestia)

Where are the liberals who called out for tolerance?

Where are the tolerant people on the left that wanted all sides to be heard?

Possessed activists still mob Justices at their homes

The New York Post reports on how the Left under Biden keeps digging every time a report comes out on their having reached a new low (since the Left keeps sending protesters to the homes of Supreme Court Justices and Biden will not condemn it).

While militant pro-choice activists doxxed the six Supreme Court justices that are expected to dismiss Roe v. Wade — publishing their partial addresses online — the protests they are planning outside their homes next week might not protected under the First Amendment and could be illegal. 

According to 18 U.S.C. 1507 – which relates to Obstruction of Justice – anyone who has the intent of “interfering with, obstructing, or impeding the administration of justice, or with the tent of influencing any judge, juror, witness, or court officer” and pickets or parades in or near a court building or residents “occupied or used by such judge, juror, witness or court officer” will face a fine or imprisonment of one year. 

The law also applies to people with such intent using sound trucks or similar devices “or resorts to any other demonstration in or near such building or residence.” 

Earlier this week, the pro-abortion organziation “Ruth Sent Us” announced it would be hosting a “walk-by” on May 11, outside the Virginia and Maryland homes of conservative Justices Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch. 

It is unclear if the demonstration will include “picketing” or “sound-trucks.” The protests are set to take place just over one week after the draft opinion was leaked – sparking mass concern among Democrats and abortion activists.

“Ruth Sent US” did not respond to requests from The Post on additional details regarding the demonstrations. 

On Friday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki was pressed on whether the president wants the protestors to influence the justices to uphold Roe v. Wade, as he pushes for Congress to codify the ruling into law. 

“The President believes in peaceful protest.  He believes that’s part of our democracy and part of the history of the United States and this country,” Psaki told reporters aboard Air Force One. 

“But he also respects and understands the independence of the third branch of government, and — I mean, obviously, the Justice Department — but also the role of the Supreme Court and what they play,” she continued. “So I wouldn’t say he has a view on that.  He believes in peaceful protests, but they’re going to make decisions they make, and we’re not going to prejudge a final opinion.”

(Read more at the New York Post on how Psaki had skipped condemning the Left)

Where are all of these peoples who are missing in action?

Where is:

  • The moderate Joe Biden that ran for president from his basement in 2020? All I have seen from Day One of his regime has been unabashed liberalism-bordering-on-Marxist dictatorship.
  • The “Great Uniter” who said he would bring us all together? If he is going to claim the role, he might want to put some shoe leather to that stance.
  • The freedom-loving Americans who want their laws created by elected officials accountable to them — not black-robed Justices appointed for life whose stated job only encompasses ensuring adherence to the Constitution?
  • The respect for our judicial system? If this is the newly accepted rules of engagement, should we assemble with torches outside Justice Roberts’ home until Obergefell falls?
  • Catholic Joe who says he cares so much about his faith?
  • The objective press (who cannot be found in the following article from a local Michigan tv outlet)?

Please call 1-555-The-Lost if you have seen any one of these.

Wisconsin Crisis Pregnancy Center fire bombed, but the press puts a pro-abortion spin on the story

Reuters took the fire-bombing of a Wisconsin Crisis Pregnancy Center and put an anti-abortion spin on the story. Odd how the objective press has completely disappeared.

The office of a conservative Wisconsin anti-abortion group was set on fire on Sunday, police said, days after it emerged that the Supreme Court is poised to reverse a landmark decision ensuring abortion rights nationwide.

A graffiti saying “if abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either” was also left behind, the Wisconsin Family Action’s office said in a statement, blaming a “leftist anarchist group” for the attack.

The Madison Police Department said it was investigating the Sunday morning fire as arson, adding that the fire was quickly put out by the local fire department. The department did not identify any suspects and said no injuries were reported.

The police said a molotov cocktail was thrown inside the building but that it had not ignited. “It appears a separate fire was started in response,” the police said.

Wisconsin Family Action says on its website it seeks to advance “Judeo-Christian principles.” It supports marriage as being “between one man and one woman” and the promotion of abstinence in the secondary school system. The group says it also opposes laws that support abortion.

The draft opinion, authored by conservative Justice Samuel Alito and published on May 2 by the Politico news outlet, would uphold a Mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy and overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide.

(Read more at Reuters on how this comes months before an election)

One would think that the nuns, priests, and volunteers at the Crisis Pregnancy Center were to blame

From the reading of the Reuters article, one might start to blame the victims.

Might that be the intent?


Good news regarding three liberal attempts on our freedom

Judge strikes down California’s corporate racial diversity law

The Daily Wire reports on the acts of a Judge in Los Angeles.

A California law that would have required corporations based in the state to include racial minorities and LGBT people on their executive boards was struck down by a judge in Los Angeles Friday.

The law was declared unconstitutional by a judge in the Los Angeles County Superior Court in a lawsuit brought by conservative legal organization Judicial Watch, the Associated Press reported. The ruling did not explain the Court’s reasoning.

The law was signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom in 2020. It would have required publicly traded companies headquartered in California to have at least one member on their executive boards of directors from an “underrepresented community,” which included African Americans, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, or members of the LGBT community, by the end of 2021, either by adding an executive position or filling an existing vacancy. By the end of 2022, the law would have required companies with boards of 4-9 directors to have at least two directors from minority communities, and boards with 9 or more members to have at least three minority directors. Firms that did not comply would have faced fines of up to $100,000 dollars for first offenses and $300,000 for repeated offenses, AP reported.

The suit was filed by Judicial Watch in October 2020. The organization said that using taxpayer dollars to enforce “[l]aws that explicitly distinguish between individuals on racial or ethnic, sexual preference, and transgender status grounds fall within the core of the prohibition of the equal protection clause.” California defended the law by arguing that the measure did not “discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.” Citing a report from the California Secretary of State, AP also reported that about 300 of the 700 corporations that fell under the law had complied, while half of the companies had not even filed a mandated disclosure statement on the racial makeup of their boards. But to date, no companies had been fined, and the state argued in Court that no taxpayer dollars actually had been used to enforce the measure.

(Read more at the Daily Wire)

While preventing people from working due to things beyond their control is bad, this law did not remedy that.

Why the lawmakers decided to go beyond the model of stopping evil is beyond me.

Instead, they decide to create a new class of elites on company boards. Furthermore, membership in this elite class is based on being within one of the following groups: “African Americans, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, or members of the LGBT community.”

Do you have to speak Spanish to be in the Latino community? What proofs are there of being in any of the LGBT communities? What if I claim to be bisexual. What proof do I have to provide?

A liberal college still has to pay for defaming a local small business

The Daily Wire points out how Oberlin College has been required to pay Gibson’s Bakery for defaming it.

An appellate court on Thursday upheld a decision that resulted in a massive award for Gibson’s Bakery after Oberlin College supported and encouraged students who falsely accused the bakery of racism.

Oberlin appealed the verdict against them, which awarded the family of Gibson’s Bakery $25 million in compensatory and punitive damages (a number that was reduced from $33 million in punitive damages due to Ohio tort reform law) and more than $6 million in attorney’s fees. On Thursday, the Ohio’s Ninth District Court of Appeals upheld the lower court’s finding, meaning Oberlin will, indeed, have to pay the Gibsons millions of dollars.

Sadly, as Legal Insurrection’s William A. Jacobson reported, the two family members who served as the lead plaintiffs – David Gibson and his father Allyn – passed away before the decision was upheld, though they did live to see the original verdict. David had previously revealed he had been diagnosed with cancer and that Oberlin was purposefully dragging out the case.

As The Daily Wire previously reported, several non-white Oberlin students attempted to steal alcohol from Gibson’s, a local bakery with a long history of serving the Oberlin community. A Gibson family member who was working at the bakery that day chased the students out of the store, where they attacked him. He called the police and the students were arrested, pleading guilty and admitting race had nothing to do with the incident.

But other students and faculty accused the bakery of racism and staged protests outside, with Oberlin officials fully endorsing and supporting the protesters’ (false) narrative. Further, while Oberlin claimed in court the protests were peaceful, some demonstrators actually entered the bakery and harassed customers, taking pictures of them and making disparaging comments to them. They also blocked customers from moving down the aisles and slashed the tires of a store employee.

(Read more at the Daily Wire)

This should be a template for taking on Black Lives Matter and CNN

The many businesses who were smashed to bits, looted, and burned to the ground during the Democrat “mostly peaceful protests” that swept through cities should follow this template of litigation.

Biden’s war-time moves on gasoline are angering the environmentalists

The Washington Examiner shows us how Biden has managed to anger even the environmentalists through his war-time moves on the oil/gas industries.

President Joe Biden’s efforts to stabilize the global oil market while simultaneously decreasing gas prices for drivers have baffled and infuriated some green energy activists.

Biden announced Thursday that the United States would release 180 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve over the next six months, use the revenue from the sales to refill the stockpile, and called on Congress to pass legislation fining oil companies with unused federal drilling permits or dormant wells on federally leased land. The president also utilized the Defense Production Act to surge domestic procurement of critical minerals the administration says are essential to achieving clean energy independence.

Biden’s announcement came just days after the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Evergreen Action, Common Defense, Win Without War, Indivisible, Sierra Club, and a coalition of nearly 100 “climate, veteran, foreign policy, and progressive organizations” launched a campaign to pressure Biden and Democrats to make “swift investments in clean energy to reduce our dependence on foreign authoritarian leaders like Vladimir Putin and oil companies that are price-gouging Americans at the pump.”

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reaffirms that America must lead the world in a clean energy transition. Our dependence on fossil fuel empowers authoritarians like Vladimir Putin, rogue oil-producing nations, and price-gouging oil companies,” the group wrote in a statement. “For the sake of our national security and planet, we call on America’s leaders to take immediate action to invest in domestic clean energy jobs and end our dependence on fossil fuel.”

Meanwhile, a number of activists reacted to Biden’s announcement by claiming that the administration was rewarding the “greed” of oil companies.

Collin Rees, a spokesman for Oil Change International expressed frustration with Biden’s action, calling the decision a “small bandage on a gaping wound” in a statement.

“The fossil fuel industry’s greed is hurting working people at the pump, and we should tax those windfall profits and give relief directly to families in need — not count on indirect signals and the market to help when immediate aid is needed,” Rees wrote. “The solution must be a wartime mobilization to transform our energy system, not doubling down on a volatile fossil-fueled system driving the climate crisis, worsening conflict, and boosting economic inequality.”

“Releasing more oil from the strategic reserve won’t address the root cause of this high prices: Big Oil’s coordinated campaign to gouge Americans at the pump,” Fossil Free Media Director Jamie Henn added on Twitter. “A better solution would be to pass the windfall profits tax proposed in Congress, which guarantees immediate relief to Americans without undermining the administration’s climate goals. Big Oil should pay for the problem they’ve created.”

(Read more reactions from the real liberals as quoted by the Washington Examiner)

This is just one more Biden “I did this” sticker 

This is proof positive that Biden meant to kill our economy. He still means to kill our economy (since he does not understand that our economy needs oil).


Biden draws a bead on his real enemy: anti-socialists

Joe Biden channels various historic figures while targeting anti-socialists

Joe “Robinette” Stalin punishes his own people by announcing a U.S. ban on Russian oil

Reuters cites the words of Joe as America faces another round of Biden-instigated jumps in gasoline (and everything) prices.

JoeStealinU.S. President Joe Biden announced a ban on Russian oil and other energy imports on Tuesday in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine, underscoring strong bipartisan support for a move that he acknowledged would drive up U.S. energy prices.

“We’re banning all imports of Russian oil and gas energy,” Biden told reporters at the White House. “That means Russian oil will no longer be acceptable in U.S. ports and the American people will deal another powerful blow to (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s war machine.”

Oil prices jumped on the news, with Benchmark Brent crude LCOc1 for May climbing by 5.4% to $129.91 a barrel by 1345 GMT.

Biden has been working with allies in Europe, who are far more dependent on Russian oil, to isolate Russia’s energy-heavy economy and Putin. Britain announced shortly before Biden’s remarks that it would phase out the import of Russian oil and oil products by the end of 2022.

Biden said sanctions imposed by the United States and its allies had already caused the Russian economy to “crater”. He said the latest moves had been made in close consultation with allies and partners around the world.


(Read more at Reuters)

When questioned, Joe “Marie Antoinette” Biden quips “let them buy electric cars”

Sky News reports on the tone-deaf comments of Joe “Marie Antoinette” Biden — who thinks cash-strapped Americans who have endured his inflation can pull $55K from the air.

The Biden administration has been labelled “tone deaf” after Pete Buttigieg and Kamala Harris spent the afternoon promoting electric vehicles in the wake of America’s highest gas prices since 2008.

The Transportation secretary was joined by the VP to commemorate the one year anniversary from when the Biden administration passed the American Rescue Plan Act.

Mr Buttigieg has been criticised for telling Americans electric cars are important for “cost savings”.

“Clean transportation can bring significant cost savings for the American people as well,” he said.

“Last month we announced a $5 billion investment to build out a nationwide electric vehicle charging network so that people from rural to suburban to urban communities can all benefit from the gas savings from driving an EV.”

Republican Markwayne Mullin criticised the comments by labelling it “tone deaf” from the Biden administration to be promoting electric vehicles as everyday Americans struggle to pay for gas.

“Vice President Kamala Harris and DOT Secretary Pete Buttigieg spent the afternoon promoting electric vehicles and Green New Deal policies. Are you kidding me?” He tweeted.

“The Biden Administration could not be more tone deaf.”

“Tell me you’re a liberal elite without telling me you’re a liberal elite,” wrote Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

(Read more at Sky News)

Never mind that middle-class families have been laid flat by Biden’s record-breaking inflation and have struggled to just put food on the table and gas in the car. Never mind that he has left the poor behind.

Let them take an low-end $55,000 out of the air when they are struggling on these other fronts. Let them buy Joe’s fantastical electric car and plug it up to the already-overburdened electrical system.


Joe “Benedict Arnold” Biden calls in favors from his fellow socialists

Newsweek tells us of the deals Biden has started to make with other socialist regimes who have imprisoned Americans.

The Biden administration is facing bipartisan backlash over the possibility of easing sanctions against Venezuela in order to allow the country to increase exports of oil.

There was skepticism from both Democrats and Republicans toward the idea after a group of U.S. officials visited Venezuela in the highest-level trip to the South American country in years, as the White House considers whether to ban oil imports from Russia.

The visit comes amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and the imposition of harsh sanctions against the country by the U.S. and its allies. Russia is a major oil and gas exporter.

Some senior U.S. officials traveled to Venezuela on Saturday and conducted talks with President Nicolás Maduro’s government.

Venezuela was once a major exporter of crude oil to the U.S. but a combination of mismanagement and U.S. sanctions severely curtailed exports.

The idea of easing sanctions against Venezuela in order to potentially supplement losses from a ban on Russian oil was met with anger and criticism from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) shared a video on Twitter showing Maduro announcing the resumption of talks with the opposition. That announcement came after his government’s meeting with the U.S. delegation.

(Read more at Newsweek)

Did Joe “Neville Chamberlain” Biden negotiate to have Europe, India, or China stop or reduce their Russian oil purchases? Or did he give up everything for an empty deal?

Offshore Engineer magazine says the European Union has produced a plan to reduce use of Russian oil and gas by 2030.

The European Commission published plans on Tuesday to cut EU dependency on Russian gas by two-thirds this year and end its reliance on Russian supplies of the fuel “well before 2030”.

The European Union executive said it would switch to alternative supplies and expand clean energy faster under the plans, which national governments will be largely responsible for implementing.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine last month has triggered an overhaul of the 27-country EU’s energy priorities as Brussels seeks to wrest countries free from depending on Russia, which supplies around 40% of the bloc’s natural gas.

“The answer to this concern for our security lies in renewable energy and diversification of supply,” EU climate policy chief Frans Timmermans said.

“It’s hard, bloody hard. But it’s possible.”

The new plans come on top of climate change policies the EU is currently negotiating, which are designed to cut emissions faster this decade and would alone cut EU gas use 30% by 2030.

(Read more mumbo-jumbo and doublespeak at Offshore Engineer)

No news reports can be found of Biden negotiating deals with the next biggest energy consumers (China and India). Likewise, there is nothing on Biden convincing the Pacific Rim countries or African countries to cut Russian oil.

So, why are we doing this other than to punish American middle-class and poor workers who might support capitalism?

Of course, the poor who have started to join the capitalist movement within Russia (the McDonald’s franchisee, the Coke deliveryman, …) will feel the capricious sting of the liberal-leaning corporations.

Still, for Biden, it’s a win. It advances the cause of socialism worldwide.

Paychecks from Ukrainian oil and gas will likely ensure Biden’s attention to Ukraine

Least you forget, Hunter Biden, Paul Pelosi, a Romney protégé, and a Kerry family friend have received paychecks from Ukrainian oil and gas.

Of course, “fact checkers” Politifact, Reuters, USA Today, and Snopes claimed that it was false that “sons of Pelosi, Romney, and Kerry” (were employed by a Ukrainian gas company).

Details, details, details.


Altered states in Biden’s America

The State Of Disunion

The Daily Wire accentuated how Biden’s speech was showed America’s state of disunion.

BidenAgendaBy now you may have forgotten President Joe Biden gave his State of the Union address last week. On Monday, Biden walked across the White House lawn alone and in a mask. On Tuesday, he walked into a crowd of House members rejoicing that no more masks were needed. It was the perfect metaphor for Biden at governance and Biden at speech.

First, forgive Biden for his flubs and twisted words. He is almost 80 and has a stuttering problem. As someone who grew up with a stuttering problem, I’m sympathetic. He is neither Cicero nor Churchill, King nor Kennedy. He is Joe from Scranton. The problem was not the words or delivery. The problem was the message.

The State of the Union address was not for you or for me unless you are a moderate, Democrat-leaning voter who is frustrated with Biden and looking at the GOP for November. Despite all the talk about multiple audiences, Biden is trying to keep wavering moderate voters on board.

He hit on, for example, securing the border. That’s an issue he has done nothing with, but it shows up in the polling as a problem for Democrats, so he mentioned it. He mentioned funding police too. That is another area in which polls show voters trust Republicans more than Democrats. He needs to reassure suburban voters that he is not the radical the loudest Democratic representatives are.

He called Afghanistan an “extraordinary success,” but it polls terribly for him, so he chose not to spend time on it. The whole of the speech after opening about Ukraine sounded like it was written by pollsters panicked by the GOP’s current numbers.

The problem for Biden and the Democrats is simple. This speech is going to be forgotten — if it’s not already forgotten — but the public will still see empty store shelves, high prices and the cost of filling up their cars. The president offered nothing to address these issues. In fact, it is now widely accepted his COVID-19 relief package sparked inflation; the president not only defended it but called for even more spending.

Biden started with a unifying moment about Ukraine. He had applause from both the Republicans and Democrats. He then pivoted straight into an attack on the Trump tax cuts with a lie about those cuts benefiting the top 1%. Even the supposed fact-checkers rebut that.

He continued to call on Congress to pass an agenda Congress has repeatedly failed to pass and to advocate for positions most Americans reject. There was no reset. He doubled down on progressivism. He doubled down on growing government. He refused to offer gas price relief but instead announced he wants to expand the Green New Deal.

(Read about the central problem — beyond the gaffes — at the Daily Wire)

Remember, this is the guy who ran as the “great unifier”

Then again, most Americans are unified in their belief that Joe Biden does not have the qualifications needed to be president.


A catatonic state of Republicans

The Ukraine war fever could kill GOP midterm chances

Breitbart points out how Republicans’ focus on the Ukraine war (and not on Biden failures) could take the wind out of the Republican chances.

How does any rational or caring human being watch us lose a 20-year war against cave-dwelling barbarians, and not just lose that war, but lose it in the most humiliating fashion imaginable, and less than a year later already have a war-boner for Ukraine?

I’m convinced the unholy alliance between Neocons, the corporate media, and the Democrat party is the Seventh Seal.

For a moment, let’s forget about the fact that America is incapable of liberating anyone; let’s ignore that our definition of “liberating”  is to spend $4 trillion killing hundreds of thousands of innocents and then abandoning them to the enemy. Instead, how about these apples: 1) Putin is not a cave-dwelling barbarian, and 2) Putin has nuclear weapons.

Well, those apples have been met with what is, without question, the single-most irresponsible thing a public official has uttered in my lifetime…

(Read more examples of purportedly-Republican idiocy over Ukraine at Breitbart)

Hopefully, Kinzinger will be recycled soon

However, the other Republicans with hoof-in-mouth disease will need to regain their sanity. Hopefully, they will consult their constituents before committing America to another war.

The silent state of liberal media

CNN, ABC, CBS, BBC, and Bloomberg close Russian broadcasting divisions

Breitbart points out the immediate reaction of certain liberal “news” outlets when Russia implemented a law imposing stiff penalties for spreading “fake news.” So, the “news” agencies who wouldn’t shut up about “Russian/Trump collusion” for five years now silence themselves when threatened over broadcasting “fake news” in Russia.

The West’s severance from Russia became more apparent this week when CNN International, ABC, CBS, and other major news outlets announced they will stop broadcasting in the Eastern European country following its invasion of Ukraine.

The move out of Russia comes in response to the Kremlin introducing a new law that would jail anyone spreading fake news or misinformation about the invasion of Ukraine. Russian officials claim that the United States and Western Europe have been intentionally spreading fake news to spark an uprising against the Kremlin.

“Lawmakers in Moscow passed amendments to the criminal code making the spread of ‘fake’ information an offense punishable with fines or jail terms,” They also imposed fines for anyone calling for sanctions against Russia following the invasion of Ukraine,” according to the Daily Mail.

“The new legislation was passed by parliament and will become law when Vladimir Putin signs it, as he is widely expected to do. It was not clear when Putin would sign the measure,” added the outlet.

People in violation of the law could face up to 15 years in prison. CNN, ABC, CBS, Bloomberg, BBC, and CBC all announced they would be discontinuing their broadcasts.

“CNN will stop broadcasting in Russia while we continue to evaluate the situation and our next steps moving forward,” a network spokesperson said Friday.

“The change to the criminal code, which seems designed to turn any independent reporter into a criminal purely by association, makes it impossible to continue any semblance of normal journalism inside the country,” Bloomberg Editor-in-Chief John Micklethwait said in a statement.

CBS, ABC, CBC, and the BBC all made similar announcements. Interim BBC News Director Jonathan Munro confirmed that while broadcasts within the country will be suspended, the network will not be “pulling out journalists from Moscow.”

“We cannot use their reporting for the time being but they remain valued members of our teams and we hope to get them back on our output as soon as possible,” tweeted Munro.

(Read the blah-blah response of one news outlet at Breitbart)

We can make a difference. Change our information sources

If we go to Newsmax, OAN, and other conservative outlets, we can help the decline of CNN and other dying liberal outlets.


A few sets of tweets that actually explain a lot about Biden’s Ukraine

First, there is the focus of the Biden Pentagon

These tweets show how Joe Biden’s military lost its focus

If there was any doubt that Joe Biden’s military had lost its focus, review the points made in these tweets.

Next consider these tweets on how Team Biden approached negotiations

Where Democrats lobby for the climate in the midst of the other side prepping for war

Finally, consider how Putin did not try this against Trump, but did against Obama and Biden

Biden negotiates from weakness


Pelosi and other Democrats work to create a totalitarian state

Pelosi quietly creates her Gestapo and intimidates politicians critical of her January 6 Committee

Representative Nehls accuses Capitol Police of secretly taking photo of documents while in his office

Fox News reports that Representative Troy Nehls has accused the Capitol Police went into his office on two occasions and took pictures.

Texas Rep. Troy Nehls, a Republican, accused the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) of placing him under “investigation” and taking a secret photo of constitutionally-protected legislative documents in his office.

Nehls blasted out a press release on Tuesday with the accusation, saying he was placed under a probe “in which a USCP officer entered his office and took a photo of private Congressional material protected by the Speech and Debate Clause, Article I Section 6 of the U.S. Constitution.”

“The photo was passed up to USCP intelligence analysts and a report was filed citing ‘suspicious writings,’” Nehls’ office wrote in the release. “That following Monday, three plainclothed USCP agents returned to the office, where they questioned a staff member about the contents of the questionably-obtained photo.”

The freshman Republican accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Democrat leadership of “weaponizing Federal agencies to suppress opposing views” in a Tuesday statement to Fox News Digital.

U.S. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger released a statement on Tuesday defending their officer, saying if “a member’s office is left open and unsecured, without anyone inside the office, USCP officers are directed to document that and secure the office to ensure nobody can wander in and steal or do anything else nefarious.”

“The weekend before Thanksgiving, one of our vigilant officers spotted the congressman’s door was wide open,” Manger said. “That Monday, USCP personnel personally followed up with the congressman’s staff and determined no investigation or further action of any kind was needed. No case investigation was ever initiated or conducted into the representative or his staff.”

(Read more at Fox News)

If this is not enough, it seems that there are other cases where Capitol Police are accused of invading Congressional offices and are now under investigation by the Inspector General

The Federalist also lets us know how the Inspector General has started looking into accusations of the Capitol Police invading certain offices in Congress.

The inspector general for the U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) has opened a formal investigation into whether the law enforcement agency tasked with securing the Capitol has been inappropriately surveilling elected members of Congress, their staff, and visitors to their offices, The Federalist has learned. The opening of the investigation follows news reports and accusations from lawmakers that USCP has overstepped its bounds as it tries to recover from the January 6 riots that tarnished both the Capitol and the reputation of the law enforcement agency that was supposed to keep it safe.

USCP Chief J. Thomas Manger confirmed the opening of the inspector general investigation in his response to congressional inquiries about USCP police tactics, reported in a January 24 article published by Politico, including surveilling and compiling intelligence dossiers on members of Congress, their staff, and visitors.

“While I am confident in our methods, I am asking the USCP Office of the Inspector General to review the USCP’s programs related to these security assessments to assure both this Committee, the Congress as a whole, and the public that these processes are legal, necessary, and appropriate,” Manger wrote to seven Republican lawmakers.

According to the Politico article, USCP analysts had been directed by Julie Farnam, the acting director of USCP’s Intelligence and Interagency Coordination Division, to “run ‘background checks on people whom lawmakers planned to meet, including donors and associates.”

“When staff were listed as attending these meetings, Capitol Police intelligence analysts also got asked to check the social media accounts of the staffers,” the Politico article alleged.

In his letter to lawmakers, Manger denied the allegations detailed in the Politico article and claimed USCP’s activities were both appropriate and legal.

Suspicions that USCP may not be acting appropriately did not arise in a vacuum, however. In November 2021, a USCP officer entered the congressional office of Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Tex., and took a photo of a whiteboard in Nehls’ legislative office detailing various legislative plans being considered by Nehls and his staff. In a formal police report filed several days after the incident, the officer wrote that he had been conducting a routine security patrol on Saturday, November 21, and discovered that one of the doors to Nehls’ office was open.

The report claimed that the officer entered Nehls’ office and found a whiteboard that contained “suspicious writings mentioning body armor[.]” The officer reportedly took a photo of the whiteboard, which was then passed around to analysts within USCP. The following Monday, USCP dispatched three plain-clothed intelligence officers to Nehls’ office and questioned a staffer who was there about the whiteboard and the legislative proposals it contained.

Just days before the USCP officer entered Nehls’ office and took a picture of the whiteboard Nehls and his staff used to brainstorm and catalog legislative ideas, the Washington Post ran a story about a federal government contractor in rural Texas who defrauded the United States by supplying Chinese-made body armor instead of body armor manufactured in the United States.

“From his home in rural Texas, a would-be defense contractor spun a web of fake companies and testing reports to pass off Chinese-made body armor as American equipment that met rigorous standards for use by the State Department and U.S. law enforcement partners in Latin America,” the Washington Post wrote on November 16, 2021. “Tanner Jackson, 32, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Alexandria federal court to one count of wire fraud, a felony punishable by up to 20 years in prison.”

According to Nehls, who previously served as sheriff of Fort Bend County, Texas, his office whiteboard specifically called out faulty Chinese body armor. In fact, that Washington Post article was a key catalyst spurring Nehls to consider drafting legislation banning the procurement of Chinese body armor, a spokesman for Nehls told The Federalist.

What the police report did not include was any reference to multiple items on Nehls’ whiteboard immediately following the words “body armor” referencing Export Administration Regulations dealing specifically with Chinese imports or U.S. Department of Justice standards for certifying body armor.

In correspondence on the matter with the House Administration Committee, USCP Chief Manger said the responding officer who investigated Nehls’ office was also concerned by “an outline of the Rayburn Building with an X marked at the C Street entrance” drawn on the whiteboard. A Nehls spokesman told The Federalist it was little more than a crude map to help an intern find an ice machine in the Rayburn House Office Building.

“If Capitol Police leadership had spent as much time preparing for January 6 as they spent investigating my white board, the January 6 riot never would have happened,” Nehls, a former law enforcement officer, told The Federalist. “When I was a patrol officer responding to a call, I didn’t have the time or authority to go rifling through someone’s personal papers. There are serious 4th Amendment, constitutional issues at play here.”

Although Manger claimed in one e-mail that USCP agents were concerned the whiteboard may have contained a “veiled threat” to Nehls’ life, USCP never personally contacted Nehls to warn him that he may have been in danger, Nehls told The Federalist.

The Capitol Police’s treatment of Nehls and his office only fueled the fire of suspicion between lawmakers and USCP leadership that had been smoldering following the January 6 riot. One Republican congressional aide told The Federalist that rather than addressing the massive security and intelligence failures by USCP that allowed the post-election protests to spiral into riots, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi instead doubled down on failure and used the uproar as a pretext for turning the Capitol Police into her own force of political mercenaries.

“Instead of fixing the obvious problems with Capitol security, Pelosi used January 6 as an excuse to create her own personal Praetorian Guard,” the aide said.

Comments and recommendations for mandatory background checks on staff by Pelosi’s hand-picked Capitol security adviser, retired Army Lt. Gen. Russel Honore, have also done little to quell suspicions that Pelosi is using the January 6 proceedings to justify increased surveillance of her political enemies in Congress.

(Read more — including the other cases — at The Federalist)

Hopefully, when we take back the Congress, we can get to the bottom of this. Maybe it might be a good idea to lock up those who planned and implemented this.

Democrat prosecutors exact light sentences for BLM protesters

In one case, Montez Lee pleads guilty to a single count of arson after burning a Black man to death and gets 10 years

The Washington Examiner informs us that Montel Lee was convicted on one count of arson despite having killed Oscar Stewart in the process of that crime.

A man who set a deadly fire in a Minneapolis pawn shop during the 2020 George Floyd riots was spared a murder charge and sentenced to just 10 years after federal prosecutors invoked Martin Luther King Jr. and asked the judge to show leniency.

Montez Terriel Lee, 26, pleaded guilty to a single count of arson and was sentenced earlier this month to 10 years in federal prison — much less than the 16 1/2 to 20-year punishment outlined in the sentencing guidelines.

Court documents show that Lee admitted he burned down the Max It Pawn Shop on May 28, 2020, the same night rioters set the Minneapolis Third Precinct building on fire following Floyd’s death at the hands of since-convicted police officer Derek Chauvin.

Two months after the fire, the charred remains of 30-year-old Oscar Lee Stewart were found in the rubble. Although Stewart’s death was attributed to the fire in the prosecutor’s sentencing memo, he was not charged with it.

Former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani told the Washington Examiner that Lee could have been looking at a murder charge and a life sentence.

“It could have been tried as a capital case,” Rahmani, president of West Coast Trial Lawyers, said. “Even if conduct isn’t charged under the sentencing guidelines, any relevant conduct can be considered by the sentencing judge in fashioning an appropriate sentence. Any time there is a felony committed — and arson is a felony — and a death ensues, that’s homicide. … It doesn’t matter that just the arson was charged because someone died as a result. It’s a murder case.”

(Read more at the Washington Examiner)

This, like the DOJ releasing illegal alien smugglers of 400 pounds of drugs, only encourages crime

Like the recent case where federal prosecutors did not bring charges against drug smugglers who they released, this only encourages crime.

In a second case, Abdi gets probation after trying to burn Minnesota school during BLM riots 

The New York Post discusses the case of Mohamed Hussein Abdi, who was given probation after trying to burn down a school during the George Floyd riots.

A man convicted of attempting to set fire to a high school during the Black Lives Matter riots in Minneapolis following the death of George Floyd has been sentenced to five years probation.

Mohamed Hussein Abdi, 20, was handed the probation sentence in a U.S. District Court in St. Paul, Minnesota, Thursday after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit arson, according to court documents obtained by Fox News.

Abdi was also ordered to pay just over $34,000 in restitution to Gordon Parks High School in St. Paul.

Court documents state that the sentence was “imposed pursuant to the Sentencing Reform Act of 1984.”

The presiding judge, Reagan-appointed District Court Judge David S. Doty, did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News.

Abdi was arrested in June 2020, a month after he entered the high school through a broken glass door during the Floyd riot and could be seen on security footage pouring liquid from a white container onto the floor and then into a trashcan. Abdi then took a liquid-soaked garment and sent fire to the trash can before running away as flames and smoke began to spread.

(Read more at the New York Post)


The out-of-touch Biden regime exposes itself

Americans go scorched earth on Psaki for laughing at those concerned with the Democrats’ “soft-on-crime” policy

The Western Journal reports on a slip by Jen Psaki that exposed her to a bit of a number of Americans’ ire.

AlternativeUniverseJenWhite House press secretary Jen Psaki is taking heat for laughing at the idea of being concerned over “soft-on-crime” policies which have made their way into the justice system in several major left-wing cities and which have horrific real-world consequences for community members — and those who sign up to keep their communities safe.

Speaking to the left-wing podcast “Pod Save America” with fellow Obama administration alum Jon Favreau on Tuesday, Psaki discussed the differences between what various cable news networks were focusing on.

“Do you remember the four boxes that we had on all the TVs right?” she said, referring to TVs that play multiple news networks on split screens in D.C. government buildings, as The Daily Wire noted.

Explaining that she was looking at one herself at the moment, she shared what was currently playing on them to give Favreau and fellow podcast guests a “sense.”

“So CNN — ‘Pentagon: As many as 8,500 U.S. troops on heightened alert’ — OK, true … Same on MSNBC … CNBC is doing their own thing about the market,” she said, clearly pleased with what she felt was appropriate and serious news coverage.

“And then on Fox,” she continued (here we go), “Jeanine Pirro talking about ‘soft-on-crime consequences,’” she shared, laughing.

“I mean what does that even mean, right?” she added, not even trying to hide her mocking contempt.

“So there’s an alternate universe on some coverage,” she added. “What’s scary about it is a lot of people watch that.”

(Read more at the Western Journal)

More thoughts for Jen

But, then again, there are a lot of things I could say to Jen.


Facebook, Google, Twitter, and the White House

Do you:

  • Remember how Facebook censored critical information about Biden’s crooked dealings in Ukraine and China
  • Remember how Mark Zuckerberg flooded Democrat districts with Zucker bucks (hidden as COVID relief)
  • Remember how Biden’s transition team was full of Facebook, Google, and Twitter moguls
  • Remember how Biden admitted to coordinating with Facebook to suppress “misinformation”
  • Know that the “whistleblower” helped hide the Hunter Biden story on Facebook
  • Know what two Democrat powerhouses represent this supposed “whistleblower”
  • Really believe this isn’t a plant to get conservatives to destroy themselves on social media?

Breitbart exposes five of Big Tech’s most serious acts of censorship

Breitbart exposes five of Big Tech’s most serious acts of censorship in a 10 May 2021 article. Here are the first two points.

Mark-ZuckerbergOver the past year, Big Tech has greatly increased the rate of censorship online. Breitbart News has reported on these efforts extensively, here are five of the most serious acts of censorship by the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe.

The Masters of the Universe have made a number of attempts to take further control of speech on the internet. Whether that means blacklisting public figures that they dislike or cracking down on the types of content considered acceptable to discuss online, tech giants have worked hard to further limit open discussion online.

Here are five examples of recent censorship attempts by the self-appointed Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe:

1: All Major Social Media Platform Blacklist Former President Trump

In January 2021, following riots at Capitol Hill, a number of social media firms took action against then-President Trump alleging that his rhetoric contributed to the Capitol hill events. In response, Facebook permanently suspended President Trump, as did Twitter.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated at the time:

The shocking events of the last 24 hours clearly demonstrate that President Donald Trump intends to use his remaining time in office to undermine the peaceful and lawful transition of power to his elected successor, Joe Biden.

His decision to use his platform to condone rather than condemn the actions of his supporters at the Capitol building has rightly disturbed people in the US and around the world. We removed these statements yesterday because we judged that their effect — and likely their intent — would be to provoke further violence.

Following the certification of the election results by Congress, the priority for the whole country must now be to ensure that the remaining 13 days and the days after inauguration pass peacefully and in accordance with established democratic norms.

Over the last several years, we have allowed President Trump to use our platform consistent with our own rules, at times removing content or labeling his posts when they violate our policies. We did this because we believe that the public has a right to the broadest possible access to political speech, even controversial speech. But the current context is now fundamentally different, involving use of our platform to incite violent insurrection against a democratically elected government.

We believe the risks of allowing the President to continue to use our service during this period are simply too great. Therefore, we are extending the block we have placed on his Facebook and Instagram accounts indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until the peaceful transition of power is complete.

Twitter similarly banned Trump, stating: “After close review of recent Tweets from the @realDonaldTrump account and the context around them we have permanently suspended the account due to the risk of further incitement of violence.”

Politicians and commentators from across the political spectrum, including former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald, and countless conservative lawmakers warned that this is a threat to freedom of speech and democracy.

It was reported a few days after Trump’s ban that German Chancellor Angela Merkel was also worried by the suspension of Trump from the platforms, stating that the bannings were “problematic” and she did not believe that social media management should be able to interfere with the right of freedom of expression.

Facebook has since referred its decision to ban Trump to the Facebook Oversight Board which has the ability to overrule Facebook’s decision. The board operates independently from Facebook – but every member of it receives a salary from Facebook.

The board recently voted to temporarily uphold the ban on former President Trump’s accounts on the platform. The board has reportedly told Facebook that it has six months to announce an end date to the former President’s suspension or permanently delete his pages.

The board stated that Facebook cannot “make up the rules as it goes along,” by banning some users for a set amount of time and others indefinitely. Read more at Breitbart News here.

2: Facebook, Twitter Heavily Suppress New York Post‘s Hunter Biden Bombshell

In October of last year, Facebook and Twitter simultaneously worked to suppress a bombshell news article from the New York Post that indicated contrary to his previous denials that Joe Biden met with an adviser to the board of Burisma while he was vice president, arranged by his son Hunter, who was then working as a lobbyist for the company.

Facebook massively reduced the distribution of the article on its platform, shortly afterward Twitter marked links to the story as “unsafe,” and eventually locked the official New York Post Twitter account.

Breitbart News reported at the time:

The story made the front page of the Post, which also reveals that the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee is investigating emails provided to it by a whistleblower, allegedly between Hunter Biden and executives at Burisma.

His father has previously said, “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”

But according to emails obtained by the Post, Hunter introduced his father to a Burisma executive less than a year before the then-vice president pressured the Ukrainian government into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company.

Facebook spokesman and former Democrat staffer Andy Stone announced the decision on Twitter, and also practically invited Facebook’s supposedly neutral fact-checkers to challenge the story.

Significantly, the social network took the rare step of acting in advance of a decision by its “third-party fact-checkers,” on which it usually relies on to defer responsibility for censoring news publishers.

That move is practically unprecedented, arguably protecting the former vice president from a major political scandal at a critical time in the 2020 election.

“While I will intentionally not link to the New York Post, I want be clear that this story is eligible to be fact checked by Facebook’s third-party fact checking partners,” said Stone. “In the meantime, we are reducing its distribution on our platform.”

On October 30, 2020, Breitbart News reported that the New York Post’s official Twitter account had been unlocked. Twitter explained its reasoning in a series of tweets, writing:

Read the rest on the Twitter censorship at Breitbart News here.

(Read the other three points at Breitbart)

What amazes me is that, with all of this censorship of conservatives, Zuckerberg still felt a need to flood Democrat areas with Zucker bucks

What gets me is the way that Zuckerberg augmented his censorship of conservatives with a funding of efforts across Democrat areas in all 50 states (often masquerading as coronavirus relief).

Facebook and Twitter censor Biden bombshells weeks after execs join his transition team

In a 15 October 2020 Breitbart article, we find that Facebook and Twitter executives censored information on Hunter Biden emails shortly after those executives joined the Biden transition team.

Following the publication of the New York Post‘s bombshell story about the Biden family’s business dealings in Ukraine, Facebook and Twitter worked hard to suppress the story across their platforms. The censorship comes just weeks after executives from both firms joined the Biden transition team.

Breitbart News recently reported on the New York Post’s bombshell story that indicated that Joe Biden may have met with an adviser to the board of Burisma while he was Vice President, arranged by his son Hunter, who was working as a lobbyist for the company at the time. Joe Biden has previously said, “I have never spoken to my son about his overseas business dealings.”

But, the leaked emails allegedly show that Hunter introduced his father to a Bursima executive less than a year before Biden, acting as Vice President, pressured the Ukrainian government into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company. Shortly after the story broke, many found themselves having trouble sharing it across social media. This censorship comes just weeks after executives from both Facebook and Twitter joined the Biden transition team.

Breitbart News reported in September that Twitter Public Policy Director Carlos Monje left the social media company to join the transition team for Joe Biden. Monje’s specific role on the team has not been made clear and Biden’s transition team reportedly declined to comment on the situation.

Despite a specific role not being named, Monje will reportedly be serving as co-chair of Biden’s infrastructure policy committee and has already helped to host a fundraiser for Biden this week, according to an invitation sent to Politico.

Monje has worked in the world of presidential transition politics in the past, previously serving as the director of agency review on the team that prepared for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s administration, which failed to take flight. Monje also worked on the Obama administration team’s 2008 national security working group according to his LinkedIn profile.

Monje also acted as deputy policy director during Obama’s first run for office and subsequently served as a senior policy advisor and special assistant to the president on the Domestic Policy Council. Monje’s final years in the administration were spent in the Transporation Department before he departed for Twitter.

In October, Breitbart News further reported that Biden’s transition team had hired top Facebook executive Jessica Hertz to its general counsel to oversee ethical issues. The move reportedly came as the campaign struggles with Facebook to have posts by President Trump censored on the platform. This is the second Big Tech executive to join Biden’s campaign. Hertz will reportedly be responsible for “enforcement, oversight, and compliance” of the ethics plan that Biden’s team unveiled this week.

New York Post op-ed editor Sohrab Ahmari was one of the first to note that Twitter was blocking him from posting a link to the Biden-Ukraine story, claiming that the link was “potentially harmful.”

(Read more at Breitbart)

Here we have proof of a propaganda system denying news that hurts Biden and promoting news that hurts Trump

With Facebook and Twitter blocking stories about the Biden emails, a good portion of the nation has not heard of Hunter and Joe Biden’s misdeeds. With Reddit’s initial blocking of the story, numbers who will visit the polls today may remain uninformed.

And the left calls Trump’s followers the next generation of Hitler. They have truly earned the title of Goebbels’ protégés.

Biden regime admits it tells Facebook what to censor

LifeSiteNews comments on the time the Biden regime admitted to telling Facebook what to censor.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki admitted Thursday that the Biden administration has been telling Facebook what posts it wants taken down, inadvertently giving potentially significant ammunition to a legal recourse for online censorship that conservatives only recently began exploring.

The Daily Caller reports that during Thursday’s press conference Psaki called on Facebook to release “data on the reach of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation,” to “create a robust enforcement strategy that bridges their properties and provides transparency about the rules,” take “faster action against harmful posts,” and promote “quality information sources in their feed algorithm.”

But the most eyebrow-raising portion of her remarks was her confirmation that “we’re flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation.” Facebook declined the Caller’s request for comment on the revelation.

(Read more at LifeSiteNews)

From the beginning of Facebook, there has been much censorship of the Right mixed with some tolerance of the Right (but only enough to get our money)

Somehow, I can imagine that the Lefties at Facebook think themselves very tolerant (since they do not banish every dissenting illiberal thought). However, the liberal platform finds every way to block:

Facebook “whistleblower” was part of team that censored Hunter Biden laptop story

We find through the PostMillenial that the “whistleblower” participated in censoring the Hunter Biden story.

The Facebook civic integrity team that leftist activist whistleblower Frances Haugen was a member of, worked to counter misinformation about the 2020 election.

Which in October of last year meant making the decision to suppress the Hunter Biden laptop story and the New York Post’s reporting on it.

Project Veritas whistleblowers haven’t gotten the same mainstream media attention and praise as Frances Haugen has, after coming out publicly to 60 Minutes earlier this week.

(Read more at PostMillenial)

I have to admit that I was drawn in by the “whistleblower” stance and the tales of harm to girls

Initially, it was tempting to be pulled in by the tale of having a “whistleblower” attack a company on the left. Additionally, my parental instincts came into play when I heard of the ways children were knowingly being harmed by Facebook (and I am sure that they are).

However, this is all too convenient. It folds too quickly into the hands of the left and becomes a well-fashioned weapon to strike down the smaller right-leaning platforms (Parler, FrankSpeech, Rumble, and others) that have started to provide competition to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Further, this movement will likely end with pushing conservative speech completely off of the liberal platforms (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and others). They will deem conservatives “too dangerous to be heard.”

Facebook whistleblower is leftist activist represented by lawyer for “whistleblower” behind Trump impeachment

The Daily Wire reports that the Facebook “whistleblower” is a plant who is represented by the law firm of Eric Ciaramelli and the PR firm of Jen Psaki.

The Facebook whistleblower, Frances Haugen, has a record of donations to far-left Democrats and a history of raising issues about purported bias while at previous employers, a Daily Wire review found. She is working with Democrat operatives to roll out her complaint and has the same lawyers as the anonymous Ukraine “whistleblower” whose allegations led to Donald Trump’s impeachment, but who reportedly turned out to be then-Vice President Joe Biden’s top advisor on the country.

In a previous role at Pinterest, Frances Haugen was behind a “recent change to give users the option to filter searches to specific skin tones.” At Gigster, she gave a talk on how “if we don’t build with an eye towards inclusion, we can end up enshrining bias.”

In 2015, she complained that Google was not inclusive enough of women, saying: “I didn’t realize the way I had been worn down by being a woman in tech… the last team I was on at Google, it had a transsexual Eng[ineering] director, and as a result we had more transsexual women than cis women on our team, which also says something sad about the number of women in tech.”

“You don’t see them in major tech companies and when you do see them in major tech companies you see them in places that are in support roles like marketing or perhaps sales. I think that’s a problem,” she said.

(Read more at the Daily Wire)

This requires a hat tip to Bunkerville.

Jack Posobiec proves his point through sarcasm

At this point, I would like to point out that WordPress really lacks a lot when it comes to internal links within articles. It should be able to use the “id” feature of headings. It cannot.


Democrat bias in court, Democrat unemployment, Democrats cheating at campaign finance, and more

Judge contends Democrat DOJ holds a bias against the 6 January protesters

One America News Network reports how federal Judge Trevor McFadden has pointed to the obvious bias in the Department of Justice against those who protested on 6 January 2021.

FreeJan6ProtestersA federal judge suggested the Department of Justice has been biased in its sentencing of January 6 protesters. During the sentencing of accused protester Danielle Doyle on Friday, U.S. District Court Judge Trevor McFadden suggested rioters in Washington D.C. and elsewhere during 2020’s civil unrest were given lesser sentences than those who participated in the incident at the Capitol.

McFadden added the Justice Department would “have more credibility if it was even-handed in its concern about riots and mobs in the city.” He also questioned why more protesters throughout the 2020 riots weren’t brought to court.

(Read about Doyle’s comments about America during time before the judge at OANN)

For years, I have blogged about a Harris County District Attorney who lets felons out on no-bond or low-bond bails

In recent years, well over 200 innocent victims have fallen to felons who District Attorney Kim Ogg and her social justice Democrat judges released on no-bond or low-bond bails. The most recent felon released was one who killed a mother of five.

Still, that does not keep Kim Ogg from trying to tie misdemeanor bond reform to her disaterous program of releasing violent felons on the streets. We so need to vote this woman (and lying, lockdown Lina Hidalgo) out of office.

Furthermore, we need to restore balance to the courts. There needs to be justice — where those who violently attack people get put in jail or otherwise punished (whether the violence comes out of the motive of promoting Antifa, BLM, or greed).

US unemployment claims rise for 3rd straight week

Houston Fox affiliate KRIV wants blame a spread of the Delta variant for a third week in rise of unemployment claims (although Delta has been dropping for a week).

The number of Americans applying for unemployment benefits rose for the third straight week, a sign that the highly contagious delta variant may be slowing a recovery in the job market.

Claims rose unexpectedly by 11,000 last week to 362,000, the Labor Department said Thursday, though economists had been expecting claims to go in the opposite direction. The four-week moving average of claims, which smooths out week-to-week ups and downs, rose for the first time in seven weeks to 340,000.

Since topping 900,000 in early January, applications had fallen fairly steadily as the economy bounced back from last year’s shutdowns. But they’ve been rising along with coronavirus infections.

The applications, which are a proxy for layoffs, remain elevated: Before the pandemic hit the United States hard in March 2020, they were typically coming in at around 220,000 a week.

America’s employers have rapidly increased their hiring since they slashed 22 million jobs in March and April 2020 as the coronavirus outbreak — and the shutdowns meant to contain it — brought economic activity to a near-standstill. Since then, the economy has recovered about 17 million jobs as businesses to open or expand hours and Americans to return to bars, restaurants and hotels.

(Read more liberal drivel at KRIV)

A more accurate headline might be “US unemployment claims rise for 3rd straight week with continued unemployment benefits”

What do you get when you pay people to stay home? People stay home.

Alternatively, it could be titled “US unemployment claims rise as illegals stream over our Southern border.” What do you get when you allow 2.5 million illegal aliens to turn themselves in at the border without being vaccinated or screened for diseases? You get at least that number of illegal aliens (if not double or triple the number of “no-catch-aliens”) that got through without being vaccinated or screened for diseases. Furthermore, you get that many more people looking for work (and the ones that came illegally might be willing to be paid “under the table.”)

Now tell me how Democrats like Dementia Joe and Horizontal Harris are devoted to the health of Americans. Please. Tell me in detail. Also detail how this works with our economic health. I really want to hear that liberal logic.

Tucker Carlson shows how a Hunter Biden laptop email from a CNBC executive indicates how campaign finance law was skirted

The Washington Examiner comments on revelations by Tucker Carlson on Fox News regarding how a CNBC executive may have skirted the law.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on the contents of emails found in the laptop believed to have belonged to Hunter Biden, raising questions about whether a former top CNBC executive improperly directed his wife to make donations to political organizations.

The report focuses on Brian Steel, the former senior vice president of communications at CNBC, and an email sent in Sept. 2016 to the son of President Joe Biden.

“Emails came to us from a source with access to Hunter Biden’s laptop. The one he left at the repair shop, supposedly. Not sure we believe that story. But the laptop itself is absolutely real ,” Carlson said on his show Friday. “These documents show that a CNBC executive used his wife to dodge company rules that barred financial contributions to political campaigns.”

“In 2015, Breitbart first reported the wife of a man called Brian Steel who, until recently, was an executive vice president at CNBC, was a Hillary Clinton donor. A big Hillary Clinton donor,” Carlson said. “That report came to light after a CNBC Republican debate that featured several biased questions favoring Democrats. It was pretty over the top, actually. It’s on YouTube. Treat yourself some time.”

“The emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop showed that Brian Steel’s wife was spending that money and his direction, which we think is illegal actually, we’ll leave that to the lawyers to determine. But here are the facts,” Carlson continued. “In September of 2016, Hunter Biden emailed Steel to invite him to a fundraiser for a former Biden aide who was running for Congress in South Carolina. The candidate was called Francis — ‘Fran Person.'”

Fran Person, a former University of South Carolina football player and former aide to Joe Biden when he was a U.S. senator from Delaware and vice president, ran as a Democrat in a 2016 bid to unseat then-Rep. Mick Mulvaney to represent the 5th Congressional District of South Carolina. Mulvaney won that contest and went on to become a top aide to Trump in his administration.

Carlson shared the contents of an email from Steel that said: “‘I’d love to support [congressional candidate] fran [person] but unfortunately as the evp of cnbc I’m not allowed to donate to political campaigns. In years past I would get around that by having my wife donate but after cnbc hosted a controversial/aggressive republican primary debate earlier this year, breitbart and rush limbaugh outed me as the husband of a ‘max’ hillary donor so I can’t even have eileen donate any more.'”

“Explicit, anyone?” Carlson said after a big laugh.

“Steel was at CNBC from 2007 to just recently, a month or so ago 2021, during that time, his wife donated $16,000 to Democrats. How much of that money was given at his direction? We reached out to Steel and to CNBC for comment, and neither one has gotten back to us. Not surprisingly,” he concluded.

(Read more at the Washington Examiner)

Good thing we have Big Brother Big Tech firms like YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Twitter

We certainly don’t need to get confused with facts from the New York Post, Brietbart, or doctors who advocate for ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, vitamins, and other pharmaceuticals as treatment for COVID-19.

Democrat Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz says that the border security was “working under Trump”

The Daily Caller points out how the Democrat mayor of Laredo laments about the “good old days” of the Trump administration.

pete-saenzA democratic Texas mayor said Thursday that the southern border was secure under former President Donald Trump, according to the Washington Free Beacon. He added that it’s time for President Joe Biden to get things under control.

Laredo Mayor Pete Saenz told the outlet that the city’s resources have been strained over recent months as the city provides migrants with aid, medical service and transport. As concerns about the threat of COVID-19 ramp up, Saenz admitted the border was secure and Laredo residents were safe when Trump was in office.

“We need to truly secure the border,” Saenz told the Washington Free Beacon. “It was working under Trump, call it whatever you want to call it, but it was working.”

Saenz appeared to suggest Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy was working and needs to be reinstated to curb the flow of illegal immigration.

“The key, ultimately, is removing the incentive to come to the border and file for asylum. I believe in the asylum process. It needs to be followed or changed. If we don’t like the way people are attempting to come, we can have them apply remotely or from either the country of origin or some other place that is close to the country of origin,” Saenz said.

Biden tried to end the policy, but the Supreme Court later denied a request from the administration to temporarily block an earlier ruling ordering the policy be reinstated.

Politico reported the administration is looking to revamp the policy to provide migrants in Mexico with attorneys and better living conditions.

While Saenz was once opposed to a physical wall along the border, he told the Washington Free Beacon that Laredo residents are fed up with the crisis and may soon opt for a physical barrier if the Biden Administration doesn’t address the crisis.

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

In similar news, Hidalgo County commissioners are suing Biden

The county at the bullseye of the Del Rio catastrophe has chosen to sue the Biden regime and the US Congress for failing to control the border.

Also, until Biden, these border counties didn’t vote Republican. Now Republican is trending there.


Liberals don’t have to follow laws, but we do?

Democrat schools require students to obey their lawless requirements due to unscientific suggestions

Schools get creative trying to defy state bans on mask mandates

The Washington Examiner points out how Democrat-led schools have defied state mandates to allow parents to decide whether to mask children.

The showdown over mask mandates in America’s schools has prompted officials in some states to find creative ways to skirt the bans put in place by Republican governors .

Of the 100 largest school districts in the country, all are fully reopening within the next few weeks. Fifty-three percent require students to wear masks, a sharp increase as cases of COVID-19 surge and concerns over the hyper-contagious delta variant grow.

Despite the numbers, there are bans against mask mandates in nearly a half dozen states.

In some, governors have threatened to withhold funding from localities that implement mask mandates.

Arizona’s Gov. Doug Ducey ruffled feathers when he announced that districts with school mask mandates wouldn’t be eligible for a $163 million school grant program. In Florida , which leads the nation in coronavirus hospitalizations, Gov. Ron DeSantis floated a similar move. Texas’s Gov. Greg Abbott , who recently contracted the coronavirus himself, also issued a ban on mask mandates — but late last week, the Texas Education Agency said enforcement of the ban had been dropped.

Citing court challenges, the TEA said further guidance would be issued after the court cases are resolved.

One school district in northeast Texas wasn’t taking any chances and found a creative way to get around Abbott’s directive. The Paris Independent School District decided to require masks as part of its updated dress code.

The Paris ISD board of trustees said in a statement that it believes the “dress code can be used to mitigate communicable health issues” and amended it to protect students and employees as cases of COVID-19 continue to slam the Lone Star state.

“The Texas Governor does not have the authority to usurp the Board of Trustees’ exclusive power and duty to govern and oversee the management of the public schools of the district,” the Paris ISD said. “Nothing in the Governor’s Executive Order 38 states he has suspended Chapter 11 of the Texas Education Code, and therefore the Board has elected to amend its dress code consistent with its statutory authority.”

The board made its decision following an emergency meeting with parents, district employees, and local doctors. The changes to the dress code are not permanent and will be revisited monthly.

News of the amended dress code came as Texas hospitals reported a shortage of ICU beds, and health officials said the state is on track to reach its most dangerous phase yet, the Texas Tribune reported.

“We are entering the worst surge in sheer numbers,” said Dr. Mark Casanova, a member of the Texas Medical Association’s COVID-19 Task Force. “This is the fourth round of what should have been a three-round fight. We do have very sincere concerns that the numbers game is going to overwhelm us.”

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California is still masking children despite proven physical and psychological danger

The California chapter of the Children’s Health Defense tells us of the harm behind putting masks on children.

California remains one of the only states requiring a school mask mandate despite evidence that the long-term use of facemasks is harmful to children.

Supporters of masks claim they save lives and stop the COVID-19 virus. Yet thousands of scientists, medical professionals, and epidemiologists have been accumulating data that masks can be harmful both short-term and long-term.

Many parents are speaking up and writing letters, claiming that their children are suffering from not being able to breathe freely under face masks, headaches, bad acne, cognitive fog, and depression. California parents who reach a school board member have been told, “My hands are tied. We have to follow the CDPH guidelines.”

Parents in California are becoming aware of the studies proving masks are harmful, and therefore feel the government should not mandate that their children wear them, especially since the risk of children suffering from severe COVID-19 are extremely low. As parents continue to follow the rules and mask their children, many wonder if the masking will ever end. It’s fair to ask if a mask that covers the mouth and nose is free from undesirable side effects in everyday use.

According to dozens of studies, including meta-analyses compiled by Children’s Health Defense, masks do have harmful side effects. Los Angeles based PERK group has compiled a comprehensive page of information on the adverse effects of mask wearing in children. Let’s take a closer look at some of the worst side effects of mask-wearing in children.

Psychological harm

California parents are using the word ‘despair’ when describing the mental state of their children. According to Psychiatrist Dr. Stefani Reinold, on the Highwire with Del Bigtree, parents have been complaining their younger children feel like they are full of germs and everyone else is full of germs. Extended mask wearing has shown detrimental psychological harms tied to lack of facial and emotional signaling according to a 1986 study on face recognition in children. Another report found wearing a mask longer than four hours a day decreases cognitive precision, increases headaches and sweating, and encourages dehydration, increasing bacterial infection risk. The same study noted a loss of sound quality from face-shield use and distorted verbal speech from masks.

Physical Harm

Medical masks raise carbon dioxide levels in the blood. California adults are having trouble working with masks all day, and parents are able to empathize with their children. According to a highly-referenced paper by Dr. Jim Meehan, an ophthalmologist and preventive medicine specialist, the main symptoms of carbon dioxide toxicity include headaches and confusion, sweating, increased heart rate and blood pressure, tremors, shortness of breath, reduced hearing, and dimmed sight. Studies found face masks cause carbon dioxide rebreathing and hypercapnia (excessive carbon dioxide in the bloodstream) trapping CO2 rich respiratory exhalations at the mask-mouth interface, forcing rebreathing of CO2 rich exhalations, and raising CO2 levels. This is most pronounced in young children.

Medical masks lower children’s oxygen levels in the blood. Most parents know oxygen is important for their children’s bodies to function properly. When oxygen enters the body and passes through the lungs to the bloodstream, it helps replace cells that wear out and provides energy for our bodies. Among countless other benefits, it supports our children’s immune systems. California parents are feeding their children good food and trying to keep them active, yet the mask wearing seems counterintuitive, because without enough oxygen, their kids are vulnerable to illness. PERK cited seven studies on masks inhibiting air flowdecreasing arterial oxygenchanging blood flowincreasing hypoxia (oxygen deprivation) risk, and creating microbial challenges.

Lowering arterial oxygen suppresses the immune system. Among key factors weakening the immune system, scientists are finding the lower oxygen saturation and reduction in blood oxygenation as the the largest insult to the immune system. Scientists found the hypoxia increases the level of a compound called ‘hypoxia inducible factor-1,’ which inhibits T-lymphocytes and stimulates a powerful immune inhibitor cell called TREG.

Physical activity makes it worse. In California, parents are learning that coaches and teachers have failed to warn children that they should remove their face mask while participating in sports and P.E. One Oregon high school track runner passed out during an 800-meter race.  She was required to wear a mask for this race and had never had any issues during previous, unmasked races. Then are the two cases of masked Chinese boys, aged 15 and 14, who died tragically from cardiac arrest during P.E. class and a running exam. We’ve heard reports of young people whose lungs have collapsed, and other avoidable mishaps. One NIH study called exercise with a facemask, “Handling a devil’s sword,” noting the masks “reduce available oxygen and increase air trapping, preventing substantial carbon dioxide exchange, therefore increasing the acidic environment, cardiac overload, anaerobic metabolism and renal overload.” The study found masking during exercise “can aggravate the underlying pathology of established chronic diseases.”

Chemicals found in face masks are toxic to children. California parents are catching on that most masks and face coverings, including cloth printed with cute kittens or SpongeBob SquarePants, are made with toxic and carcinogenic (cancer-causing) chemicals and harmful microplastics. Studies have found fire retardant, fiberglass, lead, phthalates, polyfluorinated chemicals, and formaldehyde are being inhaled into our children’s lungs. Professor Michael Baungart, director of the Hamburg Environmental Institute warns of the toxins in surgical masks in one paper, but added cloth masks have their own problems, “Textile masks do not begin to pass this most basic hazard test for kids,” he said, “for whom the risks of COVID have been categorically demonstrated to be miniscule.” Meanwhile Health Canada’s risk assessment for masks found evidence of potential long-term lung damage from inhalation of microscopic graphene particles in schools and daycares.

Increased Disease Risk

Masks collect and colonize viruses, bacteria, microbes and mold. We’re not talking about coronavirus, here. We’re talking about all those other germs that would normally be allowed to float away, dry out, and die. One group of Florida parents sent their children’s used masks to a university laboratory to be tested and found the masks had trapped 11 different dangerous pathogens. Shepherd Public School in Michigan closed due to a strep throat outbreak that happened despite COVID masking, noting that “not washing masks enough could be helping to spread the bacteria and that putting masks on different surfaces could spread it, too.” Some scientists are pointing to moisture retention as the culprit, and caution the use of cloth masks due to poor filtration and risk of infection. Scientists have found influenza virus on the outer surface of used medical masks, which can result in self-contamination, and surgical masks have been studied to be a repository of bacterial contamination.

Masks increase viral load and increase severity of disease. California parents see their children’s horrible acne from wearing masks, and they may have a hunch that their children are more vulnerable to viral illness by trapping viral particles that should be removed by the airways, but where’s the proof? Retired neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock said early on in the pandemic that masks cannot prevent illness because they trap exhaled viral particles in the mouth/mask interspace. In other words, when the mask becomes contaminated with viruses, the trapping, re-breathing, and increasing pathogen load delivered to the lungs becomes dangerous. Further, masks increase the incidences of dental cavities, inflamed gums, and bad breath, otherwise known as ‘Mask Mouth.’

(Read on, where the Children’s Health Defense asks central questions)

Biden shows he does not obey the law by thumbing his nose at the Supreme Court ruling

Biden thumbs his nose at Supreme Court with latest CDC eviction ban

The Daily Caller outlines how Biden’s lawless action on the eviction ban should be interpreted.

In the most recent and clearest sign yet that the Biden administration has not the slightest regard for the Constitution or the Supreme Court of the United States, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued another ban on the ability of landlords to evict renters who fail to meet their rental obligations.

Issued on August 3, the CDC’s latest move to void rental contracts for at least two more months is fraught with constitutional error, but such problems are of little importance to this administration because, in the view of CDC Director Rochelle Walensky,  it “is the right thing to do.”

“The right thing to do” has become the justification for many modern presidents to sweep aside the foundational constitutional principle that the powers of the federal government are, in the words of Founder James Madison, “few and defined” and do not include mass voidance of lawful private contracts.

The zeal with which Biden is taking advantage of the so-called COVID “emergency” to extend the powers of the federal government into areas in which it has no proper responsibility, puts his predecessors to shame. One of this administration’s favored tools, but certainly not its only one, is to issue orders prohibiting landlords from evicting renters. The argument put forward in support of this dictatorial power is that  allowing landlords to enforce rental contracts will dramatically exacerbate the spread of COVID.

The government’s argument that evictions will lead to “new spikes in [COVID] transmission” is premised on the self-proclaimed notion that evicted renters necessarily will move into “congregate settings where COVID-19 spreads.” In the further opinion of the CDC director, such a presumed trend would be “very difficult” if not impossible to reverse, therefore justifying swift action by the CDC.

The CDC’s August 3 order broadly covers renters who earn no more than $99,000 per year ($198,000 for joint tax filers) and who, though using their “best efforts” to meet their contractual rent obligation, have failed to do so. The only real limitation on how many such renters are thus protected is that they must reside in a county with a “substantial” or “high” rate of COVID transmission. This limitation, however, means little in light of the fact that according to the manner by which the CDC measures such transmission rates, nearly 88% of all counties in the United States fall into these two categories.

The administration highlights the increased transmissibility of the recent “delta variant,” but the CDC order conveniently fails to mention that this variation of the initial COVID-19 virus has a substantially lower mortality rate than its predecessors. Also ignored are the facts that COVID vaccines now are universally available, and that current medical knowledge about how to treat infected individuals has made this variant far less lethal than earlier variants.

Facts are of little consequence, however, to an administration eager to show its extreme socialist base that it is fully committed to implementing measures wholly at odds with constraints placed on it by the Constitution. To this president, abrogating the right to enforce lawful contracts between landlords and renters is but a means to an end.

(Read more on the downside of this decision at the Daily Caller)

So they can thumb their noses at our governors and our Supreme Court, but we have to obey their laws and edicts?

This seems to open a free-for-all. If the President can pick and choose, what legal precedent separates him from me as far as being subject to the law?

If the President can nationalize rental property, but not give exemptions for mortgaged property, doesn’t that set up a privileged class without having passed a law? Unless we have suddenly become a dictatorship, shouldn’t action be taken?

Democrats want to pay for their massive government by killing small business

Biden’s new “death tax” threatens family farms and small businesses

The Washington Times reports on some of the details of the Democrat “death tax.”

President Biden’s proposal for a new death tax to help pay for his $3.5 trillion social welfare expansion is hitting resistance from members of Congress, including a top farm state Democrat who warns that the tax will hurt family farms.

The proposal would change the way capital gains are calculated on inherited assets worth more than $1 million, taking a bigger bite out of inherited stocks, real estate, businesses and farms.

Of all the proposed tax increases to help pay for Mr. Biden’s bigger welfare state, this one would have the greatest impact and rake in an estimated $800 billion in revenue.

Mr. Biden has said he would give breaks to “certain” family-owned businesses, possibly farms, but that hasn’t sold the idea for House Agriculture Committee Chairman David Scott, Georgia Democrat.

“I am very concerned that proposals to pay for these investments could partially come on the backs of our food, fiber and fuel producers,” Mr. Scott wrote to Mr. Biden in June.

On the eve of the House’s first planned vote on the $3.5 trillion budget bill, the lawmaker’s worries had not been allayed, a spokesman said.

Proprietors of small businesses also are worried.

Far-left lawmakers such as Sens. Bernard Sanders of Vermont and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts have said a repeal of what is known as step-up basis would finally make millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share.

The calculation would apply the capital gains tax to the increased value of an asset during the deceased’s lifetime. Inheritance currently is subject to a capital gains tax on the asset’s value at the time of death, or its step-up basis.

Pat McDowell said the tax would spell the end of the McDowell Ranch, which he owns with his two brothers in central Texas.

The brothers want to pass the ranch to their niece to keep it in the family, as it has been for five generations. If the proposed tax is approved, she would have to sell off part of the ranch just to pay the death tax, he said.

Then there might not be enough ranch left to thrive.

(Read more at the Washington Times)

So, to pay for their big-government/pay-the-politicians plan, Biden wants to rob the mom-and-pop stores and family farms 

According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses accounted for 47.3% of the workforce. However, true to government standards, this did not include family-owned farms or ranches.

According to the USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, “family farms account for almost 96 percent of the 2,204,792 farms in the United States.”

Biden wants to put this out of business while us city dwellers are not looking. While we are looking at our “extended unemployment benefits,” Biden wants to tax this central part of our infrastructure into oblivion.

Why Doesn’t Anyone Ask Joe Biden Why He’s Dodging Obamacare Taxes?

In a 30 September 2020 article in The Federalist, Christopher Jacobs points out how Joe Biden was able to avoid paying $13.5 million in Obamacare and Medicare taxes between 2017 and 2019.

Chris Wallace ignored Donald Trump’s answer about paying “millions” in taxes during Tuesday night’s debate, repeatedly demanding that the president answer a question he’d already answered. Meanwhile, the person who really should answer for his tax returns is Joe Biden.

A few hours before the first presidential debate of the 2020 general election campaign, and amid a full-blown media kerfuffle over Trump’s taxes, the Democratic nominee released his 2019 tax returns. The timing of the release seemed far from coincidental: ahead of the debate, so Biden could say he made his returns public, but without giving reporters and moderator Chris Wallace time to absorb the returns prior to the debate. It seems Biden was hoping the details of his returns would become old news immediately after Tuesday evening.

Reporters should dig into Biden’s tax returns, however, in the same way they have shown a seemingly unquenchable curiosity regarding Trump’s, for one reason: Biden claims to support Obamacare — but has consistently avoided paying Obamacare taxes.

You read that right. I noted last year that Biden’s 2017 and 2018 returns showed a tax avoidance strategy that allowed him to circumvent over half a million dollars in Medicare and Obamacare taxes. According to their own returns, Biden and his wife Jill did the same thing in 2019.

The Strategy, Explained

Since the vice president left government service in early 2017, the Bidens funneled their income from book royalties and speaking fees through two corporations: CelticCapri Corporation and Giacoppa Corporation. They paid themselves modest salaries through the corporations, on which they paid full Social Security and Medicare taxes.

The Bidens took most of this book and speech income — over $13.5 million — not as wages, however, but as profits from the two corporations. Taking that income as corporate profits allowed them to avoid payroll taxes on the $13.5 million.

Because Social Security taxes only applied to the first $132,900 of income in 2019, the Bidens didn’t avoid paying the taxes that fund that program. But the 2.9 percent Medicare tax applies to all income, and the 0.9 percent “high-income” tax created in Section 9015 of Obamacare applies to all wage income over $200,000 for an individual or $250,000 for a family.

Taking their income as corporate profits allowed the Bidens to avoid paying this combined 3.8 percent payroll tax on the more than $13.5 million in income they received from 2017 through 2019. This chart lays out the details:

The tax avoidance strategy saved them less in 2019 than in prior years. On the other hand, Biden earned much less last year, likely due to curtailing paid speaking appearances once he began his presidential campaign.

To most ordinary Americans, however, the Bidens still circumvented a staggering amount of taxes: $513,540 in total over the three years. Whereas the Bidens avoided $391,912 in Medicare taxes from 2017 through 2019, the Urban Institute found that a couple with average earnings, retiring this year, would pay a combined $161,000 in Medicare taxes their entire working lives.

(Read how this really should matter to Democrats at The Federalist)

Then again, since RINO’s will not repeal it in Congress, maybe 47.3% of business owners should use jury nullification to eliminate Obamacare

Maybe small business owners should band together to agree to follow Joe Biden’s example. That would likely bankrupt Obamacare.

Likewise, since Biden wants to force the ineffective masks and the 42% effective Pfizer jab (once proclaimed to be 94% effective), maybe large numbers of the unvaccinated (or those who have not received the third jab) should resist.

Then, maybe, we might start on our way to a more representative government.