Voter fraud across Texas

Senator Bettencourt’s first presser on UPS Store mailboxes as residences

Democrat Voter Registrar Ann Bennett refuses to take action after four appeals

In a 30 October 2018 Facebook post at the Paul Bettencourt page, Paul points out:

84 active registered voters at just this one UPS Store – 22 have already voted! This pattern is repeating across Harris County at around 100 sites. Registering voters at commercial locations must stop now!

In an accompanying video that covers the press conference announcing the discovery of the 84 people registered at one UPS store, Paul Bettencourt points out the illegality of what has been done. He points out how people have purposely violated voter registration, drivers license, and 911 record registration law in Texas by using an UPS Store mail box as a declared residence.

During the same press conference, Stan Stanart (County Clerk for Harris County, Texas) talks about how many races come down to 7 or 24 votes. Hence, he points out the problem of having 84 people declaring mailboxes as residences.

Next, Senator Bettencourt reiterates the points made by the county clerk and underscores the illegality of people using UPS mail boxes as a residence. Additionally, he points out that “nearly 80% of those live an another state representative’s district.”

District Attorney Chris Daniels describes the problems the 84 people who have illegally registered to vote (and, therefore, to serve on juries) using the address of a UPS Store as a residence.

Harris County Treasurer Orlando Sanchez describes (first in English, then in Spanish) how close a number of his races have ended. Therefore, the 84 potential voter fraud cases (22 of which have voted before 30 October) cannot be ignored.

Finally, Senator Bettencourt describes the potential widespread nature of this type of voter fraud. He suggests that somewhere around 1,000 cases (extrapolated from the 100 institutions like this UPS Store and its 84 law breakers) may exist across the county. He points out the need for vigilance and challenges Voter Registrar Ann Bennett (D-Harris County) to take action.

As many main stream media outlets have repeatedly pointed out, the Democrats would normally gain seats in Congress just because people seem to vote for the underdog. However, since the Democrats have billed the “blue wave” as a done deal, then why do they put such an effort toward cheating?


In a similar case, 46 voters have registered their residence as another UPS Store

Again, at the Paul Bettencourt Facebook page, a second post tells of those committing voter fraud by claiming a UPS Store as a residence.

Can you believe 46 VOTERS have actual Harris County Voter Registrations at this one UPS Store? 8 have already voted in this election! REALLY!!

I’m not after the actual folks registered here in this tiny, apparently overcrowded commercial “residence” LOL, but an explanation from the Voter Registrar Ann Bennett (D-Harris County) who is making a mockery of the voter registration process by allowing voter registrations in 100+ sites like this one all over Harris County!

The integrity of the voter roll matters! We have had a State Representative race won by just 7 votes. The one UPS store pictured here at 11152 Westheimer, can be checked out at so you can see this for yourself!

Under Texas Law you are you supposed to register at your residence, but two elected Democratic officeholders now disagree and allow this “packing of voters” into this store and other sites per my good County Clerk Stan Stanart (R-Harris County) who says it clearly. (Watch our press conference here: Under Texas law you are required to register to vote where you live. Does anyone believe that there are 46 people living in this UPS store?!

Rather than act on a voter residency challenge that was brought by a constituent of mine in SD 7, that challenged roughly 4,000 voter registrations based upon residency, both the elected Voter Registrar Bennett and County Attorney Ryan have opted to reject this legal challenge and do nothing.

This stands in direct contrast to the opinion of the Texas Secretary of State – the highest election official in Texas who issued their first opinion in 5 years because of these nonsensical actions. Its importance is discussed at our press conference. (Read more:

All of this comes on the heels of almost 300 Baytown voters left off the voter rolls because Bennett’s Voter Registration department sat on annexation information sent by the City since July. Additionally, Bennett is in Federal Court arguing that she does not have to take self-identified non citizens off the voter roll nor release the names under the Texas Open Records Act that come from the county jury selection process.

The integrity of the voter roll is at risk! It is the bedrock of fair and transparent elections. Where in the world is Ann Harris Bennett’s (D-Harris County) own explanation!

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Melanie Bell Lorant is denied her vote

In-person voter fraud alleged in Tarrant County, Texas

Empower Texans reports in a 1 November 2018 post on one woman’s experience with voter fraud and Democrats who purportedly denied her vote.

Tarrant County voter Melanie Bell Lorant was turned away at the polls Wednesday after being told someone else had voted in her place. Worse, Lorant says poll workers refused to document the problem or find a solution.

“I need HELP!” Lorant posted on Facebook after the incident:

Went to early vote today and was informed I would not be allowed to vote because someone already voted in my place.

They refused any help and refused to provide a solution. They refused to provide a print proving that this happened and refused to request permission to take a photo to prove this happened.

They allowed someone to vote in my place without verifying the ID!!!


Lorant called the Tarrant County Elections office and spoke to the early voting coordinator. She learned someone had voted in her name at Southlake Town Hall on Sunday, October 28, at 11:32 a.m.

How could that happen with Texas’ voter ID requirement?

It’s possible a poll worker at Southlake mistakenly signed in another voter under Lorant’s name. Lorant says they did not properly verify the voter’s ID, allowing someone to steal her vote and disenfranchise her. Election officials can resolve whether it was a mistake or voter fraud by simply looking at the voter signature page.

In either case, election workers may have cost Lorant her vote and allowed a fraudulent one to be counted.

Lorant says she was told her only option now is to vote a provisional ballot, then election officials will “compare signatures and decide whose vote to accept.” But whether or not Lorant’s provisional vote is accepted, the other ballot has already been cast and will be counted—it can’t be uncast.

“This is NOT acceptable,” Lorant said.

(Read more at Empower Texans)

In Dallas, mail-in ballot fraud suspected

Dallas GOP fighting in court against voter fraud

A 31 October 2018 Empower Texans post discusses problems of voter fraud in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas Republicans are once again battling local Democrats to stop voter fraud. They were in court today seeking a temporary restraining order against Dallas County’s Democrat elections administrator Toni Pippins-Poole to delay opening of suspicious mail ballots, which was scheduled to begin at 7:00 a.m.

Lawyers for the Dallas County Republican Party asked a judge to sequester about 2,400 mail ballots submitted for the November election that GOP ballot board members identified as questionable. They also flagged 20 mail ballots signed by disgraced ex-state representative Terri Hodge as an “assistant.”

Hodge, a Democrat, pleaded guilty in 2010 to felony tax evasion in a Dallas bribery scandal and spent a year in prison. Hodge is prohibited from running for public office but continues to assist mail-ballot voters.

Judge Gena Slaughter, also a Democrat, is hearing the case. Slaughter delayed today’s hearing for 24 hours to allow the DCRP to present additional evidence with its amended TRO request, and to give Pippins-Poole time to secure representation. Dallas County District Attorney Faith Johnson, a Republican, has recused herself from the proceedings.

(