Joe’s folly

Joe Biden says he wants to build wind farms in the Gulf of Mexico

According to a 20 July 2022 article in Reuters, Joe Biden wants to build a system of wind farms in the Gulf of Mexico and other offshore locations.

 The Biden administration on Wednesday said it had identified 700,000 acres for possible offshore wind energy development in the Gulf of Mexico, seeking to expand a growing clean energy industry to a major U.S. oil and gas hub.

It also said President Joe Biden would direct his Interior Department to move ahead with offshore wind development in areas of the Atlantic coast where former President Donald Trump banned oil and gas development.

“Today we open up yet another coast and frontier in expanding offshore wind,” a senior administration official told reporters.

The announcement was part of a slate of new measures to address climate change that Biden unveiled during a trip to a Massachusetts facility making offshore wind components.

The expansion of the nascent U.S. offshore wind industry is a cornerstone of Biden’s plan to fight global warming and decarbonize the electricity sector by 2035.

Biden’s Interior Department will seek public input on two areas in the Gulf. One is off the coast of Galveston, Texas, and the other near Lake Charles, Louisiana. If projects are ultimately developed there, they could power more than 3 million homes, the administration said.

The two areas will undergo further review to determine the locations most suitable for leasing.

In 2020, a government lab found that the Gulf’s shallow waters and proximity to oil and gas infrastructure would support offshore wind development. Several Louisiana companies involved in offshore drilling were tapped to help build the nation’s first offshore wind farm off the coast of Rhode Island.

(Read more at Reuters)

As just a technical writer in the computing, aerospace, and oil/gas industries — I have these questions

How exactly will Joe address the following:

  • Anchoring these windmills – How will the windmills be anchored with consideration to the seafloor, sea life, shipping lanes, and fishing interests?
  • Preventing an easy blockade of America – Will Joe create an easy means for either nature or our enemies to blockade us by felling these windmills to block our shipping lanes?
  • Allowing the working man to eke out a living – How will these windmills change the ways that commercial fishers ply their ware? Will shrimpers be able to deploy their nets in the waters they have fished for generations? Will coatings on the windmills introduce carcinogens into the water?
  • Avoiding decimating existing life – How will the windmills be designed to keep from acting as “bird blenders” (since many bird species migrate through the Gulf)? How will they be designed to avoid killing aquatic life (since AC power tends to follow the skin effect and travel along the outside of the conductor)?
  • Considering the conductive nature of water – How will the windmills be designed to transmit the power from the source to the cities? High voltage transmission usually creates an electrical field around it. How will designers mitigate these fields? Can those fields be mitigated through shielding and insulation? Will that shielding and insulation withstand sea water?
  • Considering our current grid – Where does Dementia Joe plan to connect this power? Will he connect it to the aging U.S. grid or the already overburdened Texas grid?
  • Considering Murphy’s Law – Considering the adage “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” might prepare you for the eventual. Therefore, what measures will Joe take to ensure that this system shuts down quickly in the event of a disaster?
  • Considering the Gulf weather – How will Joe make certain these windmills survive the first hurricane? How will Joe address the freezes that have stretched down into the Gulf? When either of these weather events occur, what will Joe do with the damaged blades that cause great environmental hazards?


Good news regarding three liberal attempts on our freedom

Judge strikes down California’s corporate racial diversity law

The Daily Wire reports on the acts of a Judge in Los Angeles.

A California law that would have required corporations based in the state to include racial minorities and LGBT people on their executive boards was struck down by a judge in Los Angeles Friday.

The law was declared unconstitutional by a judge in the Los Angeles County Superior Court in a lawsuit brought by conservative legal organization Judicial Watch, the Associated Press reported. The ruling did not explain the Court’s reasoning.

The law was signed by California Governor Gavin Newsom in 2020. It would have required publicly traded companies headquartered in California to have at least one member on their executive boards of directors from an “underrepresented community,” which included African Americans, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, or members of the LGBT community, by the end of 2021, either by adding an executive position or filling an existing vacancy. By the end of 2022, the law would have required companies with boards of 4-9 directors to have at least two directors from minority communities, and boards with 9 or more members to have at least three minority directors. Firms that did not comply would have faced fines of up to $100,000 dollars for first offenses and $300,000 for repeated offenses, AP reported.

The suit was filed by Judicial Watch in October 2020. The organization said that using taxpayer dollars to enforce “[l]aws that explicitly distinguish between individuals on racial or ethnic, sexual preference, and transgender status grounds fall within the core of the prohibition of the equal protection clause.” California defended the law by arguing that the measure did not “discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.” Citing a report from the California Secretary of State, AP also reported that about 300 of the 700 corporations that fell under the law had complied, while half of the companies had not even filed a mandated disclosure statement on the racial makeup of their boards. But to date, no companies had been fined, and the state argued in Court that no taxpayer dollars actually had been used to enforce the measure.

(Read more at the Daily Wire)

While preventing people from working due to things beyond their control is bad, this law did not remedy that.

Why the lawmakers decided to go beyond the model of stopping evil is beyond me.

Instead, they decide to create a new class of elites on company boards. Furthermore, membership in this elite class is based on being within one of the following groups: “African Americans, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, or members of the LGBT community.”

Do you have to speak Spanish to be in the Latino community? What proofs are there of being in any of the LGBT communities? What if I claim to be bisexual. What proof do I have to provide?

A liberal college still has to pay for defaming a local small business

The Daily Wire points out how Oberlin College has been required to pay Gibson’s Bakery for defaming it.

An appellate court on Thursday upheld a decision that resulted in a massive award for Gibson’s Bakery after Oberlin College supported and encouraged students who falsely accused the bakery of racism.

Oberlin appealed the verdict against them, which awarded the family of Gibson’s Bakery $25 million in compensatory and punitive damages (a number that was reduced from $33 million in punitive damages due to Ohio tort reform law) and more than $6 million in attorney’s fees. On Thursday, the Ohio’s Ninth District Court of Appeals upheld the lower court’s finding, meaning Oberlin will, indeed, have to pay the Gibsons millions of dollars.

Sadly, as Legal Insurrection’s William A. Jacobson reported, the two family members who served as the lead plaintiffs – David Gibson and his father Allyn – passed away before the decision was upheld, though they did live to see the original verdict. David had previously revealed he had been diagnosed with cancer and that Oberlin was purposefully dragging out the case.

As The Daily Wire previously reported, several non-white Oberlin students attempted to steal alcohol from Gibson’s, a local bakery with a long history of serving the Oberlin community. A Gibson family member who was working at the bakery that day chased the students out of the store, where they attacked him. He called the police and the students were arrested, pleading guilty and admitting race had nothing to do with the incident.

But other students and faculty accused the bakery of racism and staged protests outside, with Oberlin officials fully endorsing and supporting the protesters’ (false) narrative. Further, while Oberlin claimed in court the protests were peaceful, some demonstrators actually entered the bakery and harassed customers, taking pictures of them and making disparaging comments to them. They also blocked customers from moving down the aisles and slashed the tires of a store employee.

(Read more at the Daily Wire)

This should be a template for taking on Black Lives Matter and CNN

The many businesses who were smashed to bits, looted, and burned to the ground during the Democrat “mostly peaceful protests” that swept through cities should follow this template of litigation.

Biden’s war-time moves on gasoline are angering the environmentalists

The Washington Examiner shows us how Biden has managed to anger even the environmentalists through his war-time moves on the oil/gas industries.

President Joe Biden’s efforts to stabilize the global oil market while simultaneously decreasing gas prices for drivers have baffled and infuriated some green energy activists.

Biden announced Thursday that the United States would release 180 million barrels from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve over the next six months, use the revenue from the sales to refill the stockpile, and called on Congress to pass legislation fining oil companies with unused federal drilling permits or dormant wells on federally leased land. The president also utilized the Defense Production Act to surge domestic procurement of critical minerals the administration says are essential to achieving clean energy independence.

Biden’s announcement came just days after the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Evergreen Action, Common Defense, Win Without War, Indivisible, Sierra Club, and a coalition of nearly 100 “climate, veteran, foreign policy, and progressive organizations” launched a campaign to pressure Biden and Democrats to make “swift investments in clean energy to reduce our dependence on foreign authoritarian leaders like Vladimir Putin and oil companies that are price-gouging Americans at the pump.”

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine reaffirms that America must lead the world in a clean energy transition. Our dependence on fossil fuel empowers authoritarians like Vladimir Putin, rogue oil-producing nations, and price-gouging oil companies,” the group wrote in a statement. “For the sake of our national security and planet, we call on America’s leaders to take immediate action to invest in domestic clean energy jobs and end our dependence on fossil fuel.”

Meanwhile, a number of activists reacted to Biden’s announcement by claiming that the administration was rewarding the “greed” of oil companies.

Collin Rees, a spokesman for Oil Change International expressed frustration with Biden’s action, calling the decision a “small bandage on a gaping wound” in a statement.

“The fossil fuel industry’s greed is hurting working people at the pump, and we should tax those windfall profits and give relief directly to families in need — not count on indirect signals and the market to help when immediate aid is needed,” Rees wrote. “The solution must be a wartime mobilization to transform our energy system, not doubling down on a volatile fossil-fueled system driving the climate crisis, worsening conflict, and boosting economic inequality.”

“Releasing more oil from the strategic reserve won’t address the root cause of this high prices: Big Oil’s coordinated campaign to gouge Americans at the pump,” Fossil Free Media Director Jamie Henn added on Twitter. “A better solution would be to pass the windfall profits tax proposed in Congress, which guarantees immediate relief to Americans without undermining the administration’s climate goals. Big Oil should pay for the problem they’ve created.”

(Read more reactions from the real liberals as quoted by the Washington Examiner)

This is just one more Biden “I did this” sticker 

This is proof positive that Biden meant to kill our economy. He still means to kill our economy (since he does not understand that our economy needs oil).


Inaction on emergencies in Joe Biden’s America

How many days has this power/weather emergency been building across the South?

When did Joe Biden once appear from his hole in the White House?

The Gateway Pundit reports that Joe Biden “called a lid” at 8 p.m. on 18 February 2021. Oddly, there is no report anywhere of Joe or Kamala coming to Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, or elsewhere frozen over and powerless.

Bide or die78-year-old Joe Biden skipped his planned trip to Michigan and called an early lid at 8 am Thursday.

Biden was supposed to travel to Portage, Michigan on Thursday to tour a Pfizer Covid manufacturing facility, but he used bad weather as an excuse to postpone the trip – then he called a “lid” on all in-person events at the White House.

The trip to Michigan was cancelled late Wednesday evening because of weather concerns, however it wasn’t even snowing.

Kamala Harris will be carrying on with all in-person events today as Joe Biden naps or plays Mario Kart.

After receiving an intel briefing this morning, Joe Biden had no other events on his schedule and no plan to assist Texas amid a power crisis.

(Read more at the Gateway Pundit)

Do you remember the charge against President G. W. Bush when he did not fly over New Orleans two days after the event?

LouisianaFloodsIn an 18 August 2016 article, Fox News pointed out the hypocrisy of condemning Bush and letting Obama vacation during Louisiana flooding in 2016. It would seem that the same would apply to Joe Biden. Oddly, I have not found a single article in the main stream media calling Joe Biden to task for not visiting the disaster or for his waiting until 18 February 2021 to declare an emergency in Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Instead of complaints against Obama II (aka Joe Biden) or the removal of soft-coal burning plants mandated by Obama’s EPA, the press seems to want to focus on the free market nature of the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). The problem is not the free market. It is more the problem of the meddling bureaucracy that makes mandates that result in unforeseen results.

However, I do see a lot on the main stream media outlets (like Bloomberg) deflecting criticism of the frozen wind generators. Conveniently, they do not mention the wind generators that had their blades explode when the hub froze and high winds torqued their blades.

Additionally, one thing that you cannot find in any New York Times article on Texas wind turbines is that the ethaylene glycol used to de-ice them (and airplanes) is a hydrocarbon. It comes from oil wells and slo-mo Joe’s plan to shut down the oil industry will prevent these wind turbines from surviving the next freeze like this. All the summer of 2020, the left has been ignoring the unintended consequences of their actions through Antifa. Now they have this.

Put that in your Democrat pipe and smoke it.

Democrats return to old habits in Biden’s America

Bernie Sanders warns Democrats they’ll get decimated in midterms unless they deliver big

Newsweek acts like the brainfart from Bernie actually constitutes “news.” Instead, the real issue might grow from the confusion of “delivering big” (which should be things the voters need) with items on the left’s wish list.

BernieBrainFartSenator Bernie Sanders warned Democrats they could face a wipeout in the 2022 midterm elections unless they “significantly improve” the lives of Americans, now that they control the House, Senate and presidency.

“Given all that we face, now is not the time to think small. It is time to think big, very big,” Sanders said on Thursday, according to a McClatchy report.

“With Joe Biden as president and Democrats controlling the House and Senate for the first time since 2010, we will be judged on what we deliver for the American people in their time of need. The people want action, not excuses,” he said.

“And let me be very clear: I have zero doubt that unless we significantly improve the lives of the American people this year, Democrats will get wiped out in the 2022 midterm elections,” the senator added.

Sanders, an independent from Vermont, ran twice for president as a Democratic candidate. His progressive politics and enthusiastic base of supporters have since been credited with reshaping the Democratic Party.

President Joe Biden has even adapted some of his political stances to meet Sanders’ demands, including promises to increase the minimum wage, relieve student loan debt and significantly reform climate change policies.

But with Democrats in control of both chambers of Congress and the White House, Sanders worries that without significant reform to tackle America’s most pressing needs, Republicans will decimate the party in 2022.

“That is what happened when Democrats had the House, the Senate and the presidency under Bill Clinton in 1994, and that is what happened under Barack Obama in 2010,” Sanders said.

So far, Biden has wasted no time using his executive powers to enact climate, immigration and economic policies while reversing the actions of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

Among those actions are rejoining the Paris climate agreement, ending a travel ban from predominantly Muslim and African countries and postponing student loan payments.

But while these changes have been welcomed by congressional Democrats, Republicans have already expressed concerns.

“On day one, Biden has set the tone for what is to come in his administration: legislating by executive orders, championing massive spending bills, and supporting far-left priorities that reverse years of economic growth and job creation,” Representative Bryan Steil of Wisconsin said in a statement.

(Read more pr0-Democrat blather at Newsweek)

For the matter of their losing support, I hope the Democrats continue to kill jobs. For the sake of Americans, I hope Democrats wake up.

Early-on, it seems that Democrats have confused “delivering big” with “completing left-wing wish-list items.” If they continue in this track, this will cost America in jobs.

Even though it will make Democrats harder to beat in 2022, I hope these numb nucks come to their senses before ruining the country. While hope springs eternal, Representative Steil of Wisconsin observed:

Despite promising to work for unity, in his first hours in office, President Biden has managed to destroy American jobs, support giving amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants, and make plans to enact a radical anti-life agenda. On day one, Biden has set the tone for what is to come in his administration: legislating by executive orders, championing massive spending bills, and supporting far-left priorities that reverse years of economic growth and job creation. With millions of workers out of work and our crippling national debt increasing, we cannot afford President Biden’s anti-worker, anti-economic growth agenda.

President Biden signs executive order prioritizing ‘gender identity’ over biology

Townhall point out how Biden ignored science for feelings one of his first executive orders.

transgirlwinswrestlingPresident Biden signed a host of executive orders on Wednesday, including one that takes aim at gender and sex-based discrimination. The newly-minted president said that his administration hopes to ensure that Americans receive “equal treatment under the law” without gender or sexual orientation as a factor.

The order goes hand-in-hand with a Supreme Court ruling from June of 2020 in Bostock v. Clayton County, in which the the high court held that workplace discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

“All persons should receive equal treatment under the law, no matter their gender identity or sexual orientation,” Biden wrote on Wednesday. “These principles are reflected in the Constitution, which promises equal protection of the laws.  These principles are also enshrined in our Nation’s anti-discrimination laws, among them Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended (42 U.S.C. 2000e et seq.).  In Bostock v. Clayton County, 590 U.S. ___ (2020), the Supreme Court held that Title VII’s prohibition on discrimination ‘because of . . . sex’ covers discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation.”

The president’s order would allow subjective gender identity to take priority in schools, and the administration said that children should not be concerned about “being denied access to the restroom, the locker room, or school sports.” In turn, the order would allow biological males to compete with biological females, for the sake of gender identity.

(Read more at Townhall)

In 2017, a “boy” who was born female won the girls wrestling in Texas

Since 2017. Texas prohibited boys from wrestling against biological girls. In that year, a “boy” from Cypress (who was born a girl) was allowed to take levels of male hormone that would have resulted in the disqualification of any male athlete. Nonetheless, this “boy” was allowed to participate in (and win) the girls’ wrestling.

This is Biden’s vision for the nation. For a party that continually professes a belief in sticking with the science, why doesn’t he stick with the science of x chromosomes and y chromosomes?

Press Secretary Jen Psaki dodges question on Biden Family’s hypocrisy on masks

Townhall comments on the hypocritical stance of the Biden administration on COVID-19 masks.

psakiWhite House Press Secretary Jen Psaki dismissed clear hypocrisy from the Biden family that occurred on Wednesday night, following the new president’s inauguration. Biden held a celebration at the Lincoln Memorial, just after signing an executive order mandating mask-wearing on all federal property; during the gathering at the federally-owned monument, the family was not wearing masks.

Fox News’ Peter Doocy pressed Psaki on the hypocrisy, asking what kind of example this behavior displays for the American people. Psaki quickly deflected, excusing the family’s violation of Biden’s own mandate.

“I think he was celebrating, an evening of a historic day for our country. And certainly he signed the mask mandate because it’s a way to send a message to the American public about the importance of wearing masks, how it can save tens of thousands of lives,” Psaki said in the White House Briefing room. She added that the administration has “bigger issues to worry about.”

(Read the rest at Townhall)

We should know that any hard question will not be answered

After 4 years of Trump and his press secretaries actually answering questions, I guess we got spoiled.

Houston-area doctor feels ‘encouraged’ by recent decline in COVID-19 cases

As we can tell by this article by a Houston Fox affiliate KRIV, it looks like at least one news outlet wants to paint a rosy picture around the COVID-19 pandemic now that Democrats control the Presidency, the US House, and the US Senate.

Has the COVID-19 surge finally peaked? Some experts say national data suggests the U.S. may have peaked earlier this month.

On January 11, the 7-day average of new COVID-19 cases was 246,321. Since, then the number has trended downward. This Wednesday, the 7-day average was 192,825.

What about locally?

Dr. James McDeavitt,Dr. James McDeavitt, Senior Vice President and Dean of Clinical Affairs with Baylor College of Medicine believes yes.

“Every single metric that I look at, every single number, indicates that we are starting to head back down again. So, that’s very, very encouraging,” he told FOX 26.

Those metrics include a decline in cases, deaths, and viral product found in waste water.

“Can’t be sure, but it looks that way,” McDeavitt added.

He believes it will be another week or two before we will really know. He attributes the decline to measures like masking and social distancing.

“This is not a vaccine phenomenon,” McDeavitt noted.

The impact of the vaccine are still months away.

“The biggest problem has been supply,” he said.

The inadequate supply and logistical challenges associated with its distribution affect large institutions like Baylor College of Medicine.

“So far, we’ve been allocated a total 7,000 doses and that’s dose 1 and 2, so that’s enough to vaccinate 3,500 people,” McDeavitt pointed out. However, he says in their database they have 63,000 patients who fall into the priority groups.

It is also impacting small providers, like Magnolia Pharmacy in Montgomery County.

“We’re ready to go. It’s just a matter of getting vaccine,” said Steve Hoffart, its owner.

Hoffart says, so far, they’ve only gotten enough first and second doses of the Moderna vaccine for 500 people.

But the demand is there. A week ago, he created a waiting list. At last check, he says 7,700 people were on his list.

(Read more at KRIV)

Odd how the people who saw nothing but doom during the year of President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus now see an optimistic outlook now that Biden rules

Just as Nancy Pelosi held the stimulus bill hostage for six months, it seems that at least some healthcare workers have been skewing their perspective on the pandemic according to who holds the office of the presidency.

Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki promises transparency and breaks the promise immediately

Townhall comments on the history and current record of the Biden press secretary.

psakiLast night, the Biden White House had its first press briefing. It was a lot of sucking up for sure, but there were a couple of decent questions. For the most part, as it was during Obama’s tenure in the Oval Office, it’ll be cupcake treatment. There will be no pushback. There will be confrontations. It’ll be a boring routine. Remember a Democrat is now president. The liberal media’s president is now in charge. They can’t be too hard on Biden.

New White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki promised transparency, but that declaration was not without some raised eyebrows among those in conservative media, specifically Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner.

They don’t get the attention like the White House, but that statement takes us down memory lane when Psaki was the mouthpiece for the Obama State Department. A question about secret talks with Iran was brought up in 2013, which led to someone intentionally cutting several minutes of that exchange which featured Psaki. Nowadays, if this had happened under Trump, it would be a weeks-long story about deception in the White House. The error was initially said to be a “glitch,” but State was forced to admit that someone tried to bury the footage. This admission occurred three years later as the Obama administration was making its preparation for the exit (via WaPo):

The State Department acknowledged Wednesday that someone in its public affairs bureau made a “deliberate” request that several minutes of tape be cut from the video of a 2013 press briefing in which a reporter asked if the administration had lied about secret talks with Iran.

The embarrassing admission by State Department spokesman John Kirby came three weeks after another spokesperson insisted that a “glitch” had caused the gap, discovered only last month by the reporter whose questioning had mysteriously disappeared.

“This wasn’t a technical glitch, this was a deliberate step to excise the video,” Kirby told reporters.


The curious gap in an old video of a public briefing is not of the same ilk as the famous 18  1/2- minute gap in audio tapes of President Nixon’s Oval Office conversations during the Watergate coverup. The official written transcript of the State Department briefing always carried the full exchange.

But it is likely to further fuel controversy over the administration’s nuclear deal with Iran, coming amid allegations that the White House duped the press and misled Congress and foreign policy scholars about the Iran nuclear deal that was implemented in January [2016].

The missing portion of the video came to light in early May when James Rosen of Fox News was preparing a report on White House communications advisor Ben Rhodes, who had boasted to a New York Times Magazine reporter of having created an “echo chamber” to market the Iran nuclear deal and undermine criticisms from opponents. The magazine story said the White House portrayed it as a result of a moderate being elected president of Iran in 2013, when in fact secret talks had been underway since 2011.

The publication added that then-Fox News reporter James Rosen asked about secret talks twice in 2013. In February, Victoria Nuland denied secret talks were occurring with Iran. That December, Psaki, who took over from Nuland said, “I think there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. This is a good example of that.”

(Read more at Townhall)

Considering that the Obama administration promised to be “the most transparent administration,” and then was anything but — this fits

Considering that Biden sat by and heard Obama promise (and not deliver) transparency, it seems that Biden and his minions have learned to play the press. Naturally, we can expect more of this.

Biden cancels Keystone Pipeline, opens the border and shows who he really is

Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson boils down the actions of Joe Biden in the White House.

Thursday was Joe Biden‘s first day in office. You can tell a lot about what people value on their first day in any job, so what’s at the top of Joe Biden’s to-do list? Opening the borders and crushing our country’s last remaining independent economic sector.

First, Biden signed an executive order revoking the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. Now, no matter how you feel about fossil fuel (and if you drive a car or fly on airplanes or use the hospital or enjoy electricity, you might want to think carefully about how you feel about fossil fuel), there is no getting around the economic effect of this decision. Millions of Americans don’t have jobs right now, but with a single shaky signature, Joe Biden just put another 11,000 people out of work.

But he wasn’t done.

Biden also instructed the Department of Homeland Security to halt deportations of illegal aliens. And when we say illegal aliens, we mean millions of illegal aliens, not just the countless undocumented Americans that Joe Biden tells us are busy curing cancer, winning Nobel Prizes and in general being a lot more impressive than you have ever been. Biden’s order also covers criminals, rapists, murderers, and others who are dangerous to you and me.

So the message is clear: If you break our laws to get here and commit violent felonies once you arrive, sometimes against American citizens, Joe Biden will reward you with blanket amnesty. It’s a pretty strong straight statement to make on your first day as president. So why wouldn’t every poor person in the world sneak into America? Of course they would, and they will. Increasing the size of America’s population is the whole point of the exercise. Biden himself explained that when he first started running for president.

BIDEN, AUGUST 2019: We could afford to take, in a heartbeat, another two million people. The idea that a country of 330 million people cannot absorb people who are in desperate need and who are justifiably fleeing oppression is absolutely bizarre, absolutely bizarre. I would also move to increase the total number of immigrants able to come to the United States.

We’re not sure how Joe Biden calculated that we can afford to take in another two million people, but then, he’s not really a numbers guy. Joe Biden is all heart, closer to a religious leader than an accountant. That’s why, in his first address from the Oval Office, he unveiled a bust of Cesar Chavez, the famed left-wing labor leader who led the grape-pickers’ union in California in the ’60s and ’70s.

Our easily impressed friends in the media were, needless to say, easily impressed by this. “Biden’s Cesar Chavez bust in the Oval Office signals a new era for Latinos, activists hope” read an actual headline in The Washington Post. It’s all pretty hilarious if you know anything about Cesar Chavez the man as opposed to the bronze image in the Oval Office.

The real Cesar Chavez passionately hated illegal immigration. He said so all the time. Immigration lowers the wages of American workers. That’s the whole point of it. Cesar Chavez wasn’t well-educated, but he was not stupid. He understood exactly what was going on and was enraged by the efforts to open our border with Mexico. He knew it was another corporate scam posing as a human rights imperative.

When the government refused to secure the border, Cesar Chavez’s men did it themselves in the winter of 1979. Members of Chavez’s union, the United Fruit Workers, formed what they called a “human wet line” across the southern desert and brutally assaulted Mexican nationals trying to come north for work. Chavez’s men hit them with chains. That’s the guy Joe Biden just told us he reveres.

No one in Central America believes Joe Biden really has any idea who Cesar Chavez was. All they know is that amnesty has been announced. So, of course, they’re coming. Why wouldn’t they?

Meanwhile, Luciano Dominguez-Trejo, arrested in this country for sexually assaulting a minor, gets to stay here, thanks to Joe Biden. So does Juan Hernandez Rodriguez, a self-described gang member with convictions for felony, grand theft and burglary. He’s been ordered removed from this country five separate times, but he’s still here. Now, he’s staying. So is Atanacio Arellano-Gutierrez, another convicted gang member convicted of felony burglary. Luis Rodriguez-Jacobo, convicted of manslaughter, won’t be going anywhere either.

When Joe Biden tells you the real threat to our country comes from within, these are definitely not the people he’s talking about. He’s certainly not talking about Fernando De Jesus Lopez-Garcia. Like millions of people in California, Lopez-Garcia is living in this country illegally. He’s been arrested multiple times for violent crimes, but the state of California has allowed him to stay in order not to seem racist.

Then finally, inevitably, this happened in November:

Immigration law exists to keep things like that from happening, In a typical 100-day period last year, for example, ICE agents removed 46,800 immigrants with criminal convictions or pending criminal charges. Now they’re all staying, and that’s fine with Joe Biden. It’s not like they’re trying to operate a restaurant in New Jersey during quarantine or walk through a park without a mask on. They’re not criminals, they’re civil rights heroes.

One thing is for certain, they’re definitely not aliens. That’s another change we learned about this week. Henceforth, the totally-modern-and-not-at-all-radical Biden administration demands that federal agencies refer to illegal aliens as “non-citizens.” That language is less precise, obviously, but it’s way less racist, so it’s better. In the name of unity, people should not be allowed to use certain words or have certain thoughts. Everyone must think exactly the same thing all the time.

Now, if that seems like terrifying mandatory conformity to you, you’re wrong. It’s unity. That’s why on the Biden administration’s website, you can now select your preferred pronouns as you fill out the contact form.

We do have one nagging question, though: What exactly is the point of all of these things that have been done in the last 24 hours? Will any of these changes, these bigger things that Joe Biden has enacted on his very first day in office, actually help any living American? We’re pretty sure the pronoun thing will appeal to whatever tiny group of deluded, unhappy people still believe that destroying nature’s gender roles is a form of liberation, but what about everyone else?

How, for example, does amnesty and the waves of mass illegal immigration that inevitably will follow make this a better, more united country? You’re not supposed to ask that question, but it’s totally fair. We have a right to know. Anyone who tries to answer that question, not that anyone has so far, should first have to explain whatever happened to the state of California, the state with the most illegal immigration by far.

How, in the course of a single generation, did the best state in the Union become the worst state? How did the place that so many Americans desperately wanted to move to become the place that millions of Americans are fleeing? No one in the media has asked, but during the White House press briefing Thursday, the question of immigration did come up. Here’s how the new White House press secretary responded to it:

JEN PSAKI: Immigration we consider as part of racial equity, which is a broad issue, but that’s how the president has spoken about that crisis over the past several months. And clearly it is an enormous priority to him.

(Read at Fox News for Tucker’s final point)

While we are on the topic of politicians bending reality to fit them: will this be the term in which more states are added to the US?

Will the Democrats add Puerto Rico and Washington DC as states? Will Republicans follow that by splitting up the states of Texas or Alaska? Will Americans allow politicians to manipulate the rest of us to their benefit?

Democrats don’t have to dig deep to get to the bottom of the National Guard’s eviction at US Capitol

Townhall offers its opinion on the Democrat disrespect shown at the Capitol.

Bronson wrote about this last night. It’s a total disgrace. It’s unforgivable. It’s how this town treats the military. Thousands of National Guardsmen were evicted from the grounds of the US Capitol. They were caught resting in the nearby parking garages. They were deployed to protect the capital from any attack during the inauguration of Joe Biden. The January 6 riot that engulfed the US Capitol was the cause for what could only be described as a military occupation of the city. Luckily, nothing happened when Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. Yet, for the troops who stood guard, this eviction notice reeked of betrayal (via Politico):

Thousands of National Guardsmen were allowed back into the Capitol Thursday night, hours after U.S. Capitol Police officials ordered them to vacate the facilities, sending them outdoors or to nearby parking garages after two weeks pulling security duty after the deadly riot on Jan. 6.

One unit, which had been resting in the Dirksen Senate Office building, was abruptly told to vacate the facility on Thursday, according to one Guardsman. The group was forced to rest in a nearby parking garage without internet reception, with just one electrical outlet, and one bathroom with two stalls for 5,000 troops, the person said. Temperatures in Washington were in the low 40s by nightfall.

“Yesterday dozens of senators and congressmen walked down our lines taking photos, shaking our hands and thanking us for our service. Within 24 hours, they had no further use for us and banished us to the corner of a parking garage. We feel incredibly betrayed,” the Guardsman said.

The news sparked outrage. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) vowed to get to the bottom of this mess. Other members of Congress sent messages of thanks to the troops while offering their office space as a place for them to rest. Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) delivered food to some of the guardsmen. Sen. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) appears to have worked hard to ensure all of the guardsmen are cleared from the garage.

“Just received text from Guard Commander: the last Guardsmen will clear the garage by 2330 tonight,” she tweeted.

Later, she wrote, “troops are now all out of the garage. Now I can go to bed.”

Yet, it’s not going to be hard to figure out why this slap to the face occurred to our men and women in uniform. Democrats—you run this town. The commander-in-chief is a Democrat. You’re not going to have to dig deep on this one.

(Read the response by Governor Abbott at Townhall)

How can we not expect Democrats to abhor us in the plebeian class?

It seems that Biden has found a way to fake collecting our votes without having to rub elbows with us commoners. Now he knows how to push the guards out without giving them real recognition.







The energy sector in Biden’s America

Biden suspends federal oil and gas leasing for 60 days

With a hat tip to the OILFIELD blog, we find the Houston Chronicle crowing about ditzy uncle Joe’s 60-day suspension of new leases on federal land.

BidenEndsOilLeasesThe Biden administration has suspended new leasing for fossil fuel production on federal lands and waters, as well as the issuance of new drilling permits, in what could be a major blow to Texas’s oil industry.

Acting Interior Secretary Scott de la Vega signed an order Wednesday night, ordering department staff not to “issue any onshore or offshore fossil fuel authorization” for 60 days without clearance from Biden’s appointees, who are awaiting confirmation by the Senate.

The move to cut off new oil and gas production, as well as coal mining, comes as President Joe Biden promises to move swiftly on climate change and get the United States on the path to net- zero greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century.

Wednesday’s order is temporary, presumably to give the Senate time to confirm Biden’s nominee for Interior secretary, Rep. Deb Haaland, D-N.M. But Biden, who pledged to halt new drilling within federal lands and waters during the campaign, appears likely to seek to extend the ban over the long-term or make it permanent, which, according to some legal opinions, could require congressional approval.

Were he to succeed, oil and gas companies in Houston and across Texas, many of which drill heavily in the Gulf of Mexico and on federal lands in the western United States, would be forced to look elsewhere.

While existing oil and gas wells can continue to operate, such a move would put oil companies on federal lands and in the Gulf of Mexico on a ticking clock and eventually reduce U.S. oil production and the investment in new projects that creates jobs.

American Petroleum Institute President Mike Sommers said Thursday that the move risked hundreds of thousands of jobs and would only increase U.S. reliance on oil from foreign nations with lower environmental standards.

“For now, it’s temporary, but Biden said during the campaign that he wanted to cease development on federal lands,” he said. “We can only take him at his word.”

In September, oil production from federal lands and waters totaled 75 million barrels of crude – more than 20 percent of the nation’s entire production. More than half of federal production came from the Gulf of Mexico.

Biden’s promise to halt oil and gas leasing on federal lands and waters drew support from environmentalists who had questioned his support for climate change.

Since taking office Wednesday, he has shaken off those criticisms, rejoining the Paris climate accord and canceling the construction permit for the Keystone XL pipeline.

“Pausing new fossil fuel decisions brings us closer to healthier communities, a healthier climate and healthier wild places,” Dan Ritzman, campaign director at the Sierra Club, said in a statement. “Public lands can, and must, be part of the climate solution.”

Leaders worldwide are moving to reduce fossil fuel production as scientists warn that the world needs to rapidly reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. Anticipating Biden would carry through on his campaign pledge, oil and gas companies began stockpiling federal leases onshore and offshore even before November’s election.

(Read more at the Houston Chronicle)

For over a year, Democrat leaders have shut down cities and states with disastrous results for small business

For over a year, Democrat leaders have shut down cities and states with disastrous results for small business. Now Biden wants to double down his economy-killing measures.

Oddly, the Houston Comical Chronicle pretends to be a profit-seeking business while cheerleading for Biden’s ultra-left policies. From reading articles like those above, one would think that the Houston Comical Chronicle had been:

  • Exempted from the personal and corporate cost of fuel price hikes (which, over the past two weeks for me, have resulted in a personal cost increase of 30 cents per gallon)
  • Excused from the inflationary effect of rising fuel prices (even, say, the cost of losing the liberal customers who want to read their bilge, but cannot afford it due to their worsening personal finances)
  • Excised from the list of liberal newspapers going out of business due to the “coronavirus” (Could that be a codeword for liberal reporting or oppressive Democrat governance?)
  • Even excused from the effects of the other Biden programs (like the $15 minimum wage — also known as the $20 hamburger policy or the Free The Cashiers From Employment policy.)

One thing that I wonder is whether all of the homeless that the Houston Comical Chronicle places on the corners of major intersections will all be paid at $15/hour (or will they all be required to stop selling the papers).

Oil prices decline as U.S. crude supplies rise and COVID-19 flare up dulls demand outlook

Market Watch reports on complementary trends that have exasperated problems for the energy sector.

PumpingInCOVIDOil futures declined on Friday, with U.S. prices poised to erase much of their gains for the week, after U.S. government data reveal an unexpected weekly rise in domestic crude supplies.

A resurgence of COVID-19 infections in China and Southeast Asia also raised concerns about near-term oil demand.

The Energy Information Administration reported Friday that U.S. crude inventories rose by 4.4 million barrels for the week ended Jan. 15.

The data, which were delayed by two days because of Monday’s Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday and Wednesday’s U.S. presidential inauguration, defied expectations for an average decline of 2.5 million barrels forecast by analysts polled by S&P Global Platts. The American Petroleum Institute on Wednesday reported a 2.6 million-barrel increase.

The EIA data, however, also showed crude stocks at the Cushing, Okla., storage hub declined by 4.7 million barrels for the week.

The increase in domestic crude supplies was a surprise, but the decline in stocks at Cushing, which was “quite large,” wasn’t, as the price curve for U.S. oil futures has gone into backwardation, Tariq Zahir, managing member at Tyche Capital Advisors, told MarketWatch. Backwardation refers to a situation where prices for oil for delivery in the near future are higher than those for later deliveries.

When the forward curve goes into backwardation, “it is not profitable to store crude oil,” he said, so it is “not a surprise to see a large draw in Cushing.”

Zahir attributed the backwardation to Saudi Arabia’s unexpected cut in production. Earlier this month, the Saudis said they would cut more output, starting in February, to offset higher production from Russia and Kazakhstan.

“We surmise between $4 and $5 has been added to the price of crude since this announcement came out,” Zahir said. Combined with recent weakness in the U.S. dollar, that provided a tailwind for crude oil, he added.

“We feel crude will continue to be quite volatile but remain somewhat supported “as long as Saudi implements the cut, and if the U.S. dollar stays weak,” said Zahir. However, if the COVID-19 vaccine rollout continues to be problematic, “we could see [oil] demand get hit even further.”

On Friday, West Texas Intermediate crude for March delivery CL. 1 CLH21 fell by 61 cents, or 1.2%, to $52.52 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange. Prices, based on the front-month settlement a week ago, traded up by 0.2% for the week.

Global benchmark March Brent crude BRN00 BRNH21 was down 72 cents, or 1.3%, at $55.38 a barrel on ICE Futures Europe, with prices holding on to a gain of around 0.5% for the week.

(Read more at Market Watch)

Hence, the Saudis must be dancing due to our continued fits of strangling ourselves

Even with the examples provided by the Swedes and our own North Dakota, numerous Democrat states have imposed lockdowns until the advent of the Biden administration. Now, Biden wants to implement a whole set of equally disastrous programs on the American economy.

Biden kills 11,000 jobs (including 8,000 union jobs) by killing the Keystone Pipeline

The Western Journal comments on Biden’s cancelling of the Keystone pipeline. This story comes with a hat tip to Bunkerville

KeystoneDemocrats are uniquely deft at destroying the American economy, but President Joe Biden just might shatter the record for the fastest time to do so.

After taking the oath of office Wednesday, Biden was expected to sign several executive orders meant to undo the work of his predecessor, including orders to roll back protections for the unborn and dismantle border security.

However, it was Biden’s executive order to rescind the permit for TC Energy to build the Keystone XL pipeline that may be the largest hit to the economy, costing as many as 11,000 Americans their jobs, including 8,000 union positions. (Those figures come from an October TC news release estimating the number of jobs that pipeline construction would add to the economy in 2021.)

The project would have injected $1.6 billion in gross wages into the U.S. economy in 2021 at a time when jobs are most needed.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the president signed an executive order to kill the pipeline on Wednesday.

According to Fox Business, the $9 billion project was more than 10 years in the making and would have spanned over 1,200 miles to send nearly 830,000 barrels of crude oil per day from Alberta, Canada, to Nebraska.

Liberals have opposed the pipeline due to environmental concerns, citing the extra fossil fuels required to process the type of oil the pipeline would carry, NPR reported.

President Barack Obama’s administration rejected the project in 2015, but the Trump administration made moving it forward a priority early on, with 300 miles completed since construction finally began last year.

The decision to quash the project also has international implications and puts Biden at odds with Canada, including leftist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who supported the pipeline.

After learning of Biden’s plans to nix the project, Premier Jason Kenney of Alberta, Canada, said in a Sunday statement he was “deeply concerned” about the consequences of Biden’s executive order to cancel the permit.

“Doing so would kill jobs on both sides of the border, weaken the critically important Canada-U.S. relationship, and undermine U.S. national security by making the United States more dependent on OPEC oil imports in the future,” Kenney said.

The conservative group Citizens United pegged this move as “the opposite of job creation” in a tweet Tuesday. “Bad start Biden, doing the bidding of the radical left – not what the American people signed up for.”

(Read more at the Western Journal)

As Bunkerville pointed out, the winner is the owners of the rail — not the environment

As Bunkerville pointed out, the winner has been proven to be Berkshire Hathaway (considering their ownership of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe LLC).

Of course, the press went all the way to extol the supposed environmental virtues of Biden’s decision while ignoring railroad tank car explosions that seem to occur at too regular intervals.

Additionally, the press totally ignored the the spillage, evaporation, or other forms of waste created by the transfer of a paraffin-heavy compound like the sands oil from a pipeline to a tank car.

Fracking is all about new wells. It does not work with old wells

Find a new job, forgotten man: Biden nixes pipeline, bans new fracking on federal land

Biz Pac Review gives the straight story on Biden’s fracking ban.

President Biden has signed an executive order on his second day that ends the Trump administration’s efforts to increase fracking and other oil and gas development on federal lands. This will put thousands of blue-collar workers out of work… many of them belonging to unions.

It’s predicted that Biden will invoke sweeping environmental regulatory changes over the next four years and reverse Trump-era deregulatory policies in an effort to tackle climate change. That definitely includes fracking, a process that the left has long fought to eradicate.

The Biden administration’s crackdown on fossil fuels will include stopping the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, reimposing a moratorium of coal leasing on federal lands, tightening fracking regulations on public lands, directing federal agencies to revise energy standards, and reinstating the Interagency Working Group on the Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases.

“He will sign a broad executive order that takes steps that are imperative to address our climate crisis and will create good union jobs and advance environmental justice,” national climate adviser Gina McCarthy said Tuesday, adding that Biden will also reverse “more than 100 of the previous administration’s harmful policies.”

Fracking is the process of injecting water into shale rock at high pressure to extract natural gas. It accounts for 13% of the nation’s natural gas production on federal lands and water.

Fracking has made America energy-independent. It has resulted in a sharp drop in carbon dioxide emissions over the past decade as well. Those on the left argue that fossil fuels should remain underground, and that fracking pollutes the environment and contributes to greenhouse gases that lead to global warming.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed Tuesday night that President Biden will follow through with his campaign promises to ban new fracking on federal land.

“President Biden promised to end all new oil and gas leasing on federal lands when he was a candidate,” a reporter asked. “Does the administration still have that commitment today? To end that lease?”

“We do and the leases will be reviewed by our team we just have only been in office for less than a day now,” Psaki said.

On Tuesday, Biden signed an Executive Order reentering the Paris Climat Accord. He also moved to revoke permits for the Keystone XL pipeline, eliminating 11,000 jobs and destroying $2 billion in wages.

Fox Business reports:

“The move could happen on President-elect Joe Biden’s first day in office, after the Trump administration spent four years trying to further construction of the $9 billion, 1,200-mile pipeline that would transport up to 830,000 barrels of crude oil daily from Alberta, Canada, to Nebraska.”

“An existing Keystone pipeline currently transports oil from Alberta to Illinois and Texas.”

“According to the Keystone XL website, the project, initially proposed more than a decade ago, would sustain about 11,000 U.S. jobs in 2021 – including 8,000 union jobs – and generate $1.6 billion in gross wages.”

“It is unclear how the Biden administration plans to address the job losses, but his $2 trillion clean energy infrastructure plan, with its goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest, aims to “create millions of good-paying jobs that provide workers with the choice to join a union and bargain collectively with their employers,” according to his website.”

(Read more at Biz Pac Review)

It would almost seem that the press was in on the lies about how many of Biden’s promises would reverse into the Leftist side of the ledger

It is almost as if the press is being paid off by the leftists in industry.