The U.S. Has Holes In Homeland Defense Infrastructure That Need Fixing


Our House Intel Chairman announces something that became obvious early in Biden’s term: We have holes in Homeland Defense

The Daily Wire quotes House Intel Chairman Mike Turner as he lays out a case for the insecurity of the Homeland Defense Infrastructure.

House Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) said in an interview Sunday that the U.S. has holes in its homeland defense infrastructure that have been exposed by the recent incursions of foreign objects into U.S. airspace.

Turner told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union” that he believes President Joe Biden has turned “trigger-happy” after receiving intense criticism for allowing a suspected Chinese spy balloon to cross the entire country before shooting it down.

“I would prefer them to be trigger-happy than to be permissive. But we’re going to have to see whether or not this is just the administration trying to change headlines,” he said. “But what I think this shows, which is probably more important to our policy discussion here, is that we really have to declare that we’re going to defend our airspace.”

“And then we need to invest. What’s become clear in the public discussion is that we don’t really have adequate radar systems,” he continued. “We certainly don’t have an integrated missile defense system. We’re going to have to begin to look at the United States’ airspace as one that we need to defend and that we need to have appropriate sensors to do so.”

Turner said that these recent incidents have exposed “problems and gaps that we have” that need to be fixed “as soon as possible, because we certainly now ascertain there is a threat.”

(Read more at the Daily Wire)

There are problems and gaps in our system that could have been discussed during the first quarter of the Biden regime

Never mind that we have been saddled with a crack-head first son receiving mucho dinero for no-skill jobs and bad paintings.

Forget even that we wide open borders.

Just focus on the obvious: our enemies, an regime too addled to acknowledge that open borders opens us to our enemies, and a regime so corrupt that it flaunts money-making schemes like the paintings of Hunter — this all opens us up to holes in our defense. However, there are other more specific screw ups mentioned in the following articles.

Biden-ites crow after an octagonal balloon is shot down as far as Lake Huron

The Independent recounts how a spy balloon was again allowed to pass sensitive military installations before being shot down on Biden’s command at Lake Huron.

An American fighter jet has shot down another high-altitude airborne object, this time above Lake Huron near Michigan on Sunday, marking the third time within three days that the US military has downed an unidentified craft in North American airspace.

The latest action marks the fourth intrusion within eight days, after President Joe Biden ordered US military to shoot down a car-sized object above Alaskan waters on Friday and a similar “cylindrical” object in Canadian airspace on Saturday.

(Read more at the Independent)

Over the past few days, the press has tried to paint Biden as our protector

According to those at CNN and MSNBC, Joe Biden has acted as our protector by shooting down these four balloons. However, I contend this: what sort of a protector lets a spy balloon float across all of the continental U.S. before shooting it down off South Carolina?

What sort of a protector lets a second spy balloon as far as Lake Huron?

Thirty-eight people on terror watchlist nabbed at southern border since 1 October

The New York Post reports on the 38 terror-watchlist members caught at or near the southern border by law enforcement since 1 October 2022.

Border enforcement officials apprehended more than three dozen people named on the federal terrorism watchlist at the US-Mexico frontier in the final three months of 2022 — after a record number of terror suspects were caught in the 12 months ending Sept. 30 last year.

According to US Customs and Border Protection, 38 people identified as known terrorists, suspected terrorists or associates of both were stopped while attempting to cross into the US between official points of entry since Oct. 1.

In fiscal year 2022, CBP apprehended 98 people whose names appeared on the terror watchlist trying enter the US illegally. That number is on pace to top 150 in fiscal year 2023.

The watchlist was established after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks as a federal database of known terrorists who are not US citizens, according to the FBI. It has since expanded to include suspected terrorists and their known affiliates.

(Read more at the New York Post)

As long as its not terrorists or balloons, Biden might give the illusion of protecting you

If you have to depend on Biden to protect you from terrorists or balloons, you’re toast.

Migrant apprehensions drop 42% from December, but rise 70% sincd Biden’s inauguration

Breitbart explains how 42% less illegal aliens have been caught in 2023 (as compared to December 2022 and before), but there has been a 70% increase since Joe Biden was inaugurated.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection rushed out this month’s border apprehensions report amid the sudden decrease in migrant apprehensions. Migrant apprehensions by Border Patrol agents along the southwest border dropped 42 percent from December to January. However, the numbers are still 70 percent higher than in January 2021 — the month Joe Biden became president.

“The January monthly operational update clearly illustrates that new border enforcement measures are working, with the lowest level of Border Patrol encounters between Ports of Entry since February of 2021,” CBP Acting Commissioner Troy Miller said in a written statement Friday afternoon. “Those trends have continued into February, with average encounters of Cubans, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and Venezuelans plummeting.”

During the month of January, Border Patrol agents apprehended 128,410 migrants who crossed the border between ports of entry, according to the January Southwest Land Border Encounters report. The January apprehensions represent the lowest single month since February 2021, President Biden’s first full month in office. They also represent a 70 percent increase over January 2021 when Biden took over border security responsibility from President Donald Trump.

The report for January 2023 is the first month since March 2022 where the number of apprehended migrants dropped below 200,000. The January apprehensions brought the total migrant apprehensions for the first four months of FY23 to 763,383 — an increase of more than 90 percent from FY 2020, President Trump’s last full fiscal year in office.

Family unit migrants and unaccompanied migrant children both fell significantly — 50 percent and 24 percent respectively. Single adult apprehensions also dropped by 33 percent, officials reported.

The January apprehensions do not include January’s estimated 48,000 migrant got-aways reported by Breitbart Texas earlier this month.

The number of got-aways in January fell from the 72,000 estimated in December — a drop of 33 percent. This brought the total number of got-aways for the first four months of FY23 to approximately 267,000, a source operating under the umbrella of U.S. Customs and Border Protection told Breitbart.

Combining the approximate 763,000 migrant apprehensions during the first four months of FY23 and the known 267,000 migrant got-aways during that period brings the total of known border crossers to 1,030,000.

CBP officials placed the blame on the dramatically increasing migrant crossings that began during the first full month of the Biden Administration on the reductions of “the most severe impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on migration.” The report fails to mention the impact of President Biden’s radical changes to President Trump’s border security and immigration policies on January 20, 2021.

(Read more at Breitbart)

Maybe showing a ray of hope for us, it seems that a campaigning Biden might work for better optics

Problem is that Biden may be twisting the numbers.



Two takes on what President Dementia will and won’t do tonight


What Biden won’t say at the State Of The Union

The Daily Caller‘s Mike McKenna outlines the things he thinks Biden will not say during the State of the Union address.

President Washington’s first State of the Union address way back in 1790 was less than 1100 words and probably took fewer than 15 minutes to deliver. On Tuesday, President Biden will no doubt talk considerably more and have considerably less effect than General Washington.

It’s not completely his fault. Over time, the speech has become uninteresting theater, right down to the human props placed strategically in the audience. It has gotten so bad and boring that it is easy to predict the contents of the speech.

For instance, on Tuesday evening Mr. Biden will all but announce his 2024 reelection. Given that Mr. Biden got carried away with the “threats to democracy” and “ultra-MAGA” rhetoric during the midterms, it seems reasonable to assume that we will have to endure more of that on Tuesday evening. Worse yet, Team Biden is confident that a sizable fraction of their better-than-anticipated showing in the 2022 elections was due to tagging their opponents as enemies of the people. Consequently, it seems reasonable to expect that the same sort of unhappy rhetoric will form the backbone of the president’s 2024 reelection campaign.

In their responses after the speech, Republicans should resist taking the bait and stay on the high ground.

The president has and no doubt will tout employment numbers, GDP growth, and reducing the federal deficit. Republicans need to set the context and point out that there were more people working in February 2020 (right before the pandemic) — 158.8 million — than were employed in January 2023 (just 154.5 million).

We need more people to come off the sidelines, which is going to require federal government policies to value work again.

Mr. Biden and Republicans should both say that we need to improve economic growth. From 1984 to 2004, the economy grew at an annual rate of 3.1%. For the last ten years or so, that rate has been closer to 2.2%. Better economic growth and getting more people working is an important part of any solution to personal and national prosperity, deficit spending, and personal and national debt.

Much of the growth we’ve seen under Team Biden has been driven by federal government spending. The current debt ($31.4 trillion dollars, or about $90,000 for each of us) certainly suggests that our level of spending is not sustainable.

Mr. Biden will not say that inflation, running at about 6% annually, continues to damage consumers.


He will not say that the legislation will have essentially no effect on global average temperatures. Nor will he explain the role of his government and its allies in driving up the cost of gasoline by suppressing investment in oil and natural gas.


He will talk about the need for policing reform, but not mention that black people are disproportionately victims of crime.

While there will the usual pieties about Ukraine, nothing will be said about Afghanistan. Nor will anything be said about the slow-motion invasion at the southern border or the Mexican drug cartels that are directly responsible for the deaths of 20,000 Americans each year (more than died in all of our pointless wars in the Middle East).  

We are probably not going to hear anything good about the spy balloon from communist China that is emblematic of our national decline.

Finally, it seems unlikely that the president is going to say much about classified documents or about the laptop that the president’s son recently (and probably inadvertently) confirmed as his.

(Read the whole article at the Daily Caller)

My bet is he also will also avoid mentioning the quickly-reversed economic reports

Considering that a number of the rosy reports during the summer of 2022 got turned around with corrected data, my bet is that he will not mention the often-reversed initial numbers.

Six lies Biden will tell in his State of the Union

The New York Post‘s Stephen Moore provides a list of six lies he thinks Dementia Joe will push in his State of the Union tonight.

When President Biden stands before Congress and issues his State of the Union address Tuesday night, he will proclaim victory on the nation’s economy. Most Americans are going to wonder what country he’s talking about.

Yes, the jobs market is strong, and that’s good news. But sorry, Mr. President: The American economy is not strong. It isn’t even good.

The last two years have been pretty rotten on almost every metric: the squeeze on family finances, inflation, immigration, declining test scores in schools, the budget deficit and debt, out-of-control government.

Here are six fibs you’re very likely to hear the president recite Tuesday night. They should be tagged with the label of the left’s favorite word this year: “disinformation.”

1) Biden has reduced the budget deficit by $1.4 trillion

Actually, no president in modern times even comes close to Biden in terms of fiscal recklessness. In his first two years, the national debt has risen by more than $4.2 trillion. That’s more than in any two-year period in American history.


2) Biden inherited an economy in freefall.

Wrong. When COVID hit these shores in early 2020, the economy was shut down in the face of the once-in-a-half-century pandemic. But by 2020’s second half, the economy soared by more than 20%, and millions of Americans were moving back into their jobs. This was a historic recovery.

3) Inflation was high when Biden entered office.

Huh? The average inflation rate during the Trump presidency was 2%, and in January 2021, the month Biden entered office, inflation was 1.4%. Eighteen months later, in summer 2022, inflation rose above 9% — the highest in 40 years. It ended the year at 6.5%. Food prices are still so high that CNBC just reported: “Amid food inflation, more shoppers turn to dollar stores for groceries.”

4) Biden has brought down gas prices.

When President Donald Trump left office, the gas price was $2.59 a gallon nationally. In June 2022, it was nearly double, a modern-day high of $5.004 a gallon. Today gas is $3.48 a gallon — roughly $1 a gallon higher than when Biden entered office.


5) Biden is doing all he can to secure the border.

This may be the whopper of them all. Since Biden took office, he’s issued some 90 executive orders undoing Trump’s successful border enforcement policies — most notably stopping wall construction on the southern border and even suspending the successful “Stay in Mexico” policy (a move so wrongheaded, he was recently forced to reverse it).


6) Biden is increasing domestic oil and gas production.

Wrong. A 2022 Committee to Unleash Prosperity study by the University of Chicago’s Casey Mulligan found that oil production would be 2 million to 3 million barrels a day higher if Biden had simply followed the Trump energy plan.

(Read the whole article at the New York Post)

My bet is also that Biden will not bring an oilfield worker or a border agent to his speech

Unlike Trump’s speeches, I doubt that Biden will bring forward an oilfield worker. Nobody from the Keystone Pipeline.

He won’t bring forward a gas station worker or a mom struggling to buy eggs.

He won’t bring to the floor anyone who balances their own budget.

He really won’t want to show us any of his Chinese friends, his Ukrainian cronies, or his traitorous friends.


Starting to connect the dots between Russiagate, the liberal FBI leadership, and the current documents scandal, part 4


How Hunter Biden’s interests “overlapped” with a banned Ukrainian oligarch

The Daily Signal pounds out a theme started recently: in posts exposing various facets of the criminal Biden family.

The Ukrainian oligarch whom the Biden administration banned from the United States this month previously had overlapping financial interests with President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, according to government documents and earlier news reports. 

Igor Kolomoisky, a Ukrainian billionaire known for hardball actions against competing companies, is a former government official in Ukraine and also used to be an owner of one of that nation’s largest financial institutions, PrivatBank.

Last year, under the Trump administration, as the Justice Department investigated Kolomoisky’s U.S. assets, the FBI raided Optima Management Group, a U.S. real estate company that Kolomoisky has a stake in.

The Biden administration has cranked matters up, with Secretary of State Antony Blinken announcing March 6 that the U.S. would freeze Kolomoisky’s U.S. assets and ban him from reentering the country. 

In a separate probe, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware has been investigating Hunter Biden’s overseas business relationships and taxes since 2018. 

Moving against Kolomoisky could indicate the Biden administration won’t take the political risk of interfering in legal matters that could lead back to the younger Biden, said Peter Flaherty, chairman of the National Legal and Policy Center, a conservative government watchdog group.

“The investigation into Kolomoisky proves that the administration isn’t just going to make this [investigation] go away, and that is a good thing,” Flaherty told The Daily Signal in a statement. 

Flaherty said it is “almost impossible” to operate in Ukraine’s business environment without the oligarch. Still, Flaherty said, he has not seen evidence that Hunter Biden and Kolomoisky directly met.

“Clearly, their interests overlapped,” Flaherty said. “Even if there was not conspiracy or coordination between the two, Hunter was clearly in Kolomoisky’s web.”

Government records also refer to Kolomoisky as Kolomoyskyy. These records spell his first name as Ihor, but many media reports refer to him as Igor. 

Connections at a Glance

Among the indirect connections between Kolomoisky and the younger Biden:

  • Kolomoisky had a “controlling interest” in Burisma Holdings, the New York Post reported. Burisma employed Hunter Biden as a board member for a widely reported salary of $50,000 per month. Russian media, quoted in State Department emails, referred to Burisma as “part of Kolomoisky’s financial empire.” 
  • Kolomoisky publicly said in 2019 that he refused to cooperate with efforts by President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to get his help in investigating Hunter Biden and Burisma—and potentially Joe Biden, multiple news outlets reported. House Democrats’ impeachment report on Trump also cited the incident in late 2019.   
  • Emails from 2015, published last year by the New York Post, show a Kolomoisky protege communicated with Hunter Biden about a meeting between the protege and Joe Biden, then vice president under President Barack Obama.
  • Court filings from 2019 by a private investigatory firm allege that legally obtained bank records of Hunter Biden show payments to him from the Kolomoisky-owned PrivatBank. 


Emails of Interest

Kolomoisky’s financial interests in the United States had a detrimental impact on several American communities, according to a detailed report from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists published in September. 

After Ukraine took over PrivatBank, Kolomoisky self-exiled in Switzerland and later moved to Israel before returning to Ukraine, according to The New York Times.

State Department emails from 2015 between State Department officials and officials in the office of then-Vice President Biden refer to a Russian media outlet that called Hunter Biden an employee of  “Burisma Holdings, part of Kolomoisky’s financial empire.”

The emails were obtained last year by the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, which investigated Burisma.

Separate emails published in the New York Post in October indicate that Hunter Biden introduced—or wanted to introduce—his father to Burisma’s No. 3 official, Vadym Pozharskyi, whom the newspaper identified as a “fixer” for Kolomoisky.

(Read enough to singe your brows at the Daily Signal)

This is not just an overlapping, but an exposure of corruption

When a central oligarch pays owns the oil and gas company (Burisma) and the bank (PrivatBank) that are central to shuttling money to Hunter and Hunter has no marketable oil/gas/banking skills, then this all becomes a naked exercise in bribery and corruption.

FBI searched the Penn Biden Center in November, but the White House misled the public

The Red State details how the search of the Penn Biden Center in November 2022 and how the Biden team misled the public.

Joe Biden’s illegal possession of classified documents is the presidential scandal that just won’t go away. Despite the White House’s best efforts to cover up what happened, news continues to leak out drip by drip, and the latest revelation is a bombshell.

According to CBS News, the FBI conducted a previously undisclosed search of the Penn Biden Center back in November. That would be the office where Biden’s classified documents problem started. No one at the White House or the DOJ bothered to mention that until this leak.

The FBI searched the Penn Biden Center offices in mid-November, according to two sources familiar with the investigation, after lawyers for President Biden had found about 10 documents marked classified there on Nov. 2. The material originated from Mr. Biden’s time as vice president.

It is not clear whether FBI personnel found any additional classified or presidential material during the mid-November sweep.

This marks at least the second time the White House has purposely misled the public about the severity of the situation. Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre told the press corps on January 12th that the searches of Biden’s properties had been completed. Just two days later, five more documents were revealed to have been found. Eventually, the FBI would search Biden’s Delaware home, finding even more documents while the administration once again bragged about its supposed cooperation and transparency.

In this latest instance, we have an FBI search that took place all the way back in November and no one at the White House disclosed it. Not even as reporters pushed for more information about what searches had already transpired.

(Read more at Red State)

Some blog had been counting the lies of Biden. The last time I looked, the count was at 207 specific lies

And, of course, these lies don’t include the lies that get repeated over and over.

Therefore, the words Biden has cooked up to get himself out of this scandal does not get addressed.

Vice President Joe Biden suggests to Ukrainian President Poroshenko that he shut down a bank that had been pushing money to the Biden family

In the phone conversations leaked in 2020 and reported by mostly conservative outlets like the New York Post, Vice President Joe Biden seems to be trying to conspire to hide corruption from the incoming Trump administration.

Speaker Testimony
Biden to Poroshenko: Let me ask you one thing before I forget: Um. Uh. Privatbank. I understand that the, uh, the, uh, the Governor of the bank is, uh, is tentative about setting a date certain for the transition to take place. And I’m being told seocnd hand that, I know this is her position for sure, that she is unsure of a date until she gets an agreement from you. I told, here is what I’ve told them. I’ve told them to get back during seven days, and I would talk to you about the date — because this is getting very, very close to what I don’t want to have happen.

I don’t want Trump to get in a position where he thinks he’s about to buy on to a policy where the financial system is going to collapse and he’s going to be looked to to pour more money into Ukraine. That’s how he’ll think about it before he gets sophisticated enough to know the detail.

So anything you can do to push the Privatebank to closure so that the IMF loan comes forward, I would respectfully suggest is critically important to your economic as well as physical security.

I know it’s difficult. I know that Kolomoysky is a pain in the ass and a problem for everybody. But, but, um, it really is critical that you guys figure this one out.

And you’ve been good. You’ve publicly (indistinguishable). You’ve done that.

The commissioner, the Governor, give her some spine. Let her know that you will be standing there.


A small sampling of living under Democrats


A Houston-area CBS affiliate found more cheating in the Harris County 2022 midterms

Houston CBS affiliate KHOU discovered that 121 voting centers did not initially receive enough ballot paper to cover voter turnout.

The shortage of ballot paper at some Harris County voting centers on election day was more widespread than the Elections Administration Office estimated, according to a KHOU 11 analysis of equipment and voter turnout records.

The county’s post-election analysis on the extent of the shortage was “largely inconclusive.” After reviewing help desk logs and calling presiding and alternate election judges, the county estimated 46 to 68 voting centers ran out of their initial allotment of paper.

KHOU 11 Investigates compared ballot paper packets allocated to the total number of votes cast and discovered 121 voting centers did not initially receive enough ballot paper to cover voter turnout. The county allotted each of the locations six ballot paper packets, or enough for 600 ballots. But the total votes cast exceeded that amount, sometimes by hundreds of ballots. For example, 946 election day ballots were cast at the Bellaire Civic Center, 990 at Warner Elementary School, and 1,037 at Salyards Middle School.

The election day controversy left some voters and election judges furious.

“How does this happen? How do you run out of paper?” voter Sharan Gaunia said on election day.

“I’ve never heard anything so basic as running of ballots,” longtime election presiding judge Terry Wheeler said.

The Harris County Republican Party, which has a pending lawsuit against the Elections Administration Office, said it wasn’t aware of the scope of the shortage.

“It was worse than what we even knew,” GOP Chair Cindy Siegel said. “And there’s no excuse in my mind.”

Siegel, an accountant by profession, said ensuring there is enough paper to go around should not be a difficult process.

“The obvious thing is to go at look at history,” she said.

(Read more at KHOU)

Democrats figure that if they can eliminate Republican ballots, they can ignore Republican issues

Sadly, the Democrat press only picks this up with a 10-foot stick several months after the election and then goes back to ignoring the issue.

Karine Jean-Pierre has been upstaged by another White House official in Biden documents saga

Fox News tells how Jean-Pierre has been upstaged by another White House official.

Retired Rear Adm. John Kirby’s willingness to engage with the press about President Biden’s classified documents saga amid perceived stonewalling by White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre shows she may not be fit for her job, critics said Friday.

Kirby, who served as Pentagon spokesman under former President Barack Obama and briefly under Biden, is currently the National Security Council’s coordinator for strategic communications. He often engages with the press on matters like Ukraine, Russia and China.

Kirby joined Jean-Pierre for a briefing earlier this month, and took questions from reporters including Fox News’ Peter Doocy. On “The Five,” host Jesse Watters quipped that Jean-Pierre “talks like a binder” and has repeated the same canned lines and purported deflections over and over.

“I’m sorry, I’m going to have to refer you to the White House counsel,” he replied in jest to co-host Brian Kilmeade after being asked about Kirby’s receptiveness questions about Biden’s classified documents scandal.

You can only use that line in special moments. That can’t be your answer for every single question. And that’s why Kirby is quality,” Watters added.

Kilmeade pointed to an exchange between Doocy and Jean-Pierre in which the correspondent referenced something Kirby had stated at a prior briefing about the Biden documents situation, to which the press secretary questioned where Doocy had heard the statement.

When Doocy indicated the source was Kirby, Jean-Pierre referred him to the White House counsel’s office for any further clarification.

(Read more at Fox News)

The subtitle was “She talks like a binder”

I say she talks like a legal stonewall. However, whatever you can stonewall, you can eventually forget.

Houston Restaurant owners are sleeping in their businesses, armed, to keep out burglars because of the city’s lax bail policies

The Daily Wire lays out the story of Houston restaurant and bar owners who have been forced to live in their businesses due to the revolving door bail policy of Democrat judges.

Restaurant and bar owners in Houston are sleeping in their establishments, armed, in order to protect them from robbers.

The restaurant owners have resorted to sleeping in their businesses in order to prevent a recent rash of break-ins that have taken place in recent weeks. The owners said that their businesses have been broken into repeatedly, sometimes by the same suspect. They placed the blame on Houston’s bail policies, which have resulted in more criminals out on the streets.

“We’ve been broken into six times now,” Tod Jones, the owner of Glitter, a karaoke bar in Midtown Houston, told local news outlet KHOU. “They’re coming in, grabbing as many bottles as they can, throwing it in a bag and then they’re out. Both my windows are broken, and I’m like, ‘Man, I don’t even want to fix them because they’re going to be broken again in the next few days.’”

Jones said that the thieves have caused more than $20,000 in damages and stolen alcohol. “At this point, you don’t even want to claim it on your insurance, because you don’t want to lose your insurance,” he said. “You just have to fix it yourself.” KHOU reported that Jones now sleeps at the bar from closing until morning to protect the property.

Raul Jacobo, the owner of Cobos Barbecue in the East Downtown neighborhood, is also sleeping in the back office of his restaurant with a gun waiting for burglars. The restaurant was broken into twice in less than two weeks, despite being a block away from a Houston Police Department office. In one instance, Jacobo and a security guard caught a would-be thief and held him until police arrived. “Police got there, he had his bag with all his tools in it, ski mask,” he said. “Then, next thing I find out, he’s out the next day.”

“We are literally one street away from an [HPD] substation and we have a criminal that is breaking in twice in four days and doesn’t care about any consequence,” he added.

“I have been burglarized 15 times in the last year,” Lindsey Rae, the owner of Two-Headed Dog in Houston, said during a recent city council meeting, via the New York Post. “We’re seeing, if they are getting caught, they’re getting re-released because of the cash bond issues we’re having,” she added. “They can come back and rob us again.”

A 2021 investigation from ABC affiliate KTRK found that Houston’s bail policies have allowed more criminals back onto the streets. The outlet found that in 2011, just 3.5% of cases filed in Harris County court resulted in the defendant being released on felony bond; in 2021, the defendant was released in 18.8% of cases, nearly six times as often. The most frequent charges for defendants who posted felony bond were: felon in possession of a weapon; possession of a controlled substance; or aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

(Read more at the Daily Wire)

Not to split hairs, but it is the Harris County judges (some of whom slipped by due to the ballot fiasco) who have been releasing criminals on Zero or low-dollar bails

For example, Judge Hill released a violent criminal on a $1 bond just to prove a point. Never mind that the criminal had already kidnapped a woman, beat her, choked, and terrorized her.

Houston “juggings” are soaring; 2022 totals already higher than 2021

The Houston NBC affiliate KPRC looks to the rising crime statistics for Houston in January 2023 where robbery after being followed home from the bank (called “jugging”), murder, and violent crime is up.

 Vicki Carr looks back to what took place earlier this month and has a chuckle, but that was not the case on Nov. 11.

On that day, Carr was followed for 17 miles from her favorite grocery store to her daughter’s home. Those keeping a close eye on her, according to law enforcement, were juggers.

The elderly woman shares exactly what those who have since been charged must have been thinking when she was targeted.

“Easy money, I can take her. She is five foot tall, weighs maybe 100 pounds, and she is our next good victim because she wears jewelry and drives a big car,” said Carr.

Carr was very lucky that several officers were already monitoring the suspects in conjunction with a sting operation. They were able to take the crew down before they could do harm.

Once again, Carr was one of the lucky ones.

However, others in our area have not been as fortunate of late.

The Houston Police Department’s own Robbery Channel on Youtube showcases several examples of juggings. The videos clearly show criminals following victims in parking lots or to their own homes and robbing them day and night.

HPD’s own numbers show juggings in 2022 have already surpassed 2021 totals. “We are seeing 20%, some months up to 40% of an increase of the number of juggings,” said Sgt. Tracy Hicks with the Houston Police Departments Auto Theft Crime Task Force.

Those numbers come at time when HPD is anticipating the usual uptick seen during the holiday season. “The workload for us and even our detectives is a lot more during the holiday season,” said Hicks.

(Read more at KPRC)

Not to upstage the reporter, but Houston has had 33 murders as of January 2023

The 33 murders in January 2023 is up from previous years. Sorry, Mayor Turner.


Starting to connect the dots between Russiagate, the liberal FBI leadership, and the current documents scandal, part 3


Former Biden assistant questioned by law enforcement over classified documents repeatedly appeared in Hunter emails

Fox News continues on a theme started in my most recent post: exposing a connection between Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Kathy Chung (who seems to have worked as a gatekeeper for the two at various times).

Kathy Chung, Biden’s executive assistant when he was vice president and the Pentagon’s current deputy director of protocol, is among several former aides to the president to be interviewed by law enforcement, NBC News reported Thursday. Chung and the others questioned reportedly helped move materials and belongings from Biden’s office at the end of the Obama administration in early 2017.

Throughout much of her five-year tenure working for Biden during the Obama administration, Chung regularly communicated with Biden’s son Hunter Biden, transmitting information about his father’s schedule and passing messages directly from the then-vice president, according to emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop and verified by Fox News Digital.

(Read more at Fox News)

[ tweet ]


Maybe Ms. Chung has seen too many Biden associates hung out to dry

Having worked and been abused by the Biden family (other reports have Hunter requiring her to hold naked Facetimes with him), maybe Ms. Chung has seen the light and wants to tell the world about the Biden family business.

Biden’s Secretary of State Blinken worked first to sanction anti-Communist Sali Berisha and support George Soros

The New York Post details how Anthony Blinken undermined Sali Berisha and worked to support George Soros.

As if Secretary of State Antony Blinken weren’t embroiled in enough foreign debacles, he now stands accused of meddling in Albanian elections on behalf of billionaire financier George Soros and is being sued for defamation in an international court as a result. 

One of Blinken’s curious first actions on taking office last year was to sanction the former president and prime minister of Albania, Sali Berisha, the anti-Communist ally of Presidents George H.W. and George W. Bush, who has been in opposition for eight years, and who is a vocal opponent of Soros and his Open Society Foundations, which has been pushing judicial and electoral “reform” in Albania. 

In an official statement and accompanying tweet last April, Blinken alleged that Berisha is “corrupt” and had “undermined democracy in Albania,” and barred him, his wife and two children from entering the US. 

Berisha strenuously denies the allegations, is outraged that Blinken never provided any proof, claims the US government is trying to prop up the socialist Albanian government of Soros ally Prime Minister Edi Rama and has launched a defamation action against the secretary in a Paris court. Last year, the correctional tribunal of Paris agreed to hear his case. 


He says the sanctions are retaliation for his attempt to declare Soros “persona non grata” in Albania after he grew concerned at the malign influence of Soros’ Open Society Foundations on his country.

(Read more at the New York Post)

Surely Blinken and Biden have the same view on this: a love of socialism

Just as Biden has gone a long way to promoting socialism in America, Blinken seems to be dedicated to undermining anti-communism in Europe by this action. Hopefully, Blinken will fail.

However, by his effort, we can see the roots of part of the Biden family business in the promotion of corruption.

In the way-back machine

Obama State Department used taxpayer dollars to fund George Soros group’s political activities in Albania

Fox News exposed in 2018 how Obama used taxpayer dollars to fund a George Soros group in Albania.

The Obama administration sent U.S. taxpayer funds to a group backed by billionaire George Soros to fund left-wing activities in Albania, a conservative watchdog group says.

The group, Judicial Watch, obtained 32 pages of records from the Justice Department this week through a May 2017 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID.)

The new documents show USAID funds were sent through the agency’s Civil Society Project to back Soros’ left-wing “East West Management Institute” through USAID’s “Justice for All” campaign. USAID provided $8.8 million in 2016 to that campaign.

The Justice for All Project was designed to strengthen the effectiveness and transparency of the courts in Albania. The project aimed to increase citizens’ trust in the judiciary and a more efficient judicial system, according to USAID.

Judicial Watch said ,though, that money was used specifically to give the Albanian socialist government greater control of the judiciary system.

“The Obama administration quietly spent at least $9 million in U.S. taxpayers’ dollars in direct collusion with left-wing billionaire George Soros’ backing of a socialist government in Albania,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement Wednesday. “It is particularly outrageous that the State Department allowed the Soros operation to help direct taxpayer funds to other groups.”

A USAID official told Fox News on Wednesday that the agency did not, however, provide grants to Soros’ Open Society Foundation in Albania.

But Judicial Watch said the records revealed that the State Department gave Soros’ Open Society Foundation “direct input” for its own program funding reviews in Albania.

(Read more at Fox News)

No surprise to the studied reader, Biden was little more than a copy of Obama

Just as Biden took most of his appointees and cabinet picks from Obama, Biden has taken most of his political stances from Obama. Therefore, we should not be surprised to find some of the roots of the current scandal stretching back to Joe’s time as vice (with an emphasis on “vice”) president.

Now to the point of preventing the Congress from knowing what Biden has done with classified documents

Biden officials block Senate intelligence committee from mishandled classified documents

The Washington Times reports on the obstructive moves made by Biden to keep the Senate intelligence committee from seeing what he has done.

Republican and Democratic senators emerged from a closed-door meeting Wednesday with Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines fuming that the Biden administration is withholding details about President Biden’s and former President Donald Trump’s mishandled classified documents.

Sen. Mark Warner, the Virginia Democrat who chairs the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, said the Office of the Director of National Intelligence is blocking the release of key details of the documents until the Department of Justice concludes its investigations. 

“I’m very disappointed with the lack of detail and a timeline when we’re going to get a briefing,” Mr. Warner said as he departed the meeting at the Capitol. “Every member of the committee, regardless of Democrat or Republican were unanimous in the position that we’re left in limbo until somehow a special counsel designates that it’s okay for us to get briefed, is not going to stand.”

Mr. Warner’s frustrations were echoed by Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, the top Republican on the committee. He said the administration’s stonewalling impeded the committee’s ability to do its job of providing oversight of the intelligence community. 

“We simply want to know what was this information, what were these materials that they had, so that we can make an honest assessment when they provide us a risk assessment of whether or not they’re they’ve taken the proper mitigation if any was necessary,” Mr. Rubio said. “And to say that they’re not going to share any with us as long as the special counsel doesn’t allow them to share it with us, that’s an untenable position and it won’t stand.”

Committee members said ODNI had not provided a preliminary assessment of the risk to national security posed by the unsecured documents recovered from Mr. Biden’s home in Delaware and at an office he used at a think tank in Washington.

The ODNI also has not provided a risk assessment concerning the documents recovered in the FBI raid of Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. Ms. Haines said in August that the intelligence community would undertake such a review. 

Sen. John Cornyn, a Texas Republican on the committee, said Wednesday’s briefing raised questions about whether ODNI had viewed the documents or was being barred from doing so until the DOJ completed its investigation. 

“My understanding is that the Director of National Intelligence’s position is that if the … the attorney general says, ‘This is an ongoing investigation, you cannot get access to those documents,’ that they will stand down.”

(Read more at the Washington Times)

Like that liar Obama, Biden promised transparency, but delivers stonewalls

Release the documents to Senate oversight, Joe. We have a bi-partisan committee that wants to see those documents.

Oh, but will these documents be of interest to the Chinese and turn up on Hunter‘s laptop?

Treasury withholds Biden family suspicious bank records and James Comer threatens a subpoena

Breitbart explains how Biden has weaponized the Treasury to work on behalf of his family and hide suspicious bank records.

The Treasury Department on Wednesday denied the House Oversight Committee’s request to disclose 150 suspicious reports flagged by U.S. banks concerning Biden family business transactions, causing the committee’s chairman to threaten a subpoena.

U.S. banks have flagged over 150 suspicious financial transactions from Hunter and James Biden, Rep. James Comer (R-KY), House Oversight Committee chair, told Breitbart News. The wire transfers included “large” amounts of money tripped for further review by American banks.

Wire transfers are widely used by money launderers. To mitigate the risks to the financial institutions, suspicious wire transfers over $10,000 are flagged for review. Wire transactions involving more than $10,000 are also to be reported to the Internal Revenue Service.

Comer demanded the Treasury on January 11 to turn over the suspicious bank records. But the Treasury denied Comer’s request, citing “improper disclosure” of relevant information that could reduce the Biden administration’s ability to “conduct of law enforcement, intelligence, and national security activities.”

Treasury’s legislative affairs chief Jonathan Davidson asked Comer to provide more justification for seeking “highly sensitive” information on the Biden family business.

The Oversight committee responded Thursday and vowed to retrieve the bank reports by the “power of the gavel if needed.”

(Read more at Breitbart)

Why is the Treasury weaponized to stop us from seeing this information?

Does Biden not want us to “follow the money?”


Here is just a little slice of Biden’s southern border: 35,000 Russians last year


A small boat, a vast sea and a desperate escape From Russia

The New York Times uses a 29 January 2023 article to expose just a part of the porousness of Joe Biden’s southern border by telling us how many Russians came across it in 2022.

In September, two men set out from Russia, hoping a boat could carry them to asylum on U.S. soil. Their quest for freedom did not go as planned.

A series of knocks rattled his apartment door one day last fall, and Maksim peered through the peephole to see two soldiers in uniform. They were military enlistment officers, he knew, expanding the vast conscription effort for the war in Ukraine to Russia’s remote Far East.

The 44-year-old fisherman kept in motionless silence until the officers moved along. Knowing they would be back, Maksim went that night to the home of a friend, Sergei, who had received an unwelcome visit of his own. Together, they pored over maps at Sergei’s kitchen table, trying to find a way to flee the country and a war where thousands of young Russian men were dying. Sergei then offered a plan that, at first, seemed unfathomable.


Some of those escaping military service traveled by plane to Latin America, then northward, with more than 35,000 Russians arriving last year to seek asylum at U.S. borders.

(Read more at the New York Times)

Of course, the New York Times wants you to feel sympathy for these men

They don’t want you to see these 35,000 Russians as part of an invading army of well over 6 million illegals (when you add the 5.3 million encounters to the God-only-knows-how-many number that got away).

Consider also the 38 people on the terrorist-watch list that were caught at the border between October and December 2022. Those guys were most likely trying their best to avoid detection; therefore, who knows how many actually go through?


Starting to connect the dots between Russiagate, the liberal FBI leadership, and the current documents scandal, part 2


“Inside job?” Mystery woman who moved Biden’s classified documents gave a “treasure trove” of intel to Hunter Biden

Trending Politics follows up on a theme started in my most recent post: exposing the family business of the Joe Biden to be spying for China, not politicking in America.

Kathy Chung, Biden’s executive assistant for Joe Biden when he was vice president, was a close associate of Hunter Biden who gave him what a retired top general called a “treasure trove” of intelligence information that was ultimately leaked from his infamous laptop.

Hunter Biden was so close to the “mystery woman,” whose profile images have been widely scrubbed from the Internet, that he recommended Chung to work for his father in the vice president’s office while she was working for former Senator Mark Udall (D-CO) in 2012.

While Chung was in the vice president’s office, she passed on to Hunter hundreds of the Vice President’s “Intelligence Briefings,” which consisted of open source information, but nonetheless provide unique insights into the vice president’s agenda.

(Read more at Trending Politics)

When you ask the necessary questions, you might come up with a conclusion the press does not like

If you look at the full article at Trending Politics and see the emails of Ms. Chung and reported database of contacts available to her, you might start to see the amount of information she could pass. If she did in fact have contacts with the CCP (along with the Biden family), then that might be of great concern.


Starting to connect the dots between Russiagate, the liberal FBI leadership, and the current documents scandal


This post requires a hat-tip to the Dan Bongino Show and the Jimmy Barrett Show.

Biden classified docs were sent to a facility in D.C. Chinatown before being stored at Penn Biden Center

As reported on Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo, several new tidbits that act as footholds came out:

And we begin this Sunday morning with breaking news on the new classified documents seized from Joe Biden’s home Friday in a 12-hour search by DOJ officials and the disturbing new turn in Biden’s document scandal.

New reports this morning indicate that some of the documents were placed at yet another temporary address, this time in D.C.’s Chinatown neighborhood, before travelling to the Penn-Biden think tank in D.C. (which, of course, paid Biden $900,000 after the think tank accepted millions in donations from China).

Also, the Daily Mail is reporting that the packing up of the documents at the tail end of Biden’s vice presidency were overseen by an aide recommended by first son Hunter Biden. We do not know what she knew about the classified documents. We do not know if she, Kathy Chung was ultimately reporting back to the Chinese Communist Party.

(Read more at the transcript site for Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo)

From this point, focus on Joe Biden as a foreign asset of the Chinese

With the knowledge that money has flown from China to the Biden family, we should set this apart in our minds. With the possibility that classified documents took a pitstop in Chinatown or were boxed up by Kathy Chung, we should draw a line.

Inside the White House document strategy and its pitfalls

The Washington Post talks as only a Democrat can about the pitfalls of the White House classified document strategy as it has unfolded over the past few months.

One of President Biden’s personal attorneys entered the luxurious 10-story office building, so near the U.S. Capitol that its promoters billed it as “the front seat to power,” on a Wednesday last November to begin what seemed a mundane task: clearing out a rarely used office that Biden occupied after leaving the vice presidency.


In mid-November, in a communication that has not previously been reported, a senior official in the Justice Department’s national security division wrote a letter to Bob Bauer, Biden’s personal attorney, asking for his cooperation with the department’s inquiry. The Justice official asked specifically that Biden’s legal team secure the materials from the Penn Biden Center and refrain from further reviewing them or other relevant documents that might be stored at different locations, according to the letter, the contents of which were shared with The Post.

The Justice official also requested that Bauer give the Justice Department formal consent to review the Penn Biden materials, and that he provide a list of other locations where relevant materials might be stored as the department weighted the proper protocols for future document searches.

That letter, with its implication that the Justice Department would take the lead in the inquiry, paved the way for the Biden team’s approach: They adopted a strategy of caution and deference, making only limited moves in coordination with federal investigators to determine the number of documents involved, their significance and how they were mishandled. They hoped that would earn the trust of investigators, avoid comparisons with former president Donald Trump, who is under federal criminal investigation for his own mishandling of classified materials, and end the matter quickly. Instead, it yielded a political firestorm and repeated accusations of obfuscation, and instead of a speedy resolution, they now face a special counsel probe.

(Read the full heaping of bull excrement at the Washington Post)

Deference my backside. This is a case of accusing a opponent of what Biden has done

Biden practiced no caution. He had no deference. Maybe there was limited moves with investigators, since Biden has executive authority over those investigators. However, those move with investigators just amount to kabuki theater.

Still, behind it all is a case of collusion (remember the original charge against Trump). And, as sure as the headlines since last December, this is a case of leaked secret documents.

FBI official McGonigal who investigated Trump ties to Russia was just arrested for illegal ties to Russian oligarch

The Post Millennial shares in its own liberal way how the FBI official who investigated Trump for supposed ties to Russia has now been arrested for ties to a Russian oligarch.

On Saturday afternoon, former FBI agent Charles McGonigal, who was head of counterintelligence in the New York Field Office and a part of the investigation into supposed ties between Trump and Russia, was arrested over his alleged ties to Russia.

CBS reports that McGonigal was arrested over “his ties to Oleg Deripaska, a Russian billionaire who has been sanctioned by the United States and criminally charged last year with violating those sanctions.”

(Read more at the Post Millennial)

Spin by Democrats: it’s the things they don’t mention

This ignores:

  1. Christopher Steele knew Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska since 2012
  2. Steele was a middleman for a meeting between Deripaska and the FBI in 2015 (also at the meeting was DOJ Bruce Orr, whose wife worked at Fusion GPS to create the Russia hoax).
  3. Oleg Deripaska was connected to Senate Democrat Mark Warner (ranking member of the Senate Intel Committee)

Senator Mark Warner texted with lobbyist with Russia ties to get in touch with dossier author

The Washington Times pointed out how Senator Warner sent a text to Adam Waldman (and eventually Oleg Deripaska) in an attempt to contact Christopher Steele.

Sen. Mark Warner reportedly was in contact with a Russian oligarch last year in an attempt to contact the former British intelligence agent behind the Trump dossier, Fox News reported late Thursday.

Mr. Warner, Virginia Democrat, was in contact with lobbyist Adam Waldman, who had ties to Russian billionaire Oleg V. Deripaska, to try and connect with Christopher Steele, the author of the dossier. Mr. Waldman apparently said he could put Mr. Warner in touch with Mr. Steele, according to text messages obtained by Fox News.

The exchanges show Mr. Steele was reluctant to talk without a bipartisan letter from the committee and was growing more nervous about the continued leaks from the investigation.

Mr. Warner, ranking member on the Senate Intelligence Committee, reportedly disclosed this information to his fellow members on the committee last year.

Mr. Warner and Sen. Richard Burr, who chairs the committee, told Fox News in a joint statement that they are working together on the investigation and said they’ve had this material for months.

(Read more at the Washington Times)

While the above article only points at another of Trump’s accusers and that accuser’s collusion with Russians — it does point toward a possible trend among Democrats

The above article is only a nail in the coffin of one of Joe’s co-conspirators — not a nail directly in Joe’s coffin.

Nonetheless, it does establish a pattern for Democrats where similar patterns already are established.

Charles McGonigal named Special Agent in Charge of the Counterintelligence Division for the New York Field Office

If we look at an FBI press release, we learn how McGonigal got to where he was: he was promoted by fellow liberals like James Comey.

FBI Director James B. Comey has named Charles McGonigal as the special agent in charge of the Counterintelligence Division for the New York Field Office. Mr. McGonigal most recently served as the section chief of the Cyber-Counterintelligence Coordination Section at FBI Headquarters.

Mr. McGonigal entered on duty with the FBI in 1996. He was first assigned to the New York Field Office, where he worked Russian foreign counterintelligence and organized crime matters.

(Read more at the press release)

So birds of a feather do flock together

Reports that the FBI became the law-enforcement arm of the Democrat party seem founded at least for the leadership of that group.

By reviewing “United States of America v. Charles F. McGonigal,” you learn much about the steps to the Biden case

If you go to the Scribd copy of the indictment against McGonigal, you will see the following points.

1. This FBI agent supported an Albanian politician and received payment

2. This agent told the DOJ of a US citizen working against his Albanian politician

3. The FBI investigates that US citizen mentioned by McGonigal

4. A Chinese / Eastern European influence comes into the mix

Democrat-leaning FBI leaders thought they had a scandal to hang on a Trump administration member

How a Russian-linked shell company hired an ex-Trump aide to boost Albania’s right-wing party in DC

Mother Jones does its left-wing best to follow the talking points and paint a Trump administration member into a corner.

The bottom line: It appears that Russian-related entities secretly meddled in the United States in order to meddle in an election in Albania.

“Make Albania Great Again”

Last spring, shortly after the inauguration of President Donald Trump, Muzin, the veteran GOP operative at the center of this intrigue, embarked on a new career as a lobbyist.

(Read more at Mother Jones)

Seeking to put another notch on the “get Trump” belt, a pro-Biden FBI may have started this investigation

As Mother Jones would like to point out, the initial aim of the FBI agent may have been to catch another Trump administration official.

The real issue is Joe selling secrets through Hunter

There’s no hiding Biden’s fright over classified document scandal

The New York Post lays out the case of Hunter acting as a conduit for Joe’s secret sales.

One striking email during this period stands out. It was from Hunter to Archer on April 13, 2014, a week before Joe Biden visited Ukraine to meet then-Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk and refers to “my guys upcoming travels.” 

For Hunter, it was an uncharacteristically lengthy email, listing 22 points about Ukraine’s political situation, with detailed information about the upcoming election and predicting an escalation of Russia’s “destabilization campaign, which could lead to a full-scale takeover of the eastern region, most critically Donetsk. 

“The strategic value is to create a land bridge for RU to Crimea. That won’t directly affect Burisma holdings but it will limit future UK exploration and utilization of offshore opportunities in particular,” Hunter wrote. 

“It will also result in further destabilization of UK nationally and for whatever govt is in power. And the US will respond with even stronger sanctions. Those sanctions will threaten the tenuous support of the EU which does not have the political will to incur steep energy price increases.” 

In point 22, Hunter instructed Archer to buy a “burner phone,” presumably to keep their conversations private. “Buy a cell phone from a 7/11 or CVS tmrw and ill do the same.” 

It’s a prescient and very well-informed email, unlike anything else Hunter wrote in the nine years covered in the laptop, and it has the distinct flavor of an official briefing, perhaps even a classified one.

(Read more at the New York Post)

So, if Hunter is producing emails that sound like top-secret briefings, could there be a reason for this?

If Hunter started acting like an undercover agent with a “burner phone” set, might there be a driving reason?

If Hunter produced an email that was uncharacteristically well-formed and read like an official briefing, could there be a classified document or two behind it?

China seeks influence in Europe, one business deal at a time

The New York Times inadvertently does some reporting when they tell us of the modeling of Chinese firm CEFC on the vision established by Chairman Xi.

CEFC was modeled on Mr. Xi’s vision of a stronger China — and it went where Mr. Xi wanted China to go. It struck deals in the United Arab Emirates and Kazakhstan. It counted top leaders in places like Albania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Sudan and Uganda.

Would a sleeper agent in Ukraine and then in the White House help?

We knew that Hunter had no talent that earned him a position on the Ukrainian board of Burisma. Many are sure that nobody would buy Hunter’s paintings except for the fact that his dad sits in the oval office.

Can anyone say Chinese asset?

Inside Hunter Biden’s multimillion-dollar deals with a Chinese energy company

While many aspects of Hunter Biden’s financial arrangement with CEFC …
Joe Biden, the Chinese asset

The Washington Post exposes a little of the dealings between Hunter Biden and Xi-modeled Chinese firm CEFC. (Bolding is mine for emphasis.)

The deal was years in the making, the culmination of forging contacts, hosting dinners, of flights to and from China. But on Aug. 2, 2017, signatures were quickly affixed, one from Hunter Biden, the other from a Chinese executive named Gongwen Dong.

Within days, a new Cathay Bank account was created. Within a week, millions of dollars started to change hands.

Within a year, it would all begin to collapse.

While many aspects of Hunter Biden’s financial arrangement with CEFC China Energy have been previously reported and were included in a Republican-led Senate report from 2020, a Washington Post review confirmed many of the key details and found additional documents showing Biden family interactions with Chinese executives.

Over the course of 14 months, the Chinese energy conglomerate and its executives paid $4.8 million to entities controlled by Hunter Biden and his uncle, according to government records, court documents and newly disclosed bank statements, as well as emails contained on a copy of a laptop hard drive that purportedly once belonged to Hunter Biden.

(Read more at the Washington Post)

We have established that Hunter has a business relationship with a Chinese company

With this established relationship between the Biden family and a Chinese company, it is not that far a leap to see that the Biden family has a relationship with the company’s controller: the Chinese Communist party.

Biden’s strange tolerance for Albania’s narcostate

The Washington Examiner explores a path connecting the Chinese to the narcostate of Albania and to the Sinaloa cartel of narcotics and human trafficking fame. (Bolding is mine for emphasis.)

In May 2021, Secretary of State Antony Blinken designated Sali Berisha, Albania’s former conservative prime minister, for “involvement in significant corruption.” While Berisha left that office eight years prior, his corruption isn’t in question.

What is in question, however, is why the Biden administration is tolerating the corruption of Albania’s current socialist government under Prime Minister Edi Rama. Compelling evidence suggests that Rama may be directly involved in a narcotrafficking alliance between Albanian mobsters and the Mexico-based Sinaloa cartel.

Formerly led by Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman (now in U.S. federal prison), the Sinaloa cartel is led by an alliance of El Chapo’s sons and Ismael “El Mayo” Zambada-Garcia. A report by Mexico’s El Universal newspaper earlier this month outlined how Albanian mafia elements are tied to the Sinaloa cartel. Referencing Mexican intelligence sources, El Universal documents how Albanian mobster brothers — Luftar, Arben, Fatos, and Ramiz Hysa — are laundering money for El Mayo via resorts in both Mexico and Albania. El Universal notes that one destination for the laundering effort is the Marina Bay resort on Albania’s Mediterranean coast, owned by Besnik Lulaj.

How does this relate to Rama?

In October 2020, offering photographic evidence, Albanian news outlet Dosja reported on a meeting between Mark Hauptmann, Dorian Ducka, and Rama at the prime minister’s office. Hauptmann is a former Bundestag lawmaker for Germany’s center-right CDU party. He resigned in 2021 after being linked to an Azerbaijani lobbying scandal. Ducka is a former Albanian energy minister-turned-fixer for Rama. The World Policy Conference lists him as Rama’s “external advisor on investments.” In 2016, Chinese state media featured Ducka’s favorable attitudes toward trade with Beijing. Interestingly, El Universal reports that the Hysa brothers’ activities include exports to China.

(Read more at the Washington Examiner)

From this, we know that Biden does not put a premium on reducing the drug flow

For that matter, it does not seem that Biden puts a premium on anything but stuffing his pockets and staying in office.

Is Biden compromised by China?

The Washington Times started to wonder in July 2022 whether Biden had been compromised by China due to what seemed to be overwhelming evidence.

Now that Hunter Biden’s laptop has been authenticated, a very troubling narrative is emerging: Credible evidence that President Biden is compromised by China.

The question remains: Was Joe Biden’s vice presidency (and now presidency) for sale, and was (is) he complicit in the scheme?

Hunter Biden — for all intents and purposes — is an unskilled, reckless, yet pompous man, who had millions of dollars flowing into his bank accounts from foreign countries for doing little to nothing other than having a powerful father.

In 2013, Hunter Biden hopped a ride to Beijing with his dad on Air Force 2. The elder Mr. Biden was meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, while the son was looking to secure a deal with Chinese financier Jonathan Li.

While in China, Mr. Li got a handshake from the then vice president; 10 days later Chinese officials approved the deal Hunter Biden was seeking.

While Joe Biden was in office, his son was wooing U.S. investments in Chinese firms. The New York Post revealed last week that Hunter Biden’s laptop had contacts for high-level Google executives — some of which would go on and serve in the Obama administration — and top U.S. officials for China policy.

Hunter Biden eventually struck gold when he landed a contract with CEFC China Energy Co., an oil-and-gas conglomerate tied to the Chinese Communist Party and the People’s Liberation Army, shortly after his father left office.

Hunter Biden and his uncle, James Biden, went right to work to structure a Chinese joint venture.

Their plan, according to partner and facilitator James Gilliar, was to “build an investment firm like Goldman Sachs,” in which Joe Biden would be actively involved once he left office. One of the joint ventures would be crafted by Tony Bobulinski, who met with Joe Biden for his sign-off at the Beverly Hilton in 2017.

As reported by the New York Post, Hunter Biden told his father that “Bobulinski had been ‘working hard’ on the Chinese deal and Joe said: ‘My son and my brother trust you emphatically, so I trust you.’”

Less than two weeks after meeting Joe Biden, Mr. Bobulinski incorporated SinoHawk Holdings LLC.

“It would be a global investment firm seeded with $10 million of Chinese money that would buy projects in the US and around the world ‘in global and/or domestic infrastructure, energy, financial services and other strategic sectors,’ said the contract he had drawn up,” according to the Post.

SinoHawk would be 50% owned by CEFC China Energy Chair Ye Jianming, and 50% owned by Oneida Holdings LLC, with 10% of that cut going to “the big guy,” whom Mr. Bobulinski identified as Joe Biden.

Hudson West III LLC was established to exclusively deal with CEFC investments.

Mr. Ye met with Hunter Biden in Miami three weeks after his father left the vice presidency. Mr. Ye offered Hunter Biden $10 million a year for a minimum of three years for “introductions alone,” as Hunter Biden would later write in an email to CEFC executives that was first reported by the New York Post.

(Read of diamonds and more at the Washington Times)

This evidence from the laptop reveals Biden to be compromised by China

No wonder the Democrat-controlled FBI still keeps the laptop mostly under its control.

They couldn’t find more classified documents at Mar-a-Lago

Therefore, we cannot be fooled by any “CNN Exclusive” pointing out that classified documents were found at Pence’s Indiana home or any other place.

Articles like this are nothing but a smoke screen put up by the media branch of the Democrat party.


Both a matter of cleaning up elections and playing the game


Republicans on course to get blown out by phantoms in the 2024 elections

Houston’s News Radio KTRH quotes Jay Valentine of Omega 4 America as he prognosticates over the voting scene.

There are 8% -15% fake voters, or fake addresses in every one of the states that we looked at. The phantoms are the voters on every voter roll, and they don’t vote for MAGA candidates or conservative Republicans. This is something used by the Democrat party to keep conservatives out of office.

Houston is one of the worst, Harris County is unbelievably corrupt. The stuff that are teams have found in Harris County would make your hair stand up, if you have any. There are probably more phantoms per square foot in Harris County, than in any other county in the country.

(Hear the interview at KTRH)

By the fact that more than a dozen Republicans of Harris County have sued for election irregularities, some will fight

As reported by The Texan.News, Alex Mealer and over a dozen other Republicans have sued to contest the election results due to the numerous irregularities previously mentioned at this blog.


A tale of two justice systems — Updated

A tale of two justice systems

The documents stored in Biden’s garage could have been accessed by Hunter, because Hunter was the previous owner of the property.

The garage used by Biden to store secret documents could have been accessed by drug-addicted Hunter, because Hunter was the previous owner of the property.

Biden’s situation Trump’s situation
Biden (as Vice President with no authority to classify or declassify documents) took Obama regime top secret documents. Trump (as President with authority to classify and declassify documents) took Trump administration documents.
Biden left these documents at a think tank at the University of Pennsylvania where Chinese donors contributed a total of $54.6 million in donations between 2014 and 2019. Additionally, Joe Biden received nearly $1 million from the University of Pennsylvania as an honorary professor between 2017 to 2019. Despite the years of Democrat accusations, the Mueller Report stated that there was no proof of collusion between President Trump and Russia (or other nations). In contrast to Biden, Trump gave up his income from his private sources during his time in office.
Biden left the University of Pennsylvania documents at an unsecured location. Chances are high that the lawyer who discovered those documents did not have top-secret clearance. Mar-a-Lago was a secure location. It has a Secret Service detail. It has staffers with proper security clearances..
Biden held classified documents including US intelligence memos and briefing materials that covered topics including Ukraine, Iran and the United Kingdom. Trump took documents covering the reach of the deep state into the lives of everyday Americans.
Biden may have only taken 10 files with the first discovery. However, this is hidden due to the secret nature of the documents. Trump may have taken hundreds of documents. However, this is hidden due to the secret nature of the documents.
Both Garland and the DOJ knew of Biden’s top secret documents on 2 November 2022, but did not announce their existence until January. Garland had the FBI raid Mar-a-Lago for maximum political effect.
Attorney General Merrick Garland has assigned John Lausch to do nothing but review classified material that was discovered at a Biden think tank. Garland decided to throw the heavy hand of the law against political enemies by appointing a special prosecutor on 18 November 2022.
Biden’s second set of “discovered” documents were in his “locked” garage with his sportscar. Don’t even talk about how the safe in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago office was supposedly “insecure” after this.
The garage used to store secret documents by Biden could have been accessed by drug-addicted Hunter Biden, because Hunter Biden previously owned it. Lawyers received instructions to secure Trump’s document room months before the FBI search at Mar-a-Lago.
Additional Update
With the naming of a special counsel to review both the Biden and the Trump secret documents, a pretense of equal treatment began to be spread in the media. However, not all of Biden’s properties and not all of the relatives (like Melania’s clothes or Barron’s) have been searched. Additionally, while Biden’s lawyers have either conducted the searches or been present during the searches, Trump’s lawyers were kept away from Mar-a-Lago during the raid
Further Update
The additional files found fall under both Joe’s time as Vice President and as Senator (neither of which positions give him the right to hold secret documents). The DOJ withholding this information constitutes election interference for both the midterms and the Georgia senatorial elections. The DOJ actions toward Biden makes the raids on Mar-a-Lago even more suspicious in their implications for election interference.