Update to Four stories about abortion during the coronavirus scare

Monday, a Federal Judge stands with Planned Parenthood

Politico reported on 30 March 2020 that a Federal Judge stood against Governor Abbott’s prohibition of abortion during the coronavirus scare.

Federal judges on Monday lifted restrictions Texas, Ohio and Alabama imposed on abortion during the coronavirus pandemic in decisions that could have repercussions for several more Republican-led states that have deemed the procedure non-essential during the crisis.

District Court Judge Lee YeakelIn Texas, District Court Judge Lee Yeakel sided with abortion clinics and granted a temporary restraining order through April 13 while arguments on the underlying legality of the state’s order play out.

In Ohio, District Court Judge Michael Barrett similarly sided with Planned Parenthood and other groups challenging the state’s ban and issued a two-week temporary restraining order.

In Alabama, District Court Judge Myron Thompson ordered the suspension of the state’s abortion ban until he can hear arguments in a video conference on April 6.

“The State’s interest in immediate enforcement of the March 27 order — a broad mandate aimed primarily at preventing large social gatherings — against abortion providers does not, based on the current record, outweigh plaintiffs’ concerns,” he said.

Iowa, Mississippi and Oklahoma are among the other states that recently moved to suspend access to the procedure as the pandemic intensified, arguing it would preserve desperately needed medical supplies. Texas’ order was one of the strictest, threatening a $1,000 fine or 180 days of jail time on abortion providers who violated the ban.

Yeakel agreed with Texas clinics who argued that women who need an abortion can’t live with a weeks- or possibly months-long delay. Clinic operators told reporters Monday that they’ve already had to cancel hundreds of appointments since the ban took effect last week.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has argued that the state exercised proper discretion in halting the procedures because abortions are not “immediately medically necessary” or needed to save the life or health of the mother.

“Regarding a woman’s right to a pre-fetal-viability abortion, the Supreme Court has spoken clearly. There can be no outright ban on such a procedure,” wrote Yeakel, an appointee of President George W. Bush who has sided with abortion providers in several previous cases.

“This court will not speculate on whether the Supreme Court included a silent ‘except-in-a-national-emergency clause’ in its previous writings on the issue,” he added.

(Read more at Politico)

What do you expect from an Rino appointee?

Since the acorn does not fall far from the oak tree, what can you expect? Would you expect this judge to do something to cut the funding to other Democrats?

Tuesday, the Fifth Circuit stands with Governor Abbott

ABC reports that the Fifth Circuit appeals court temporarily has re-instated Texas and Ohio orders limiting abortion access due to the coronavirus.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is allowing a controversial Texas executive order that blocks elective abortions during the coronavirus pandemic to remain in effect for now.

The case tees up a battle between supporters of abortion rights and a handful of conservative states arguing that bans on elective abortions and other medical procedures are necessary to help preserve medical supplies.

A divided panel of the appellate court on Tuesday put on hold a lower court opinion that blocked Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order — requiring that health care providers “postpone all surgeries and procedures that are not immediately medically necessary” to preserve a patient’s life or condition — from applying to elective abortions. The lower court had published its opinion on Monday.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had specified that “any type of abortion that is not medically necessary to preserve the life or health of the mother” was included in the order, prompting a challenge from state abortion providers and national abortion rights groups last week.

In Tuesday’s 2-1 decision, the appeals court said it wants to give itself “sufficient time” to consider an emergency petition filed by Paxton. Judge Jennifer Elrod, a George W. Bush appointee, and Judge Kyle Duncan, a Donald Trump appointee, voted to freeze the lower court opinion.

Judge James Dennis, a Bill Clinton appointee, dissented from the order. He noted that the lower court had already concluded that “irreparable harm would flow” from allowing the executive order to go into effect as it applies to abortions.

The court has ordered more briefings in the case.

Paxton praised the court’s ruling on Tuesday, asserting that the temporary stay “justly prioritizes supplies and personal protective equipment for the medical professionals in need.”

But supporters of abortion rights accused Texas of playing politics.

“Let’s be clear, it is never the right time to play politics, but doing so in the wake of Covid-19 is a despicable low,” Aimee Arrambide, the executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice Texas, said in a statement.

Texas’ case is the first such challenge to a coronavirus state order to reach the appeals court, but several others may follow.

(Read more at ABC)

Let us pray

The best response is to pray for all affected.

Two potential causes for the spread of the coronavirus


Are “woke” politicians to blame for the Coronavirus outbreak

Townhall comments in a 25 March 2020 article on how politicians that were trying to prove themselves not prejudiced may have spread the coronavirus.

The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in the U.S. has many hot spots, but one is particularly large: New York City. The Big Apple is responsible for over half of the 59,000+ cases of the virus in the country that has already killed over 800 people. Like President Trump, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo have given updates. Now, I know now is not the time to point fingers, but Democrats can’t help themselves and neither can their allies in the media. They filibustered an economic relief bill they co-wrote, dragged their feet, and tanked the markets for a couple of days for very minor changes. It’s pathetic. They just don’t want to make it look like Trump is winning, even though he’s ahead by like five touchdowns. The polling shows Trump’s handling of this crisis is met with 60 percent approval among Independent voters and nearly a quarter of Democrats. Game over, losers.

(Read more at Townhall)

While this article points finger toward one group that may have contacted those with the virus, this ain’t the whole liberal story

We have a number of reasons that these “woke” politicians might be more likely to contract the coronavirus and spread it widely. Among these reasons are these chief reasons:

  • As evidenced by the photos included in the tweets above, nobody practiced social distancing during the period that this disease likely was in its infancy in New York.
  • The legal immigrants and the illegal aliens who work in the Chinatown eateries likely get paid on the same level as most restaurant employees (low wages, no benefits). They will necessarily come to work when sick.
  • Immigrants and aliens have family and friends in the mother country who they visit and exchange mail with. Those can be avenues for infection.
  • As low-wage employees, both immigrants and aliens most likely will receive some or all of their payment in cash. That is an avenue for infection.
  • As noted in the next article, people can catch the coronavirus without showing symptoms. You can still infect others while not showing symptoms yourself.
  • The open borders advocated by Bernie Sanders, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and many other Democrats might attract the support of those who deal in human smuggling. Were this to be the case, then these people might be a source of the virus.

Captain Obvious reports: Asymptomatic carriers of the coronavirus spread the disease

In one article by the Daily Mail, the reporter points out that asymptomatic children likely spread the disease.

Likewise, a CNN similarly suggested that infected people without symptoms played a large part in spreading the disease.

New studies in several countries and a large coronavirus outbreak in Massachusetts bring into question reassuring assertions by US officials about the way the novel virus spreads.

These officials have emphasized that the virus is spread mainly by people who are already showing symptoms, such as fever, cough or difficulty breathing. If that’s true, it’s good news, since people who are obviously ill can be identified and isolated, making it easier to control an outbreak.

But it appears that a Massachusetts coronavirus cluster with at least 82 cases was started by people who were not yet showing symptoms, and more than half a dozen studies have shown that people without symptoms are causing substantial amounts of infection.

For weeks, federal officials have emphasized that asymptomatic transmission can happen, but have said that it’s not a significant factor in the spread of the virus.

On March 1 on ABC’s This Week, US Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar told host George Stephanopoulos that asymptomatic spread is “not the major driver” of the spread of the new coronavirus.

“You really need to just focus on the individuals that are symptomatic,” he said. “It [the containment strategy] really does depend on symptomatic presentation.”

The website for the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention echoes that assessment.

(Read more at CNN)

Really, it seems this boils down to a choice between totally containing an illness and tanking our economy

Although the author of the article above wants to make it a decision between life (sheltering at home in accordance with our benevolent Democrat overlords) and death (slogging into work half-dead from this hyped-up illness), the choice is quite different. The choice is between continuing to listen to a narrative that doesn’t seem to have any more threat than the annual flu (which the CDC estimates killed between 23,000 and 59,000 Americans) and killing our economy.

When Lina Hidalgo calls to Clay Jenkins< and he makes references to web sites like COVID ACT Now, they have to expect that a few of us will look up the sources they cited when justifying shutting down the economies in the two largest metropolises in Texas.

So far, even with the public relations stunt Lina Hidalgo pulled with several United Way leaders, this little dictator of a county judge has not proven her case for shutting down our economy.

Quick Devotional on Worry 3 — The Domain for Truth

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Two stories on China and pharmaceuticals


China threatens to cut off pharmaceuticals to the US

National Interest reports in an 8 March 2020 article that the Chinese communist party has threatened to cut off pharmaceuticals to the US. This threat comes in response to the US closing America to Chinese travel due to the emergence of Coronavirus during December 2019.

China is threatening to wreak havoc on America’s drug supply amid the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. Thanks to our globalist elite and especially missteps during the Obama-Biden administration, Beijing has the power to do just that.

China-USIn an article in Xinhua, one of the Chinese Communist Party’s mouthpieces, Beijing threatened that it can impose pharmaceutical export controls after which America will be “plunged into the mighty sea of coronavirus.”

Unfortunately, Beijing isn’t bluffing about this capability.

As Rosemary Gibson, co-author of “China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine,” testified to a congressional commission last summer, China has a dominant role in the manufacture of the generic drugs that comprise 90 percent of what Americans take.

The critical vulnerability isn’t just in finished drugs, but what are called active pharmaceutical ingredients, some 80 percent of which America now imports. Most of these come from Red China.

Even finished drugs from other sources are dependent on China. Another major source of generic drugs is India, and 80 percent of that country’s drug ingredients come from China.

There are many culprits behind this betrayal, but some deserve special mention.

Foremost is the globalist cabal that exported our industries to China in the name of “free trade.” As Gibson also reports, within four years of passage of the Clinton-era law giving China unfettered access to U.S. markets and WTO membership, “the last penicillin fermentation plant in the U.S. closed; China’s vitamin C cartel forced the closure of the last U.S. production facility, and the last aspirin manufacturing facility ceased business because of predatory pricing by Chinese firms.”

The Chinese government has used its favorite playbook to make the world dependent on its drugs: protecting and subsidizing domestic manufacturers to undersell American competitors, aided by Chinese industrial espionage. Indeed, biotechnology is one of ten categories of Beijing’s “Made in China 2025” industrial strategy which has driven so much of its theft of intellectual property and dumping of goods at below-market prices to kill U.S. businesses.

Among the globalists, the former Obama-Biden administration is particularly culpable for putting America at risk. During the eight years of that administration, then-Vice President Biden was often the frontman for responding to the increasing number of foreign outbreaks to which America has been exposed.

During the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic in 2009, Biden incorrectly addressed the public about the outbreak, “I would tell members of my family, and I have, I wouldn’t go anywhere in confined places right now… It’s that you are in a confined aircraft. When one person sneezes, it goes everywhere through the aircraft.”

Speaking about the 2014-2016 Ebola outbreak, Biden recently said, “I was part of making sure that pandemic did not get to the United States, saved millions of lives.” In fact, the Obama administration admitted people known to have the disease to America.

During the Zika virus outbreak, Biden was in charge of pressuring Congress for funds.

Are we to believe that amid all of this attention to outbreak that Biden and his globalist colleagues didn’t know of America’s growing inability to make even the most basic pharmaceuticals? Throughout the Obama-Biden administration, our dependence on China got much worse.

(Read more at National Interest)

What else can we expect from a socialist communist?

Never mind all of those State Department pieces since the Nixon administration that showed the Chinese as our friends or as ping-pong players or as anything less than a mortal enemy. Rather, remember that this communist party is:

  • The one that killed 45 million of its own citizens in Mao’s “Great Leap Forward”
  • Fought against the US Marines at Chosin reservoir.
  • Supplied ammunition, arms, and technical support to the North Vietnamese as they fought our men

Therefore,to assume that China constitutes anything but an extreme threat seems to be a miscalculation.

Nonetheless, we should be sure to thank the people who were in power to put us in this position (and the person to thank would be presidential candidate Joe Biden). If it were not for Barack and Joe, we would not be in this situation.

By the way, since I looked this stuff up and then heard of it on the Chris Salcedo Show on AM 700 KSEV, this comes with a hat tip to the Chris Salcedo show.

The Coronavirus issue shows China has a ‘global chokehold’ on medicine and can shut down our pharmacies

Breitbart shows how the current coronavirus crisis illustrates how China has placed itself at the crux of the manufacture of drugs and other crucial products.

china-drugs-pharmaceutical-getty-640x480China could effectively shut down America’s healthcare system within months given the one-party state’s “global chokehold” on the manufacturing of medicines and medical supplies, explained Rosemary Gibson, author of China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine.

Gibson, senior adviser at the Hastings Center, offered her remarks on Thursday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with host Rebecca Mansour and special guest host Ed Martin.

Mansour noted how the coronavirus outbreak in China has exposed America’s dangerous dependence on Chinese production of pharmaceutical and medical supplies, including an estimated 97 percent of all antibiotics and 80 percent of the active pharmaceutical ingredients needed for domestic drug production.

Gibson said, “If China shuts the door on exports of medicines and the ingredients to make them, within a couple of months our pharmacies would be empty. Our healthcare system would cease to function. That’s how dependent we are.”

(Read more at Breitbart)

So, getting cheap pharma out of China now does not seem so good

Now, it seems that the risk of not controlling our own supply of health-related supplies outweighs the benefit of getting cheap pharmaceuticals out of an essentially third-world country.

Let’s bring our supply of pharmaceuticals home.

Schumer, this is where it stops


The full weight of the law must come down on Chuck Schumer

As he pointed out during his guest host appearance at The Hamilton Corner, Todd Starnes noted that Chuck Schumer violated several points of the law. The first was US Code 6134, which says:

It is unlawful to … make a harangue or oration, or utter loud, threatening, or abusive language in the Supreme Court Building or grounds.

A point about the location

At this point, it must be noted that his comments were made at a rally on the steps of the Supreme Court.

A point about the exact words (as opposed to what Chuck “apologized” with)

Additionally, should you have only heard Chuck Schumer in his non-apology apology or the main stream media summary of the situation, you might not know how threatening his speech really became. In that event, I urge you to either listen to the video above or read the text (taken from a Breitbart article) below:

SchumerAttacksKavanaughGorsuchSchumer said, “Now, we stand here today because behind me, inside the walls of this court, the Supreme Court is hearing arguments, as you know, for the first major abortion right cases since [Justice] Kavanaugh and [Justice] Gorsuch came to the bench. We know what’s at stake. Over the last three years, women’s reproductive rights have come under attack in a way we haven’t seen in modern history. From Louisiana, to Missouri, to Texas, Republican legislatures are waging a war on women, all women, and they’re taking away fundamental rights. I want to tell you, Gorsuch, I want to tell you, Kavanaugh, you have released the whirlwind and you will pay the price. You won’t know what hit you, if you go forward with these awful decisions.”

(Read this at Breitbart)

What should happen to Chuck Schumer

According to 40 USC 6137 – Penalties, Chuck should receive from among the following punishments:

(a) In General.—An individual who violates this subchapter, or a regulation prescribed under section 6102 of this title, shall be fined under title 18, imprisoned not more than 60 days, or both.

(b) Venue and Procedure.—Prosecution for a violation described in subsection (a) shall be in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia or in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, on information by the United States Attorney or an Assistant United States Attorney.

(c) Offenses Involving Property Damage Over $100.—If during the commission of a violation described in subsection (a), public property is damaged in an amount exceeding $100, the period of imprisonment for the offense may be not more than five years.

Additionally, there is precedent

Trent Lott was driven out for much less

Trent Lott lost his position in the Senate due to compliments directed toward a former Democrat (Strom Thurmond) who, during his years as a Democrat, had been a member of the Ku Klux Klan. To illustrate how this imbalance between Democrats and Republicans has built, it should be noted that Hillary Clinton also praised a former KKK member (Robert Byrd) as a mentor during her years as a senator.

Therefore, due to both the precedent and the imbalance, I think that Republicans must NOW  start to insist on an equal application of the law. Rempve Chuck and prosecute him.

Additionally, there is the factor of violence against Trump supporters

Maxine Waters stood behind her right to debate issues (although her prompts to violence were not made on the House floor)

Maxine Waters encouraged her followers to engage in violence during a toy drive documented on 24 June 2018 in the American Mirror, where she said:

Let’s make sure we show up wherever we have to show up and if you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere, …

Since then, there have been no less than __ attacks on Trump supporters

Just by reviewing the posts at this blog, there seem to have been at least __ attacks on Trump supporters, including:

  1. Attempting to run over Republicans trying to register voters
  2. New York’s Bail reform results in a wave of anti-Semitic crime
  3. Kent County GOP headquarters vandalized
  4. A 26 June 2019 Brietbart article documented eight instances of violence against Trump supporters (also refer to my post, if you want)
  5. Others I remember, but cannot find.


Four stories on how Democrats use the Coronavirus to their advantage


  1. Nancy Pelosi reacts by calling Trump’s China travel ban to be an “over-reacting”

The Associated Press reports on Trump’s restriction of travel from China, the reactions of a few Americans, the policies of other nations, and a few other points of comparison.

The United States on Friday declared a public health emergency and took drastic steps to significantly restrict entry into the country because of a new virus that hit China and has spread to other nations.

President Donald Trump has signed an order that will temporarily bar foreign nationals, other than immediate family of U.S. citizens and permanent residents, who have traveled in China within the last 14 days. The new restrictions, which take effect at 5 p.m. EST on Sunday, were announced by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, who is coordinating the U.S. response.

“It is likely that we will continue to see more cases in the United States in the coming days and weeks, including some limited person-to-person transmissions,” Azar said. “The American public can be assured the full weight of the U.S. government is working to safeguard the health and safety of the American people.”

Americans returning from China will be allowed into the country, but will face screening at select ports of entry and required to undertake 14 days of self-screening to ensure they don’t pose a health risk. Those returning from Hubei province, the center of the outbreak, will be subject to up to 14 days of mandatory quarantine.

Beginning Sunday, the U.S. will also begin funneling all flights to the U.S. from China to seven major airports where passengers can be screened for illness.

The virus has infected almost 10,000 people globally in just two months, a troublesome sign that prompted the World Health Organization to declare the outbreak a global emergency. The death toll stood at 213, including 43 new fatalities, all in China.

A public health emergency in the U.S. allows the government to tap additional resources to send to states, such as emergency funding and if necessary drugs or equipment from the national stockpile, and to suspend certain legal requirements.

(Read more at Associated Press)



As we can tell by the words of San Fran Nan and her Senate mouthpiece, Chuck, nothing can be allowed to escape politicization

If the President attempts to keep Americans healthy, Nancy politicizes it. As we see in the next article, if some Americans still get sick, Nancy politicizes it. If cows fart, well, you know.

  1. Pelosi: Trump Coronavirus initiative “meager, anemic”

The Washington Examiner quotes Nancy Pelosi in her assessment of Trump’s Coronavirus initiative as being “meager, anemic.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi knocked President Trump’s administration for what she described as a weak attempt at containing the coronavirus in the United States.

“[He] puts forth a proposal now that is meager, anemic, in terms of addressing [this],” she told reporters on Wednesday. “With Ebola, we did $5 billion. And now, they’re trying to take the Ebola money and spend it here.”

The California Democrat additionally called Trump’s response to the outbreak of the deadly illness “shameful.”

Having claimed the lives of more than 2,700 people around the world, the coronavirus has spread to six continents and several countries, including the U.S., where 59 people have tested positive for the virus.

Trump assured the public this week that his administration has the spread of the virus under control and has asked Congress for $2.5 billion in response to what the World Health Organization has called a global health crisis. He will hold a press conference Wednesday at 6 p.m. EST about the outbreak.

Pelosi balked at the president’s request to Congress, saying his concern comes too little, too late.

(Read more at the Washington Examiner)

As posted earlier at this site, Pelosi also withheld funding for Coronavirus research

As posted on my post Four stories on problems created by Democrats, San Fran Nan withheld funding for Coronavirus research so that Democrats could run advertisements against seven Republicans before Super Tuesday.

  1. Democrats lie about Trump Coronavirus plan

Townhall expands on an Associated Press fact check that found that Democrat claims concerning the Trump coronavirus initiative have been lies.

On Wednesday night, President Trump and government health officials assured the American people that the government is working hard to control the spread of coronavirus.

“The immediate risk to the American public has been and continues to be low,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said from the White House. “Our containment strategy has been working. At the same time, what every one our experts and leaders have been saying for more than a month now remains true. The degree of risk has the potential to change quickly and we can expect to see more cases in the United States.”

“Of the 15 people, the original 15 as I call them, eight of them have returned to their homes to stay in their homes until fully recovered. One is in the hospital and five have fully recovered and one is we think in pretty good shape and is in-between the hospital and going home,” Trump said assuredly.

A few of the Democratic presidential candidates somehow managed to even make the health press conference political, trying to suggest he had misled the nation. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg accused Trump of defunding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Associated Press conducted a quick fact check.

THE FACTS: They’re both wrong to say the agencies have seen their money cut. Bloomberg is repeating the false allegation in a new ad that states the U.S. is unprepared for the virus because of “reckless cuts” to the CDC. Trump’s budgets have proposed cuts to public health, only to be overruled by Congress, where there’s strong bipartisan support for agencies such as the CDC and NIH. Instead, financing has increased.

As the AP continues to explain, the money that the government used to fight the initial outbreak was from a congressional fund created for health emergencies.

(Read more at Townhall)

As shown, Democrats will lie, threaten, and do anything but work

As this article shows, Democrats will lie to the point that even “fact checkers” like Snopes cannot cover the distortions of the Democrats. Democrats will lie long past when the cows come home (because, if the Democrats had their way, there would be no cows to come home).

  1. Pence promises weight of government in battling Coronavirus

Townhall reports on the Pence promise to put the weight of government behind the initiative against the coronavirus.

Vice President Mike Pence began a rousing speech at the Conservative CPAC conference in DC with a promise that the Trump administration was doing everything in its power to prepare for the effects of Coronavirus.  “We’re all in this together,” Pence said of the growing national concern about possible viral outbreak. Pence also decried “This is not the time for partisanship.”

Pence assured attendees in the packed room at the Gaylord Convention Center in the National Harbor that the president was taking the Coronavirus threat to America very seriously. He strongly asserted that everything possible was being done to prevent an outbreak and prepare for treatment, if necessary.

(Read more at Townhall)

Democrats complain of the lack of  scientific bona fides of Vice President Pence

Nancy Pelosi took specific umbrage with the appointment of Vice President Pence to the head of the Coronavirus initiative, citing what she claimed were failings in his “record on HIV.” However, the fact that VP Pence heads the initiative doesn’t really matter when the experts working under Pence lead our institutions of health in the study of virology and human response to calamity.

Nonetheless, if such leadership did make a difference now that the number of infections has reached the triple digits nationwide, why didn’t San Fran Nan say something about the appointment of a lawyer as the Ebola czar after 1,000 cases had been logged (mostly outside of the United States, but a few were brought into the US and some caught it here)?

Do you remember a single Democrat (that is, one in office) complaining about this? Do you remember one of the media wing of the Democrats (aka, the main stream media) asking Obama about this during Obama’s administration? Can you find a single article documenting the questioning of a lower-level Obama administration worker on the failings of the Ebola taskforce?

I guess that, if it weren’t for double standards, they’d have no standards at all.


Two more reasons to abandon the social justice Democrat judges

Repeat offender released by Democrat judge accused of raping 86-year-old

With a hat-tip to Andy Kahan and Chris X at KSEV am700 in Houston, we find from NBC affiliate KPRC that a repeat offender was released on a personal recognizance bond that allowed him to rape an 86-year-old woman.

The man accused of breaking into an elderly woman’s home and raping her was already wanted on unrelated charges, court records reveal.

Jack Flynn CarlinThe suspected rapist, Jack Flynn Carlin II, is believed to be the same man seen in a neighbor’s doorbell camera footage on Feb. 12, the same day as the rape.

Prosecutors said the victim was tied up with that is believed to be a dog leash while she was repeatedly assaulted.

“Knowing that could have been you… you know my mom is here sometimes, like, alone,” said neighbor Emily Zuniga. “Knowing that he could have been someone else in the neighborhood, or him scoping out in the neighborhood who could he pick. Who could it have been next.”

In December 2019, Carlin was charged with assaulting his girlfriend. He was arrested and released on a personal bond. In January, he failed to show up to court and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Carlin has two prior convictions for indecent exposure charges after he showed his genitals to women. In 2009, he was convicted of making a terroristic threat against a person he was dating, and in 1989, he was convicted of burglarizing a home.

(Read more at KPRC)

This underscores the need to reject bond reform

The safety of the law-abiding citizens comes first — not the ability of the defendant to pay for bail.

Murderer released to murder again

With another hat-tip to Andy Kahan and Chris X at KSEV am700 in Houston, we also find from NBC affiliate KPRC that a father of twins was killed.

Juan Jose WilliamsA man was arrested Friday night in connection to a shooting death that left a set of 3-year-old twins without their father.

Juan Jose Williams, 41, is accused of killing Jamarcus Martin Sunday evening in north Harris County.

His family said his murder is a case of mistaken identity.

(Read more at KPRC)

Additionally, during a 5 pm interview between Andy Kahan and Chris it was laid out that this man had numerous felonies and misdemeanors on record when he was let out on bond.

What was not brought out by the article above was that this attack also included a pregnant woman

Thankfully, that pregnant woman, who was shot, has pulled through (as discussed during the interview linked in the Andy Kahan/Chris X interview above).