Texas coronavirus twists in Democrat enclaves

A group of Texas sheriffs won’t enforce governor’s ‘draconian’ coronavirus mask rule

Fox News points out that an organization of Texas sheriffs has vowed not to enforce the “draconian coronavirus mask rule” mandated by Texas Governor Abbott.

A group of Texas sheriffs is refusing to follow one of the state’s coronavirus rules.

Police officials in nine counties said they will not enforce a recent executive order mandating that residents wear face coverings in public. Denton, Houston, Montgomery, Gillespie, Upshur, Kerr, Gregg, Nacogdoches and Panola counties won’t issue citations to those not in compliance, officials said, with one calling the rule “draconian.”

The rule states that officers can issue a fine up to $250 to repeat offenders but cannot detain or jail them. Some argue the language is ambiguous, as stopping people not wearing masks could be seen as detaining them.

“While we in law enforcement are desperately trying to build trust w/our [with our] community and are spread incredibly thin with the huge rise in violent crime, we are now expected to enforce yet another draconian mask law,” Houston Police Officers’ Union President Joe Gamaldi wrote in a recent Twitter post. “Everyone needs to wear a mask, but don’t put us in this position.”

Some authorities behind the decision cited staffing issues for opting out of the requirement, a CBS report noted, while others pointed to confusing language in Gov. Greg Abbott’s order.

(Read more at Fox News)

Thank God some law enforcement officials are looking out for the rights of the citizens

Thank God that there are officers who look at all sides of an issue.

Additionally, thank God for police officers who consider the rights of the citizens.

Brooks County to arrest those who test positive for COVID-19 and don’t quarantine

San Antonio Fox affiliate KSAT reports that Brooks County will start arresting COVID-19 infected patients who do not self-quarantine.

Map_of_Texas_highlighting_Brooks_CountyAs of July 5 in Brooks County there have been 10 positive cases of COVID-19 and the county does not want to take any chances to increase that number.

Over the weekend, County Attorney David Garcia issued a warning to those who have tested positive.

The warning states that if you have a positive test and don’t isolate yourself except to get medical care, it can lead to your arrest.

According to Garcia, this falls under Texas Penal Code 22.05 (a) which states “A person commits an offense if he recklessly engages in conduct that places another in imminent danger of serious bodily injury.”

Someone who is positive for COVID-19 doesn’t even need to have infected another person to warrant an arrest. The exposure alone is enough to be in violation.

Of the 10 positive cases so far in Brooks County, four people have recovered.

Brooks County is located 206 miles south of Bexar County.

It’s not the only place in Texas threatening legal action against COVID-19 patients who fail to quarantine. Officials in Laredo issued a warning this week that COVID-19 patients who leave their homes could face a citation.

(Read more at KSAT)

Remember when AIDS first hit the populace? Were these conditions put on AIDS patients?

Considering that AIDS cannot be confused with a common cold, SARS, MERS, or any of a number of other common diseases (but if you have had Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, and many other corona viruses, you can test positive for COVID-19), what would happen if we even talked about throwing AIDS patients in jail and give them a felony on their record?

Then again, what have Democrats like Kim Ogg done with felons but release 344 of them?

Laredo official: Positive coronavirus residents who leave their homes can be charged with felony

The Laredo Morning Times tells us that COVID-19 positive people who leave their homes will be charged with a felony.

LaredoLaredo officials said in a news release Monday that positive COVID-19 residents who are not hospitalized will be issued a citation if they leave their homes.

According to the release, anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19 is required to isolate themselves from others until they receive a negative result. This self-isolation also applies to those waiting for test results and for asymptomatic members of a household where someone has tested positive.

The release said failure to stay home is a criminal offense, according to Section 81.085 (h) of the Texas Health and Safety Code. Under this section, a person commits an offense if the person knowingly fails or refuses to obey a rule, an order or the instruction of a health authority issued under a department rule and published during an area quarantine. An offense under this subsection is a third degree felony.

The city also stated in the release that officials are prepared to issue subpoenas to those who have tested positive and refuse to cooperate with contact tracers, who are individuals who interview positive patients in order to determine who else they were in contact with.

(Read  more at the Laredo Morning Times)

What more can I say than to start posting on the arrests of people for what they wear

To start posting at this blog regarding every time a person is arrested for not wearing something on their face, that would be a waste of time. Further, the efforts by the Democrats in these enclaves within an overall Republican state will only work to push people to natural conservatism — not to BLM’s or Joe Biden’s socialism.

Lina Hidalgo considers alienating voters

Lina Hidalgo considers alienating voters

Major Texas County considers issuing another stay-in-place order

Dallas CBS affiliate DFW tried to spread fear about coronavirus by reporting the Democrat talking points in the way the words were delivered.

LinaHidalgoHouston opened to 75% capacity on Friday, but it may not last long. Officials are cautioning that they may need to order people back home and open a COVID-19 hospital at NRG Stadium as coronavirus cases surge in the nation’s fourth-largest city.

“I’m growing increasingly concerned that we may be approaching the precipice — the precipice of a disaster,” said Lina Hidalgo, the Harris County judge who is the top official for the county’s five million residents.

Hidalgo’s warning comes amid a record week for virus cases and hospitalizations in the Houston area and across Texas, which marked the outbreaks by reopening restaurants to three-quarters of their capacity.

(Read more at DFW if you really must)

I am not bending a knee to Lina

I will not avoid any church services or any other venues that Lina wants to shut down. In fact, I don’t believe that (in a city of millions) there is a crisis centering on hundreds of hospital beds.

If coronavirus had taken the route that Lina Hidalgo had suggested, we would have had filled the tent hospital  at NRG stadium. Rather, it stayed empty until it was dismantled at a cost of  somewhere between $17 million and $60 million to Harris County tax payers. Therefore, I have many doubts about the truth of the tripe that Democrats on television spew on a daily basis.

Texas Governor Abbott: We have abundant hospital space. There is no reason to shut down.

Testing is up. Therefore, detected cases are up. However, deaths are down.

Among all of the hair-on-fire reports on Governor Abbott’s speech, Governor Abbott took a page out of President Trump’s successful method of going straight to the people when he tweeted the following:

The Governor and a cadre of medical professionals reminded us of the facts of the case as they exists:

As we begin to open up Texas and Texans return to their jobs, we remain laser-focused on maintaining abundant hospital capacity. The best way to contain the spread of this virus is by all Texans working together and following simple safety precautions. We all have a responsibility for our own health and for the health of our loved ones, friends, and neighbors. COVID-19 still exists in Texas, and if we are to contain the spread while getting Texans back to work, all Texans must do their part. That means making safe and smart decisions like wearing a mask, washing your hands, and socially distancing in public. The more Texans protect their own health, the safer our state will be and the more we will be able to open up for business.

Two more things about Lina Hidalgo

  1. Texas pastors demand a “religious liberty” exemption to coronavirus stay-at-home orders

With a hat tip to Brian Fischer, Left-leaning Vox reported in a 1 April 2020 article that Texas pastors sought a religious liberty exemption to Hidalgo’s “Stay home, work safe” order.

HidalgoLast week, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, who oversees the area of Texas that includes Houston, issued an order requiring “all individuals currently living within Harris County … to stay at their place of residence except for Essential Activities” (in Texas, the title “county judge” refers to the chief executive of a county government).

Like many similar orders handed down by state and local officials throughout the United States, which are intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Hidalgo’s order closes most businesses within the county and shuts down most places where people gather in large groups. Although it allows faith leaders to “minister and counsel in individual settings, so long as social distance protocols are followed,” it requires worship services to “be provided by video and teleconference.”

That restriction on in-person worship services has sparked a lawsuit, filed by three Texas pastors and Steven Hotze, a medical doctor and anti-LGBT Republican activist whose political action committee was labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. These four men ask the Texas Supreme Court to strike down Hidalgo’s order, claiming, among other things, that it violates the “religious liberty” of pastors who wish to gather their parishioners together during a pandemic.

The case is named In re Hotze.

Under existing precedents, the petitioner’s arguments in Hotze are not strong. They rely heavily on older US Supreme Court decisions that were effectively overruled by the Supreme Court’s later decision in Employment Division v. Smith (1990) (although it’s worth noting that Smith is very much out of favor with judicial conservatives and could, itself, be overruled by the Court’s current majority).

The Hotze petitions also essentially ask the Texas Supreme Court to place the temporary interests of a few pastors before the county’s interest in combating a deadly disease. The US Supreme Court has long held that the government may take targeted action to protect especially compelling interests — even when doing so implicates constitutional rights.

(Read more at Vox)

Of course, other Hidalgo orders violate certain orders by Governor Abbott

As anyone who reads outside of the main stream media knows, Lina Hidalgo’s order to release 1,000 prisoners from local jails violates Governor Abbott’s order against releasing prisoners. However, what else can we expect from a Democrat?

If you were lucky enough to see yesterday’s post, you know that the Democrat who ordered Harris County (population 6.33 million) into “Stay Home, Work Safe” doesn’t think that she has to tell those around her to social distance. Additionally, she does not feel a need to limit her crowds to 10 or less.

  1. Gov. Abbott overrides rules on religious gatherings amid coronavirus crisis

Much to the consternation of Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s desires, Texas Governor Greg Abbott outranks her. However, according to the San Antonio Express News a specific order from Governor Abbott countermands her directive to limit religious gatherings (emphasis is mine).

Churches, synagogues and mosques in San Antonio and Bexar County can technically resume in-person religious services under Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s latest emergency order handed down Tuesday.

But local officials said they believe local religious leaders will still try to hold services remotely and not endanger their congregants.

“I really believe our pastors and religious leaders are not going to put their parishioners in jeopardy,” Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff said. “I really believe that they will be very careful.”

AbbottFreedomOfReligionAbbott’s new order classifies religious services at places of worship as essential — overruling previous orders handed down by Wolff and San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg.

Those orders prohibited places of worship from holding services in-person but encouraged religious leaders to instead conduct services remotely through video, teleconferencing and other means.

Abbott said religious services should either be conducted remotely or in-person using social distancing guidelines. He added that “drive-up services,” where congregants would remain in their cars, which some churches plan to use this Easter, would “satisfy the criteria that we’re talking about.”

(Read more at San Antonio Express News)

Of course, this order also applies to Harris County

We will see whether the Democrats Ed Gonzales and Lina Hidalgo will start fining and locking up people for exercising their First Amendment rights.


Three stories on how Soros made inroads to groups who are mostly conservative

  1. Soros-Linked group gets six GOP governors to resettle more refugees

Breitbart reports in a 11 January 2020 article that Soros has found a way to bend some GOP members.

G. Soros

A pro-mass immigration organization with links to billionaire George Soros has successfully lobbied six Republican governors to resettle more refugees in their states.

For Fiscal Year 2020, President Donald Trump will continue cutting refugee admissions by reducing former President Barack Obama’s refugee inflow by at least 80 percent. This reduction would mean a maximum of 18,000 refugees can be resettled in the U.S. between October 1, 2019, and September 30, 2020. This is merely a numerical limit and not a goal federal officials are supposed to reach.

Coupled with the refugee reduction, Trump signed an executive order that gives localities, counties, and states veto power over whether they want to resettle refugees in their communities.

Jenny Yang, World Relief

Executives at World Relief and the Evangelical Immigration Table — an organization with links to the Soros-funded National Immigration Forum — have been lobbying governors across the country to bring more refugees to their states. So far, six Republican governors have signed off to resettle refugees in their states, including North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey.

The New York Times notes:

Jenny Yang, vice president for advocacy at World Relief, an evangelical agency whose work includes resettlement, has been steering an effort to lobby governors to keep their states open to refugees. [Emphasis added]

She said about 16 governors have submitted written consent, six of them Republicans. Gov. Doug Ducey, Republican of Arizona, agreed after receiving a letter supporting resettlement signed by 250 evangelical leaders. Gov. Greg Abbott, Republican of Texas, who leads the state that received the most refugees last year, has not yet offered his view, despite a plea from the mayor of Fort Worth to continue accepting refugees. [Emphasis added]

Refugee contractors, like the Lutheran Social Services organization, have deployed a campaign to get mayors, local officials, and governors to admit more refugees to their states. Those contractors’ budgets every year are reliant on ensuring that as many refugees are resettled across the U.S. as possible.

It remains unclear which six Republican governors, aside from Burgum and Ducey, have been successfully lobbied by the Soros-linked group.

This week, the Evangelical Immigration Table sent letters to the governors of California, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin to ask them to bring refugees to their states.

(Read more at Breitbart)

Regarding the quote from the NYT, Governor Abbott has declined refugees

Texas side-step: First to decline refugees, utilize Trump order

I am glad to reference a OneNewsNow to show how Texas Governor Abbott took President Trump’s invitation to refuse the importation of additional refugees.

Texas has become the first state to opt out of resettling refugees via a new order signed by President Donald Trump –giving states the freedom to accept or decline new refugees.

Governor Abbott

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) notified the Trump administration of his choice for his state to forgo participating in the federal government’s refugee resettlement program for the 2020 fiscal year because Texas already has enough issues to contend with.

“Texas cannot consent to initial refugee resettlement,” Abbot wrote Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in a letter TheBlaze obtained on Friday.

He said United States citizens in need – along with existing immigrants in Texas – should take precedence over new arrivals from abroad.

“In addition to accepting refugees all these years, Texas has been left by Congress to deal with disproportionate migration issues resulting from a broken federal immigration system,” Abbot added. “[T]he state and nonprofit organizations have a responsibility to dedicate available resources to those who are already here, including refugees, migrants and the homeless – indeed, all Texans.”

He then stressed how his choice to opt out does not preclude any refugees from entering the U.S. – nor does it keep them from moving to the Lone Star State in the future after settling in a different state.

States know best

Last year, Trump issued an executive order that requires states to confirm in writing their desire to opt in to the refugee resettlement program administered by the federal government.

“In resettling refugees into American communities, it is the policy of the United States to cooperate and consult with State and local governments, to take into account the preferences of State governments, and to provide a pathway for refugees to become self-sufficient,” the White House announced in its order in September.” These policies support each other. Close cooperation with State and local governments ensures that refugees are resettled in communities that are eager and equipped to support their successful integration into American society and the labor force.”

(Read more at OneNewsNow)

God bless Governor Abbott

You cannot know how much I thank God for his leadership.

When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, But when a wicked man rules, people groan. (Proverbs 29:2 NASB)

  1. Article by Pulpit and Pen shows link between Soros and two Southern Baptist Convention organizations

Pulpit and Pen reported in a 30 September 2019 article how two organizations headed by Russell Moore and Jim Wallis seem to have links to George Soros.

Russell Moore

As many might already know, Russell Moore and Jim Wallis run the Evangelical Immigration Table for George Soros, who founded and funded their open borders ministry organization. Russell Moore is president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the SBC. What you might not know is that the recent “whistleblower report” against Donald Trump was provoked by the evangelical Left’s best friend, George Soros.

According to One News Now

An investigative journalism group funded by leftist billionaire George Soros is reportedly responsible for sections of the whistleblower complaint against President Donald Trump that allege he put pressure on Ukraine’s president to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden’s son for political gain.

In fact, Breitbart first tied the whistleblower report to Soros. According to Aaron Klein of Breitbart, “Even though the statement was written in first person – ‘multiple U.S. officials told me’ – it contains a footnote referencing a report by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP).”

The OCCRP, according to World Net Daily, had Soros’ Open Societies Foundation as its second-largest donor (in some years OSF has been its largest donor). In other words, it has the same financial backing as the SBC’s and ERLC’s Evangelical Immigration Table.

World Net Daily has pointed out that the “OCCRP is cited in a key section of the complaint that claims Ukrainian officials followed up on Trump’s request for Ukraine to investigate allegations of corruption by then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, who was receiving $50,000 monthly from a natural gas company despite having no experience in the industry.”

The SBC has been weaponized against Donald Trump for the upcoming 2020 election. Lifeway recently released a poll sponsored by the ERLC that alleged (laughably) that evangelical voters care more about “racial justice” than abortion and that they want their politicians to be nicer (an obvious “dig” on the POTUS). ERLC research fellows like Thomas Kidd are daily attacking Trump in social media. The SBC president, JD Greear, recently commended Christians who vote Democrat. Many SBC leaders have been begging evangelicals to stop being loyal to the Republican Party.

(Read more at Pulpit and Pen)

There are those who deny the reports offered by Breitbart

If you read Baptiat Press or SBC Voices, you will see strong denunciations of these reports and the reporters. However, what you will not see is anything to counter the arguments put forward by Breitbart or OneNewsNow.

Additionally, if you expand your review of the information at hand to include input from an 18 April 2018 post at Janet Mefferd Today, you will find more proofs of the cooperation between the government, Russell Moore’s groups, and rich atheists.

Sadly, the more the same message comes from unrelated groups, the more that message becomes corroborated. Although I celebrate the truth, I mourn the fact that some who purport to stand for Christ would stand in a lie.

  1. Jim Wallis, progressive ‘cleric,’ tortures the Bible to promote intolerant Islam

Breitbart points out through a 13 September 2015 article how Wallis bent the Bible to try to convince Christians to support Islam.

Jim Wallis

Jim Wallis, the far-left founder of Sojourner Magazine and beneficiary of George Soros donations who has built a career out of subverting constitutional liberty in America by quoting the Bible out of context, is at it again.

In his latest effort in transparent left-wing propaganda, Wallis extends his love for open borders from the huge populations of Middle East and Africa to the United States to all of Europe.

At The Huffington Post, the self-proclaimed “Christian leader for social change,” preaches to both sides of the Atlantic. “In Europe and in the U.S. — we must welcome the stranger,” he writes.

In the United States, that means, Wallis—acting in his capacity as a self proclaimed divine prophet on earth—commands us to open our borders to illegal aliens from every country on earth.

His command to European countries is clear: They “must welcome … between 360,000 and 500,000 [Syrian] refugees.”

But several evangelical leaders are calling Wallis out for his distortions of the Bible that promote a left-wing “pseudo-Christian” theocracy.

“It is curious to me that these refugees are almost entirely Islamic even though Christians are the ones in most mortal danger by Islamists,” Kelly Monroe Kullberg, founder of the Veritas Forum and author of Finding God at Harvard, tells Breitbart News. “The ‘refugees’ are not mostly sweet children, but adult Muslim males who are unscreened,” she said, adding  Islamizing America [and Europe] is cultural injustice and suicide, not stewardship, beauty and progress.”

“Hijrah (pronounced: Hish-ra) is the Muslim doctrine of migration to spread Islam throughout the world,” Kullberg says. “By the Hijrah,” Kullberg explains, “ Europe and America are to be conquered demographically as well as politically. This strategy appears in the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Memorandum” on “civilization jihad” of 1991 and elsewhere.”

“At this point, it should not be a secret unknown to us. The vast majority of sensible human beings do not want to leave Sharia law to their grandchildren. We do not want the USA to become the ISA, their goal of an Islamic States of America,” Kullberg, who founded the ad hoc group Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration, says.

Wallis reverts to form by citing a Bible verse out of context to justify his recommendation that European countries sacrifice their sovereignty to hundreds of thousands of immigrants, many of them likely supports of Sharia and the Islamization of Europe.

“Matthew 25 teaches us that how we welcome the stranger into our midst is literally how we treat Christ himself. So the response by Christians here and in Europe must become more in line with the welcoming tone of hospitality called for by Pope Francis,” Wallis writes at the Huffington Post.

Mark Tooley, President of the Institute of Religion and Democracy, has seen Wallis try this trick before. “As usual, Jim Wallis asserts that public policy can be decided by a few out of context Bible verses that affirm politics of the Left,” Tooley tells Breitbart News.

“So immigration policy is all about Matthew 25 and Christian hospitality, with skeptics of open borders motivated only by bigotry and greed,” Tooley says of Wallis’s argument. “This view is simplistic and sanctimonious,” Tooley says.

“The Bible doesn’t articulate details of modern immigration law. And Christians can extend love and generosity for refugees without obligation to open national borders to whomever,” Tooley notes.

Kullberg also criticizes Wallis for presenting false theology as political propaganda.

“In the actual Bible, we find teachings about kindness to the well-meaning foreigner who comes lawfully as a blessing and convert, such as Ruth or Rahab. Jesus himself highlights the good Samaritan, to be honored,” she says.

“We also find in Scripture the book of Nehemiah (the Left is silent about this book), about a Godly leader leading Israel in the project of rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem to cultivate the good and protect the people from harmful foreigners. God does not call us to cultural suicide, but only to wise welcome. Breaking down boundaries for foreign faiths and customs was not a commandment, but a curse,” Kullberg notes.

Wallis goes beyond citing Matthew 25 out of context in his latest Huffington Post article. This time, he resorts to flim-flammery that would make that fictional religious con man Elmer Gantry blush.

“Yesterday, in that spirit and in recognition of the pope’s impending visit, a broad coalition of allies representing both secular and religious organizations released a Unity Statement, rededicating ourselves to the fight to pass comprehensive immigration reform. We are calling for a national day of prayer for immigrant families, Congress, and for our nation to take place on Sept. 24, in conjunction with the pope’s visit,” he writes.

Wallis disingenuously fails to inform readers that the press conference held by this “broad coalition of allies representing both secular and religious organizations” was organized by a highly partisan left-wing group, Mi Familia Vota Education Fund, that is founded, led, and funded by LaRaza and the SEIU.

(Read more at Breitbart)

Odd that a secular Breitbart would be more Biblical than “spiritual” Sojourner

The fact that a secular Breitbart would correctly report on the Biblical texts when a “spiritual” Sojourner founder would twist those texts speaks to the high levels of journalistic integrity at Breitbart.