CNN implies it’s not news when they say “Republicans pounce”


CNN18 sets the stage for politicizing Democrat corruption by labeling it

“GOP targets the Bidens”

Consider also the message displayed across the bottom of the video

Whether the message was included by CNN18 or YouTube, I am not completely sure.

However, of several things I can be certain. I can be sure that social media companies (Google, Facebook, and Twitter) worked to bury the Hunter Biden story (and, thus, sway the election). I also remember how the members of the coalition between never-Trumpers and Democrats bragged about the way they “save the election” and took Trump down.

Therefore, as long as there is an opposition to Democrats, I expect that this blatant bending of the truth and eventual censure of conservatives will continue.

The Left of the Left sees downscaling


I have to admit that I never considered any subscription to the paid liberal lecture service called Star Trek and other Paramont shows

Since the new version of Star Trek made its chops by establishing itself as the home of same-sex kissing and off-screen promotion of alternative lifestyles, I decided I could find my science fiction fix through a source that I did not have to pay to receive.

Furthermore, since CBS, NBC, and ABC  follow along in the same spirit – putting out drama and comedy that denegrates the right, I don’t see much reason to subscribing to much of anything. While I have to recognize that Paramont consists of CBS (the network of Dan Rather and the faked letter),  Showtime (of so many left-leaning issues that I don’t want to weigh down the blog), and other groups.

MTV News to shut down as Paramount announces layoffs

The Washington Post announces layoffs due to surely the “Robust Biden economy” their news division always reports to the people.

MTV News, once home to the hippest anchor desk of Generation X, will shut down after 36 years, according to multiple reports.

Its parent company, Paramount Global, told staff Tuesday that layoffs would affect 25 percent of employees at Showtime, MTV Entertainment Studios and Paramount Media Networks, according to a memo cited by the Hollywood Reporter. The cuts will greatly affect MTV News, which will shutter completely.

Paramount and MTV did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Although it hasn’t been a major news organization in decades, MTV News joins many other outlets that have faced severe reductions or shutdowns in recent months, including CNN, BuzzFeed News and Vice Media.

The popular music channel launched its news operation in the late 1980s, and for a time found popularity with Generation X and older millennials tired of traditional anchors. “We know the latest, hippest music to put something with. That’s our strength,” Dave Sirulnick, the news operation’s then-27-year-old director, told the New York Times during the 1992 presidential race.

Two years later, the Hollywood Reporter wrote, President Bill Clinton appeared on MTV’s “Enough Is Enough,” hosted by former Rolling Stone writer Kurt Loder, in an attempt to reach younger audiences.

The channel brought news and analysis to the music generation for years afterward, reporting on Kurt Cobain’s suicide and the deaths of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.

“In [its] prime, MTV News was one of the most influential programs in existence,” podcaster Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins tweeted after news of the layoffs broke Tuesday.

But the years took their toll. After three decades of helping oversee MTV’s news and documentary operation, Variety reported, Sirulnick left the company amid a wave of cost-cutting several years ago.

Staffers with MTV News took to Twitter on Tuesday to mourn the organization’s final blow.

“This is a very sad day for a lot of friends and colleagues. Many great people lost their jobs,” tweeted Josh Horowitz, who has been the face of MTV’s movie coverage.

(Read more bilge at the )

Maybe if the overall company had not insulted so many potential customers, things might be different

While Paramont did not get a Bud Light moment where it found the spotlight by associating itself with a far-left cause, it seems to have lost audience due to not providing what its audience wants. Whether that came through a slow bleed caused by Biden’s economy, I don’t know.

Cancel culture observed from differing sides


Clarence Thomas predicted cancel culture long before it came for him

The Washington Examiner explains how Clarence Thomas foresaw the development of the cancel culture even before it started to come after him.

Critics of Justice Clarence Thomas are working overtime to cancel him. That’s no surprise. A longtime thorn in the side of liberal causes, Thomas has evoked a particular hatred from the proponents of cancel culture since he put them on notice over a decade ago.

Thomas not only blasted their unseemly tactics, but he tried to do something about them. In a concurring opinion in the 2010 case Citizens United v. FEC, Thomas called for stronger privacy protections to fight this toxic trend.

The core of Citizens United was not about privacy at all. The case primarily concerned a nonprofit group’s ability to promote and distribute a documentary criticizing Hillary Clinton. But the Supreme Court also reaffirmed by an 8-1 margin its past decisions allowing certain invasions of privacy when citizens contribute to a campaign for election. The lone holdout was Thomas.

Terms such as “cancel culture” and “doxxing” were still years away from catching on, but Thomas described something almost identical. He wrote of political activists using new internet tools to wreak havoc on the lives and careers of ordinary people. He told the stories of everyday people who had lost their jobs, reputations, and even their sense of safety after supporting a California ballot proposition on traditional marriage in 2008.

“Some opponents of Proposition 8 compiled this information and created Web sites with maps showing the locations of homes or businesses of Proposition 8 supporters,” Thomas  warned . “Many supporters (or their customers) suffered property damage, or threats of physical violence or death, as a result. … The success of such intimidation tactics has apparently spawned a cottage industry that uses forcibly disclosed donor information to pre-empt citizens’ exercise of their First Amendment rights.”

The risk of harassment and retaliation may be even higher today, thanks to our hyperpolarized political climate. A majority of people hold political views they  do not feel comfortable  sharing and  believe  that our growing culture of silence and intimidation is a problem.

Fortunately, our history offers solutions. In 1958, the Supreme Court ruled that the NAACP could conceal its members’ names and home addresses from state officials in Alabama. The court  noted  that disclosing this sensitive personal information would result in NAACP members suffering “economic reprisal, loss of employment, threat of physical coercion, and other manifestations of public hostility.”

That precedent was reinforced and strengthened in subsequent cases. The court struck down laws forcing political pamphlets to list who sponsored them or public school teachers to report what organizations they belonged to. Causes on the Right and the Left benefited from the ability to meet and speak with one another in private.

(Read of the specifics of the Citizens United case at the Washington Examiner)

Just as when Senator Joe Biden led the opposition to the confirmation of Justice Thomas, this is a high tech lynching

Democrats, in large part, do not wander far from their racist past. It was Democrat Senator Joe Biden that eulogized Democrat Senator Byrd (formerly of the KKK).

Furthermore, it was Joe Biden who led the opposition to the confirmation of Clarence Thomas, stooping so low as to recruit Anita Hill along with her “pubic hair on the Coke can” story (despite the fact that she had followed Thomas from legal job to legal job).

The current investigations into trips sponsored by other people (something that all of the justices have taken part in, including RBG) stands as more of the same.

Liberal-leaning USA Today tries to swipe conservatives with the “cancel culture” brush

USA Today tries to explain how calling out cancel culture makes conservatives into hypocrites due to the way we have reacted to their liberal campaigns.

When Republican lawmakers and talking heads speak these days, this is what I hear:

“I HATE liberal cancel culture and believe in absolute free speech! I would also like to ban, do away with or silence Disney, NPR, Bud Light, the FBI and CIA, this big pile of books over here, M&Ms, Mr. Potatohead, college professors, any Democratic lawmaker I don’t want to hear speak, “wokeness,” any mention of diversity, drag shows, people who defend drag shows, people who defend people who defend drag shows, any mention whatsoever of the existence of LGBTQ people, this other big pile of books over here, the entire Department of Education, PBS and Oreos.”

It all makes perfect sense if you have too much time on your hands and too few functioning brain cells to process the meaning of the word “hypocrisy.” And it confirms that today’s mainstream Republican Party — the party of Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and former Fox News host Tucker Carlson — has become the party of cancel culture, a bubble-dwelling collection of right-wing caricatures who speak an intolerant and often conspiratorial language most regular Americans, and particularly most younger Americans, can’t understand.

And it’s happening all over the country.

DeSantis would welcome Twitter to Florida, but not any woke employees

Consider a recent comment from DeSantis when he was asked about the possibility of Elon Musk relocating Twitter’s headquarters to Florida: “You know, I know Elon Musk, and what I would tell him is like, ‘Ok, if you’re going to move Twitter to Florida, are you bringing woke employees to Florida or are you bringing just your people?’ If it’s just his people then it may be good.”

So the “woke” are unwelcome. People who disagree with DeSantis’ anti-woke stance — whatever that happens to be, since it changes from day to day — are unwelcome.

(Read more of this whine-fest at USA Today)

Conservatives need to follow the same playbook as liberals; therefore, they should expect more

In order to at least get on close-to-equal footing with the liberals, a number of conservative organizations and individuals have come to understand that we need to incorporate some of the tactics of the left. Therefore, Rules for Radicals will get applied to both sides.

Expect a mega-whine from the liberal press when they realize that they will get subjected to things they have been dumping on conservatives.

Conservatives have a habit of playing by the rules: passing laws and boycotting products

Up to this date, conservatives have been passing laws and using the market to punish those who put unreasonable constraints on conservatives. If the “woke unwelcome” really had any teeth to it (like the times that a small liberal group goes to Google and gets Parler deplatformed or one person complains to Facebook and gets a group banned), then they might start to scream. But it will not happen and they will not say anything beyond this little self-promoting complaint.

I cannot promise that a Democrat will oppose cancel culture, but this one opposes one facet of it

“I don’t think it’s fair:” Robert F. Kennedy Jr. voices opposition to transgenders in women’s sports

Breitbart opens a perspective into Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Junior and his stance on biological males competing as transgenders in women’s sports.

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has come out in opposition to transgender athletes participating in women’s sports, a departure from the Biden administration.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who will be opposing Biden in the 2024 primary, told CNN on CNN on Saturday that “biological males” threaten women’s sports.

“I am against people participating in women’s sports who are biologically male,” Kennedy said. “I think women who have worked too hard to develop women’s sports over the past 30 years I watched it happen and I don’t think that’s fair.”

Kennedy said his opposition to trans athletes in women’s sports represents another area where he and Biden “differ really dramatically.” The politician also recently came out in opposition to cancel culture because his wife, actress Cheryl Hines, allegedly lost jobs for supporting his candidacy.

President Biden has been a fierce supporter of transgenders in women’s sports. As Breitbart News reported, the Biden administration’s Education Department has been moving to block schools that receive federal funding from “categorically” banning biological males from girls’ sports.

In its proposed rule, the Department of Education said it would “establish that policies violate Title IX when they categorically ban transgender students from participating on sports teams consistent with their gender identity just because of who they are.” However, the proposed rule also says that it will recognize “in some instances, particularly in competitive high school and college athletic environments, some schools may adopt policies that limit transgender students’ participation.”

(Read more of Biden’s evisceration of Title IX at Breitbart)

So, we will see if a sane Democrat can stand up to a Democrat who wants to make men eligible for women’s rights

This may be worth watching.

Unintended consequences of the Tucker Carlson firing


Newsmax ratings climb after Tucker Carlson’s exit at Fox

The New York Times has even recognized the sea change created by the kneejerk reaction firing of Tucker Carlson at Fox News.

Newsmax, the niche conservative news channel that has long played David to Fox News’s Goliath, has seized on Tucker Carlson’s shock dismissal from its rival network and declared itself the true TV home for right-wing Americans.

So far, the strategy is showing some promise.

Viewership of Newsmax remains far below that of Fox News. But its audience at certain hours has doubled, and in some time slots tripled, in the immediate aftermath of Mr. Carlson’s exit — an abrupt spike that has turned heads in conservative circles and the cable news industry.

On Monday evening, Eric Bolling’s 8 p.m. Newsmax program drew 531,000 viewers, according to Nielsen. One week earlier, it had 146,000. On Tuesday, Mr. Bolling’s audience grew to 562,000 viewers, equal to about 80 percent of Anderson Cooper’s CNN viewership that evening. Newsmax’s other prime-time shows also experienced big jumps.

The sharp rise in viewership can be timed almost to the minute of Fox News’s announcement on Monday that it was parting ways with Mr. Carlson, in part because of private messages sent by the anchor that included offensive and crude remarks.

Executives at Newsmax quickly sensed an opportunity.

Starting on Monday, Newsmax programming has aggressively pushed a narrative that Mr. Carlson’s dismissal was a capitulation to the left by Fox News and the Murdoch family.

One pundit mused on the air that Lachlan Murdoch, the executive chairman of the Fox Corporation, was “much more liberal” than his father, Rupert. Andrew Napolitano, a Newsmax pundit who was fired by Fox News in 2021 over a harassment allegation, said Fox News dismissing its top-rated anchor “is like the 1927 Yankees firing Babe Ruth for his table manners — I don’t get it.”

Anchors and guests harped on a recent appearance by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a New York Democrat, in which she called for Mr. Tucker’s firing. “A.O.C. speaks, and now Fox listens,” grumbled the Newsmax anchor Chris Salcedo. “These really are end times.”


At the time, Newsmax saw a burst in viewership, even recording higher ratings than the Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum one evening in December 2020. (Ms. MacCallum was switched to a different time slot not long afterward.) But its audience eventually shrank. And despite Mr. Trump’s complaints, Fox News continued as the undisputed ratings king of cable news, powered in part by Mr. Carlson’s increasingly provocative program.

(Read even the bilge I skipped at the New York Times)

The Tucker viewers will not go to CNN, no matter how much the Times wishes

No matter how much body english the Times applies to its words, they will not be able to bamboozle conservatives by twisting the facts. First off, any conservative reading the Times is doing it with an eye not to be fooled. They know the constant Marxist diatribe to be expected from the Times. Second, in sheer numbers, those numbers of conservatives reading the Times are small.

Now we know how much more Tucker knows his brand than Fox

NewsMax outlines the business and media savvy of Tucker Carlson as he traverses the ever-changing landscape.

Tucker knows his brand, Fox, not so much

One thing is for sure: Tucker Carlson understands branding. Whether you like him or not, the conservative firebrand knows his brand and appreciates all its benefits.

His departure from the “fair and balanced” network — FNC, has prognosticators speculating on what happened, leading to the news of why he left the Fox News Channel.

Some have identified his moving on from being one of the casualties of the Dominion Voting Machines lawsuit, where Fox had to pay over a half-billion dollars in damages, to speculation there were additional lawsuits that Carlson was involved in, to the simple old idea, that Rupert Murdoch didn’t like Tucker.

It is no secret that the news business is a personality industry replete with egos that can turn a career faster than a speeding bullet or, for that matter, a news cycle.

There is also the theory that Mr. Murdoch was over Carlson’s prima-donna antics. His airing of additional January 6 footage challenged the Democrat’s insurrection theory, his anti-Ukraine anti-war position, and his many other nonconventional opinions that only reinforced his brand to his countless and loyal audience.

This series of events didn’t wear well with the elder Murdoch and led to the parting of ways between these grand brands.

If Tucker understands his brand, what can be said about the Fox News Channel? It doesn’t say a lot. From a branding perspective, Fox has lost sight of its brand and appeal to its loyal audience over the years.

(Read more at NewsMax)

Yes, there is a bias at this blog

I do hope that Tucker enjoys greater success, at least for the short term, than Fox.

Additionally, there is the input of Victor Davis Hanson

To get the outside perspecitive of the Telegraph, here is a long-format interview of Victor Davis Hanson by the Telegraph on the firing of Tucker Carlson.

For those seeking their next Tucker Carlson Tonight fix, you’re in luck and Fox News is not.


If you are ready to see the Tucker Carlson that you have missed, follow these instructions

First, pull your phone out (or whatever you use to send and receive text messages).

Text tucker to 44055. Upon sending that text, you will receive a response asking for your email address. Send that.

Once that is complete, go to for a link of the video of the last show broadcast on Tucker Carlson Tonight. Also available shows from 19 and 20 April 2023 and three videos labeled Tucker Carlson Originals.

Fox News Bleeding: $500M Drop in Market Cap, $77M Advertising Revenue in Jeopardy | Facts Matter

Roman Balmakov of The Epoch Times laid out these facts in the 26 April 2023 edition of Facts Matter.

Two days ago, in a truly shocking move, Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News or, as the official statement claims, “Tucker Carlson and Fox News have agreed to part ways.”

Now, to anyone that was actually paying attention to the media landscape over the last several years, this was indeed a shocking development because Tucker’s show was far and above the most popular program over on Fox. Actually, it was one if not the most popular news progam across all of cable tv.

For instance, if you (bringing up the 24 April 2023 edition of TV Newser) look at the ratings on the very weke that Tucker was canned — well (showing Tucker with 270 as opposed to Cooper with 94 and Hayes with 133), you’ll see that in terms of viewership, he was blowing CNN and MSNBC completely out of the water. That’s (of course) not even mentioning ABC, CBS, and all of the different networks.Furthermore, financially, this is going to hurt Fox News quite a bit, because not is only the Tucker show bringing in a cool $77.5 million in advertising per year — but also, right after his departure was announced Fox‘s share price just tanked. Within a matter of hours, they lost close to a billion worth of market value. Eventually, it did bounce back a little bit, but as of this recording, it was still down about $0.5 billion.

Furthermore, you may not know this, but Fox News has a subscription platform called “Fox Nation.” And, while the number of Fox Nation subscribers isn’t publically known, what is publicly known is that (right after Tucker was gien the boot) the hashtag: #CancelFoxNation trended on Twitter.

(Watch the video below for the full text)

Tucker Carlson Out At Fox News Channel


A story that makes no sense: Tucker Carlson Out At Fox News Channel

Why would the #1 cable news company fire its #1 host?

The Daily Wire brings out the bare minimum for a story which seems to consist of only the bare minimum (so far).

Tucker Carlson, Fox News Channel’s biggest prime time star, has left the cable news giant.

“FOX News Media and Tucker Carlson have agreed to part ways,” Fox News said in statement. “We thank him for his service to the network as a host and prior to that as a contributor.”

The network said Carlson has already hosted his last episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“Mr. Carlson’s last program was Friday April 21st” the statement continued. “Fox News Tonight will air live at 8 PM/ET starting this evening as an interim show helmed by rotating FOX News personalities until a new host is named.

Carlson was almost always at the top of the ratings in prime time, drawing a massive audience that often dwarfed several of his competitors combined. As The Daily Wire previously reported, Carlson’s show in reruns often eclipsed the audience of original programming at other networks.

A source told The Daily Wire Carlson’s staff was blindsided by the news and only learned late Monday morning when members received an email from the prime time star.

(Read of other media consutant input on Tucker’s exit at the Daily Wire)

So is this how Biden gets back into the White House — by silencing the major voices?

Has Fox just self-neutered itself as part of the cowardly Dominion settlement? Ot was this the action of a nework convinced that it should provide equity, not excellence, in news reporting?

If so, then what liberal outlet should we sue for their suppressing the Hunter laptop story? Should PBS or CBS be the first?

Isn’t a call for the silencing of Tucker Carlson a call for violence?

Since we know that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said “I genuinely want to know why Tucker Carlson is allowed/paid to engage in clear, targeted, libelous harassment that endangers people and drives so many violent threats that people have to fundraise for their own safety.” — doesn’t it seem that she might be pushing for violence against him?

Let’s make some lists of firsts for and against President Trump

Firsts for President Trump

President Trump accomplishments in office

During four years, President Trump:

What is it exactly that Joe and the Democrats have accomplished since 2020?

Have they conquered climate change? (That’s a trick question: you know they never will conquer climate change even if there were a simple answer to the questions at the bottom of the “crisis.”)

It’s 2023. Has the “transitory” inflation they talked about turned out to be transitory?

Considerting that Joe sent us all home with his COVID restrictions, he can’t take credit for a “recovering” jobs outlook while the economy teeters on banking collapse.

More to the point, why should we re-elect woke, open border politicians of any party

Since I have followed the habits of Senator John Cornyn, I know what a turn-coat he can be for conservatives. Although he seems to pull out the conservative catch words only every six years (and otherwise keeping his liberal likeness to former Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison), he always seems to stab conservatives in the back early in his term.

Therefore, I know that both Republicans and Democrats are to blame for the lousy state of:

The things endured by President Trump during his administration and following that

President Trump is the first president:

  • To be wiretapped by the FBI before taking office
  • To be banned from social media platforms
  • To be impeached twice
  • To be raided by the FBI
  • To be indicted by a district attorney who has downgraded multiple felonies to midemeanors

Tell me what the press has not shielded Joe Biden from when it comes to scandal

We know that Joe was the genesis of or was very closely associated with the genesis of the following scandals:


Democrats pounce!

Democrats jump at the chance to get a kindred soul in Wisconsin’s high court

Lawfare at work: Pelosi, Soros, and other Democrats pour money into “nonpartisan” Wisconsin Supreme Court race

The Daily Caller shows us how Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, and other top Democrat movers and shakers have started pouring money into the “nonpartisan” Wisconsin race for a Supreme Court position.

Top-Democratic leaders are funneling millions of dollars into the Democratic Party of Wisconsin ahead of the state’s “nonpartisan” Supreme Court race, according to finance reports released Monday.

Both George Soros and Democratic Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker funded the party with $1 million each, and Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California donated $12,000, according to finance reports for this period, Feb. 7 to March 20. The liberal candidate, Milwaukee County Judge Janet Protasiewicz, received roughly $8.7 million from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin in funds.

“Janet Protasiewicz’ campaign is being bankrolled by far-left Democrats responsible for soft-on-crime policies, liberal prosecutors, and catch and release DAs nationwide,” Rachel Reisner, a Wisconsin GOP spokesperson, told the Daily Caller News Foundation. “George Soros and J.B. Pritzker’s million-dollar contributions underscore that Protasiewicz will simply be a progressive rubber stamp, and they’ll drop whatever cash needed to buy her a Wisconsin Supreme Court seat because her pro-criminal record aligns with their agenda, one that has wreaked havoc on Democrat-run cities throughout America.”

Protasiewicz received just over $8 million in monetary donations and more than $700,000 in non-monetary funds from the state’s Democratic Party, the finance reports show.

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

Does it seem that Democrats want to skip the messy part of writing the law

Just have a sympathetic judge go in there and re-interpret the law to say 1,000 genders or a universal basic income.

This could be key when the next federal election occurs and ballot boxes get stuffed.

Luckily for Jane, those at The View agree with her

Jane Fonda says “murder” is the solution to anti-abortion advocates

Little Rock, Arkansas, ABC affiliate KATV reports that Jane Fonda went on ABC‘s day-time talk show The View to announce that the solution to pro-life advocates is not to debate them, but to murder them.

Actress Jane Fonda has been reported to the Capitol Police by Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla., for her suggestion that “murder” is a solution to anti-abortion legislation and its advocates.

During a recent appearance on “The View,” Fonda was chatting with show hosts about abortion and the fact that women no longer have the federally protected right of access to abortion after Roe V. Wade was overturned.

We have experienced, many decades now, of having agency over our bodies, of being able to determine when and how many children to have,” Fonda said on the show. “We know what that feels like, we know what that’s done for our lives.”

We’re not going back, I don’t care what the laws are,” Fonda added as the show’s audience begins to applaud. “We’re not going back.”

The show’s hosts then smiled, agreed and said “there’s the activist” in reference to Jane before asking her what, besides protests and marching, pro-abortion advocates can do in response to anti-abortion legislation and its advocates.

Well… murder,” Fonda says with a straight face.

(Read more at KATV)

If ABC doesn’t agree with this, why is The View still on the air?

This, in contraposition to what the press now says, was not a joke. Look at the video and see. This was a point of agreement to murder the opposition. Joy Behar, Jane Fonda, and the rest all agreed with the outcome.

Katie Hobbs’ press secretary obviously also believes in Jane Fonda’s solution as it would apply to those who disagree with trangenderism

AZ Central points out how the spokesperson for Katie Hobbs called for “transphobes” to be shot rather than debated. This envoking of gun violence sounds like a hate crime.

A social media post from Gov. Katie Hobbs’ spokesperson suggesting the use of violence against those who disparage transgender people has prompted a backlash and calls for the governor to take action.

Hobbs spokesperson Josselyn Berry late Monday posted an image on Twitter from the 1980 movie “Gloria,” showing a woman with a handgun in each hand. “Us when we see transphobes,” Berry wrote in an accompanying post that followed a prior message.

The post was made hours after a mass killing at a Nashville school where the shooter was identified by law enforcement authorities as a transgender person. The tweet was amplified Tuesday by Republican lawmakers and consultants, who panned it as tone deaf and advocating violence.

The Arizona Freedom Caucus, which includes the state Legislature’s farthest-right members, called for Berry’s dismissal, saying that “calling for violence like this is un-American & never acceptable.”

The caucus and its leader Sen. Jake Hoffman, R-Queen Creek, is often at odds with Hobbs and has threatened to sue her over her first executive order. That order expanded protections from discrimination to include gender and reaffirmed that in matters of state employment and contracts, sexual orientation could not be considered. Hoffman charged that Berry was “threatening to shoot people Democrats disagree with less than 12 hours after the Nashville shooting.”

(Read more at AZ Central)

It turns out that this spokesperson was eventually let go

Although the spokesperson was eventually let go, the lag time between the event and the dismissal shows (like the event on The View) there to be a degree of agreement between the governor and her murder-preoccupied spokesperson.

So, if you are pro-life and have a meeting with the Arizona governor, watch your six.

Just when the press was resisting reporting on one attack by a transgender

Stop me if you’ve heard this: In little over 4 years, 4 transgender-identifying mass murderers have attacked

Breitbart lays out the facts regarding mass murders perpetrated by men identifying as women and women identifying as men.

In November of 2018, Snochia Moseley, a man who identified as a woman, wounded three and killed three after opening fire at his place of employment in Aberdeen, Maryland.

In May of 2019, a Colorado woman who identified as male shot up a school, killing one and wounding eight.

In November of 2022, a Colorado man who shot up a gay nightclub, killing five and wounding 18, was identified as transsexual.

On Monday, 28-year-old Audrey Elizabeth Hale, a woman who identified as a man, entered a Nashville Christian elementary school with a firearm. She murdered three adult staffers and three nine-year-old children.

In less than five years, that’s four mass shootings committed by people who make up about one-half of one percent of the population. So that works out to around 2.75 mass shootings per million transsexuals over four years.

(Read more at Breitbart)

Something tells me that, were this reversed, we would not be hearing the mocking of Christians across the air waves

Were this a case of four pastors having each committed multiple murders (the most recent including three children), we would be hearing of the dangers of Christians daily.

After Matt Taibbi explains how Biden and his FBI collude with Twitter to suppress free speech, …

Biden’s IRS visits Matt Taibbi and the Biden regime remains silent (since the IRS owes Taibbi money)

The New York Post digs into the case of official oppression by Biden’s jackbooted thugs in the IRS.

The White House declined to comment Wednesday on an IRS agent’s visit to journalist Matt Taibbi’s home on the same day that he testified to a House subcommittee investigating the “weaponization” of government.

The surprise March 9 door-knock came as the “Twitter Files” collaborator described his reporting on how the government pressured social media platforms to censor online speech.

The Post asked at the first White House press briefing since the news of the visit broke Monday about whether the visit was “part of a campaign to harass or intimidate [Taibbi] related to his journalism.”

White House spokesman John Kirby, coordinator for strategic communications at the National Security Council, declined to provide a substantive reply.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to refer you to the IRS,” he said succinctly.

“Federal law prohibits the IRS from commenting on individual taxpayer matters,” spokesman Robert Marvin told The Post.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, whose department includes the IRS, also was pressed for answers Wednesday by House lawmakers.

“What are the chances of that being just luck?” Rep. Chris Stewart (R-Utah) asked Yellen of the timing of the visit.

“That the IRS appeared at someone’s home while he’s testifying about the weaponization of the federal government before Congress? Because I think it’s minuscule. I think it’s one in a million or less,” Stewart said.

“It’s certainly something that I would want to look into,” Yellen replied.

(Read more at the New York Post)

Think about this. Biden using the IRS as a weapon. Biden using the courts as a weapon. Biden using the FBI to pressure the instant press (Twitter) to publish only what he approves. Does this sound like a dictatorship?

If you read the heading above and come to another conclusion than that of a dictatorship, I would love to see your full reasoning and would invite you to comment below. Be forwarned, though. I will erase all profanity.

Controversial group behind “Trans Day of Vengeance” raised money for firearms training

The Daily Mail tells us how the Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN) organized to raise money for firearms training by sponsoring dance events. Additionally, when conservatives publicized the matter, it was conservatives who got banned from Twitter and other social media.

Despite three nine-year-olds being gunned down by a transgender shooter at a private Christian school in Nashville, activists are still rallying the troops to protest for a ‘Trans Day of Vengeance’ – months after raising money for firearms training. 

Transgender shooter Audrey Hale opened fire on the Covenant School in Nashville at 10.30am on Monday, killing Hallie Scruggs, William Kinney and Evelyn Dieckhaus during her rampage at the school.

But despite rising political tensions across the country, which saw a press secretary for Arizona Democrat Governor post a Tweet about shooting transphobes, the Trans Radical Activist Network (TRAN) is pushing forward with their protest in DC.

The Virginia chapter of the group held a ‘dance party fundraiser’ in Richmond ‘benefiting firearm/self-defense training for trans-Virginians’ on March 7, before the mass shooting had taken place. 

In statements, the group has taken pains to distance themselves from Hale, and her actions, and changed the name of the protest before the brutal slayings.  

The protest on Saturday was initially meant to be called a ‘day of visibility’ but rebranded before the shooting to vengeance because it means ‘fighting back with vehemence’ – though the group was quick to say they do not ‘encourage or promote violence’ when contacted by

But one activist appears to have taken the movement to the next level, posting a picture of a heavily armed person with an assault rifle and threatening to ‘kill christcucks’ – as Twitter removed thousands of posts with flyers for the event. 

Twitter has been removing the posts that could be deemed threatening or involve guns associated with the ‘TransDayofVengeance’ hashtag – but it is unclear exactly how many were others posing with weapons as they have since been deleted.

Ella Irwin, Twitter’s head of trust and safety, wrote that the company removed more than 5,000 tweets that included a poster for the event.

She said: ‘We do not support tweets that incite violence irrespective of who posts them. 

‘Vengeance’ does not imply peaceful protest. Organizing or support for peaceful protests is ok.’

Two other trans activists have since posted footage and photos of themselves with rifles, which appear to be in direct response to the Nashville shooting. 

One says that she will use the weapon for ‘protection’ against ‘transphobes’ who  target them. 

Kayla Denker, who describes themselves as a ‘communist, archaeologist and writer, posted the video of herself with her gun after the incident in Nashville – despite saying ‘advocating for trans people to arm ourselves is not any kind of a solution to the genocide we are facing’.

(Read more at the Daily Mail)

I support anyone’s right to protect themselves; however, I don’t support intimidation

Protect yourself and I am behind you. Start inciting violence against others and you will have won an enemy.

Additionally, be forwarned that (unlike the liberal press that will call laws forbidding talking about sex with children under the age of majority to be “killing transgenderism”) I see these matters as black and white. Protecting children from pornography is not book banning. Protecting children from inappropriate topics that their parents have not approved is not killing. However, making verbal and printed threats are a form of assault. Therefore, to encourage people to “behead christcucks” is to promote violence and should be punished as such.

It has been and will be conservative voices that Twitter continues to ban

Tell me again how we cannot abandon Twitter and just regularly monitor (and boycott) everything on Twitter

The Daily Beast informs us of the deplatforming of Representative Majorie Taylor Greene over her exposure of the “Trans Day of Vengeance.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s congressional Twitter account was restricted Tuesday after the Georgia Republican shared an image about a “Trans Day of Vengeance.” Greene said the graphic was promoting an “Antifa” event next month in Washington, D.C. Twitter has since removed the post, with the company’s head of trust and safety, Ella Irwin, explaining that Twitter had to automatically remove more than 5,000 tweets and retweets of the poster. “We do not support tweets that incite violence irrespective of who posts them,” Irwin said. “‘Vengeance’ does not imply peaceful protest. Organizing or support for peaceful protests is ok.” Irwin also wrote that Twitter “did not take a ‘strike’ approach with restricting” the tweets sharing the poster, instead only restricting the media being shared. “There is no impact to users for having tweeted it unless it is reposted after removal or was posted with additional calls for violence/ wishes of harm,” Irwin added. Using her personal Twitter account, Greene later wrote: “Twitter’s [Ella Irwin] claims no one was given a ‘strike’ for warning the American people of political violence planned at the Supreme Court. Yet my official CONGRESSIONAL account was banned for 7 days for exposing Antifa’s plan for violence on the ‘Trans Day of Vengeance.’ [Elon Musk], can you explain?”

(Read Twitter’s scant responses at The Daily Beast)

Now we know why Elon Musk was stopped by the Twitter board

It looks like the old guard has taken control again.

Tell me again how conservatives should expect anything but suppression on Twitter.


Now it’s “Denyin’ Biden.” Sometimes it’s “Slidin’ Biden” as he slips right to left. Will it go back to “Hidin’ Biden?”

Denyin’ Biden says “It’s not true” despite the bank records

MSN catches Joe Biden in a befuddled and then a unrecalcitrant state when they ask him about the bank statement recently uncovered by the House.

President Biden denied that his family received more than $1 million in payments from accounts related to Hunter Biden’s business associate Rob Walker and their Chinese business ventures in 2017, even though financial records indicate otherwise.

On Thursday, GOP lawmakers on the House Oversight Committee revealed that they had obtained bank documents showing that Hunter Biden, the president’s brother Jim, and Hallie Biden, the widow of his son Beau, received payments from Hunter’s business associate Rob Walker and their joint venture with Chinese energy firm CEFC. A spokesperson for Hunter Biden’s legal team confirmed the payments Thursday but emphasized that the recipients’ accounts “belonged to Hunter, his uncle and Hallie – nobody else.” 


“That’s not true,” the president said, when asked about the GOP lawmakers’ findings.


The records revealed that on March 1, 2017, less than two months after then-Vice President Joe Biden left office, State Energy HK Limited, a separate Chinese company, wired $3 million to Robinson Walker, LLC.

(Read the whole article at MSN)

Odd how the press does not really pick this up

I remember how Trump insulted Jim Acosta for being rude on multiple occasions. After that insult, all sorts of press outlets and personalities took up the cause of attacking Trump over rudeness and excusing Acosta for the same.

Why doesn’t the press, even the “conservative” press — like Fox, adopt this zeal against Biden? Why not show up daily at the White House doorsteps shouting questions the way they did with Trump?

Biden Shifts further to the left with a dictatorial move against the Second Amendment

Tony Perkins’ Washington Stand explains the failings of the Biden gun policies as they go through their recent machinations.

President Joe Biden, standing in front of a California dance hall where 11 people were mowed down in January, claims otherwise. Last Tuesday, by executive order, he announced a series of new attacks on the Second Amendment — all under the guise that stricter gun policies will somehow end the violence. It’s time, he said emphatically, to “do something. Do something big.” The trouble is, Democrats don’t seem to care if that “something” is the right thing.

Under Biden’s latest congressional end-run, he aims to move America “as close to universal background checks as possible without additional legislation” — which, as conservatives know, is just his lawless way of pushing the country closer to a national firearms registry that could facilitate totalitarian control. Like most Republicans, Congressman Greg Murphy (N.C.) is outraged by the idea, since a) Biden has no constitutional authority to impose these policies without Congress, b) it’s an invasion of Americans’ privacy, and c) it won’t do anything to prevent the bloodshed on our cities’ streets.

“The sad thing is,” Murphy told me on “Washington Watch,” “this is an absolute aberration and misunderstanding of who commits crimes with guns. It’s not law-abiding people, but that’s who he’s after.” So what purpose does any of this grandstanding serve? “I don’t know of one,” the congressman replied. “I don’t know that [there’s] any need for … the government to know who owns a gun and who does not own a gun. I’d love for them to know which criminals own guns — I could probably get behind that. But … law-abiding citizens? That’s not the right of the government. We have a right to own a gun for hunting, for self-protection. And the government has no right to intrude upon that privacy.”

Among other things, the order also weaponizes the DOJ to crackdown on gun sellers they believe aren’t policing buyers strongly enough. But gun sellers aren’t the problem, the data argues. Criminals are.

Josiah O’Neil, a former deputy sheriff in southern California who just ran for Congress, believes there’s a major flaw in the Left’s thinking, which is that gun control laws always assume someone who’s willing to commit murder would hesitate to break gun laws. “I’ve never met a criminal, whether in my local law enforcement or federal work, that respected laws. By definition, criminals don’t,” he explained on “Washington Watch” after the Uvalde massacre.

If anything, these knee-jerk reactions — these supposed “gun control” efforts — turn innocent citizens into sitting ducks. “When places adopt stricter gun control laws, there tends to be an increase in violent crime,” explained scholar John Lott. His research at the Crime Prevention Research Center found that “every place in the world that’s banned, either all guns or all handguns has seen an increase in murder.” Domestically, “over 94% of the successful mass public shootings that have occurred in the United States since 1950 have taken place in areas where citizens weren’t allowed to … have guns.”

Just look at Chicago and Baltimore — cities with some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Gun-related violence is through the roof. That’s because the same criminals who break the law to shoot someone are breaking the law to get the guns to do it with.

(Read introduction and ending at the Washington Stand)

The Bible calls on those with means to protect the defenseless

If we allow the government to provide “strong men” to protect us, strong men of some sort will step in. It may not be the type of strong men we envision. It may be 87,000 jackbooted government thugs. It may be Chicago recreated. It may be Pol Pot’s model of civil government.


Consider how differently the press treats this liberal regime when it comes to imagined versus real failings

Consider the pounding Trump got on the false “Russia, Russia, Russia” media meme

Now think of how little uproar has occurred now that Yellen says Chinese customers of failed Silicon Valley Bank will get money from U.S. fund

Washington Times notes how uninsured Chinese depositors to the failed Silicon Valley Bank will have their entire losses covered through Biden’s “special” assessment for that and the other Democrat cash cow.

Uninsured Chinese depositors in the failed Silicon Valley Bank likely will be made whole through the special assessment on U.S. banks that is funding the rescue crafted by the Biden administration, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told lawmakers Thursday.

Meanwhile, some of the nation’s largest banks teamed up to rescue another beleaguered California lender, First Republic Bank, by providing $30 billion in deposits.

Several members of the Senate Finance Committee criticized the government’s emergency intervention in SVB last week.

Sen. James Lankford, Oklahoma Republican, pressed Ms. Yellen on whether community banks in his state would be reimbursing Chinese citizens and companies that held accounts at the California bank. He cited public reporting that some Chinese investors in SVB have ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

“Will my banks in Oklahoma pay a special assessment to be able to make Chinese investors whole from Silicon Valley Bank?” he asked.

Ms. Yellen replied: “Uninsured investors will be made whole in that bank. I suppose that could include foreign depositors, but I don’t believe there’s any legal basis to discriminate among [the] uninsured.”

With evident sarcasm, Mr. Lankford noted that the administration had promised that U.S. taxpayers wouldn’t pay for the bank bailout.

“I’m sure my bankers are going to be very excited to know they are no longer paying taxes and their banks no longer pay taxes,” he said. “All banks make their revenue off of rates and fees and such to their account holders, which means every Oklahoman will pay higher fees in their community banks.”

(Read more at the Washington Times)

When Biden has been receiving monies from Ukraine and China, why must America send billions to Ukraine in China?

If you have been paying attention to everything Dementia Joe wants you to forget, the Biden clan has been receiving money (from Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian, and other foreign sources), you know that up to seven Biden family members have received money. Could this be part of the payback?

If you heard what Yellen was saying, this is not only a bailout of American billionaires. It also bails out wealthy Chinese. Who knows, maybe even some of the ones that finance the “Big Guy.”

Additionally, consider the minor bit of attention paid when former First Lady and Former Secretary of State Clinton paid a fine for lying about the Steele dossier

When the origin of “Russia, Russia, Russia” was discovered, Hillary only had to pay a fine (as reported by the New York Post).

The Federal Election Commission has fined both Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee for lying about how they spent money used to fund the now-debunked Steele dossier on former President Donald Trump.

The Clinton campaign and the DNC will be forced to pay $8,000 and $105,000 respectively for mislabeling payments that ultimately went to Fusion GPS, the consulting firm that commissioned the dossier, according to FEC documents viewed by the Post.

The fines stem from a complaint originally filed in 2018 by the Coolidge Reagan Foundation, which was informed of the outcome on Tuesday.

The Clinton campaign and the DNC paid more than $1 million combined to powerful Democratic law firm Perkins Coie, which engaged Fusion GPS to dig for dirt on Trump. Fusion GPS, in turn, hired former British spy Christopher Steele — whose namesake dossier included allegations that Russian security services possessed a tape of Trump in a Moscow hotel room with prostitutes who were supposedly urinating on a bed where the Obamas had previously stayed.

The FEC said Clinton and the DNC claimed the money given to Perkins Coie to hire Fusion GPS was reported on disclosure forms as having gone toward “legal advice and services” rather than opposition research.

(Read more at the New York Post)

Let’s not forget the example of President Skinny Pants and his record-setting fine to the

The US News and World Report told us of the time Obama was fined for hiding donors and keeping illegal donations while only having to pay a fine (albeit a record-breaking fine to the FEC).

Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has been fined $375,000 by the Federal Election Commission for violating federal disclosure laws, Politico reports.

An FEC audit of Obama for America’s 2008 records found the committee failed to disclose millions of dollars in contributions and dragged its feet in refunding millions more in excess contributions.

The resulting fine, one of the largest ever handed down by the FEC, is the result of a failure to disclose or improperly disclosing thousands of contributions to Obama for America during the then-senator’s 2008 presidential run, documents show.

The FEC says the Obama campaign failed to disclose the sources of 1,300 large donations, which together accounted for nearly $1.9 million. Election Commission rules state campaigns must report donations of $1,000 or more within 20 days of Election Day.

Obama for America was also fined for “untimely resolution of excessive contributions,” according to the conciliation agreement, FEC says. The campaign accepted more than $1.3 million in contributions that came from donors who had already given $46,000—the maximum allowed by FEC rules. The campaign eventually refunded the excess cash but did not do so within the 60-day window allotted for resolving such cases, FEC said.

In addition to failing to report big donors and excess donations in a timely manner, the Obama campaign incorrectly dated the filings dealing with $85 million in funds, the FEC claims. This error appears to have been primarily the result of one transfer to the campaign committee from the Obama Victory Fund, a fundraising group that includes money raised by the Democratic National Committee that is earmarked for the presidential race.

(Read more at the US News and World Report)

Now think about Biden and the newest discoveries

Comer says “6 or 7 Biden family members” may have been involved in overseas business schemes

The New York Post lets us know of Representative James Comer’s investigation into the Biden influence-for-sale scheme.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer believes that more than half a dozen members of the Biden clan may have been involved in various worldwide business schemes that profited off their family name. 

Comer, whose committee is investigating the Biden family’s business dealings, shared the insight in a Wednesday night interview with Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

“At the end of this I think we’re gonna see there are probably six or seven Biden family members that were involved in various business schemes around the world,” Comer (R-Ky.) told Ingraham, referring to his panel’s far-reaching probe.

Comer didn’t mention any names in the interview and declined to reveal the identity of the unnamed Biden family member who got proceeds from a $3 million wire to Hunter Biden associate John “Rob” Walker  just weeks after Joe Biden left the vice presidency in 2017.

The Oversight Committee chairman first revealed on Monday that bank records obtained via subpoena implicate three Bidens, including one that’s “never before been identified” as being involved in the family’s alleged influence-peddling operation. 

“So this just shows how deep the Biden family was involved in this influence peddling scheme,” Comer told Ingraham, adding that it remains unclear what the $3 million transaction was for.

“It looks to me like these people, who are closely aligned with the Chinese Communist Party, sent $3 million to a shell corporation then they turned around and split it three ways with a third going to the Biden family – three different family members for no apparent reason,” Comer said. 

“They didn’t invest it in a business. They just, it appears, stuck it in their pocket,” he added.

(Read more at the New York Post)

If bribery is illegal, this should also be illegal

If Joe’s actions before coming to the Oval Office don’t trigger some legal action (in response to where he used government monies to force the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor that was going after Hunter’s actions at Burisma), then there is no working law enforcement in America. We have become a banana republic.

Likewise, if Joe’s classified documents (gathered while he was vice president and had no authority to have or declassify them) don’t trigger some legal repercussions, there is no equality under the law.