Two cases that underscore facts inconvenient to the Socialists


On the same day as the Rittenhouse verdict, another case validated the citizens’ right of self defense

The Western Journal reported on a second case that affirms America’s Second Amendment.

When application of the law is based upon reason instead of emotion, truth prevails.

AndrewCoffeeAndrew Coffee IV, a black man, was acquitted of murder by way of self-defense, as reported by WPBF-TV.  On the same day, Kyle Rittenhouse was cleared of murder charges by reason of self-defense.

I mention that Coffee was black only because many have been asking what might have happened in the Rittenhouse trial if the defendant was black. The question is usually asked by those who maintain that the U.S. justice system is systematically racist and therefore unjust.

“If Black Kyle Rittenhouse had shown up at an anti-vax rally with a weapon and the crowd chased him down and he shot two people dead, what would have happened? One, he probably would have been shot dead by police or bystanders, and two, he likely would have been portrayed as a thug and convicted in front of an all-white jury,” journalist David Greenwald claimed.

In another reaction, Democratic Rep. Cori Bush goes so far as to claim the judge, jury and defendant are white supremacists.

Bush wasn’t alone in her irrational response to the verdict. A slew of other leftists lashed out at at the verdict as well, as reported by Townhall.

Some of the claims were blatantly false. New York City Mayor Bill di Blasio claimed Rittenhouse had transported a gun across state lines.

The Coffee case just isn’t getting the same fanfare. Leftists are pretty quiet on that front.

Coffee was found not guilty of the murder of his girlfriend Alteria Woods and the attempted murder of Florida Indian River County sheriff deputies during an early morning drug raid in 2017.

Coffee’s defense claimed the defendant was asleep and thought a flash-bang set off by deputies was gunfire. Coffee claimed he fired his gun because he believed he was under attack.

“I was trying to protect me and Alteria,” Coffee said, according to WPBF.  “I thought I was doing that, but I feel I didn’t protect her. I can’t sleep with that … They killed her.”

The prosecution maintained that the deputies announced they were there and Coffee shot at them before they returned fire.

The jury, after deliberating over the evidence, including Coffee’s testimony, found the defendant not guilty on the murder charges. They did find him guilty of a felon in possession of a firearm for which Coffee faces up to 30 years in prison.

(Read more at Western Journal)

The one advantage that Rittenhouse may have had over Coffee may have been alternative journalist coverage of the Kenosha riots

Although I admit that journalists cannot cover every angle of every drug raid, I also must admit that the additional video available to show that Rittenhouse was defending himself from aggressors (one child rapist, one attacker who hit him with a skateboard, and one felon armed with a handgun pointed at Kyle’s head) and that did much to prove his case. Were it not for new-generation journalists like Andy Gno, Brendan Gutenschwager (@BGOnTheScene), and others, the case of Kyle Rittenhouse would have been hard to defend against the lies of the defense.

Still, with the eyewitness testimony and the corroborating video evidence, Rittenhouse went against the socialist narrative and proved that he was merely defending himself. Likewise, Coffee (although he earned a 30-year sentence for being a felon in possession of a gun) likewise proved that he did not deserve to be charged with multiple cases of murder when he was defending himself and his girlfriend.

Rittenhouse: the primary case

Ten heinous lies about Kyle Rittenhouse debunked

In a 22 17 November 2021 article, Miranda Devine of the New York Post outlined ten lies that worked to undermine the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

The table below provides a link (on the left) to one example of each of the lies cited and the lie identified by Ms. Devine and the first one or two sentences of her explanation. For greater detail, go to the article by Miranda Devine of the New York Post.

Media Lie The truth
  1. He killed two black BLM protesters.
All three of the men he shot in self-defense during violent riots in Kenosha on Aug. 25 last year were white.
  1. He crossed state lines.
He lived 20 miles from Kenosha in Antioch, Ill., with his mother and sisters. But his father, grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousins and best friend live in Kenosha.
  1. Rittenhouse took an AR-15 across state lines.
His rifle was kept in a safe at his best friend’s stepfather’s house in Kenosha.
  1. The gun was illegal.
Under Wisconsin law, he was entitled to possess the AR-15 as a 17-year-old.
  1. Rittenhouse’s mother drove him across state lines to the riot.
Wendy Rittenhouse, 46, never went to Kenosha (on 25 August 2020).
  1. He was an “active shooter” who took his gun to a riot looking for trouble.
(Refer to the article for the complete lie and defense against this lie — it is too long.)
  1. Rittenhouse is a “white supremacist,” as then-candidate Joe Biden labeled him in a tweet showing the teenager’s photograph.
The FBI scoured Kyle’s phone and found nothing about white supremacy or militias, the court heard.
  1. He “flashed white power signs” with Proud Boys.
After spending three months in jail, Kyle was freed on $2 million bail two days after his 18th birthday last year, and went to a bar for a beer, with his mother and other adults, which is legal in Wisconsin. He posed for selfies with strangers at the bar, who the media say are Proud Boys, and was pictured making the OK sign with his thumb and forefinger.
  1. He wore surgical gloves “to cover his fingerprints.”
Kyle wore gloves because he was giving first aid to protesters.
  1. Judge Bruce Schroeder is a “Trumpy” racist biased toward the defense.
This slur is based on the fact he would not let the prosecution use the term “victim” — common practice when the jury has not ruled on a case.

Of course, the reason that socialists like Cori Bush took after Kyle Rittenhouse is that totalitarians cannot have you defending yourself

The reason that AOC, Cori Bush, Joe Scarborough and multiple socialist-supporting members of the political class and media class go after people like Rittenhouse comes from the fact that they cannot allow you to see that you can defend yourself.

For a similar reason, Biden does not allow “migrants” from Venezuela and Cuba to come to America. They know that socialism kills a nation and must be defeated.


Are Democrat journalists now killing top Democrats or just saving their own journalistic reputations?


Are Democrat journalists now killing Kamala?

“Bitterness,” “irritation:” CNN publishes mother of all Kamala Harris exposés

This 15 November 2021 article in the left-leaning Houston Comical Chronicle might signal that the Democrats finally recognize their need to sever ties from socialists (or just dead weight).

KamalaIt’s been clear for some time that there’s something going on between the offices of Vice President Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden given the unending leaks coming from the White House regarding Harris’ job performance.

On Sunday, CNN published the largest behind-the-scenes exposé on Harris’ time as vice president thus far, featuring interviews with “nearly three dozen former and current Harris aides, administration officials, Democratic operatives, donors and outside advisers.”

According to CNN, there is a growing “bitterness” between the respective teams of Biden and Harris, and “the situation has become a back and forth of irritations” over a great many things. CNN’s sources argued that Harris’ team believes Biden’s hasn’t provided enough support while giving her tasks that put her in “no-win political situation[s]” that will “only sandbag her in the future,” while Biden’s team believes many of Harris’ issues are of her own making.

The quintessential example of this dynamic at play is the White House putting Harris in charge of the administration’s handling of the southern border crisis. CNN reported that Harris herself told Biden staffers that she “didn’t want to be assigned to manage the border,” but got stuck with it nonetheless. Biden’s team has reportedly been annoyed with her at-times flippant attitude towards the task, best exemplified through her now-infamous interview with NBC’s Lester Holt in which she laughed off questions.

The CNN report also touches on the alleged toxic workplace environment in Harris’ office and her reliance on her sister Maya, two issues that have been widely reported on since Harris attempted to run for president in the 2020 Democratic primaries. Something new in the CNN report is a growing “suspicion” from Harris’ team over the Biden team’s treatment of Harris and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg — a reported 2024 rival for Harris if Biden does not run again.

(Read how Kamala has expressed envy of the fawning praise of Buttigieg at the Houston Chronicle)

Certainly liberal media could have ignored this, just as they ignore most embarrassing things coming out of the Biden regime

The liberal press, headed by organizations like CNN, could have ignored this bit of twittering between politicos. They could have deep-sixed this (just as they did the story on Joe’s flatulence in front of the future queen). 

Politico quietly throws Biden’s FBI under the bus

Politico: FBI O’Keefe raid “sparks questions about press freedom”

Breitbart explains how Politico has now started covering for themselves by pretending to care about the FBI raiding an investigative reporter. Never mind that O’Keefe’s Project Veritas reported to law enforcement that it had come into possession of what seemed to be the Biden diary. Never mind that the diary then went from Project Veritas to the New York Times.

Politico published the first article in an establishment media publication on Saturday questioning the legitimacy of the FBI’s recent raid on the home of Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and warning that it could be a “threat to press freedom.”

The raid took place last Saturday at O’Keefe’s home in New York, and ostensibly involved a search for clues about a stolen diary belonging to President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, which Project Veritas says it obtained legally and which it did not use in any media coverage, turning it over to law enforcement last year instead.

Politico‘s Josh Gerstein wrote:

The Biden administration’s effort to establish itself as a committed champion of press freedom is facing new doubts because of the Justice Department’s aggressive legal tactics against a conservative provocateur known for his hidden-camera video stings.

A predawn FBI raid last weekend against Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe and similar raids on some of his associates are prompting alarm from some First Amendment advocates, who contend that prosecutors appear to have run roughshod over Justice Department media policies and a federal law protecting journalists.


“This is just beyond belief,” said University of Minnesota law professor Jane Kirtley, a former executive director of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press. “I’m not a big fan of Project Veritas, but this is just over the top. I hope they get a serious reprimand from the court because I think this is just wrong.”


At the center of the gathering legal storm is a pivotal question: Is O’Keefe a journalist in the eyes of the law?


Lawyers tracking the case say the publicly available facts suggest two possibilities: the Justice Department deemed O’Keefe did not qualify as a journalist under DOJ guidelines and federal law known as the Privacy Protection Act, or concluded that he was a member of the media, but that Project Veritas’ personnel may still have committed a crime.

Read the full Politico article here. The Privacy Protection Act is described here.

In recent years, leading Democrats have proposed clamping down on the independent press by declaring that the government should be able to define who is, and who is not, a “journalist” for the purposes of press freedom.

In his confirmation hearing, Attorney General Merrick Garland promised not to allow the Department of Justice to become politicized — a commitment that has been questioned in recent weeks.

(Read about the files leaked to the NYT wits at Breitbart)

Admittedly, Politico did this under the cover of night (and nobody else in the press is mentioning it)

This mention by Politico is little more than a cover-the-rear-of-the-main-stream-press move.

Don’t expect CNN to spend years harping on the inequity of having the FBI invade an investigative reporting organization and transfer the findings from that organization to one of its chief rivals. Obviously, this is not a Russian collusion hoax.

Don’t expect CBS to comment on the problem to the Constitutional government where the press plays footsie with the occupier of the Oval Office. However, this doesn’t involve lying to destroy a Republican.

While the real jokes are the Democrats, here are some cartoons

Another solution plugged (and Democrats think Plugs would know)


Biden’s new sieve


Hillary riding the bear


Liberal hypocrite media has the vapors


Not the bean ball they expected


Overreach (get ’em, Fido)


Psaki going swimmingly


Camilla won’t pull Biden’s finger


Race and only race


You think that’s expensive …



Now that we have one Biden bill, look at the bigger brother in the BBB 2.0


Biden bill would give local news outlets “shot in the arm”

The Washington Times points out how the $1.85 trillion will cost you much more for the sake of the local news.

LocalNewsReportingPresident Joe Biden’s $1.85 trillion social spending bill includes a provision that, if it becomes law, would mark the first time the federal government has offered targeted support in response to the decline of local news.

The help would come in the form of a payroll tax credit for companies that employ eligible local journalists. The measure would allow newspapers, digital news outlets and radio and television stations to claim a tax credit of $25,000 the first year and $15,000 the next four years for up to 1,500 journalists.

It’s a response to growing alarm that the elimination of newsroom jobs is leaving communities without access to critical information. The concern has grown since a hedge fund with a reputation of ruthless cost-cutting acquired Tribune, one of the nation’s largest newspaper chains, in May. Already, about one-fourth of the country’s newspapers have closed and half of local journalism jobs have evaporated in the past 15 years, according to research from the University of North Carolina.

That leaves about 1,800 communities with no local newspaper.

But the credit, which would cost $1.67 billion over the next five years, does create some tension for the industry. Some top Republicans in Congress have derided it as a handout. Leading journalists also acknowledge that it’s awkward to receive financial assistance from a government they cover independently.

Still, given the sense of crisis the industry is facing, many journalists say the risk is worth it.

“This is only a reluctant response to this fear of the collapse of local news and their business models,” said Steven Waldman, president and co-founder of Report for America, an organization that places journalists in local newsrooms, including The Associated Press. “Most journalists start off with a healthy skepticism about the government getting involved and helping journalism. And that’s appropriate.”

“But,” he added, “the reason why this is happening now is just the severity of the crisis.”

Government support for media, in ways direct and indirect, is not new. It goes back to the earliest days of the country when Congress subsidized periodicals’ postal rates. More recently, a pandemic-era small business loan program provided millions to news organizations.

(Read how over a dozen idiot Republicans support this issue at the Washington Times)

This will only put a nail in the coffin of journalism and will build up Democrat propaganda

This will remove the incentive for investigation beyond what the Democrats require. Additionally, this will remove the incentive for small town reporters to distinguish themselves as strong-on-the-facts reporters. Rather, they will focus on the talking points of the regime, as April Ryan recently twisted a phrase to support a yet-unknown policy of Mayor Pete’s and Dementia Joe’s.

If this portion of the bill remains in place, we can expect the trend of liberalization in the national media to accelerate in the local media. Rather than reporting the evident truth, we will likely find our local media proclaiming “mostly peaceful riots” with bonfires burning in businesses behind them. Instead of waiting on the facts about a case, they will proclaim a defendant either sainted or guilty (based on their skin color or political affiliation and not on their acts).

Good news: the Senate has a little sanity

At least five Republican senators will not vote for the BBB 2.0 without border wall funding

Townhall comments on the five Republican senators who will not vote for Biden’s second inflation-spurring enterprise with a $1.85 trillion beginning bill.

Five Republicans senators are vowing not to support any spending bill that does not include funding to address the immigration crisis at the southern border, specifically highlighting the border wall’s lack of sufficient funds.

GOP Sens. Mike Braun (IN), Marco Rubio (FL), Mike Lee (UT), Cynthia Lummis (WY), and Ted Cruz (TX) are sending a letter to their Senate colleagues Monday that says the Senate Appropriations Committee’s funding proposals “fail to provide America’s border agents with the proper security infrastructure necessary to defend America’s southern border from the continued crisis of unrestrained illegal migration.”

“The failure to provide sufficient resources is a continuation of the Biden-Harris Administration’s inability and unwillingness to acknowledge the humanitarian and national security risks created by its open-border policies,” the letter reads, according to Fox News. “We write to indicate that we will withhold support of any negotiated Fiscal Year 2022 omnibus funding agreement that fails to appropriately fund our nation’s border security.”

The U.S. has faced an ongoing surge in border crossings this year. In Fiscal Year 2021, there have been more than 1.7 million migrant encounters, including more than 192,000 in September alone. 

Republicans have attributed this immigration crisis to President Joe Biden’s reversal of a number of Trump-era policies. These rolled-back policies included a Biden executive order that stopped border wall construction, which had more than 450 miles built during the Trump administration.

The letter points out that border wall funding was also left out of Democratic appropriation bills. The Homeland Security appropriation bill reallocated nearly $2 billion in funds for the wall, which will now be used for other border security operations. The bill will now only use $14.5 billion in funding for Customs and Border Protection, a $500 million dip from the Fiscal Year 2021 request.

(Read more of the issue at Townhall)

This reminds me of a key Bible verse

Since I know Senator Ted Cruz to have given a Christian witness and I trust lawmakers who — even when confronted by an adversarial press — seem to keep the best interests of the people in mind (and since I have experienced the adverse actions of the Biden regime), the following verse comes to mind:

When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, But when a wicked man rules, people groan. (Proverbs 29:2 NASB)


How raw is the deal that Biden will sign today? Details of Biden’s $1.2 trillion “Build back better” plan


“Build Back Better” to hike taxes on some middle-class families while giving some wealthy people a massive tax cut

The Washington Examiner exposes a little of the workings of the smaller plan that Biden is pushing (pushing us further into debt and inflation). (Emphasis in bolding is mine.)

MillionaireHouseMost millionaires would receive a tax cut from the Democrats’ “Build Back Better” bill, and many middle-class taxpayers would see a tax increase.

That last point is politically salient. President Joe Biden absolutely positively 100% swore and promised he would not hike taxes by a penny on a single middle-class taxpayer.

Phil Klein at National Review spells it out. Citing a Tax Policy Center study, which concludes “roughly 20 percent to 30 percent of middle-income households would pay more in taxes in 2022,” Klein quotes Biden, who said:

“Here’s the deal: I pay for every single thing I’m proposing without raising your taxes one penny. If you make less than 400-grand you’re not going to get a penny tax.”

Meanwhile, most millionaires would get a tax cut from this bill, thanks to the expansion of the special deduction for state and local taxes — a tax break that almost entirely benefits very high-income people. On net, millionaires would pay more because one-third of millionaires would see tax hikes that drown out the tax cuts that most millionaires get.

But here’s the most interesting math, in my mind, via the Center for a Responsible Federal Budget: “A household making $1 million per year will receive ten times as much from SALT cap relief as a middle-class family will receive from the child tax credit expansion.”

This tells you where the Democrats’ priorities are.

(Read more at the Washington Examiner)

Odd how Democrats don’t see credits for expensive e-cars as perks for the rich

The Democrats continually have claimed this law has no perks for the rich. However, when you point out that there are tax breaks for buying high-end e-cars (the cheapest of which is double the price of a comparably-sized gasoline-driven model), their argument falls apart. When you point out that the tax breaks for state and local taxes lean toward those who own estates (and do nothing for the guy renting an apartment), they don’t want to talk about it.


Biden’s “BBB-BS plan” deconstructed by Republican congressman

Fox News reports on Rep. Carlos Gimenez’s deconstruction of the “Build Back Better-BS” plan.

Rep. Carlos Gimenez, R-Fla., outlined the full extent of the possible consequences of inflation and President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda Saturday on ‘Fox News Live.”

REP. CARLOS GIMENEZ, R-FLA.: I think it’ll affect the midterms big time. It’s always pocketbook issues are what [drive] elections and pocketbook issues will drive the midterms, too. And the inflation rate is at a…30-year all-time high. And…it just continues to go up and up and up. More people may be getting more money in their paychecks, but it’s all being gobbled up by higher gas prices. Food, eggs, milk, everything you’re buying is going to be more expensive.


All of that has the effect of inflation raising prices. And when you dump trillions of dollars into the economy, what do you think is going to happen? You know, that’s Economics 101. The value of the dollar will go down. The price of everything is going to go up. It’s going to hurt the poor. It’s going to hurt the middle class. And it’s going to hurt seniors who are on fixed incomes the most. So yeah, I think it’s going to hurt [Democrats] in the midterms. 


[The furthest-left Democrats]…voted against [the bipartisan infrastructure bill] because they really want the BBB…plan, which for me is the BBB-BS plan. …[T]he BBB plan says that [Democrats] [a]re going to create two million jobs except that the Wharton School of Business says it’s actually going to cost 200,000 jobs, that they’re not going to tax anybody [earning] under $400,000 [annually]. And yet that study says that 80% of Americans will…see tax increases. We’re going to have 80,000 IRS agents coming to look at all of our checkbooks in our accounts so they can squeeze about $500 billion more out of you and me in taxes. And not just the rich, you, me and…our waiters, our waitresses, hospitality industry people. Those are the people they’re really going to go after. So no, it’s not the BBB, it’s the BBB-BS plan that they’ve got coming for us. 

(Read the whole article at Fox News)

I am not sure whether the inflation is Biden’s side-effect or plan

To be clear, I cannot read the mind of a demented old guy that often goes to ramble aimlessly. I can’t read anyone’s mind, much less his. Therefore, I cannot tell whether it is Biden’s bumbling (or the bumbling of the socialists who really run his regime) that has produced his inflation. I don’t know whether it is just that Biden has academics from Russia who have never done anything in the real world that are running America into the ground in such short order.

Likewise, I don’t know if this is all by plan. I don’t know if they plan to force us all to have to barely subsist on wages where it takes a million dollars to buy a loaf of bread all so that they think (there go those pie-in-the-sky academicians again) they can pay down the debt with “cheaper” dollars.

All I know is that it will not work out well for anyone who does not have billions of dollars flowing in from Ukraine, Russia, and China.


Batten down the hatches, the storm will soon begin


Rather than learn from history, Jobama follows the failed example of his failed leader

While we already experience empty shelves, Biden mandates firing of employees and providing more paid sick leave

As even the liberal New York Times reports, Biden has set a 4 January 2022 deadline for starting his vaccine mandate.

BidenNotEnoughSenseThe Biden administration on Thursday set Jan. 4 as the deadline for large companies to mandate coronavirus vaccinations or start weekly testing of their workers, the government’s biggest effort yet to enlist private businesses in combating the virus.

The new rule, applying to companies with 100 or more employees, is expected to cover 84 million workers, roughly 31 million of whom are unvaccinated. It lays out details of a plan President Biden announced in September, invoking emergency powers over workplace safety.

In a separate measure that will affect 17 million more workers, nursing homes and other health care facilities that receive Medicare and Medicaid funds must ensure all employees are vaccinated by Jan. 4, with no option for testing. The president has previously imposed vaccine requirements on federal workers, a group that totals more than four million people, and companies that have federal contracts. (The latter group’s deadline was pushed to Jan. 4, from early December.)

But the mandate on large private businesses is the most far-reaching and potentially controversial measure in the government’s efforts to fight the pandemic. Attorneys general in at least 24 states have threatened to sue. Republican governors and some industry trade groups have opposed the requirement, and the 20 percent of U.S. adults who remain unvaccinated may take issue as well.

And the administration is considering going even further. The Labor Department said it had opened a 30-day comment period on whether it should extend the rules to smaller companies.


The rule does, however, instruct employers to require masks for unvaccinated workers by Dec. 5. Companies must provide paid time off for vaccinations and sick leave for side effects as needed. The requirement does not apply to remote and outdoor workers. Some major companies including Tyson Foods and United Airlines have already embraced vaccine mandates. But for many that have been fearful of resistance, the new requirement provides cover to enforce mandates and clarification on a range of questions, including who will pay for testing and whether it applies to employees who work at home.


Employers are not required to either pay for or provide tests, though some may still be compelled to do so by other laws or agreements with unions. Forcing unvaccinated employees to pay for tests, the rule notes, “will provide a financial incentive for some employees to be fully vaccinated.”

Companies that fail to comply may be fined. An OSHA penalty is typically $13,653 for every serious violation, but can be up to 10 times that amount if OSHA determines that the violation is willful or repeated.

OSHA approaches enforcement in a number of ways: It can target inspections at high-risk industries, or it can inspect workplaces in response to complaints or news reports about unsafe conditions.

(Read as much of the liberal bilge as you can stand at the New York Times )

Why would we expect Joe to really learn from Barack?

Just as Barack issued the DACA executive order just after the 2014 mid-terms, Joe Biden has decided to give the middle-finger salute to America in response to their rejection of CRT and other socialist themes. Of course, in Obama’s case, the failure of Obamacare and then the finger-in-the-eye of DACA was (in large part) what gave us President Trump.

In Joe’s case (just to enter this phase), Joe has been denying that the inflation and supply-chain problems that have wrecked and wracked America for nearly ten months have come from:

  • A misguided, largely Democrat-mandated COVID-lockdown of America,
  • Overly-generous unemployment benefits (usually implemented in Democrat states), and
  • Fearmongering by those in the press and Government.

Now, we find him doubling down on the above mistakes by:

  • In many cases needlessly reducing our experienced workforce (since many have natural immunity through having caught COVID),
  • Putting the segment of the workforce that chooses later vaccination into paid sick leave as they recover from complications from the jab,
  • Imposing business-killing fines when employees refuse vaccinations (aka punishing someone for another person’s purported crime — since Biden has made illness a crime),
  • Forcing businesses — especially the trucking industry — to endure the nightmare of replacing (and, therefore, training the replacements) all of those fired or put on sick leave,
  • Forcing the unvaccinated to violate their medical privacy by having them self-identify through the masking requirement in this mandate, and
  • Extending the government’s control through COVID (which was most of the point of the fearmongering — unless you count the fearmongering Democrat press — who were partially out for the ratings).

Therefore, we can expect longer and more inflation (since Biden’s Fed will be printing more money than there will be goods produced). Additionally, we can expect even more inflation, because people taking new or additional jobs don’t do it for charity wages. We can expect more supply-chain disruptions, since there will be fewer experienced people out there to drive the trucks, unload the barges, sell the cars, and do the American unglamorous work.

Biden’s vaccine mandate has disastrous results in the military

Army surgeon grounds newly-vaccinated pilots after they develop serious chest pain

The Western Journal reports that pilots are being grounded after taking Biden’s mandated COVID vaccination.

groundedcopter“I believe the COVID vaccine is a greater threat to soldiers’ health and military readiness than the virus itself,” U.S. Army aerospace physician Lt. Col. Theresa Long said Tuesday.

Long, who is senior flight surgeon at the U.S. Army Flight School at Fort Rucker, Alabama, was addressing a roundtable discussion put together by Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin). She said she was speaking under federal military whistleblower protection.

She recalled how “I saw five patients in clinic – two of which presented with chest pain – days to weeks after vaccination and were subsequently diagnosed with pericarditis and worked up to rule out myocarditis.

“The third pilot had been vaccinated and felt like he was drunk – chronically fatigued within 24 hours after vaccination. The pilot told me he didn’t know what to do, so he drank a lot of coffee to try and ‘wake himself up’ and continued to fly, until he realized it wasn’t going away.”

(Read more at the Western Journal)

From the beginning, we knew that both COVID and the mRNA “vaccination” caused inflammation in critical organs

We knew from the first reports on COVID that it caused the heart, lungs, and brain to swell. Likewise, we knew that the mRNA treatment was designed to cause the body to react to the virus in a lessened, but similar, fashion. Therefore, we knew that the reaction to the treatment would be swelling of the heart, lungs, and brain.

From that, it should have been no surprise when a teen dies after getting the COVID vaccine or another vaccinated teen dies while exerting himself on the football field. Certainly, it should not cause a stir when a healthy pre-teen becomes in capacitated by the experimental “vaccine.”

Nonetheless, one would think that those in charge of both COVID mandates and the military might start to put two and two together. That is, in case they are not attempting to tank the economy and turn all Americans against them (at which point they will proclaim martial law), maybe they should start doing things for the BENEFIT of America.

Or does that ask too much of Dementia Joe (you know, the guy napping at the Climate Crisis convention while issuing COVID mandates)?


When Biden’s COVID oppression gets so bad that the Houston graffiti artists take note …

For years, I have driven under various socially-conscious messages on the downtown Houston railroad bridges

From the banal Remüv Hate and Be Someone, the Graffiti artists have now taken to an anti-authoritarian COVID-1984

HoustonFreewayGrafitti_COVID1984When oppression from the Democrat ruling class gets so oppressive that graffiti artists start drawing inferences between Biden’s regime and novel warning of the dangers of totalitarianism, then maybe something has caught on. If you have read the book, you know it warns of a world ruled by propaganda, Big Brother, and censorship.

And for anyone who doubts the judgement of the Houston graffiti artists, think of how

I have included a video of the bridge for those who don’t believe it until they see it in video.


How did CNN miss this?

A former Trump official goes to the liberal press pushing her book

And pointing out that she lied in her official capacity

Recently, a new perspective was presented on AFR‘s The Hamilton Corner podcast regarding a recent Stephanie Grisham interview on the CNN show New Day (hosted by John Berman and Brianna Keilar) where Ms. Grisham admitted lying in her official capacity.

Speaker Quote
John Did you ever want to do a press conference?
Stephanie Well, selfishly, in this administration, I didn’t because I knew I would possibly be put in a position to stand at that podium and not be honest.
John Lie?
Stephanie And lie. And I didn’t want to do that. Working in the White House had always been my dream — my dream to stand behind the podium and do it the traditional way — but in our administration, I selfishly did not want to do it.
John You did do interviews on Fox, though.
Stephanie Yes.
John Were you always truthful there?
Stephanie I probably wasn’t. I prob — I can’t think of an example right now. I probably wasn’t and I regret that so much. …

At that point, Alexander Hamilton asked why neither of these “reporters” asked the obvious question: Why should we believe anything in your book if you just confessed to lying in your professional capacity?

However, in light of the the way the Hunter Biden story got suppressed at CNN, the 2016 presidential debate questions were leaked to the DNC by CNN, the time Donna Brazile leaked questions to Hillary Clinton, and too many other instances of bias to count, one has to ask:

  • Is CNN so accustomed to looking away from real news that it cannot help but look away when real news walks up like a puppy and jumps in their lap (that is, why not ask the question above)?
  • Has CNN gotten so accustomed to working with liars like Joe Biden that it expects the impossible (truth from habitual liars)?

While Biden is not getting Americans out of Afghanistan, other news comes out on Biden’s $3.5 trillion “threat” to economy, worse jobless numbers, and Trump being more popular than Dementia Joe

Stealthy Israeli aid group does something “pro-woman” Biden would never do: rescues 41 Afghan women from Taliban after hiding in safe house for days

The Christian Broadcast Network reports on a risky move by a Israeli aid group who saved 41 Afghan women.

afghanwomen2Rescue efforts continue in Kabul, Afghanistan where 41 more women were recently evacuated from the country.

The UK’s Telegraph reported Thursday that those flown out of the country last week included a singer, 19 members of a cycling team, three robotics team members, female rights activists, and a number of relatives.

Yotam Polizer, CEO of the Israeli NGO IsraAID, said rescuers faced a daunting challenge as they searched for people in a city under Taliban rule.

“The issue was they had to collect them from hiding,” he told the outlet. “(The rescuers) had to do rounds around the city in alleys to pick up these people and try not to create any suspicious movement.” 

He added that the group was delayed at the border with Tajikistan where they hid in a safe house for two days until the Tajik government granted permission for them to enter. 

“The stressful part really was around the border, there were a lot of Taliban in the area. They were not allowed to leave the shelter and we were very stressed that someone might find them,” Polizer explained.

The refugees were met by Israeli aid workers in the Tajik capital of Dushanbe, and on Sept. 6 they boarded a plane bound for the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Deputy Director of Strategic Communications for UAE, Afra Al Hameli, shared an image of their arrival on Twitter.

(Read more at the Christian Broadcast Network)

For all of Biden’s bluster of support for women, his “support” has as much substance as his sniffs

Thank God that the Israelis might base their actions on compassion rather than Marxist calculus. If they had only determined to help those who helped them, then surely they would not have saved these Afghan women (or anyone remotely associated with the likes of Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, or the other members of the Squad who worked to defund the Iron Dome).

Those left behind in Afghanistan

Newsweek reports on the way Biden has gone to just ignore the people abandoned by his Biden regime to the Taliban.

Later today, President Joe Biden will deliver his first address to the United Nations General Assembly. Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield previewed President Biden’s speech on Friday, noting that it will speak to the administration’s three top foreign policy priorities: “ending the COVID-19 pandemic; combating climate change…and defending human rights, democracy and the international rules-based order.”

Notably absent from the list of important subjects likely to be addressed by the president is the situation in Afghanistan. That topic was a mere footnote in the ambassador’s remarks, listed alongside other general references to crises in Burma, Yemen and Syria.

The Biden administration likely hopes to shift media coverage away from Afghanistan—and especially from its poorly executed withdrawal of U.S. forces. White House officials were reportedly expressing their hopes for media fatigue several weeks ago. To some extent, their predictions have borne out. The public has paid surprisingly little attention to the astonishing facts and stories coming to light about the botched evacuation of Americans and Afghans.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken‘s testimony on Afghanistan before the House Foreign Affairs Committee and Senate Foreign Relations Committee early last week highlighted some of the disturbing data. Of the 18,000 SIV applicants, we evacuated a mere 705. Of the 60,000 at-risk Afghans, we evacuated half. Estimates indicate that 75 percent of the people evacuated from Afghanistan were not American citizens, green card holders, SIV applicants or P1 or P2 visa holders.

These numbers demonstrate not only the immensely chaotic nature of the evacuation effort—and the potential dangers of not knowing whom exactly we were evacuating from Afghanistan—but also the tragic reality that the most vulnerable Afghans, including those who risked their lives to aid American efforts, were left behind to fend for themselves against the Taliban.

As thousands fear for their lives in Afghanistan because of U.S. incompetence, the Biden team hopes to discuss the end of the pandemic, the evergreen talking point of combating climate change and a commitment to human rights that apparently does not include the preservation of life for those we promised to protect.

The passing of time will make it easier for all of us to turn our attention away from the Afghanistan crisis. Yet the media, the public and the foreign policy community should not let the Biden administration shift the narrative while innocents are still in danger in Afghanistan.

(Read more at Newsweek)

Luckily for Biden, we have a complicit press who will direct attention to the shiny object (like the non-existent beating at the border)

The crazy thing about all of the articles I have read on those left behind is that no article precludes the possibility that he left thousands of Americans. No article precludes the possibility that he left hundreds of thousands of those who cooperated with America. There are tales groups of people (including women and children) being beheaded, but no totals.

When Americans and our allies are trapped and being beheaded in Afghanistan, it takes real dedication to the Democrat-Socialist cause and to Joe Biden to manufacture a story about illegal aliens being whipped when the pictures do not support that narrative.

Chamber of Commerce calls Biden’s $3.5T reconciliation bill a “threat”

The Daily Mail reports that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce calls Biden’s $3.5 trillion bill a “threat.”

The US Chamber of Commerce president warned Americans on Wednesday that progressives’ hefty $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill poses an ‘existential threat’ to the national economy. 

The group is targeting five moderate Democrats with a paid advertising campaign launched on Wednesday, urging voters in those districts to tell their representative to ‘reject higher taxes’ it says will come with the bill’s passage. 

‘This reconciliation bill is effectively 100 bills in one representing every big government idea that’s never been able to pass in Congress. The bill is an existential threat to America’s fragile economic recovery and future prosperity,’ US Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Suzanne Clark said.

‘We will not find durable or practical solutions in one massive bill that is equivalent to more than twice the combined budgets of all 50 states.’  

President Joe Biden spent the same day fighting for his $3.5 trillion wish-list, central to his ‘Build Back Better’ agenda. 

Biden held marathon back-to-back meetings well into the evening with 23 Democrats in the House and Senate yesterday to press them to vote in favor of the reconciliation bill.

The president spoke with both moderates and progressives within the party, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. 

Pelosi told reporters ‘we’re in good shape’ upon returning to the Capitol Wednesday. The White House called the meetings ‘productive and candid’ but indicated there would be more to follow.

Republicans have long opposed the measure, calling it a ‘reckless tax and spending spree.’ 

They and moderates have pushed to prioritize the smaller $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure compromise, which Pelosi hopes to pass on a ‘two-track’ plan with the larger bill.

(Read more at the Daily Mail)

With our economy staggering under the weight of inflation, a portion of our work force lured away with unemployment benefits, and entrepreneurs barely able to get back to operating, this is not the time to hit everyone with a tax

A hat tip to The Public

As much as Biden thinks that you all have benefitted from his reign, this is not a time for him to expand his empire through taxing everyone so as to be able to give out trinkets to his select groups.

When you also consider the provisions in that bill that would allow the IRS to track transfers in our bank accounts as small as $600 and would effectively kill the 401K program — this is something we really do not need.

US jobless claims rose by 16K to 351K last week

The Daily Mail reports how the jobless claims in America rose in one week under Biden from 16,000 to 351,000.

The number of Americans filing new claims for jobless benefits rose by 16,000 last week despite a massive shortage of workers in key industries, including retail, hospitality and education, leaving 10million positions open across the country.

Last week 351,000 people filed for unemployment benefits, a 16,000-person spike from the week before when 335,000 were filed, according to data from the Department of Labor (DOL).  

The first week of September saw only 310,000 jobless claims – a new pandemic low. At the height of the pandemic last year, about 6.1million new claims were being filed weekly. 

This is despite the country’s 10million job openings outnumbering the number of people looking for work. At least 8.7million people were still unemployed at the beginning of the month, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

There has been little incentive for Americans to apply for new jobs with the Biden administration extending pandemic-related benefits. This included a $300 weekly boost on checks, which only stopped being paid on September 6. 

However, parents are still being given a payout on the American Rescue Plan, which gives parents $3,600 per child under the age of six or $3,000 for those up to age 17 through December 15, 2021. There are 60million eligible children under this plan. 

Ben Bernanke, the Federal Reserve chair from 2006 to 2014 also told The Wall Street Journal that the lockdowns have shifted workers’ mindsets, with some saying they wanted to work remotely permanently. Others moved in 2020 to areas where jobs aren’t so readily available.

(Read more at the Daily Mail)

Didn’t Biden say that the job market was expanding?

Come to think of it, Biden did claim to have great jobs numbers, but the experts came behind him and disproved his claims of being the cause of the purported “upturn.” It was just as specious as his claim to a first job at an Idaho lumber company.

Poll shows Trump is now more popular than Biden

The Daily Mail reports that their poll shows President Trump has more popular support than Dementia Joe.

Former President Donald Trump has overtaken President Joe Biden in approval ratings for the first time since his loss at the 2020 presidential elections, according to a new Harvard/Harris poll. 

While Biden enjoyed his highest approval rating of 57 per cent in May, support for the president dropped dramatically to 46 percent as of September following the nation’s chaotic exit from Afghanistan, crisis at the southern border with Mexico, and deadlock in Congress over his infrastructure bills.

Meanwhile, Trump’s approval ratings remained at about 46 per cent since 2020 and surpassed Biden after rising to 48 per cent in September.

‘The mounting issues on all fronts have led to the surprise conclusion that Trump is now seen as being as good a president as Biden, suggesting the honeymoon is being replaced with buyer’s remorse,’ Mark Penn, co-director of the Harvard/Harris survey told The Times.

The poll comes as Biden held talks with feuding Democrats at the White House on Tuesday in an effort to reach an agreement on the $1.1 trillion infrastructure deal and the second $3.5 trillion bill containing new social spending. 

It also stands in the wake of a new migrations crisis in Texas as thousands of migrants, mostly from Haiti, cross the Rio Grande and settle in camps outside of the city of Del Rio. 

As well as revelations that the US mistakenly killed 10 people, including one aid worker and seven children, after a botched done strike meant to kill an ISIS-K terrorist. 

The Harvard/Harris poll also found that 55 per cent of people believed former Vice-President Mike Pence was a better vice president than his successor, Kamala Harris, and that 63 per cent of people thought Mike Pompeo was a better secretary of state than Anthony Blinken. 

(Read more at the Daily Mail)

This should really burn the American news

This bit of news will never hit the pages of the New York Times or the Los Angeles Times. While information beneficial to Dementia Joe will appear in a heartbeat, information that benefits the MAGA crowd will be buried.

Therefore, it is always a good idea to have a link to a few British papers.

Over-counting COVID deaths and using the mandate to distract from Afghanistan: what else will Biden bungle?

Sharyl Atkisson proves COVID deaths have been extremely over-counted

Real Clear Politics reviews a recent Full Measure episode where Sharyl Attkisson explores how COVID deaths may have been over-counted by 100% or more.

SharylAttkisson“Full Measure” host Sharyl Attkisson investigates how Covid-19 cases and deaths are being counted and finds some suspicious overcounting:

As hindsight comes into clearer focus, we’re learning a lot about mistaken advice and policies amid the Covid-19 pandemic. One still murky and disputed area involves the death toll, now upwards of 640,000 in the U.S., according to CDC. Some insist the true count is much higher; others claim it’s lower. Today, we begin with the startling results of our investigation that found in some documented cases, news that Covid was the cause of death was greatly exaggerated.

Grand County, Colorado, rural country a hundred miles outside of Denver.

Thanksgiving 2020, Lucais Reilly shoots his wife Kristin in the head, then turns the gun on himself, committing suicide. They have alcohol and drugs in their system and a history of domestic troubles.

Grand County coroner Brenda Bock explains how the small town tragedy is exposing serious questions about the way Covid deaths are counted.

Brenda Bock: I had a homicide-suicide the end of November, and the very next day it showed up on the state website as Covid deaths. And they were gunshot wounds. And I questioned that immediately because I had not even signed off the death certificates yet, and the state was already reporting them as Covid deaths.

Bock says somebody, somewhere had apparently run the couple’s names through a database showing they’d tested positive for Covid within 28 days of their death. Then recorded them as Covid deaths even though they died of gunshots.

Sharyl: If we look at the death certificates for the murder-suicide case, what will it say about Covid?

Bock: Nothing, absolutely nothing. I paid a forensic pathologist to do the autopsies on those two cases. And nowhere is COVID mentioned on those death certificates. Nowhere.

Bock: This is a copy of the death certificate, and nowhere does it say COVID. So we have a homicide, suicide, nothing to do with COVID.


But when we checked in July, the New York Times tally over-reported Grand County’s 2020 Covid death toll by least 500%. It was missing one resident who reportedly died of Covid outside of the county. But the Times counted the unrelated heart attack; the two people who were alive – which were removed from the state total; and the murder-suicide of Lucais and Kristin Reilly.

Sharyl: What are the implications nationwide when we’re looking at numbers then?

Bock: I believe they’re very inflated. And don’t get me wrong. I believe Covid is real. And I believe people do get very sick from it. And I do believe a small number do die from that. I do not believe a homicide-suicide belongs in that number. I don’t, because my job is to tell the truth about why a person died, the cause and the manner. And I don’t believe that what’s going on is the truth.

(Read more at Real Clear Politics)

When I heard a bit of Sharyl Atkisson’s presentation on Full Measure, it clicked.

The idea that non-COVID deaths had been reported as COVID deaths rang true. This may be based on the fact that the main stream media just will not stop pounding the COVID topic. It may come from the lies that the media has been caught pushing. Or it may originate with the occasional story on how Democrats hide the truth surrounding an outbreak thought to be COVID.

Nonetheless, the Democrats in office and in the press have spent all of their trust.

Biden Timed Vaccine Mandate Announcement to Distract from Afghanistan Debacle

Breitbart points toward indications that the vaccine mandate might be Biden’s attempt to distract from the multiple Afghanistan bungles. However, with the poor thinking that went into both the mandate and Afghanistan, who’s to say he isn’t magnifying both bungles?

Breitbart News editor-in-chief Alex Marlow said President Joe Biden announced his vaccine mandate in order to distract from his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, adding that U.S. leaders can “literally get away with murder at this point.”

“I think this is exactly why Biden unrolled the vaccine mandate, is specifically because he didn’t want to talk about Afghanistan. He didn’t even give a live address on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 — he’s hiding,” Marlow said in a recent episode of I’m Right with Jesse Kelly.

(Read more at Breitbart)

Has Biden thought out what happens when nursing home workers resign rather than get the jab?

Nursing home workers don’t make a lot of money; however, they hold a key position. If they quit en masse as a response to Joe’s mandate, who will replace them? Will this result in massive deaths in government-run nursing homes due to worker shortages?

What will happen if garbage truck drivers refuse the jab? Does anyone remember the last garbage hauler’s strike in New York? Does anyone want that nationwide?

What happens when more rural clinics have nurses and doctors quit rather than get this relatively untested “vaccination?” How will we provide healthcare when rural systems are already being shut down to compensate for refusals in the big cities?

Is there a possibility that Joe’s cover-up issue might grow to be worse than Afghanistan? What other industries could say “No, I will just quit” rather than take Joe’s jab?

A running list of Joe’s/Kamala’s failures

The following comes directly off of the top of my head; therefore, I welcome corrections (with linked documentation) in the comments. If you make comments, I will add your input to the list (with citations to you). Additionally, I will keep your comments.


A tale of two nations

Elitist buffoons silenced by their own actions versus patriots silenced by an opposition media

Portions of a commentary by Miranda Devine at the New York Post illustrate the divide between socialists and conservatives.

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11 Saturday night, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani, his NYPD commissioner of the day, Bernie Kerik, members of SEAL Team Six which killed Bin Laden, and other veterans of the war on terror gathered at Cipriani Wall Street for a night of bittersweet memories. 

There were tributes to the fallen and a celebration of the “largest evacuation” in US history, with 25,000 people saved from the Twin Towers, thanks to the selfless courage of the first responders. 

Giuliani praised the NYPD as “the best law enforcement agency in the world” and gave an entertaining speech full of impersonations of mobsters he has locked up and even one of the queen. “You did a wonderful job on September 11,” he mimicked the British monarch in a posh accent. 

Nasty trolls on Twitter who were not at Cipriani described the speech as a drunken rant. 

They couldn’t have been more wrong, but it shows the depths to which haters will stoop to besmirch what was a beautiful night for the heroes of 9/11 just blocks from “the first battleground in the last 20-year war on terror,” as Kerik put it.


NotMyPresident_Butt_biden-911-1A moment of gauche levity was captured in a Getty photograph of Biden as he stood alongside Pelosi, Barack and Michelle Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton. He had removed his mask, his face was animated and his mouth wide open as if he were shouting at someone opposite. Video showed him making faces at people off camera, waving and pointing in an oddly exaggerated way. 

The stricken looks on the faces of everyone around him, including his wife, Jill, and Michael Bloomberg, said it all. 

Biden did not make a speech at any of the three places he visited that terrible day when the Islamists struck. 

He had hoped to crow about being the only president with the fortitude to end the so-called forever war, but no such luck. With the troop withdrawal a debacle, silence was his only option.

(Read more at the New York Post)

As shown by the reactions observed in Miranda Devine’s commentary, America has become two nations

I would encourage a reading of the full New York Post commentary, in which she expounds on Trump’s visit to a New York fire station and contrasts the reactions of those there to the reactions of those at the event Biden visited.

However, this divide has been a theme that has permeated my posts due to the obvious outward liberal bias within main stream media and the downplaying of anything which builds up the rights of the masses.