The Democrats’ Russian connection is just the beginning

Hillary’s hypersonic missile gap

The Daily Caller reported way back in 2017 on the technology-sharing antics of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when it came to her building of the Clinton Foundation.

Starting in May 2010, The Washington Examiner reported, drawing on emails obtained by Citizens United, “Clinton Foundation staff pushed Hillary Clinton’s State Department to approve a meeting between Bill Clinton and a powerful Russian oligarch as her agency lined up investors for a project under his purview.”

His name was Viktor Vekselberg of Renova (a Clinton Foundation donor) and the project under his purview was the Skolkovo Innovation Center, which is being built near Moscow. The following month, Bill Clinton would receive $500,000 for a speech in Moscow from a Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank with ties to the Kremlin, a Clinton Foundation donor, a Skolkovo executive, and which talked up Uranium One, whose sale the Clinton State Department would approve, and whose executives together contributed $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.

This shocking set of emails that the Examiner reported on shows the nexus of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s foundation, Hillary Clinton’s State Department, Bill Clinton, Russian oligarch Vekselberg, and Skolkovo, “Russia’s Silicon Valley,” the Putin project to transfer Western technology to Russia that was championed and driven by Mrs. Clinton — and, what do you know, 17 out of 28 tech companies that hitched up with Skolkovo also contributed to the Clinton Foundation? What a coincidence. Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s support for Russian WTO membership made the whole global flow so much easier.

No wonder Herd Media, the Uniparty Congress and FBI Director James Comey never noticed a thing. Oh, except that Putin “hated” Hillary Clinton, “wanted to do her harm,” as Comey told Congress this week. Grrr. Maybe hypersonic technology wasn’t enough. But I’m getting ahead of the story.

Let’s pick up with an Army report on Skolkovo written in 2012 (released in 2013) to assess “the implications … for U.S. policymakers.”

Although military activities are not an official cluster of activity, the Skolkovo Foundation has, in fact, been involved in defense-related activities since December 2011, when it approved the first weapons-related projectthe development of a hypersonic cruise missile engine. The project is a response to the U.S. Department of Defense’s Advanced Hypersonic Weapon, part of the Prompt Global Strike program.

Fast forward to November 2016, shortly after Donald Trump was elected president when the US Air Force released a report on — no way — the Russian and Chinese hypersonic missile threat to the United States.

The United States is vulnerable to future attack by hypersonic missiles from China and Russia and is falling behind in the technology race to develop both defensive and offensive high-speed maneuvering arms, according to a new Air Force study.

“The People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation are already flight-testing high-speed maneuvering weapons (HSMWs) that may endanger both forward deployed U.S. forces and even the continental United States itself,” an executive summary of the report says.

“These weapons appear to operate in regimes of speed and altitude, with maneuverability that could frustrate existing missile defense constructs and weapon capabilities.”

In a functioning democratic republic, the executive branch decisions and procedures and corruption that led to this defense cataclysm would actually alarm security officials, lawmakers, and even arouse media curiosity, if nothing else. But Skolkovo, the money, the corruption, the treachery, the danger, inspire no reaction at all.

Not even this plain, shocking language, from the Army, circa 2012:

Skolkovo is an ambitious enterprise, aiming to promote technology transfer generally, by inbound direct investment, and occasionally, through selected acquisitions. As such, Skolkovo is arguably an overt alternative to clandestine industrial espionage—with the additional distinction that it can achieve such a transfer on a much larger scale and more efficiently.

Hillary Clinton, her State Department, the Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton did much to make Skolkovo possible — did much to activate what was, according to the Army report, “arguably” a massive “clandestine industrial espionage” operation.

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

Of course, along with this came Uranium One and the payoff to the Clinton Foundation

As those who have investigated the actions of Democrats, the selling to Russia of 20% of America’s capacity to produce uranium was all wrapped around grift to the Clinton Foundation. For payoffs to Hillary and speaking fees to Bill, Russia got access to our uranium.

So, as the article above details, the Russians got our hypersonic missile technology through the Clintons and a good portion of uranium through the Clintons.

Hence, our current disadvantage in the hypersonic missile race may not be one of initial technology, but one of the enemy knowing all of the weaknesses of our systems. Therefore, we don’t just need to develop a hypersonic missile. We need to develop a completely different hypersonic missile.

The deals fashioned by Democrats

Doesn’t it seem odd how the deals that Democrats fashion usually put America at a disadvantage? Take in mind the Iran deal and how it gave Iran (the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism) a nuclear weapon, pallets of multi-denominational cash, and other benefits. Also consider the Uranium One deal and how Russia got 1/5 of American uranium output and the Clintons got $48 million for 215 speeches. What did America get?

No wonder Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin got so defensive during the hearing with Representative Gaetz. If questioning went beyond applying critical race theory to the troops, the truth may come out on the missiles.

John Durham, Michael Sussmann, and the Broader Clinton Conspiracy

Techno Fog lays out an instance where the lie by Mr. Sussmann becomes very evident.

There was a flurry of filings in the Michael Sussmann case late yesterday. Here’s the latest.

On September 19, 2016, DNC/Clinton Campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann met with FBI General Counsel James Baker, where Baker was provided with data and “white paper” purporting to show covert communications (since proven to be bogus) between Russian Alfa Bank and the Trump Organization.

Special Counsel John Durham has just provided evidence that the night before – on September 18, 2016 – Sussmann sent Baker this text:

Jim — it’s Michael Sussmann. I have something time-sensitive (and sensitive) I need to discuss. Do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow? I’m coming on my own — not on behalf of a client or company — want to help the Bureau. Thanks. (emphasis added).

As it turns out, Sussmann was billing the Clinton Campaign for his work on the Alfa Bank hoax. This text from Sussmann to Baker is damning for Sussmann’s case, proving Sussmann’s efforts at deceiving a top official at the FBI about his clients, and demonstrating how Sussmann tried to convince Baker he was there to supposedly do the right thing.

(Continue reading at Techno Fog to see the notes made by Durham)

It seems that the “Russian collusion” story told by the Democrats was a story of projection of their own collusion with Russia

They took money from Russian and Ukrainian sources, not Trump. And when they said they were doing something for the Bureau, it was for the Democrat party.

Encryption keys on Hunter’s laptop?

CD Media suggests that the Hunter Biden laptop contained Department of Defense encryption keys (aka “root certificates”).

After receiving further information from sources inside the DoD, we have confirmed the ‘root certificates’ found on the Hunter Biden laptop could be related to his work as a public affairs officer in the US Navy for several months before he was discharged for drug use, possibly for use in email communications. In any event, the certificates should have been wiped from his private device per procedure. If the certificates were downloaded at a later date via other government personal with access, this would a violation of procedure and a possible vulnerability. We do not have a way at this time to verify the timing of the use of these certificates.

The certificates provide access to ‘sensitive’ material but not further classification.

(Read more at CD Media)

While this portion of the story still has yet to be confirmed, it might be the part that proves the most damaging to Biden

If the military secrets have been laid open to the Chinese and Russians by a drug-addled Hunter Biden and a complicit Joe, this could bring the family enterprise down.

You’re not going to hear of of this news from the Democrat government or press

Psaki underling lets it slip to Fox News

The Independent Journal Review points out how Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates let it slip that “We don’t comment on the laptop.”

Try as they may, the nonexistent, Russian-influenced, perfectly innocent Hunter Biden laptop continues to bite the Biden administration.

And it’s beginning to take out sizeable chunks, coming closer and closer to “The Big Guy” himself, President Joe Biden.

When asked by Fox News Digital about contents on the laptop, however, White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates said: “We don’t comment on the laptop.”

(Read more at the Independent Journal Review)


A comparison of reactions to illness announcements on Twitter

Hillary Clinton announced that she caught COVID

From my count of the below tweets, there are:

  • Two well-wishes to the Clintons that mention activities they can do while recovering
  • Sixteen well-wishes in words
  • Three prayer or heart emoji tweets
  • No tweets including mocking or hateful comments




Justice Clarence Thomas announced that he had flu-like symptoms

From my count of the below tweets, there are:

  • One tweet of that conveyed well wishes in words to Justice Thomas
  • Two tweets with prayer emojis
  • One tweet with a mocking (violin) emoji
  • Twelve tweets with mocking statements
  • Two picture tweets indicating amusement at the Thomas illness





Russia, Russia, Russia

Russia casts long shadow over Biden’s Supreme Court announcement

The Washington Examiner explores the dark shadow Russia has “cast” on his latest bungle — the nomination of Brown Jackson. (Or has Biden used the Russia crisis to divert attention from his long line of screw-ups?)

President Joe Biden nominating Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court had the potential to help lift him from his second-year slump, but then Russia invaded Ukraine.

Despite the pomp and circumstance of Biden’s announcement, staged in the White House’s Cross Hall, the president shared cable news split screens with heart-wrenching images from Ukraine as Russian President Vladimir Putin closed in on the capital, Kyiv.

(Read of Glorious Leader’s history-making accomplishments in the eyes of propagandists quoted at the Washington Examiner)

Problem is, none of this cannot cover all of Biden’s screw-ups

First off, the Ukraine-Russia conflict has been brewing for much longer than Biden could hope to hold a cogent thought in his mind (or his advisors could come up with a most-liberal nominee for the court). Therefore, the war did not interrupt Biden’s announcement. Biden used the announcement to distract from the fact that the negotiations (which he ran on as being a senior statesman and said “the adults will be back”) FAILED BIG TIME. Now he wants us to believe the negotiations were never meant to go anywhere.

To be clear, this war would not have happened if not for the weakness of Biden and Obama. This did not happen during the unpredictable and conservative administration of Trump.

Although some would have us spread the blame for the creation of the Ukrainian war to the point where America should not have responded to the 9/11 attack for the sake of respecting the sovereignty of those who attacked us, I disagree to this point — and not to the least to the point that it comes from the side of the political ledger that assigns guilt to 6 January protesters who, at the most, broke windows and, at the least, only walked in our Capitol buildings.

However, I would additionally say that a nation that does not respond to an attack that ends about 3,000 of its citizens lives has given up the position of governing.

And, back to the nomination, it’s just one more screw up.

After her five years of “Russia, Russia, Russia,” Hillary Clinton dodges questions about Durham probe developments

Hillary Clinton dodges questions about Durham probe developments

Fox News delves into the way Hillary Clinton slid from her five years of “Russia, Russia, Russia” to dodging questions about the same.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton refused to answer questions as to whether or not her presidential campaign spied on former President Donald Trump.

“Did you pay to spy on the Trump campaign,” Hillary was asked by a Daily Mail reporter in New York City on Tuesday. “When are you going to comment on the spying allegations, Hillary?”

Clinton declined to answer both questions as she simply waved at the reporter while continuing to walk inside a building.

Clinton’s lack of comment comes after special counsel John Durham’s Feb. 11 filing alleging that lawyers from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016 had paid to infiltrate servers belonging to Trump Tower, and later the White House, in order to establish an “inference” and “narrative” to bring to federal government agencies linking Donald Trump to Russia.

Durham alleged in the filing that Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, who has been charged with making a false statement to a federal agent as part of the special counsel’s investigation, brought Trump-Russia allegations — which Durham said “relied, in part” on the “traffic” that had been “assembled” from the servers — to the FBI and a second government agency, which has since been identified as the CIA.

(Read a little of Durham’s “Factual Background” at Fox News)

The gist of the Clinton scheme, as explained by Durham

The Daily Caller explains how the Clinton campaign pulled off the spying that culminated in the “Russia, Russia, Russia” hoax.

Special Counsel John Durham released a new filing Friday that says the Clinton campaign paid a tech firm that “exploited” access to the servers at Trump Tower and later at the White House in an attempt to link former President Donald Trump to Russia.

The latest Durham filing looked for potential conflicts of interest with regards to former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussman, who was indicted for making false statements to a federal agent in September 2021.

That indictment said Sussman told then-FBI General Counsel James Baker in September 2016 that he was not doing work “for any client” when presented “purported data and white papers” at a meeting he requested.

Durham’s filing reveals how Sussman had “assembled and conveyed the allegations to the FBI on behalf of at least two specific clients,” one of which was the Clinton campaign.

Durham also revealed how Sussman’s own billing records show he “repeatedly” billed the Clinton Campaign for his work on the “Russian Bank-1” allegations.

Kash Patel, the former chief investigator of the Trump-Russia probe for the House Intelligence Committee, said the filing “definitively shows the Hillary Clinton campaign directly funded and ordered its lawyers at Perkins Coie to orchestrate a criminal enterprise to fabricate a connection between President Trump and Russia,” according to Fox News.

(Read of Trump’s response to the filing at the Daily Caller)

Russian allies among the West prevent blocking SWIFT to all Russian interests

US and Western Allies to Remove ‘Selected’ Russian Banks From SWIFT

The Epoch Times tells us how Biden and some Western nations removed selected Russian banks from the SWIFT banking system.

The United States, European Union, and other Western allies announced Saturday they will cut off certain Russian banks from the SWIFT international payments system, and put restrictions on the Russian Central Bank, in retaliation for Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

Thousands of banks as well as financial institutions around the world use the SWIFT system to settle cross-border payments. SWIFT, the “Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication,” is used by more than 11,000 financial institutions in over 200 countries and is regarded as crucial for financing international trade.

In a joint statement, the United States and EU, as well as France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, and Canada, “commit to ensuring that selected Russian banks are removed from the SWIFT messaging system.”

“This will ensure that these banks are disconnected from the international financial system and harm their ability to operate globally.”

They also commit “to imposing restrictive measures that will prevent the Russian Central Bank from deploying its international reserves in ways that undermine the impact of our sanctions.”

Barring banks out of the world’s main international payments network “doesn’t make transactions impossible” but will make them “much more difficult,” Paul Marquardt, a lawyer with international law firm Davis Polk, told Reuters. “It makes them much more difficult—getting kicked out of SWIFT would increase transaction costs significantly,” he said.

In another measure, the United States and allies will also limit the sale of citizenship that lets Russians tied to the Russian government become citizens of their countries, to prevent them from accessing the countries’ financial systems.

Furthermore, the group will be launching a “transatlantic task force” to ensure that all the financial sanctions they’ve levied against Russia are effectively implemented, including by identifying and freezing the assets of sanctioned individuals and entities within the allies’ jurisdictions.

(Read more at The Epoch Times)

Should we be surprised that there would be resistance to imposing penalties on Russia?

Considering that the American main stream press will not hold Joe Biden accountable for anything, why should we be surprised that Europeans who depend on Russian oil would be reticent to impose real sanctions on Russia?

The US and allies promise to remove Russian banks from SWIFT network

The Daily Mail points out that the U.S. and its allies have promised to remove Russian banks from the SWIFT network.

The US and its Western allies announced on Saturday a new raft of crippling sanctions on Moscow, as they promised to ban key Russian banks from the international SWIFT banking network and impose restrictions on the Russian Central Bank.

They will also set up a transatlantic taskforce to go after sanctioned oligarchs, ‘their yachts, luxury apartments, their money and their ability to send their kids to fancy colleges in the West,’ said a senior Biden administration official.

US officials said the steps were designed to send the ruble into ‘free fall’ and trigger soaring inflation in the Russian economy.

The moves will be welcomed in Ukraine, which saw isolating Russian banks as a key way to choke off financing and punish Moscow for its invasion. 

The announcement came as Russian troops battled Ukrainian forces on the outskirts of the capital Kyiv. 

Officials said cutting Russian banks off the system will stop them from conducting most of their financial transactions worldwide and effectively block Russian exports and imports.

Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, said it would prevent Putin using his ‘war chest.’ 

In a joint statement, the US, European Commission, FranceGermanyItaly, the United Kingdom, and Canada said: ‘We will hold Russia to account and collectively ensure that this war is a strategic failure for Putin.’ 

A raft of measures will be implemented in the coming days, they said. 

‘First, we commit to ensuring that selected Russian banks are removed from the SWIFT messaging system. This will ensure that these banks are disconnected from the international financial system and harm their ability to operate globally,’ they continued.

‘Second, we commit to imposing restrictive measures that will prevent the Russian Central Bank from deploying its international reserves in ways that undermine the impact of our sanctions.’

In Washington, a senior administration officials said the governments were following the ‘Iran model’ of cutting off Moscow’s banks. 

‘This coming week, we will launch a multilateral transatlantic task force to identify, hunt down and freeze the assets of sanctioned Russian companies, oligarchs, their yachts and their mansions and any ill gotten gains that we can find and freeze under the law,’ he said.

This week, the administration delivered a raft of sanctions on key oligarchs and people close to Putin.  

They include former chief of staff Sergei Ivanov; Andrey Patrushev, a Putin ally who has held high-ranking positions at the state-owned Gazprom Neft; and former Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, chairman of the management board of the oil company Rosneft.

(Read more at the Daily Mail)

When proof of atrocities against civilians come out, the sanctions will probably follow

Some outside-of-the-mainstream news sources have cited mobile crematoriums, attacks on large civilian targets, and other atrocities that would turn your stomach (not to be shown at a family-friendly blog) will likely (and may have already) turned the international community toward sanctions.

“High Alert” — Vladimir Putin warns of nuclear deterrent readiness as Ukraine tensions rise

Breitbart reports on how Putin has placed his nuclear forces on “High Alert” as tensions rise.

President Vladimir Putin on Sunday ordered his military’s nuclear deterrent forces to be on alert as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine met increasing resistance as it enters its fourth day.

Putin told defense chiefs “high alert” status is imperative as the West was accused by Moscow of taking “unfriendly” steps against his country.

NBC News reports the move was in direct response to leading NATO powers making what he called “aggressive statements,” according to Tass, the state-owned Russian news agency.

Russia, like the United States, has thousands of nuclear warheads that it maintains as a deterrent to an attack.

(Read and see much more at Breitbart)

From this article, it seems that sanctions have caused the Russian economy to collapse

Putin may have been trying to reconstitute the old USSR; however, it seems he only reconstituted the old USSR’s collapsing economy. With his ouster from the SWIFT system, it seems that there has been a run on Russian banks, the lending rate has gone from 9% to 20%, and the exchange rate has gone to either 110 or 153 Ruble per U.S. Dollar.

Sanctions on Russia and your pocketbook

How Russia sanctions could impact American consumers

The Daily Wire outlines the effects of the sanctions on Russia as they take effect on our pocketbooks.

As Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine, Western nations — including the United States — issued a round of sanctions aimed at cutting off Russian financial institutions, restricting debt and equity for Russian corporations, and targeting certain Russian elites.

With a GDP of $1.48 trillion, Russia is the world’s eleventh largest economy — smaller than the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and other countries with fewer human and natural resources. With a GDP per capita of just over $10,000 — compared to $63,500 for the United States and $45,700 for Germany — Russia also punches below its weight in terms of economic productivity per citizen.

However, sanctions against Russia will still have tangible repercussions for Western consumers.

For one, Russia contributes greatly to the global supply of energy. Each year, Russia exports crude petroleum, refined petroleum, petroleum gas, and coal briquettes to the tune of $123 billion, $66.2 billion, $26.3 billion, and $17.6 billion respectively.

“Russia is incredibly unimportant in the global economy except for oil and gas,” Harvard economist and former Obama administration adviser Jason Furman told The New York Times earlier this week. “It’s basically a big gas station.”

(Read more at the Daily Wire)

As noted in the previous article, this war has tanked the Russian economy

Putin may have gone into the war hoping to build support for himself; however, he has brought misery upon both the little and the great in Russia. For that, he may pay a big price.

Russia fails to defeat certain measures of capitalism

Elon Musk says Starlink was activated in Ukraine after the Internet was cut during the Russian invasion

The Epoch Times reports on the activation of the Starlink system within Ukraine on the command of Elon Musk (and, therefore, a win for capitalism).

Entrepreneur Elon Musk announced Saturday that his company SpaceX’s satellite broadband service, Starlink, has been activated in Ukraine, after the Internet was disrupted in the country due to Russia’s invasion.

“Starlink service is now active in Ukraine. More terminals en route,” Musk wrote on Twitter in response to Ukrainian Vice Prime Minister Mykhailo Fedorov.

“[Elon Musk], while you try to colonize Mars—Russia try to occupy Ukraine! While your rockets successfully land from space—Russian rockets attack Ukrainian civil people!” Fedorov had written to the SpaceX billionaire.

Internet monitors said Saturday that connectivity in the southern and eastern parts of Ukraine were particularly affected by the Russian invasion.

Starlink is a space-based system that SpaceX has been building for years to bring high-speed broadband Internet to underserved areas of the world, such as rural or hard-to-serve places where fiber optic cables and cell towers do not reach. It can also serve as a backup if natural disasters affect communication.

SpaceX has almost 2,000 Starlink satellites orbiting the earth at an altitude of 340 miles (550 kilometers). The company hopes to have 4,425 Starlink satellites in orbit by 2024.

(Read more at The Epoch Times)

It may be just circumstances, but Musk seems to be getting more conservative

Supporting the freedom of a nation at great personal cost (the time spent to bring a satellite system online does not come cheap), Elon Musk has supported a central conservative issue. While this may not outline the path he will continue to take, it does look promising.

Russia forces us all to become Ukrainian

Ukraine creates international legion recruiting foreigners to fight Russia

The Washington Examiner exposes the creation of a new international force much like the French Foreign Legion.

Ukraine sent out a global call to arms seeking foreigners who would help the country fend off an invasion by Russia.

On the fourth day of the assault, with Russian military forces attacking the capital of Kyiv and other locations all across Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky’s administration announced the formation of the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine.

“Foreigners willing to defend Ukraine and world order as part of the International Legion of Territorial Defense of Ukraine, I invite you to contact foreign diplomatic missions of Ukraine in your respective countries. Together we defeated Hitler, and we will defeat Putin, too,” Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said in a tweet Sunday.

In a message to “all citizens of the world, friends of Ukraine, peace and democracy,” Zelensky said, according to CNN, “Anyone who wants to join the defense of Ukraine, Europe and the world can come and fight side by side with the Ukrainians against the Russian war criminals.”

The invasion began Thursday with Russian President Vladimir Putin announcing a “special military operation” that he said was aimed at the “demilitarization and denazification” of Ukraine, not its occupation. Putin also warned other countries that any attempt to interfere would lead to “consequences you have never seen.”

Although Russia’s forces greatly outnumber Ukrainian forces, progress with the assault has been slower than Moscow expected, according to Western intelligence assessments.

(Read more at the Washington Examiner)

To those who are willing to fight and are equipped to do so, you have my prayers

However, this is not something to go into lightly. If the potential soldier does not have both the tactical training nor the linguistic skills, this would be ill advised.

Russia Threatens To Take Military Action Against Two More European Nations

The Daily Wire points to the threat Putin has levelled against two additional European nations.

Russia threatened two more European nations on Friday that if they attempt to join NATO they will face “serious military and political repercussions” from Russia. The threat comes after Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his forces to invade Ukraine this week.

During a press conference, Russian foreign ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said, “Finland and Sweden should not base their security on damaging the security of other countries and their accession to NATO can have detrimental consequences and face some military and political consequences.”

(Read more at the Daily Wire)

While I understand not wanting a defensive alliance at your doorstep, you have to also understand who has been the aggressor during the past four wars of nations surrounding Russia

A number of liberals (and a few conservatives) like to point out that the American government and the American people were none too accepting of missiles being placed in Cuba. However, Ukraine joining NATO is less like that and more like Cuba and Russia forming an alliance. We may not have liked it, but we did not create a crisis or a war over it. So making the comparison is a straw man.

Heavy fighting as Russian forces battle for control of Ukraine’s second city

Breitbart gives us a photographic tour and a strong description of the war as it turns against the Russians.

Ukrainian and Russian forces have engaged in street fighting in the city of Kharkiv (Kharkov) after an “intensive” artillery battle overnight.

Ukraine’s second-largest city, Kharkiv is known to many history buffs as the scene of a series of fierce battles between the Red Army and the German armed forces and Waffen SS during the Second World War, marked by large-scale tank clashes and bloody house-to-house fighting.

While much media attention has focused on the fighting near the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv (Kiev) until now, Kharkiv — a key city just south of the Russian border and to the north-west of the separatist people’s republics of Donetsk and Luhansk — has also seen its share of fighting, and appeared to be the scene of the war’s most significant clashes as of Sunday morning.

Oleh Sinegubov, the regional governor, confirmed that the “Russian enemy” had “broken into Kharkiv, including the city centre” on Sunday morning.

“Ukraine’s armed forces are destroying the enemy,” Sinegubov asserted confidently, asking the city’s civilian population — numbering close one and a half million, at least prior to the invasion — to remain indoors.

(Read more and see the graphic images at Breitbart)

While it is impossible for a blogger in a comfortable chair in America to gauge the veracity of the photos and tales, what else is new with today’s press

How much more has proven to be filtered propaganda of the liberal elite press? How long were we told to believe that there had been collusion between President Trump and the Russians? How often do we still hear that tripe?

Actually, I might believe the photographs showing a brutalized Ukraine more easily than I might believe anything that the New York Times might report on American politics.

Ukraine to hold peace talks with Russia on border with Belarus

The Daily Mail outlines the progress of the peace talks set to be held at the border with Russia-friendly Belarus.

Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko tonight issued a chilling threat that the West’s sanctions on Russia are pushing the Kremlin into a Third World War, after Vladimir Putin put his nuclear deterrent forces on ‘alert’.

Lukashenko’s comments came as Kyiv and Moscow agreed to hold peace talks at the border with Belarus – though Volodymyr Zelensky admitted he wasn’t confident of a positive resolution, adding that he owed it to his people to at least try and engage.

This evening also saw the EU unveil a fresh package of sanctions against Putin’s regime, closing off its airspace to all Russian planes and banning Kremlin propaganda outlets Russia Today and Sputnik. In response to the measures, Russian carrier Aeroflot said it was suspending all flights to Europe.

‘Now there is a lot of talk against the banking sector, gas, oil, SWIFT,’ Lukashenko said. ‘It’s worse than war. This is pushing Russia into a Third World War. We need to be restrained here so as not to get into trouble. Because nuclear war is the end of everything.’

Ukraine’s health ministry said on Sunday that 352 civilians, including 14 children, had been killed since the beginning of Russia’s invasion. It also said that 1,684 people, including 116 children, had been wounded

Ukrainian President Zelensky’s office had earlier said the two delegations will meet ‘without preconditions’ near the Pripyat River, to the north of Chernobyl, in a deal brokered in a phone call with Lukashenko himself.

A spokesperson added that Lukashenko has taken responsibility for ensuring that all planes, helicopters and missiles stationed on Belarusian territory remain on the ground during the Ukrainian delegation’s travel, talks and return.

Zelensky described his discussion with Lukashenko as ‘very substantive’, adding that he had made it clear he did not want troops to move from Belarus to Ukraine and Lukashenko ‘assured him of this’.

He added: ‘I do not really believe in the outcome of this meeting, but let them try, so that later not a single citizen of Ukraine has any doubt that I, as president, tried to stop the war.’ 

It came as Putin declared, in his own televised address, that he had ordered troops operating the nuclear deterrent onto a ‘special regime of duty’ in light of ‘aggressive statements’ from NATO leaders and ‘unfriendly economic actions’. Nato secretary general Jens Stoltenberg responded: ‘This is dangerous rhetoric’. 

(Read of the lawsuit filed at the Hague at the Daily Mail)


Stories not told by the main stream press

Stories concerning illegal aliens

Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Members, Freed into U.S., Stabbed Boy to Death

Breitbart reported on the murder of a boy by MS-13 members released by Joe Biden.

DOJ-4illegalsFour MS-13 Gang members, at least two of whom are illegal aliens, have been sentenced for the murder of a teenage boy in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Illegal aliens Jonathan Tercero Yanes and Henri Salvador Gutierrez, both from El Salvador, were sentenced this week in federal court with their fellow MS-13 Gang members Erick Lopez Flores and Djavier Duggins for murdering a teenage boy.

On July 30, 2018, the gang members lured the boy into a Lynn playground where they pretended to be friends with him. While in a wooded area in the park, the gang members surrounded the boy and stabbed him to death with knives.

The gang members then left the boy’s body in the park. An autopsy found that the boy had been stabbed a total of 32 times and was repeatedly stabbed with blunt force in the head.

Prior to the murder, Yanes had been twice stopped by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents. In November 2017, ICE agents sought to keep him detained, arguing that he was a threat to public safety. That same month, Yanes was allowed to bond out of federal custody.

Gutierrez, in addition to the Lynn murder, was also involved in the murder of a teenage boy in the East Boston region of Massachusetts on December 24, 2016. In that murder, Gutierrez and other MS-13 gang members stabbed the boy to death in a public soccer stadium — slashing his throat and stabbing him in the neck and chest repeatedly.

The following year, in 2017, Gutierrez was arrested by ICE agents after he had been ordered deported from the U.S. He first arrived illegally in the U.S. in 2014 and applied for asylum despite his affiliations with the MS-13 Gang.

In immigration court, Gutierrez said he was not affiliated with the MS-13 Gang and had not committed any crimes in the past. Relying on his false testimony, a federal immigration judge released Gutierrez into the U.S. interior on June 22, 2018, and helped secure him a green card.

A month later, Gutierrez played a role in murdering the teenage boy in Lynn.

(Read more at Breitbart)

Biden wants you to forget about the 2.5 million illegals in the first 11 months, He wants you to forget about so much more

He wants you to forget about the illegals ferried on busses and planes across our nation at taxpayer expense. He wants you to forget about the warrants used as identifying papers.

Moreover, he just wants you to forget all of his desperate moves to grasp at power since he started his move to the oval office.

Stories concerning the Durham indictment of Sussmann

Durham’s latest indictment: More lines drawn to Clinton’s campaign

The Hill partially outlined how the newest Durham report points back to Hillary Clinton.

To my good friend … A Great Democrat.” Those words written to a Russian figure in Moscow, inside a copy of a Hillary Clinton autobiography, may be the defining line of special counsel John Durham’s investigation. The message reportedly was written by Charles Dolan, a close Clinton adviser and campaign regular whom news reports identify as the mysterious “PR-Executive 1” in the latest Durham indictment, this time of Igor Danchenko.

Danchenko, 43, was a key figure in the compilation of the infamous Steele dossier that led to the now discredited investigation of alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government during the 2016 presidential race. But Danchenko, a Russian emigre living in the U.S., seems unlikely to be the Durham investigation’s apex defendant. In fact, Durham describes him at points more like a shill than a spy, an “investigator” who was fed what to report by Clinton operatives such as Dolan.

Durham is known as a methodical, apolitical and unrelenting prosecutor. Thus far, his work seems to betray a belief that the FBI got played by the Clinton campaign to investigate the Trump team. The question is whether Durham really wants to indict just the figurative tail if he can get the whole dog — a question that now may weigh heavily on a number of Washington figures, just as it did following Durham’s indictment in September of Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann.

Danchenko’s indictment on five counts of lying to the FBI serves two obvious purposes. First, these counts — with a possible five years in prison on each — are enough to concentrate the mind of any defendant about possibly flipping for the prosecution. Second, indicting Danchenko “hoists the wretch” for potential targets to see and consider that there but for the grace of God — and Durham — go they.

The background details of Durham’s three indictments so far have assembled an impressive list of “great Democrats” who contributed directly or indirectly to the creation of the Russia collusion scandal. Indeed, the collusion case increasingly is taking on a type of “Murder on the Orient Express” feel, in which all of the suspects may turn out to be culprits. While the statute of limitations may protect some, Durham has shown that he can use the crime of lying to federal investigators (18 U.S.C. 1001) as a handy alternative. Targets must admit to prior misconduct or face a new charge.

Thus, Durham clearly seems to be making a meticulous case that the Steele dossier was a political hit job orchestrated by Clinton operatives. His latest indictment connects Danchenko to several intriguing figures and groups that, in turn, relate to the Clinton campaign.

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Odd how this has not dominated the evenings as the Russian scandal that it illegally generated did

Odd how the mostly-Democrat (but not mostly-democratic) main stream press wants to classify this indictment as tangential (unimportant), but the legal counsel to the American Family Association sees it as one where Sussmann must decide between protecting himself and protecting the Clinton organization. Specifically, if you listen to the linked podcast starting at 21:50, the legal counsel (Abraham Hamilton) outlines how Mr. Sussmann has found himself to be in jeopardy.

On the growing tyranny in Canada and America’s tolerance of it

Canadian protesters get trampled by police horses and over a hundred are arrested

Breitbart reported on the plight of the Canadian protesters as Trudeau sent his police force in to crush speech (something he did not do with Black Lives Matter).

CanadianLawVsTruckersCanadian police have taken a hardline approach in an effort to break up the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, with at least 100 arrested and mounted police trampling protesters on Friday.

Mounted police and officers clad in riot gear, some carrying rifles, moved in on the Freedom Convoy on Friday, pushing into crowds of people including children as protesters linked arms and sang the national anthem in an effort to block their advances.

Scuffles between police and protesters were reported, with Freedom Convoy members creating makeshift snow barriers to help them defend against the police.

Four senior protest leaders are among roughly 100 people who have been arrested — largely on ‘mischief’ charges — and two dozen vehicles blocking key roads having been towed out of the estimated 350 vehicles belonging to the protesters.

Police have refused to release numbers of remaining protesters or vehicles, AP reports.

Interim Ottawa Police Chief Steve Bell claimed that no protesters were injured, despite footage circulating on social media of police horses trampling protesters at the convoy.

Ottawa Police attempted to justify this extreme behaviour by suggesting “a bicycle was thrown at the feet of one of the horses in an attempt to injure it”, but their account of events has been disputed.

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This smacks of a totalitarian state

While the prime minister who formerly wore blackface was quick to claim the protesters waved confederate flags, I have seen nothing but Canadian flags (while I admit that I have not scoured the video recordings from every Canadian town — I still can find more seconds of video showing Trudeau wearing dark makeup and a wig). Additionally, the prime minister was quick to claim swastikas to be flying among the protesters, but his actions and the actions of his police seem more fitting to Kristallnacht.

Mo Brooks: U.S. Should Grant Canadian Truckers Political Asylum

Breitbart quoted Representative Mo Brooks as he sympathized with the Canadian protesters in their struggle against COVID tyranny.

Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL) suggests an outside-the-box approach to taking on any truck driver shortages the United States faces.

During an interview with Mobile, AL radio FM Talk 106.5, Brooks, a candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama, proposed granting Canadian truckers protesting the Trudeau government political asylum in the United States.

Brooks applauded the efforts of the so-called Freedom Convoy truckers before making his pitch.

“Well, I am proud of the Canadian truckers and how they are attempting to assert their right to liberty and freedom,” he said. “I believe that you need to push back against government dictatorial efforts as much as possible, and certainly, that is what they are trying to do in Canada. And the science, quite frankly, has proven the Canadian truckers to be right. That’s what’s so baffling — you’ve got these people who made bad decisions, they’re in elected office, both the United States and [Canada]. They made these bad decisions based on incomplete information way back in the spring or late winter of 2020. And for political reasons, they’ve stuck to those positions when the science has refuted the premises for a bunch of the positions that were taken.”

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While certainly the occupier of the Oval Office and the holder of the House gavel would oppose this, I support it

Although such efforts would likely be stymied by the Oval Office and the House, I am sure the people of America would stand behind such a stand for freedom.

Canadian Pastor Jailed Over COVID-19 Violations Released

Christianity Today pointed out how one Canadian pastor has been jailed due to COVID-19 violations.

The Alberta, Canada, pastor who refused to comply with public health orders during the pandemic spent a month in jail before being released on Monday.

James Coates pleaded guilty to breaching bail and was issued a fine of $1,500, with his time spent in prison counting as credit for the fine, CBC News reported.

His congregation, GraceLife Church, has continued to meet for Sunday worship without complying with the province’s restrictions around capacity, masks, and social distancing.

Coates defended his stance before the judge saying, “I’m simply here in obedience to Jesus Christ, and it’s my obedience to Christ that has put me at odds with the law. The court is aware that I’m contesting the legitimacy of that law but please, make no mistake … I’m not trying to make a point. I’m not a political revolutionary.”

The pastor is scheduled to go to trial in May for one remaining charge over violating COVID-19 guidelines on gathering size.

A Canadian pastor arrested for violating public health orders remains in police custody after refusing the conditions of his bail: that he stop holding services that defy COVID-19 regulations.

The case of GraceLife Church pastor James Coates has reignited a religious freedom debate over worship gatherings during government lockdowns.

GraceLife Church in Edmonton, after shifting to livestream for the first few months of pandemic, resumed worship over the summer and has met every Sunday “without incident,” it says.

But authorities repeatedly flagged the church for not capping attendance at 15 percent of capacity, requiring masks, or social distancing, as required by health regulations in Alberta.

GraceLife had been fined $1,200 in December, and this month officers found the church again in violation and issued an undertaking requiring Coates to comply. When the church met as usual last Sunday, they called for his arrest. Coates was preaching on Romans 13:1-4, a message titled “Directing the Government to Its Duty.”

Ultimately Coates turned himself in on Tuesday and was arrested on charges of contravening the Public Health Act and refusing the undertaking, the CBC reported. He has twice refused to agree to the conditions of his release, the network said.

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, which is representing Coates and Grace Life, said the pastor “could not, in good conscience, agree to” stop holding church services, as ordered.

(Read the obfuscating governmental response to the obvious at Christianity Today)

Additionally, there are more churches who have been shut down

The occurrence of these stories crops up much more frequently than I would like for it to pop up.

On the international stage

Finnish politician under “hate crime investigation” for sharing Bible verse on Facebook

Fox News outlined the predicament of a Finnish Christian politician who has been charged with hate crimes against the LGBTQ community for sharing Bible verses on Facebook.

Police are investigating a Christian politician in Finland for an alleged “hate crime” because she shared a Bible verse on Facebook to criticize a national church that participated in LGBT Pride festivities.

Paivi-RasanenIn the post, congresswoman Päivi Räsänen, a Christian Democrat, criticized the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland for participating in the Helsinki LGBT Pride events in June. Her criticism was alongside a picture of Romans 1:24-27 that describes same-sex relationships as “shameful.”

Her post made Räsänen the subject of a pretrial investigation by the Finnish Police for a suspected incitement against sexual and gender minorities.

“The pre-trial investigations have not yet been completed. Police will provide more details once the investigations have been completed or presented to a prosecutor for consideration of charges,” the Helsinki Police Department officer in charge of the investigation told the Helsinki Times.

Räsänen, who is a member of and is married to a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland (ELCF), came under fire for her June Facebook post: “How can the church’s doctrinal foundation, the Bible, be compatible with the lifting up of shame and sin as a subject of pride? #LGBT #HelsinkiPride2019.”

The vast majority, 69 percent, of Finns are members of the ELCF, which has had a steady decline over the last few years, according to Evangelical Focus.

(Read more at Fox News)

When the gays came out, they said all they wanted was equal rights

However, to speak against them is a hate crime for some.

Additionally, although I have no interest in using marijuana or selling it, one New York politician wants to set aside half of the licenses to sell marijuana for LGBTQ people (although they historically comprise only 2% of the population). Based on this, it seems that they don’t want to be equal. They want to a special class and unchallenged.


Tracing the development of the nuclear-capable hypersonic missile back to its Democrat origins

China tested a hypersonic missile in August

According to a 16 October 2021 Financial Times article, China tested a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile in August that circled the globe and landed 25 miles from its target.

Only recently did America start developing our hypersonic missile

National Defense Magazine reported in a July 2021 article that America was developing a air-launched hypersonic missile.

The Air Force’s AGM-183A Air-Launched Rapid Response Weapon is poised to be the first hypersonic offensive system to move from development to procurement, the Defense Department’s point man on the technology said.

There will be a number of test flights for ARRW — pronounced “arrow” — over the next year with fielding planned in 2022, Mike White, principal director for hypersonics in the office of the undersecretary of defense for research and engineering, said recently. The 2022 budget proposal released in late May supports an “accelerated buying strategy” that will transition some of the various research-and-development programs to weapons procurement, he added.

“All we need is our industry partner Lockheed Martin to deliver the capability, and then we’ll buy it,” White said at a talk hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

The Defense Department is prioritizing the development of air-launched hypersonic weapons such as the ARRW over land- or sea-launched systems, he said. There is also funding in the 2022 budget request to continue to develop the Air Force’s Hypersonic Attack Cruise Missile and the Navy’s Offensive Anti-Surface Warfare Increment 2 air-launched capabilities.

White mentioned reports that adversaries such as China and Russia have moved ahead of the United States in hypersonics, defined as platforms that can travel in Earth’s atmosphere over Mach 5 and have a high degree of maneuverability.

“As you understand that landscape, you really understand how real this is and how important it is — a national imperative in my mind — that we move forward and deliver to our warfighters this capability,” White said.

There are two primary types of offensive hypersonic weapon systems. One is boost-glide which calls for using a rocket booster to propel a missile to high altitudes and releasing a vehicle that glides down at high speeds. The other is air-breathing scramjet missiles.

“Cruise missiles … are smaller and are more affordable because of that smaller size, and they’re more compatible with a wider range of platforms,” White said.

The Pentagon is prioritizing the air-launched weapons because they will be easier to integrate onto jet fighters, he said.

“They allow us to bring in the fourth-gen fighters into the fight on day one” to launch the weapons, he said, mentioning the F-16 and F-15EX aircraft.

(Read more at National Defense Magazine)

When we have had cruise missiles and the space shuttle for years, why didn’t we bother to develop this technology?

One would think that, since we had the component pieces of knowledge to create this technology (and since we lead the world in cruise missile technology for decades), that we would apply that to creating hypersonic missile technology. However, in the age of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, that was a wrong assumption.

Furthermore, during the end of the Barack Obama era and now with the continuance with the JoeBama era, it seems that the military has less been devoted to “White Rage” navel gazing, transphobia avoidance, and LGBTQ+ embraces. Go ask Milley.  He and Austin were probably in the thick of it.

Russia is the old man on this hypersonic block

With a hat tip to the Dan Bongino Show, we can thank ABC News for reporting in a December 2020 article that Russia developed a hypersonic missile.

A new intercontinental weapon that can fly 27 times the speed of sound became operational Friday, Russia‘s defense minister reported to President Vladimir Putin, bolstering the country’s nuclear strike capability.

Putin has described the Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle as a technological breakthrough comparable to the 1957 Soviet launch of the first satellite. The new Russian weapon and a similar system being developed by China have troubled the United States, which has pondered defense strategies.

The Avangard is launched atop an intercontinental ballistic missile, but unlike a regular missile warhead that follows a predictable path after separation it can make sharp maneuvers in the atmosphere en route to target, making it much harder to intercept.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu informed Putin that the first missile unit equipped with the Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle entered combat duty.

“I congratulate you on this landmark event for the military and the entire nation,” Shoigu said later during a conference call with top military leaders.

The Strategic Missile Forces chief, Gen. Sergei Karakayev, said during the call that the Avangard was put on duty with a unit in the Orenburg region in the southern Ural Mountains.

Putin unveiled the Avangard among other prospective weapons systems in his state-of-the-nation address in March 2018, noting that its ability to make sharp maneuvers on its way to a target will render missile defense useless.

“It heads to target like a meteorite, like a fireball,” he said at the time.

The Russian leader noted that Avangard is designed using new composite materials to withstand temperatures of up to 2,000 Celsius (3,632 Fahrenheit) resulting from a flight through the atmosphere at hypersonic speeds.

The military said the Avangard is capable of flying 27 times faster than the speed of sound. It carries a nuclear weapon of up to 2 megatons.

(Read more on the capabilities of the Russian missile at ABC News)

Of course, the claim that the missile flew at 25 times the speed of sound is bluster. It flying at five times the speed of sound is on spot.

Furthermore, just as America has launched cruise missiles from destroyers and submarines, Russia can now launch these hypersonic missiles from similar mobile platforms.

We can thank Barack and Hillary for this, as shown in a 2017 article

Hillary’s Hypersonic Missile Gap

The Daily Caller reported in a 2017 article how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama played a hand in allowing both Russia and China to develop hypersonic missiles.

UraniumOneStarting in May 2010, The Washington Examiner reported, drawing on emails obtained by Citizens United, “Clinton Foundation staff pushed Hillary Clinton’s State Department to approve a meeting between Bill Clinton and a powerful Russian oligarch as her agency lined up investors for a project under his purview.”

His name was Viktor Vekselberg of Renova (a Clinton Foundation donor) and the project under his purview was the Skolkovo Innovation Center, which is being built near Moscow. The following month, Bill Clinton would receive $500,000 for a speech in Moscow from a Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank with ties to the Kremlin, a Clinton Foundation donor, a Skolkovo executive, and which talked up Uranium One, whose sale the Clinton State Department would approve, and whose executives together contributed $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.

This shocking set of emails that the Examiner reported on shows the nexus of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s foundation, Hillary Clinton’s State Department, Bill Clinton, Russian oligarch Vekselberg, and Skolkovo, “Russia’s Silicon Valley,” the Putin project to transfer Western technology to Russia that was championed and driven by Mrs. Clinton — and, what do you know, 17 out of 28 tech companies that hitched up with Skolkovo also contributed to the Clinton Foundation? What a coincidence. Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s support for Russian WTO membership made the whole global flow so much easier.

No wonder Herd Media, the Uniparty Congress and FBI Director James Comey never noticed a thing. Oh, except that Putin “hated” Hillary Clinton, “wanted to do her harm,” as Comey told Congress this week. Grrr. Maybe hypersonic technology wasn’t enough. But I’m getting ahead of the story.

Let’s pick up with an Army report on Skolkovo written in 2012 (released in 2013) to assess “the implications … for U.S. policymakers.”

Although military activities are not an official cluster of activity, the Skolkovo Foundation has, in fact, been involved in defense-related activities since December 2011, when it approved the first weapons-related projectthe development of a hypersonic cruise missile engine. The project is a response to the U.S. Department of Defense’s Advanced Hypersonic Weapon, part of the Prompt Global Strike program.

Fast forward to November 2016, shortly after Donald Trump was elected president when the US Air Force released a report on — no way — the Russian and Chinese hypersonic missile threat to the United States.

The United States is vulnerable to future attack by hypersonic missiles from China and Russia and is falling behind in the technology race to develop both defensive and offensive high-speed maneuvering arms, according to a new Air Force study.

“The People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation are already flight-testing high-speed maneuvering weapons (HSMWs) that may endanger both forward deployed U.S. forces and even the continental United States itself,” an executive summary of the report says.

“These weapons appear to operate in regimes of speed and altitude, with maneuverability that could frustrate existing missile defense constructs and weapon capabilities.”

In a functioning democratic republic, the executive branch decisions and procedures and corruption that led to this defense cataclysm would actually alarm security officials, lawmakers, and even arouse media curiosity, if nothing else. But Skolkovo, the money, the corruption, the treachery, the danger, inspire no reaction at all.

Not even this plain, shocking language, from the Army, circa 2012:

Skolkovo is an ambitious enterprise, aiming to promote technology transfer generally, by inbound direct investment, and occasionally, through selected acquisitions. As such, Skolkovo is arguably an overt alternative to clandestine industrial espionage—with the additional distinction that it can achieve such a transfer on a much larger scale and more efficiently.

Hillary Clinton, her State Department, the Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton did much to make Skolkovo possible — did much to activate what was, according to the Army report, “arguably” a massive “clandestine industial espionage” operation. Not that any of this is in the past. This plain-sight-“research”-cum-collusion with the Russian government goes on, and goes on unchecked — and despite the Obama administration’s supposedly hard-as-nails, cold-as-ice, tough-on-Russia finish.

(Read more about the Army report on Skolkovo and Clinton at the Daily Caller)

The book of Revelation does not mention America

Does the absence of America from the Bible just reflect the Israel-centric view of the early church? Possibly. By the times of Revelation, maybe America has become folded into the system supporting the revived Roman empire.

Or maybe there is no America. Maybe the gifts that enriched Bill and Hillary Clinton and gave Barack his estate will have provided glowing dividends.

God only knows.

Four bits of bad news for Hunter Biden and Sleepy Joe

A former partner flips on him and confirms the emails to be authehtic

Hunter Biden business partner confirms authenticity of email about deal With Chinese company

The Daily Caller points out how a central email has been verified by one of his former business associates.

One of the recipients on an email chain with Hunter Biden that was published earlier this week has authenticated the document, Fox News reported.

The email in question, which is dated March 13, 2017, purportedly shows a business partner of Biden’s discussing “remuneration packages” for participants in a deal involving CEFC China Energy, a Chinese energy company that was owned at the time by Ye Jianming.

New York Post HB
New York Post published the Hunter Biden email

The New York Post published portions of the email on Thursday as part of a series of stories based on documents purportedly from Biden’s laptop.

Some Democrats have questioned the authenticity of emails published by the Post. But according to Fox News, a person copied on the March 13, 2017, email confirmed that the published document is authentic.

Fox News did not identify which of the people on the email thread confirmed its authenticity. The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to everyone on the thread but did not receive any responses.

Hunter Biden is identified as “Chair / Vice Chair depending on agreement with CEFC” in the email. It also says that “Hunter has some office expectations he will elaborate.”

The author of the email also included a proposed breakdown of payments, including “20” for “H” and the notation: “10 held by H for the big guy?”

According to Fox News, sources said that “the big guy” is a reference to Joe Biden.

The Biden campaign and Hunter Biden have not disputed the authenticity of the emails released so far. Instead, they have dismissed the publication of the documents as a smear campaign orchestrated by Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani.

Some Democrats have alleged that the Russian government may have a hand in obtaining or releasing the emails, but the Biden campaign and Hunter Biden have not disputed the story about how he obtained the laptop.

Giuliani claims he obtained the Biden documents from John Paul Mac Isaac, who owns the Mac Shop in Wilmington. Giuliani provided copies of the emails to the Post on Sunday.

Isaac told the newspaper that a man he believes to be Hunter Biden dropped off his computer for repair in April 2019 but never came back to retrieve it. He has said that he notified the FBI through an intermediary about the computer late last year, and that the U.S. attorney’s office in Delaware subpoenaed the device in December.

Isaac said he made copies of the computer hard drive before handing the computer over to authorities. He has also said he contacted various senators about the computer but did not receive a response. He contacted a lawyer for Giuliani last month, he claims.

Giuliani has been investigating the Bidens’ various business dealings since at least 2018. He met several times beginning last year with Arkady Derkach, a Ukrainian member of parliament who the U.S. sanctioned last month because of his links to Russia.

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

Multiple points of confirmation on this news show this not to be Russian collusion

No matter what Adam Schiff and the Democrat media say, with multiple points of confirmation (the FBI, the computer shop owner, the former business partners of Biden, and the investigative reporters at the New York Post) point toward this not being Russian collusion.

Since the computer shop owner has produced Hunter Biden’s signature on the form filled out when the computer was left for repair (and never recovered, despite attempts by the shop owner to get payment), we know that this computer belonged to Hunter Biden. Additionally, due to the problem of replicating the travels, photos, videos, and communications of Hunter Biden, we can rely on Ockham’s Razor (the rule that tells us that the simplest explanation usually is the correct one) to find that we have the computer of a drug-addled man-child who used his father’s position to gain money from foreign governments (money which he split with his father 50-50).

Hunter Biden’s flipped business partner provided 26,000 emails

Breitbart reports that Hunter Biden’s business partner became a major source of emails.

The business partner of Hunter Biden who flipped on the Biden family from prison provided access to 26,000 emails, Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer said in a Saturday morning radio appearance.

Schweizer, appearing on Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel, said that former Hunter Biden business partner Bevan Cooney provided 26,000 emails to him—the first of which were published late last week in a Breitbart News exclusive investigation by Schweizer and author Seamus Bruner. Cooney is currently serving a sentence in federal prison due to his conviction over financial deals he made connected to Hunter Biden and his other partner Devon Archer. Archer, who was also convicted by a jury in federal court, saw his conviction vacated by a federal judge. That conviction was later—just a couple weeks ago—reinstated by an appellate court, which overruled the lower court judge’s decision to vacate it. Archer awaits sentencing.

In the meantime, however, Cooney—who is serving his sentence in federal prison—reached out to Schweizer via conservative journalist Matthew Tyrmand and provided written authorization to access his Gmail account. He provided the password and username, and written authorization to publish emails because Schweizer says he believes he was the “fall guy” for the Biden family’s corruption and that he believes the public needs to know what really happened in Hunter Biden’s universe. The first article on these emails was published Friday afternoon, and detailed how Hunter Biden and his partners secured meetings with senior White House officials in November 2011 for Chinese Communist elites—including, as the Chinese elites who were present revealed, a secret meeting with then-Vice President Joe Biden himself. The Biden campaign has not responded to requests for comment about this from Breitbart News.

“Bevan Cooney was business partners with Hunter Biden and Devon Archer,” Schweizer said on Breitbart News Saturday. “He was a nightclub owner—he owns the Viper Room in Los Angeles, and got involved in these financial deals. He ended up going to jail and really feels that he was the fall guy. Devon Archer is now going to be going to jail as well, because of the same deals, but he [Cooney] really feels like Hunter Biden was able to walk off scot-free. He had reached out to me in 2019 after my book Secret Empires came out in 2018. He talked about sharing his emails, but it never happened. He ended up going to jail. He recently reached out through Matt Tyrmand, a journalist, and said I want to give you access to all of my emails in my Gmail account. He gave us written approval to do that, and gave us the password. We have been going through the 26,000 emails. The article that we ran on Breitbart, about China, Inc., is the first of what are going to be several. In this particular story what we lay out is how Hunter Biden and his business partners set up a meeting for this group called the China Entrepreneurs Club. Don’t let that benign name fool you; this is regarded as joined at the hip with the Chinese communist government. This China Entrepreneurs Club wanted meeting at the highest levels of the White House and Hunter Biden arranged them. What’s very curious about this is not only that they got these meetings on November 14, 2011, but they actually, according to members, had a private, secret meeting with Joe Biden himself. We don’t know about this because it appeared on the White House visitors logs or the White House calendar—it doesn’t. We know about it because the Chinese that were on that trip bragged about it in their blog posts back in China that they had this private, secret meeting with Joe Biden. Out of that sprang relationships and business deals that Hunter Biden and his business partners were apparently able to take advantage of, so it demonstrates how this access, with the participation of Joe Biden, translated into commercial deals down the road.”

(Read more and hear the Breitbart News Saturday at Breitbart)

If the first packet of emails were bad news, then 26K emails cannot help

There will be much more coming down the pike.

Photo: Joe and Hunter Biden shown in golf outing with Ukraine energy company board member in 2014

Breitbart reports in a 1 October 2019 article something that would be impossible if Joe Biden were telling the truth about never having met with Hunter’s associates.

joe-hunter-biden-ukraine-golf-640x480A newly-unearthed photo shows former Vice President Joe Biden and son Hunter sharing a round of golf with Devon Archer, who sat on the board of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma Holdings alongside Hunter.

The photo, first obtained by the Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, is believed to have been taken at the Sebonack Golf Club in Southampton, New York in 2014. Both Hunter Biden and Archer joined Burisma Holdings as board members in April 2014.

(Read more at Breitbart)

Never mind that the photo is six years old and the story is over a year old

No matter how old any of the elements of the story are, it proves that Joe Biden has been lying to us.

Hunter Biden was on the payroll of a credit card company that benefited from a 2005 bill pushed by his dad

Breitbart reports in a 20 October 2020 article on what seems very much to be something like illegal payments to a governmental official.

Hunter Biden got a five-year gig starting in 2001 worth at least half a million dollars with credit card company MBNA Corporation when his-then U.S. senator father, Joe, was pushing for passage of bankruptcy legislation that ended up benefiting his son’s employer.

After it became law in 2005, the year that Hunter’s work for MBNA ended, the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act made it difficult for Americans to get rid of credit card and student aid debt when declaring bankruptcy.

The bill pushed by now Democrat presidential nominee Biden ultimately helped the MBNA Corporation, one of the largest members of the credit card industry at the time, and reportedly helped fuel the student debt problem. It made private student loans one of the ten debts that cannot be forgiven during bankruptcy.

Recalling the arrangement between then-Sen. Joe Biden’s (D-DE) son and MBNA, the largest employer in Deleware when the bill became law, the New York Times suggested in 2008 that Hunter’s five-year (2001-2005) consulting job with the corporation created a potential conflict of interest for his father. Still, aides to then-Sen. Barack Obama’s (D-IL) presidential campaign in 2008 defended the Delaware-based MBNA’s $100,000 a year retainer paid to Hunter, who was 31 when he got the job, the newspaper added.

The aides did admit it was “one of the most sensitive issues they examined while vetting the [Delaware] senator for a spot on the ticket,” the Times reported in its 2008 article, adding:

Mr. Biden’s son, Hunter, received consulting fees from the MBNA Corporation from 2001 to 2005 for work on online banking issues. Aides to Mr. Obama … would not say how much the younger Mr. Biden, who works as both a lawyer and lobbyist in Washington, had received, though a company official had once described him as having a $100,000 a year retainer. But Obama aides said he had never lobbied for MBNA and that there was nothing improper about the payments.

Joe reportedly denied any wrongdoing linked to his son’s business dealings with MBNA, the Times pointed out.

Citing the Obama campaign aides, the newspaper reported in 2008:

Senator Biden’s goal was always to strike a workable compromise between the competing interests on the bankruptcy bill, and that he was not influenced by his son’s work for MBNA or the campaign donations.

Hunter’s work for MBNA while his father was writing and promoting the bankruptcy bill in the early 2000s did not become public until the law passed in 2005, Breitbart News recalled.

(Read more at Breitbart)

So the Democrat press ignores the Biden corruption in Ukraine, Iraq, and China

Just as they ignored the Biden corruption with credit card companies in 2008

I guess they figure that if they keep kicking the old Biden can down the road, eventually the old Biden will kick the can.

Seven more arguments in favor of making the appointment to the Supreme Court now

  1. Of course, we could start with the examples of Democrat misdoings hashed in my last post on this

Barack_MerrickWe could point toward the establishment of the nuclear option by Harry Reid. We could continue with the Democrats’ nomination of Merrick Garland in February 2016 and then point out that replacing a Supreme Court justice by a lame duck president in February is not the same as this September appointment by a President who can be re-elected.

Moreover, we could point again to the hell-on-earth, circus-like spectacles organized by Democrats against conservative judges like Robert Bork, Clarence Thomas, and Brett Kavanaugh. Again, we could point to the complete lack of evidence of wrong-doing on part of the judges as the Democrats made a mockery of the judicial approval process in order that they might protect their leftist ideals.

  1. In 2016, Democrats argued for election-year appointments

The Daily Caller points to the words of eight Democrats on making election-year appointments to the Supreme Court. Here are the first six:

Although Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden favored putting off a confirmation hearing during an election year in 1992 as a senator, Biden supported Garland’s confirmation in 2016 as vice president, according to ABC News. He said there was no supposed “Biden Rule” concerning Supreme Court nominations in an election year.

“Deciding in advance simply to turn your back before the president even names a nominee is not an option the Constitution leaves open,” Biden said, according to Business Insider. “It’s a plain abdication from the Senate’s duty. … [It’s] never occurred before in our history.”

“Elections have consequences,” then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said, according to Politico. “The president has a responsibility to nominate a new justice and the Senate has a responsibility to vote.”

She called McConnell’s decision “outrageous.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tweeted: “Garland has integrity, a brilliant legal mind & is a perfect fit for [the Supreme Court]. GOP inaction does our country a great disservice.”E

And then-House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tweeted: “Judge Merrick Garland, is a respected jurist who must be given a fair hearing & timely vote.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders, an Independent who caucuses with Democrats, tweeted, “Judge Garland is a strong nominee with decades of experience on the bench. [Obama] has done his job. It’s time for Republicans to do theirs.”

Meanwhile, Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted that Republicans must “ditch their extremism” and schedule a vote for Garland.

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

I will have to agree with these Democrats — election-year appointments can be made if the ruling party can handle the dissent from the other party

If Democrats have the numbers in the Senate and the presidency (as they did in 2016), they can try.

If they could not set aside enough time to complete their plans — well, that just shows poor political gamesmanship. If their plans required cooperation, they should have compromised and gotten cooperation.

  1. In 2016, even Ginsburg made an argument against the position she purportedly made on her death bed

In 2016, Ginsbug said “Nothing in the Constitution” prevents final year Supreme Court picks (as reported by the Daily Caller in a 19 September 2020 article).

GinsburgThe late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in 2016 said “nothing in the Constitution” prevents a president from nominating to fill a court seat.

Ginsburg was reacting to the upcoming fight over a replacement for her friend and colleague Justice Antonin Scalia, who passed away. Then-President Barack Obama had nominated Judge Merrick Garland to fill Scalia’s seat only to be denied a Senate hearing by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“I think he is about as well qualified as any nominee to this court,” Ginsburg said of Garland, according to a July 2016 report from The New York Times. “Super bright and very nice, very easy to deal with. And super prepared. He would be a great colleague.”

The Times called her answer “immediate” when asked if the “Senate had an obligation to assess Judge Garland’s qualifications.”

“That’s their job,” Ginsburg told the outlet then. “There’s nothing in the Constitution that says the president stops being president in his last year.”

Ginsburg, who passed away Friday after battling metastatic pancreatic cancer for years, reportedly expressed the wish that her replacement wouldn’t be confirmed until a new president is installed.

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

Odd how this former ACLU pro-abortion lawyer was in favor of this move, just over four years ago

When she thought that she might gain an additional ally, she was all for having President Obama implement these plans. But now that it does not work to her needs (and now that she has gambled her time away), she has another idea.

  1. No matter what we do, there will be no civility

Barring Divine intervention, it seems that the Left will not dialog with anyone on differing sides. This comes forward through an 18 September 2020 article in The Hill where an associate professor at Marshall University proffers a prejudicial opinion of Trump supporters.

“I’ve become the type of person where I hope they all get it and die,” Professor Jennifer Mosher said. “I’m sorry, but that’s so frustrating — just — I don’t know what else to do. You can’t argue with them, you can’t talk sense with them, um, I said to somebody yesterday I hope they all die before the election.”

MosherMosher, who teaches in the school’s biology department, was making a reference to recent indoor rallies held by the president, events that have garnered hundreds of attendees with sporadic mask usage.

Many have criticized the Trump campaign for holding the indoor rallies, noting the events violate the administration’s coronavirus guidelines which call for social distancing and mask wearing.

Mosher’s comments were recorded by a student and posted on social media, sparking backlash online and triggering a statement from the university on Friday.

“Marshall University this morning announced it is aware of an overtly political statement made by a faculty member in a recent virtual classroom session and widely circulated on social media,” the statement read. “The University does not support or condone the use of any of its educational platforms to [b]elittle people or wish harm on those who hold differing political views. The professor was removed from the classroom yesterday and is on administrative leave, pending an investigation. [T]here will be no further comment on this personnel matter at this time.”

(Read the whole article at The Hill)

While it is true that this professor has been “punished” by putting her on “administrative leave”

Do you think for a minute that a conservative professor would not have been fired for doing the same to the former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton? Do you think there is any chance that this professor will be reinstated?

  1. The Democrats have promised that there will be no civility

National Review reports on threats communicated through The Atlantic concerning a possible Biden loss

Writing in The Atlantic recently, the sober-minded commentator Shadi Hamid says, “I struggle to imagine how, beyond utter shock, millions of Democrats will process a Trump victory.” For Democrats, having failed to cope with the 2016 election, and believing the polls that show a solid Joe Biden lead, another shock Trump win would “provoke mass disillusion with electoral politics as a means of change — at a time when disillusion is already dangerously high.” And it would lead decent folks astray. They would seek remedies “outside the political process, including through nonpeaceful means,” though, “not necessarily out of hope but …

I presented the summary from National Review out of sympathy

If you want to review the twisted logic of the left, please feel free to look at The Atlantic article by Shadi Hamid where he postulates that the Democrats’ illegal rioting in Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland will be rewarded by Republicans who have been cowed into submission and will vote for Biden.

  1. Progressives, who demand that we show compassion for their shortcomings, show themselves to be myopic

In the following video (warning: there is a lot of vulgar language), the woman shows no compassion for the suffering of Ruth Ginsburg or her family. She only curses at others for what the death of RGB does to the progressive cause.

  1. Tucker Carlson hits many of these points and more

Thirteen stories on Bloomberg’s failures, problems, insults, and attempts at redemption

Bloomberg’s failures

  1. Bloomberg’s gun ban rejected in Virginia with Democratic help

The Washington Examiner reported in a 17 February 2020 article that the gun grab in Virginia funded by Michael Bloomberg went down in flames.

Despite spending millions to turn Virginia’s legislature blue and a last-minute visit to Richmond, Democrats in the Senate turned back presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg’s top goal in the state of banning “assault weapons.”

In a lopsided 10-5 vote, the state Senate Judiciary Committee killed any advancement this year, pushing the legislation off for a year.


(Read more at the Washington Examiner)

Thank God and some sensible Democrats for rejecting this idiocy

While I have a hard time calling some Democrats sensible, I can reasonably affix that label to a few. Thank heavens that those Democrats stopped this incursion into our Second Amendment rights.

  1. Bloomberg’s ban on super-sized colas was both unpopular and unconstitutional

A 30 July 2013 article at Reuters explained first why the measure had been found unconstitutional.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s controversial plan to keep large sugary drinks out of restaurants and other eateries was rejected by a state appeals court on Tuesday, which said he had overstepped his authority in trying to impose the ban.

The law, which would have prohibited those businesses from selling sodas and other sugary beverages larger than 16 ounces (473 ml), “violated the state principle of separation of powers,” the First Department of the state Supreme Court’s Appellate Division said.

The decision, upholding a lower court ruling in March that struck down the law, dealt a blow to Bloomberg’s attempt to advance the pioneering regulation as a way to combat obesity. Beverage makers and business groups, however, challenged it in court, arguing that the mayoral-appointed health board had gone too far when it approved the law.

A unanimous four-judge panel at the appeals court agreed, finding that the board had stepped beyond its power to regulate public health and usurped the policy-making role of the legislature.

In particular, the court focused on the law’s loopholes, which exempted businesses not under the auspices of the city’s health department and left certain drinks, such as milk-based beverages, unaffected.

As a result, grocery and convenience stores – such as 7 Eleven and its 64-ounce Big Gulp – were protected from the ban’s reach, even as restaurants, sandwich shops and movie theaters were not. Meanwhile, milkshakes and high-calorie coffee drinks like Starbucks’ Frappucinos would have remained unfettered.

(Read more at Reuters)

My opposition to Bloomberg’s soda ban stands on the same reasons that I oppose other Bloomberg initiatives

We do not need a nanny state. It cannot be there to protect us when we need it (for, as you know, “when seconds count, the police are minutes away.”)

  1. A full list of the things banned by Bloomberg

With a hat tip to ChrisX at KSEV, we can find a full listing of everything banned by big-government Michael Bloomberg at Gizmodo. These bans were:

  1. Smoking in commercial establishments like bars and restaurants (2003)
  2. Smoking in public spaces (2011)
  3. Cigarette sales to those under 21 (2013)
  4. Sales of “flavored” tobacco products (2009)
  5. Smoking e-cigarettes in public spaces (2013) ***
  6. Cigarette in-store displays (2013)
  7. Cars in Times Square (2009)
  8. Cars from driving in newly created bike lanes (2007-2013)
  9. Cars causing congestion below 60th Street in Manhattan (2007) *
  10. Speeding on residential “slow zones” (2013)
  11. Illegal guns (2006-2013) **
  12. Sodium levels in processed foods (2010) **
  13. Trans-fats in restaurants (2006)
  14. Loud headphones (2013) **
  15. Styrofoam packaging in single-service food items (2013)
  16. Sodas larger than 16 ounces (2012) *
  17. Collection of yard waste and grass clippings during certain times of year (2003-2013)
  18. Organic food waste from landfills (2013) **
  19. Commercial music over 45 decibels (2013)
  20. Chain restaurant menus without calorie counts (2008)
  21. The posting of signs in “city-owned grassy areas” (2013)
  22. Non-fuel-efficient cabs (2007)
  23. New cabs that aren’t Nissan NV200s (2013) *
  24. Greenhouse gas emissions (2007)
  25. Government buildings that aren’t LEED-certified (2005)
  26. Non-hurricane-proof buildings in coastal areas (2013)
  27. Black roofs (2009) **
  28. Construction cranes over 25 years old (2013)
  29. No. 6 and No. 4 “heavy” heating oils (2011)
  30. Less than a 2-1 ratio of female and male restrooms in new public buildings (2005)
  31. Cell phones in schools (2006)
  32. Two-term limits for city elected officials (2008) *

* Overruled/appealed ban
** Suggested/voluntary ban
*** Proposed/pending ban

Bloomberg’s problems

  1. Bloomberg’s billions a big problem

OneNewsNow reports in a 17 February 2020 article that one of Bloomberg’s biggest problems is wealth that he has amassed.

A conservative activist says New York’s former mayor will have to overcome several obstacles if he hopes to “buy” the U.S. presidency.

Much has been made about Michael Bloomberg’s obscenely deep pockets and the fact that he could spend a billion dollars of his own money to blanket the country with campaign ads, posing a serious challenge to President Trump’s re-election. But Bloomberg could also face a serious blowback from black voters following the release of a 2015 speech in which he said 95 percent of all crime is committed in minority neighborhoods.

“The tapes that came out recently showing certainly what appeared to be his disdain for the people that live in minority communities is the kind of thing that will hurt him deeply with perhaps the most important voting bloc in Democrat Party primaries,” comments Gary Bauer of the Campaign for Working Families.

And Bauer says Bloomberg has something else to deal with.

“He is the ultimate capitalist success story — a self-made billionaire running in a political party that is increasingly socialist in its orientation,” the conservative activist notes.

And as Bauer points out, some polling data shows nearly 60 percent of Democrats could never vote for a billionaire to be their party’s nominee.

(Read the original at OneNewsNow)

For a party like Democrats, having billions is a liability.

For both parties, having earned multiple millions while in office should be a liability for Bernie, Warren, and others.

  1. Bloomberg voices his views on health care for older Americans

Forbes repeats Bloomberg’s words regarding health care for older Americans.

If Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg was 95 years old and had prostate cancer, he could afford advanced and extreme medical care to improve and extend his life.

But what about a 95-year-old non-billionaire with prostate cancer who requires medical treatment using taxpayer dollars? In 2011, Bloomberg made the following statement: “If you show up with prostate cancer and you’re 95, we should say ‘go and enjoy, have a nice day, live a long life.’ There’s no cure and we can’t do anything. If you’re a young person, we should do something about it,” said Bloomberg, a former New York City mayor.

Bloomberg warned that society was not yet willing to make hard choices with respect to treating older Americans and this is “going to bankrupt us.”

The video reportedly was released by Daily Caller, a hyper partisan conservative website.

Bloomberg’s 2011 statement surfaced as he released a proposed health care plan to improve retirees’ lives, from giving low-income workers access to government-provided retirement savings plans to bolstering Social Security. Bloomberg said he would limit out-of-pocket drug costs and provide federal coverage for long-term care costs.
Do Bloomberg’s statements constitute age discrimination? Yes. Without a doubt.
Dr. Robert N. Butler, M.D., (1927-2010), who coined the term “ageism” in 1968, said generations throughout history have justified the futility of granting the aged access to health care due to unfounded ageist beliefs. Butler defined ageism is ‘a process of systematic stereotyping, prejudicial attitudes and direct or indirect discrimination against people because they are old.”

In his book, Age-ism: Another Form of Bigotry, Butler writes: “Age-ism reflects a deep seated uneasiness on the part of the young and middle-aged – a personal revulsion to and distaste for growing old, disease, disability; and fear of powerlessness, ‘uselessness,’ and death.”
Scapegoating Older Americans
Moreover, Bloomberg’s 2011 ramblings while sitting Shiva with a Jewish family also seem profoundly misguided. There are many other criteria that seem just as likely to bankrupt the United States.

The U.S. health care system is notoriously inefficient and outrageously expensive. It costs four times more to run the U.S. health care system than Canada’s single-payer system. Why is America saddled with a failed system? The U.S. Congress has failed to act in the face of intense lobbying by insurers and pharmaceutical companies.

And why is aging singled out as opposed to other conditions, such as obesity? Some 40 percent of American adults aged 20 and over are obese, a condition that can lead to coronary heart disease and stroke.

The Centers for Disease Control states that coronary heart disease and stroke cost the U.S. health care system $199 billion per year and cause $131 billion in lost productivity on the job.

Why doesn’t Congress address America’s “new national epidemic” and enact sound policy changes, such as limiting unhealthy foods at schools and restoring “gym ” for all students. Congress could tax products that contribute to obesity or require informative labeling of food products  Many blame lobbying by the mammoth food production and retail industries for Congressional inaction.

(Read more at Forbes)

Democrats need to stop fixing what works

Consider this: when Bernie had a heart attack, he did not go to Canada, Great Britain, or Venezuela for treatment. Although he has been hypocritically hopping in his personal jet while lecturing us on “climate change,” he did not hop down to his much-praised comrades in Cuba for treatment. Instead, he went to an American hospital.

So, if the Democrats want to fix anything, they need to open up markets and reward those of us who come together in medical collectives.

  1. Bloomberg insults Christians and Jews

A 15 February 2020 article in Vanity Fair, we find a new set of insults. Among these insults is one that should offend both Jews and Christians (refer to the bold, italicized sentence below).

Friday was Michael Bloomberg’s 78th birthday and the Washington Post gave a belated gift Saturday morning, a blast from the former New York City mayor’s past. “Aw, you shouldn’t have,” he must have said, seeing the news.

The paper has reprinted, in full, The Portable Bloomberg: The Wit and Wisdom of Michael Bloomberg, a gag birthday gift published by former Bloomberg L.P. chief marketing officer Elisabeth DeMarse 30 years ago. “Yes, these are all actual quotes,” it says in the introduction, adding “no, nothing has been embellished or exaggerated. And yes, some things were too outrageous to include.”

The Wit and Wisdom, an ersatz monograph on corporate culture, may plunge the 2020 political discourse into a new period. One can easily foresee people arguing if describing the Bloomberg Terminal device as something that “[can] do everything, include give you a blowjob. I guess that puts a lot of you girls out of business,” is as bad as “grab ‘em by the pussy.”

The pocket-sized collection has long been the stuff of lore. ABC News had a piece on it in December and Bloomberg himself distanced himself from the collection in 2001 during his first mayoral campaign. But today’s reproduction, as Bloomberg readies himself, at long last, to compete in Democratic primaries, is the first time citizens considering him for national office can scroll through his alleged recorded office musings.

Bloomberg’s campaign spokesman Stu Loeser, upon learning of the book’s imminent reproduction, said that the candidate “simply did not say the things somebody wrote in this gag gift, which has been circulating for 30 years and has been quoted in every previous election Mike has been in.” He did add that “Mike openly admits that his words have not always aligned with his values and the way he has led his life and some of what he has said is disrespectful and wrong.”

Not all of the 121 quotes, divided into sections like “On Computers” or “On Customer Service” will raise eyebrows. Some quotes are simply business-speak, the type of thing you half-hear while zoning out during a meeting. For example:

Everyone I know who is successful loves what they do. The question is: are they successful because they love what they do, or do they love what they do because they are successful? I don’t know. I suspect it’s a combination of both.

Other quotes, while admittedly coarse, are simply benign jokes, like this listed in the “On Profanity” section:

When the Wall Street Journal article came out saying I was profane, my dear old mother called me to ask me if it was true. ‘Ma,’ I said, ‘Fuck ‘em!’

Then there’s typical Manhattanite braggadocio, which might get a laugh at work, but probably isn’t something you want spreading around if you are, you know, running for President of the United States of America. Such as:

You know, there’s a Federal Law that prohibits the serving of good food west of 12th Avenue — look it up.


I make it a rule never to go to Queens — and since that eliminates both airports I don’t travel a great deal.

And then there’s the sexism and casual bigotry:

If women wanted to be appreciated for their brains, they’d go to the library instead of Bloomingdale’s.

The Royal Family — what a bunch of misfits — a gay, an architect, that horsey faced lesbian, and a kid who gave up Koo Stark for some fat broad.

The three biggest lies are: the check’s in the mail, I’ll respect you in the morning, and I’m glad I’m Jewish.

If Jesus was a Jew, why does he have a Puerto Rican first name?

Whenever my wife catches me eyeing some broad, she’s very careful to turn to me and say “That’s the most expensive piece of ass in the world!”

The scanned PDF also includes some cartoons.

In the middle of all this, however, one can find seeds of progressivism if you look really, really hard. One quote shows a surprising lack of fiery hatred concerning the topic of taxes, at least coming from a business tycoon whose fortune stemmed from letting Wall Street killers know about deals a fraction of a second ahead of the poor schmucks who couldn’t afford his proprietary information system.

(Read more at Vanity Fair)

I encourage you to download the PDF and view it for yourself

Inform yourself by downloading and reading the PDF linked above. This guy said many more offensive things than Trump has been accused of saying. So, when the Democrats support any of these clowns, you know that it is not on principle.

  1. A former Clinton staffer questions Bloomberg’s racist comments (including “stop and frisk”)

Townhall reports that one Clinton staffer suggests that Bloomberg’s “stop and frisk” comments will need to be explained.

Rumors are swirling that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is contemplating adding former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to his ticket. According to one of Clinton’s ex-staffers, Zerlina Maxwell, the move is highly unlikely. But, regardless of whether or not Clinton is on Bloomberg’s ticket, the MSNBC analyst believes people need to dig deep into the billionaire’s past.

“One of the things that’s been annoying me about this particular election cycle is when the men who are running for president speculate about women or women of color they’re going to put on the bottom of their ticket as their number two in order to help their chances. Why can’t we just talk about the women themselves?” Maxwell asked.

She reminded people that the former secretary of state has repeatedly said she would not run for president again.

“I’m highly skeptical of this particular report and I think, in some ways, it’s to send a signal to the folks who still love Hillary Clinton, that they should look at Michael Bloomberg,” the former staffer explained. “But they should look at Bloomberg on his own record. He has plenty of issues that he needs to address. He has not been in a debate. He has not done a national interview on television, so, right now, he’s blanketing the airwaves with glossy advertisements. And if millions of dollars in advertisements didn’t work to sell products, even defective ones, they wouldn’t spend so much on advertising.”

Bloomberg has taken hits over redlining and stop and frisk, MSNBC’s Alex Witt said. Despite that, three members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) have endorsed the former New York City major.

Maxwell said voters shouldn’t overlook Bloomberg’s past policy positions simply because they want to beat President Donald Trump come November.

“I don’t think that by accepting a deeply-flawed candidate, particularly one who hasn’t debated any of the other candidates. I think black and brown people are jumping ahead before we’ve even had an opportunity to weigh in at the ballot box,” she said. “It’s very important to get endorsements from the [CBC members].”

As the former Clinton staffer said, a candidate can receive CBC endorsements but that doesn’t necessarily translate to black voters. In 2016, Clinton received substantial CBC endorsements but black voter turnout was low.

“His record is one that should be examined by black and brown communities because it’s nice to put money behind good causes and philanthropy, but if you’re doing that at the same time that you’re throwing black children up against the wall and defending it up until weeks before announcing your run, then people have a right to be skeptical of whether or not you really care about these communities,” Maxwell explained.

(Read more at Townhall)

  1. Bloomberg’s sexist remarks

We have to go across the pond to The Guardian‘s 15 February 2020 article to read about Michael Bloomberg’s sexist remarks.

The presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg has insisted he is a “champion for women in the workplace”, after the republication of a 30-year-old booklet purporting to contain his “Wit and Wisdom” cast an uncomfortable spotlight on the billionaire former New York mayor.

The Washington Post made the 1990 booklet available online as it published an investigation of how Bloomberg has “for years battled women’s allegations of profane, sexist comments”. The booklet was presented as a gift to Bloomberg on his 48th birthday party and contains a catalogue of sexist remarks attributed to the billionaire during his time at the company he founded.

The renewed attention on Bloomberg – who has for years been the subject of allegations that his company fostered a hostile and sexist environment towards women – comes as he has surged in the race for the Democratic nomination to face Donald Trump in November.

With the leftwinger Bernie Sanders climbing in national polls and former vice-president Joe Biden falling away, Bloomberg’s self-financed candidacy has begun to attract support from moderates seeking what they believe will be an electable alternative to Donald Trump.

On Saturday the rightwing Drudge Report website caused a stir when it said “sources close to the Bloomberg campaign” said he was considering Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate beaten by Trump in 2016, as his running mate this year.

But with such increasing prominence, fuelled in part by a massive TV and Facebook advertising effort, has come increasing scrutiny of the former Republican’s record in office and his comments and views.

In one comment printed in the 1990 booklet, the businessman turned politician is said to have said of Britain’s royal family: “What a bunch of misfits – a gay, an architect, that horsey faced lesbian, and a kid who gave up Koo Stark for some fat broad.”

Of the Bloomberg Terminal, the computer system on which a fortune estimated at $60bn was built, Bloomberg is quoted as saying: “It will do everything, including give you a blowjob. I guess that puts a lot of you girls out of business.”

He is also quoted as comparing “a good salesperson” to “the guy who goes into a bar, and walks up to every gorgeous girl there, and says, ‘Do you want to fuck?’ He gets turned down a lot – but he gets fucked a lot, too!”

(Read more at The Guardian)

  1. Bloomberg implied farming doesn’t take intelligence in 2016 comments

Fox News reports in a 17 February 2020 article how Michael Bloomberg denegrated farmers in 2016.

Presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg appeared to belittle both farmers and factory workers in 2016 comments made at a university forum, continuing a trend of old remarks resurfacing to plague the billionaire’s bid for the Democratic nomination.

Joining the Distinguished Speakers Series at the University of Oxford Saïd Business School, Bloomberg was responding to a question about whether it is possible to unite people in middle America and the coasts. One of the issues standing in the way of that, Bloomberg said, was the inability of blue-collar workers to adapt to the information economy even if they have their education subsidized.

“The agrarian society lasted 3,000 years and we could teach processes. I could teach anybody, even people in this room, no offense intended, to be a farmer,” Bloomberg said. “It’s a process. You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn. You could learn that. Then we had 300 years of the industrial society. You put the piece of metal on the lathe, you turn the crank in the direction of the arrow and you can have a job. And we created a lot of jobs. At one point, 98 percent of the world worked in agriculture, now it’s 2 percent in the United States.”

Bloomberg continued: “Now comes the information economy and the information economy is fundamentally different because it’s built around replacing people with technology and the skill sets that you have to learn are how to think and analyze, and that is a whole degree level different. You have to have a different skill set, you have to have a lot more gray matter. It’s not clear the teachers can teach or the students can learn, and so the challenge of society of finding jobs for these people, who we can take care of giving them a roof over their head and a meal in their stomach and a cell phone and a car and that sort of thing. But the thing that is the most important, that will stop them from setting up a guillotine someday, is the dignity of a job”

(Read more at Fox News)

During my stint while earning a Bachelor of Arts at Texas A&M, I was introduced to many agricultural scientists

BloombergFarmerI concentrated on technical subjects during that time and took a number of classes in programming. However, that did not dim my respect for the work that students in the agricultural sciences went through. Obviously, Mr. Bloomberg has a bit of a vaunted view of himself regarding a field he seems to have invested little time in learning.

Bloomberg’s attempts at trying to redeem himself

  1. Bloomberg delivers his best attack line against Bernie Sanders … and it was pretty brutal

Townhall comments on the Bloomberg attacks against Bernie during the Nevada debates.

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg jumped into the 2020 ring. Or was it a shark tank? He secured a spot on the debate stage for the Nevada debate—and everyone was gunning for him. Mike clogs the spot. He threatens Amy Klobuchar and former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg. He has to be destroyed. He pulls from bases of support that makes everyone’s path to the nomination no matter how small, even smaller. They had to deliver a thousand blows to him. And he was beaten pretty badly by everyone. From stop-and-frisk to allegations of sexually suggestive remarks, Bloomberg came off as cold, calculating, and just unlikeable. He was horrific on the non-disclosure agreement issues that were brought up. It was not good. CNN’s Van Jones called his performance a disaster, but he did have one good attack line against Sanders—and it was a brutal one.

BernieScreamsThe Vermont democratic socialist went on his usual line about how socialism is awesome. He railed against what he sees as socialism for the rich, calling out Donald Trump for getting hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks for his business ventures. Sanders also railed against the welfare state expenditures for Walmart’s workers because the Walton family pays what the Left sees as “starvation wages.”

“I believe in a democratic socialism for working people, not billionaires. Health care for all, educational opportunity for all,” said Sanders as he finally ended his stump speech by declaring he will create a government that works for everyone.

And then Bloomberg torpedoed it in a couple of sentences.

“What a wonderful country we have. The best-known socialist in the country happens to be a millionaire with three houses. What did I miss here?” he replied.

(Read the rest at Townhall)

  1. Michael Bloomberg considering Hillary Clinton as running mate

Breitbart reports that Michael Bloomberg has suggested Hillary Clinton as a running mate.

Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg is considering choosing failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as a running mate, according to the Drudge Report on Saturday.

Matt Drudge launched a siren banner on the front page of the Drudge Report to highlight the news, citing sources close to the Bloomberg campaign.

According to those sources, internal campaign polling found that the Bloomberg/Clinton ticket would be a formidable force to tackle Trump in the general election.

(Read more at Breitbart)

While Bloomberg may be strategizing, this may be a wrong move

If Bloomberg were to win the presidency with her at his side, it might be the shortest presidency on record.

  1. Candidate Bloomberg Adds Memes to Campaign Arsenal

Breitbart also reports that Bloomberg has been buying memes to build his brand on social media.

Michael Bloomberg’s campaign said Thursday it has invested in sponsored Instagram meme content in a new illustration of his record spending aimed at securing the Democratic presidential nomination.

As he vies to be the candidate to take on President Donald Trump, the former New York mayor is also challenging the president on one of his preferred battlefields — the world of social media, where the comic images known as memes flourish.

“Mike Bloomberg 2020 has teamed up with social creators to collaborate with the campaign, including the meme world,” campaign spokeswoman Sabrina Singh said in an email to AFP.

“While a meme strategy may be new to presidential politics, we’re betting it will be an effective component to reach people where they are and compete with President Trump’s powerful digital operation,” Singh added.

Trump’s surprise election win in 2016 was attributed in part to his use of social media, which was much more aggressive than his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

Among the Instagram content creators recruited by Bloomberg are fuckjerry, grapejuiceboys and tank.sinatra, each of which has millions of followers.

On Wednesday they published screen shots of humorous (but fake) private messages with Bloomberg on Instagram — and which they said were sponsored by him.

In one of them, the 77-year-old candidate says that his granddaughter showed him the account.

In one post, Bloomberg appears to ask the account to post a meme to let everyone know he is “the cool candidate” — along with a picture of him in oversized shorts, a Polo-style shirt and a rust-colored vest.

In the meme, the candidate agrees to pay “a billion dollars” for the post.

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This is another sad instance of buying the presidency

Original articles said that Bloomberg was offering $150 per endorsement. Later scuttlebutt says that people have been earning thousands.

  1. Bloomberg Hits Sanders: ‘Outrageous’ to Call Soleimani’s Death an ‘Assassination’

If I am going to blog on all the things I disapprove of among Bloomberg’s acts, I should also refer to Breitbart‘s 6 January 2020 article where Bloomberg pointed out the outrageousness of Bernie’s statement on the killing of Soleimani.

Presidential hopeful Michael Bloomberg (D) said it is “outrageous” to describe the death of Iran’s top terror chief as an “assassination” — a description used by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Bloomberg last week took issue with Sanders describing the elimination of Iran’s top general, Qasem Soleimani, an “assassination,” telling reporters that it is an “outrageous thing to say.”

“Nobody that I know of would think that we did something wrong in getting the general,” the billionaire said:

His remarks followed the Sanders campaign’s statement, describing the terrorist’s death as an “assassination”:

Sanders said in a video statement that he would “do everything that [he] can to prevent a war with Iran” and added that he apologizes to “no one” for his position:

Bloomberg, however, took a more measured approach, stating that Soleimani had the “blood of Americans on his hands.” While he took shots at Trump in his statement and questioned his judgment, he did not outright condemn the action:

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The Chutzpah Queen Strikes Again (Part 3: "Diva Demands" through "Never Too Much")

Chairman Mao-Mao at the approved podium.

The New York Post outs Hillary’s List of Diva Speaker Demands

Least you think that people are picking on the poor Clinton crime family as they used Hillary’s position as Secretary of State to land lucrative speaking engagements for both Bill and Hill, please consider the demands that the New York Post recorded in 27 November 2014 article:

  1. For speaking at UCLA she demanded a “special university rate” of $300,000 (as opposed to Bill’s rate of $250,000)
  2. As the presumptive presidential candidate, she required a backstage menu that included “diet ginger ale, crudités, hummus and sliced fruit.”
  3. She required UCLA to set onstage chairs to include “two long, rectangular pillows,” and required two more cushions ready backstage.
  4. She would only allow two group photos to be taken; however, the group would have to be assembled and waiting for her.
  5. At SUNY Buffalo she required $275,000 for a speech
  6. Also at SUNY she demanded $1,000 for a stenographer to provide her a personal transcript (along with other demands not disclosed).
  7. She also insists on staying in the “presidential suites” of luxury hotels.
  8. She requires a private jet to and from the venues.

While not mentioned in this article, I have heard accounts in radio reports that maintain Hillary requires the institutions to pay for the first-class airfare and accommodations for assistants who arrive a day or more before her and make preparations for her.

All the Clinton Clan are Divas

Like the article above, a 11 July 2016 Washington Examiner reveals

  • Bill
    1. Prior to Slick Willie, presidents asked for a $60K speaking fee.  He initially asked for $100K and increased his demands from there.
    2. Bill’s staff required approval for all questions asked of him.
    3. He demanded a private jet to fly him from San Francisco to UC-Davis, even though it was only 70 miles away.
    4. Bill maintained a list of people who could be near him and a list of those to keep away. 
  • Hillary
    1. Madame Secretary commands speaking fees of $300K and up.
    2. She insists that the transcripts of her speeches only be supplied to her.
    3. She also requires lemon wedges, room temperature water, a hot-water dispenser and a coffee cup and saucer on stage when she gives a speech.
    4. She must approve the podium in advance of the event.
    5. Ms. Clinton demands access to a computer, mouse, printer and scanner.
    6. Within sight of the podium, she requires a teleprompter with “2-3 downstage scrolling monitors.”
    7. In her dressing room, she wants a spread of hummus, room-temperature sparkling and still water, diet ginger ale, crudites, sliced fruit, coffee, and tea.
    8. Two chairs with cushions and long pillows must be supplied.
    9. Group photos must have everyone in place so that she walk up, pose for the photo, and leave. 
  • Chelsea
    1. Although it is not a demand, Chelsea has held a position at NBC News that she has been paid $600K per year since 2014, but has only provided 58 minutes of air time as this “special correspondent.”
    2. For the sum of $65K, she will speak.

Never Too Much

In a 12 August 2016 Conservative Daily News op-ed, Dave King asks “For The Clintons, Is There Never Too Much?”

No liberal at CNN has ever asked Hillary if her personal worth of $100 million is enough, or perhaps even too much, in a world where children die of hunger each day (as Bill Clinton used to remind an interviewer when he wanted to stop them in their tracks). We’ve all seen Hillary with a sad visage and very serious tone of voice, telling an interviewer that she and Bill left the White House in debt and flat broke. But even allowing for book deals and 6-digit speaking fees, how did the Clintons become wealthy in excess of $100 million? It’s like the cattle futures trading that Hillary did back in Arkansas when she made $100,000 on a thousand dollar investment. How did an inexperienced investor/trader like Hillary make an impossibly large return like that, and why did she stop after only one such brush with success?

The Clintons don’t manufacture anything. They don’t have a profit-making company of any kind similar to the ones that liberals like to point at when accusing corporate leaders of abusing customers, under-paying employees, discriminating against female and black employees and making excess profits, but they never ask the Clintons how they have become filthy rich (in fact liberals don’t consider the Clintons’ wealth to be filthy or excessive, it’s just how all good liberals should live).

And it’s not even mentioned why or how Chelsea married a rich Wall Street type and now lives in a $10 million Manhattan penthouse or how she earned the $600,000 salary from NBC while never appearing on a network program. Aren’t people who live like that accused of evil things and criticized for their excessive incomes and consumption of the world’s precious and disappearing resources?

And added to all of the above, we now know that Hillary has been dealing fast and loose with her emails, national security, telling us that the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood was part of the blooming Arab Spring and that Bashar al-Assad was a ‘reformer’, her influence peddling as Secretary of State, her lying under oath to congress and the lies she told to the American people about her email account (and lied to the mother of at least one of the Americans killed in the Benghazi attack) and that she is suspected of overseeing the shipment of weapons to Libya, which ended up arming ISIS following the Benghazi disaster which got four Americans killed. If any one of these things is true, then Hillary should not be allowed near the Oval Office and should be denied any level of security clearance for the remainder of her life, and then she should be locked up in Leavenworth.

No, the Clintons just skate gracefully away, like the ice skaters in Central Park do when Chelsea deigns to look down on them from her Manhattan penthouse suite.

While I agree with Mr. King’s assessment that Bill and Hill (and sometimes Chelsea) don’t manufacture any product that you or I might touch, I have to point out that they do create:

  • Class envy – since they are continually speaking about making the rich “pay their fair share”
  • Disdain for the law – since Comey made it clear that anyone else who pulled Hillary’s “oversights” would be afoul of the law
  • Disrespect for police – in light of the national convention speaker lineup
  • Opportunities for Crony Capitalists – like Cisco Systems, Chobani and others

To Ensure that You Do Not Fall for the Temptation, Consider These Verses

While the Bible tells us that we must provide for the helpless, it also points out the goodness of providing for our own needs.

moreover, that every man who eats and drinks sees good in all his labor—it is the gift of God. (Ecclesiastes 3:13 NASB)

Also, it reminds those of us who work that the true source for all we need is God.

Trust in the Lord and do good; Dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. Delight yourself in the Lord; And He will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalm 37:3-4 NASB)

Additionally, it points out how good it is for us to work for our needs.

Better is a little with righteousness, than great income with injustice. (Proverbs 16:8 NASB)

Better is the poor who walks in his integrity Than he who is crooked though he be rich. (Proverbs 28:6 NASB)

Those of us who believe in Christ must also trust in His provision.

For this reason I say to you, do not be worried about your life, as to what you will eat or what you will drink; nor for your body, as to what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air, that they do not sow, nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not worth much more than they? (Matthew 6:25-26 NASB)

For the Gentiles eagerly seek all these things; for your heavenly Father knows that you need all these things. 33 But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. (Matthew 6:32-33 NASB)

Then He said to them, “Beware, and be on your guard against every form of greed; for not even when one has an abundance does his life consist of his possessions,” (Luke 12:15 NASB)

Therefore I am well content with weaknesses, with insults, with distresses, with persecutions, with difficulties, for Christ’s sake; for when I am weak, then I am strong. (2 Corinthians 12:10 NASB)

I know how to get along with humble means, and I also know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. (Philippians 4:12-13 NASB)

Make sure that your character is free from the love of money, being content with what you have; for He Himself has said, “I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you,” (Hebrews 13:5 NASB)

But godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment. For we have brought nothing into the world, so we cannot take anything out of it either. If we have food and covering, with these we shall be content. But those who want to get rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish and harmful desires which plunge men into ruin and destruction. For the love of money is a root of all sorts of evil, and some by longing for it have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. But flee from these things, you man of God, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, perseverance and gentleness. (1 Timothy 6:6-11 NASB)