Corruption at the top levels of Democrat governance in Harris County, Texas

Three staffers for Judge Lina Hidalgo charged with felonies

Houston Fox affiliate KRIV reports that three staffers in the Lina Hidalgo office were indicted on felony charges of tampering with government documents and misuse of official information.

Alex Triantaphyllis, Wallis Nader and Aaron Dunn – three members of Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s inner circle, now have “mugshots”.

Each appeared in 351st District Court for arraignment on felony charges of tampering with government documents and misuse of official information in connection with an alleged $11 million dollar bid-rigging scheme.

Bond was set at $3,500 for all three.

Prosecutor Mike Levine says the criminal charges followed weeks of both investigation and deliberation.

“We are going to follow the law, follow the evidence. We had a grand jury that met for a long time and heard from a lot of witnesses. They were dedicated. They were focused. They paid a lot of attention,” said Levine.

(Read more at KRIV)

While the indictment on felony charges might show that some mechanisms of justice can turn, what does this really tell us? 

Although the blatant use of public funds to reward a political crony seems evident, it does not seem that all of the players in this tale are being brought to court. At this stage, only three lackeys for Lina Hidalgo find themselves indicted — not Lockdown Lina, not 11-million-Felicity Pereyra, and not even the bag-man for the heist.

So who benefits from this indictment? One person seems to have benefitted — Aaron Dunn.

Crime pays for Hidalgo staffer Aaron Dunn

Houston Fox affiliate KRIV also reports that Hildago staffer Aaron Dunn got a substantial raise and a new position in the county government as indictments came down.

One of Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s senior aides implicated in an alleged $11 million “bid-rigging” scheme left her staff for a new job just five days after Texas Rangers served search warrants on the judge and members of her inner circle.

An open records request by FOX 26 revealed that Aaron Dunn began his employment at the Harris County Flood Control District as a “Flood Resilience Planner” on March 16 – just nine days before the court release of Ranger affidavits implicating Dunn and two others in the potentially illegal steering of a COVID-19 communication contract to a little known, one woman firm called Elevate Strategies.

Rice Political analyst Mark Jones says Dunn’s rapid displacement “smells rotten.”

“When things happen that closely, it’s no coincidence. Probably a way to get him to go someplace else, and perhaps remain quiet, about what he knows about Judge Hidalgo’s involvement in this whole sordid affair,” said Jones.

Personnel records obtained by FOX 26 indicate the move for Dunn was lucrative with his taxpayer-funded salary increasing from $111,000 to $125,000 per year.

(Read more at KRIV)

Of the three indicted, it looks like Mr. Dunn might hold the most aces in the card game

When you look at the three indicted staffers and consider how Mr. Dunn suddenly got a boosted salary from $111,000 to $125,000 per year, you have to consider the possibility that he might know where Lina Hidalgo’s and Felicity Pereyra’s past bodies are buried.

I’m just saying.

Democrats take care of their own

During an on-air interview on the Chris X radio show on KSEV, Holly Hansen of reported that the judge overseeing the felony cases of the three staffers had connections to both the Democrats of the Commissioners Court and to Elevate Strategies. Specifically, there were these connections (as listed below):

Judge Natalia Cornelio has:

  • Received contributions from the lawyers in the pay of Lina Hidalgo,
  • Received funds from Felicity Pereyra (founder of the Elevate Strategies that is central to this whole scandal), and
  • Worked as the Director of Legal Affairs for Rodney Ellis (who currently sits on the Commissioners’ Court of Harris County and, as such, is under investigation).


The Democrats’ Russian connection is just the beginning

Hillary’s hypersonic missile gap

The Daily Caller reported way back in 2017 on the technology-sharing antics of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when it came to her building of the Clinton Foundation.

Starting in May 2010, The Washington Examiner reported, drawing on emails obtained by Citizens United, “Clinton Foundation staff pushed Hillary Clinton’s State Department to approve a meeting between Bill Clinton and a powerful Russian oligarch as her agency lined up investors for a project under his purview.”

His name was Viktor Vekselberg of Renova (a Clinton Foundation donor) and the project under his purview was the Skolkovo Innovation Center, which is being built near Moscow. The following month, Bill Clinton would receive $500,000 for a speech in Moscow from a Renaissance Capital, a Russian investment bank with ties to the Kremlin, a Clinton Foundation donor, a Skolkovo executive, and which talked up Uranium One, whose sale the Clinton State Department would approve, and whose executives together contributed $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.

This shocking set of emails that the Examiner reported on shows the nexus of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s foundation, Hillary Clinton’s State Department, Bill Clinton, Russian oligarch Vekselberg, and Skolkovo, “Russia’s Silicon Valley,” the Putin project to transfer Western technology to Russia that was championed and driven by Mrs. Clinton — and, what do you know, 17 out of 28 tech companies that hitched up with Skolkovo also contributed to the Clinton Foundation? What a coincidence. Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s support for Russian WTO membership made the whole global flow so much easier.

No wonder Herd Media, the Uniparty Congress and FBI Director James Comey never noticed a thing. Oh, except that Putin “hated” Hillary Clinton, “wanted to do her harm,” as Comey told Congress this week. Grrr. Maybe hypersonic technology wasn’t enough. But I’m getting ahead of the story.

Let’s pick up with an Army report on Skolkovo written in 2012 (released in 2013) to assess “the implications … for U.S. policymakers.”

Although military activities are not an official cluster of activity, the Skolkovo Foundation has, in fact, been involved in defense-related activities since December 2011, when it approved the first weapons-related projectthe development of a hypersonic cruise missile engine. The project is a response to the U.S. Department of Defense’s Advanced Hypersonic Weapon, part of the Prompt Global Strike program.

Fast forward to November 2016, shortly after Donald Trump was elected president when the US Air Force released a report on — no way — the Russian and Chinese hypersonic missile threat to the United States.

The United States is vulnerable to future attack by hypersonic missiles from China and Russia and is falling behind in the technology race to develop both defensive and offensive high-speed maneuvering arms, according to a new Air Force study.

“The People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation are already flight-testing high-speed maneuvering weapons (HSMWs) that may endanger both forward deployed U.S. forces and even the continental United States itself,” an executive summary of the report says.

“These weapons appear to operate in regimes of speed and altitude, with maneuverability that could frustrate existing missile defense constructs and weapon capabilities.”

In a functioning democratic republic, the executive branch decisions and procedures and corruption that led to this defense cataclysm would actually alarm security officials, lawmakers, and even arouse media curiosity, if nothing else. But Skolkovo, the money, the corruption, the treachery, the danger, inspire no reaction at all.

Not even this plain, shocking language, from the Army, circa 2012:

Skolkovo is an ambitious enterprise, aiming to promote technology transfer generally, by inbound direct investment, and occasionally, through selected acquisitions. As such, Skolkovo is arguably an overt alternative to clandestine industrial espionage—with the additional distinction that it can achieve such a transfer on a much larger scale and more efficiently.

Hillary Clinton, her State Department, the Clinton Foundation, Bill Clinton did much to make Skolkovo possible — did much to activate what was, according to the Army report, “arguably” a massive “clandestine industrial espionage” operation.

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

Of course, along with this came Uranium One and the payoff to the Clinton Foundation

As those who have investigated the actions of Democrats, the selling to Russia of 20% of America’s capacity to produce uranium was all wrapped around grift to the Clinton Foundation. For payoffs to Hillary and speaking fees to Bill, Russia got access to our uranium.

So, as the article above details, the Russians got our hypersonic missile technology through the Clintons and a good portion of uranium through the Clintons.

Hence, our current disadvantage in the hypersonic missile race may not be one of initial technology, but one of the enemy knowing all of the weaknesses of our systems. Therefore, we don’t just need to develop a hypersonic missile. We need to develop a completely different hypersonic missile.

The deals fashioned by Democrats

Doesn’t it seem odd how the deals that Democrats fashion usually put America at a disadvantage? Take in mind the Iran deal and how it gave Iran (the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism) a nuclear weapon, pallets of multi-denominational cash, and other benefits. Also consider the Uranium One deal and how Russia got 1/5 of American uranium output and the Clintons got $48 million for 215 speeches. What did America get?

No wonder Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin got so defensive during the hearing with Representative Gaetz. If questioning went beyond applying critical race theory to the troops, the truth may come out on the missiles.

John Durham, Michael Sussmann, and the Broader Clinton Conspiracy

Techno Fog lays out an instance where the lie by Mr. Sussmann becomes very evident.

There was a flurry of filings in the Michael Sussmann case late yesterday. Here’s the latest.

On September 19, 2016, DNC/Clinton Campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann met with FBI General Counsel James Baker, where Baker was provided with data and “white paper” purporting to show covert communications (since proven to be bogus) between Russian Alfa Bank and the Trump Organization.

Special Counsel John Durham has just provided evidence that the night before – on September 18, 2016 – Sussmann sent Baker this text:

Jim — it’s Michael Sussmann. I have something time-sensitive (and sensitive) I need to discuss. Do you have availability for a short meeting tomorrow? I’m coming on my own — not on behalf of a client or company — want to help the Bureau. Thanks. (emphasis added).

As it turns out, Sussmann was billing the Clinton Campaign for his work on the Alfa Bank hoax. This text from Sussmann to Baker is damning for Sussmann’s case, proving Sussmann’s efforts at deceiving a top official at the FBI about his clients, and demonstrating how Sussmann tried to convince Baker he was there to supposedly do the right thing.

(Continue reading at Techno Fog to see the notes made by Durham)

It seems that the “Russian collusion” story told by the Democrats was a story of projection of their own collusion with Russia

They took money from Russian and Ukrainian sources, not Trump. And when they said they were doing something for the Bureau, it was for the Democrat party.

Encryption keys on Hunter’s laptop?

CD Media suggests that the Hunter Biden laptop contained Department of Defense encryption keys (aka “root certificates”).

After receiving further information from sources inside the DoD, we have confirmed the ‘root certificates’ found on the Hunter Biden laptop could be related to his work as a public affairs officer in the US Navy for several months before he was discharged for drug use, possibly for use in email communications. In any event, the certificates should have been wiped from his private device per procedure. If the certificates were downloaded at a later date via other government personal with access, this would a violation of procedure and a possible vulnerability. We do not have a way at this time to verify the timing of the use of these certificates.

The certificates provide access to ‘sensitive’ material but not further classification.

(Read more at CD Media)

While this portion of the story still has yet to be confirmed, it might be the part that proves the most damaging to Biden

If the military secrets have been laid open to the Chinese and Russians by a drug-addled Hunter Biden and a complicit Joe, this could bring the family enterprise down.

You’re not going to hear of of this news from the Democrat government or press

Psaki underling lets it slip to Fox News

The Independent Journal Review points out how Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates let it slip that “We don’t comment on the laptop.”

Try as they may, the nonexistent, Russian-influenced, perfectly innocent Hunter Biden laptop continues to bite the Biden administration.

And it’s beginning to take out sizeable chunks, coming closer and closer to “The Big Guy” himself, President Joe Biden.

When asked by Fox News Digital about contents on the laptop, however, White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates said: “We don’t comment on the laptop.”

(Read more at the Independent Journal Review)


China and Russia fly into the voids Biden has created

China flies into Bagram at least as early as October 2021

In a 21 October 2021 Daily Mail article, we found out that Chinese military aircraft had been seen flying in and out of Bagram Air Force base (the one abandoned by Biden and his social justice soldier generals).

China-Flag-4There have been multiple reports of military planes arriving at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan, just hours after images emerged showing that power was restored to the base for the first time since US forces evacuated the stronghold in July.

Images circulating on social media appear to show the airbase’s floodlights blazing in the distance, amid reports that several military planes have taken off and landed at the base in recent hours.

Several sources suggest that the aircraft are Chinese, given the Taliban are not thought to possess the expertise needed to power the base or maintain and fly several military aircraft. 

It comes after Yun Sun, director of the China Program at the Stimson Center think tank, said China would likely be very interested in occupying the airbase following the US pullout.

US forces in Afghanistan abandoned their main base at Bagram airport overnight in July – shutting off the lights and slipping away into the night without telling government forces who were supposed to take it over.

The military airfield, located roughly an hour from Kabul, was first established by the Soviets during their own occupation of Afghanistan, after which it was seized by US forces and used as one of their main operating bases for 20 years.

According to U.S. News & World Report, China has been considering sending military personnel and economic development officials to Bagram airbase, and has conducted a ‘feasibility study’ on the effect of such a plan as part of its ‘Belt and Road Initiative’.

A move to occupy Bagram airbase would go towards strengthening relations with the Taliban and further embarrassing America.

(Read more on Biden’s stellar embarrassment of America at the Daily Mail)

According to a recent interview of a CIA operative, China is training Haqqani troops at Bagram

A recent interview by Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. of Sam Faddis produced these Biden strategic failures that China and other enemies of the U.S. have exploited:

There have been numerous Biden missteps China and Russia have driven through

Not mentioned during this review of missteps by Biden were:

Additionally, don’t forget that Kamala is a gaffe machine, also

As noted during a recent post, Kamala:


To those who call themselves Christian while identifying with the world

“God knows” how Ketanji Brown Jackson’s faith shares spotlight at the confirmation hearings, but does not get real investigation

ABC News provides cover for the liberal judge currently under scrutiny.

On her 18th birthday, just days into her freshman year at Harvard in 1988, Ketanji Brown Jackson says she broke down in tears on the university library steps, overcome by homesickness and seeking solace in faith.

“Even in my loneliness, I thanked God for the opportunity he’d given me, for the firm foundation he had provided, and also for how far I had come,” Jackson recounted years later in an address to graduates of Montrose Christian School, a private Baptist-affiliated high school in Rockville, Maryland, where she served on the advisory board.

“The Bible is filled with people who, through faith, were able to see beyond the present, to a world of hope and glory,” she said, according to a copy of the 2011 speech reviewed by ABC News. “God knows what lies ahead of each of us. The best that you can do, as you look forward, is to take the long view.”

Just over a decade later, Jackson addressed the nation from the White House as the first Black woman ever nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court. Putting her faith into public view, she opened her remarks by “thanking God for delivering me to this point.”

“I do know that one can only come this far by faith,” Jackson said during the nationally televised nomination ceremony last month.

(Read more at ABC News)

Problem is, not everyone who thinks themselves to be a Christian is a Christian

Taking the words of Christ, we know that even some who perform great acts like preaching, casting out demons, and performing miracles will arrive to Judgement Day and find themselves outside of heaven.

Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness.’ (Matthew 7:22‭-‬23 NASB)

Why? Because heaven depends on a relationship with Christ gained through faith

To go into the one place completely dominated by the presence of God, you have to be in a relationship with Him (as reflected by the “I never knew you” statement in Matthew 7:23). However, since we all miss the mark (through intentional and unintentional breaking of His law), we need a way to get into that relationship. God gives us that through a faith in Him.

For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast. (Ephesians 2:8‭-‬9 NASB)

Do I mention this to judge Brown Jackson? No. Still, we must use judgement concerning our leaders

When it comes to both our church leaders and the leaders we have a hand in choosing that will affect our ability to practice our faith, we have to be aware that some may present themselves as Christian (but be far from it).

Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they? So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. So then, you will know them by their fruits. (Matthew 7:15‭-‬20 NASB)

Likewise, even for us, there are empty deceptions, traditions of men, and principles of the world that counter the Word of God

There are concepts in popular culture that run antithetically to the Bible. However, because a number of “Christians” (and they may be real Christians or they may not) have decided to make these topics a central point of their gatherings. We must guard against this.

One point of contention is the idea that a man can become a woman by wishing it so. This denies the true science of XX and XY chromosomes. This denies the equal rights of women to compete athletically (at least in the NCAA swimming championships and Olympics).

See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ. (Colossians 2:8 NASB)

From Senator Marsha Blackburn to Ketanji Brown Jackson: “Can you define the word ‘woman’?”

Politico works out the liberal side of the conversation between Senator Blackburn and Judge Brown Jackson.

As the confirmation hearing for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson went into hour 13, Sen. Marsha Blackburn asked the Supreme Court nominee on Tuesday to define the word “woman.”

“I can’t — ” Jackson replied.

(Read more at Politico)

There was a reason that Brown Jackson could not define “woman” and it had nothing to do with her lack of credentials as a Biologist

The reason Brown Jackson did not give the obvious answer to this question may rest in this: if she had, she would have offended the transsexual community. At the same time, she thinks that, by remaining silent on something as central to women’s rights as the definition of “woman,” she can keep the liberal feminist faction of the Democrats in their blissful state of ignorance.

Since the press has not pressed her on the conflict between women’s rights and transsexualism, maybe her gamble is paying off. However, in the long run, she will likely find out differently.

No one can serve two masters

When Christ said, “No one can serve two masters,” He was talking about our inability to focus on (and serve) spiritual things and worldly things. However, the same is true here. Jackson Brown cannot serve both feminism and transsexuality. One will go to the trash bin.

No one can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and wealth. (Matthew 6:24 NASB)

Therefore, don’t take it on her word that she is Christian or feminist. Look at her history.

Look at the case history of Brown Jackson and how she has released sexual predators and child sexual predators. If you think that this supports feminism, then there are some bridges that you could be sold.

You believe that God is one. You do well; the demons also believe, and shudder. But are you willing to recognize, you foolish fellow, that faith without works is useless? (James 2:19‭-‬20 NASB)


The lies of the New York Times: How ignoring the Hunter story killed America, Part Three

Hunter Biden and a continued issue

The New York Post goes after the New York Times for confirming the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s Laptop years after the election

The Daily Caller spells out in a 17 March 2022 article how the New York Post eviscerated the New York Times for their delay in acknowledging the veracity of the Hunter Biden laptop story.

This continues their tendency (that is, the tendency of the liberal press) to constantly ignore real stories (like corruption in government, illegal immigration, and more) while jumping on unsubstantiated stories (like the “golden showers” hoax, the “Trump-Russia collusion” hoax, and other issues).

The New York Post (NYP) editorial board slammed The New York Times (NYT) on Thursday for conceding that Hunter Biden’s laptop, and the contents on it, are real.

“Forgive the profanity, but you have got to be s–tting us,” the NYP wrote. “First, the New York Times decides more than a year later that Hunter Biden’s business woes are worthy of a story. Then, deep in the piece, in passing, it notes that Hunter’s laptop is legitimate.”

There were email exchanges between Hunter and other colleagues about “Burisma and other foreign business activity,” the NYT noted in a story published Wednesday. “Those emails were obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. Biden in a Delaware repair shop.”

“The email and others in the cache were authenticated by people familiar with them and with the investigation,” the NYT reported.

The NYP later mocked the Times, alleging its New York counterpart failed to dig in and push back on deflections from the Biden family.

“Authenticated!!! You don’t say. You mean, when a newspaper actually does reporting on a topic and it doesn’t just try to whitewash coverage for Joe Biden, it discovers it’s actually true?” the NYP wrote.

The NYP said the Times “never missed a chance to cast doubt on the laptop” and called it “unsubstantiated.” The Times quietly removed its assertion in September that the NYP’s reporting on Hunter’s laptop was “unsubstantiated.”

“Why was it unsubstantiated?” the NYP wrote. “Because of willful ignorance and the Times’ curious lack of curiosity. Hunter’s business partner Tony Bobulinski came forward immediately after The Post’s reports and confirmed that the emails bearing his name were legitimate. The Biden’s didn’t even deny it was true! They just deflected, with the media’s help, saying it was a dirty trick or not a story. Mostly, the press just ignored it.”

The Post then slammed the Times for waiting until after the election to report on the legitimacy of the laptop, going so far as to note that the Times doesn’t even explain how they authenticated the laptop. The NYP detailed how they authenticated it at the time, over a year before the NYT.

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

Stealth Hunter: Biden’s tangled business dealings are becoming hard to ignore

The Guardian explores in a 27 February 2022 article how the business dealings have become to blatant to ignore.

To the political right in America, Joe Biden’s son Hunter has been the gift that keeps on giving, with his public struggles with addiction, scandalous private life and tangled business life. To the left, Hunter’s travails are dismissed as a Republican political obsession and a talking point for tabloid journalism and internet gossip.

But last week, two witnesses called before a federal grand jury seated in Wilmington, Delaware, which is looking into the tax affairs of the president’s son, made the subject harder to avoid.

First there was Lunden Roberts, with whom Biden has a three-year-old unacknowledged child. Then Zoe Kestan, an ex-girlfriend and lingerie and textile designer, spent five hours giving testimony on Biden’s spending, including – reportedly – stays at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, where, in 2018, allegedly, Biden was preoccupied with cooking crack cocaine.

Wretched and salacious as that sounds, much of Hunter Biden’s story, detailed at length in his autobiography Beautiful Things, published last year, tends that way. “I’m not a curio or a sideshow to a moment in history,” Biden claimed in his book. “I’ve worked for someone other than my father, [I] rose and fell on my own.”

But that’s not how Joe Biden’s political enemies see it.

Donald Trump tried to make issue out of Hunter’s business dealings in Ukraine, Russia and China, which included high paid consultancies and gifts, and allegations that, as vice-president, Joe Biden had shaped American foreign policy in Ukraine to benefit his son.

For Trump, it backfired, when efforts to uncover information about the Bidens and Ukraine helped to trigger his first impeachment. Then came the surfacing of Hunter Biden’s missing laptop, with its library of decadent pictures and business email chains, mysteriously left at a Wilmington repair shop, which found its way to Republican political operatives including Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon, plus the rightwing press and the FBI.

On the political flip-side, House intelligence committee chair Adam Schiff said the laptop was a “smear” from Russian intelligence, and 50 former intelligence officials said it was probably Russian disinformation. Now, however, almost no one disputes its authenticity.

Hunter Biden confirmed that he was under federal investigation over a tax matter in December 2020, days after his father was elected president. Attorney general Bill Barr said he had “not seen a reason” to appoint a special counsel to oversee investigations, which include an investigation by a federal securities fraud unit in New York and another in Pennsylvania.

Biden has not been charged with any crime, and David Weiss, US attorney for Delaware who oversees the inquiry, is regarded as a straight-shooter unlikely to be swayed by political pressure. He was appointed by Trump on the recommendation of the state’s two Democratic senators and has not been replaced by Joe Biden.

Weiss, according to Politico, avoided taking any decisions that would alert the public to the existence of the inquiry before the 2020 presidential election – and a repeat of the FBI’s Hillary Clinton missing emails investigation, which may have influenced the outcome of the 2016 contest.

But the larger question – beyond whether Hunter Biden correctly met tax obligations during a period in which, by his own telling, he was being paid $50,000 a month by Ukrainian firm Burisma – are Biden’s financial ties to foreign figures and businesses while his father served as Barack Obama’s No 2.

(Read more at The Guardian)

Now, reports have it that Hunter still receives a paycheck from Ukrainian and Chinese sources

Although it is not illegal for Americans to be employed by foreign companies and individuals, there are laws stating that politicians must disclose ties between their families and foreign governments.

If Hunter and Joe are violating these laws, they should be penalized.

With the combination of the Times non-reporting, the “4 a.m. surge in voting,” and other factors, Joe was unleashed on our immigration system

Biden has freed more criminal illegal aliens into U.S. communities thanks to his “sanctuary country” orders

Breitbart details in a 17 March 2022 article how Dementia Joe has freed numerous criminal illegal aliens into across U.S. communities.

The number of criminal illegal aliens who are going unarrested and not deported from the United States has increased dramatically, a Washington Times report states.

Last year, President Joe Biden and his top Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials implemented a series of orders protecting most of the nation’s 11 to 22 million illegal aliens from arrest and deportation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

The most expansive is Biden’s so-called “sanctuary country” orders that prevent ICE agents from arresting and deporting most illegal aliens by focusing on a small percentage who commit violent crimes, are terrorists, or who are known gang members.

In addition, Biden has given illegal aliens a number of “protected areas” where they can avoid arrest and deportation, is currently working to further crack down on ICE arrests, and has shielded illegal aliens from being arrested at most courthouses.

Altogether, the moves resulted in massive drops in arrests and deportations of illegal aliens, though the administration has refused to publish additional data that would show the scope of the lack of interior immigration enforcement under Biden.

Stephen Dinan at the Washington Times, though, exclusively published unreleased figures that show the Biden administration arrested 48 percent fewer convicted criminal illegal aliens, conducted 63 percent fewer deportations for convicted criminal illegal aliens, and issued 46 percent fewer requests for ICE agents to take custody of criminal illegal aliens in Fiscal Year 2021.

As a result, the figures indicate, more criminal illegal aliens are continuing to live freely in American communities without the fear of being arrested and deported by ICE agents.

“As I’ve warned for months now, Biden is mass freeing criminal illegal aliens from our nation’s prisons and jails and then releasing them into our neighborhoods, near our schools and offices, and all across our nation. A truly sinister policy,” Stephen Miller of America First Legal and former senior adviser to President Trump wrote in a statement.

(Read at Breitbart for a comparison of 2019 to current conditions)

This seems to be the antithesis of the Presidential oath to protect

This release of criminals from foreign lands into America seems to be a violation of the oath to protect Americans.

To me, this should be enough to impeach (even for Democrats).

Key facts about the Biden immigration policy

Pew Research spells out some key facts about the failed Biden immigration policy.

Since President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, his administration has acted on a number of fronts to reverse Trump-era restrictions on immigration to the United States. The steps include plans to boost refugee admissionspreserving deportation relief for unauthorized immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and not enforcing the “public charge” rule that denies green cards to immigrants who might use public benefits like Medicaid.


Biden has also lifted restrictions established early in the coronavirus pandemic that drastically reduced the number of visas issued to immigrants. The number of people who received a green card declined from about 240,000 in the second quarter of the 2020 fiscal year (January to March) to about 79,000 in the third quarter (April to June). By comparison, in the third quarter of fiscal 2019, nearly 266,000 people received a green card.

Biden’s biggest immigration proposal to date would allow more new immigrants into the U.S. while giving millions of unauthorized immigrants who are already in the country a pathway to legal status. The expansive legislation would create an eight-year path to citizenship for the nation’s estimated 10.5 million unauthorized immigrants, update the existing family-based immigration system, revise employment-based visa rules and increase the number of diversity visas. By contrast, President Donald Trump’s administration sought to restrict legal immigration in a variety of ways, including through legislation that would have overhauled the nation’s legal immigration system by sharply reducing family-based immigration.

The Senate is considering several immigration provisions in a spending bill, the Build Back Better Act, that the House passed in November 2021. While passage of the bill is uncertain – as is the inclusion of immigration reforms in the bill’s final version – the legislation would make about 7 million unauthorized immigrants eligible to apply for protection from deportation, work permits and driver’s licenses.

Amid a record number of migrant encounters at the U.S.-Mexico border, Biden reinstated in December 2021 a Trump-era policy that requires those who arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border and seek asylum to wait in Mexico while their claims are processed. Biden had earlier ended the Migration Protection Protocols, or “Remain in Mexico” policy, and then restarted it after the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a lawsuit by Texas and Missouri that challenged the program’s closure. Asylum seekers do not receive a legal status that allows them to live and work in the U.S. until the claim is approved.

Overall, more than 35 million lawful immigrants live in the U.S.; most are American citizens. Many live and work in the country after being granted lawful permanent residence, while others receive temporary visas available to students and workers. In addition, roughly 1 million unauthorized immigrants have temporary permission to live and work in the U.S. through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Temporary Protected Status programs.

(Read at  to see the eight areas where Biden wants to upend our immigration system)

Getting the skilled workers we need is one thing

Beyond getting the skilled workers we need, Biden is flooding us with anyone who wants to come. As with Biden’s desire to admit criminals, this opens the chance for those who want to do harm.

Therefore, this seems to be an impeachable offense.

After Biden has demoralized the CBP, he now needs more of CBP ahead of the surge

The Western Journal reports the tight spot Biden has created by first demoralizing the Customs and Border Patrol and then allowing a situation where Dementia Joe desperately needs the assistance of the Customs and Border Patrol.

What happens when you demoralize border security officials at the same time you incentivize illegal immigration? President Joe Biden’s administration is finding out the hard way.

According to Fox News, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security is calling on employees to volunteer at the southern border, citing an influx of migrants and concerns of a surge in the coming months.

On Wednesday, DHS Deputy Secretary John Tien sent an email to employees asking them to contribute their service to the DHS Volunteer Force. Over 1,400 employees have volunteered thus far, the email said.

“Once again, we need to tap into our Department’s greatest resource: the skills of our talented and diverse workforce,” Tien’s email read. “Today, I am asking you to consider stepping forward to support the DHS Volunteer Force.”

“[Customs and Border Protection] continues to encounter large numbers of individuals at the Southwest Border,” it continued. “We are seeking your help to support our CBP frontline workforce.”

The Volunteer Force has been used at the southern border twice, once during the 2019 migrant surge and once last year as the unprecedented border crisis we saw during the first few months of the Biden administration was gathering steam.

(Read more on this Catch-22 of that Biden is still molding at the Western Journal)

There are few more fitting of this distinction than Dementia Joe

There are few politicians or other public figures than Joe Biden who so fully have created situations where there can be no winning option (a Catch-22). Therefore, my first inclination was to reference Uncle Remus and his fable on the Tar Baby; however, with this dull and uncurious generation, someone would have made the leap to “racism” rather than taking the time to investigate the tale on Brier Rabbit.


Sure, Lina Hidalgo acts like your standard, corrupt Democrat — but what has she done for you?

On corruption: Lina Hidalgo and her staffers have their offices raided by the Texas Rangers on suspicion of official corruption

A main stream media outlet (the Houston Chronicle) reports that the Texas Rangers have raided Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, her staffers, and the offices of other Harris County judges in search of evidence of corruption around an $11 million COVID contract.

State and local law enforcement on Friday seized computer equipment from the county administrative buildings, searching for evidence related to a controversial $11 million contract that was later rescinded amid accusations County Judge Lina Hidalgo’s office steered it to a political consultant.

The Harris County district attorney’s office and Texas Rangers executed search warrants for the devices at county administrative offices, including the Preston Street location downtown.

Both the Department of Public Safety, which oversees the Rangers, and the district attorney’s office confirmed a judge had signed off on warrants, though neither would confirm their contents or the investigation they involved. The Rangers said the district attorney’s office had requested assistance with the searches.

The warrants were not yet publicly available Friday, but sources with direct knowledge said the search centered on the since-canceled contract Commissioners Court awarded last June for COVID-19 vaccine outreach to Elevate Strategies, a communications firm with ties to Precinct 2 Commissioner Adrian Garcia and other Democrats. Felicity Pereyra, who runs the firm, worked on Garcia’s 2015 mayoral campaign and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential bid.

A Garcia spokesman said the search did not involve the Precinct 2 office.

Elevate Strategies won the contract over the University of Texas Health Science Center, despite its lack of public health experience and its more costly bid. UT Health had received the most points in an initial county scoring competition.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo has insisted her office did nothing improper related to the contract and a procurement committee selected the vendor it thought would do the best job. Her office has said Elevate impressed the committee with a door-knocking proposal. The committee included three of Hidalgo’s staffers and two from the county public health department.

“The judge has the strictest ethical guidelines ever imposed in Harris County and that’s been ironclad from Day One,” said Ashlee McFarlane, Hidalgo’s attorney. “This is nothing but political theater since the devices would have been provided on request. What’s missing is any shred of evidence, but what’s in abundance is politics.”

Hidalgo has said criticism of the contract is part of a partisan smear campaign.

“Spare me the outrage,” Hidalgo said during a heated exchange with Republican Commissioner Jack Cagle during a contentious Commissioners Court meeting last August. “Bring it on, y’all. Because there is nothing here other than an appropriate COVID response and someone who has gone to lengths to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest.”

(Read more at the Houston Chronicle)

So far, no comment from Lockdown Lina. Maybe she regrets her “Bring it on” statement.

Actually, I hope the State Troopers (also known as the Texas Rangers) do “bring it on” with Lockdown Lina.

The Texas Rangers (surely to the chagrin of Lockdown Lina) have a history of getting to the facts.

Propaganda-wise: How bad does this investigation look to the fluff news in the main stream media?

Main-stream-media wannabe Texas Monthly provides as little detail as possible on the allegations against her in a 7 December 2021 article while providing a list of ways Ms. Hidalgo has been praised.

By the time candidates began announcing for the 2022 Texas primaries in mid-November, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo, chief executive of the county that includes Houston, seemed to have safely weathered a controversy that had dogged her a few months before. In June, the Harris County Commissioners Court, over which Hidalgo presides, had awarded an $11 million contract to Elevate Strategies, a Houston-based consulting firm, to conduct outreach services meant to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates. In August, the two Republicans on the five-member court alleged that Hidalgo had improperly funneled the contract to Elevate, which is run by a Democratic political operative, even though another bidder rated higher in a review committee’s assessment. After weeks of controversy, Hidalgo urged the commissioners to cancel the deal with Elevate, while remaining insistent that no impropriety had occurred and that criticism of the contract reflected partisan politics. Her “nothing to see here” attitude seemed to work, as public attention to the issue faded.

(If you have a strong stomach, read more at Texas Monthly)

Attention journalists: illegal actions, not allegations by political opponents, matter

With a little investigative effort, Texas Monthly could have discovered that the low bidder for these services was not Elevate Strategies (but rested with UT Health). Likewise, the expertise in this field did not rest with Elevate Strategies (which, again, fell to UT Health). Therefore, rather than awarding the contract to political friend Felicity Pereyra (who had connections to both Hillary Clinton and Houston’s Rodney Ellis), Lina should have awarded this to UT Health

Let’s talk about Lina Hidalgo’s accomplishments

Failure #1: Neither Judge Lina nor Mayor Sly put enough effort into advocating for Harris County/Houston flood victims of the Hurricane Harvey floods

Houston ABC affiliate KTRK reported in a 4 October 2019 article that the slow pace of the Houston and Harris County officials in their pursuit of funds due to Harris County residents ended up costing the residents millions.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has taken notice of Houston’s slow-moving progress with its Harvey recovery program. Although the city will likely receive additional help with projects to mitigate against future hurricanes or natural disasters, how much is spent and what contractors are chosen will now be done in Austin – not here.

Abbott announced Friday his decision to tap the General Land Office to lead a $4 billion disaster mitigation program focused on larger-scale regional projects that reduce long-term risk and lessen the impact of future floods.

“Houston and Harris County’s lack of movement on Harvey housing recovery is the reason the city and county will not get a direct allocation. Victims need this money. That’s why this will go through GLO,” Abbott spokesman John Wittman told 13 Investigates’ Ted Oberg.

(Read the silence of Lina and excuses of Mayor Sly at KTRK)

Failure #2: Lina built a $17 million hospital that didn’t take care of a single patient

The Houston Chronicle reported in a 24 April 2020 article how the $17 million spent by Lina Hidalgo to establish a COVID hospital at NRG stadium resulted in the hospital being shut down without serving a single patient.

Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said Friday she will close the pop-up medical shelter erected earlier this month at NRG Park, a venture that cost millions of dollars and was set up in case COVID-19 cases surged past existing hospital capacity.

That has not happened, and Hidalgo said health officials now have determined the area’s hospitals can withstand the caseload.

Critics have derided the effort as a waste of money since Commissioners Court approved up to $60 million for the makeshift hospital earlier this month. The county projects it will have actually spent about $17 million when the tents come down, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency has committed to reimbursing 75 percent of that.

(If your capacity to withstand bilge is high, read more at the Houston Comical Chronicle)

Failure #3: Lockdown Lina defunded Harris County Constables

Houston Fox affiliate KRIV reported in a 3 July 2021 article that the Democrat majority of the Harris County Commissioners Court chose to strip savings from the County Constables.

ConstableFundingDecisionWidely perceived in Greater Houston as the “essential grassroots” of neighborhood safety, Harris County Constables this week sustained a substantial financial setback at the direction of Judge Lina Hidalgo and the Democratic Majority on Commissioners Court.

“We cannot afford to have these savings accounts. We can’t. We have to spend the money tackling the rise in violent crime,” said Hidalgo.

At the tail-end of a marathon meeting of the court which pushed past 2 am, Hidalgo and allies stripped Constables of an estimated $20 million dollars in so-called “rollover funds” – essentially each Precinct yearly “savings account.”

Constables claimed their “Rainy Day” surplus is critical to plugging unanticipated holes in staffing and other public safety expense.

“The reality to me is I had $52 million last year at this time and at this time this year, I have $44 million dollars,” said Ted Heap, Harris County Constable Precinct 5.

“I hope we can resolve this issue because I don’t want to lay any people off,” added Sherman Eagleton, Harris Count Constable Precinct 3.

While Hidalgo and allies pledged that the millions clawed back from Constables will be re-directed to different avenues of crime-fighting, others in the community and state government viewed the budget maneuver as “defunding” local police.

“Oh it’s clearly defunding the Police and not only that, when you see that the Legislature outlawed that and they are sneaking it in before the time it takes place, how outrageous can you get?” said Larry Lipton, a longtime neighborhood activist.

(Read more at KRIV)

Failure #4: Lina has always come down on the side of criminals rather than citizens

Houston ABC affiliate KTRK told us how Lina Hidalgo ordered that 1,000 inmates be released on the fear that these criminals might catch COVID.

 A day after announcing plans to do so, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo signed a 14-page order setting up the release of up to 1,000 non-violent inmates.

Hidalgo called it “a decision necessary for the health and safety of the community.” In announcing the order, Hidalgo again called the Harris County Jail “a ticking time bomb.”

On Wednesday, she told reporters an outbreak in the jail could overwhelm the public health system, taking hospital beds and ventilators from the general public.

In a Tuesday afternoon news conference, Hidalgo said they are non-violent inmates awaiting trial on felony charges, without prior convictions on violent crimes.

“Public health experts have made it clear that it’s a dangerous situation,” Hidalgo said. “The cramped conditions there make it impossible to enforce social distancing.”

Trying to stay ahead of critics, Hidalgo said there is “no room for politics” in this matter.

There is not yet a list of offenders who would be considered for release as the order is still not finalized. The judge and her attorneys say anyone under domestic violence protective orders, felony DWI suspects and accused home and business burglaries would not be eligible for release.

The proposed order steers clear of an executive order signed by Governor Greg Abbott that banned the release of any violent criminals. The proposed Harris County order doesn’t include them.

Once a list of inmates is created, the District Attorney, District Court Judges, and pre-trial services will have 32 hours to review the list and raise objections. A draft discussed Tuesday only allowed eight hours for a review. The county says once that is complete, it aims to release up to 250 inmates per day.

Judge Hidalgo did say she consulted elected leaders and police chiefs. Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo was apparently not one of them.

Acevedo told ABC13 in a statement, “As the largest user of the Harris County Jail, I have not discussed the plan with the judge, nor have I been given any specifics.” Noting an 18.9% increase in burglaries in the last two weeks, Acevedo tweeted, ” I hope people who burglarize vehicles, residences and buildings aren’t released in large numbers.”

(Read more at KTRK)

Failure #5: Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo shown in video displaying disrespect at slain policeman’s funeral

Houston Fox affiliate KRIV reported in a 3 February 2022 article how Judge Hidalgo tried to take over the funeral of a murdered policeman as she tried to direct it to her political ends.

There are few services more somber and more sacred than those honoring a fallen law officer.

And yet the funeral of slain Corporal Charles Galloway with Harris County Pct. 5 Constables now lies under a shroud of controversy with County Judge Lina Hidalgo accused of being the instigator.

“What she did was wrong,” said Precinct 5 Sgt. Roy Guinn. “She completely disrespected the service that we had planned, not only to honor Corporal Galloway but for his family and for all of law enforcement. And she did it with no thought at all, no care at all.”

Guinn says at Tuesday’s memorial service, Hidalgo insisted on playing an unrequested, undesired role at the private Galloway funeral, refusing to leave the ceremonial vanguard and take her assigned seat, despite his urgent and repeated requests.

“It was almost venomous,” said Guinn. “She said, ‘I’m not going to sit there, do you know who I am? I’m the County Judge,’ and she was very upset I was trying to move her.”


(Read the whole article at KRIV)

Lina Hidalgo at the funeral (a family function): “This is a county function and I am going to stand next to Constable Heap.”

We know how adults should act. Moreover, we know that we must be on our best behavior at times surrounding events like funerals. However, it seems these societal expectations do no apply to Lina Hidalgo.

Still, since fluff pieces of non-journalism praising Lockdown Lina have come from the likes of the New York Times, Texas Monthly, and other liberal outlets (which, oddly enough, includes the Texas Medical Center), I would like to challenge these liberal outlets to stretch their creative writing abilities with a challenge.

I would like for them to view the video of the funeral and then defend her actions at this funeral.

Lina’s own list of accomplishments decoded

Naturally, at a web site paid by Harris County, Lina Hidalgo trumpets the following “accomplishments” (in black) which I translate (in red):

  • Fixing our broken cash-bail system. (she is demonizing part of the pre-trial system that she helped set up, but still has worked for decades)
  • Increased funding for the Public Defender’s Office. (more money for poor criminal defense lawyers)
  • Adopted a Managed Assigned Counsel Program for indigent defense. (same as the above)
  • Stopped the construction of a new juvenile detention facility. (who needs jails according to Democrats?)
  • Established the Justice Administration Department. (she gets to define justice)
  • Passed package of criminal justice reform measures in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, including steps to create independent civilian oversight of police, humane use-of-force policies, the establishment of a violence interruption program, and public disclosure of use of force data and video footage. (county laws and funds favoring Black Lives Matter, disfavoring police, and hamstringing law enforcement)
  • Created a package of initiatives to help the judicial branch of our government move through a backlog of criminal cases and address the violent crime rate, (more money for liberal judges) including:
    • The addition of six additional associate judges (money for liberal judges)
    • Passed Emergency Docket Funding for $2.5 million to fund three visiting judges and necessary support staff. ($2.5 million for liberal judges)
    • The approval of $600,000 dollars in funds to expand jury operations at NRG (either a brief moment of sanity or a point where the conservatives on the county court prevailed)
    • A major and historic $15 million investment in technology for law enforcement which will make body cam systems more efficient (either a brief moment of sanity or a point where the conservatives on the county court prevailed)
    • Allocated additional overtime funding for detectives in the Harris County Sheriff’s Office’s Violent Crimes, Adult Special Crimes, and Child Abuse Units (either a brief moment of sanity or a point where the conservatives on the county court prevailed)
  • Implemented much-needed reforms to our jury system to promote increased participation in jury duty, including providing meal vouchers, free parking, distinct parking signage to help jurors find their way, free coffee and water, and an awareness campaign to draw attention to the changes. (this seems to be her version of Obama phones)
  • Created a model policy to streamline the application process for a U visa (since Dementia Joe has the borders open, she figures she must get the county involved in providing legal services to people who broke into the county illegally)


Democrats prove themselves to be “tone-deaf and offensive”

AOC proves herself “tone-deaf and offensive” for doubting existence of smash-and-grab robberies

Fox News reports how Representatives and business owners categorized AOC as “tone-deaf and offensive” for her calling into question the existence of smash-and-grab robberies.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was slammed by Republicans and business leaders following an interview where she cast doubt on whether rampant smash-and-grabs are actually occurring. 

“A lot of these allegations of organized retail theft are not actually panning out,” Ocasio-Cortez said in an interview with The Washington Times last week. 

“I believe it’s a Walgreens in California cited it, but the data didn’t back it up,” she added. 

The comments sparked pushback from retail leaders and Republican lawmakers, including from Walgreens. 

Organized retail crime is one of the top challenges facing” the company, Walgreens told The Washington Times, adding that the crime “has evolved beyond shoplifting and petty theft to the sale of stolen and counterfeit goods online.”

“I don’t know what data she is talking about,” said Rep. Rodney Davis, an Illinois Republican. 

“But you don’t really need much data from someplace in San Francisco or California. All you need to do is walk down the street to the CVS in Eastern Market,” he said, referring to an area of Washington, D.C. near the Capitol. “I’ve seen on multiple occasions when I’ve been in there buying things, someone will come in and raid a shelf and walk out.”

(Read more about the opinions of conservatives and law enforcement leaders at Fox News)

There is only one way to come to the conclusion that AOC has reached

The only way to reach the conclusions of the Left is to never look at the evidence. Close your eyes and start repeating the talking points your “dear leader” handed to you.

Additionally, the only way that these numb nucks could come up with this talking point is that they were handed it by George Soros (along with the shipment of cash to them and the various district attorneys across America who have been bought off to not jail criminals).

Tlaib, who pulls in nearly $200K as a representative, wants her student loan debts forgiven

Townhall exposes a bit of the hypocrisy of Representative Tlaib as she begs Joe Biden to forgive her student loan debt.

Socialist Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib took to the House floor recently to complain about her personal student debt and advocated American taxpayers should bailout students like her. 

Tlaib is a perfect example of how federal bailouts of student loans would actually benefit the rich

It’s not just the poor taking out loans. Students from families earning more than $114,000 a year borrow at the same rate as the lowest-income students — and they take out loans nearly twice as large. Students with advanced degrees — lawyers, doctors and others — account for 40% of all student debt. 

And the top 25% of income-earning households hold almost half of student loan debt, according to the Urban Institute. Student forgiveness would largely be a hand up to the better off.

Tlaib’s entitlement isn’t going unnoticed.

(Go to Townhall to see responding tweets by Michele Perez Exner, Steve Moyer and Tom Fitton)

Never mind that the student loan problem was gifted to us by Obama to hide the cost of Obamacare

As originally pointed out in the Wall Street Journal, the federalization of student loans was accomplished to hide the cost of Obamacare.

Democrats devised the government takeover of student loans as an entitlement that might never be repaid, though they sold it as a money saver. New evidence of this giant con arrives courtesy of a report this week by the Government Accountability Office that estimates the taxpayer losses at $108 billion and counting.

To help pay for ObamaCare, Democrats simultaneously federalized the student loan market and projected fictitious savings, all while adding more than $1.2 trillion to the federal balance sheet. The amount keeps increasing like the debt clock. Liberals then cited the government “savings” to peddle the fallacy that the feds make money off student loans—a pretext they then used to sweeten debt forgiveness plans that have helped keep default rates artificially low.

(Read more at the Wall Street Journal, if you have a subscription)

If this doesn’t prove to be tone-deaf and offensive to the working-class immigrants who moved to her district, I don’t know what will. However, you can bet that this information never gets to their eyes or ears.


Lies from military Democrats to Congressional Democrats exposed in a 36-page memo and more

Former D.C. National Guard colonel says generals lied to Congress about 6 January riots

Politico brings forth proof given in a 36-page memo that details the lies of National Guard generals to the Congress.

This requires a hat tip to KommonSenseJane.

A former D.C. National Guard official is accusing two senior Army leaders of lying to Congress and participating in a secret attempt to rewrite the history of the military’s response to the Capitol riot.

In a 36-page memo, Col. Earl Matthews, who held high-level National Security Council and Pentagon roles during the Trump administration, slams the Pentagon’s inspector general for what he calls an error-riddled report that protects a top Army official who argued against sending the National Guard to the Capitol on Jan. 6, delaying the insurrection response for hours.

Matthews’ memo, sent to the Jan. 6 select committee this month and obtained by POLITICO, includes detailed recollections of the insurrection response as it calls two Army generals — Gen. Charles Flynn, who served as deputy chief of staff for operations on Jan. 6, and Lt. Gen. Walter Piatt, the director of Army staff — “absolute and unmitigated liars” for their characterization of the events of that day. Matthews has never publicly discussed the chaos of the Capitol siege.

On Jan. 6, Matthews was serving as the top attorney to Maj. Gen. William Walker, then commanding general of the D.C. National Guard. Matthews’ memo defends the Capitol attack response by Walker, who now serves as the House sergeant at arms, amplifying Walker’s previous congressional testimony about the hourslong delay in the military’s order for the D.C. National Guard to deploy to the riot scene.

“Every leader in the D.C. Guard wanted to respond and knew they could respond to the riot at the seat of government” before they were given clearance to do so on Jan. 6, Matthews’ memo reads. Instead, he said, D.C. guard officials “set [sic] stunned watching in the Armory” during the first hours of the attack on Congress during its certification of the 2020 election results.

Matthews’ memo levels major accusations: that Flynn and Piatt lied to Congress about their response to pleas for the D.C. Guard to quickly be deployed on Jan. 6; that the Pentagon inspector general’s November report on Army leadership’s response to the attack was “replete with factual inaccuracies”; and that the Army has created its own closely held revisionist document about the Capitol riot that’s “worthy of the best Stalinist or North Korea propagandist.”

The memo follows Walker’s own public call for the inspector general to retract its detailed report on the events of Jan. 6, as first reported by The Washington Post. Walker told the Post he objected to specific allegations by the Pentagon watchdog that Matthews’ memo also criticizes, calling the inspector general’s report “inaccurate” and “sloppy work.”

Reached for comment on Matthews’ memo, Walker, the former head of the D.C. Guard, said the report speaks for itself and that he had nothing further to add. A Jan. 6 committee spokesperson declined to comment.

The new memo from Matthews, who now serves in the Army reserves, emerges as officials involved in the response that day try to explain their decision-making to investigators. The House select committee has probed the attack for months, and earlier this year top officials testified before the House oversight panel.

(Read more on comments by Matthews, Flynn, and more at Politico)

While race should play no part in this argument, the omission of Politico seem odd

First, I have to give a hat-tip to Bunkerville for the review of this, since that blog post brought the need for comment into closer focus.

Nonetheless, if you compare the Politico and New York Post visual accounts, you will find something missing from the liberal Politico side: an accounting for the fact that Colonel (yes, the much-maligned Colonel of the Politico account) is Black.

It seems that Politico feels stung by the dual facts that:

  • A conservative junior officer retains some conservative leanings despite the ongoing Milley-induced purge and
  • That conservative officer has dark skin.

Former DC Guard official accuses Army brass of lying about Jan. 6 response

Likewise, the New York Post reports (this time with a little conservative spin) on the 36-page memo by Colonel Earl Matthews on the lying of the National Guard generals.

A former DC National Guard official has alleged that top Army generals lied to Congress in their testimony about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot — calling the Army’s official version of that day’s events an “alternate history … worthy of the best Stalinist or North Korea propagandist.”

colonel-matthewsIn a blistering, 36-page memo obtained by Politico, Col. Earl Matthews alleged that the Pentagon inspector general’s report on the military response to the violence contained “myriad inaccuracies, false or misleading statements, or examples of faulty analysis.”

Matthews, who was serving at the time as a top military lawyer to then-DC Guard commander Maj. Gen. William Walker, vented his rage against Gen. Charles Flynn and Lt. Gen. Walter Piatt, at one point describing both officers as “absolute and unmitigated liars.”

The central focus of Matthews’ claims is a call that took place at 2:30 p.m. on the day of the riot, in which then-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund “pleaded for the immediate support of the D.C. National Guard at the U.S. Capitol as the security perimeter at the Capitol was being breached at that very moment,” according to Matthews.

When the request was relayed to Piatt, Matthews states, he said that it would “not be his best military advice to recommend to the Secretary of the Army that the D.C. National Guard be allowed to deploy to the Capitol at that time.”

Piatt’s justification, according to the Matthews memo, was that “the presence of uniformed military personnel could inflame the situation and that the police were best suited to handle the situation.”

Matthews added that Piatt, the director of the Army staff, and Flynn — now the commanding general of the US Army in the Pacific — agreed that “the optics of having uniformed military personnel deployed to the U.S. Capitol would not be good.”

In the face of congressional investigations, Piatt and Flynn have denied saying on Jan. 6 that the DC Guard should not be deployed to the Capitol.

“At no point on January 6 did I tell anyone that the D.C. National Guard should not deploy directly to the Capitol,” Piatt wrote in June while responding to questions from House Oversight Committee Chairman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY).

Flynn, the younger brother of former President Donald Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, similarly told Maloney that “I did not observe LTG Piatt express concern about the visuals, image, or public perception of sending the D.C. National Guard to the U.S. Capitol at any point on January 6, 2021 or in the following days.”

(Read other ways the lying liars who lie [Democrats] defended themselves at the New York Post)

The feds implanted “agent provocateurs” among the protesters on 6 January 2021

As shown in the clip included in the following tweet, the attorney for several protesters has now shown that the government used “agent provocateurs” in the crowd.

A government cannot put plainclothes officers in a crowd who prompt people into crime just so that other officers can arrest people

First, it may not be the fact that the people did do a crime (only the expectation of the second set of officers waiting).

Second, had the “agent provocateurs” not handed out the hammers, mace, or other items — would the protesters who only had those items have committed a crime? Is this a textbook case of entrapment?

Unusually cruel: Conditions for the 6 January protesters

In a recent tweet, Representative M. T. Greene issued a report on the conditions in the jail where the 6 January 2021 protesters have been kept for eleven months.

Speedy trial, anyone?


Well-deserved problems for Democrats in Harris County, Texas

  1. County Commissioners Cagle and Ramsey sue Lina Hidalgo and Harris County over the redistricting plan that would silence the Republican 45% of the county

Houston Comical Chronicle headline: “GOP leaders sue Lina Hidalgo, Harris County over redistricting plan they say violates voting rights”

The Houston Comical Chronicle puts the most liberal spin as possible on the lawsuit by filed by commissioners “Cactus” Jack Cagle and Tom Ramsey against the redistricting plan that would reduce representation of 1.1 million Republican voters to being represented by a single voice (against four Democrat voices) on the Commissioners Court.

Ramsey&CagleSueRepublican Commissioners Jack Cagle and Tom Ramsey have filed a voting rights lawsuit in state court in hopes of halting a Harris County redistricting plan they claim strips more than 1.1 million people of their right to vote in 2022.

Cagle and Ramsey, who are in the political minority in county government, lost ground in the redistricting plan their three political opponents supported, as Cagle’s Precinct 4 was redrawn last month to become majority Democrat.

Cagle and Ramsey announced Tuesday they were suing Democratic County Judge Lina Hidalgo and the county itself, but indicated through their attorney they see Commissioners Rodney Ellis and Adrian Garcia as equally culpable of depriving voters’ rights. Three fellow plaintiffs who stood with the commissioners at a news conference were identified in court documents as registered voters and ethnic minorities.

One plantiff, Ranya Khanoyan, a senior in ROTC at Klein Cain High School, voted for the first time in November, but she would not be able to vote for Precinct 4 commissioner in the March primary or November election because the plan moves her to Precinct 3, which does not have an election until 2024.

“I’m not willing to look Ranya who just turned 18 in the face and say, ‘You know, sweetie, you’re going to have to wait til 2024 to vote,’” said the commissioners’ attorney, Andy Taylor. “The right to vote is sacred.”

Precincts 2 and 4 have elections in 2022. Precincts 1 and 3 will have elections in 2024. The adopted Ellis map gives Democrats a 50 percentage advantage over Republicans in Precinct 1, 12 points in Precinct 2 and 12 points in Precinct 4, according to a Houston Chronicle analysis. Republican voters will now be disproportionately represented in Precinct 3, where they will have a 20-point advantage.

The endgame is that the Democrats can secure a 4-1 majority, which will give them the freedom to set tax rates with a quorum of four members and avoid a minority of two Republicans sitting out and derailing the vote.

(Read more at the Chronicle)

Note that the Houston Comical Chronicle cannot admit the facts of the case

When you read the Houston Comical Chronicle headline “GOP Leaders … voting rights,” note that the Houston Comical Chronicle does not truthfully dissect the matter. Note that the Houston Comical Chronicle inserts “they say” to the headline when talking about a redistricting plan that reduces Republican representation (45% of the electorate in Harris County) to 1 out of five seats.

Here we have the same story presented through another local main stream outlet

GOP leaders sue Lina Hidalgo, Harris County over redistricting plan they say violates voting rights

Houston NBC affiliate KPRC likewise reports on the suit brought by commissioners Cagle and Ramsey regarding the redistricting plan presented by Rodney “Art Collection corruption” Ellis that would reduce Republican representation on the Commissioners Court to one seat out of five.

 Two commissioners have filed a lawsuit against Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo.

Harris County Commissioners Tom Ramsey and Jack Cagle are among the plaintiffs suing the county and Judge Lina Hidalgo over redistricting.

The lawsuit calls the plan adopted by Commissioners Court in October “unconstitutional and illegal,” claiming it strips more than 1.1 million people of their right to vote in next year’s county elections.

The court documents state the even-numbered precincts, 2 and 4, are slated for primary and general elections in 2022, and by intentionally moving voters from even-numbered to odd-numbered precincts, the plan stripped those specific voters of their right to vote.

The primary and general elections for the odd-numbered precincts, 1 and 3, will not take place until 2024, according to the documents.

Ramsey and Cagle are both Republicans. Andy Taylor, an attorney for the plaintiffs, believes politics played a role in the process.

“The Democrats on the Commissioners Court saw an opportunity, not to simply and roughly have all of the districts be the same size, but to use this mandate to redistrict as a mandate to run up the political score because they want to go from a 3-2 to 4-1 Democratic majority on the court,” Taylor said.

The lawsuit asks the court to prevent the implementation of the plan.

(Read the response by the Democrat lawyer at KPRC)

The truth centers on the representation of 45% to 55% of Harris County

Depending on how the swing voters go, the Republican vote can amount to anywhere from 45 to 55% of the vote in Harris County. Therefore, the Rodney “Art Collection corruption” Ellis re-drawn district maps can mightily disempower large segments of the community. The bad thing is that Rodney only got his hand slapped (and really not even that) for his who-knows-how-purchased and County-stored art collection. This art graft may embolden him to beat down a large part of Harris County.

  1. Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo backs belatedly out of a deal to benefit a connected Democrat

Grand jury subpoenas Harris County commissioners in connection to canceled $11M vaccine outreach contract

Houston NBC affiliate KPRC reports in a 16 November 2021 article that the corrupt means of handing out a $11 million contract to a Clinton-connected and Rodney “Art Collection” Ellis-connected Democrat has come back to bite the Democrats of the Harris County Commissioners Court.

A Harris County contract to conduct an outreach campaign to encourage COVID vaccinations was canceled in September, but the issue has come back to life in the form of grand jury subpoenas for every member of the Harris County Commission.

“Anytime an entire commissioners court gets subpoenaed, that’s unusual,” said former Harris County Judge Ed Emmett. “I don’t remember that ever happening.”

Emmett, who is also a current KPRC 2 analyst said one of the central questions for the grand jury will likely be how a company known as Elevate Strategies was able to outbid other entities — including UT Health — even though their $11 million bid was $4 million higher and the company scored lower on key evaluation criteria.

“I think they’re looking at if the bid process, for lack of a better term, if it was rigged,” Emmett said. “If there was a preordained outcome for what somebody wanted. Why was that company selected? What really were their qualifications?”

LockdownLinasHeadacheHarris County Judge Lina Hidalgo eventually canceled the contract, saying the issue has become too politicized.

A grand jury apparently wants to look into what was a controversial matter almost from the start.

Emmett points out the contract involved federal funds, which could warrant a look from the federal government. However, KPRC 2 legal analyst Brian Wice believes if any wrongdoing is discovered, punishment would probably take the form of a strong warning.

“I think what’s going to happen is the grand jury is going to look at this and say that next time it will likely be wiser for you to award the bid to the company that actually scores higher and whose bid is $4 million lower than the company that you gave all this money to,” said Wice.

(Read the propaganda that bureaucrat Democrats leak to the press Democrats at KPRC)

A bulleted list of events with Bolded events that KPRC did not mention

To simplify the list of events and to augment what was mentioned, here is a listing of the known events (with the items not mentioned by KPRC bolded):

I know that a number of people were mad at Judge Emmett for comments he made that were against the Republican mainstream; however, he did not have one (much less two) instances of open graft. Additionally, as the people downstream of the Addicks dam can attest, he did not make dumb decisions that destroyed homes.

You can’t say either about Lockdown Lina.


Signs of what a Biden administration would be like

Hopefully, we will be spared a Biden presidency; however, if we were not, the following might give you an idea of what could happen:

Broken promises

Biden’s broken promises continue before Congress votes on electors: Biden pulls back on student-loan-forgiveness plan

Yahoo Finance reports that Biden has already broken another campaign promise: forgiving $50K per student of loan debt.

HunterEmailsPresident-elect Joe Biden cast doubt on a popular Democratic idea involving executive action that would cancel up to $50,000 in federally-held student loan debt for roughly 43 million American borrowers.

“I’m going to get in trouble for saying this,” Biden told a meeting of news columnists on Wednesday, raising the Democratic argument that “the president may have the executive power to forgive up to $50,000 in student debt. Well, I think that’s pretty questionable. I’m unsure of that. I’d be unlikely to do that.”

Earlier this week, while introducing his nominee for Education Secretary, Miguel Cardona, Biden declared support for forgiving $10,000 in student debt across the board — through legislation passed by Congress.

“It’s a balancing act, but I’m optimistic that we can get a lot of the things that I’d like to do done,” Biden said on Wednesday. “I’ve spent most of my career arguing against the imperial presidency. We got three equal branches of government. I’m confident that there are a number of areas that are of such consequence that they go beyond the partisan boundaries.”

‘Cancel existing student loan debt under a distinct statutory authority’
Consumer advocates and several Democrats — including Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in addition to Representatives Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) — have repeatedly called for Biden to take executive action on student debt cancellation.

“President Biden can undo this debt — can forgive $50,000 of [student] debt — the first day he becomes president,” Schumer said. “You don’t need Congress. All you need is the flick of a pen.”

A new member of the incoming Biden administration’s National Economic Council, longtime Warren aide Bharat Ramamurti, also previously argued in support of the president’s authority to cancel debt.

The basic argument, as detailed by the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School to Senator Warren, is that the Education Secretary has the power “to cancel existing student loan debt under a distinct statutory authority—the authority to modify existing loans found in 20 U.S.C. § 1082(a)(4).”

(Read more at Yahoo Finance)

Those who thought Biden would really pick up this Sanders policy also believe that Communism works (it just has not been applied correctly)

Despite Joe’s words before the election, now Joe is pulling back on the promise to forgive $50K of debt for each student.

Continuous real scandal

FBI finds emails that tell how Hunter Biden landed Ukrainian gas gig in 2014

JustTheNews digs back to Hunter’s start with Burisma in 2014 by looking at the emails the FBI recently released in its Hunter Biden investigation.

In the weeks before he landed a deal with a Ukrainian gas company in 2014, Hunter Biden strategized with his business partner on how to leverage an upcoming official trip to Kiev by his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to clinch the lucrative arrangement, according to emails obtained a year ago by the FBI.

The communications reviewed by Just the News show that the younger Biden referred to his father as “my guy” and took credit for “adding value” because the vice president made comments to Ukrainian leaders about natural gas production that might benefit his new client.

The memos also show how Hunter Biden pressed to get Burisma Holdings to sign some sort of consulting deal with him and his business partner Devon Archer before the U.S. vice president visited Ukraine on April 21-22, 2014.

“The contract should begin now — not after the upcoming visit of my guy,” Hunter Biden wrote Archer in a detailed strategy email on April 13, 2014, a week before his father’s high-profile visit.

The memo shows Hunter Biden already knew he was going to be appointed to Burisma’s board along with Archer in mid-April 2014 — a month before it was announced — and that he also wanted Burisma to pay an additional consulting fee to him or his law firm Boies Schiller Flexner, referred to in the emails as “BSF.”

The deal with Burisma “should include a retainer in the range of 25k p/m w/ additional fees where appropriate for more in depth work to go to BSF for our protection,” Hunter Biden wrote. “Complete separate from our respective deals re board participation.”

(Read more at JustTheNews)

The news that could have come out of Thomas Jefferson’s paper (the New York Post) will now be a daily fixture

Unlike the lies generated from Hillary’s opposition research and funneled to Obama’s FBI to perform spurious spying on the Trump administration, there will be real investigations (unless, of course, Joe abuses the presidential pardon by pardoning a crime in which he has participated).

To prevent that, there must be an impeachment started the moment he is sworn in.