This Biden-commented story will now disappear; HOWEVER, …

Biden jumped into the middle of what he thought would be the persecution of Muslims in redneck America

Reuters applauded Joe Biden’s sidling up to the Muslim community by way of pushing for an investigation of four murders of Muslim men.

Police in New Mexico on Sunday asked for the public’s help in locating a “vehicle of interest” in their probe of four fatal shootings of Muslim men whose slayings in Albuquerque over the past nine months are believed by investigators to be related.

Mayor Tim Keller said state authorities were working to provide an “extra police presence at mosques during times of prayer” as the investigation proceeds in New Mexico’s largest city, home to as many as 5,000 Muslims out of some 565,000 total residents.

The latest victim, police said, was gunned down on Friday night, in a killing that local Islamic leaders said occurred shortly after he had attended funeral services for two others slain during the past couple of weeks.

All three of those men, as well as the very first victim who was shot dead in November, were Muslim men of Pakistani or Afghan descent who resided in Albuquerque.

Police have given few details of the latest murder but described the first three killings as ambush shootings. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has characterized them as “targeted killings of Muslim residents.”

U.S. President Joe Biden posted a message on Twitter on Sunday expressing solidarity with the Muslim community, adding, “These hateful attack have no place in America.”

(Read more tripe at Reuters)

Of course Dementia Joe channeled Obama

Dementia Joe has done his best to continue the failed portions of the Obama years. Why not return to this?

The first problem is that the murderer wasn’t who Joe Biden suspected

A 51-year-old Sunni Muslim has been arrested in connection with the murders

The United Kingdom’s Metro reports that Muhammad Syed, an Afghan Sunni Muslim, has been arrested.

A ‘primary suspect’ has been charged in two of four killings of Muslim men in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Muhammed Syed on Tuesday night was charged with murder for two of the killings. He was also identified by police as the main primary suspect in the other two cases.

When police arrived to search Syed’s house in Albuquerque, he drove away in a Volkswagen Jetta that they believe was used in one of the ‘ambush-style’ shootings.

Police followed Syed from the home before eventually arresting him in Santa Rosa – about 118 miles west of Albuquerque.

Syed was charged with the July 26 murder of Aftab Hussein and the August 1 murder of Muhammad Afzaal Hussain.

‘The gun used in both of those shootings was discovered during the overnight search of his home,’ stated police.

Police Chief Harold Medina said they are still working to charge Syed for the deaths of Naeem Hussain on August 5 and Mohammed Zaher Ahmadi on November 7, 2021.

He did not know whether the deaths would be classified as hate crimes, serial killings, or both.

(Read more at Metro)

Any speculation on how long it will take Biden and the Democrats to act like this never happened?

Will you be able to measure the shortness of time?

However, we cannot let them sweep the Trump raid under the rug

Despite the tendency of the main-stream-dupe Democrats to swing their cameras away from the real story of the Trump raid, we cannot let it go.

Standing for Trump’s rights not to be raided and even eliminating the FBI are not a matter of opposing “defund the police.” The police that I support are local and must answer locally for their actions. Accountability remains a central part of any structure that I want to use to invest power.

The FBI, on the other hand, does not answer to a local control (or any control outside of the Democrat National Committee). That presented quite a conflict of interest (or at least should have) when the House, Senate, and presidency were held by the other party. And, now that the American gestapo has installed their own brand of demented leader, it compounds the problem.

Therefore, we cannot afford to let this go, since, as we were reminded by The Federalist‘s Margot Cleveland:

If we have the attorney general come out, we have the FBI director come out and say, “We had evidence. We had evidence that he had classified documents. We went to court. We did this the right way. We got a warrant” — why should we believe them? They already proved to us that they were willing to lie and that a judge was willing to rubber-stamp something in the past to get Trump.


Instances of standing up in Joe Biden’s America

Eleven states file motion to revive fight for Trump’s “public charge” immigration rule

The Epoch Times reports on the 11 states who have made a motion to revive the rule to prove that immigrants can financially support themselves in order to become American citizens or obtain permanent residency.

Eleven states filed a motion challenging the White House’s move to rescind a Trump-era policy that seeks to ensure that immigrants can financially support themselves in order to become American citizens or obtain permanent residency.

The motion, led by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, is part of a lawsuit that his office filed on Feb. 3 against a recent immigration policy issued by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that halts most deportations for 100 days.

But the new motion—filed in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals—pertains to the “Public Charge Rule” after the Biden administration abandoned the defense of the law in the Supreme Court.

“It is unconscionable to overwhelm our infrastructure and immigration personnel when we are dealing with the health and economic devastation of the pandemic,” said Brnovich, a Republican, in a statement on March 11. “While regardless of one’s position on immigration reform, this reckless violation of federal law is only creating another national crisis and putting additional strains on our state and hardworking Arizona taxpayers.”

Brnovich’s lawsuit (pdf) said that “invalidation of the Public Charge Rule will impose injury on the states” to the tune of about “$1.01 billion in foregone savings in transfer payments for all states annually.”

The Supreme Court had agreed last month to hear challenges to the 2018 rule, but the current administration noted in its request that all parties agreed to ask the court to dismiss the case. Immigration advocacy groups, activists, and some Democrats said the rule was tantamount to a wealth test for immigrants seeking citizenship or a green card.

(Read the blather by the Democrats arguing against the case at the Epoch Times)

We need to stand up for the defense of law

We need to remain a society that respects the law, not the person. That is, we need to remain a society that does not have a nobility (be it Black Lies Matter, illegal aliens, or the Democrats’ old physical enforcement arm: the Ku Klux Klan). We need to treat everyone the same under the law.

Representative Henry Cuellar stands against the Biden border

The Daily Mail reports on the actions taken by Representative Henry Cuellar in support of his community over the actions of Joe Biden.

  • Democrat congressman took the images at a holding center in south Texas to highlight the terrible conditions
  • 400 children a day are pouring over the border and Republicans blame an Obama ‘amnesty’ for unaccompanied minors
  • It came as it emerged Joe Biden told an audience this week that the US needs an ‘unrelenting stream’ in ‘significant flows’ of new immigrants to bolster the economy
  • Border patrol officers tell MailOnline that they are so overwhelmed they are ‘quarantining’ the sick kids with police evidence tape

These shocking photos show child immigrants crammed inside cages and tiny rooms at a U.S. Government border facility – further highlighting the humanitarian crisis along America’s border with Mexico.

The images were taken at a holding center in Texas which can no longer accommodate large numbers of children and mothers traveling alone with their kids, forcing the federal government to open more facilities.

Congressman Henry Cuellar, a Texas Democrat, took the photos on his camera phone to highlight the terrible conditions children are being kept in.

In one snap, taken during a tour of the Customs and Border Protection facility in South Texas, a large group of immigrants are locked in a wire mesh cage.

In another, tiny children run around a packed room and foil sheets – the only blankets they have – cover the concrete floors.

Up to 40 people a time – most appearing dirty and dejected – can be seen in filling rooms only large enough for ten.

This comes as the MailOnline learns that overworked border patrol officers struggling to cope with the huge influx are separating diseased child immigrants with make-shift quarantine methods – yellow evidence tape.

Don Ray, the Executive Director of the Texas Border Sheriffs Coalition, said border guards were simply running a strip of tape down the center of the detention facility to separate the children.

‘The diseased kids sit on one side and the healthy children on the other,’ he said. ‘Hardly the best way to go about things’.

Mr Ray went on to describe the relocation of immigrants as akin to the displacement of people following Hurricane Katrina.

‘You can’t have an influx of people like that without having an impact,’ he said.

(Read more at the Daily Mail)

I heard Cuellar say “I support the rule of law”

When I heard Cuellar say “I support the rule of law” when asked why he released the photos of the detention center, it occurred to me that there was at least one traditional Democrat who had not transitioned to socialist-Democrat.

The largest portion of Americans stand up against Biden’s action at the border

Just The News shows us that Americans primarily blame Joe Biden for the crisis he created at the border.

Forty percent of respondents pointed to Biden when asked: “Which of the following do you believe is the most responsible for the current migration crisis at the southern border?”

Twenty-seven percent responded that Trump is to blame, while 12% put the blame on Congress, and the remaining 21% said they were unsure.

Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have in recents weeks flocked to the border, following Biden’s cancelation of Trump executive orders that tightened U.S. immigration law, especially during the pandemic. Many of those coming to the border are unaccompanied minors, which has created additional problems at border detention facilities amid the pandemic. 

2021-03-22 POLL#3Just the News Daily Poll
RMG Research

The survey of 1,200 Registered Voters was conducted by Scott Rasmussen using a mixed-mode approach from March 18-20, 2021, and had a margin of sampling error: +/- 2.8 percentage points.

Click here to see the poll’s cross-demographic tabulations.

Click here to see the poll’s methodology and sample demographics.

(Read more at Just The News)

I hope that this sticks to Biden to the extent that it buries him at election time

However, the only way that it will stick to Slo-Mo Joe will be if we (you and me) keep bringing it up over the next few years.

Why are the Democrats doing this?

They are doing it (not for social justice, but) for political power


They do it for obvious reasons that they will not repeat


They do it to make you feel guilty enough to join them


They do it to establish a new normal


Then they do it because they have a new normal


Why? Because people can be fooled.


Why? Because they could buy a vote.


Because not all of us are standing up to them


Because they need to replace the votes they lost when people woke up


Because they need to replace the votes they lost when people woke up


Because they need to replace the votes they lost when people woke up


Still, there is hope in America

That America will realize its misstep


Another take on Joe’s misstep


Joe’s misstep: the gift that keeps giving


Joe’s three missteps in a row


Joe’s biggest misstep


An answer to how his misstep happened


This exposes the real issue

How many phony bunches of votes got him there?


Will the Democrats destroy our system?

Will they kill debate in the Senate by eliminating the filibuster?


Never yield to eliminating the filibuster


It’s not “For the People”