Things I learned from the Biden prisoner swap (updated)

There were numerous messages within the most recent Biden prisoner swap

There were numerous implicit messages to Biden’s act of trading Brittney Griner (and not Marine Paul Whelan) that have explicit lessons.

Biden action Resulting lesson
Biden negotiated with a nation he has demonized for nearly a year for the release of a known terrorist and arms smuggler. Biden can no longer claim that we do not negotiate with terrorists.
Biden negotiated for the release of a terrorist and arms smuggler (the Merchant of Death) Any claim that America must have gun control is bloviation. Biden cannot believe this and release an international arms dealer.
Biden focused on the gay athelete who had been imprisoned for months at the expense of a Marine emprisoned for four years. Despite any and all of Joe’s references to Beau Biden, Joe has no respect or regard for those in the military. Just as when he was caught regularly checking his watch during the military funerals, he only has regard for himself.
Despite his claims to be a devote Catholic, Biden has worked singularly to cripple Christianity. Under Biden, there has been a push for transgenderism in schools, transgenderism in the military, transgenderism in his regime, and protecting gay marriage.
Biden has given a major win to Putin after supplying the Ukrainians with weapons to fight Putin. This win for Putin is the type of act that one would expect from the President who engineered the Afghanistan withdrawal.
If Biden is really negotiating for the release of Marine Paul Whelan, he is negotiating again from a position of weakness. From Joe’s mumbling speeches to his stumbling up the stairs to his withdrawal from Afghanistan to his continual declaring vitory where none exists, Biden continually projects weakness.
New input
If a terrorist will or has come over our wide-open borders and violates our laws against the use of automatic weapons and murder, Joe will not be able to point to outside forces. From the beginning of his regime, Biden has sought to:

Therefore, no, I won’t believe him then.


9 thoughts on “Things I learned from the Biden prisoner swap (updated)

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence. However, since I am imperfect and sinful, I know that I must have missed an item or two. Therefore, I may come back and add a line to this table.

      However, since I have a monthly report due and need to check on a vacation request, maybe not.


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