Proofs of America’s slide into Democrat totalitarianism

An urgent warning to American Christians from underground Iranian Christians

The following video presents a message from Iranian Christians who note a similarity between the repression they experience and the words and actions of the Biden regime.

Speaker Words
CBN Lane Is America descending into a dark period of political oppression? Two Iranian underground church leaders are issuing an urgent warning over a parallel they see between what has happened in their country and what is occurring right now in the United States and the West. 
  Here’s a portion of their message (produced by Global Catalytic Ministries) after President Biden’s anti-MAGA Republican speech:
(Blurred, robed images) Dear Friends, please hear us: The words spoken by President Biden are almost identical to the thinks said by the Iranian government. They warn that we underground Christians are a great threat to Iran. They say we are a threat to the rule of law, even though we are ordinary people and families and law-abiding citizens. 
  The same evil spirit is growing presently in your own nations. The day when your own government treats ordinary citizens like a threat has arrived. Dear friends, please hear us. The final period of testing is coming quickly.
CBN Lane Like the Ayatollah in Iran, the president has weaponized the federal police for partisan gain. Our President is using the Department of Justice and the FBI to arrest and harass his political opponents. He’s co-opted them to raid the home of the former president — a potential opposition candidate in the 2024 election. Let that one sink in, folks.
  Whether you like or dislike Donald Trump, was that raid against a former president of the United States necessary or political theater? It’s really third-world or a Gestapo-like thuggery. Now the ruling party is targeting pro-life Christians. The most recent incident occurred in Pennsylvania where the FBI arrested pro-life activist Mark Houck. He’s co-founder of a conservative Catholic group called The King’s Men.
  At least 20 FBI agents stormed his home at dawn on September 23rd in SWAT team-like fashion. Several of the heavily armed agents reportedly pointed their guns at Houck’s head as his traumatized wife and seven children looked on.
  His crime? He allegedly pushed a 72-year-old man outside a Philadelphia abortion clinic in September 2021 (not last week, but one year ago).
  Charges against Houck were dismissed back then. So why now? Hmmm. Could it be that we have a midterm election coming up in less than six weeks and the party in power needs to create an imaginary security crisis at abortion clinics (in order to increase pro-abortionist voter participation at the polls)?
  Well, the DOJ has charged Houck with violating the federal Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, but House attorneys from the Thomas Moore Society argue the law does not cover one-on-one altercations like the one involving Houck.
  They contend the abortion proponent initiated the incident by harassing Hauck’s son. They also say Hauck received no response three months ago when he offered to turn himself in to authorities.
  Well, Thomas Moore Society Vice President Peter Breen believes the case is “Being brought solely to intimidate pro-life Americans
 This is a travesty — as is the DOJ’s failure to bring justice to those responsible for scores of attacks on pro-life Crisis Pregnancy Centers. That’s the greater threat to Americans.
  Compass Care Services CEO/pastor Joe Harden says he’s still waiting for someone to be arrested more than 100 days after he provided police with surveillance video of the attack against his company’s Amherst Center. Pro-abortion radicals have attacked nearly 100 pro-life centers and churches since early last summer. Still, there’s been no arrests, no words of condemnation from the Biden administration.
  If pro-life militants had firebombed or vandalized abortion clinics, media coverage would have been non-stop and those responsible would be sitting behind bars, folks.
  This is a double standard of justice and an affront against pro-life Christians.
It’s time for the silent majority to speak up and stand up. The course can be reversed, but we must participate in this fall’s election and get on our knees and pray that God will deliver us from the Evil One who seeks to destroy us and our nation.
 So, let’s not forget that warning of those Iranian underground church leaders. And let’s remember a popular adage from more than 150 years ago:
“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

An out-of-control FBI and DOJ and courts without credibility

As the introduction to the following video report by Fox Business commentator Maria Bartiromo rightfully points out through a quote of John Ratcliffe — Republicans have been focusing on the topic of how the FBI has transformed into the Democrat Gestapo.

Speaker Conversation
John Ratcliffe This does go back to Robert Mueller and to Jim Comey and the things that we’ve seen. Look, in 2018, as you well have covered, Maria, you know, Republicans in charge of the House of Representatives raised questions about whether the FBI was illegally surveilling the Trump campaign, wrote a memo called the Nunez memo. That was met with scorn and derision from the FBI and from the media. But when it ultimately was declassified, it was found out that there were not any threats to national security in that. The reason that the FBI didn’t want that to go public was because it was embarrassing.
Maria Well, that was the former Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, on this program last week on the illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign and the Trump presidency during the Russia collusion lie and the abuse of the FISA court.
It is one of the number of incidents recently critics have pointed to in support of a view of a two-tiered system of justice at the DOJ and FBI (including whistleblowers who have spoken out about political bias — according to Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan).
  Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was spied on by the FBI for an entire year with no charges ever brought him. The DOJ later admitted that two of the FISA warrants used against page were not valid and that the Justice department lacked the actual probable cause to surveil Page in the first place.
 Now page is suing the DOJ and FBI for damages over their surveillance, In a new filing, Page says new evidence has come to light during the criminal case of Igor Danchenko, the sub-source of the Steele Dossier. The primary source was actually a Democrat operative tied to Hillary Clinton. We now know that the FBI was paying Danchenko from March of 2017 to October of 2020. He was on their payroll.
 Joining me right now this morning with this breaking news is the former Trump campaign adviser himself, Carter Page. Carter, thanks very much for being here. You have had an incredible several years. Give us your sense of this new motion that you have filed indicating this new information. You have filed a motion to alter or amend the judgment which was filed this weekend in the FISA abuse case in D.C.
Carter Page Maria, listen, it is the same fight that all of the members of, the Republican members of Congress, the Trump administration and million of Americans across the country have been asking for and fighting over the last five plus years. All we want is the truth. Unfortunately, i was litigating my FISA abuse case which actually stems from Inspector General Horowitz’s report out of 2019. And we were litigating it, and, unfortunately, you know, it was dismissed. But it was based on all of the lies that the government has been pleading. And unfortunately for them, literally the same day that my lawsuit was dismissed on September 1st, they looked to seal and keep covered up the same lies that they’ve covered up with regards to Danchenko. Then a couple weeks later they go ahead and declassify that — after the damage had already been done and after, unfortunately, not only is the FISA court similar to the pact that was defrauded, unfortunately the US District Court Washington was also defrauded with this false information. They do not have the truth and, you know, we’ve been working with this completely unjust based on complete lies for literally five plus years already.
Maria (continues by looking at the timelines of Page versus Comey and U.S. versus Danchenko).

Biden creates an ambassador with no real target population

Life Site News reports on Biden’s bow to the climate-change radicals in his creation of an Ambassador to Plants and Animals.

President Joe Biden appointed the wife of his chief of staff to a new role as ambassador for plants and animals.

“For the first time, the United States is designating a special diplomat to advocate for global biodiversity amid what policymakers here and overseas increasingly recognize as an extinction crisis,” the Washington Post reported on Thursday, under the headline “In a first, U.S. appoints a diplomat for plants and animals.”

“Secretary Antony Blinken has designated Monica P. Medina as the United States’ Special Envoy for Biodiversity and Water Resources, signaling the Biden-Harris Administration’s commitment to resolving the world’s intertwined biodiversity and water crises,” the State Department announced Wednesday. “Monica Medina is the Assistant Secretary of State for Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs and will take on the Special Envoy designation in addition to her current duties.”

Medina is the wife of Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain. The Post was criticized for initially omitting Medina’s connection to Klain. As chief of staff, Klain oversees appointments and personnel decisions.

Plants and animals need a dedicated ambassador because of the current “climate crisis,” the State Department claimed.

“Decades of evidence shows that water security is essential to global efforts to increase equity and economic growth, build inclusive and resilient societies, bolster health and food security, decrease the risk of conflict or instability, and tackle the climate crisis,” the news release stated. “Meanwhile, environmental stressors, like the climate crisis, nature crime – including illegal logging, mining, land conversion, and wildlife trafficking – have deep and detrimental impacts on the biodiversity of our planet and the availability of clean and safe water for human use.”

(Read more at Life Site News)

So, in this post, we have three types of targeted injustice

Through this post we have seen:

  • Biden demonizing a pro-lifer while the “great uniter” ignores the fire-bombing of over 100 pro-life centers
  • A partisan FBI and DOJ depending on lies to defend their unconstitutional actions against a citizen
  • Biden expanding government by setting up an ambassadorship to a population that literally will never have a voice (and, since only less than half of this target population has a brain — this is the perfect medium for advancing the mindless concept of climate change).

Through demonizations, lies, and misdirections like these, those who support an unconstitutional/big government enable themselves to take what they shouldn’t. We cannot allow this, because it ends in totalitarianism.


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