Really? FBI goes after documents protected by attorney-client privilege — NOT espionage documents

FBI seizes privileged Trump records during raid; DOJ opposes request for independent review: sources

Fox News lays out the central things that went awry during the Democrat raid on Donald Trump’s home.

The FBI seized boxes containing records covered by attorney-client privilege and potentially executive privilege during its raid of former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, sources familiar with the investigation told Fox News, adding that the Justice Department opposed Trump lawyers’ request for the appointment of an independent, special master to review the records.

Sources familiar with the investigation told Fox News Saturday that the former president’s team was informed that boxes labeled A-14, A-26, A-43, A-13, A-33, and a set of documents—all seen on the final page of the FBI’s property receipt —contained information covered by attorney-client privilege.

The FBI seized classified records from Trump’s Palm Beach home during its unprecedented Monday morning raid, including some marked as top secret. But the former president is disputing the classification, saying the records have been declassified.

The warrant and property receipt from the FBI’s Monday search were formally unsealed Friday afternoon.

Attorney-client privilege refers to a legal privilege that keeps communications between an attorney and their client confidential. 

Sources told Fox News that some records could be covered by executive privilege, which gives the president of the United States and other officials within the executive branch the authority to withhold certain sensitive forms of advice and consultation between the president and senior advisers.

It is unclear, at this point, if the records include communications between the former president and his private attorneys, White House counsel during the Trump administration, or a combination.

Sources told Fox News that, due to attorney-client privilege, Trump’s team asked the Justice Department for their position on whether they would support a third party, independent special master to review those records, but sources told Fox News that the DOJ notified Trump’s team that they would oppose that request. 

The Justice Department and the FBI declined to comment.

(Read of the comments from the Trump spokesperson and see the warrant at Fox News)

This Biden regime should be labelled “the gang that couldn’t shoot straight”

Once they were handed the government, this group of nincompoops have not gotten anything right. They did not have to go strong left on transgender policy. They did not have to push this on our military (along with pushing an un-needed vaccine on our military and healthcare personnel). They did not have to start up the failed Iran deal. They did not have to continue stocking Afghanistan with weapons and then abandon it at the loss of American and coalition. They did not have to do everything they have to cripple our energy (and economy). They did not have to attack their political rivals by way of the partisan FBI.

But they have.


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