Democrats prove themselves to be “tone-deaf and offensive”

AOC proves herself “tone-deaf and offensive” for doubting existence of smash-and-grab robberies

Fox News reports how Representatives and business owners categorized AOC as “tone-deaf and offensive” for her calling into question the existence of smash-and-grab robberies.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was slammed by Republicans and business leaders following an interview where she cast doubt on whether rampant smash-and-grabs are actually occurring. 

“A lot of these allegations of organized retail theft are not actually panning out,” Ocasio-Cortez said in an interview with The Washington Times last week. 

“I believe it’s a Walgreens in California cited it, but the data didn’t back it up,” she added. 

The comments sparked pushback from retail leaders and Republican lawmakers, including from Walgreens. 

Organized retail crime is one of the top challenges facing” the company, Walgreens told The Washington Times, adding that the crime “has evolved beyond shoplifting and petty theft to the sale of stolen and counterfeit goods online.”

“I don’t know what data she is talking about,” said Rep. Rodney Davis, an Illinois Republican. 

“But you don’t really need much data from someplace in San Francisco or California. All you need to do is walk down the street to the CVS in Eastern Market,” he said, referring to an area of Washington, D.C. near the Capitol. “I’ve seen on multiple occasions when I’ve been in there buying things, someone will come in and raid a shelf and walk out.”

(Read more about the opinions of conservatives and law enforcement leaders at Fox News)

There is only one way to come to the conclusion that AOC has reached

The only way to reach the conclusions of the Left is to never look at the evidence. Close your eyes and start repeating the talking points your “dear leader” handed to you.

Additionally, the only way that these numb nucks could come up with this talking point is that they were handed it by George Soros (along with the shipment of cash to them and the various district attorneys across America who have been bought off to not jail criminals).

Tlaib, who pulls in nearly $200K as a representative, wants her student loan debts forgiven

Townhall exposes a bit of the hypocrisy of Representative Tlaib as she begs Joe Biden to forgive her student loan debt.

Socialist Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib took to the House floor recently to complain about her personal student debt and advocated American taxpayers should bailout students like her. 

Tlaib is a perfect example of how federal bailouts of student loans would actually benefit the rich

It’s not just the poor taking out loans. Students from families earning more than $114,000 a year borrow at the same rate as the lowest-income students — and they take out loans nearly twice as large. Students with advanced degrees — lawyers, doctors and others — account for 40% of all student debt. 

And the top 25% of income-earning households hold almost half of student loan debt, according to the Urban Institute. Student forgiveness would largely be a hand up to the better off.

Tlaib’s entitlement isn’t going unnoticed.

(Go to Townhall to see responding tweets by Michele Perez Exner, Steve Moyer and Tom Fitton)

Never mind that the student loan problem was gifted to us by Obama to hide the cost of Obamacare

As originally pointed out in the Wall Street Journal, the federalization of student loans was accomplished to hide the cost of Obamacare.

Democrats devised the government takeover of student loans as an entitlement that might never be repaid, though they sold it as a money saver. New evidence of this giant con arrives courtesy of a report this week by the Government Accountability Office that estimates the taxpayer losses at $108 billion and counting.

To help pay for ObamaCare, Democrats simultaneously federalized the student loan market and projected fictitious savings, all while adding more than $1.2 trillion to the federal balance sheet. The amount keeps increasing like the debt clock. Liberals then cited the government “savings” to peddle the fallacy that the feds make money off student loans—a pretext they then used to sweeten debt forgiveness plans that have helped keep default rates artificially low.

(Read more at the Wall Street Journal, if you have a subscription)

If this doesn’t prove to be tone-deaf and offensive to the working-class immigrants who moved to her district, I don’t know what will. However, you can bet that this information never gets to their eyes or ears.


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