What is the difference between the Biden South Africa travel ban and Trump’s travel ban? (continued)

Biden politicized COVID. Now he cannot live up to his own standard

Biden’s COVID Death Milestone

The Wall Street Journal helped Joe Biden celebrate another dark milestone in a 25 November 2021 article: between inauguration and the last full week of November 2021 — Biden surpassed the COVID deaths in 2020 with over 350,000.

BidenYellsPresident Biden may not recall what he said during a 2020 campaign debate last fall, but Americans should: “Anyone who is responsible for that many deaths should not remain as President of the United States of America.” At the time the U.S. had recorded 220,000 Covid deaths.

Covid deaths this year have now surpassed the toll in 2020 with 350,000 since Inauguration Day. It would seem that Mr. Biden has done no better than Donald Trump in defeating Covid despite the benefit of vaccines, better therapies, and more clinical experience. The left politicized Covid by holding Mr. Trump responsible for a disease that was always going to be hard to defeat.

(Read more at the Wall Street Journal)

In August, Biden had met Trump’s record for all of 2020

Where will Dementia Joe’s leadership have gotten us to by the end of December?

Maybe the New York Times can tell us what Dementia Joe’s leadership will net America in one of their back-page, last-section articles.

If Biden doesn’t control the border, what difference does travel ban make?

Even Biden’s DOJ admits we have a ‘modern-day slavery’ scheme run to Georgia farms

Breitbart pointed out in a 26 November 2021 article how illegal aliens are enslaved to work on farms at below-subsistence wages in Biden’s America.

ModernDaySlaveryThe Department of Justice (DOJ) released a 54-count indictment that charges 24 individuals, many illegal aliens, with operating a “modern-day slavery” scheme that utilized the H-2A visa program to traffic foreign workers into United States farm jobs — raping, kidnapping, and threatening them in the process.

The indictment accuses the Patricio transnational criminal organization (TCO) — named after its matriarch, 70-year-old Maria Leticia Patricio — of operating a massive forced labor trafficking scheme since 2015 that used the H-2A visa program to traffic foreign workers from Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras into farms jobs in Georgia.

Prosecutors called the scheme “modern-day slavery,” alleging that 24 members of the Patricio TCO engaged in mail fraud, international forced labor trafficking, and money laundering, among other crimes, across Georgia, Florida, and Texas.

According to the indictment, the Patricio TCO raked in more than $200 million from the forced labor trafficking scheme. As part of the scheme, the group sought to traffic more than 71,000 foreign workers to the U.S. using the H-2A visa program.

The H-2A visa program allows farms to bring an unlimited number of foreign workers to the U.S. every year to take American agricultural jobs. As Breitbart News has chronicled for years, the program is often used to replace Americans and preserve the low cost of farm labor.

The Patricio TCO, the indictment alleges, would secure H-2A visas for foreign workers, demand they pay them unlawful fees by keeping their immigration paperwork from them, require them to work in harsh conditions for little-to-no pay, make them reside in brutal living conditions, and would threaten them with deportation if they disobeyed orders.

In some cases, the indictment states, the trafficked foreign workers were required to dig onions in Georgia farms with their bare hands, were paid only 20 cents for each bucket harvested, all while being threatened with violence.

(Read of the counties where the crimes are alleged and other specifics at Breitbart)

Don’t blame the people at the bottom. Blame the guy at the top

Blame the “Big Guy” running the big game at the top. Don’t blame the small-time criminal at the farm in Georgia.

If Biden’s apparent COVID czar cannot tell whether this newest variant has crossed into the US, what good will a shutdown do?

Dr. Fauci says he “would not be surprised” if the omicron variant is in the United States

Newsmax quotes the apparent COVID czar of the Biden regime when it comes to the variant discovered in South Africa and first reported on the day after Thanksgiving.

It would be no surprise if the highly transmissible omicron variant of coronavirus is already in the United States, even though health experts haven’t detected it yet, Dr. Anthony Fauci said Saturday morning. 

“I would not be surprised if it is,” Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the chief medical adviser for the White House, told NBC’s “Today.”  “We have not detected it yet, but when you have a virus that is showing this degree of transmissibility and you’re having travel-related cases they’ve noted in other places already when you have a virus like this, it almost invariably is going to go all over.”

The Centers for Disease Control, in a statement issued Friday, said the agency is following the details of the new variant, which was first reported to the World Health Organization by South Africa, and while “no cases of this variant have been identified in the United States,” but still “we expect omicron to be identified quickly if it emerges.”

Meanwhile, the United States is restricting entry to travelers from eight countries in southern Africa over concerns about the variant, first found in South Africa, President Joe Biden said Friday.

The restrictions will be effective Monday and apply to South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique,  and Malawi. 

The travel restrictions were ordered to “give us time to assess it better,” said Fauci.

(Read more on the regime’s uncertainty at Newsmax)

So if Biden’s man on COVID can’t tell us if we have Omicron in America, maybe this is the setup for another flip

Fauci has flipped on every topic so far. Why not this one, too?

Never mind that this tweet by liberal CNBC ignores some of the flips Fauci did during the Trump administration (e.g., “don’t mask,” “wear a mask,” etc.). Nonetheless, the point is that everyone sees that Fauci flips.


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