Biden turns the FBI against Democrat enemies

Supreme Court (already defied twice by Biden and under threat of packing) won’t accept Project Veritas challenge to Massachusetts law banning secret recordings

The Epoch Times reported in a 23 November 2021 article on how the Supreme Court has refused the Project Veritas challenge to a Massachusetts law banning secret recordings. So much for the First Amendment and a free press investigating things like a corrupt FBI.

James-OKeefeThe Supreme Court has refused to accept an appeal from Project Veritas, the investigative journalism organization founded by James O’Keefe, after an appeals court rejected the group’s First Amendment-based challenge to a Massachusetts law forbidding secret recordings.

If the justices had granted the petition, it would have been the first time the nation’s highest court had addressed the First Amendment implications of secret audio recordings, according to SCOTUSblog.

Benjamin Barr, counsel of record for Project Veritas, was disheartened by the ruling.

“We are disappointed the Supreme Court decided not to hear this matter,” Barr said in an emailed statement to The Epoch Times.

“Project Veritas believes that citizens have a right to understand what their government does when the public isn’t watching. This Massachusetts law criminalizes a critical investigative tool, and in the process, injures the First Amendment rights of all Americans.”

Before founding Project Veritas, which exposes governmental and corporate wrongdoing, O’Keefe rocketed to fame in 2009 when, working with Hannah Giles, he shot undercover videos of employees of the radical left-wing Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) who were assisting the two journalists with tax evasion and other paperwork in order to create a fictitious child prostitution business.

(Read more about how O’Keefe ruined Acorn at The Epoch Times)

Don’t forget that Biden has defied the SCOTUS twice in 11 months

Don’t forget that Biden was told that his eviction moratorium was unconstitutional. Still, he directed his CDC to issue a second eviction moratorium (effectively taking the property rights of landlords while not giving similar relief to people under mortgages, thereby creating two classes of people who were not equal under the law).

Also remember that Biden has ignored the court’s mandate to reinstate the “Remain in Mexico” policy. While Biden may have given this lip service, that is all he has done.

Finally, as Biden and the Democrats see the chances of future legislative victories slipping away, they might become more likely to implement more rulings by fiat — including packing the Supreme Court.

FBI raids homes of Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters and Lauren Boebert’s former campaign manager

Grand Junction, Colorado NBC affiliate KKCO reported in a 17 November 2021 article that Biden’s FBI raided the homes of two Colorado Republicans associated with either recount efforts or right-wing resistance to the Biden regime.

FBI SealEarly Tuesday morning the Federal Bureau of Investigation executed search warrants at four locations in western Colorado.

According to Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein, the state attorney general’s office and local authorities conducted the searches Tuesday in Mesa and Garfield Counties. The court-ordered search was part of an investigation of alleged election security breaches conducted by Mesa County officials.

Mesa County Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters did confirm her home was searched. A statement was released from her legal defense fund early Wednesday morning stating, “Today large teams of heavily armed federal agents, using a battering ram to break down doors, raided the homes of Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and several of her friends and colleagues, mostly elderly women in their mid 60s. This is a level of weaponization of the Justice Department we haven’t seen since the McCarthy era. Thank God Tina wasn’t protesting critical race theory at a Virginia school board meeting or they might have brought two battering rams.”

Tuesday night Peters did appear on Lindell TV, a channel ran by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell to speak about the raid. According to Colorado Politics, Peters also spoke on Lindell’s channel saying, “The FBI raided my home at 6 a.m. this morning, accusing me of committing a crime. And they raided the homes of my friends, mostly older women. I was terrified.” She continued by saying authorities searched her house for “about three hours” and “took all of my electronics,” including her phone. She went on to say, “You know, I refuse to give up. I’m more scared than ever because of the tactics they are doing for an innocent person who was just doing her job.”

According to 9News, Lindell said Garfield County resident Sherronna Bishop, Lauren Boebert’s former campaign manager, also had her home searched on Tuesday. We have reached out for comment but have not heard back at this time.

Peters and her associates are being investigated for an alleged security breach involving elections equipment in Mesa County earlier this year. Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s office is conducting an internal investigation of Peters, as well as the FBI, 21st Judicial District Attorney’s office, and the Colorado Attorney General’s office who are conducting a criminal investigation of Peters.

(Read a statement from the Democrat Attorney General of Colorado regarding these raids at KKCO)

What business does the FBI have raiding the homes of those involved in election audits?

Is this payback for looking into the shady side of Dementia Joe’s “election?”

Is this a precursor to getting the treatment meted out to 6 January protesters? Should these officials expect to spend 9 months in solitary while awaiting trial only to be sentenced to more months in prison?

The FBI raid of Project Veritas turns into a massive scandal after privileged communications are leaked

Red State commented in a 12 November 2021 article on the scope of the problem created by Biden’s FBI raid on Project Veritas.

As RedState reported, Project Veritas has found itself in the crosshairs of the FBI recently. That began with a raid on the homes of several of its journalists under the guise of looking for Ashley Biden’s diary. Apparently, a stolen diary is now in the purview of federal authorities. Will they be investigating bike thefts next?

But what was so disturbing, besides the raids happening in the first place, was how quickly The New York Times knew about them. While O’Keefe was asked by the FBI to keep quiet, the Times knew within hours, pointing to a leaker within the bureau.

But while the Department of Justice requested us to not disclose the existence of the subpoena, something very unusual happened. Within an hour of one of our reporters’ homes being secretly raided by the FBI, The New York Times, who we are currently suing for defamation, contacted the Project Veritas reporter for comment. We do not know how The New York Times was aware of the execution of a search warrant at our reporter’s home, or the subject matter of the search warrant, as a Grand Jury investigation is secret.

Days later, O’Keefe would have his home raided as well, and sure enough, the Times once again knew it about it before anyone else. Are you noticing a pattern? Because it’s about to become as obvious as a neon sign.

Two days ago, a court ordered the FBI to stop extracting data from O’Keefe’s phones, which had apparently been seized. Again, all of this is being done under the allegation that…a diary was stolen. But then last night, things boiled over into outright scandal. The Times suddenly started publishing privileged communications between Project Veritas and its legal team. Those messages apparently came from one of O’Keefe’s phones.

Yes, you read that right. Project Veritas had recently sued The New York Times over an unrelated matter, and now the Times has Project Veritas’ privileged communications that reveal their legal strategies. Given the circumstances, there could only be one logical source for that information — the FBI.

(Read the synopsis made by Red State)

Why is the New York Times in such a buddy-buddy relationship with Biden’s FBI?

Has the New York Times become so strong in its role as Biden’s Goebbels that it can now freely interact with Biden’s Gestapo? Or is that observation too commonplace to make now — too cliche?

Senator Chuck Grassley demands answers of the FBI and DOJ leadership regarding the treatment of Project Veritas. Does the press notice?

Almost 10 days and no comment from the main stream media on a frontal attack on investigative journalism for the sake of — a “diary?”

In a 17 November 2021 post, Clever Journeys published screen captures of the Senator Grassley letter to Attorney General Garland and Director Wray demanding answers as to why the agencies headed by those two directors have treated Project Veritas and James O’Keefe differently than they treated Hillary Clinton and her associates.



It will be interesting to see what happens in several days

With 1 December only days away, it will be interesting to see what comes of this.


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