Problems with the Build Back Better bill

According to Kevin McCarthy, the bill:

Don’t forget that the Congressional Budget Office estimates that this Build Back Better bill will add $367 Billion to the deficit in the first 10 years.

As the White House bragged, this is more than America spent on World War II.


5 thoughts on “Problems with the Build Back Better bill

  1. I realize that political persuasion is not an exact science, but I also understand that within the field of politics, the more successful politicians demonstrate its mastery. I suppose the question always hinges on the willingness of an opponent to consider another politician’s point of view, but with that said, we are also able to see a trend where, whenever an opponent remains “un-persuaded,” the not-so-masterful politicians quickly reverts to the strategy of discreditation.

    McCarthy’s rambling, incoherent opposition to the spending bill did nothing to persuade and did everything possible to open the door to his opponent’s criticism. Maybe McCarthy was just having a bad day. But the problem is that whenever “our side” fails to deliver a powerful, well-articulated, factual reclama to leftist idiocy, “we” do more damage to ourselves than the opposition ever could. For this reason, and also because of McCarthy’s tendency to make an ass of himself, I do not think he is an effective spokesman for American conservatism. He’s that grossly incompetent neurosurgeon no one wants doing their brain surgery.

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    1. Mustang,
      Part of the reason for the rambling nature of the speech may be rooted in the continual interruptions by the socialists in our House of Representatives (e.g., when McCarthy said “”Nobody elected Joe Biden to be FDR,” AOC shouted “I did.”). Additionally, San Fran Nan purportedly used procedural tactics to stop the speech (including having all of the Democrats leave after attempts to get the parliamentarian to change the rules failed). Therefore, while the speech had initially been planned to last only 45 minutes, the marathon side of it may have come out just by as a matter of spite against the likewise spiteful Democrats.


    2. While nobody wants to listen to an 8+ hour speech, a lot of the nuggets in this speech point out the support the socialists have for big debt programs that do nothing (e.g., the taxes on methane, propane and other domestically-produced hydrocarbon products that are pushing a renewed use of [dirtier] coal and [less-emission-regulated] foreign oil [that requires transportation — usually under foreign flags]). Tell me how any of these Biden “green” initiatives does anything but put green U.S. dollars in Democrat-donor and foreign pockets.

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