Well-deserved problems for Democrats in Harris County, Texas

  1. County Commissioners Cagle and Ramsey sue Lina Hidalgo and Harris County over the redistricting plan that would silence the Republican 45% of the county

Houston Comical Chronicle headline: “GOP leaders sue Lina Hidalgo, Harris County over redistricting plan they say violates voting rights”

The Houston Comical Chronicle puts the most liberal spin as possible on the lawsuit by filed by commissioners “Cactus” Jack Cagle and Tom Ramsey against the redistricting plan that would reduce representation of 1.1 million Republican voters to being represented by a single voice (against four Democrat voices) on the Commissioners Court.

Ramsey&CagleSueRepublican Commissioners Jack Cagle and Tom Ramsey have filed a voting rights lawsuit in state court in hopes of halting a Harris County redistricting plan they claim strips more than 1.1 million people of their right to vote in 2022.

Cagle and Ramsey, who are in the political minority in county government, lost ground in the redistricting plan their three political opponents supported, as Cagle’s Precinct 4 was redrawn last month to become majority Democrat.

Cagle and Ramsey announced Tuesday they were suing Democratic County Judge Lina Hidalgo and the county itself, but indicated through their attorney they see Commissioners Rodney Ellis and Adrian Garcia as equally culpable of depriving voters’ rights. Three fellow plaintiffs who stood with the commissioners at a news conference were identified in court documents as registered voters and ethnic minorities.

One plantiff, Ranya Khanoyan, a senior in ROTC at Klein Cain High School, voted for the first time in November, but she would not be able to vote for Precinct 4 commissioner in the March primary or November election because the plan moves her to Precinct 3, which does not have an election until 2024.

“I’m not willing to look Ranya who just turned 18 in the face and say, ‘You know, sweetie, you’re going to have to wait til 2024 to vote,’” said the commissioners’ attorney, Andy Taylor. “The right to vote is sacred.”

Precincts 2 and 4 have elections in 2022. Precincts 1 and 3 will have elections in 2024. The adopted Ellis map gives Democrats a 50 percentage advantage over Republicans in Precinct 1, 12 points in Precinct 2 and 12 points in Precinct 4, according to a Houston Chronicle analysis. Republican voters will now be disproportionately represented in Precinct 3, where they will have a 20-point advantage.

The endgame is that the Democrats can secure a 4-1 majority, which will give them the freedom to set tax rates with a quorum of four members and avoid a minority of two Republicans sitting out and derailing the vote.

(Read more at the Chronicle)

Note that the Houston Comical Chronicle cannot admit the facts of the case

When you read the Houston Comical Chronicle headline “GOP Leaders … voting rights,” note that the Houston Comical Chronicle does not truthfully dissect the matter. Note that the Houston Comical Chronicle inserts “they say” to the headline when talking about a redistricting plan that reduces Republican representation (45% of the electorate in Harris County) to 1 out of five seats.

Here we have the same story presented through another local main stream outlet

GOP leaders sue Lina Hidalgo, Harris County over redistricting plan they say violates voting rights

Houston NBC affiliate KPRC likewise reports on the suit brought by commissioners Cagle and Ramsey regarding the redistricting plan presented by Rodney “Art Collection corruption” Ellis that would reduce Republican representation on the Commissioners Court to one seat out of five.

 Two commissioners have filed a lawsuit against Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo.

Harris County Commissioners Tom Ramsey and Jack Cagle are among the plaintiffs suing the county and Judge Lina Hidalgo over redistricting.

The lawsuit calls the plan adopted by Commissioners Court in October “unconstitutional and illegal,” claiming it strips more than 1.1 million people of their right to vote in next year’s county elections.

The court documents state the even-numbered precincts, 2 and 4, are slated for primary and general elections in 2022, and by intentionally moving voters from even-numbered to odd-numbered precincts, the plan stripped those specific voters of their right to vote.

The primary and general elections for the odd-numbered precincts, 1 and 3, will not take place until 2024, according to the documents.

Ramsey and Cagle are both Republicans. Andy Taylor, an attorney for the plaintiffs, believes politics played a role in the process.

“The Democrats on the Commissioners Court saw an opportunity, not to simply and roughly have all of the districts be the same size, but to use this mandate to redistrict as a mandate to run up the political score because they want to go from a 3-2 to 4-1 Democratic majority on the court,” Taylor said.

The lawsuit asks the court to prevent the implementation of the plan.

(Read the response by the Democrat lawyer at KPRC)

The truth centers on the representation of 45% to 55% of Harris County

Depending on how the swing voters go, the Republican vote can amount to anywhere from 45 to 55% of the vote in Harris County. Therefore, the Rodney “Art Collection corruption” Ellis re-drawn district maps can mightily disempower large segments of the community. The bad thing is that Rodney only got his hand slapped (and really not even that) for his who-knows-how-purchased and County-stored art collection. This art graft may embolden him to beat down a large part of Harris County.

  1. Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo backs belatedly out of a deal to benefit a connected Democrat

Grand jury subpoenas Harris County commissioners in connection to canceled $11M vaccine outreach contract

Houston NBC affiliate KPRC reports in a 16 November 2021 article that the corrupt means of handing out a $11 million contract to a Clinton-connected and Rodney “Art Collection” Ellis-connected Democrat has come back to bite the Democrats of the Harris County Commissioners Court.

A Harris County contract to conduct an outreach campaign to encourage COVID vaccinations was canceled in September, but the issue has come back to life in the form of grand jury subpoenas for every member of the Harris County Commission.

“Anytime an entire commissioners court gets subpoenaed, that’s unusual,” said former Harris County Judge Ed Emmett. “I don’t remember that ever happening.”

Emmett, who is also a current KPRC 2 analyst said one of the central questions for the grand jury will likely be how a company known as Elevate Strategies was able to outbid other entities — including UT Health — even though their $11 million bid was $4 million higher and the company scored lower on key evaluation criteria.

“I think they’re looking at if the bid process, for lack of a better term, if it was rigged,” Emmett said. “If there was a preordained outcome for what somebody wanted. Why was that company selected? What really were their qualifications?”

LockdownLinasHeadacheHarris County Judge Lina Hidalgo eventually canceled the contract, saying the issue has become too politicized.

A grand jury apparently wants to look into what was a controversial matter almost from the start.

Emmett points out the contract involved federal funds, which could warrant a look from the federal government. However, KPRC 2 legal analyst Brian Wice believes if any wrongdoing is discovered, punishment would probably take the form of a strong warning.

“I think what’s going to happen is the grand jury is going to look at this and say that next time it will likely be wiser for you to award the bid to the company that actually scores higher and whose bid is $4 million lower than the company that you gave all this money to,” said Wice.

(Read the propaganda that bureaucrat Democrats leak to the press Democrats at KPRC)

A bulleted list of events with Bolded events that KPRC did not mention

To simplify the list of events and to augment what was mentioned, here is a listing of the known events (with the items not mentioned by KPRC bolded):

I know that a number of people were mad at Judge Emmett for comments he made that were against the Republican mainstream; however, he did not have one (much less two) instances of open graft. Additionally, as the people downstream of the Addicks dam can attest, he did not make dumb decisions that destroyed homes.

You can’t say either about Lockdown Lina.


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