Who has Biden exempted from his vaccine mandate? – Part Two

Of course, this comes as an addendum to the the first post on Who has Biden exempted from his vaccine mandate?

The Courts

Fox News reports how federal court judges and all associated employees are not required to comply with the Biden vaccine push (bolding is mine).

LyingDogFacePonySoldierPresident Biden’s executive order mandating COVID-19 vaccines among all federal workers does not apply to members of Congress, the federal court system or their staffers.

Biden’s order Thursday mandating COVID-19 vaccinations among federal workers and contractors drops the option of regular testing and allows only some religious and disability exemptions. The order applies only to employees of the executive branch and does not apply to the legislative or judicial branches of government, the White House confirmed to Fox News.

(Read more at Fox News)

So the people in the federal courts must be like the people in Obama’s party

People in the Congress (both staffers and Congressional people) and people in the federal court system (as judges and employees — not necessarily the defendants or plaintiffs) must be like the people described by Annie Karni as “sophisticated.”

Missouri school employees exempt from federal vaccine mandate

Kansas City, Missouri CBS affiliate KCTV reports that Missouri school employees will be exempt from the Biden vaccine mandate.

President Biden’s sweeping vaccination mandate will not apply to schools.

Missouri’s Department of Education clarified the matter in a statement to KCTV5:

“Mandatory vaccinations for teachers and school personnel is a matter determined at the local level by policy voted on by local boards of education. From the information and interpretation DESE officials have seen, at this time we do not believe mandates announced last week by President Biden apply to Missouri school districts.”

Schools receive federal funds and certainly have hundreds, if not thousands, of employees. But, schools are not considered a business. Teachers and staff are public employees; they are not federal employees. So, the federal mandate does not apply.

It’s something teachers, administrators, and unions quickly understood but perhaps not parents.

“I don’t think that there is anyone in the state that has accurate numbers for how many teachers have been vaccinated,” explained Todd Fuller with the Missouri State Teacher Association.

Fuller says the nationwide estimate is 90% of all teachers have been vaccinated but adds there hasn’t been specific polling or research in Missouri.

Missouri data reveals 63.9% of all Missouri adults have had at least one shot.

(Read more at KCTV)

For those of us who can’t gain sophistication the way Obama did (by having others buy it for him), there is public service (and, possibly, unions)

Looks like working for the public sector will work for getting your fix of not getting the jab.

Additionally, when I originally heard about this exemption for Missouri schools (some people whistle while they work — I listen to the radio while I work), I heard that it had to do with unions. If that turns out to be the case, I will add updates here.


10 thoughts on “Who has Biden exempted from his vaccine mandate? – Part Two

    1. Either we spell it “hypocrisy” or “diversion from Afghanistan.” Either way, it might end up costing us with a number of people in key positions just saying “this is not worth it.”

      Another thing (and this is my temptation) is to spend too much time on goofball politics and not enough on the Bible.

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      1. So true: “Either way, it might end up costing us with a number of people in key positions just saying “this is not worth it.”
        Thanks for your posts keeping me informed politically

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