Biden floods us with COVID-positive illegal aliens

Texas police learn COVID-positive illegal immigrants sent to local hotels, after Whataburger encounter

Fox News reports that how a family of COVID-positive illegal aliens were found at a hamburger restaurant in Texas after having been released by Biden’s border patrol (unmasked, coughing, staying on the taxpayer dime in a nearby hotel).

Authorities in South Texas said Tuesday they’ve learned that illegal immigrants who have possibly tested positive for COVID-19 were being released from federal custody to a Catholic charity, which booked hotel rooms for them without notifying local officials. 

The La Joya Police Department said a patrol officer was waved down Monday by someone concerned about a group that appeared to be sick at a Whataburger fast food restaurant. The officer found a family inside who were coughing and sneezing and not adhering to health guidelines, including the wearing of masks, authorities said during a news conference.

A manager told the officer they wanted the people to leave the establishment because they were making everyone inside “uneasy.” When the officer approached the migrants, they said they had tested positive for the coronavirus and had been apprehended by Border Patrol agents several days prior before being released. 

They didn’t have documentation to prove they were COVID-positive, La Joya police Sgt. Manuel Casas said.

“We did not know this,” he said. “No one told the city of La Joya. No one told the police department that these people were here and no one told us that these people were possibly ill.”

The Texas Inn & Suites rented by Catholic Charities (and, thence, your tax dollars) to house illegal aliens infected with COVID-19.

The migrants told the officer they were staying at the nearby Texas Inn & Suites. The hotel manager told authorities that the Catholic Charities of The Rio Grande Valley had booked rooms in the hotel to house undocumented immigrants detained by Border Patrol. 

“We have an understanding based on what was told to us that the hotel in totality has already been rented out,” Casas said. “The information we have is that everyone that is staying in that hotel is COVID-19 positive because it’s being rented out for them.”

(Read more at Fox News)

Just as with the transgender issue, Democrats don’t want you to follow the science

If Democrats wanted us to follow the science, they would shut down the border. They would stop using commercial buses, commercial planes, and Air Force property to distribute these COVID-19 positive illegal aliens across America.

Biden administration caught secretly flying illegal migrant children into key Red state

The Daily Mail pointed out in a 21 May 2021 article how Biden has flown illegal aliens into Tennessee.

TennesseeTennessee lawmakers have accused President Joe Biden’s administration of secretly flying migrant children into their state without consulting them – as Kamala Harris faces growing pressure to visit the southern border to address the crisis.

Several videos obtained by WRCB-TV Channel 3 show a handful of planes carrying minor migrants arriving at Chattanooga’s Wilson Air Center during overnight hours.

Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn said in a statement the transportation of migrants there is taking place in ‘the dead of night without the knowledge or permission of the communities involved.’ 

A source with direct knowledge of the operation revealed somewhere up to 50 minors are transported at a time – some to reunite with family members in other states and others to be relocated to group homes.

The individual revealed that while the operation started in Dallas, it moved to small airports recently to avoid attention.

Customs and Border Protection encountered 178,000 migrants in April, a 90 per cent increase from April 2020 and slight uptick from March 2021 – when border guards encountered the most unaccompanied children in history.

(Read more at the Daily Mail)

In July, Governor DeSantis claimed that Biden was sending illegals to Florida

As we read in a Fox News article this month, DeSantis said that the officers he sent to Texas told him almost 70% of those they interdict are on their way to his state. Oddly, now Biden is blaming spikes in Texas and Florida on vaccine-deniers refusing to get vaccinated.

You would think that Biden might blame it on the 2 million illegal aliens he has allowed into America (1 million have turned themselves in to ICE for processing — another 1 million probably have made it under the radar).

Oddly, if you look at the map of areas where Biden suggests that you mask up, you can figure where:

  • illegals are streaming into liberal areas
  • illegals are streaming in through unfinished areas of the wall
  • illegals are being shipped to Republican states

Stash houses seem to have become a greater trend under Biden

KFOX in El Paso reports that a stash house with an indeterminate number of illegal aliens has been found in El Paso.

BorderPatrolPeople being placed in a Border Patrol vehicle in the neighborhood near the downtown ballpark happened Tuesday morning.

A Border Patrol official confirmed they are investigating an incident at 329 W. Missouri Avenue.

Border Patrol stash house apprehensions has accounted for 6,700 migrants nationwide from 375 stash houses since January – up 500% from the previous year.

(Read more at KFOX)

Looks like this may be a trend

As long as Biden keeps the door open and keeps putting out the candy bowl, this will keep happening.

Maybe we can keep up some other trends (like humor).


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    1. Well, supposedly the first Ten Amendments to the Constitution limited the powers of the federal government. However, I don’t see much affirmation of those limits these days. In fact, I see the Democrats ramping up for COVID election, Part II.

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      1. Mind you, my Spanish is limited to what was learned on the street as a teen (that is, how to say “I am named,” how to recognize “cousin,” and how to identify female body parts in that language).

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