Texas government cannot send lobbyists to work against the people now

Property tax relief for Texas land owners

Texas State Senator Paul Bettencourt informs us that tax relief has been provided in that Texas tax districts can no longer send lobbyists to argue against lowering tax rates while billing the lobbying to the taxpayers.

HUGE win for taxpayers but for some unknown reason you will only see it on this Facebook post because statewide media is ignoring this victory for taxpayers!

91 % of Texans oppose taxpayer funded lobbying…(bit.ly/3slA1Et) quite the statement of support from the public! With over $40 Million of taxpayer dollars being spent by local governments on lobbyists in the 85th session, SB10 passing the full Senate is a Huge victory for taxpayers!

Taxpayer funded lobbying diverts funding from local governments’ ability to provide local needs and results in money being used to advocate against the taxpayers interest with the use of their own tax dollars! Senate Bill 10 will prohibit cities and counties from hiring registered lobbyists using taxpayer monies.

This bill only prohibits instances where the city or county employee would require the person to register as a lobbyist under Chapter 305 of the Texas Government code. City or county elected officials, officers or employees will still be able to provide information to members and appear before a legislative committee as they do now.

Taxpayers don’t want their hard earned money being used against them to advocate against issues like property tax relief! What do you think?

(Read more at Facebook)

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