Lies and Coronavirus in Joe Biden’s America

Lies (truth unreported in the main stream media)

It was BLM and Antifa at the Capitol

With a hat tip to Hocuspocus13 for his comment on Bunkerville — The Marshall Report provided a number of tweets that point toward the Capitol invaders being from Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

There is plenty of good footage showing the Patriots were shocked that others went into the capitol, and they were staying outside, they are heard saying things like, “Oh my God, a bunch are trying to break in the Capitol!” “It’s getting dangerous, we’re leaving.” I’m not going in. No one was storming to get INSIDE but the ANTIFA thugs who stormed over the fences who had assistance from the start to avoid check points and just go right on into the event. Then had assistance to get inside!


The last and only breech on the Capitol was over 200 years ago (1814) during the war of 1812 and that took more than breaking a window to get into…which…by the way is not possible to break with a stick. This breech had to be assisted with lots of coordinated inside help. Pelosi et al involved I am sure. Why else was one of them inside Pelosi’s office? Even when told they could get inside they said no and could not believe others went in past police.

(See ten more tweets and additional photos proving the point at The Marshall Report)

Whether this was Antifa, BLM, or other, it was not your standard 45 to 60-year-old Trump supporter

In contrast to BLM rioters who burned Kenosha and were labeled “mostly peaceful” by CNN, the Trump protesters (until the minority of Antifa and BLM infiltrators were introduced) were entirely peaceful.

More election fraud: 32,400 votes removed from Senator Perdue’s votetally live on TV

The Gateway Pundit points out how the vote counts for David Perdue went down on live TV while CNN broadcast election results.

Not only last night did CNN and ABC News show 5,000 votes removed from David Perdue in the Georgia senate race, now we have evidence of 32,400 votes being removed from Perdue earlier in the evening as well.
Perdue’s vote tally went from 2,130,535 down to 2,125,535.

The vote count total change came on CNN after a black box appeared over tally.

Perdue’s Democrat opponent Jon Ossoff’s tally did not change.

Now we have evidence earlier in the evening where 32,400 ballots were removed from the Perdue column:

As the Gateway Pundit reported earlier Tuesday evening, Democrat-leaning Georgia county called it quits for the night with thousands of vote yet to be counted as the two Republican U.S. Senate candidates held on to slim leads after being behind the Democrats most of the evening after polls closed.

These vote drops were reported in the November 2020 election as well.  They are not normal.  People don’t go back into a polling place and decide not to vote for someone.

(Read the last and central two sentences at the Gateway Pundit)

This seems to be the wave of the Democrats

Expect more of the same.


Lockdowns catastrophic for recovering addicts and those suffering from mental health issues

The Epoch Times reports in a 5 January 2021 article that the COVID-19 lockdowns have put a strain on recovering addicts and those struggling with mental health issues.

Overseeing sober living homes for newly recovering drug addicts is difficult in the best of times. But the endless shutdowns have created conditions that are challenging for healthy people, let alone those who are fresh out of rehab, vulnerable, and still reeling.

Matt Royce, 35, oversees seven sober-living homes in Minneapolis. All of his houses, each holding between 9 and 13 people, have been “pretty full the whole time.”

No overdose deaths had occurred in his homes in almost three years, but last summer he lost two people, while another three were revived from overdoses with opioid-blocker Narcan.

Depression has “skyrocketed” since the lockdowns began, Royce said. Recovering addicts are struggling even more now due to boredom, inability to see family and friends, and lack of social activities.

“A lot of these guys, they just need the simple things in life. And when they’re prohibited from being able to get those things, it’s tough,” Royce said.

“Hopefully this changes sooner rather than later, because I can’t even tell you how many times I was dealing with relapses every single day of the week … heavily, heavily from June all the way until about October. It was non stop. It was definitely more than normal, there’s no doubt about that.”

Nationally, drug overdose deaths are at historic highs.

In lockstep with widespread shutdown measures, overdose deaths accelerated, especially between March and May last year, according to an emergency health advisory issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Dec. 17, 2020.

More than 81,230 people died from a drug overdose between June 1, 2019, and May 31, 2020, the CDC provisional data shows. The final number, which is up 18 percent over the same period the year prior, is expected to be higher.

(Read more at The Epoch Times)

So will Democrats continue to use COVID-19 as a bludgeon or will they quickly solve this purported conundrum?

Will the “COVID-19 crisis” continue to be the reason that petty dictators on the Democrat side continue to ruin lives? Or (now that they have established one-party rule) will they let the crisis evaporate?

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