Do we have a republic? Are we indivisible?

John Roberts purportedly shouts at the other justices over the Texas case

The Epoch Times chronicles the back-and-forth accusations and denials surrounding a purported event where John Roberts shouted at other justices regarding their need to deny the case due to possible riots.

RobertsA spokesperson for the U.S. Supreme Court disputed a report that claimed Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts shouted at the eight other justices in a room in the high court, urging them not to take up the Texas election lawsuit against four other key states.

As guidance, the court “has been conducting its conferences remotely by phone since March when the building closed due to the pandemic,” a Supreme Court spokesperson told The Epoch Times via email on Friday in response to a question about the claim.

The statement contradicts what a GOP Texas elector, Matt Patrick, said earlier this week, claiming that an anonymous person said that “the Justices went into a closed room” to determine whether to take the Texas lawsuit that was eventually dismissed. Then, according to the elector, “When the Texas case was brought up he said he heard screaming through the walls as Justice Roberts and the other liberal Justices were insisting … afraid of what would happen if they did the right thing.”

The claim also appeared on Hal Turner’s website, sourcing an alleged “clerk for one of the [Supreme Court] justices.” It is unclear where Patrick obtained his information.

“The Justices met in a closed and sealed room, as is standard,” Turner’s website said, citing the alleged Supreme Court whistleblower. “Usually it is very calm, however today we could hear screaming all the way down the hall. They met in person, because they didn’t trust telephonic meeting as secure. Chief Justice Roberts was screaming, ‘Are you going to be responsible for the rioting if we hear this case?’”

(Read more at the Epoch Times)

Do the words of the Pledge of Allegiance still apply?

Since obviously no court exists where one state can openly debate and resolve differences with other states, do we have the United States? Even if the high court used the excuse of violence in the streets  to avoid hearing the Texas case, it seems only to show a continued slide from this nation’s sterling origins.

So I ask then — do the central documents of our republic really mean anything? For that matter, does the commonly-recited pledge mean anything, if you take it phrase-by-phrase:

  1. “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America”
    (Do we have this symbol to unite us, or have we allowed the liberals to name this flag a banner of hate and a point of division?)
  2. “and to the Republic for which it stands”
    (Do we have a republic when fraudulent elections — changing laws in unConstitutional ways, ignoring laws, ignoring testimony before legislators, and not listening in courts — become accepted by the media class and leftist political class?)
  3. “one nation”
    (Are we one nation or have the Democrats balkanized us to only accepting our own flavor of communitariamism — one bowing to BLM, another scraping to La Raza, and yet another kneeling to Antifa.)
  4. “under God, ”
    (Are we under God, considering how the anti-religious left has insisted on chiseling every reference to the Bible or God from public monuments and senators have made public reference to God a disqualifying hurdle.
  5. “indivisible, ”
    (Really? This one died during that administration where someone said “The Cambridge police acted stupidly.” That was followed closely by the statement made during the riots preceding his re-election and then the Ferguson and Baltimore riots in 2014. Then don’t get me going on the unequal treatment “deplorables” and our leader have gotten over the past four years with Democrats in the press and in politics.)
  6. “with liberty “
    (How can we figure that liberals who want to put Trump followers in re-education camps might be dedicated to liberty?)
  7. “and justice”
    (How can we think that people who would make plans to persecute their political rivals might support justice? Additionally, what about this past election?)
  8. “for all.”
    (Unlike conservatives — who are accused of Nazism — liberals practice the violence, political oppression, and reprisals associated with the Nazi movement.)

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