You asked for evidence of fraud #2.

Testimony on fraud

Democrat Representative goes on a vile rant calling hearing witnesses liars, but this legal immigrant is not having it

BizPacReview reports in a 3 December 2020 article how an Indian-born IT professional gracefully defended herself after being attacked by a Democrat at the Michigan hearing.

An East Indian immigrant from Michigan has become an overnight sensation for standing up to an obnoxious Democrat at this week’s public Michigan House Oversight Committee hearing about the 2020 presidential election results.

During the hearing Wednesday, the woman, Hema, joined other GOP poll watchers in testifying about what she’d witnessed on and after Election Day.

After she finished speaking, members of the Michigan House Oversight Committee were permitted to ask her questions. But instead of asking any questions, one member, state Rep. Cynthia A. Johnson, decided to talk trash.

In rambling diatribe, the Democrat lawmaker accused every witness, including Hema, of being a liar, and demanded they testify under oath.

Listen to her whole rant below, starting from the 15:21 mark:

That prompted committee chair Rep. Mike Hall to remind her of the hearing’s purpose.

“I just want to remind you I think it was the purpose of today’s hearing to hear from people across Michigan who witnessed things at the TCF Center,” he said.

Johnson replied by complaining that Hema and her peers were taking too much time and that none of them were from Detroit, which is where the ballot-counting occurred.

“They’re taking so much time, and I see no Detroiters here,” she said.

Hall reminded her again, of the meeting’s purpose and also brought up President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani, who was present for that day’s hearing.

“Today we’ve invited Mr. Giuliani, and Mr. Giuliani has brought forward witnesses that he says have first-hand knowledge of fraud. That’s what we are doing today. And if you want to do other hearings, we’re doing more hearings, but today we’re here to hear from these people. So do you have a question for these witnesses?” he asked.

Johnson said that no, she had no questions — she just had “concerns.”

This prompted Hall to say she’s out of order, spurring Johnson to double down again with her complaint about the witnesses not being under oath.

The committee chair responded by explaining that requiring witnesses to be under oath “is not done here in this state.”

That’s when Johnson blew her lid.

It may not be done under the state, but you’re allowing people to come in here and lie, and I know they’re lying!” she bellowed.

This particular moment may be heard below:

Hall immediately declared Johnson out of order again. Giuliani then jumped in to defend his collection of witnesses.

“I would like to point out that every single witness we’ve presented here has sworn an affidavit,” he said.

A second later, Hema then jumped in with her own scathing clapback.

I would do it,” she said, referencing being placed under oath.

She added, “And I will still repeat the exact same thing I watched, and you know what? I also want to say one thing. If it is a lie, it may change because a liar has to have a lot of memory power. If it is truth, you can ask me in the middle of the night and still be the same.”


(Read the additional comments from BizPacReview and tweets collected by them)

Hema testified

In the following Rumble video (which is less likely to disappear than a similar YouTube video), Hema (the poll worker) testified to how the Democrats mistreated other poll workers, agitated against Republicans, entering votes that were not in the poll book or system, entering multiple votes where the differing votes all had an identical signature, and committed other fraudulent acts.

Detroit vote counter claims harassment after refusing to backdate ballots

NewsMax reported in a 3 December 2020 article how one Detroit vote counter refused to backdate ballots and then received harassment.

A Detroit ballot processor testified before a Michigan legislative hearing on Thursday that she was intimidated and harassed by supervisors after she refused to backdate absentee ballots and accept others that violated state law on Election Night.

Jessy Jacob, a 34-year Detroit city worker, told a hearing of the state’s Senate Oversight Committee that she was instructed by election officials on the morning of Nov. 4 to enter ballots as received by Nov. 2 knowing they had been received after the 9 p.m. deadline on Nov. 3, Election Day. Her refusal drew reprisals, she said.

”They treated me like a criminal, humiliated me, harassed me,” Jacob said in her witness statement sitting beside Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, campaign lawyers for President Donald Trump. ”It was so bad.”

The Trump campaign has filed lawsuits contesting election results in several states and is lobbying state legislatures to invoke their authority to select electors to the Electoral College.

At one point, Jacob said she was told by a representative from the Michigan Department of State’s Bureau of Elections, ”I don’t need you here. I don’t need any of your help. Get out of here.

”I couldn’t do anything, because when I am entering the ballot, I couldn’t lie about the date,” Jacob said.

Jacob said that she was processing opened absentee ballots, some of which had no postage stamp and no signature match. Other issues included that some absentee ballots were issued on Nov. 3. The state manual for ballot processors says ballots are invalid if they are issued after 4 p.m. on Nov. 2.

”So it was issued on Nov. 3, Election Day,” she said. ”It was issued, received, everything, on Nov. 3. Then I checked whether that voter is newly registered. No, he was not registered on Nov. 3. He was registered sometime in 2010 — 10 years ago. You are not supposed to issue absentee ballots on election day to already registered voters.”

But when she took her concerns to supervisors, she learned no one else at the facility where she was working was following the process to accept legal ballots.

(Read more at NewsMax)

We all saw the transparency of the Democrats in Detroit on the day after Election Day

We all saw the cardboard-covered windows in Detroit.

Now, we hear from various people who were behind those cardboard barriers.

Not that it matters, but public opinion seems to be seeping into Democrat thought as well.

A pro-Biden group hands out swag to Native Americans in Nevada who voted Biden

Both the Daily Handle and the Chris Salcedo Show have maintained that pro-Biden groups have offered gift cards to Native Americans in Nevada who voted. The following two videos (one from YouTube [that tends to remove videos going against Joe Biden’s narrative] and one from Rumble [that does not seem to censor against conservatives or liberals]).

Kristy Klamer testified in Michigan

Kristy Klamer tells of how the chain of custody was broken in many different ways. In this segment, she focuses on three of those instances. At one point, how she was denied the chance to challenge ballots.

Suitcases of ballots

Here, a witness testifies how suitcases full of ballots can be seen on surveillance video in the ballot counting area. At 8:00 a.m., a Democrat takes a suitcase full of ballots from under a table. The same person who closed down the Atlanta ballot counting center at 11:30 p.m. installed the table and removes at least one of the four suitcases full of ballots from under the table.

Three young Americans step forward to give their testimony and written affidavits

Kristina Karamo, Eathan Pease, and Jesse Morgan came forward to tell their stories. Eathan Pease shared how he had transported some 100,000+ ballots on the day after the election. When told to date the ballots to before the election, he refused. For Jesse Morgan, he transported about 300,000 New York ballots to a city (Lancaster,PA) where his trailer was stolen. Kristina Karamo was told to count all questionable ballots (even those marked for Trump) for Biden. Additionally, when she pointed out that ballots that marked contradictory entries should be thrown out, she was over-ridden. This occurred for multiple ballots. Additionally, she corroborated the other witnesses’ stories of thousands of ballots being dropped off during the middle of the night, multiple ballots listing an impossible 1/1/2020 birthdate,

Michigan witness tells how military ballots were all credited to Biden

In testimony before the Michigan Senate, this witness detailed how all of the military ballots:

  1. Did not include registered voters,
  2. All went to Biden,
  3. All looked like photocopied ballots,
  4. All had to be manually entered, and
  5. All included a birthdate of 1/1/2020 (which would override the system and allow them to enter non-registered voters).

This continued through the day (where they entered votes from people who were not in the poll list or the supplimental). She observed this happening multiple times.

Citizens, not members of the political class, organized to shine the light on Democrat fraud

The power of private citizens in the fight for the election

The leader of Catholic Vote for Arizona, John Yep, worked as a private citizen to coordinate the space needed for the Arizona hearing on voting integrity.

Ali Alexander also worked to coordinate the project. Sadly, a number of the participants (particularly politicians) have received death threats from Biden supporters due to their support of the project.

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