The Garza connection as told by Project Veritas

James O’Keefe confronts Joann Ramon over recordings alleging connection to GOP House candidate Mauro Garza

In the following video, James O’Keefe can be heard talking to Joann Ramon over the alleged connections between the ballot harvesters and GOP House candidate Mauro Garza.

Speaker Testimony
James Joann, Joann, this is James O’Keefe of Project Veritas. Raquel Rodriguez is on tape breaking the law. She works for you and I’d like your comment.
Joann No, sir. She does not work for me.
James She doesn’t work for you?
Joann No. She she worked for me two years ago. She worked for me in a city council campaign …
James Okay.
Joann … and she worked for me in a general election in ’18.
James But she doesn’t currently work for you?
Joann No, sir.
James And when she did work for you. Are you aware that she was breaking the law, changing people’s votes? Can I talk to you out here?
Joann No, because Tony told me she implicated me in some way.
James She did implicate you in a certain way. She talked about the ballots that she was paying for (which is illegal) violation of state and federal law.
Joann She didn’t do any ballots for me.
James Can elections be bought and sold in Texas?
Joann Absolutely not.
James That’s what she’s doing on the tapes though.
Joann That’s that’s y’all.
James ‘That’s y’all?’ That’s not me. That’s her.
Joann If, uh, Tony or whatever y’all are doing to prove that that has nothing to do with me.
Joann (at desk, in undercover recording) She (Raquel Rodriguez) can’t, she can’t chase ballots.
Raquel (at table, in undercover recording) She (Joann Ramon) calls me and I chase the ballot.
Raquel (at table, in undercover recording) She’s (Joann Ramon) got a list and she (Joann Ramon) knows because she’s got inside connections.
Joann She is not working for me.
James Do you know this Republican Congressman that she’s working for, currently, in San Antonio?
Joann She’s working for a congressman?
James Yeah, now she is a political consultant for a congressman. A potential congressman. And she said she could get least 5,000 votes $55,000 and she need to be paid in cash.
James Have you ever witnessed these sort of transactions before?
Joann Because I don’t work with her.
James Understood. So you didn’t know anything about her illegal activities when she was working with …
Joann Of course not …
James … nothing. That’s … um … they never do. No one ever knows about the illegal stuff until you show them.
Joann So, now you’re insulting me, sir. If you’re gonna insult me, you can get off my porch.
James So I’ll get off your porch, if you ask me to.
Joann You’re not insulting me?
James I mean, well I’m insulted that people are breaking the law here in Texas.
Joann I’m insulted that you’re saying that I have anything to do with it, because I don’t. Okay.
James You have nothing to do with this?
Joann She did not work for me, sir. Why are you saying she works for me?
James That’s what she says in the tapes. Is she incorrect?
Joann She did not work for me, sir. Why are you saying she works for me? Do you know how many people have said they worked for me to get a job? Who knows?
James You’re a big — you’re an important person here in San Antonio.
Joann No, I’m not an important person, but I’m a long-time worker. You know what? Get off my porch.
James All right, I’ll get off your porch.
James So we did have an interesting conversation with Joann Ramon, a very powerful person here in San Antonio. She says a lot of people work for her. She asked me to go for property. So I’m getting off a property. Said I insulted her by asking questions. I’m insulted people can buy votes in Texas. There she is through the glass, just shutting the door now.

US Congressional Candidate Mauro Garza talks on the phone and in person

In the following video, James O’Keefe does a combination of over-the-phone interviews and in-person interviews with Mauro Garza, GOP candidate for the House from San Antonio.

Speaker Testimony
Mauro I totally, I … I am uh I am a fan of you guys.
James Hey. Hey. Mauro. James O’Keefe, Project Veritas. Did you ever pay anyone in cash for anything?
Mauro No.
James No. Okay. And no slush funds for gifts.
Mauro No, no, no, no, no no.
Raquel (in a car while being recorded on undercover video) Mauro (Garza) allowed me $2,500 to buy gifts.
James Why did you give a random volunteer your credit card though?
Mauro (moments of silence followed by) … (get a volunteer credit card, like … you get) To get to the poll. I don’t know, uh.
Raquel (at a desk while being recorded on undercover video) Mauro (Garza), I got the millionaire. A millionaire that’s like — go, do whatever you need to do. Here’s all my credit cards.
James How do you know … She, she … She bragged about you being this millionaire that can afford her services.
Raquel (at a desk while being recorded on undercover video) Like Mauro (Garza) right now, … So, he was paying me 5,000 a month, but now he’s paying me $8,000 a month.
Mauro I don’t know. I’m a nice guy and I’ve been taking advantage of many times.
Raquel (at a table while being recorded on undercover video) I don’t take advantage of him (Mauro Garza).
James Are you worried, since you could be implicated in the Attorney General’s investigation? If it is, in fact find out that what Raquel is saying is true. Raquel saying $2,500 from your campaign for gifts for electioneering.
Mauro So, so, no.
Mauro Listen, I’m about to talk right here.
James You left the event to escape me.
Mauro No.
James (As Mauro boards RV) So you do know Mrs. Rodriguez? You do know who that is. Did you pay her in cash?
Mauro I didn’t want to take away from important event.
James You drove the RV yourself, which was interesting.
James (as RV exits) He’s waving, waving at the camera. Look at this guy. He’s driving away from me right now.
James You left with the RV. You got on the RV and you left your campaign staff. There.
James (Shaking the hand of a staffer in the parking lot.) Nice to see you.
female staffer You got rid of my ride home.
James I don’t know. I didn’t mean to get your ride home.
female staffer How am I supposed to get home?
James (to the woman in the parking lot) I’m just asking questions.
James (to Mauro) They were asking me if I could take them home.
Mauro What I did was I went around to the other side and I had them a called.
Mauro I sleep good at night.

James O’Keefe confronts Mauro Garza – Mauro tries to train James

Here, James talks to Mauro Garza about the voter fraud allegations. At first Mauro attempts to ignore James. Then he claims “My community has asked me to train you guys.” (I am assuming that his reference to “my community” is the gay community, since all Latinos I know are law-abiding people.)

Speaker Testimony
James (Project Veritas confronts Maura Garza at Trump Rally about paying $2,500 for gifts for voters.) Hey, Hey, Mauro. James O’Keefe, Project Veritas. I got a question for you. We have a video tape of a woman named Raquel Rodriguez.
Raquel (in a car while being recorded on undercover video) Mauro (Garza) allowed me $2,500 to buy gifts. You see how he’s represented well and what did she (Senior Voter) say? “Wow.” So, what is she going to do? She’s going to call on the phone — and she’s going to say. “Man, Mauro (Garza) sent me this bad ass shawl …
James Look at this.
Mauro Listen, I’m about to talk right here. How about we talk about it a little bit later?
James So, the issue is that we have Raquel Rodriguez on tape saying she has committed voter fraud on your behalf. (As Mauro walks away.) She said she committed voter fraud on your behalf, sir.
Mauro (To someone else) I uh, I’m so sorry.
James (To the camera) He’s ignoring me. (To Mauro) Mauro, how much did you pay Raquel Rodriguez?
Mauro I’m sorry, I’m not —
James  Did you pay her? She says you paid her.
Raquel (on hidden camera at desk) And I budgeted everything, right? Okay, so you do it. So he was paying me $5,000 a month, but now he’s paying me $8,000 a month. Why? Because I took in these extra jobs.
James How much did you pay? Did you pay her in cash?
Mauro I’m listening to [the speaker] right now.
James Did you pay her in cash? Do you know who Raquel Rodriguez is?
Mauro You know that I — let me, let me explain something to you.
James Please.
Mauro My community has asked me to train you guys. Are you with the media?
James I am with the media, yes.
Mauro I am supposed to train you.
James We have video
Mauro My community has asked me to train you.
James (To a smirking Mauro) Did you pay Raquel Rodriguez? Because if you don’t answer my question, law enforcement can ask you that question.
James (as Mauro waves James off) Do you not know who Raquel Rodriguez is?
James (As Mauro walks away)He’s ignoring us and I’m not going to stop. So here, we’re going to keep going.
James Are elections bought and sold here in Texas?
Mauro accomplice Sir, if you are going to interview him, could you do it outside the line?
James Sure. We want to speak with that man right there.
Mauro accomplice Yes. I’ll get him to go out there.
James Thank you very much.
James So Mrs. Rodriguez said you knew she was meeting with our folks and you were not happy. How can you claim you didn’t know what Rodriguez was doing if you even knew who she was and who she was meeting with? So you do know Mrs. Rodriguez? You do know who that is. Did you pay her in cash?
James He’s literally driving the RV. He’s driving away from me right now. Look at this guy. He’s driving away from me right now. Reporting from the Alamo, this is James O’Keefe with Project Veritas.

Project Veritas Investigation takes over Texas

Speaker Testimony
Fox 29 New Video. This morning, we have new video that has led to allegations of an election fraud scheme right here in Bexar County.
6KFDM Allegations of an election fraud scheme in Bexar County.
Sean Hannity Possibly illegal ballot harvesting schemes uncovered by Project Veritas.
Fox26 Law enforcement are looking into this video that came out from Project Veritas.
Fox29 Project Veritas released the video showing a political consultant in town allegedly talking an elderly woman into changing her mail-in vote
6KFDM Project Veritas said she gave a gift — a shawl — to this woman and helped her change a vote from one candidate to another
James O’Keefe We have to release our stories now, because we’re running out of time before the election day. (Over a backdrop of Rodriguez changing a ballot to vote for MJ Hegar, Biden, and Mauro.)

Ballot chaser reveals massive vote fraud effort to elect Joe Biden

Speaker Testimony
James Earlier this week, we introduced you to Raquel Rodriguez and her illegal election law activities in San Antonio, Texas. Well, there’s more. Listen carefully as she tells our undercover journalist the cost of buying votes.
Raquel I’ve got three Democrats, three Republicans, and the rest are Democrats – are Democrats.
Proj. V Ok
Raquel So, um, how much money are we talking about? Because just so you’ll know when you sell,
Proj. V Um-hum
Raquel when you do things like this for votes, you’re talking between $5 and $8 per vote.
Raquel I’m just letting you know so you have an idea an I’m going to bring 3,500 (votes) to the plate, county-wide.
Proj. V Ok
Raquel So I know what I’m bringing to the plate county-wide. So that’s like $28,000.
Raquel (at table, speaking to undercover camera) Like Mauto right now, he said “Okay, Raquel, if you were running, what would you do?
Raquel So, he sat me down and I said, “I would do this, this, this, this, and this.”
Raquel He said, “How much money do you think you would need?” And I budgeted everything, right?
Raquel Ok, so you do it. So, he was paying me $5,000 a month, but now he’s paying me $8,000 a month. Why? Because I took in his extra jobs.
Raquel So, between you and me, I’ve got four judges that are calling me right now, and this is what they are costing me.
Raquel They’re like, we want to be a part of this group. So, if we pay you $3,500 each …
Raquel They’re like, we want to be a part of this group. So, if we pay you $3,500 each, that’s like 12 grand, dude.
Raquel So, those three judges that I’m talking about, and that’s Renee Yanta, ReneeYanta
Raquel Nichole Garza, right? They’re paying me $3,500. Me, $3,500 — to make sure that their name is on the ballot.Nicole Garza
Proj. V How much could the city council race cost?
Raquel I gave you my total.
Proj. V It’s in there?
Raquel It’s $5,000 a month for me, $3,000 for Tom (Acosta).
Proj. V $8,000 a month?
Raquel That’s $8,000 for our two services.
Proj. V How many months will it go through?
Raquel Seven.
Proj. V $56,000?
Raquel Probably, and then two months of early voting is — my people it’s 5 to 7.
Proj. V Cash?
Raquel Yeah.
Texas Law Under Texas election code, it is illegal to harvest ballots
It is also illegal to pay others to ballot havest.
Ballot harvesting is a felony if done with three or more people.
James When we asked about buying votes for U.S. Senate candidate MJ Hegar and candidate Biden, here is what she had to say:
Proj. V If you look at the top of the ticket to get votes for Hegar/Biden, how many votes could you deliver for us?
Raquel At least 5,000 (votes).
Proj. V And what are we looking at as far as how much that’s going to cost?
Raquel For the entire team that I’m looking at, I’m looking at $55,000.
Proj. V So, $55,000 for 5,000 votes, top of the ticket, Hegar/Biden?
Raquel If not more. I’m not, I’m not going to overpromise, because remember, we’re 16 days till Election Day.
Raquel You can give, give me cash, you can do whatever you want to do.
Proj. V $55,000 up front. 5,000 votes.
Raquel That’s right.
Proj. V Cash.
Raquel Cash.
Raquel Yeah, I’m getting the Biden vote out, but I mean I’m not going to do it for free. In other words, if they don’t pay me, I’m like, excuse me. That’s another worry I don’t have to worry about.
Proj. V You said it ws like $5 or $8 per vote? How many votes, how much are we looking at roughly?
Raquel Shoot, you know what, it’s $8 per vote, but I would say the — I mean like, right now I’d say 5 to 6 bucks, let’s say 6 bucks per vote. Let’s not go to 8 dollars, okay? Let’s say 6 dollars per vote, right? And I’m going to bring you 5,000 votes.
Proj. V 5,000?
Raquel 5,000 votes, that’s county-wide.
Proj. V Right, right
Proj. V 5,000 votes could swing the entire state.
Raquel Of course it can.
Proj. V What would you think about President Trump. He’s always complaining, right? And then imagine if you could swing votes to Texas?
Raquel I know.
Proj. V It’s a real reality.
Raquel It’s a real reality.
Proj. V We understand the Biden-Hegar, 5,000 votes, $55,000 cash for you. We understand that.
Raquel Quit saying that. Yeah, we know the numbers. You’re making me nervous now.
Texas law Texas law bars buying votes. Federal law bars buying votes.
Proj. V How much does it cost to get someone elected to city council?
Raquel Okay, so $5,000, plus $3,000 is $8,000 times 7 months that’s $56,000…
Raquel but two months of those are going to be — he’s going to get 5 and I’m going to get 7.
Raquel So, 56 plus that’s 14 … so that’s 10 … that like $71,000.
Proj. V $71,000 … and how do you want it?
Raquel Cash.
Proj. V And then is that in line with what you’ve done in the past with candidates? — or is that before the prices are going up?
Raquel Well, the prices are going up only because of the fact that I’ve got more data. I’ve registered more people because — not only that, I’m going to be more grounded.
Proj. V Okay.
Raquel We’re talking the connections I have. You’re not only getting me, you’re getting my connections. I’m getting a state rep elected right now, guess what’s going to happen? That’s going to be the girl that I showed you this.
Proj. V Liz Campos.Liz Campos
Raquel Guess what? I’m going to need her for something. Because that’s her backyard. She ran last year and lost. She ran two years ago and she lost. She ran this year for state rep.
Proj. V So then we were talking about the judgeships. So, say for voters like that you will push the judges, too?
Raquel Of course.
Proj. V You’ll tell them which judges to vote for.
Raquel Yes.
Proj. V And your judges this year are (Renee) Yanta or no.
Raquel Yeah. (Renee) Yanta and um … not only (Renee) Yanta but Nicole Garza.
Proj. V Okay, and now you’ve got the judges, huh? How many do you have? Like 3 or 4?
Raquel I only have — I have judge Renee Yanta and judge Nicole Garza.
Proj. V Are they Democrats?
Raquel One’s a Democrat. One’s a Republican.
Proj. V Okay, okay.
Raquel I’ve worked for Karen Crouch …
Proj. V So, yeah. What do they do? Just call you and get you?
Raquel They know me.

10 thoughts on “The Garza connection as told by Project Veritas

    1. The worst part is the 5,000 votes promised to Biden and Hegar; however, it does not seem that those were paid for — therefore, they would not be delivered. Still, to have several judges using this ballot chaser is disturbing.


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