Liberal expectations and reality do not match on the Coronavirus panic

As I observe the coronavirus panic, the disparity between liberal expectations and the reality they create becomes more evident

During the past few weeks, I have been watching the coverage of this coronavirus crisis (often observing how the newscasters seem to be treating the audience as imbeciles). Therefore, I have laid out the following observations that fall across this coronavirus crisis from various liberal slants and do not in the least make sense for the reasons that I also note.

The Expectations of Liberals: My Observation
Liberals say that we must trust certain portions of our main stream media.

They claim that “fake news” is a construct of conservatives.

The following paragraphs document five instances of fake news committed (by over 23 “news” organizations) that occurred during the first two weeks of March 2020.

CNN, the Washington Post, and other members of the main stream media first accused President Trump of lying about a Google-developed app to help those who have potentially contracted Covid-19 get tested. Then they had to correct their misinformation.

According to Breitbart, at least eight New York Times authors shared a deceptively edited quote Monday from President Donald Trump’s recent call with state governors, creating the false impression that the president is denying federal support for ventilators that are needed in hospitals treating coronavirus patients.

The Daily Caller went further to report that not only nine New York Times authors, but also the Business Insider, Political Wire, Daily Kos, and Daily Beast repeated the same lie by omission.

Additionally, Breitbart notes that Reuters has been caught stealth-editing a debunked story where they initially claimed Trump wanted to obtain exclusive American access to a coronavirus vaccine.

Add to that, a story claiming that President Trump fired the entire White House pandemic team came out through main stream media sources, but was disproven by Breitbart.

As the contents of the right column of the row above demonstrate, the press would love to catch the President in a lie (even if they have to manufacture and spread it themselves). Why doesn’t the press hold the Chinese government to even a normal level of accountability? Now we know that the Chinese government covered up the origins of the Wuhan virus, suppressed doctors who tried to get news out, and destroyed records, but that news has hardly been shared widely.
Liberals say that conservatives need to tone down the hate during this time of crisis. The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin appeared on MSNBC‘s Morning Joy where she suggested that there would be fewer Democrat deaths because they would follow the suggestions of experts offered through the media.(as reported by Breitbart). Elsewhere, similar assertions might be considered hate speech. (However, in related news, a Democrat lawyer who worked to prosecute the impeachment has tested positive for coronavirus.)

Democrat Representative Rashida Tlaib shared a tweet telling her followers “F**k the National Day of Prayer,” according to Breitbart.

Instead of conservatives, we saw Bernie supporters cornering a Democrat woman in her car and berating her.

With a hat tip to sfcmac, we see in the Washington Times that immigrants were targeted by leftists for attending a Trump rally.

Following the lines of logic provided by Jennifer Rubin on MSNBC‘s Morning Joy, liberals expect people to submit to the purportedly more accurate and responsible ideas concerning “the truth.” A recent article by Daily Caller, we are reminded that the WHO told us to not worry because China told us the coronavirus was not contagious. Now those same “experts” are credibly being cited by both the press and Joe Biden.
Even without the creative work of the main stream media, President Trump does produce gaffes that the press loves to accentuate. With that said, why doesn’t the press report on the many, many Biden gaffes that not even the most diligent can track? Why not question him about his lie that the WHO offered the U.S. coronavirus tests?

Why don’t they point out how a point out how one doddering old socialist repeatedly confused “ebola” with “coronavirus?”

Numerous liberals (including Bernie, Biden, and other leading Democrats) advocate for open borders even during this crisis.

Nancy Pelosi called the closing of travel from China “over-reacting.”

Joe Biden called Trump xenophobic and racist for shutting off travel from China.

Open borders countries like Italy and Spain have experienced some of the highest infection rates of Covid-19.

European nations with strong borders (like Poland and Hungary) have experienced fewer cases of Covid-19.

Liberal politicians (such as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau) have adopted a closed-border stance.

The closure of our borders to travelers from China has been credited with preventing cases of coronavirus.

Likewise, numerous liberals (such as Bernie, Biden, and others) continually call for the U.S. to have government-provided health care in various forms.

During the first Democrat debate, all participants supported taxpayer-supported health care for illegal aliens.

As Joe Biden pointed out when making points against Bernie, the single-payer health care system in Italy has begun to flounder under the weight of coronavirus.

Likewise, Spain struggles with the Covid-19 outbreak.

Bernie continually praises communist regimes (China, Cuba, Russia, … ) and suggests the U.S. take on socialistic programs. As pointed out above, the Chinese government (a communist government, for those of you in Rio Linda) covered up the origins of the Wuhan virus, suppressed doctors who tried to get news out, and destroyed records. America does not need communism, no matter what Bernie says.
Along the line of liberals expecting us to take the word of experts, the main stream press seems to want us to accept the word of liberal politicians without question. However, Bernie was not questioned when he claimed we had 87 million uninsured (when Obama claimed 9 million).

Other questions/responses posed on social media

The following are some tweets and responses from conservative people on Twitter. Because the tweets of such people tend to be either shadow banned or deleted, I included both links to the original  tweets and screen captures of the tweets.



Since tweets, articles, and photos disappear, the following are screen captures of the previously-mentioned tweets

From the New York Times

The following is a screen capture from Julie Bosman’s Twitter feed.


As if embarrassing herself with the comment about Bloomberg was not enough, Maya Gay also tweeted this tweet.


The screen capture below shows a tweet by Zach Parkinson that demonstrates that no less than nine New York Times authors participated in the deception.


Do you have observations?

I would like to read your observations on the gap between liberal expectations and the reality they create for the rest of us.

4 thoughts on “Liberal expectations and reality do not match on the Coronavirus panic

  1. This is incredible research!!! It’s amazing. As a former member of the media, I can attest that it was NOTHING like this when I worked in radio and television…how times have changed. Today, you can’t trust anything in the social media realm, and about 90% of what you see on TV is biased as well! Great job!!!

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