Another social justice judge releases another suspected murderer to commit more violent crime

Suspected murderer on the run tampered with ankle monitor, police say

With a hat-tip to Andy Kahan, we hear from Houston ABC affiliate KTRK that a suspected murderer has been released on a personal recognizance bond and is now suspected of another violent crime.

ThugA man given bond for murder is now charged with another murder and officials can’t find him.

Gerald Washington is on the run after tampering with his GPS monitoring device, according to officials.

It goes back to May 2018. Washington was granted deferred adjudication, which is similar to probation, for two counts of burglary to a building.

His conditions were amended several times after he allegedly violated them.

Then, in October 2018, he was charged with murder and two aggravated assaults.

Court records state in October 2017, he got into a car and shot three women, killing one of them.

One of the victims told ABC13 she barely knew him, and doesn’t know why he started shooting.

She said she was shot between as many as seven times. Washington was charged in October 2018 for those crimes.

“When you think about it, here’s someone who’s on probation, deferred adjudication, just another form of probation, one of the primary rules and conditions of deferred adjudication and probation is not to violate any laws of society,” explained Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers of Houston. “Being arrested for not one, not two, but three violent offenses generally means you violated those conditions of your probation.”

Despite that, a judge later gave Washington a $200,000 bond, which he made, and was required to wear a GPS monitoring device. Even then, there were violations along the way.

For example, court records show he tested positive just two weeks on “January 30, 2020 for amphetamines & methamphetamines.”

While out on bond, police said he committed another murder this month. Then, according to officials, he tampered with his GPS ankle monitor and is currently a fugitive at-large.

(Read more at KTRK)

When Democrats were swept in to Harris County with the Beto craze, these social justice judges came in

Of course, the sweeping in of the social justice judges in 2018 matched the social justice Democrat district attorney that we gained in 2016 when Republicans voted out the pro-abortion RINO (Devon Anderson, who had an assistant with connections to Planned Parenthood and who received $25K from a late-term abortionist). At the time, it seemed better to vote out a RINO who was prosecuting David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt.

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