Leftists’ double standard on violence

Sanders Staffer “There are things more important than the rule of law in the USA”

Kyle JurekIn the following undercover video by Project Veritas, the Iowa field organizer for the Bernie Sanders campaign, Kyle Jurek, had a number of things to say about Elizabeth Warren, her staff workers, Democrats (if Sanders is not nominated), and many other groups.

JurekSo many people have suicided themselves that have been related to the Clintons. It’s f**king insane.

Speaker Testimony
Jurek The only thing that facists understand is violence. So, the only way you can confront them is with violence.
James O’Keefe Meet Kyle Jurek, a field organizer in Iowa for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Jurek says cities are going to burn if Trump gets re-elected. These are worrisome words from someone who works for a man running to be President of the United States.
O’Keefe Now, evidence shows Kyle Jurek has been in politics since 2018 when, according to these FEC records, Jurek was paid $500 while working for the Democratic Senate campaign committee. The FEC records also show he has worked for the Sanders campaign for over six months. And, so far, Jurek has earned nearly $11,000.
Jurek Yeah they seem emboldened. They (Trump supporters) have been emboldened by Trump and all that rhetoric and shit. But they are scared f**king senseless of anti-fascists. Like even like even like the ones that are kind of like the right-wing people.
Jurek The only thing that works. The only thing that fascists understand is violence. So, the only way you can confront them is with violence.
Veritas journalist So, if Trump gets re-elected, what …
Jurek F**king cities burn.
Veritas journalist Do what you gotta do.
Jurek Yeah. I mean, we don’t have a lot of time left, we have to save f**king human civilization. And obviously Trump doesn’t give two f**ks about making sure the world doesn’t burn.
Jurek If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination or it goes to a second round at the DNC Convention, f**king Milwaukee will burn. It’ll start in Milwaukee and then, when they f**king, and when the police push back on that, other cities will just f**king (makes an explosion sound).
Jurek Be ready to be in Milwaukee for the DNC Convention. That’s all I’m gonna say. We’re going to make 1978 (editor’s note: actually 1968) look like a f**king Girl Scout f**king cookout.
Veritas journalist What does that mean?
Jurek Remember what happened when McGovern got f**ked in Chicago in 1978 (editor’s note: it was Humphrey in 1968)? Riots. F**king people getting beaten by the cops. The cops are gonna be the ones that are getting f**king beaten in Milwaukee. They’re gonna call up the national guard for that s**t. I promise you that.
O’Keefe Jurek is clearly very radical, but also very confused about his political history. He talks about riots in Chicago in 1978 when George McGovern was running for president. In fact, the riots were in 1968 when Hubert Humphrey was the Democratic nominee. McGovern ran for president in 1972 and there were no riots that year.
Jurek If Bernie doesn’t … if they f**king take Bernie from us, then we have nothing else to lose.
Jurek Whatever it takes. And that’s why they’re like “oh, anti-fascists are violent.” It’s because we’re willing to go above and beyond what the law says is acceptable, like free speech, yeah, they try to be like “oh, you’re against free speech.” And, no we’re not against free speech. We’re against f**king hate speech, and if your free speech is something that these people shouldn’t exist, then I don’t give a f**k if it’s free speech or not, you don’t need, like free speech has repercussions.
Jurek Yeah, there are consequences to your f**king speech, right? If your speeck is calling for the elimination of people based on race or gender, or religious like for whatever reason, things that people can’t change, then you should expect a f**king violent reaction. And you deserve a violent reaction. Because that’s just not an acceptable thing. It’s not acceptable.
Veritas journalist Kill the Clintons?
Jurek Maybe. Revolution. Kill the Clintons? Let me tell you something about this revolution. We don’t gotta kill the Clintons. We’ll make them kill themselves.
Veritas journalist How’s that?
Jurek Reign of terror.
O’Keefe It’s clear that in a revolution, Democratic candidates like Tom Styer and Mike Bloomberg wouldn’t be safe. And, in his world, networks like MSNBC or even the moderate liberals wouldn’t be immune.
Veritas journalist Thrown down?
Jurek I’m ready to throw down now. I don’t want to wait and have to wait for f**king DNC.
Veritas journalist Yeah, but with who, who you going to throw down with?
Jurek The billionaire class. The f**king media, pundits. Walk into that MSNBC studios, drag those motherf**kers out by their hair and light them on fire in the streets.
Veritas journalist Guys like that (liberal), what are we gonna do with them?
Jurek Gulag. Liberals get the f**king wall first.
Veritas journalist What are we gonna do with those people that resist the change? Because that’s the big deal.
Jurek Well, I’ll tell you what, in Cuba, what did they do to reactionaries?
Veritas journalist They shot them on the beach.
Jurek (Nodding head and smiling broadly) Do you want to fight against the revolution? You’re gonna die for it, motherf**ker.
O’Keefe Jurek also has some pretty harsh words for Sander’s rival on the left, Elizabeth Warren. He is particularly critical of her staffers in Iowa.
Jurek They were like sending canvasers to our events. Like we had that climate summit, but they couldn’t find it for AOC. F**king Warren campaign people show up. One table in the event. Wanted to set up a table for Warren. And we’re like, “get the f**k outta here.” This isn’t a Warren event. You’re not coming in here and scooping up people. No.
Veritas journalist It is a competition, you know.
Jurek You team guys like to say Warrens just like Bernie, but a woman, but (guess what) we’re not on the same team.
Jurek Bernie’s a bad judge of character. Weaver, who is like, one of his campaign like senior advisors. … Bernie has started opening up lines of attack on Warren, but he keeps it policy based.
Jurek People tell me at the doors, like, yeah, you know, I like Bernie, but I really want a woman to be … it’s like, wait.
Jurek So, like you’re okay with a woman if she has worse policies? Like just because she’s a woman, because she has a vagina, that’s why you’re going to vote for her? Like, f**k, if we can beat Donald Trump, as long as we nominated a woman. Like f**king idiot. Like what the f**k? The world is on fire. This is an emergency situation, and you’re hung up on vaginas.
O’Keefe Is this someone you want to be part of your governemnt? Keep in mind, Jurek was an open book. On day one, he told us he wanted to punch “Nazis,” burn cities down if Trump wins again in a free election and spoke of shooting people if they couldn’t be “re-educated.” Is Kyle Jurek the true but hidden face of the Sanders campaign? Is the Sanders campaign going to fire Kyle? Are they going to say he’s a lone wolf or an isolated incident? Well, in our next release, you will hear Jurek say some of the most shocking and disturbing totaltarian aspirations ever spoken during a presidential campaign.

I will not be sorry for workers of the Bernie campaign

These guys are the ones who expected me to genuflect to the MeToo movement. They were the ones who generated trangenderism.

If the hopes of comrade Sanders are being dashed by comrade Warren, then cry me a river.

Infamous ANTIFA terror leader has his identity revealed following accusations of racism and abuse

According to Big League Politics, an Antifa terror leader has had his identity revealed after he has been accused of racism and abuse.

AntiFash GordonThe infamous ANTIFA terror leader, who hid anonymously behind the handle AntiFash Gordon (AFG) as he conspired to destroy people’s lives, has finally had his identity revealed after years of doxxing patriotic activists.

According to The Post Millennial, AFG’s real identity is 38-year-old Christian Michael Exoo, a Canton, NY resident who works at at St. Lawrence University as a library supervisor. He has doxxed countless conservative individuals, giving the identities of patriots to a left-wing mob empowered to destroy their lives with targeted hate campaigns.

Exoo is reportedly a product of the university system that harbors the radical Left. His father, mother and brother are employed as professors at St. Lawrence University. He has taught students how to doxx individuals on social media at the university as well.

Exoo uses his information science background to teach about “open-source intelligence research.” In 2017, he led a seminar at a conference on the campus hosted by Weave News. One slide from his presentation read: “In this exercise, we are going to find the Facebook profile of our subject, and find all of the posts he’s ‘liked.’”

(Read more at Big League Politics)

When you look at the words of Kyle Jurek and the actions Christian Michael Exoo, they are liberal hypocrites

They profess free speech (for people who agree with them). They profess tolerance (for the groups they support, but not a person more). They claim that science backs their positions (unless you think that only girls have xx chromosomes and only boys have xy chromosomes).

German feminists burn pro-lifer’s car

In a 17 January 2020 Lifezette article, we find that a German femininist group torched a pro-life journalist’s car.

femininistsBurnCarIn a nation with a relatively recent historical record like Germany, you would think the radical Left, given their National Socialist heritage, would refrain from reminding people of their tendency to set fire to things they disdain like books and legislative buildings.

But that precedent matters not to the hard Left in any country, feminists included.

That’s why the clumsily-named “Feminist Autonomous Cell” (it has that robotic student Marxist sound to it typical of the kiddie Left the world over) didn’t think twice last month when they vandalized a church in Tubingen and then set fire to a car outside the church.

The violent femmes followed that up with torching the SUV of a pro-life journalist. This info according to the Catholic News Agency. They grabbed it from a website called “indymedia”, where the distaff thugs posted their confession of responsibility for the incidents.

(Read more at Lifezette)

Inclusion, just not you. Tolerance, unless you disagree with us.

The only thing that I can say is that liberals never seem to practice what they preach.

Consider how Bernie considered a practical belief only in Christ to be Islamophobic. Consider also how he has not suggested removal from office (as he did with Russell Vought) Rashida Tlaib’s or Ilhan Omar, even with their anti-Semitic statements.

2 thoughts on “Leftists’ double standard on violence

  1. The leftists don’t care about whether they are hypocritical or if they have double standards. They don’t care about fairness or integrity. They only care that they win, BAMN, to gain power cheating any way that they have to. There are no level fields. They always move the goalposts. They always accuse our side of fouls. They always defend their innocence no matter how blatant the foul. Anything that is legal – no matter how ethical – is in bounds for the left. Anything that is illegal – that they can get away with – is in bound for the left. Alinsky taught them to make the enemy live up to their own rulebook – they use conservative and Christian civility and sense of fair play against us relentlessly.

    It is about time that some had the courage and guts to take their games and their rules and shove it right back in their face. O’Keefe is doing the “radical” act of letting these people speak for themselves, frankly, and without the mask. This pro-life journalist is clearly a huge threat to them – remarkable! – that they push so hard to the extreme to intimidate, shut down, “cancel”.

    Never forget that God grants those who seek His face and His righteousness special favor and protection even when – no, especially when – we are going through the darkest and most difficult circumstances. Humanly our circumstances seem impossible – but with God all things are possible. Treat the word “impossible” as motivation – see the impossible as the opportunity for God to shine gloriously and show us what can be done in his power. When He opens a door no man can shut it. All who resist God will be broken and brought low. We need to look to Christ and His power, and remain unwavering in our faithfulness to Him.


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