Poll, schmoll, it’s all in how they ask the questions

Propaganda: Lifeway poll says “racial justice” more important to evangelical voters than abortion

According to Pulpit and Pen reported in a 28 September 2019 article that Lifeway held a poll that said “racial justice” is more important to evangelical voters than abortion.

LifewayResearchLifeway Christian Resources, the heresy-peddling online retail outlet and research entity of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), happily reported this week that American Christians consider “racial justice” more important politically important than abortion when going to the polls. This, of course, exactly what the newly left-of-center SBC wants.

The Lifeway Report said that 52% of evangelicals say they would only vote for a pro-life candidate. However, a whopping 64% said that they would only vote for a candidate who supports “racial justice.”

Russell Moore

The poll also said that evangelicals want its politicians to “play nice,” which was a tacit condemnation of President Trump, who is known for his rough-and-tumble politics. Unsurprisingly, the propagandic poll was sponsored by the ultra-leftwing Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, which is run by former Democratic staffer, Russell Moore.

In the last several years, at least five of the SBC’s six seminaries, the International Mission Board (IMB), North American Mission Board (NAMB), the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) and Executive Committee have all been overtaken by the progressive Social Justice Movement. The SBC is quickly becoming as progressive as it was before the famous Conservative Resurgence in the 1980s when conservatives kicked out liberals. But now, supposed conservatives in the SBC have adopted the political progressivism of the liberals they once tossed.

As publisher of Pulpit & Pen, I would like to make a few observations about this poll that I will follow up on in a later podcast:

  1. The poll makes no attempt to explain what “racial justice” is to those surveyed. I’m positive they did not explain the term or its loaded implications. Who can be against “racial justice”?
  2. The poll makes no attempt to distinguish between evangelicals who regularly attend church and those who don’t. The poll is intentionally imbalanced by not distinguishing between actual evangelicals and Pete Buttigieg-type evangelicals.
  3. The poll’s attempt, as sponsored by Lifeway, was to direct D.C. political thinktanks to steer Republican candidates to the left and de-emphasize the abortion-fight in favor of a Jim Wallis-style political progressivism.
  4. The poll is a part of the ERLC’s “Gospel Above All” campaign, as Christianity Today points out, and is designed explicitly to remove Republicans as a dependable voting block from the RNC.
  5. The Lifeway poll makes no attempt to show its polling data method, which is common among pollsters to demonstrate their accuracy. This indicates it is not a scientific or trustworthy poll.

I plan to discuss this at further in a podcast available later this weekend. The poll is pure political propaganda done by the Democratic-wing of the Southern Baptist Convention.

(Read more at Pulpit and Pen)

I have one thing to add to the list of shortcomings of the Lifeway poll

In addition to the shortcomings listed by J. D. Hall, I would add a provision that would identify the source of the poll on the front end. That is, I would have the pollster state that the poll was sponsored by the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) and overseen by Russell Moore.

Poll: 42% of young Americans, 19% of Republicans would vote for a socialist president

The Daily Caller reported in a 28 November 2019 article that young Americans (even Republicans) will vote for socialism.

A new poll indicates that 42% of young Americans and 19% of Republicans would support a socialist presidential candidate.

RasmussenAccording to Rasmussen, 42% of people from ages 18 to 39 would support a socialist. Younger people are also twice as likely to think socialism is better than capitalism.

The poll also shows that almost 20% of Republican voters would vote for a socialist president.

“Forty-one percent (41%) of Democrats say they would vote for a presidential candidate who identifies himself or herself as a socialist, but only 19% of GOP voters and 16% of unaffiliateds agree,” the poll said.

Many polls have indicated that young people, and indeed Americans as a whole, have warmed up to socialism and socialist ideas.

A Gallup poll released in May showed that 47% of Americans as a whole would vote for a socialist presidential candidate. Among Democrats, the numbers are even higher, with 70% saying that socialism would be a good thing for America

Since getting into office, President Donald Trump has repeatedly repudiated socialism, saying before the 2018 midterms that centrist Democrats are “dead.”

(Read more at the Daily Caller)

Of course, if you poll the people who have no experience with taxes, they don’t mind taxes

Try polling college students about how many of them will be willing to give away their courses taken in order to make things easier for incoming freshmen. However, if you poll students in line at the campus dining hall and ask them whether the dining hall should give food away for free, they will be willing to put the dining hall out of business in order to benefit themselves.

Poll: 69% of voters prefer free-market capitalism to socialism, 50% won’t vote for socialist candidate

Breitbart reports on a poll through a 26 November 2019 article where we find 69% of voters prefer capitalism.

TheHeartlandInstituteThe Heartland Institute and Rasmussen Reports have released a poll that showed American voters are not in favor of socialism or socialist candidates, regardless of party affiliation.

The poll of 1,000 likely voters – 33 percent Republicans, 37 percent Democrats, and 30 percent independents – revealed that when asked which is better “a free-market economic system or socialism,” 69 percent said a free market system, 12 percent picked socialism, and 18 said they were not sure. 

Of the Republicans polled, 87 percent said free-market capitalism was better, and 69 percent of independents agreed. But the poll also found that 53 percent of Democrats said a free-market system was preferable to socialism.

(Read more at Breitbart)

Admittedly, I agree with this poll and hope it is correct

And, considering the make-up of the polling sample, this poll more than likely reflects reality. However, the one thing that I wonder is whether there is a near-even distribution of Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

2 thoughts on “Poll, schmoll, it’s all in how they ask the questions

  1. Once you peel away the phony polling numbers – which are DESIGNED to create confusion, despair, and fatalism, in other words manipulate with PsyOps to achieve the desired effects – virtually all the polling data is EXTREMELY encouraging 🙂

    The leftists (supporting the DNC in this case) are really a virulent and fraudulent anti-Christian front acting in the same way as many other radical and politicized anti-Christian movements in history. The biggest difference is their size (funding, which has been shown in no small part from EIT which is, yes, a Soros front group) and their knowledge of what tactics would be most effective today.

    They made a major mistake, the same mistake that leftists always make, and that is that they OVERPLAYED their hand. They’ve shown an unprecedented arrogance, and they’ve been caught. People are waking up to the new reality that there is a political insurgency being played out against their churches, irregular warfare at its finest playing out in churches and denominational politics.


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