Tolerant liberals prove to be anything but tolerant

A summary of the Blasey Ford accusations and resulting reactions

This is how the story stacks up so far:

Four out of seventeen reasons not to believe Blasey Ford or other accusers

As of 26 September 2018, Grabien provided a list of 17 reasons to question the Kavanaugh accusers. Here are the last four points made:

  1. Before going public, Ford tried locating old friends who would corroborate her story, but couldn’t.
    The New York Times reported that Ford texted a college friend, Catherine Piwowarski, asking if she had ever confided to her that she was sexually assaulted. Piwowarski was unable to recount such a conversation. Ultimately Ford was unable to produce any previous acquaintances who could attest to her previously sharing this accusation.
  2. Ford’s attorney initially said she wanted to participate in “any proceedings she’s asked to participate in,” but soon began issuing extensive demands.
    Once the story became public, Ford’s attorney told the press that her client “will participate in any proceedings that she’s asked to participate in.” Immediately Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to invited her to appear before their committee; Ford punted, and then began issuing a series of demands, which together show her attorney’s original statement as untrue.
  3. A discrepancy in Ford’s story
    In her second appearance in the Washington Post, she told the paper that after Trump’s 2016 victory, she became upset at the prospect of Kavanaugh becoming a possible justice. However, Kavanaugh wasn’t added to Trump’s list of possible picks until 2017.
  4. Ford’s attorney, Debra Katz, is an anti-Trump activist and Democratic donor who has previously defended Democrats accused of sexual assault.During the Clinton Administration, Katz actively defended Bill Clinton against charges Paul Jones was sexually assaulted. Katz likewise defended Al Franken after he was accused of sexual assault. She’s donated more than $25,000 to Democratic candidates, and has described Trump supporters as “miscreants.” More recently she was scheduled to appear at a fundraiser for Sen. Tammy Baldwin (who is one of the senators proclaiming their belief in Ford’s story), but which was canceled after receiving media attention.



Kavanaugh’s other accusers follow the original model by providing inconclusive “evidence” and vague accucations

For those unwilling to click links, there is the Paul Joseph Watson video that follows. It includes all of the information above (along with some information on the accusations by Ms. Swetnick.


Karen Monahan


Keith Ellison’s first accuser, Karen Monahan, says Dems “smeared, threatened, & isolated me”

The Hill reports in an 18 September 2018 article, a purported victim of physical and psychological abuse complains of poor treatment by her own political party.

The woman who accused Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) of emotional and physical abuse is claiming that the Democratic Party “smeared, threatened [and] isolated” her after she went public with the allegations.

Karen Monahan’s comments come as a growing number of Democrats have expressed support for the woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, saying they find her allegations credible.

Monahan on Monday tweeted that Democrats have not stood by her.

“I’ve been smeared, threatened, isolated from my own party,” Monahan tweeted. “I provided medical records from 2017, stating on two different Dr. Visits, I told them about the abuse and who did it. My therapist released records stating I have been dealing and healing from the abuse.”

“Four people, including my supervisor at the time, stated that I came to them after and shared the exact story I shared publicly, I shared multiple text between me and Keith, where I discuss the abuse with him and much more,” she wrote. “As I said before, I knew I wouldn’t be believed.”

She wrote that coming forward was a “huge piece of my healing.” Monahan in the tweets tagged the Democratic National Committee and the Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party.

(Read more at The Hill)

Keith Ellison also accused of domestic abuse by Amy Alexander

A 14 August 2018 BizPacReview article discusses the discoveries of Laura Loomer regarding Democrat Keith Ellison, candidate for Minnesota Attorney General.

Amid the explosive allegations of domestic abuse against Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., made by the son of a former girlfriend, Karen Monahan, who has since backed up the accusation, there’s a report of a second woman claiming Ellison was abusive.

And there a 911 call that appears to support the second claim.

Amy Alexander claimed that Ellison had abused her during a 2005 relationship in a 2006 article published in The Wright County Republican and blogger Laura Loomer uncovered documentation of a 911 call.


Berkeley professor Eric Clanton and his attack on a Trump supporter who was directed by police into an Antifa crowd including the professor/thug.


Prof gets probation for bludgeoning conservatives with bike lock

Campus Reform reporter Grace Gotcha informs us in a 9 August 2018 article how a professor at Berkley may not have gotten away with murder, but it was close.

A former professor and Antifa activist has avoided jail time for beating multiple Trump supporters with a metal bike lock at a 2017 free speech rally in Berkeley, California.

Eric Clanton, a former philosophy professor at Diablo Valley College, began serving three years of probation Wednesday after three charges of felony assault with a deadly weapon and one felony count of inflicting great bodily injury were dismissed or stricken from the record.

Clanton assaulted at least three Trump supporters with a metal bike lock during a pro-Trump rally in Berkeley, California, on April 15, 2017, one of whom reportedly received a head laceration that required five staples.

Clanton’s preliminary hearing was scheduled for Wednesday to establish if the case should move to trial, but Berkeleyside reports that all of the most serious charges were dropped after Clanton struck a deal to plead “no contest.”

Three of the felony charges against Clanton, for assault with a deadly weapon that is not a gun, were dismissed, as was a misdemeanor charge of wearing a mask to evade detection while committing a crime. The fourth felony charge, for causing serious bodily injury, was stricken from the record.

Clanton was convicted of simple battery, a misdemeanor, after pleading “no contest,” for which he will now serve three years of probation that are scheduled to conclude in Aug 2021, according to online documents released by the court.

(Read more at Campus Reform)

You have to wonder if there will be any repercussions for liberals. My bet is this guy has continued employment. In fact, my bet is that none of Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram have thought of suspending his accounts.


Apparent Antifa mob attacks Black woman and beats Portland city hall guards

Western Journal reports in a 9 August 2018 article that two Antifa thugs have been arrested following their attack on the city hall.

Huey Long, the corrupt governor of Louisiana, supposedly said that fascism would appear in the United States “under the guise of anti-fascism.”

That has certainly been a feature of the violent left-wing protests that have broken out over the election of President Donald Trump.

In the name of stopping the “fascism” of Trump, leftist groups have engaged in street battles with the president’s supporters.

Led by the masked group antifa (short for “anti-fascism”), leftist protesters have firebombed cars and assaulted Trump supporters and bystanders — all in the name of anti-fascism.

On Wednesday, protesters in Portland, Oregon, who organized against police brutality engaged in their own brutality.

The protesters infiltrated City Council meetings held in the Portland City Hall, which forced Mayor Ted Wheeler to stop the meetings.

Wheeler had City Hall security remove the demonstrators from the building.

Meanwhile in the City Hall lobby, protesters refused to leave until they talked with Wheeler. As police began also taking them out of the building, they creepily shouted, “Go get Ted.”

Expelled, the protesters launched a violent attempt to get back into City Hall.

Security guards suffered injuries as a result.

(Read more at Western Journal)

Antifa anarchists identified


New York Times Bigot Sarah Jeong Repeatedly Trashed the New York Times

Breitbart points out in a 3 August 2018 article that racist Sarah Jeong repeatedly trashed the NYTwits.

The New York Times went out on a limb to defend its new hire, Sarah Jeong, after the far-left writer’s long history of racist tweets drew public attention. Since then, more posts have surfaced showing Jeong’s history of trashing the very newspaper that now defends her.

Before being hired to serve on the paper’s editorial board, Jeong made a hobby of publicly trashing the New York Times and its columnists. As Jeong said in 2013:

Go to Breitbart for the full 18 tweets embedded.


Jeong also sent anti-cop, anti-men tweets

In a 3 August 2018 Daily Caller article, the Sarah Jeong anti-NYT tweets were also documented.

Sarah Jeong, the newest editorial board member of The New York Times, is also responsible for extensive anti-cop and anti-men tweets.

The New York Times stood by Jeong on Thursday after the internet surfaced her old racist tweets, however her full Twitter history reveals her ire was not only directed toward white people.

The NYT claimed that Jeong was “imitating” the behavior of people who harassed her online, but this does not explain why she was tweeting “fuck the police” and encouraging people to “kill all men.”

A search for “cops” and “police” on Jeong’s Twitter reveals an extensive history of anti-cop sentiment and a lack of sympathy for police who are injured on the job.

In one tweet from 2014 she wrote, “let me know when a cop gets killed by a rock or molotov cocktail or a stray shard of glass from a precious precious window.”

“Cops are assholes,” she said in 2015.

“If we’re talking big sweeping bans on shit that kills people, why don’t we ever ever ever ever talk about banning the police?” a tweet from 2016 asserts.

(Read more and see an additional 13 captured tweets at the Daily Caller article)

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