Liberals Picking Useless Fights Favoring Deviancy

Liberals Bend Over Backwards to Favor Sexual Deviancy

Heidi Gansen of the University of Michigan

A Michigan Researcher Complains that Preschools Present Heterosexuality as Normal

As presented in a 4 September 2017 OneNewsNow article, one Michigan researcher has garnered complaints due to her contention that too many preschools present heterosexuality as the norm.

A University of Michigan researcher is under fire after complaining that too many preschool students are being taught that heterosexuality is the norm.

From her research, Heidi M. Gansen says that “heteronormativity” contributes to the “reproduction of inequalities pertaining to gender and sexuality” – progressive ideology that Chris Gasek of the Family Research Council (FRC) calls a waste of time and research money.

“I don’t know how much research you have to do to sort of confirm that kind of thing, because to most normal people, that’s not evil,” the FRC senior fellow submits. “She’s the problem, so what you need to do is get rid of the investigators like her and stop taking them seriously.”

(Read more at OneNewsNow)

So would this researcher think that twisting the truth in favor of deviancy would not produce more inequalities around gender and sexuality? It seems that moving further from the norm might not constitute the best way to smooth interpersonal relations of any kind.


Greg Burt of the California Family Council

Liberal California Law Could Send People to Jail for Failing to Use Transgender Pronouns

According to a 25 August 2017 Daily Caller article, California could start jailing people for using the incorrect pronoun when referring to a transgender person.

A bill that passed the California state senate and is now moving through the Assembly could threaten jail time for anyone who refuses to use a transgender person’s preferred pronoun.

The law is currently limited in its effects to nursing homes and intermediate-care facilities, but if passed, those who “willfully and repeatedly” refuse “to use a transgender resident’s preferred name or pronouns” could be slapped with a $1,000 fine and up to one year in prison, according to the California Heath and Safety code. The state senate passed the bill 26-12 at the end of May. Since then, the Assembly Judiciary committee recommended the bill unanimously and the General Assembly held its first hearing on the legislation Wednesday.

“How can you believe in free speech, but think the government can compel people to use certain pronouns when talking to others?” Greg Burt of the California Family Council testified in July. “This is not tolerance. This is not love. This is not mutual respect. True tolerance tolerates people with different views. We need to treat each other with respect, but respect is a two-way street. It is not respectful to threaten people with punishment for having sincerely held beliefs that differ from your own.”

Titled the “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Long-Term Care Facility Residents Bill of Rights,” the legislation also requires nursing homes and care facilities to allow residents to use the bathroom of their choice, regardless of biological sex. The bill’s author, state Sen. Scott Weiner, argues that religious views don’t hold weight in public areas.

“Everyone is entitled to their religious view,” Weiner said. “But when you enter the public space, when you are running an institution, you are in a workplace, you are in a civil setting, and you have to follow the law.”

(Read more at Daily Caller)

Requiring even pronouns to be spoken under penalty of law seems to be a complete violation of the Freedom of Speech.

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