Things Democrats Wish They Could Remember About Donald Trump

Failure to Disclose Russian Donors

Remember when Donald Trump failed to disclose Russian donors to his charitable foundation before coming into office?

Actually, Hillary Clinton did that before becoming Secretary of State (as reported by the New York Times).

Inordinate Pay for a Moscow Speech

Remember when Donald Trump gave a speech in Moscow and was paid $500,000.00?

Oh, yeah. That was what Bill Clinton did while Hillary was Secretary of State, as reported by National Review.

A Pledge to Strengthen Russia

Remember how Donald Trump said that “Our goal is to help strengthen Russia” on Russian national TV?

Again, that was Hillary Clinton, trying to explain her poorly-translated “reset” button to Vladimir Posner, as reported by Nationl Review.

Russian Business Partners Raise $35 Million from Russian Government

Remember Donald Trump going into business with Russian partners and the company received $35 million from the Russian government?

Nope, that was Hillary campaign manager John Podesta, as reported by CNN.

Transfer of US Uranium to Russian company

Remember how Donald Trump arranged for a Russian firm to receive 20% of United States uranium reserves in exchange for millions to the family charitable foundation?

That was Hillary Clinton, as reported by the New York Times.

Protected by Two Departments of US Law Enforcement

Remember how the head of the FBI and the Justice Department worked to provide Donald Trump cover?

That was Hillary Clinton to whom James Comey (as reported by the New York Times) and Loretta Lynch (as reported by Cybercast News) sought to provide political cover.

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