North Carolina and other bathroom bill backers prosper despite the media’s incorrect reports

North Carolina’s lieutenant governor, Dan Forest

Despite Media reports, North Carolina prospers following their bathroom bill

A 13 March 2017 article in OneNewsNow points to the testimony of North Carolina’s lieutenant governor, Dan Forest, before the Texas Senate.

“SB 6 is a Texas bill, voted out of committee to the full Senate, which would require men to use men’s restroom facilities.

One of the key witnesses before the committee was North Carolina’s lieutenant governor, Dan Forest. In a press conference with Texas Values, he disputed claims that his state has lost business over the issue.

‘If you take the most aggressive numbers for the loss that we’ve actually had, because of what’s been done to protect privacy and safety in bathrooms in North Carolina,’ said Forest, ‘you would add that all up and it would come up to 1/10th of one percent of our annual GDP.’

Fact-checking website Politifact, which often goes after conservative officials, conceded that Forest was being truthful about his analysis of North Carolina’s business climate.

Pay Pal made the decision to not expand by adding 400 staff but the state is now adding 400 jobs per week.

Then there were sports organizations that refused events for North Carolina.

‘The number that wasn’t added up was the $400 million that we’re going to receive from the International Equestrian Show,’ Forrest said. ‘That’s going to come to North Carolina in 2018 that far outpaces all the numbers for all those events combined.’ “

When the PC police (Braeburn Pharmaceuticals; Lionsgate, Walt Disney Co., Marvel Studios;, NFL; Hilton, Marriott and Starwood hotels; AirBnB, Uber and Lyft; American Airlines; Bank of America, Citibank, TD Bank, PayPal, and Deutsche Bank) came out against North Carolina, the enormity of North Carolina’s business environment was never really considered.  Therefore, it seems that these companies did not have the stifling impact on  North Carolina that they had planned.  Still, maybe we all should consider not buying these brands if they choose to be bullies.


Despite predictions of ruin, states taking on bathroom bills have experienced growth

Although a study quoted by the Heritage Foundation attributes the growth of five states to tax policy, it is interesting to see that three of the “big winners” listed by Heritage are states enacting bathroom bills (as reported by Time — Texas, North Carolina, and South Carolina).

“The geographical shift of power from the Northeast to the South is unmistakable. The big winners in this interstate competition for jobs and growth have generally been in Dixie: the Carolinas, Florida, Texas, and Tennessee.”

While the creation of bathroom bills may not be a revenue-generating event, it is not the economy crusher for North Carolina that the LGBT crowd wants us to believe.


The University of North Carolina projects slow but steady growth

A 8 December 2017 article by UNC radio station WUNC describes the future projected by the university’s economists.

“North Carolina’s economy will grow another two percent next year – on par with growth in 2016, according to a UNC Charlotte economic forecast.

Like the national economy, the state’s economy has grown at about 2 percent each year since the bottom of the recession. Report author and UNC Charlotte professor John Connaughton said 3 percent growth or higher is ideal, and that the state could get there by boosting worker productivity.

‘And the way historically that you increase that is to increase the amount of capital and technology that workers have,’ he said.

Connaughton said that increasing the labor force can also boost economic growth, but that the state’s labor force is unlikely to grow.”

Site Selection magazine declares North Carolina economy to be in the top 10

According to a November 2016 article in Site Selection magazine, North Carolina possesses a top-tier economy despite pressure from LGBT bullies like Pay Pal.

“North Carolina finishes in second place overall, as it did last year, despite calls to avoid investing there due to a bathroom-access law that passed earlier in 2016. It also ranks in the top tier in the competitiveness component of the business climate ranking, meaning plenty of companies still want a Tar Heel business facility in their portfolio, whether or not some sporting events move their contests elsewhere or a handful of companies cancel their North Carolina expansions. It still has the workforce, climate and infrastructure (transportation, regulatory and otherwise) deemed necessary by capital investors.”

Houston defeated HERO (city bathroom bill) before hosting the 2017 Super Bowl

Just to remind everyone that the LGBT-protecting Houston Equal Rights Ordinance was defeated in November 2015 — about a year-and-a-half before the 2017 Super Bowl.

“Houston’s Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO), designed to protect the rights of gay citizens and others, has failed by a wide margin — after a hard-fought campaign in which opponents warned it would give male sexual predators access to women’s bathrooms.

On Tuesday, Houston voters were presented with this question: ‘Are you in favor of the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, Ord. No. 2014-530, which prohibits discrimination in city employment and city services, city contracts, public accommodations, private employment, and housing based on an individual’s sex, race, color, ethnicity, national origin, age, familial status, marital status, military status, religion, disability, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, or pregnancy?’

While the final results were not in as of early Wednesday, it seems almost two-thirds of voters said ‘No.’ At 12:30 a.m. EST, the tally was 61 percent opposed, 39 percent in favor with 95 percent of precincts reporting, as ABC13 noted.”

But as much as HERO’s proponents decried the vote, the proposition was rejected by a decisive majority of the citizens of the nation’s fourth-largest city. Turnout was strong among white conservatives and African Americans — demographics likely to oppose the measure, as the Los Angeles Times pointed out.

(Read more at the Washington Times)

Add to this the fact that the NFL issued a statement pointing out that the defeat of HERO to would not derail the 2017 Super Bowl.  Only God will know how many or how few scheduled events were cancelled due to the defeat of HERO; however, the Super Bowl was not cancelled.




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