Pro-Life groups engage in debate in feminist forums

Students for Life banner

Students for Life take a stand among pro-abortionists in the Women’s March

As shared by the Independent Journal Review in a 22 January 2017 post, the Students for Life have been going to the lion’s den for their pro-life views.

“Almost half a million women took over the Washington DC streets on Saturday to participate in the Women’s March. The march was sold as ‘inclusive’ and for ‘all women.’ However, days before the march, organizers banned Students for Life, a pro life student organization, from becoming an official sponsor or marching with the large crowds. Official partners of the Women’s March included Planned Parenthood along with other pro-abortion organizations.

Not taking, ‘No’ for an answer, members of Students for Life decided to attend anyways. Pro-life students went to the front of the enormous march and unfurled a giant banner which declared, ‘Abortion Betrays Women’ and ‘We don’t need Planned Parenthood.’

It only took a few moments before the disapproving, pro-abortion feminists started booing and chanting vitriol at them. Some even threatening them.

The moment was caught on Facebook live.”

(Read more at the Independent Journal Review) “


Students for Life tells USA Today of persecution

Students for Life spoke to USA Today about pro-abortion marchers who tore signs, spat, and yelled (as reported in a 22 January 2017 article).

“While hundreds of thousands of marchers felt like they were getting their message out during the Washington D.C. Women’s March Saturday, not everyone enjoyed the experience.

‘It was a brutal day,’ Kristina Hernandez, director of communications for the anti-abortion organization Students for Life, told USA TODAY after the march.

Hernandez said that the group of around 50 people she was marching with were harassed because of the signs they were carrying which said ‘Abortion betrays women.’

‘I did not feel safe at all,’ Hernandez continued. She added that the unexpectedly large turnout for the march made it ‘so overwhelming.’

‘One of our girls was spit at, someone tore my sign in multiple pieces, we had people just yell at us but the main response was people just said ‘my body my choice’ when they walked past us,’ said Reagan Barklage, the Western regional director for the group.

Before the march Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life,  told USA TODAY the group was there ‘showing them that pre-born women’s rights are human rights.’

Hawkins said the group had tried to cosponsor the event but were told they could not after Planned Parenthood got involved.”

(Read more at USA Today)



Feminists for Life also takes a stand

However, President Serrin Foster enlists an unlikely ally

A 23 January 2017 article by Kathryn Lopez in Townhall exposes an unlikely alliance in the pro-life debate.

“Serrin Foster has been talking about Susan B. Anthony probably for as long as she can remember. She’s president of Feminists for Life, and a ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit recently gave her even more opportunity.

A skit on that comedy show ended with Anthony telling a group of modern women that ‘abortion is murder,’ providing an unlikely gift to Foster’s group, which aims to educate women about nonviolent alternatives to abortion.

As it happens, Foster was already fielding press calls because of a billboard that Feminists for Life put up in Rochester, New York, where Anthony lived and spent her activist years. ‘Peace Begins in the Womb,’ it says, which was essentially the message that Mother Teresa told Bill and Hillary Clinton and the rest of us when she spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in 1994.

The billboard didn’t invoke Anthony, but it provoked a debate about her record on abortion. Foster makes the points that Anthony and other ‘feminist foremothers … without known exception, spoke out against abortion during the first wave.’ The suffragettes were unmistakably pro-life, as Foster explains, using words and phrases like “crime against humanity,’ ‘feticide’ and ‘child murder.’ ‘They used infanticide and abortion interchangeably,’ Foster says.”

(Read more at the Townhall)


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