Obama’s and Hillary’s Two Big Lies

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Obama’s Lie on Not Knowing of Hillary’s Illegal E-mail Server

PJmedia Calls it Obama’s Colossal Email Lie Final Test for Tarnished MSM

In a 24 September 2016 article that introduced me to the fact that Obama knew about Hillary’s server when he claimed he learned about it in the press, PJmedia had the following critique of this crooked, crooked situation:

“That Barack Obama communicated in 2012under a redacted pseudonym—with Hillary Clinton on the then secretary of State’s permeable home-brew email server and then claimed he did not know of that server’s existence until it was reported in the press in 2014 is far more than the usual politician’s prevarication.

Since the fish rots from the top—and in this case it stinks to high heaven—the surfacing of this particular presidential lie calls to question the entire FBI inquiry into the Clinton server, an investigation whose credibility was paper thin in the first place and has now completely vanished.

It’s time to ask that age-old question: “What did the president know and when did he know it?”

That we do know (as of this Friday’s dump) that one of Clinton’s own IT workers referred to her then just-announced 60-day email retention policy (who does that?) as “Hillary’s coverup operation” almost (but not completely) tells the story in those three quoted words. Even though they say it’s not the crime, but the coverup, in this case, it’s both.

The seriousness of this crime/coverup—involving the national security of our country—makes Watergate seem like a minor kerfuffle at a sewing circle. If the mainstream media does not investigate this thoroughly, they are unquestionably the court eunuchs many of us have accused them of being. Worse, they are the enablers of the decline of Western civilization.  Without a free and honest press — some of it anyway — not to mention adherence to the rule of law, such a civilization cannot survive.  And the decline can come remarkably swiftly.  We have plenty of  examples of that from twentieth century Europe.

If the mainstream broadcast media can bring itself to report on its golden boy and its golden girl, it will break an existing record of under-reporting on and covering for Democrats. Luckily, there is still the print media, a few conservative media outlets, and the British press. Otherwise, we would be at the whims of the CBS, NBC, and ABC nightly infotainment.

Obama lies to the face of CBS correspondent Bill Plante

For the Doubters, Here is the CBS article and the video where Obama LIES

In a 8 March 2015 CBS article, Obama lies (though not exposed until the above article submitted how Obama s-mailed to Hillary using a pseudonym).

“President Obama only learned of Hillary Clinton’s private email address use for official State Department business after a New York Times report, he told CBS News in an interview.

CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante asked Mr. Obama when he learned about her private email system after his Saturday appearance in Selma, Alabama.

‘The same time everybody else learned it through news reports,’ the president told Plante.

Mr. Obama’s comments follow a long week of media scrutiny surrounding Hillary Clinton’s private email address and the “home-brewed” server that hosted it.

‘The policy of my administration is to encourage transparency, which is why my emails, the BlackBerry I carry around, all those records are available and archived,’ Mr. Obama said. ‘I’m glad that Hillary’s instructed that those emails about official business need to be disclosed.’

Despite widespread criticism from Republicans who believe Clinton acted inappropriately, the president continued to defend his former Cabinet member’s record.

‘Let me just say that Hillary Clinton is and has been an outstanding public servant. She was a great secretary of state for me,’ Mr. Obama said.

Following the New York Times report Monday, the House Select Committee in charge of investigating the 2012 Benghazi attacks issued a subpoena of Clinton’s private emails. Clinton herself took to Twitter late Wednesday in her first public statement regarding the clintonemail.com server controversy.

‘I want the public to see my email. I asked State to release them. They said they will review them for release as soon as possible,’ the likely Democratic presidential candidate tweeted.

The president reiterated his support of these actions.

‘I think that the fact that she is putting them forward will allow us to make sure that people have the information they need,’ Mr. Obama said.

Plante, who was a reporter covering ‘Bloody Sunday’ for CBS News 50 years ago, sat down for an interview with the president to talk about the recent Clinton controversy, foreign affairs and the state of race relations in the United States.

Obama’s and Hillary’s Big Lie on Serin Gas Supplied to Syrian Rebels

Evidence Points toward Obama/Clinton Supplying Rebels

In a 11 May 2015 Slate article, the suspicions of Pulitzer prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh point toward cooperative action between Obama, Clinton, and Syrian rebels in the gasing of Ghouta, Syria:

“But the criticism of Hersh’s latest piece echoes the controversy that recently met Hersh after he published two other stories—in December 2013 and April 2014, also in the London Review—about the Syrian civil war. Both stories cited anonymous sources, corroborated by second- and third-hand accounts, saying that Syrian rebels, not the Assad regime, were the first to use chemical weapons in the country’s ongoing civil war, specifically in a sarin gas attack on Ghouta, Syria, on Aug. 21, 2013.

At the time, President Obama had recently issued a ‘red line,’ saying that if Assad used chemical weapons, the U.S. would intervene in the conflict on the rebels’ behalf. Hersh argued that the government was blaming the rebel attack on Assad to justify direct involvement in the war. (The U.S. ultimately decided against entering the conflict directly.)

Hersh’s first story, from December 2013, said that the rebel group responsible for the sarin gas attack was the al-Nusra Front, an affiliate of al-Qaida. As the Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone and others noted at the time, Hersh also said that al-Nusra had ‘mastered the mechanics of creating sarin and was capable of manufacturing it in quantity.’ This first story asserted the administration “cherry-picked” evidence and deliberately manipulated intelligence to avoid implicating al-Nusra. But the story raised eyebrows, in part because the New Yorker and the Washington Post declined to publish it. But that wasn’t all: At Foreign Policy, Eliot Higgins cited open-source evidence—including YouTube videos—to show that the munitions in the gas attack had been used repeatedly by the Syrian military. ‘There is no evidence of Syrian rebel forces ever using this type of munition—and only Syrian government forces have ever been shown using them,’ Higgins wrote.”

Let’s see, Is the Obama/Clinton cabal lying about this one, too? Did Hillary lie about 2,800 emails? Did Hillary promise to bring 200,000 jobs to New York as senator fall flat just before she started blaming a 4-year-distant President Bush for her inaction?

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