Is There Anything Hillary Does Not Lie About

At least the camera does not lie.

They Say “You Can’t Make This Up”

I Say “Why Make It Up? Hillary Does that For You”

In an Effort to Humanize Herself to the Humans of New York, Hillary Lies Again

In an effort to humanize herself to Humans of New York, Hillary related the following story in a 8 September 2016 post to their Facebook page:

As noted in a 15 September 2016 article by Red Alert Politics, there are two problems with this narrative:

  1. The Draft Deferment during the Johnson Administration had Ended

    “The problem with the former first lady’s story is that the draft exemption for law school students ended long before she ever would have taken the Harvard entry test.

    First of all, it’s odd that Clinton has never told this story before, considering she penned two autobiographies Living History and Hard Choices. Secondly, as is the case with multiple lies told by Hillary, the dates are entirely off.

    President Lyndon Johnson ended the draft deferment on Feb. 16, 1968, when Clinton was a junior at Wellesley College. She didn’t graduate until June of 1969 and probably didn’t take her LSAT until 1969, more than a year after she could have been accused of taking someone else’s spot.”

  2. Her Previous Account

    Another strike against Clinton’s claim was that she told the story to The New Yorker in 1996, and in that version she said that men were jerks to her, telling her to “go home and get married,” but no one told her they were going to die in Vietnam if she got accepted and they didn’t.

    The Humans of New York post was Clinton’s attempt to tell young women that she has been ostracized for being female and understands what it’s like, but the best she could come up with was a fabrication.

    Just like Clinton’s claims that she came under sniper fire in Bosnia, or that she never sent or received classified information on her private server, this was another time the Democratic nominee was caught lying to the public.”

Hillary’s Track Record for Running Lies Up the Flagpole

Considering Hillary’s bald-face lies on numerous issues, why should we be surprised that she would lie about her health?  During the recent past, she has lied about all of the following:

Hillary Partially Suspends Lying About Her Health

Just as the lies regarding her history (financial, work, and e-mail) did not match with reality, her health history started to show discrepancies.  Parallels between the coughing spasms that began in January 2016 and earlier protracted coughing fits during February 2011 have surfaced due to the efforts of Dan Merica.


A 4News Video Plays Clips of Hillary Taking Both Sides of Important Issues

Although changing one’s mind is not a lie, it is a lie to profess complete commitment to a cause and then to turn away from that cause without explanation.


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