School Sends Police after 7-year-old Who Shared Bible Verses

Teacher and School Staff Become Offended by Bible Verses

Los Angeles Deputy Sherriff Sent to Boy’s House

Freedom of Religion for a 7-year-old means nothing to government workers (as reported first by a OneNewsNow 5 June 2016 article:

‘The situation started with an encouraging note and Bible verse from mom Christina Zavala, tucked into a packed lunch for her little boy … ,’ Liberty Counsel reported. “The seven-year-old boy read the note and verse, and showed them to his friends during lunch time at school.’

‘Mrs. Zavala’s daily note for her son soon turned into an expectation by the other children during lunch, who excitedly begged C for copies of the notes, which grew to include short stories from the Bible to provide context for the verses,” the nonprofit organization explained. “However, when one little girl said Teacher — this is the most beautiful story I’ve ever seen. (Then) separation of church and state was the response, and the notes were banned from lunchtime distribution.’

‘(The boy) was told that the school gate was the only location at which he could give the Bible verses to his friends, and only after the bell rang,” Liberty Counsel recounted. “On April 19, 2016, Mrs. Zavala wrote the school to correct its misinformation, but the only response was that (the 7-year-old boy) was reprimanded again, in front of the whole class, and again told to stop talking about religion or sharing his mother’s notes.’

‘The Zavalas and (the boy) complied with the school gate directive, and soon, as many as 15 fellow students looked forward to the after-school Bible notes,’ the pro-family group continued. ‘However, on May 9, 2016, Principal Melanie Pagliaro approached Mr. Zavala at that location, and demanded that (the boy) only hand out the notes on a public sidewalk, far from the exit, off school property. The family immediately complied.’

(A) Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff showed up at the seven-year-old’s home the same day, the family was ordered that his note sharing at school must end immediately because ‘someone might be offended.’ It was then that the boy’s family sought legal assistance from Liberty Counsel to protect his constitutional rights at school.”

For more information, refer to the OneNewsNow article.

Also Reported on the Blaze

In a 6 June article on the Blaze, it was additionally reported:

“The superintendent of a California school district told TheBlaze that he is ‘concerned’ and has commissioned a ‘speedy investigation’ after claims that an elementary school sent a cop to a 7-year-old’s home to try and ban him from handing out Bible verses.

‘I am very concerned about this incident,’ Raul Maldonado, superintendent of Palmdale School District in Palmdale, California, told TheBlaze in a statement. ‘I have directed that a speedy investigation be conducted, and I can assure you that all appropriate action will be taken once the facts are known.’

The purported incident unfolded at Desert Rose Elementary School, with the Liberty Counsel, a conservative legal firm, demanding that the school ‘correct an outrageous violation’ of the ‘first grader’s constitutional rights.’ “

Thank God that this superintendent at least verbally acknowledges that a young student’s constitutional rights have been violated. Hopefully, the boy’s right to share Bible verses at lunch will be restored soon.

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