One Victim of Obama’s EPA: Hope for Navajo

This photo from the shows the San Juan River.

Navajo Suicides Rise Dramatically

According to the Navajo President Russell Begaye, the poisoning of the San Juan River by by Obama’s EPA has pushed a people already under great stress so that suicides have risen dramatically:

Navajo suicides have allegedly spiked since the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) caused three million gallons of toxic waste from the Gold King Mine to spill into the native American’s main water supply last August.

At least 15 Navajo have committed suicide since the spill, which contaminated the San Juan River – a crucial water source for the nation — according to Navajo President Russell Begaye, who noted that number doesn’t include unsuccessful attempts.

A Significant Spill for the Navajo

In confirmation that the Gold King Mine spill into the San Juan River posed a real threat, a 27 February 2016 Farmington Daily Times article provides the following details:

Researchers from the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University will share information this weekend about a study that will focus on three Navajo Nation communities affected by the Gold King Mine spill.

More than 3 million gallons of toxic wastewater were discharged on Aug. 5 from the mine north of Silverton, Colo., into the Animas River. The plume then flowed into the San Juan River, which runs through the northern portion of the Navajo Nation.

Upper Fruitland was chosen because it was the first community on the Navajo Nation exposed to the toxic metals in the river water. Shiprock was selected because the chapter membership opposed the delivery of river water by the tribe’s irrigation system. The team also looked at Aneth because it is located farther downstream from the spill.

EPA Involvement in Flint

A 25 March 2016 USA Today article brings a little attention to one central question:

Nearly a year ago, officials from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said work was underway to create a health-hazard standard for lead in drinking water, records from agency advisory group meetings show.

Yet despite growing public concern about high levels of lead coming out of taps in Flint, Mich., as well as at homes and schools in all 50 states, the EPA still hasn’t released results of computer models estimating what lead level in water poses a serious health threat and should trigger local health department help for families.

EPA officials declined to grant an interview and did not answer USA TODAY NETWORK questions about why the analysis is taking so long and what deadlines agency leadership has set to ensure timely progress.

Of course, the central question is: With two major foul-ups at the Environmental Protection Agency, who is protecting the citizenry over the bureaucracy?

A Christian Voice against an Oversized, Unaccountable Government

One Christian concept that drove the founding fathers to create a limited government was the knowledge of human fallibility. They knew the truth of Romans 3:23 (For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.); therefore, they put as few layers of people over the citizenry.

In juxtaposition, the massive, un-elected, unaccountable bureaucracies like the EPA increase the possibility that citizens will be victimized.

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