The Delusional Republican Presidential Candidate

The Last Dinosaur Standing

As reported by the Gateway Pundit, Kasich announced after his narrow win over Trump in Ohio:

“Tomorrow I’m going to Philadelphia and then I’m going all over the country!”


Never Mind that Kasich Pledges to Compete where he is not on the ballot

Never mind that Kashich did not gather enough signatures to be on the Pennsylvania ballot.  Never mind that he only won his home state by 3,000 votes.

Never Mind that Kasich has less than 1/6 of the Delegates of Trump and Cruz

Never mind that a total sweep of Arizona and Utah will still have you in third place.    Never mind that Cruz has 8 states to your 1.  Never mind that Trump has 17 states to your 1.

Never mind that even Slate can tell that Kasich’s efforts will not benefit the Republican party.  Never mind that tearing the nomination from the front-running candidates will likely split the party (in John-Kasich-speak, this means that Kasich will not be nominated because there will not be a party).

Never mind, as long as you got a chance to drop confetti in your home state.

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