Self-Identifications Not Heard in the Main-Stream Media

Liberal Claims versus the Truth About Sayed Farook

The Main-Stream Media Attempts to Whitewash Farook via Exaggerated Claims on His Brother

A Daily Caller article published on 8 December 2015 by Geoffrey Ingersoll disproved the uninformed assertion of Reuters, the LA Times, and others that Farook’s brother was a decorated veteran of the US Navy.  As published in the Daily Caller:

The vastly different lives of two American brothers — one dying for ISIS, the other having served in the U.S. Navy — is a thread the wider media quickly spun off from the horrific shootings in San Bernadino.

Most of the resulting stories that highlight the Naval service of Syed Raheel Farook, brother of shooter Syed Rizwan Farook, refer to him as “decorated.”

There’s just one problem: He’s not. To a casual, civilian observer, he might be, but to just about any military veteran, “decorated” is not at all accurate. Full disclosure, I served in the Marine Corps from ’05 to ’09 and deployed twice to Iraq. I have more awards than Farook, but I am not “decorated.”

Reports indicate Navy records show Farook was awarded the National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, and Sea Service Deployment Ribbon.

 Saayed Farook Self-Identified as “Very Liberal”

According to the Independent Journal, Sayed Farook self-identified as very liberal

Since the shooting took place on Wednesday in San Bernardino, authorities and journalists have been working to piece together the puzzle left behind. Although speculation is that Syed Farook met his wife overseas, an online dating profile was discovered.

After describing himself as “calm, thought full, and Allah-fearing”, he lists interests such as working on cars, snowboarding, and camping. He claimed that his pet peeve was “impulse buying” and that his tolerance level was “average”.

One part of the profile that stood out in stark contrast to how the multiple media outlets initially tried to paint the San Bernardino shooting was political ideology. Some news stations suggested the terrorist attack in California was the work of a right-winger or anti-abortionist, but Farook listed his political leaning as very liberal.

Farook Pointed Out the Centrality of His Islamic Faith in His Life

As reported in the Blaze, Farook not only self-identifed as “very liberal,” but also pointed to the centrality of his Islamic faith:

Farook listed his political views as “very liberal,” contrary to the predictions of many analysts and journalists who initially guessed as news of the attack unfolded that he’d be of Republican or libertarian persuasion.

When asked to name the “most important thing in a relationship,” Farook said his partner would need to be “guided by and as written in Islam.”

Liberal Claims versus the Truth About the Colorado Springs Shooter

Liberal Claims Outlined by the Daily Caller

The Daily Caller started with the following description of liberal media reactions:

Many in the media have rushed to pin the blame for Friday’s Planned Parenthood murders on Christians, Republicans and pro-lifers, even as the shootout was still going on.

Robert Lewis Dear, who’s in custody for killing three at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs, Colo., has a lengthy criminal record and has previously faced accusations of animal cruelty, being a peeping tom and domestic abuse.

The website seemed to be so sure of the shooter’s ideology that they included the words “conservative” and “pro-life” in their URL for a piece titled “Robert Lewis Dear: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know.” Despite the misleading URL, the piece does not yet include any claims that Dear is conservative or pro-life, possibly because the piece has the word “facts” in the title.

Before Dear had even surrendered, CNN commentator Sally Kohn on Twitter blamed the “rhetoric” of the “anti-abortion right” for Friday’s murders. Kohn has previously blamed “white conservatives” for mass shootings.

Negar Mortazavi, an Iranian-American journalist who writes for the Huffington Post, CNN and BBC among others, described Dear as a “Christian terrorist” before he was ever in custody. Mortazavi also asked what “moderate Christians are doing about their extremists?”

Similarly, Huffington Post blogger Brett Gleason demanded that “self righteous white christians [sic] please just admit that they have plenty of their own terrorists,” while the shooting was still going on.

Parker Molloy, a feminist writer for Upworthy, Twitted that the “leaders of the white Christian community” to “come forward to denounce this terrorist attack.”

Heather Hogan, a senior editor for lesbian feminist website Autostraddle, tweeted that “if you can differentiate [between] Christians and the white dude who shot up Planned Parenthood, you can differentiate [between] Muslims and ISIS.

For more details, refer to the Daily Caller.

The Gateway Pundit Provides Proof of the Colorado Springs Shooter’s Liberal and Transgender Stances

In a 28 November 2015 post, Jim Hoft posted evidence that Robert Dear (the shooter near the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood) self-identified as an independent and a woman.


Thanks to the Gateway Pundit for this illustration showing
the shooter’s self-identity as a female and independent.

ht Chris Salcedo

Some Truth Seeps Out through CBS

In a 28 November 2015 CBS article, the instability of Dear (rather than any purported religious or political motives) comes to the forefront:

Those who knew Dear said he seemed to have few religious or political leanings.

“If you talked to him, nothing with him was very cognitive – topics all over place,” said James Russell, who lives a few hundred feet from Dear in the North Carolina town of Black Mountain. A cross made of twigs hung Saturday on the wall of Dear’s pale yellow shack.

An Associated Press article Illustrates Dear’s Insanity

In a 28 November 2015 Associated Press article, the insanity of Dear was illustrated (emphasis mine).

John Hood said Saturday that when he moved to the small town of Walterboro about 50 miles west of Charleston, Robert Lewis Dear was living in a doublewide mobile home next door.

Hood said Dear made money by selling prints of his uncle Bill Stroud’s paintings of Southern plantations and the Masters golf tournament.

Hood said that Dear rarely talked to them, and when he did, he offered unsolicited advice, including recommending that Hood put a metal roof on his home so the U.S. government couldn’t spy on him.

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