Can We Help Today’s True Martyrs?

Thanks to the Catholic News Service for
reminding us of this year’s beginning.

The Daily Caller Speaks to the Crisis

As pointed out by an 8 December 2015 article in the Daily Caller,

About 1.3 million Iraqi Christians have been displaced, murdered or taken prisoner since 2003. A centuries-old civilization now faces permanent extinction while the rest of the world, including the U.S. government, looks on.

As Christians across the world begin to celebrate Christmas, the 300,000 remaining Christians displaced in Iraq and Syria are preparing for a harsh winter that will almost certainly dwindle their numbers further. ISIS has been assaulting Christianity in the Middle East for well over a year and a half, and now the few remaining will be forced to brave the elements in the face of a genocide.

“Assyrian culture is melting,” says Juliana Taimoorazy, head of the Iraqi Christian Relief Council, a group dedicated to aiding Christians being persecuted in the Middle East in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation. Taimoorazy is making a desperate push to try and raise money to save Assyrian Christians in Iraq before winter settles in. “We want to buy caravans,” says Taimoorazy, referring to the camper-style vehicles that can serve as temporary shelters equipped with running water and electricity.

Assyrian Christianity is facing “a form of soft genocide” in addition to eradication, says Taimoorazy. Even the groups fighting ISIS, like the Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi military, are loathe to aid the Christians. When the first ISIS onslaught hit the Nineveh Plains in the summer of 2014 “the U.S.-backed Iraqi army, wilted before the onslaught, with many soldiers reportedly abandoning their posts and stripping off their uniforms to avoid detection,” says an Al Jazeera report. Taimoorazy claims continued abuse of Christians results when the Kurdish Peshmerga and various Iraqi militias retake towns from ISIS.

(Read more of this important article at the Daily Caller.)

Acting on Behalf of Christian Martyrs

An 8 December 2015 Christian Broadcast Network article suggests the following actions:

  • Speak out at an electronic gathering point:  CBN suggests using electronic resources

    “It is supremely ridiculous to ask the Obama administration to bear the moral weight of this issue when we don’t,” Shah said of Christian believers. “All of us need right now to ask ourselves what can we where we already are?  What can our churches be doing that they’re not doing?”

    Kelly recommended believers go to websites like to find out how they can help, like advocating the U.S. State Department declare Christians are indeed victims of genocide.

    Panel members pointed out genocide status will cause ramped up actions. For instance, it will move Christians to the head of the line among refugees seeking asylum.

    It can mean much more serious consequences if the killers are ever hauled before the International Criminal Court.

  • Speak out to our government:

    As for government, Kelly is hoping more of them will come to realize how crucial religion is in the lives of most people.

    “They don’t really speak the language of religion,” he said of government bureaucrats. “But I think they need to understand that much of the world’s population is motivated by religious motivations, and to understand that and really begin to speak that language and to tackle some of the root issues that are here.”

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