Why Many Do Not Trust Liberal Politicians

The reasons that many conservatives and independents cannot trust liberals came out through the attempts Houston Mayor Parker made to impose her bathroom bill and then her attempts to intimidate and squelch any opposition. Likewise, the reasons are also evident through the actions of the Fairfax County school board’s attempt to impose a transgender-centric lesson plan and then their attempts to squelch opposition.

Houston Bathroom Ordinance Goes Down After Long Battle

As mentioned in an 4 November 2015 report Christian Broadcast Network and many other conservative outlets:

Residents in Houston have soundly rejected an LGBT ordinance that would have trampled on religious liberty and allowed men in women’s bathrooms, with more than 60 percent voting no.

“It’s one of those moments in time where you say, enough is enough is enough,” Dr. Ed Young, senior pastor at Second Baptist Church of Houston, said.

A diverse coalition of city pastors opposed the ordinance. Its non-discrimination language on gender identity would have allowed men in women’s bathrooms.

Houston’s LGBT ordinance would have allowed men identifying as women to use women’s restrooms and other public facilities. Similar laws have endangered women in other areas.

The offense of Paul Ray Witherspoon of Dallas provides a good case in point. In Dallas, Witherspoon (a 2-time sex offender who had sexually assaulted a teen-age girl and exposed himself to another teen-age girl) was arrested for entering woman’s bathroom.  In response, Witherspoon claimed protection under the Dallas transgender non-discrimination ordinance.

Equally disconcerting was what it would have meant for Christian business owners opposed to same-sex marriage.

“That baker’s going to have to bake a cake for that same-sex couple,” First Amendment scholar and University of Illinois law professor Robin Fretwell-Wilson told CBN News.

“We’re talking about an ordinance that will criminalize, will put someone in jail or force them to lose a business just because of their faith.” Hernan Castano, senior pastor at Rivers of Oil Church, said.

Houston Pastor David Welch, with the Houston Area Pastors Council, explained why this vote was strategic in the fight for religious liberty.

Local pastors have fought the ordinance for more than 18 months. When the City Council first approved it, clergy organized a signature drive to put it on the ballot.

Lesbian Mayor Annise Parker’s administration then declared the signatures invalid, and subpoenaed their sermons when they sued the city.

“Every battle was like the intention of the City Hall just to quiet the people’s voice down and intimidate and show themselves to be the strongest, most powerful force in the city,” Castano said.

But the Texas Supreme Court overruled the city government, and ordered the city to let the measure go on the ballot, so the people of Houston could vote on it.

It’s a crushing defeat for Mayor Parker, who rallied support for the ordinance from President Barack Obama, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and corporate giants like Apple. Her allies raised millions, outspending opponents roughly 3 to 1.

Ordinance supporters had raised $126 million by 5 October 2015.

Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, hailed the vote as a victory for religious liberty.

“Months ago, when Mayor Parker attempted to subpoena the sermons of Houston pastors, I argued then that the preaching of the church of God does not belong to the government and we will not hand it over. Not now. Not ever,” he said in a statement.

“Here, the people of Houston have spoken and said the same is true of the conscience. The defeat of this proposition ensures that the consciences of men and women will not be steamrolled, and that unsuspecting citizens will not be put into vulnerable situations,” he concluded.

It’s also a major loss for gay rights activists nationally as outside sources poured in close to $3 million to support the measure.

Voter turnout may have made the difference. Early voting numbers doubled compared to the last local election.

Hopefully, a larger factor may have been the awakening of those who might stop our moral slide to oblivion.

What’s to Hide? School Board Sues to Conceal Transgender Policy

In a video released by CBN on 4 November 2015, they reported:

A controversial gender identity policy may lead to the ousting of several school board members in Fairfax County, Virginia.

Judicial Watch, a conservative non-partisan watch group, says there’s evidence the policy was implemented before it was voted on and before parents knew about it.

While school board elections generally don’t drive voters to the polls, it did this time around.

Last May, school board members voted to include transgender lessons as part of its nondiscrimination policy — against the will of many parents in the district.

Judicial Watch found out the school district began implementing the policy changes before voting on it earlier this year. The decision was supposedly based on accommodating transgender students.

“Oh, it’s clear even in the records we’ve gotten so far that they were off and running, that this was an objective of theirs, that they were acting on and attempting to line up before any vote was ever taken. They were going to push this through no matter what,” Chris Farrell, with Judicial Watch, told CBN News.

Pilar Jones, a concerned parent, said, “They’re cramming an agenda, their own agenda, down parents’ throats. We have no voice; we have a voice and they don’t want to listen to us. They’ve ignored us. So the time has come to change that.”

In April, Judicial Watch asked the school board to provide documentation on the controversial gender identity policy under the Freedom of Information Act.

“One of the school board members who wanted to abstain from voting objected because there wasn’t enough data, wasn’t enough information,” Farrell explained. “It hadn’t been debated very much. This seems to be something that was directed and propelled out of the Obama administration’s federal Department of Education.”

The school board delayed turning over the documents and filed a lawsuit against Judicial Watch to prevent their release until after Tuesday’s election.

“They went into court and sued Judicial Watch because they know there is a smoking gun in those documents and they don’t want parents to know any of that information until after the election,” Andrea Lafferty, with Traditional Values Coalition, said.

Parents opposed to the policy say school board officials refused to hear their concerns.

“It has no place in the school system. We have 17 failing schools throughout this county and this is what they’re concerned with?” Lauren Appell, another concerned parent, asked. “I have girls and I am deeply concerned with the fact that they want to share bathrooms with transgender kids. That puts my children at risk and I’m not going to allow that.”

Fairfax County is the largest school district in Virginia and the tenth largest in the country. Many say what happens here may have a domino effect in school districts across the country.

We Don’t Trust Because Liberal Politicians Lie, Suppress, Blur the Lines, and Claim Victimhood

In both cases (first with Mayor Parker and then with the board of the Fairfax County schools), governmental officials did almost everything that makes politicians untrusted when they:

  • Attempted to dictate law when:
    • Mayor Parker originally pushed the ordinance through Houston City Council.
    • The Fairfax County School board implemented a pro-transgender policy before a vote was held.
  • Tried to deny the voice of the people when:
    • Mayor Parker denied the petition by illegally invalidating petitions after those petitions had been accepted by the City Secretary.
    • Mayor Parker tried to suppress opposition by pastors by issuing a subpoena for all of the opponents’ sermons, e-mails, letters, notes, and other recorded communications .
    • The Fairfax County school board sued to keep the information about their vote from being published before board member elections.
  • Muddied the waters:
    • Mayor Parker denied that deviants like Paul Ray Witherspoon or other bathroom rapists exist while raising $126 million that surely had a part in bringing in the support of President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Sally Fields.
    • The school board delayed turning over the documents.
  • Categorized any opposition as inhuman and hateful (as did Mayor Parker in her “concession” speech).

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